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Unread 02-06-2008   #11
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Re: Mistress Taylor Presents BE Updates

Originally Posted by DrEnlarge View Post
I honestly don't find all too much to comment on these days. Life has gotten significantly more interesting for me as since I first started doing BE stuff on the net back in '92, but I always troll around looking for sparks. BustArtists's new found work, the potential for new Jonny Swell comic, Mood Boobs, I show up for the block busters.

I've always contended that a video could be done with little-to-no effects, but just edits and stretching elements. Watching a video gives a lot of visual cues, but the actress still has to 'sell' what's happening. There's a number of different things I'd suggest to improve on another take like this one, but since I didn't create this one, I'm happy to see what's next.

Honestly, the 'best' we're ever going to hope for is a really good 3D rendered scene with voice acting, etc. But we're still probably 5 years away before someone figures that out. This scene was promising in that it shows potential to be used a lot and without lots of overhead (gear, etc).
We are always open to suggestions so please don't hesistate to throw some our way. I watched your animated clip "Bigger is Better" and I was struck by the tone that it had. So somber. From the depressed, almost suicidal mood she seems to be in in the beginning contrasted with that walk she has by the end is just great.

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