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Post News at a Glance: The Debate (Female Muscle Growth)

This is the first chapter of Transformation TV

“Hello! I’m Tandy, and welcome to Transformation TV! We’ll start off with a quick look at the news to help keep you apprised of current events, and then we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

“Last night there was a debate for the Mayoral election, between City Councilwoman Willow Nox and pro-wrestling TV sensation Max Banks, and it’s being called a game-changer…”


“Tonight, we’re here because you have a choice,” began Willow as she stared at the crowd. A slight woman, she was spindly slender, with dark hair with a few prominent white streaks running through it. She gripped the lectern with nervous intensity as she spoke softly. “We can choose experience and competence, or we can ask an entertainer who’s never run anything to be our city’s steward. You can choose…”

“You’ve got a choice, all right,” shouted Max, slamming his fight down on the podium. A huge, barrel of a man, Max’s muscles were visible through the outline of his too-tight dress shirt. “You can choose to do the same old politicians who keep messing it all up, or you can vote for someone who will fight for the public! I didn’t take any campaign money, so that proves I’m only in it for you!”

The crowd cheered enthusiastically for Max, who was riding high in the opinion polls leading up to the debate.

“I have a ten point plan to help the economy. Statistics show that…” started Willow.

“I’ve got a one point plan: make the city terrific again!” he said. Once more, the crowd went wild.

“Do you really want a bunch of machismo histrionics from your mayor?” Willow asked the audience. They cheered in the affirmative. “So be it,” Willow said with a little shrug, as she turned her gaze from the audience to her opponent.

“Better you get a macho man’s man as mayor than left-wing occultist,” said Max. “I remember watching those ‘I swear to God I’m not a witch’ ads she had to put out. Let me tell you, I sure as Hell wasn’t convinced!” he said with a big griffaw. The audience laughed along with him.

“You weren’t?” Willow asked. “Then perhaps you were just a little smarter than I gave you credit for,” she muttered under her breath.

“What’s that?”

“I say, let’s cut to the chase. I challenge you to an arm wrestling contest. Loser drops out of the race and endorses his or her opponent immediately.”

“You’re...challenging an arm wrestling match!? Don’t make me laugh!”

“What’s the matter, big man? You feeling...chicken?” Willow asked. “Bawk, bawk?”

“Screw you, it’s on!” Max said, rushing towards her end of the stage and planting his meaty arm on her lectern. “I’ll cut you down to size, just like I’ll cut taxes for the job creators!”

“I think you’re going to be the one cut down to size, so to speak,” said Willow, meeting his grip. “And your tax plan is nothing but a giveaway to wealthy people like yourself.”

Max immediately pressed Willow’s arm almost to the edge, but couldn’t quite manage to finish off his small opponent. Like shoving a brick wall, the harder he tried to pin her, the more resistance he encountered.

“What’s the matter, having trouble?” Willow asked. “Need a hand?”

“I’m...fine…” Max grunted. But somewhat uncharacteristically for him, his arm was already feeling a little tired and sore. Still, he couldn’t let up - what would the audience think if he lost an arm wrestling contest to a woman? Especially one as skinny and weak looking as Willow.

But Willow’s weakness seemed to be vanishing before his eyes. As Max gazed down at her arm, he could see thin fibers of muscle forming, and a tiny bicep start to rise under her skin.

Max glanced down at his own arm and gasped - his muscle, though still huge, didn’t quite look as mighty as it did a moment ago. In fact, Max could see his strength receding before his very eyes.

He glanced at Willow, whose dark eyes were gleaming as she flashed him a sinister grin. Her face seemed to be rising somehow - was she getting taller? Or was he getting shorter? Or both?

Max quickly decided that he valued his body much more than his pride, or the election. He tried to let go of Willow’s hand - but she held on with an iron grip.

“What are you doing to me?” Max shouted. Even his mighty voice sounded a bit whinier than he was used to.

“Just giving you what you deserve,” she said, her voice sounding far more forceful and confident. Willow’s arm rippled with strength, her bicep swelling. Her shoulders broadened, fraying her suit and exposing her hardening flesh. Her breasts grew, as did the wall of pectoral muscles beneath them, causing the buttons to fly off of the dress shirt she was wearing, some of them hitting Max in the face. Her height increased, and as she grew taller than the lectern, the audience got to see how the cord-like muscles strained against her pants.

Meanwhile, Max’s figure continued to shrink and wane, becoming slender, short, and boyish, his clothes suddenly huge and baggy around him. When the last of his strength left him, Willow pinned his arm to the lectern.

“I win! Drop out of the out of race!” Willow shouted as the crowd roared its approval.

“Okay! Okay! I drop out! Just give me back my body!” Max begged.

“Never!” said Willow. “Kiss what I stole, kiss my muscle,” she said, grabbing him by the back of the head and forcing his lips against her hardened bicep, the very same power that used to exist in his own arms.

Max didn’t want to kiss her - muscular women were gross in his mind, and it was humiliating to be forced by a woman to do anything - but in spite of himself, he realized he was becoming aroused. Not only did he kiss her bicep, but he started licking and sucking on it, and stroking her hunky shoulder lovingly.

“Keep that up and maybe I’ll let you be my first lady,” Willow said with a smirk.


News at a Glance: The Debate is the first chapter from my new book, Transformation TV.
What if reality TV could change reality? Transformation TV is a collection of 22 short stories about transformations of all kinds. Channel surf your way to ads for instantly fattening ice cream, gender bending travel shows, makeovers that could turn you into a cougar or a butch lesbian or a bimbo, political debates settled by female muscle growth, and much, much more! Transformation TV is chalk full of transformation description, erotic escapades, and tongue in cheek satire of TV tropes.

Visit My Transformations for more of my stories.
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