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Unread 01-02-2008   #13
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Oh God that was as mind-melting as Sugar, Sugar by the Archies.
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Unread 01-08-2018   #15
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Re: TF maybe? Chung-Li into Blankaesc?

Originally Posted by Pietran View Post
So I've been reading up on this blog for gaming. And one of the news post was this funny video.

Now the video is hilarious, hilarious to the point it's stupid why they even made a Street Fighter TV show. But around 6:10 into it you see Chung Li all green looking and some of her clothing is ripped. So I dunno if anyone out there has any info if there is a transformation scene or what. At least the video is funny.
In where chapter happened it???

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Unread 01-08-2018   #16
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Re: TF maybe? Chung-Li into Blankaesc?

Wow, it was posted over a decade ago. Why necro that far back? What hells will be unleashed from this level of necropostmancy?
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Unread 01-08-2018   #17
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Re: TF maybe? Chung-Li into Blankaesc?

So, this is kind of funny, but there have been two sequels to this by the same artist in the last eight years, and it's petty interesting to see the drastic jumps in quality between the three:
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Unread 01-09-2018   #18
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Re: TF maybe? Chung-Li into Blankaesc?


It’s not much to be excited about I’m afraid. I hunted down the series and fortunately for me I only had to watch three episodes before I found the clip. Coulda saved me a few hours had I bothered to hunt down the original clip on YouTube. Oy vey iz mir~

It’s Episode 3, Getting to Guile at the 14 minute mark.

This is a link to the OT’s video reuploaded. Not going to bother to embed. It’s not worth watching.

There is no process and the context is that Guile is being brainwashed to believe the Street Fighters betrayed him. To put it mildly, the show is terrible. Not in just the writing but in animation quality. The plots and characters are so disjointed that the fact that half this episode takes place in Guile’s mind as a way to explain the show’s dysfunctional attempt to sew unrelated scenes together is almost clever if not for the fact I suspect the entire show is just as disjointed and dysfunctional.

I’ve played SF before, I recognize Chun Li from her legs and moves. That’s about as much as I know of SF. In my search for this clip I saw one or two animated movies... maybe they’re good? So I will try not to judge all of street fighter on this 1995 show.

Long story short, Locofuria’s art is probably the best thing you’ll get out of this thread.

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