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Unread 08-08-2020   #1
Erotic Author
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Question Growth Poll

I'm curious, I know what I like in my Growth, but what do you all prefer? I don't see any of these as wrong answers, but as an author of smut I want to see what others are looking for in their process stories. If my poll doesn't have your special brand of kink, feel free to reply with what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for Source Of Transformation. What I mean is, I'm not looking for whether you like attribute theft, magical potion, scientific/realistic, etc in what causes the growth, just trying for the pure process here. Also not looking for much of the ancillary effects of GTS, though I don’t much care for crushing or vore.

I originally wanted to see how the poll function worked on the forum, but I think it will work better if people reply with a 1-10 next to the categories listed below, 10 being you can't get off without it, 1 being you commit hate crimes to the author.

SG: 7
PG: 5
Re: 5
OL: 5
AS: 8
SS: 4
T: 7
BC: 10
SCS: 9
SCM: 9
SCL: 3

Here are the descriptions

Straight Growth (SG)
This is kind of the catch-all, you don't care how your girl gets bigger, so long as she's putting on the size.

Proportional Growth (PG)
While the female in question is growing in size, her proportions remain static throughout the process. This is the most common GTS style of growth.

Realistic Growth (Re)
Instead of staying proportional in her growth, the girl experiences spurts or changes more in line with someone naturally growing taller (such as longer legs, more gangly appearance), followed by those same changes becoming more exaggerated as the growth continues.

Other/Localized Growth (OL)
Not all Growth is the same, and sometimes it is asymmetrical, or localized in one body part or another. Or the final Growth is normal, but the process is uneven as one part grows first then another.

According To Science (AS)
The Growth process, while fictional, follows the demands of science: human bones can only support up to 60 ft, oxygen conversions, conservation of energy, mass and heat displacement, Square-Cube Law.

Science Schmience (SS)
Getting a girl as big as possible is the only important factor, don’t care about the minutia of growing her.

Temporary Growth (T)
It comes and it goes. Maybe there’s something in the water, but our girl’s gonna need another sip if she wants to stay in charge.

Burst Through Clothing (BC)
It isn’t so much that she’s growing taller than a jungle gym, what is she wearing while she’s doing it? Or was wearing.

Size Category Small (SCS)
Tall enough to turn heads, even tall enough to be outside the bounds of natural, but short enough to only be seen as very tall. 15 feet and under.

Size Category Medium (SCM)
Attack of every giantess worth her salt, this girl is taller than buildings and the terror of every B Film city in sight. 60 ft and under.

Size Category Large (SCL)
Skyscrapers are now her marital aids and in the more extreme versions, a literal eater of worlds. No size limit.


While I like me some GTS, I always see giantess growth as just part of other transformations, a lot like BE.
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Unread 08-08-2020   #2
Process Master
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Re: Growth Poll

This is a tough one for me to answer. As I do like giantess and shrinking women. Also, this is a complex/complicated question for me to answer. I am in agreement about the crushing and vore. They are a complete turn off.

Straight Growth: 8
Any reason or way to get a giantess works for me. So long as it is not outlandish.

Proportional Growth: 9
I don't like to see a beautiful woman's proportions ruined.

Realistic Growth: 2
Exaggerated features are unbecoming.

Other/Localized Growth: 3
Symmetrical growth is more appealing.

According To Science: 7
I do like how science can be used to explain how it is possible.

Science Schmience: 7
This is just as fun as knowing how.

Temporary Growth: 7
I don't mind permanent size change sometimes. But temporary is usually better for me.

Burst Through Clothing: 5
I can take it or leave it. I tend to err on the side of non clothing destruction. Depending on how the growth is done.

Size Category Small: 6
This is a nice place to start. Big enough for fun, small enough not to be troublesome.

Size Category Medium: 9
This is with in my preferred giantess range.

Size Category Large: 3
Most of the time this size is to destructive to be fun.

I went off of instinct on this one. No one category by itself is good enough. But how it all interplay with each other. Some breast expansion is fine. Most of the time I see it go way to extreme for me.

Hope this helps.
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Unread 08-08-2020   #3
Professor of Jotunn
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Re: Growth Poll

SG: 10
PG: 8
Re: 8
OL: 6
AS: 5
SS: 5
T: 5
BC: 8
SCS: 9
SCM: 9
SCL: 5
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Unread 08-09-2020   #4
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Re: Growth Poll

SG: 7
PG: 10
Re: 4
OL: 4
AS: 1
SS: 8
T: 7
BC: 10
SCS: 9
SCM: 9
SCL: 9
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Unread 08-10-2020   #5
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Re: Growth Poll

SG: 7
PG: 8
Re: 5
OL: 8 (BE, FMG or some WG)
AS: 4
SS: 10
T: 8
BC: 10
SCS: 7
SCM: 9
SCL: 4
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Unread 08-15-2020   #6
Erotic Author
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Re: Growth Poll

This is so cool! Everyone loves some size change here, but the nuance is where I’m losing it. In most areas, I’ll see similar numbers, then someone goes in the opposite direction. Rinse and repeat, there is something for everyone in the kink and turnoff categories. SO cool!

I saw the 1993 Attack Of The 50 ft Woman at a formative age and so when other girls were imagining getting married or pursuing a career, I was smashing buildings. And I always thought it weird that any time a woman grows, the first thing she does is go on a rampage. Being 100 ft tall doesn’t suddenly make you immune to heavy ordnance or make you a bad person. Why can’t more giantesses enjoy the experience and then look for ways to adapt to your new life?

I guess I like the idea of growing but never liked the other cliches that went along with it, probably because I keep asking myself how I would realistically react if presented with the same situation.

Anyway, keep up the polling, this is great data for me! Loves and hugs!!
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Unread 08-17-2020   #7
Happy owl
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Re: Growth Poll

Straight Growth (SG) 7
I usually like some reason for a woman to be growing, but some of the best stories just involve growth out of the blue!

Proportional Growth (PG) 10
Definitely preferred. I never liked uneven growth.

Realistic Growth (Re) 1
As stated above, I prefer everything to grow all together at once.

Other/Localized Growth (OL) 6
Sometimes I like a little breast/ass expansion, maybe a little beautification or weight gain in the right areas.

According To Science (AS) 1
She might be growing due to science, but giantesses are meant to break those laws! It’s a fantasy for the reason.

Science Schmience (SS) 8
If there is a reason she’s growing, sometimes a brief explanation about why and how. But usually I prefer it just get straight to the growth.

Temporary Growth (T) 9
I like it when a giantess shrinks back down to her regular, or around there, height. It can lead to some fun hijinks. And it sets her up again to grow later!

Burst Through Clothing (BC) 10+
Very important. If she isn’t too big for literally anything, I like every growth sequence to start with clothes being ripped out of.

Size Category Small (SCS) 10
My preferred default size for a giantess. Most of the drawn commissions I get are of women who have grown to this height. For written stories, I usually like the woman’s first growth spurt to make her this big.

Size Category Medium (SCM) 8
Also good. In written stories I like women to grow this size during their second growth spurt.

Size Category Large (SCL) 5
I like it, but in very limited quantities. I think there’s something thrilling about a giantess’ growth pushing her body to the limit and taking her into the 1,000’+ range. I’ve commissioned only a few stories where the giantess gets this big. I think if used to much it loses its special appeal.

Also I agree with you about the clichés that follow growth. I find that in most GTS/growth material out there the woman either goes on a rampage or becomes insatiably horny. Now I don’t mind a good rampage now and again, but they usually come out of nowhere. As for the horniness, I prefer arousal to be a side-effect during the actual growth and stop once she’s fully grown. I’m just not a big fan of giantesses having sex, which seems to dominate most GTS comics these days.

The most fun reaction is like you said, a natural one! I prefer when a newly grown giantess is like “What the HELL?!” and tries to cope with what’s just happened to her. Some of my favorite written commissions involve a 15’ or under giantess trying to go about her day despite her new says. It’s charming and cute.

Thanks for the poll! It was fun!
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Unread 08-23-2020   #8
Frequent Poster
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Re: Growth Poll

Straight Growth (SG), 3, like with most of my process-related interests, context has importance to me.

Proportional Growth (PG), 5, I'm neutral with this. I would generally say I enjoy it.

Realistic Growth (Re), 7, I definitely enjoy this.

Other/Localized Growth (OL), 7, based upon the descriptions, I don't know if I completely understand the difference between this and Realistic Growth...unless this means an asymmetrical growth that just wouldn't actually happen accordingly to natural growth, i.e., her ass first becomes huge, then the rest of her grows. In that regard, I'd give it a 10.

According To Science (AS), 5, cool it it follows this, but definitely not needed.

Science Schmience (SS), 10, the more unrealistic the better.

Temporary Growth (T), 7, much like my interest in shrinking, I like this to be temporary, much so more than my preference towards other processes being permanent...this is probably because I don't really have a macro fetish (see next answer)

Burst Through Clothing (BC), 10, this is a requirement as I'm not really into giantess. I'm interested in the process of becoming a giantess or she-hulk leading to an EUF/ENF situation. The thing I loved about Village of the Giants was Charla Doherty popping her top and Joy Harmon gasping as she watched her cardigan pop open and the sounds of her clothes ripping off. My fascination with the remake of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman was watching Daryl Hannah forced to bare her brassiere for us all. It's why I found Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold so disappointing; we didn't get to actually see any of that.

Size Category Small (SCS), 10, probably my optimal

Size Category Medium (SCM), 8, can be fun and can lead to amusing kaiju type of stories

Size Category Large (SCL), 2, eh...not really interested in this level of size.

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Unread 08-23-2020   #9
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Re: Growth Poll

Straight Growth (SG): 5
I don't mind some mindless growth, but my head always try to rationalize things.

Proportional Growth (PG): 7
In general, I like proportional growth, I'm not too into multistep/uneven growth, but I don't mind them.

Realistic Growth (Re): 7
I'm fine with this. Slow, spurty growth is just as welcome

Other/Localized Growth (OL): 10
I like my growth with BE best. Like peanut butter and jelly, two great tastes that taste great together.

According To Science (AS): 10
See my #1 regarding trying to rationalize things. Authors that put a lot of emphasis and detail in deconstructing the growth process are simply wonderful.

Science Schmience (SS): 5
At the very least, I like a reason given for growth, even if just magic or superpower. A random growth out of nowhere is a rather big turn off for me.

Temporary Growth (T): 6
I prefer my giantesses to be permanent, to explore the complexities of having a relationship and/or interacting with such entity. But temporary growth as a superpower or such does have their place, just not the primary for me.

Burst Through Clothing (BC): 7
Neutral. Always welcome, but not vital for my enjoyment.

Size Category Small (SCS): 6
Go big or go home. But they have their places.

Size Category Medium (SCM): 10
My favorite size category.

Size Category Large (SCL): 10
Over the years, my tastes have grown larger and more extreme too. My maximum enjoyment point is when she can still interact with the planet earth and contained in the solar system. I can still enjoy bigger than that, even cosmic, but it's not as good.
I am still alive, after all these years...
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Unread 09-07-2020   #10
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Re: Growth Poll

Straight Growth (SG) - 8 Can always go for this. Although Breast expansion is usually thrown in, and I never object to that.

Proportional Growth (PG) - 9 Generally the preferred option, but I am planning on doing a comic/manga commission involving a rather obscure Bible Black character growing realistically at first (well the timing of the spurt is unrealistic, she's already close to adulthood), thus having her have longer limbs, etc, but as the growth gets more out of control I'm planning on having it fall back to proportional. I'll see how it plays out.

Realistic Growth (Re) - 7 See above, if I want this myself I usually want it combined in some way.

Other/Localized Growth (OL) - 3 Not really into this, even if she straightens out in the end. It just makes the whole thing way too cartoony and Alice-in-wonderland like (which I know some love)

According To Science (AS)
6 - Fun, but rarely ever used, especially when you consider there's no scientific way for anything to grow visibly fast like you see so often. Although it seems this series "Hanna is kind of a big deal" does this somewhat.

Science Schmience (SS)
- 10 Can always go for this

Temporary Growth (T) 1 - I just don't like this myself. It makes things too convenient on the character in question, more like it's just some kind of superpower she can just turn off. Much more interesting is it being permanent (like actual growth) and the more she grows the more she has to deal with her life never being the same.

Not to mention the wonderful implications. Like she realizes that she can now no longer have sex like normal people anymore (if she's not a virgin), and has to find other ways to please herself (assuming there are no other giants in play of course)

Burst Through Clothing (BC) - 10 Always always always prefer this. Growing with clothes on is SO boring and too much of a break from "reality" anyway.

Size Category Small (SCS) - 9 Fine with this..

Size Category Medium (SCM) - 10 Damn fine with this.

Size Category Large (SCL) - 8 Depends. If it's ultra giga nonsense where she's bigger than planets and eating suns/galaxies/yadda yadda I quickly lose interest because it becomes this abstract nonsense like something out of Marvel universal comics. Growth/Giantess needs a realistic frame of reference.

Now to add some categories not mentioned which I think matter in this particular fetish:

Controllable Growth (CG) - 9 Can she control it? Much more interesting if combined with others, like growth being permanent. It becomes a superpower again if she can grow and shrink at will, like Giganta.

Pleasurable Growth (PLG) - 10 Is it a pleasurable experience? Does she practically orgasm as it goes on, or does it feel extremely painful, making it more of a horror experience (without the tearing of skin/etc that transformation may imply). I prefer it to be pleasurable.

For me, while making it extremely picky, I love to see PLG combined with CG, and T being 0. That is, she has the ability to grow, but can only grow, it's not temporary, and it feels really good thus tempting her to do it more.

But I can certainly appreciate others as listed for the most part.
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Unread 09-08-2020   #11
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Re: Growth Poll

SG: 9
PG: 9
Re: 4
OL: 4
AS: 5 (Explaining some reason is fine, but getting too into boring technical details about it is detracting.)
SS: 5 (Having a cause is generally good, and can add to the anticipation. Like when you know water causes growth, it can be hot to see them jump/fall in a pool.)
T: 8
BC: 8
SCS: 9
SCM: 8
SCL: 6
CG: 8
PLG: 10
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