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Re: Expansion Fan Comics - official updates

As far as The Cleavage Crusader is involved, I won't talk about art quality. I don't like the art style used, so it'll make me biased, like I prevously said. However, we can talk about the story. Without revealing anything about the content, I will say that the comic missed the parody target she is aiming at. It looks like a lallapalooza of expansions which is unfolding at a pace dictating the pace of the story, whereas I'm looking forward to a story dictating the pace of the inflations and expansions. The Cleavage Crusader would have been a one-shot or two chapters story, I would have understood. That isn't the case.
It's my opinion. I stated I didn't understand why. If you tell me it's a success, then congratulations to them. It didn't change my thoughts about it, but I'm relieved that at least, it is something some like.

Which website ? Banna Galactic. 6.50$ per month. Meaning that if you want to test one time, compared to your lowest option at 40$, then yes, it is way more interesting. In the long run, it does less bargains than you, but it still is cheaper.
Only bad point there was ? I was targetted by a prick at the beginning of the website so I bailed out. I've come back and for now, even if indeed, a lot of things I dislike are voted, at least, I can discuss the matter with the other members and I understand the global way of it. Peopl have totally the right to like things I don't like. However, there's a difference between being forced with it and going with the flow.
Constant quality : same artist for all.
Constant membership : we are the ones deciding what's going on the website.
Constant smile : the artist and administrator of the website have ALWAYS answered nicely to our questions. And even if some decisions made completely sicken me, things have been talked peacefully and I accept them.

What do I like ? Well, a good story first. The fetish is here to give the quirk. You do the reverse for most. The only fetishes I utterly dislike are futanari and muscle growth. Which means I'm pretty open-minded unlike you try to portray me.

You found I was rude with the artists ? I found you were rather rude yourself to me. I don't mind. I'm known for being tactless, straight to the point and reckless. However, the artists also know it's my strength : I'm not licking your boots, meaning when I say something is good, it's truth and I'm not trying to get something from you.

That's all there is to say, I guess. I'm known by fellow commissioners and fellow fetishists. Not as a reference, but a good deal of them take into account what I say. If you want to discuss further the matter, I'm OK bringing it to private level with private messages. Because following here will only bring more mud for both of us.
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