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A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

1) How did you get started with transformations? Was it something you were interested in when you were a kid or did the interest develop later on?

Yes, I did enjoy the cartoon transformations when I was a kid. My mind never connected sex and transformation together until I started doing fetish video work. In my early transformation work, I focused on mental TF, loss of intelligence work mainly, but was quickly bored of it. You can only go smart to bimbo, regress from professional to baby so many times!

I invested in a professional editing program and started learning how to do simple things: smoke, color changes, and then slowly learned more complicated things like: fang growth, eye sparkle/color change, and morphing. I started to get a lot of interest with emails for more of this work, and MORE process, and I found the Process board by my stats page, someone liked one of my videos and was gave a link to it; I started to learn A LOT more about process then from the message board.

2) Were you an actress before you started doing these videos or has that been something you just started exploring by making these videos?

No, but thank you for assuming I might have studied acting. I really do lose myself completely when filming. I will edit a video and be surprised or embarrassed at some of the things I do or say while being "whatever character" that I'm playing. It's always a lovely compliment to hear about my acting ability, it makes me feel like something other than just a fetish porn girl. I really enjoy changing who I am in front of the camera, it's fun to be someone else for awhile.

Acting truly is an art, and I know I can improve still. It is difficult to improvise things to say, but also worry about the angle of my body in relation to editing, the lighting quality, my own feminine insecurities with my weight and nudity, worry if my dogs will be quiet outside of the door, and keeping in mind the script writer's wishes; all of this can make acting super challenging. I think that I am a good actress for a 'porn girl,' granted we porn girls have a lot of on our plates, professional actresses ave the luxury of a director, lighting person, etc.

3) How did you come up with the idea of producing these videos? Was it just a case of noticing a gap in the market or what?

I was dancing in Vegas, making good money, but hating it desperately. I dislike the "want to dance?" routine, also not all men are polite in strip clubs, most are lovely men, but some are abusive (verbally, sexually, AND sometimes physically), and I have a hot temper. We don't mix! I left Las Vegas to go back to my home, Wisconsin.

I started selling my panties online to make money while I figure out a Plan B job and finish my college, then my panty buying men started to pay me for pin-up style topless picture sets, then I started doing nude dance clips on video, next a solo masturbation scene, and finally REAL sex! My video business came out of desperation, it was go back to dancing or take the paid commissioned work; I was going a lot of things that I was uncomfortable with for money. I recently had to re-evaluate my business, what I am most happy with what I am doing now for work. It is SO HARD to turn down paid work because it's something that I am not comfortable with, but that is what I've been doing, and I am much happier now.

I focus on what I enjoy the most, the world of fantasy (TF, GTS, etc.), and also I'm doing a lot more erotica stories, pov sex, etc. It's more challenging to seduce the viewer as opposed to straight fucking on video, and that challenge excites me. I am busier now that I am doing work that I am happy with, I think my customers, even my oldest customers who bought my sex vids, see the difference in my video quality now that I'm enjoying myself much more.

4) An obvious question in this group is: are we actually talking to you when you come on the forums or are we talking through some sort of go-between: an agent, a producer, something like that?

YES! I would never allow my husband to type to you in my name, or anyone else. Sometimes I think he should re-read my posts when I lose my shit on the message boards, but no, every word is mine to own up to: the good and bad. :-P

I just work with my husband. Most fetish producers from clips4sale are just one or two people operations. I see men talking on message boards assuming we are a group or a large business, but most of my colleagues that I am friendly with work alone, or just with their significant other.

5) What transformation is the most fun for you to film? Most technically challenging? Most challenging for you as a performer?

I prefer the spooky/sexy She Wolf transformations, Panther, Fox, Cat (coming soon). I love Giantess and Shrinking Woman work, if you'd consider that transformation?

All my transformation work that involves morphing is a challenge. It will take hours and hours to do one 5 second morph. Morphing is like creating a picture flip book, each video frame has to be painted and matched to create motion.

As a performer, I struggle with farm animal transformations. I do them often, and I put ALL of my love and efforts into them, but afterwards they make me blush so much! I have talked about this on your message board before. I am always asking myself if I am okay with being on all fours and grunting like a pig, moo-ing like a cow, bawking like a chicken in heat! I am happy to sell my submissive animal transformations, especially considering the time and love I put into them, but I always think.. "Oh my god, this guy is probably watching my pussy, up close, lay an egg," or "I ran into a wall in that video and knocked myself to the floor, oh shit.." :-P I am a conservative woman in public, I enjoy low key things, a small group of friends over a large party, I do not dress provocative, and it has never been easy just going nude while dancing, let alone spreading my legs wide open in video work. It makes me laugh to think of the jobs that I have fell into considering I would never even wear a two piece bikini when I was in High School.

6) While filming it, does it 'do' anything for you to be filming a transformation? Or is there too much work to enjoy it in that way That is, if your interest in transformations is sexual (I imagine it is, but I don't wish to assume!).

Yes! There have been times when my husband/camera guy is rubbing baby oil over me, then spraying me down with hot water in a bottle to create a "sweat effect," and we have to stop and take a "break." In my Panther video, a 6 hour shoot on a hot July day, we took "two" of these sort of breaks. Imagine your woman is on all fours, back arched, moaning, and the next scene calls for her to sweat more, so you must rub baby oil all over her back, ass, and thighs, then spray hot water over the baby oil.. it's fucking hot. I will oftentimes toy with my camera man/husband while filming, tease him, I have made him cum in his pants a couple of times (from not even touching me), and it makes me feel sexy and hot.

There are those times that technical difficulty will kill any sort of mood, more often unfortunately. I have to concentrate on acting to give the viewer the sensuality in the video. Overall, the creative shooting process is what I love best. It can be sexy, but it can also be like "can you up-light my ass more please, I don't want any cellulite dimples to show."

7) About how long (on average) does it take you to film a clip? From idea to finished product.

Most of my scripts are VERY short, three-five sentences. This is fine because it gives me more wiggle room to show off what I can do with effects, and collaborate with my customers on their stories. I will generally sit with a glass of wine, think and write for these scripts, this can take 3 hours.

If it is a "talkie" or mental transformation with no effects, it will take at least 5 hours: lighting preparation, shooting, re-shoots, a little edit, and upload times. If it is like my usual special effect videos, it is a grueling process: morning, afternoon, and night work. When I was still learning my program, I would need 7 days of this type of work, now I am averaging out 3 days. I try to do something new with each clip, even if it is a small change, this takes a lot of trial and error time.

8) How many people do you work with? How did you find someone to do these kinds of videos with you? I don't imagine it was quite as easy as saying, "Hi, I'm Missa, I want to do a video where I become a shrinking woman! Wanna help?"

Just one, my husband.

It's harder to find video girls to work with me. I have tried to hire three so far, and all three were failures. One was an expensive failure, she came to me drunk, high, or both, and couldn't even spit back a single sentence into the camera. This young woman was a stunning beauty, the Process guys would have shit their pants, I kept trying for hours with her, desperately hoping I could get some kind of usable footage. Terrible. I hope to someday work with an actress, preferably one that is not "in the scene," someone fresh and open minded enough to do fetish work.

9) How did you find out about the Process?

Hits from my clips4sale store page, someone had mentioned that they liked my work, and I signed up to see what the Process Board was all about.

10) What's your opinion on 'real-life transformations'? IE: breast implants and the like? Is that something you would ever do? Or is this entirely the realm of fantasy for you?

If a person feels uncomfortable about their body for whatever reason, and there is a well tested way to change that with technology, I say go for it! I think it's despicable for our society to shame people who have underwent cosmetic surgeries. I don't know why America, probably the country with the most cosmetic surgeries, is always shaming this or that celebrity who has had breast implants, nose job, a face lift, etc. I was dancing for a man when I was at Rhino, and he pulled me in close, and said "your tits are fucking great, I only love real tits, don't ever get a tit job, those are great!" I thanked him with a smile. I kept my body weight so low back then, at 100 lbs, my breasts (augmented) looked much smaller than they are now. Women all have our little secrets, whether we wear rouge, have breast implants, or wear compression spanx girdles under our dresses-- it's all the same to me.

11) Last and most important question! Natural redhead or no?

Yes, my color is mostly natural.. I confess to wearing blonde clip ins sometimes for highlights, and a RED dye shampoo to give me more color.
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Re: A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

Very cool interview. I love Missa's work.
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Re: A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

Very nice read
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Re: A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

Glad you guys like it. I am likely going to do a follow-up interview sometime in the next couple of weeks, if she'll allow it.

If there's any questions YOU guys have for her, now's the time!
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Unread 01-14-2014   #5
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Re: A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

That was pretty neat. A nice insight into the mind of Missa.
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Re: A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

Missa has the best clips! I have so much respect for her work, and really look up to her as a fellow content producer. I am so impressed with her After Effects skills, she really puts 110% into every video she does. I've been using AE for a few months now and have come a long way, but I still feel that my clips can't hold a candle to what she does.

Excellent Q&A!
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Unread 05-23-2015   #7
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Re: A Q&A With the Lovely Missa

Thanks Drop her a line, maybe she can give you some tips. She's a very friendly young lady.
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