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Unread 12-23-2017   #11
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Re: The Cleavage Accounts

Originally Posted by JJStrebas View Post
Sorry it took so long. The 10th and final chapter of The Cleavage Accounts is up.
Fantastic - early Christmas present!

It took a little while to find the time to read through all those stories; I was sad to see some of them wrapped up, but it's for the best. It also gives you more energy to focus on the Supermarket, and any other new stories you're cooking up.

Very interesting global phone number - I at first thought it might be some sort of binary algorithm, especially given that it varied in the two stories that mentioned them (batch variation? client code?)

The Condition finished nicely - glad that they found each other once again. Love conquers all

The Corset - Great to see Karen, Red and Sonya breaking into the fashion world. Tina's surprise certainly shows Derek's products are spreading far and wide. A lot of potential for stories in that arc.

The Detour - Nice to finally meet Ashlynn, and see the new family dynamic. Though, admittedly, the closing scene with Mara seems ominous...

The Prize - Is New Envisions Spa a subsidiary of Derek's? while it was lovely to see the girls finally put aside their differences and discover true friendship, the mysterious spa and its employees opens up many questions...

The Supermarket - Love it; still my favourite story! Kianna's reveal was a welcome surprise, in more ways than one. Gloria is very lucky to be so likeable; some surprising friendships/alliances forming. Rahdi is an interesting character - it will be fun to see how they influence each other (though, admittedly, I still have a soft spot for more interactions with Bridgette!)

The first yellow meal was excellent - love that Bridgette's transformation has opened Gloria up to being more comfortable with dramatic changes. I'm not surprised, but am happy to see Gloria contemplating more established career at Pat's; let's face it, an opportunity like that would be hard to resist!

Have you decided how you'll proceed with future chapters? Are you branching them out on their own, or are you going to continue with collections of stories?

All the best for you and your family/friends for Christmas! Enjoy some well-earned down-time!

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