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Short: "Vanessa and Jake's date night" (M/f sex)

Originally posted in my ongoing giantess story "Wolf Lake" as an April Fools joke, but I thought it might be appreciated here.

* * * * *

Vanessa threw her purse down on the couch as Jake walked in behind her. "God, I'm so glad to be home."

"You're sure you don't need to go to the hospital?" he asked her for at least the fifth time. "I mean, you said you thought you might have been exposed to the same...whatever the hell it was that happened to them."

"Yes, Jake, I'm sure. I promise it was a false alarm," she replied. "If anything was going to happen to me, it would have by now."

"I'm still in shock about what happened back there," Jake said. "Can you believe how huge those women got?"

Vanessa was in shock, too. She was still confused as to why they had grown so much more than what Carla had told her about. She had only expected them to end up around seven feet tall! Not that I can tell Jake that, she thought. To him, she said, "That was insane. I've never seen anything like that."

"Yeah, I haven't either," Jake replied with a grin. "Biggest tits...ever."

"You pig," she said, grinning in spite of herself.

"Hey, all men look. And how could you not? I've never seen ones the size of a small car. And they were really hot, too--" He stopped, seeing the look Vanessa was giving him. "Uh, of course, you're much prettier," he concluded, grinning sheepishly.

"Uh-huh." She stared flatly at him for a few seconds, letting it go on just long enough to be awkward. "Well. I'm going to go take a shower, if you don't mind." She allowed herself a small smile. "Maybe, if I decide to forgive you, we can have a little fun when I get out."

He grinned at that. "I'll just watch some TV and wait on you, then."

"Boobs, sex, and TV. I swear that's all you men ever think about." Winking, she turned and walked out of the den and headed for the bathroom, eager to get out of the tight dress. Tugging it off with some difficulty, she stood before the mirror while the shower warmed up, examining her body for the changes she now knew had happened. Her breasts were noticeably bigger, straining against her bra, the two pendulous orbs obviously too large for the cups of the brassiere and spilling out of the top. Her panties were similarly stretched taut, hugging her womanhood tightly. She twisted her body to look at her ass in the mirror, seeing the panties drawn drum-tight across her bigger curves. She smiled to herself. Well, it's not like this looks bad on me. As long as I don't turn into a giant I think I'll be okay, she thought, experiencing another flash of relief that the filtered water hadn't affected her.

She peeled off the tight underwear and stepped into the soothing warmth of the shower. She luxuriated under the spray for a long time before it belatedly occurred to her that she had been taking showers as normal all week and none of them--including this one--had made her any bigger. Briefly, she thought that perhaps having already been exposed, the chemical wouldn't work on her again, but then she realized that women all over town should have been sprouting up. Maybe it has to do with being heated, she mused. On that note, I should probably turn off the water, she mentally added, as she could feel the hot water starting to go.

Stepping out into a cloud of steam, she wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out into the hall. She crept toward the living room, hearing the sound of some action movie Jake was watching. Vanessa briefly considered surprising him wearing nothing but a towel, but ultimately decided they would both have more fun if he got to peel some sexy, skimpy lingerie off her new curves. She tiptoed back down the hall to their bedroom and started hunting through her drawers for the perfect thing to show off her bigger body. She settled on a translucent red corset that lifted her breasts and a matching red thong that vanished between her ample cheeks. She expected to have trouble getting the garments on, but was pleasantly surprised that she was able to fit into them with little difficulty, her breasts sitting perfectly in the cups of the bustier and the thong covering just enough to tantalize. She covered it with her fluffy pink robe (which was still surprisingly comfortable) and walked down the hall.

Jake was still absorbed in his movie, so he didn't hear her walking up beside the couch until she was standing right beside him. He didn't turn away from the movie for a few moments longer, until she finally spoke. "Hey, sexy." When he glanced over at her in her robe, she threw open the front of it, briefly flashing the red lingerie beneath before closing it back up. "If you're looking for a good time, why don't you turn off that TV and come to the bedroom." Without looking back, she turned and strode down the hall, smiling when she heard the TV's sound disappear and the remote clatter to the coffee table. He caught up with her as she reached the bedroom door and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him as they stepped through the doorway.

"Mmm," she moaned as he nuzzled her neck. She was surprised he was able to do that at her new height, but shrugged it off as she enjoyed the sensation of his mouth against her skin. "God, you know I love that." She pulled away from Jake and spun around to face him, then kissed him, slipping her tongue between his lips as she put her hand against his chest. Keeping his attention on their kiss, she pushed him backwards slowly until he was up against the bed. "Sit down, handsome, and I'll give you a show."

"You don't have to tell me twice," he said, grinning broadly as he sat down.

She stepped away from him with her back turned, then began moving her body as if to a beat. She swung her hips to and fro, giving him a smoldering glance over her shoulder. Vanessa reached up to her shoulders, the slightly loose sleeve of the robe sliding down her arm as she did, and tugged the top of the robe down her back, leaving it hanging and exposing her bare skin and the top of the corset. She winked at Jake and turned to face him, allowing the front of the robe to fall open as she did so. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of her body in the revealing lingerie. She swayed her hips again, strutting over to him, although her walk was nearly spoiled when her feet caught on the dangling hem of the robe. Damn. It's too low now that it's off my shoulders.

Giving up on the robe, she let it fall to the floor and continued her stride towards her lover, licking her lips and running her hands over the bust of the corset. She felt the oddest sensation, as if it shifted slightly with the motion of her hands. Shrugging, she leaned down to kiss Jake on the lips and run her hand over his crotch, feeling the stiff bulge through his pants. "I want you, baby," she breathed as she stood back up, her fingers trailing slowly, teasingly away from his cock as she did.

He let out a faint moan of pleasure. "I want you too, you sexy thing. Come here." He threw his arm around her waist and pulled her down to the bed, causing her to gasp in pleasant surprise. She spread her legs over his thighs, her hot pussy rubbing against his hardness through the thin thong and the fabric of his pants. She moaned, surprised at how big he felt. He must really be enjoying this...

Vanessa felt his hand grip her hair and tilt her head to the side, his mouth brushing against the skin of her neck again. She cried out in ecstasy as he nipped at her a few times, his lips caressing up her jaw until his teeth gently tugged on her ear, then moving back down to her neck. She had to shift the position of her legs as she suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable in his lap; seizing the opportunity, she stood up off the bed.

"Let's get these off of you, big boy," she said sultrily, undoing his pants and sliding them down his legs to the floor. She stood back up and was struck by the odd sensation that something was wrong, but she was distracted from it as she felt her panties slide down her legs to her ankles, leaving her wet snatch exposed. "Oh! Bad Jake, sneaking those off of me when I wasn't looking!" she said, playfully wagging a finger in his face.

He glanced down, looking confused for a moment. "Huh? I didn't--"

"Shh," she said, putting her finger over his lips. "No talking." She straddled him again and felt his erection straining at his boxers right under her groin--the sensation of being so close but not quite there was maddening bliss. She kissed him hungrily, leaning in close, pressing her breasts against his chest, feeling her nipples graze the fabric of his shirt, her arousal keeping her from noticing the corset had slipped down to expose them. Breaking off their kiss, she leaned back (still straddling him) and braced her hands against his shoulders, then slowly slid them down his chest, working the buttons of his shirt loose one by one. She had a little difficulty with the last few, partly because her burning need was getting even more distracting the longer she sat on his lap, and partly because the buttons felt strange in her hands, as if they were larger than normal.

Finally, she undid the last one and threw open his shirt, running her hands along his muscular chest before leaning forward for another kiss. His tongue slipped between her lips and she was startled at how big it felt, but she quickly entwined it with her own, rocking her hips back and forth on his lap. After several seconds that felt like an eternity, Vanessa finally leaned back again. "Alright, stud, I can't wait any more. Time to let Little Jake come out and play."

"I thought you'd never ask," he said with a grin. She rocked back far enough to get off of his groin, then opened the button on the front of his boxers and was rewarded with his stiff cock springing through the opening. Whoa, it looks so big!

"Ooh, is that all for me?" she said playfully, closing her right hand around the shaft. He grunted in satisfaction as her fingers slid along its length. It feels really big too, she thought. But as turned on as she was, that thought didn't bother her at all. Shifting her knees down onto the bed to either side of him, she raised herself up and moved forward, using her hand to guide his penis into her.

"Oh my god!" she cried in ecstasy as she lowered herself onto it. It feels even bigger! Fuck! A wordless moan escaped her as she began rocking herself up and down on Jake's cock, feeling it filling her up and going deeper than it ever had. As she rode him, she felt like he was slowly swelling bigger and bigger, starting to stretch her pussy with his girth. She bit her lip and moaned even louder, then leaned into him, her bare breasts pressing against his chest. She tried to kiss him, but for some reason her lips met his chin. Tilting her face upward, she reached one hand behind his head and turned his down so their lips met, and she was struck by a feeling of wrongness as their tongues writhed together. He thrusted his hips upward into her and she cried out, clutching his hair and burying her face in his neck. He's huge! She rocked backward again and shifted her legs, as they felt uncomfortable positioned around him--it was as if she needed to spread them wider. When she had repositioned, she started her up-and-down motion again, and though the corset seemed to be sliding loosely up and down her torso, it didn't distract from the incredible sensation of his cock going deeper and deeper with each stroke, filling her pussy in a way she'd never experienced before. She was close to cumming, and she could tell from the sounds he was making that he was close too.

Again he bucked his hips, just as she was pressing herself down onto his massive shaft, and that was all Vanessa could take. She threw her head back and screamed (in a strangely high-pitched voice) as she came, her pussy clenching and twitching around a cock that felt as big as a water bottle inside her. A moment later, he exploded inside her, the pressure of his orgasm pounding within her, and she cried out and came again. Spent, she leaned back and climbed off of him.

Or tried to. His cock had somehow become so big that it was stuck! Spreading her legs as wide as possible, she leveraged herself and pushed against his stomach (Why are my hands so low?) and managed to slide her pussy off of the gigantic member, feeling its girth still straining against her as she did so.

"Oh, god, that was incredible," she panted as she put her shaky legs on the floor beside the bed. Her knees wobbled a bit, and she felt something brush against her skin as it fell down her legs. Looking down, she saw her corset laying on the floor around her ankles. What the fuck...? Bending down to retrieve it, she pulled it up and was shocked to find that it hung loosely around her, a gap of several inches between her body and the material. With the stiff bustier up at her breasts, the bottom of it extended halfway down her thighs, and the cups looked like they would fit somebody with breasts twice as big as hers. "What the fuck?" she said aloud, still hearing the odd pitch of her voice. She looked up to see Jake staring at her in open-mouthed shock. "Jake? What's wrong?"

After a few seconds, she figured it out on her own. Though he was seated and she was standing, and despite her recent growth, she was looking up to meet his eyes. "What's going on?!" she exclaimed.

"I have no idea," he replied, still staring. Finally he stood, and Vanessa found herself in awe as he rose up...and up...and up before her, forcing her to crane her neck to look up at him. When he was at his full height, her eyes were at his navel; she glanced down to see a cock that looked almost as thick as her thigh hanging in front of her tits. Both of them stared at each other for several seconds in silence.

"Jesus, I...I shrunk?" she finally said.

"I think you might still be shrinking, actually," he replied. Sure enough, though it was a subtle change, her eye level had dropped again, now about even with his hip bones.

"I think you might need to take me to the hospital after all, Jake," she said, before fainting in front of him, her still-shrinking body sprawled on the floor inside her huge corset.
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Wink Re: Short: "Vanessa and Jake's date night" (M/f sex)

........*mimics McKayla Maroney's Unimpressed expression*

...meh.. Traitor...

*High tails it back to the Growth Forum as fast as possible, fearing retribution and reprisals.. from tiny people* Lol
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