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Re: The Cleavage Accounts

The final five chapters of the Bosom Destiny series in one discounted box set. Contains no new material

6 - Elizabeth has become complacent and almost accepts her incredible size and decides to try to make peace with how she is viewed in public. However, an old antagonist invades her home and destroys something precious to her in a bid to establish her dominance. Is the end of the road for Elizabeth's status and power?

7 - With the nefarious Jillian still somewhere in her home, Elizabeth puts a plan in motion to increase her power and her bust line to a level she has never achieved in her native dimension. While doing so, her jumps take her on a journey that unites her with old friends as well as new ones and all do their part in increasing her power.

8 - Elizabeth and Catherine comb the huge convention center trying to find Megumi before Jillian does. Elizabeth must use her abilities, skill and her love for her friends to keep them from harm and stop Jillian before she can do anything evil. She realizes that even though she is a powerful protector, her friends have abilities of their own that prove to her that they are stronger together than they are apart. New milestones are reached as all of the women grow in size.

9 - Elizabeth begins the home stretch of fulfilling her Grantie's will. She has all her friends safe and accounted for and she has neutralized her greatest threat. Her immediate goal is to get her assets in order and build her team as well as continue to meet her obligations. But even as Megumi, Ida and Catherine continue to grow, and they learn more and more about Jillian, it becomes clear that there is another greater threat to deal with that has been looming all along.

10 - Elizabeth Primm returns with this final chapter of the Bosom Destiny series. After touching Omega level size and power briefly, Elizabeth quickly regains her size and reaches the ultimate level of sorcery. She can be anywhere at any time and decides it is best to use this power for the greater good. She also wants to share it and begins gathering a coven of those that she is closest to. An ultimate confrontation awaits them to decide their future.

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