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It's a Hormonal Thing...

Jake Fielding
Endocrinology Department
Stanford University

At least that’s what the good doctor always envisioned seeing on his door. Who’d have thought all that research into hibernation would’ve led him to NASA instead. Yet here he was, lead scientist on the Astronaut Suspended State Initiative (ASSI) for upcoming Manned Missions to Mars. That he was the youngest member of the team also bears mentioning.

Currently the 5’ 9” Sandy-haired scientist was hunched over the GloMax Luminometer studying cellular activity in his latest hormonal application. ‘Everything normal. Yes!’

“And those idiots thought we could only achieve hibernation through temperature manipulation and I.V. treatments!”

“What was that Dr.?”

Jake looked at his assistant Talbot and gave a dismissive shake.

“Oh nothing, just trying to cope with narrow-minded people who think they know it all!”

Talbot raised an eyebrow.

“Oh not you!” He stammered. “ I meant those fools still stuck back in the 50’s.”

Nodding at the explanation, Talbot went back to her own duties. Yet Jake’s eyes lingered on her. Truth be told it wasn’t hard. Julianne Talbot was easy on the eyes. Tall and slender, the 24yr old could’ve been easily mistaken for an actress.

As if sensing his gaze, Talbot shifted slightly in her seat.

“Don’t you have some Protein Kinase data to crunch?” she asked.

He did… he did at that. With a sigh, Dr. Fielding went back to work.

Unbeknownst to them a pair of eyes took in the whole exchange… jealous eyes that narrowed in bitterness.

Later that day Dr. Fielding checked on several of his test mice. As usual everything was spotless and in order. ‘Damn that Cantrell is an organizing machine’ All seemed healthy, content, and given that it was the usual time for handling; quite active. Sensing his movement a few gathered by the glass… no doubt expecting a treat. Their patience being short, however, they quickly returned to whatever they were doing. Much the same was going on in the control cages. The only difference being a smaller gathering at the glass and far fewer making furtive dashes to the food bowls.

Then there was the noticeable size difference…

Even given the random ways the cages were scattered each night, test mice were easy to spot. Rounder and heavier than their control counterparts, they gave the illusion of being over-fed and lazy. Well, only half of that was false. They did indeed eat more than the control mice thanks to the synthetic beta opioid agonist coursing through their system. That amazing hormone, discovered by Jake himself, was proving to be a significant step in the future of healthy long-term space flight.

A grin spread across Jake’s face as the latest test data came to mind. Twenty nine of thirty beta agonist test rats had suffered virtually zero muscle tone loss despite being sedated for six months. Cell damage to their hearts was less than .006% ‘If this data can be extrapolated to a human...’ Dr. Fielding’s mind spun at the implications. Equations flooded his brain; calculations that normally required a computer.

“A single sedation could last the entire trip to Mars!”

‘That is, if enough fat is stored ahead of time for the journey.’

Smiling even broader, Jake gave his little buddies an extra treat even though they had no courses to run. No doubt Cantrell will notice the disparity in the feed level and raise a stink. ‘They’ve earned it.’ he justified. After all, being team leader should have some privileges. Turning he dimmed the lights to the interim 76% level and left.

It was time to contact Marshall Peterson for the next stage.

Dr. Fielding couldn’t believe his ears. Before he could even respond, pounding blood thundered in his ears.

“One astronaut? ONE?!

Peterson had been expecting this. After the sequester more than a few already cash-strapped programs had fell under the axe.

“Now Dr. Fielding we all know how important your research is. But the fact of the matter is, this is still research. We just don’t have the manpower to sacrifice any more frontline candidates for non-essential duties.”

It was the standard bullshit-filled response Jake should have anticipated. That didn’t ease his temper any.

Peterson put an arm on his shoulder.

“Son, you’re just going to have to make do with astronaut Roberts for now. Don’t take it too hard. Your research has all the heads talking. Do well with this gal and you’ll get the resources you need. I guarantee it!”

Jake’s heart skipped a beat at the mention of Roberts. Could it really be the one he was thinking of? The scientist in him doubted it. Tanya Roberts was a top line NASA asset. No way could he be that lucky. No doubt it would be Patterson Roberts (Yes, two last names… never a good sign) Jake’s quick mind processed all this; going from surprise, to elation, to calculated disappointment all in a fraction of a second. Heck he’d already began plotting the male astronaut’s programme before Peterson had finished his quip finally mentioning the key word “Gal”.

Julienne looked up pensively from her preparations set-up as Dr. Fielding came in. She’d gotten a “heads up” from Suzy in appropriations that only one astronaut would be participating on the study. Hearing this she and Louise Cantrell quickly prepared the lab for some justified frustration. Both remembered the broken glass the last time department heads had screwed up their plans so had a WIDE path for their boss to storm through.

To their mutual surprise Dr. Fielding came in happy as a clam. Hell, he practically strolled to his desk. Julianne shot Louise a questioning glance; receiving a confused shrug in response. ‘OK something’s going on’ Ever the patient one, she stuck her pen in her mouth and went back to work. Nothing stayed a secret for long in this place.

‘Let’s see where was I?’

Julianne took the pen back out of her mouth and chastised herself for ever letting it find its way there in the first place. A bad habit for a lab tech for sure.

‘Oh yeah, the new preparations’

Putting on a pair of gloves she started carefully measuring out the updated formulae. It was painstaking work which befitted her nature. So it was, everything went on without a hitch until the last batch.

“Um… Louise? Weren’t there forty-eight vials of the B-agonist?”

The other woman’s eyes scrunched up from behind the safety glass.

“No. I’m pretty sure there were only forty-six vials.”


“You sure? I could’ve swore there were forty-eight yesterday?”

Louise slowly stood upright, giving her hefty frame an exaggerated stretch.

“Hold on, let me check the logs.”

Muted clicking could be heard from Louise’s computer.

“The log says Forty-six.”

“OK. Thanks!”

‘Great, now I’m going to be short’

03 March 2016

Tanya Roberts had arrived like clockwork. She now stood “At ease” in just a sports bra and spandex shorts. Jake stood in front of her; clipboard in hand. The deadpan look he sported belied the pure lust he felt… not to mention the dread he also felt, should Jake Jr. decide to stand at attention.

Roberts’ stats were impressive. At 5’11” she still had him edged out a full inch despite the platform cheaters he’d slipped into his shoes that morning. 70.67 kilos (159 lbs.) would’ve been a hefty amount on the average female frame, but Robert’s physique was cut, toned… and frankly a little intimidating. Jake felt a few twitches down below. ‘Cripes, not now!’ Desperately he tried to envision the molecular shape of the polymerase binding used for deploying the synthetic beta opioid agonist hormone. Thankfully it worked.

For a while anyway…

No amount of technical mumbo jumbo could shield the scientist from the sight of Julianne giving Roberts her hormonal cocktail. Talbot’s slender feminity proved the perfect counterbalance to the astronaut’s raw sexuality. It was just too much visual stimulation and imagination at work in Jake’s rattled brain. At least he was at his desk.

“OK Roberts, I want you to meticulously document your food intake and exercise regimen.”

He quickly scanned the multitude of pages he’d been given chronicling several months of just such data the astronaut had already gathered. Holding up the sheets for emphasis, he continued.

“I see you’re diligent in such documentation… and no doubt you have a strong sense of routine and determination. I must stress, however that you let go your strict dietary control for phase one of our test. Feel free to follow your body’s demands or urges if you will. We need to see what effects the hormone has on appetite as well as nutritional requirements. Physical and metabolically induced changes are critical to the study. Just document everything you eat, no matter how small. If there are any unusual cravings or feelings towards food or even loss of appetite record that also.”

He paused a second to guage the astronaut’s reaction.

“Do you understand?”

Roberts nodded curtly.

“Yes sir!”

Jake smiled at the formality.

“Please call me Jake. Or if you must; Dr. Fielding.”

“Yes Dr. Fielding I understand.”

“Good. Now If everything proceeds smoothly we will shift to phase two in eight weeks time, wherein you shall return to your…”

He paused to gesture once more to the sheaf of papers in his hand.

“… rather rigid dietary habits.”

Julianne Talbot stared at the Doritos bag while on break. For some reason her favorite High School snack had been on her mind today. Such a craving was rare for the slender assistant… practically unheard of really. During morning coffee break, however, she’d spotted a couple of men from propulsion chatting it up over a bag. It’d been on her mind ever since. It being morning break at the time Julianne easily talked herself out of the temptation. Lunch proved much harder. By the time she’d finished her half tuna fish sandwich and single serv mandarin orange pack she could practically taste the delectable chips. Still the assistant held firm. Then shortly before afternoon break Julianne had to rerun an entire batch of injection suspensions when thoughts of the smell of Doritos had caused her to foul up the mix.

Now here she stood drooling over a type of junk food denied her almost five years now. ‘You don’t need this Jules’ her practical side urged. Images of the taunting received during her teen years came to mind; cruel heartbreaking images that should have dissuaded any thoughts of indulgence.


The instant the bag came free from its little clip there was no going back.

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Re: It's a Hormonal Thing...

I see a lot of potential in this story. I would love to see more!
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Re: It's a Hormonal Thing...


I had to rewrite the previous post to add mention of a character.

I started adding the person in later on, then realized how odd it was they weren't even mentioned until nearly two months into the story...

There are changes already occurring in part 2 soon to be posted!


PS You might want to re-read Part 1...
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Re: It's a Hormonal Thing...

24 March 2013

Tanya Roberts had just finished forty five minutes of cardio and was feeling a bit peckish. Thoughts of what remained in the fridge danced in her mind as she toweled off. It was a feeling that had grown more common over the last few weeks. Slowly she padded through her apartment, mouth watering for some leftover KFC.

What a strange turn around for someone so used to treating food as merely fuel.

Grabbing the bucket as well as a handy FruitWater, she plopped into a chair and turned on the TV. With luck she could watch the entire UFC card without interruption.

“Ummmm….” she moaned as the tender chicken gave way.

‘Damn that’s good!’ ‘Nothing like cold fried chicken.’ Tanya hated to admit it… hell even convinced herself for a while at NASA that she didn’t miss it, but nothing satisfied a craving better. ‘Except maybe chocolate…’

Finding the FruitWater didn’t cut it, Tanya leapt from the chair to nab a beer between rounds. Hey, being off active flight duty had its advantages. ‘No doubt Rodríguez and Osterman are having their pee checked tomorrow!’


Tanya timed her return perfectly. Junior Dos Santos had practically jumped out of his corner to go after Frank Mir. ‘That guy is so gonna be toast’ She turned out to be right (Usually was) and watched the match come to a quick and stunning end.

‘That beer tasted so good I think I’ll have another’

She might even call Osterman to rub it in…


Julianne and a friend found themselves surrounded by the strangely relaxing white noise only a quality nightclub could generate. Clad in a sexy tight (Tighter than she remembered) little cocktail dress, the slender blonde took another sip of her drink. Its tangy sweet flavor complimented the salty snack she’d been stealthily, yet steadily devouring.

“Another Mohito?”

Julianne looked to the bartender who’d spoken. ‘He’s kinda hot’ She wondered where his accent came from and if it was genuine or not.

“Sure. Why not?”

Mr. Hottie then produced a ready-made Mohito he’d been hiding.

“I was hoping you’d say that. Here you go, compliments of the gentleman in the fancy suit.”

Looking to where the bartender had nodded, she received a smile and a raised glass from the man in question. Fancy was right. Even from here Julianne could see the cut and quality of his clothing. ‘Serious cash for sure’

Accepting the drink, she returned the toast and the smile.

“Score another one for Jules.” Came the response from her friend.

It was true, Julianne hadn’t had to buy a drink all evening.

“Hey, you’re not doing too bad yourself.”

“Yeah yeah, keep telling yourself that. Now wave that man over here so I can go somewhere else out from under your sexy shadow.”

Taking another sip of her Mohito, Julianne tried not to accept her friend’s comment; at least the “shadow” part of it, anyway. She had every intention of signaling him over. Maci needed a pick-me-up first.

“That tall one over there has been eyeing you all evening. Why don’t you sit over that way and flash him some leg?”

Maci snorted.

“Nice try. But when you went to the ladies’ room his eyes didn’t come over here once. And when you came back he tracked you every step.”

Julianne’s alcohol induced mind tried to determine if that was cute or creepy. As she did this, her eyes drank in the visage of her friend. Maci was a couple years older, a few pounds heavier, and had a slightly longish nose. Those things aside, the woman did have her charms.

“Well, why don’t you hoist those babies up a bit and undo another button or two. If that doesn’t get his blood nothing will!”

By this point in the evening her friend was ready for anything. Downing her drink in one gulp, she did as instructed. She then stood, swayed, and made her way over. Maci may have been a bit too exuberant in her adjustmenst, but had the attention of more than a few sets of male eyes.

‘Go get em Tiger’

Mr. suit knew the signs and was already making his way over.

04 April 2013

Jake Fielding beheld the impressive form before him. Clad as before in skin-tight spandex, Tanya Roberts still exuded raw feminine power. ‘I wonder just how much this woman can lift’ he wondered, trying to keep his thoughts platonic. In a way it also made him feel guilty at slacking off himself. Though still trim, Dr. Fielding had none of the tone he used to possess.

Shifting attention to the latest stats in hand, the good doctor’s eyes widened; 75.56 kilos (170 lbs.) ‘Eleven pounds in one month. Astonishing!’ This despite a workout routine that would shame most Olympic Athletes. Looking over the astronaut’s food intake it was obvious why. Over the course of thirty-one days, Roberts’ caloric intake had more than doubled. Even more amazing was the times recorded for food intake. What had started out as hours between eating had gradually eroded to minutes.

It showed.

A thin layer of fat could be found all over, softening what had once been cut definition. In certain areas, more than just a thin layer had gathered. Jake found his eyes drawn to the smooth soft sheen of the astronaut’s tummy… still glistening from her vigorous run on the treadmill. There fat had deepened her belly button while causing a slight poof over the spandex.

“Any changes in mobility?”

“None Dr. Fielding.”

Jake made a note.

“Any loss of flexibility?”

“No sir.”

“Hmmmm… Touch your toes please.”

Roberts bent at the waist, touching her toes. Even more impressive, she held the position effortlessly. Jake felt his eyes become riveted to the folds of flesh at her waist, marveling at its form.

“That’ll…. Uh... Uh… Ahem! That’ll do.”

He pretended to jot something down with keen interest.

Roberts once more assumed her “At ease” stance. No doubt she could stand there motionless for hours.

“Well, everything checks out.” He flipped to the second page. “And your oxygen levels on the treadmill were outstanding.”

After the door closed behind the astronaut, Talbot came over to switch clipboards.

“Enjoy yourself did you?”

‘Aw shit!’

“What are you talking about?”

Talbot let a rare smirk grace her features.

“Flexibility? You should’ve seen the look on your face.”

Jake felt his cheeks redden; all the while praying his assistant wouldn’t make a big deal out of this. Thankfully she didn’t, but he could detect a bit of a spring to her step as she went back to her station.

Dr. Fielding sat at his desk mapping future progressions. Or should I say was trying to map them. Images of the astronaut kept haunting him. Never had Jake been so taken. One minute he’d have proper figures in his mind, the next hers.


Then there was that. Looking up from his useless work, the good Dr. shot a glare to his assistant.


‘Really? At your station?’

There not twelve feet from him Talbot would absently dip into what looked like a bag of chips with her free hand. Her other held a pen she’d tap against the stack of trays between quick jots of data. It was a sight to see; flawless and effortless as if she’d been doing it for years. ‘I didn’t even think she ate anything like that’ Feeling like a lech, but unable to help himself, Jake let his eyes trail down the snugly fitting lab coat to those amazing legs. ‘Damn I wish she’d take that coat off’ Julianne’s trim little ass was a sight to behold.


Dr. Fielding shook his head and tried to get back to work.

19 April 2013

Sounds of Tanya Roberts’ insistent finger drumming filled the tiny kitchen. There at the counter, the astronaut stood, her eyes fixated on the fridge before her. ‘It’s only 7:30am how can I be hungry already?’ As if to mock her, the breakfast dishes still sat accusingly in the sink. ‘Maybe I could have a protein shake?’ Abruptly the drumming stopped, her fingers finding their way to her mouth instead. ‘I could have one now and skip my afternoon shake… nobody would have to know’ Tanya began to chew what had been a perfectly manicured nail. (A grade school habit overcome long ago)

Suddenly her eyes shot wide at what she’d been plotting. Yanking her hand from her mouth, the statuesque blond stood straight.

“What are you thinking girl?”

Tanya Roberts had never compromised data before. She sure as hell wasn’t about to start now. Her eyes began to drift back to the fridge. ‘Time to get my ass out of here’ At that, she stormed out of the kitchen with a determination which, for the moment, eclipsed the empty feeling in her stomach.

Time dragged as the astronaut waited for the scheduled mid-day briefing. Yes, Tanya had to go. Just because she had been pulled out of flight rotation didn’t mean she was free from occasional mandatory obligations. A quick glance at the clock showed it to only be 7:58am. ‘Two more hours?’


Clenching her fists, Tanya stopped her pacing and headed back to the bedroom. She hadn’t felt this on edge since quitting smoking in High School. It had been this way ever since Dr. Fielding switched to “Phase Two” a full two weeks early. No longer could she snack whenever the feeling struck, which admittedly had been a lot lately. ‘Buck it up soldier. You can do this!’

At her closet Tanya beheld an array of service oriented clothing. Knowing the brass would be there she carefully selected the appropriate uniform and removed a dry cleaning bag protecting it.

The sturdy fabric proved particularly hard to button.

“Damn this thing is tight!”

Looking down she saw just how much the fabric clung to her tummy and bust. There was even some puckering around the buttons. Tanya gave several loosening tugs but the ugly creases remained.

Next came the slacks, but here was where she received the most trouble. No way were the tailored legs going fit over her expanded thighs. Not that she didn’t try.

‘Now what am I going to do?’

Dread filled Tanya as she returned once more to the closet. Then with grim determination reached up to remove another hanger. Out came a perfectly pressed regulation skirt. ‘Please let it fit’ Sure enough it did, but only after Tanya hiked it up an inch or so. The feel of soft flesh oozing out over the too tight band made the normally stoic Roberts fiddle nervously. ‘Good thing I shaved’ Squirming back out of the skirt, she retrieved some nylons, and with some difficulty wormed her way into them.

It wasn’t long after that Tanya stood before the mirror in full regulation. Absent, however, was her usual sense of pride. For one she looked totally out of shape. Even though she knew better, and could still complete her 5 kilometer run on time… the image mocking her screamed otherwise. Sadly Tanya beheld how fully her arms packed the too small sleeves drawing attention to the ever increasing layer of fat covering them. Things weren’t any better down below where obvious muffin-tops bulged out of her ill-fitting uniform. ‘Crap Even my calves look thicker’Tanya had never wished for an assignment to be over so quickly as she did now.

A few minutes later, found the astronaut packing up the materials for her status report.
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Re: It's a Hormonal Thing...

Nice information shared about hormones expansion. Love to read it. Wants to know more.
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Re: It's a Hormonal Thing...

Very intriguing premise. I hope it will be continued eventually
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