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Unread 02-22-2019   #1
Captain Ash
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The Mirror Mistress

Hello everyone,

I've commissioned the skilled artist Secretagentmittens to make this wonderful artwork for my latest story.
See the link below for more details.

Enter the realm of Zumbia, an ancient oriental city like in the tales of Arabian Nights.

With all its stories about 1001 nights, flying carpets and djinns trapped in lamps, there are some untold.
One of these oldest stories, which was never meant to be told for its terrible dark magic, was almost lost in time.
The tale begins when on a fateful day the Mistress of Zumbia got in possession of a wondrous looking-glass from a devious merchant called Alrak.

A mirror, which grants its owner a second childhood.
For some a blessing, for some a curse, such gift comes with a price.
Whoever shall walk into the magical mirror shall emerge a child and from the other side the adultís reflection, ready to take the place of the adultís former life.

The Mirror Mistress: The Secret of the Mirror


Captain Ash
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Unread 03-03-2019   #2
Happy Fun Sized!
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Re: The Mirror Mistress

Very cute.
Avatar by Sai.

Also - 見ぬが花

Also - In Love! ♡ ♡ ♡

Also - Significant Other Approved. ha

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