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Unread 06-08-2008   #25
Grand Storm
Master of Dreams
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Re: Sweet Dreams

Who says chocolate is bad for you ^_^
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Unread 06-08-2008   #26
Process Disciple
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Re: Sweet Dreams

Nice underwear poppin. ^^
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Unread 06-08-2008   #27
Shh, I'm a Ninja o.o
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Re: Sweet Dreams

^^ Very well done.

Can't wait till the next page, despite not being big on vore.
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Unread 06-09-2008   #29
Process Master
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Re: Sweet Dreams

yay update! ^^
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Unread 06-09-2008   #30
not sure
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Re: Sweet Dreams

Should I be aroused or hungry?
Life's funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's hysterical.
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Unread 06-10-2008   #31
Lord T Hawkeye
It's play time!
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Re: Sweet Dreams

Who says chocolate is bad for you ^_^
It is turning out to be rather bad for our hapless mortal friend here.
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Unread 06-18-2008   #32
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Re: Sweet Dreams

I'd be interested in seeing this continuing, interesting work on it so far
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Unread 06-20-2008   #33
Demongirl Overlord
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Re: Sweet Dreams

Deliciously entertaining. I wish I had a chocubus to snack on....among other things..
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Unread 07-10-2008   #34
Grand Storm
Master of Dreams
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Re: Sweet Dreams

Sorry its taking so long on this next page. Haven't had a ton of time for it. So while you wait I decided to Reveal Dream Master's history and life to its full enjoy

Dream Master was not always dream master, and also a good reason his appearance is so mix of beauty and beast. Dream Master was actually an angel once who pondered humans so much yet could not understand them like god could. So one day he discended heaven to meat one. A fair child. The child was amazed as the Dream Master questioned him about life. He found only innosence in the child a heavenly innosence that no adult did and began to learn what corruption was.

Once the dream master had returned to heaven God found he was no longer pure, but tainted with the thoughts of mortal men. He found the eternity of questions within the young angel and casted him from heaven, but if a confused fear the dream master fell trying to plummet back to earth, but found himself caught along the way. Trapped by god the angel crashed into a white void. an eathral plain between heaven and hell.

Shattered the angel screamed into the void as his spirit corrupted and fell becoming wild his hair went from silver to jet black. Tears of blood filled his eyes as his voice shook the eternal void. A black fur covered his flesh as he snarled forming a wolfs muzzle Great wild ears adorning his head. Frightened by what he was becoming the angel tried to return to his purity but found it impossible to fully destroy the corrupted beast now within him and found his angelic form disfigured from its former glory. Red tears stained his chheks and eyes as wolf like eyes pierced anywhere they looked. His giant wolf like ears crowned him like never before in a silver glory.
The Dream Master cried to himself in a pain of loneliness in the white void his tears and voice his only friends for many years, but one moment lost in time he rose from himself the eternal void blanketing his body. Face forever staid with tears he once had. His tears were no more however they ran dry over the years as did his feelings.
It took much thought for the Dream Master to realize what the void he found himself in was. It was not a void entirely but a realm. One that could be easily molded to the persons imagination. Little had he known it was the doorway to the eathral realm of dreams. Later Dream Master found he could open doorways from one subconscious to another. Like jumping into minds. Dream Master studied humans and the fantasies of there dreams for decades before trying to make contact with them. But each time he himself made personal contact the reaction was what would become known as a nightmare. Dream Master contact spun the victim into a chaos that woke them and tossed him from there mind. Decades of more of this and Dream Master learns to control the nightmares to his advantage enough to make contact. However by mistake the human dies as The controlled Chaos becomes to much for them. Frightened of what to do he finds a glowing marble within the body of the human and takes it with him to the void holding it tightly as he drifted. This soul helped him to establish a paradise through which souls could live in his void happily. They brought it to life with twisted human imagination.
Slowly souls began to fill the void making the dream Master more a caretaker or mother to them as they went about bending the void to there pleasures like he had before them. This then lead to the dream master we know now.
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Unread 07-10-2008   #35
*ching* *ching*
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Re: Sweet Dreams

No offense, but that back story caused me to roll my eyes until they popped out of my head fly high into the air and attain geosynchronous orbit with the earth. It's about as bad as every other 'I made a character' story I read on every possible fanfiction site ever made (angels! god and or gods! fallen angels! pop tarts are lifeblood!). You would be a lot better off not saying ANYTHING like that, tell nothing of the character at all and just let people make up their own minds, instead of jamming 'god is a dick that created everything and all things knows all and so on but makes angels out of cardboard that turn to mush when they get wet, then throws them away instead of, oh I don't know, helping them'.

I'm not exactly a fan of the whole attempt at justifying character murder with sad back story thing but the tfs are interesting enough to keep me looking at them, but the more back story you add the the less likely I'll be to even bother to click your next thread. Keep it simple and reveal small bits or nothing at all. It's better without the story to clog up the gears.
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Unread 07-10-2008   #36
Process Disciple
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Re: Sweet Dreams

I'm with you, test. It's such a Mary-Sue it's almost embarrassing, but hey, the art's good, so :shrug:
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