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Amorphous conglomerates experiment log

So, first time I'm putting a story directly onto this forum. Let me know what you think, if it's good or it's shit or somewhere in between. Kinda graphic and way longer than what I usually do.

DATE: APRIL 23RD, 2017


Sequential hermaphroditism is a biological phenomenon, occurring in various species of fish, gastropods, and plants, wherein an organism undergoes a change in gender during some point in their lifetime. While uncommon in larger vertebrates, sequential hermaphroditism provides a distinct benefit to the species. One particular example being the protandrous changes that occur when the Clownfish (Amphiprion Ocellaris) is exposed to an all male environment, allowing for increased opportunities for mating in an otherwise impossible situation.

Until recently research into applying these effects in a nonhermaphroditic species have proven ineffective. However, a recent discovery by Amorphous Conglomerates (hereafter abbreviated to AmorphCon for brevity) biochemists has allowed for the recreation of the hormonal and physical changes seen by the Ocellaris Clownfish during its gender transition. This compound, dubbed Amphiprioninase for the source of its inspiration, provides a rapid, noninvasive alternative to current gender reassignment options.

Initial animal-based testing of Amphiprioninase has shown positive, repeatable results and it is now ready for human trials.

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============

“Attention Subject 7G, it is now time for your daily required vitamin intake,” the computerized voice chimed across the room. Bright fluorescent lights all flashing on in unison. “Please awaken for your daily intake.”

If Brian had one regret, he thought, sitting up in his bed with still glued shut eyes, aside from agreeing to this crazy experiment, it would be improperly putting his name into the computer system. One hyphen in the wrong place and the stupid thing defaulted back to the original login.

“Subject 7G, it is time for your daily vitamin supplement,” the machine cheerfully announced.

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled, “I heard you the first time.”

Rubbing his bloodshot eyes; Brian gazed around the sterile, white room that was his sleeping quarters. Why did they make all the rooms this way? It reminded him of a hospital, did they think it looked fancier? More Sci-Fi maybe?

With a click and a slight hiss of compressed air the top panel of his all-white dresser slid open and a small silver tray rose up, carrying his tiny cup of pills for the day.

For the experiment, 500 mg oral tablets of Amphiprioninase were administered to test subjects daily. To preserve the double-blind conditions of the experiment, test subjects were informed that the medication was merely a vitamin supplement to provide for balanced nutrition. Of the test subjects, approximately 35% were administered harmless sugar pills to provide a control group and test the placebo effect.

“Blegh!” Brian groaned, swallowing his daily dosage. You'd think he'd be used to the pills after the first few days.

“Thank you for complying,” the computer sighed contently. The metal tray retreated back down into the dresser, only to quickly return, this time with a clipboard and medical form. “Please fill out the Standard AmorphCon Medical Condition Form,” the voice chirped.

Initial side effects of Amphiprioninase exposure include nausea, fatigue, mood swings, migraines, increased perspiration, loss of appetite, loss of libido, increased sensitivity to light, weight loss, weight gain, and frequent urination.

“Yeesh,” Brian whined, ticking off a few of the boxes. “Is there just a 'General Feeling Like Crap' box?”

Setting the complete form back down, the process repeated itself. The tray lowered itself down and the computer warmly thanked him for complying with AmorphCon procedure and helpfully reminded him that discussing any medical conditions with fellow experiment participants was against the terms of his contract and would be severely reprimanded. The tray popped back up one last time, now carrying a slightly larger plastic cup.

“You have been randomly selected for a urine sample,” the voice beamed. “Please fill the sample cup to the best of your ability.”

Sighing, Brian picked up his cup, hopped out of bed, and made his way out of the bedroom. Heading down the brightly lit hallway, he stopped outside the door to the communal bathroom. He could hear the water running inside; jiggling on the handle, he found it locked.

“Hey! Hurry it up in there!” he shouted, pounding on the door. “Save some hot water for the rest of us!”

“Gimme a minute!” the voice sounded from the other side of the door. It sounded like Warren, he really hated Warren. The guy was a complete tool, real obnoxious type, not to mention always using up the hot water. How did they expect four guys to share one bathroom when one of them takes an hour and a half to shower?

Conditions for the experiment required the subjects to be kept in close confines to recreate conditions seen in a naturally occurring protandrous event. By simulating an all male population crisis, the Amphiprioninase treatment was significantly more likely to induce a transition in one of the subjects. Ideal conditions for induction are to contain 4 to 6 male subjects, ages between 18 to 25, in a facility with no greater than 150 m² of total floor space.

It was another 20 minutes before Warren finally opened the bathroom door. “S'all yours brah,” he said, leaving a trail of steam behind him as he exited.

“Finally,” Brian muttered, stepping inside. The whole room was covered in condensation and smelled like sweat and body odor. What had Warren been doing in here? Despite his initial complaints, Brian had to admit the smell wasn't entirely unwelcome. It gave a natural, lived in sort of scent to an otherwise sterile environment. Regardless, he hadn't come here to use his nose.

Stepping up to the toilet, Brian unzipped his fly, unscrewed the cap on the cup, and started the fill up. When he was finished, he replaced the cap and stuck the sample in one of the pneumatic tubes lined up on the wall behind him. Closing the panel, he watched as the vacuum tube sucked up his little cup of piss, carrying it off to parts unknown.

Through the use of urine sampling, effective measurements of the afflicted subjects' hormone levels was taken throughout experimentation. Testosterone and estrogen levels were found to decrease and increase respectively at logistic rates. Hormone levels stabilize within 4-5 days of initial application, just before the beginning of physical changes. For more information and a copy of the data please seen appendix 3-A, Hormone Levels as a Function of Time under Constant Amphiprioninase Intake.

“Thank you for providing your urine sample Subject 7G!” the computer stated enthusiastically. “Amorphous Conglomerates appreciates your compliance!”

Good lord, was there anywhere he could go to get away from that voice? Well, since he was already down here, Brian figured he might as well freshen up. Maybe there was even a little bit of hot water left.

Undressing, Brian set aside the standard issue sleepwear the company had given him, pausing for a brief look at himself in the mirror. Something seemed a bit off from when he first signed up for the project. Crazy as it seemed, Brian definitely thought he looked smaller than he had just a few days prior. Maybe it was something with the mirror or just all the freeze-dried crap they'd been feeding him, but going over his reflection in the glass, he couldn't help but see that he'd lost some weight.

Atrophy of fatty tissue begins within the first few days of treatment and is one of the first visual indicators of when a subject has entered the transitional state. Adipose tissue along the waist, back, and shoulders is broken down into simpler molecular states, in preparation for redistribution to more appropriate locations.

Welp, Brian shrugged, it was probably nothing. If all that happened was that he lost a few pounds by the end of the experiment, well there were worse things that could happen. Dumping his clothes down the laundry chute, Brian stepped into the shower. Twisting the knobs, Brian was delighted to find there was still hot water left. Not just hot, but with surprisingly strong water pressure too; it actually stung his skin a little.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Brian felt an odd sensation creep into the pit of his stomach. Drawing in another steam-filled breath; the hot water rushed over him, making his skin warm to the touch. He could still smell that scent in the air; the sweet, musky smell Warren had left behind. Something about it was strangely enthralling, almost arousing.

Brian's eyes snapped back open, shocked that the idea had even crossed his mind. Maybe he'd spent too much time locked up with dudes. Of course he was in for an even bigger shock when he looked down and noticed the clumps of hair collecting around his feet. It took him a second to realize where it all had come from, seeing as everything below his neck had suddenly become much smoother.

Loss of body hair occurs fairly early on during the transitional period. During this period terminal hairs are rapidly shed and replaced with smaller, less obvious vellus hair. The majority of hair loss occurs on the thighs, feet, arms, back, chest, abdomen, and buttocks with with partial hair loss occurring in the pubic, perianal, perineal, and lower leg regions. The amount of hair loss can vary greatly depending on the age and background of the subject.

“What the hell!” he screamed, leaping out of the shower, nearly slipping on the wet tile floor. Grabbing a towel, Brian started drying himself off, quickly covering the fabric in his own shed hair. Peering downward, Brian found most of his body now hairless. Legs, chest, and arms were devoid of hair, leaving only a bit of fuzz around his crotch. Running a hand over his barren chest, Brian was surprised at how smooth his skin felt.

“Computer!” Brian shouted, wrapping the towel around his lower half. “What the hell is this crap?” he demanded, waving his hands over the affected area.

“It appears you have experienced a distinct loss of body hair,” the machine stated blissfully.

“Yeah, no shit.”

“Would you like to update your medical condition chart?”

“Yes, you stupid, freaking toaster!”

“Medical information updating …” the computer paused for a moment. “Updating … medical information has been updated. Thank you. Amorphous Conglomerates researchers will begin reviewing your condition.”

“Great, what am I supposed to do until then,” Brian groaned.

“I suggest wearing warmer clothing,” the computer cheerfully replied. With a loud bang, the door on the pnuematic tube slid open, revealing a new set of clothes for him.

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============

Brian stepped out the bathroom feeling embarrassed, his eyes on the floor, clad in the new outfit the machine had provided. A sweatshirt and long socks, wonderful, that's their solution. At least no one could see that he was bald just about everywhere below his head.

Making his way down the corridor, Brian decided to stop by the kitchen, feeling a bit hungry. Hearing voices on the other side, Brian opened the door, finding his fellow participants Marcus and Aaron seated at the table, chatting it up.

“So anyway, that's why I'm banned from Costco,” Marcus said, halfway through his own conversation. “Hey Brian, was wondering when you'd get up. How're you feeling man?”

“Ah you know man,” he meekly replied, open the door of the refrigerator, revealing the collection of freeze-dried goods inside. “Just another day in fake deep space.”

Due to the nature of the double-blind nature experiment, subjects were told that they were participating in an isolation study to show how well small groups could work together in inconvenient environs to simulate conditions for deep space exploration. Subjects were told not to question why they were assigned to all male crews or why gravity was unchanged.

Selecting a bag of vacuum packed noodles, Brian took his seat at the table. His “shipmates” carried on their conversation, something about big box stores or something. Brian didn't really care, he was more focused on his meal. He normally didn't mind processed foods, but for some reason he was having a harder time keeping this meal down this time. Wiping beads of sweat from his brow, Brian felt that familiar feeling in his stomach once more. It felt like a little ball of warmth had formed in his abdomen and had begun moving lower.

His face flush with heat, Brian lifted his head up, gazing around the room. You know, he'd never realized it before, but for some reason Brian couldn't help but notice how good looking both his two compatriots were. Blushing at the thought of it, he couldn't bear to to look away. He'd never had these sort of thoughts about men before, but there was something Marcus's rugged good looks, Aaron's cool demeanor made him feel so-

“Brian! You feeling alright man?” Aaron's snapped at him.

“Hmm?” Breaking free from his trance, Brian tried to answer, “Yeah, I was just, uh...”

“You were kind of staring at us really weird,” Marcus interrupted.

“Yeah, you were drooling a little,” Aaron added.

“Sorry about that,” he said, wiping a bit of saliva from the corner of his mouth, “I've just been having a really weird sort of- dddaauuuugh! Oh God!” Brian's words were cut off as burning pain laced into his crotch. Looking down, he saw a small, red stain beginning to form on the side of his thigh.

“Something wrong?” Marcus asked, concerned.

“I'm fine,” Brian whimpered, standing up from the table. “I just need to go real take care of something real quick.” Limping down the hall, he hurried back into the bathroom. Slamming the door and locking it behind him, he hobbled over to the toilet. Dropping his pants, Brian stared down at his crotch. His penis had shriveled up, still dripping a bit of red, viscous fluid. But his testicles were far more disturbing; pulsing in sync, the pair swelled and contracted in time together. Feeling another wave hit him, Brian winced in pain as another load of the foul liquid shot out of him.

Unlike natural sequential hermaphrodites, which are born with both male and female gonads, non-hermaphroditic species have only one set. During Amphiprioninase transition the gonads undergo drastic physical changes from the male state to the female. Germ cells (which control spermatozoa) are broken down by the body. The testes begin producing a natural spermicide to kill off any active gametes. This viscous mixture of blood and semen in then purged from the body in a manner similar to ejaculation.

Brian held the urge to both scream and vomit over the disgusting fluid that he had just sprayed out. Falling back against the wall, he felt his legs begin to tremble as the warm, tingling sensation spread over his groin. Sliding down to the floor, he let out a slight groan as he felt his testes receding. His mind raced with a mix of of terror and arousal, hands reached out to cup them one last time as they pulled up and inside him.

Breathing heavily, Brian watched as the skin from his now empty sack began to stretch and tear slightly, forming a narrow opening in his lower body. Shutting his eyes and letting out a traitorous moan, he began stroking his shrinking member. Teasing the withered organ, it felt so small in his hands, but still was hard. So sensitive was it now, that every touch made him moan and his legs kick wildly. Feeling it slowing slipping away, down into the opening that had formed, Brian let out one last ecstatic cry as the waves of pleasure shook through him.

Slumped against the wall, his breathing heavy, Brian's eyes fluttered open again. Staring down at his crotch, the realization of what just transpired hit him.

“T-that's...” he stuttered out, “that's a-”

The transition from male to female genitalia is a surprisingly rapid one, typically taking less than a full minute from start to finish. The testes are the first to transition, retreating up into the body cavity, and reforming into ovaries with the vas deferens expanding into Fallopian tubes. Although devoid of egg cells, the new ovaries are still useful in the production and regulation of hormones.

The prostate inflates outward, at the expense of the bladder, forming the uterus. Although the uterus is functionless without ovum, the organ still undergoes the traditional bleeding, cramps, and shedding of the outer lining associated with the menstrual cycle. Transitioned subjects were found to be very upset about retaining this feature.

The scrotum, now emptied, is used to form the outer genitals. Tearing open along the perineal raphe, the outer skin is used to create the labia while the interior muscle combines with the uterus to form the inner vagina. The penis contracts, pulling back into the newly formed vagina to serve as the clitoris the clitoris. Subjects have found the new clitoral structure to be highly sensitive for upwards of 24 hours after the genital transition.

“Oh god...” he whimpered, slowly rising to his feet. Inspecting his new equipment, Brian traced his hand over the opening that formed in his nether region, feeling a little jolt as the fingertips touched something warm and soft. No, he thought, recoiling his hand in disgust. “This isn't right, this can't be happening,” he wheezed, breath still heavy from the experience. “I-I'm... I'm a … Computer!”

“Yes Subject 7G?” the mechanical voice answered. “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah, something's wrong,” he shouted, pointing at his crotch. “This!”

“It appears you have developed a vagina,” the machine stated flatly.

“Fucking thanks for noticing!”

“Would you like to update your medical condition chart?”


“Medical information updating …Updating … Error! Impromptu medical information updates can only be performed once every 24 hours. Please wait for the next scheduled medical check-in to update your information.”

“24 hours?!? I can't wait that long,” Brian protested, “I don't know what you people are doing, but I need help now!”

“Negative. Per your signed Amorphous Conglomerates contract, experimental procedure cannot be breached, regardless of health or safety concerns of the subjects.”

“Screw the contract,” he said, regretting not reading the fine print more closely. “I'm growing lady parts here! I need to-”

Brian's words were silenced by a sudden knock on the door, followed soon after by a familiar voice. “Hey Brian, you alright in there,” Aaron asked from the other side of the door. “I need to use the shower, man.”

“No, I'm not alright,” Brian answered. “I'm-”

“Warning!” The computer interrupted him, “Discussing medical conditions with fellow participants is against your Amorphous Conglomerates contract. Violations of contract will result in serious legal punishment.”

“What, like stealing my dick?”

“Heavy monetary fines and potential incarceration may result,” the computer cheerfully explained. “Tell me Subject, do you think a man with female genitalia will do well in prison?”

“I, err... no.”

“Then I suggest you continue with the experimental procedure, until a solution can be provided.”

Brian really wished he'd read the fine print.

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============

Having redressed in a clean set of pants that the computer happily supplied and cleaned up as best he could, Brian slid the door open slowly. There he found a rather impatient looking Aaron on the other side.

“Look man, if your sick that's fine, but we all have to share this bathroom. So why don't you go be sick in...” Aaron's words trailed off as a puzzled look spread across his face. “You seem different...”

“I-I, uh,” Brian felt the panic creeping in. How much did he hear? Did he know?

“You smell that?” he asked, sniffing the air around him. “Something smells really nice.”

Post genital exchange, the subjects new ovaries begin producing large amounts of a heretofore undiscovered pheromone, similar in structure to Androstenol. The pheromones are believed to be produced as a response to the all-male population, in the hopes to attract a mate. A grant for research into the pheromone for commercial use in perfumes and cosmetics is currently pending review from AmorphCon's Ethics and Profitability Board.

“I think it's you, dude,” Aaron said, leaning in close to him. “Yeah, you smell really nice.”

“Uh, t-thanks...” Brian said awkwardly, feeling the warming sensation return as Aaron leaned in closer. “I'm using this new deodorant.”

“Well, I uh, I really like it.” Aaron stammered, suddenly realizing how strange he was acting. “Oh, now I know what's different. Your hair. You probably should get that cut, starting to look like a chick.”

“What?” he said, reaching up to his head. Touching his scalp, he found his hair had grown out greatly since this morning, the shaggy mess now nearly reaching his shoulders.

An interesting side effect of the Amphiprioninase treatment a growth of head hair, ranging between 5 to 10 cm, despite hair length not being considered a secondary sex characteristic. A grant for research into using Amphiprioninase as a treatment for Male Pattern Baldness has been denied by the Ethics and Profitability Board has been denied, as while subjects are no longer bald, they are also no longer male.

“I- I need to go.” Brian stammered, pushing aside the visibly confused Aaron and dashing down the hall. Rushing down the corridor, he soon found himself out of breath, how could he be so fatigued from such a short distance? Feeling lightheaded, Brian stumbled into one of the adjacent rooms.

Leaning against the door frame, catching his breath, Brian recognized the familiar sight of the rec room. Warren was there, doing his regular exercise routine. Watching him work, bench pressing a massive set of dumbbells, Brian's eyes were glued on his body. Staring at his rippling muscles, he felt a warm, wet sensation in his lower regions. Dazed, mind wandering, Brian wondered just what it would be like to have sex with Warren, to feel that powerful body wrapped around his, filling up his newly feminine parts.

“Yo man, you feeling aight?” Warren asked, sitting up from the bench.

“I-I'm fine,” Brian said, blushing. His heart was racing, chest felt heavy, god he wanted him so bad. “I just-”

“I think you might have spilled something bro,” he said, pointing at Brian's shirt.

Looking down, Brian saw the two little wet spots forming on his chest. Pulling back his shirt, he could see his swollen nipples dripping something white.

Lactation is quite common among transitioning subjects. As the areolae expand, the mammary glands become functional and produce small quantities of breast milk.

“It's nothing,” Brian said, biting his lip slightly. “I just ne- aaagh!” Another bolt of pain hit him, making him arc his back. The sound of popping bones filled his ears, Brian tried to stay calm. “I-I'll see you later,” he mumbled, stumbling back out into the hall.

Lurching down the corridor, trying to stay on his feet, Brian ambled back to his bedroom. He felt so tired, he couldn't understand what was happening to him, but he knew he needed to get away, being around the other guys just made things worse. With a snap, he felt his shoulders jut inwards. The bones in his hands creaked and crunched as they shrank down and became thinner. His feet soon mirrored that, the dainty shapes slipping out of his shoes as he ambled forward. Why did his room seem so far away? In fact, the whole hallways seemed larger now.

Transitioning subjects traditionally experience approximately 10% loss of skeletal mass during the treatment. While most bones decrease in size, the pelvis takes on a wider, more circular form to provide a more child-bearing stance.

Brian's pants were becoming increasingly uncomfortable as he felt his hips pushing outwards. Letting out a little whimper, he could see his thighs swelling up, growing tight against the denim. The discomfort from his behind confirmed the same thing had happened to his buttocks. It wouldn't matter, he thought, pulling open the door to his room, he was safe now. Slipping inside, locking the door behind him before peeling the constricting fabric off his womanly hips.

“Shit man! What are you doing?”

Brian's eyes darted up to find Marcus seated there on the bed. In his half-delirious state he must have gotten the rooms mixed up.

“Why are you in my room? Why did you take your pants off?” Marcus demanded. “What are y-” he said, quickly doing a double take when he got a good look at Brian. “What the hell is that?!?” he shouted, pointing at his lower quarters.

“That's, erm, that's my vagina...” Brian said, sheepishly scratching the back of his head.

“Your va-... What??? Shit dude,” Marcus sputtered out, anger giving way to confusion. “I thought you were a guy.”

“So did I. I mean I was! No! I mean I- Ooooh god!” Brian doubled over in pain, feeling his stomach suck inwards, further accentuating his feminine lower body. Falling to his knees, the wild feeling of desire overtook him once more. Trying not to make eye contact with Marcus, his loins grew damp with the very thought of him. “No!” Brian protested, denying what was becoming more and more obvious, “This isn't happening! I'm a man dammit! I'm still a man even I'm-I'm...” A look of horror flashed across his face as he felt the pulsing sensation rising from his chest. “I'm growing...”

Breast development typically occurs soon after the beginning of lactation. Adipose from the stomach and waist is broken down and repositioned onto the chest, just above the pectoral muscles. Due to the heavy amount of hormones coursing through a transitional subject, the subjects bust size is significantly larger than a normal woman of similar age and ethnicity.

“Tiiiiiiiiiiiiits!” Brian cried, cupping his swelling chest with now unfamiliar hands. The ballooning orbs strained against his shirt, pressing his already sensitive nipples up against the fabric. “No, no more” he whimpered, clinging to his new bosom, feeling each jolt excite him more. A-cups into B's, into C's, into, dear god, double D's.

“Jesus Christ,” Marcus shouted, falling back onto the bed, skirting away from his changing friend.

“No more, please,” Brian cried, his voice cracking, tears welling up in his eyes, “No more.” His hands clamped over his face, feeling hot with both embarrassment and arousal. He could feel the skin shifting underneath his hands, as the bones in his face reformed.

Interestingly, the last piece of anatomy to transition is the cranium. In general, the skull becomes less wide and more rounded, with the cheek and nasal bones become much less pronounced. Tissue in the lips is noted to increase by approximately 10%. The cartilage of the thyroid, commonly know as the Adam's apple, contracts in size causing a shrinkage of the vocal chords resulting in the subject having a much higher speaking voice. With the last changes complete, subjects have effectively completed the transition.

“Brian,” Marcus cautiously stepped towards the feminine figure on his bedroom floor. “You okay man?”

The figure groaned slightly before raising it's head. The face of the man he'd just known was gone, replaced with the appearance of a similar, young woman. “Yeah,” she huffed, “I-I'm a woman now...”

Slowly she got up off the floor, raising herself up to eye level with him. The changes may have stopped, but the urges still continued. Staring at her fellow participant, she knew what needed to be done. The flames were still burning deep inside her and she needed release.

“Brian,” He said, stupefied by what he'd just witnessed. “Look, let's go get the others and-”

“No!” she put her hand up against his chest, feeling his heart racing inside. He felt so warm, so powerful, she needed to feel him. She needed to be felt by him. Shoving hard against him, she him back down onto the bed.

“No! No!” Marcus said, intimidated, but also oddly attracted by the woman. “This is weird, you're sick! You need help.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she nodded in agreement, climbing on top of him. Pressing her lips against his, chest heaving on top of him, Marcus's protestations ceased. “I need help,” she said, pulling down the zipper on his pants. “I need help and you're going to give to me.”

He was already hard for her, just as she'd hoped. Taking his member in her hands, she slowly inserted it into her. Moaning as he entered her, the burning sensation flared, becoming unbearable as he pressed deeper inside her. Their two bodies worked in unison, her hips bucked wildly with each thrust, quivering with the new sensations. She felt herself climaxing, the wave swelling deep inside her, more intense than anything she'd ever known as a man. Overcome with the flood of new passions, she cried out in orgasmic joy, before falling limp against him.

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============


Initial Amphiprioninase trials have been shown to be a partial success. In 98% of all experimental trials, at least one or more complete male to female transition occurred, however due to the lack of ovum all transitioned subjects were in fact infertile, despite displaying significant upswings in libido.

Like current gender reassignment methods, surgery and hormonal therapy, subjects are unable to produce ovum on their own and therefore cannot become pregnant via traditional means. However, Amphiprioninase treatment is cheaper and quicker than current methods and, most critically, still provides the subject with a healthy, functional uterus. This theoretically allows for a transitioned subject to become pregnant via in vitro fertilization. A proposal to use transitioned subjects for surrogate maternity is in review with the Ethics and Profitability Board. See Appendix 18-C for a copy of the proposal and additional details.

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============

“So, uh, that was weird,” Marcus said leaning back on the bed. “Awesome, but really, really weird.”

“Yeah,” Brian sighed contently, wrapped up in a post-coital daze. “Sorry about that, I just kind of got a little crazy there.”

“So now what? Are you stuck like this forever?”

“I dunno.”

“D-do you care?”

“Not really,” she giggled. “I did at first, but after sex like that I'm a little more accepting.”

“So do you think you can get knocked up?”

“I dunno.”

“Do you care about that?”


“... Do you want to go again?”

“God yes!”
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Re: Amorphous conglomerates experiment log

Nice job AdiabaticCombustion! That was awesome! I really likes the detail you put into the transformation, but, A little more could have been done with the sex scene. Other than that, 10 stars from me!
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Re: Amorphous conglomerates experiment log

Originally Posted by Ninja Jay View Post
Nice job AdiabaticCombustion! That was awesome! I really likes the detail you put into the transformation, but, A little more could have been done with the sex scene. Other than that, 10 stars from me!
Thanks man, glad to know someone liked it. I'll try to keep your advice in mind on the sex scene.
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