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Alchemical Night
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Exclamation Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs (WG/WL/Foot Focus?)

Hello there,

It's my pleasure today to bring to the forum's attention a very particular - and indeed, piquant - movie that is on the books for release next year, in summer 2017. Though the title may answer a few questions, a fuller context is needed for those unfamiliar with this curious, but compelling work from South Korea.

Conceived as a parodic sequel to the original Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, this aims for a richer, more adult inflection - seeming to draw upon the satire's of the Shrek series for inspiration - in which we find something of a fairy tale world, albeit one where the protagonists are not quite as they seem.

Though little is known beyond what has been released to the media in March and July of this year, the essential story follows that the titular seven dwarfs are actually a prince and his companions under a curse. Seemingly, to remedy this, they seek out Snow White and are tasked with stealing her red shoes. But, it is discovered that she too is not quite what she seems. First introduced as a delicate, svelte but driven girl, when she divests herself of the red pumps she transforms in a dramatic reversion - gaining size and weight as she becomes a heavy, more indelicate and disinhibited identity.

There is also some suggestion that the transformation is even more singular in that this heavier, bigger form is actually older too, thus adding age progression/reversion to the potential mix, as well. More so, as some will have no doubt chimed, the existent media is somewhat foot focused, though also seems to allow for a... perhaps gently fetishistic interpretation. Not intended, I am sure, though the sensuality and other elements of those areas are carefully emphasized, for adult sensibilities, it seems .

The teaser and trailer can be found below, with a tinge of TF content: the longer suggesting the change off screen (though with some foot transformation) while the other display's overt leg/foot transformation once SW dons the shoe again.

In all, an intriguing and very singular movie that packs a lot of potential for the community .

Thanks again,

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