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New Story: The Residue of Love

My latest story is finished and ready to read. It is a slime girl story and covers several favorite topics here on the forum.

Synopses: Elizabeth is a maga (that’s female mage) on a mission to investigate a series of disappearances in a small rural area. When she discovers the reason first hand Elizabeth finds herself enslaved and turned into a creature know as a slime girl. Now Elizabeth must rely on fellow slime slave and former whore Nicole to escape the clutches of their sexual deviant of a master. How will Elizabeth escape when the prison is her body itself? Find out in my latest story The Residue of Love.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.1

The Residue of Love
Stupid? You Be The Judge

Ok maybe this was a stupid idea but that nickname they had for me back home was not fair. Nicole thought as she hiked through the under brush of the abandon northern forest. Back home Nicole had been called The Stupid Whore. It had nothing to with the fact that she worked in a brothel in that tiny little port town, all the other girls there called her that too. It had to do with the fact that she admittedly made bad choices, sometimes. Like being in the alley behind the brothel at night that one time. She’d just stepped out the door for some fresh air and before she knew it she’d been raped by four men before the guards saved her. The bruises had healed and she’d struggled through the withheld pay the manager kept from her because she’d been giving it away for free. This situation was defiantly different though.

Nicole had up to this point had a pretty shitty life. Father a pennyless farmer who died when she was two, mother turned to whoring, and the fact she had no hope of ever having much better. After all what could a pretty girl with tits like these do but spread her legs in this day and age. However two nights ago her life took a drastic change for the better.

It had been a normal night at the Queen’s Garter, two merchants and a sailor but then her next customer had been something special. The very average looking man in a hood had picked her seemingly at random and rented her for the rest of the night. Up in the room the strange man admitted to her he was a student mage on the run from his school. Nicole may have been called stupid but even she didn’t believe a mage would come into a hole like the Queen’s Garter. There were much classier places where rich folk like that went. “You want me to prove it? He boasted. I left the school to practice forbidden magic.” “What kind of magic Mr. Big powerful wizard.” She teased. The boy unlaced his britches and dropped them. “Sex Magic.”

Nicole looked down and was not impressed, in her line of work this boy was average at best, not magical, but then he began to chant. The mage’s cock twitched and remarkably began to swell, Nicole was mesmerized and by the time he was finished Nicole worried even she could not take all of the third arm the boy of no more than fifteen had grown. As Nicole felt the tip slide into her she knew for certain real magic was at work, the thing twitched and squirmed within her like an eel. “OH GGGGOOOOODDDSSSS.” She wailed as she, a professional prostitute, came almost instantly like a weak kneed farm girl.

“Do you want some too?” The mage asked. Nicole looked up at him confused. The boy placed his hands on her tits and began chanting once again. A roaring heat flashed through Nicole’s chest and as the boy lifted his hands Nicole’s breasts swelled to the size of giant summer watermelons right before her eye’s. They were so fantastic, soft yet magically firm and so damn sensitive. As he pulled out from her and began tit fucking her she orgasmed again just from the sensation of this flaming hot cock between her enormous breasts.

Several sweaty, sticky, amazing hours later Nicole lay next to him panting as he told the story of how he’d learned his amazing new powers from a strange old hermit in the woods that, for a price, could teach great knowledge. In the morning the mage boy was gone and her body was back to normal. A large sack of gold coins, GOLD, was pored out onto her night stand. Of course no one believed The Stupid Whore or her fantastic story but in the end Nicole wasn’t that stupid, she’d payed the mage’s tab in her own silver, and kept the whole bag of gold.

And so Nicole now walked along the overgrown path through the woods retracing the path the mage had described. The gold had to be enough to change the life of one poor working girl. She though. Especially if this guy lives out here in the middle of nowhere. Nicole had one very specific wish in mind. Nicole wanted to be a sexual goddess, a courtesan of such renowned that Kings would fight bare fisted for an hour of her time. She wanted to create a life for herself with her skills where she would never want for anything or answer to anyone. She wanted the power that mage boy had and the skill to reduce even a titan like him to a begging fool for her.

“A sexual goddess? My what an ambitious young lady.” A voice rang out from the wood making Nicole jump. “Who’s there?” She yelled only now realizing she was a young woman with a sack of gold alone in the woods, Gods I am a stupid whore. She thought. “I’m the one you seek girl, The Master of this wood and I can indeed give you what you seek, for a price.” “HHHHow do you know what I want?” She steamered. “I’m a Wizard dear. It’s what we do.” The man that stepped out of the trees was tall and muscular but it was the aura around him that was the truly breathtaking thing about him. He had a sort of ageless look to him, one minute Nicole would have guested his age at late twenties, another minute a very youthful forty. “It will not do though, to stand around the wood trying to strike a bargain like pig farmers. Making a sexual goddess takes ‘firm’ decision making, come to my home and we will discuses this.” He said.

Nicole fallowed through the trees behind the wizard. “You live out here alone?” She asked. “Well up until recently I had an assistant but she’s gone now and perhaps that’s something you can help me with that hum?” He parted another large bush and Nicole got her first look at the humble house of the wizard situated in front of a large but unfortunately stagnate pond. The house was small with a thatched roof and one large shuttered and glass pained window facing the pond. “Yes it is a pity.” He said noticing her stare as they walked by the pond. “I have no hand for nature or water magic and I’m afraid the view from my house is a bit spoiled without a yards man.” The surface of the water was brown and over grown with plants, no sign of clean water could be seen beneath. Nicole shrugged apologetically she knew nothing of yard work ether.

Once inside Nicole realized magic was at work yet again. The house was very open and surprisingly modern from within for a simple cottage in the woods. A average sized living room as they entered and what Nicole could see as a long hall way leading to far more space than the house took up outside. “A king could spend a holiday here.” She said as she sat down on one of the couches that were offered to her. “Well that was part of my assistant’s job to keep the place clean but it’s much easier to keep things straight when they don’t grow on there own.” He said laughing and gesturing to the pond out the window.

“So. He said dramatically. You want to learn mastery of all the magnificent little tricks that brash young man showed you my dear?” Nicole didn’t understand what he meant by tricks and the wizard picked up on it. “Well I gave him power and the first thing he does is run off to the closest, cheapest, brothel, no offence.” “None taken, I’ve herd worse.” She replied. “Well truth be told I only gave the boy a potion and taught him some tricks not, real magic.” The wizard pulled a small vial of a thick green liquid from his robes and placed it on the table. “The powers will wear off in a few sex hazed weeks and then I’m sure the fool will be caught and taken back to the magic school.”

“However for a young and unfortunately not magically talented young lady such as yourself I will have to take a more drastic approach if I’m to teach you how to do it yourself.” “Like what?” Nicole asked. He stood. “You my dear must become my new assistant and learn from the doing rather than through magic. It will take longer but I assure you you’ll learn more about sex from me than a thousand years experience at a brothel will teach you.” For some reason it sounded almost sinister the way he said this, like the light was sucked from the room. Then again men always boasted, with wizards it must just have the creepy ring of truth when they start bragging about magic between the sheets. “Care to take your first lesion and begin your new life?” He said turning sideways and revealing the bed chamber through a small doorway behind him. If the mage boy was that good Nicole was practically twitching for the master. She flew off the couch and began striping as she fallowed him to the huge feather bed.

Nicole sat on her knees and watched the wizard disrobe. “From this point on I am your new Master.” He said dropping the robe and revealing the most enormous cock Nicole had ever seen. It was like when a snake looks at a bird, she was mesmerize, she just sat there as he approached. “Lay down.” He commanded, and it was a command Nicole herd it in his voice and she wanted to obey so badly, she lay back and spread her legs eagerly. He began to chant in a foreign language as he mounted her. There’s no way I can take all tha..... Her thoughts cut off as the Master entered her. From the very start something was wrong. Oh sure it still felt like the biggest dick she’d ever had but there was no way something so big could not cause pain going in. “Master?” She said trying to sit up on her elbows but she was already exhausted from excursion and the chanting continued. Oh gods it’s so good, not frantic like the mage boy, it was even more powerful a sensation than the hurried physical pleasure she’d had then.

Nicole wanted to place her hands on his hips and guide him through to her absolute completion but she was to weak to lift her arms, that was when worry tickled the back of her brain. “Master?” She said weakly. All Nicole could feel now was the fantastic burning thrusts into her pussy. The master looked down on her with thrill in his face. “Now I will open you to my magic and you will be mine!!!!!!” He roared. Nicole came, though she didn’t even have the strength to moan or cry out. She came as violently as she had ever in her life. Gods I’ve never had an orgasm like that. She thought as the ability to think returned, she could not look but it felt as though she’d been covered from the waist down in slimy cum and she struggled to breath.

Floating. I’m floating. She thought as visions of the house flew past her. The scents of the woods invaded her senses. There’s that pond again. She thought. “Now be my sacrifice and my slave.” The Master’s voice boomed again and she was flying once more. Splash. Nicole’s body had landed a few feet into the pond but she did not sink at once, the water only seemed to be a few inches deep not even covering her face as she lay limp. Then the sinking feeling came again and suddenly something pushed it’s way into her still loose and throbbing pussy. “Aug.” She managed to cry out, so forceful was the invasion but she was rapidly sinking into..... no this doesn’t feel like mud. She thought and struggled with the last of her strength to turn her head determined to see beneath the surface of the water even if it drowned her. Nicole’s eye’s passed through the murky, muddy surface, the last thing she saw before all went dark was a fantastic green grow that turned deep blue. She lay there and watched beneath the surface of the dirty water that had settled on top of what was not a pond.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.2

The Residue of Love
10 Years Later


Nicole sat in the chair waiting on The Master’s return. All her choirs were done, she’d cleaned the house, all the things for The Master’s meal were ready, but what Nicole really wanted was to perform her most important task, pleasing The Master. The sun shone through the window warming Nicole’s body, it had been easier to stay warm when she had worn clothes, she never did now. Then again it had been easier to stay warm when she had skin too but she didn’t really feel the hot or cold anymore. Nicole didn’t really feel anything anymore but the sublime pleasure that the warm sun, or any stimulus at all for that matter, now caused. This was The Master’s greatest gift to her and she would willingly spend the rest of eternity repaying him for it.

Nicole’s body was now composed entirely of a material The Master called Slime. She was completely transparent, with a blue tinge that changed depth with her mood. Nicole’s breasts had grown even bigger and more round after her transformation, her ass a little more plump than she’d like but that was for The Master to decide. She had the beautiful young body she had when she’d first come here only now it was perfected in her Master’s vision. Her skin was always slick with the slime her body was made of and somehow always produced a thin coating of the stuff to stay slick and slippery. Her once long brown hair hung down her back in a slimy blue sheet. Each strand could be singled out but if left alone it was more a solid mass like the rest of her body.

Her body however was not really that solid. With enough pressure you could force any object through the surface of her skin anywhere. Doing this of course triggered extreme pleasure and the slime girl equivalent of orgasm. Nicole could not wait for The Master to come home and use her. It was the only thing she had to looked forward to really, but it was enough. With The Master’s powers her body could do things she’d never even imagined before she had come here all that time ago, and always, always the feeling, the sensation. Nicole’s feelings and sensation were heightened to such an extent simple things like kisses or touched felt better than any sex she’d ever had when human and sex was like a mind shattering in devour she got to experience every night since she’d come here.

In short these were wonderful years that she’d lived here. She’d learned a million ways to cerate that amazing pleasure and how to share it with her beloved Master. She was what she’d always wanted to be, a sexual goddess.

The Master shuffled in through the door. Every day he would wander the forest collecting herbs, fungus and all manner of magical paraphernalia that Nicole had no interest in aside from sorting them for The Master’s use later. The Master tossed down his bag and began walking into the sitting area Nicole always waited for him in. “Missed you.” Nicole said spreading her legs in her chair in her usual provocative greeting. The effect was not necessarily lost on The Master, he stared down at her pussy, practically dripping with slick blue slime. He stared with the same hunger he had always had but something was missing recently in his glares. With out a word spoken Nicole stood up and walked across the room enticing her Master as if it was the first time not one of the many thousand times he’d come home. Nicole pressed herself against The Master, her slimy body moistening his robes but all traces of her would run out of the fabric after a short time, a slave should never leave stains in her wake, The Master would say. Nicole slowly slid down The Master’s front. The motion was smooth and flowing. Literally, no human girl could get down on her knees and never loose contact like she could. With no need for bones her body could bend and twist as she needed to seduce. Parting The Master’s robe Nicole caressed The Master’s thigh and his already huge member stood erect. This too was part of her body’s power, skin to skin contact with the slime would make any man rock hard and ready for her in seconds.

May I Master? She said looking up at him beaming a smile. “Ugh.” The Master groaned in disgust, he grabbed both sides of her head and roughly slammed her face into his groin. This was the problem Nicole had been sensing in her Master for some time now. A shortness like she was not pleasing him but he used her all the same. Nicole went about her task. Calling what Nicole did a simple blow job would be doing it an injustice. Nicole’s mouth formed around and surrounded The Master’s cock. Her slime body moving and caressing him as if a thousand mouths, a thousand tongues fought for the right to pleasure him. Luckily Nicole managed to catch The Master in her mouth as he forced her on himself. Of course it would not have mattered if she’d missed, any part of her body could change and form to create this sensation, however it was a strange feeling blowing her Master with her eye or her forehead, this just seamed more natural.

“I can’t stand that mindless loving stare.” He said forcing her head harder against himself. “Your so boring, all the other girls fought me to the bitter end but you just love this don’t you, you stupid whore.” Nicole’s face was pushed so hard against The Master’s pelvis she felt her facial features mash and deform. It didn’t cause her pain though, like everything else it felt sublime and Nicole didn’t need to see or to breath to do this so she worked all the harder. The Master eased off on the back of her head and looking her in her newly reformed eyes, his cock still in her mouth as she glanced up. “I’m going to have to find someone to replace you I think.” A stab of pain went through Nicole’s heart and it must have registered on her face because The Master got a triumphant look to his eye and with a shudder mashed her head back into his crotch once again and shot cum down her throat so hard she would have choked on it if her body had still had that reflex, but it did not.


Elizabeth sat alone at her table at the Dancing Cart man inn. She had intended to sit alone but the circle of empty tables immediately around hers was no doubt the fact that she sat in her full maga’s dress gown. People respected mages and maga, and when they needed something they were all to eager to ask but in truth the common folk feared the magic arts like a virulent plage. Elizabeth didn’t really care anyway, for a week now she had searched through this hay stack of a district for some manor of dark mage rouge the council had sent her hunting. Elizabeth squeezed her long pony tail that hung over her shoulder. She did not deserve this crappy task. One little angry outburst at Hall of Wisdom with her over seer and she was riding on the back of a hay wane with the task of hunting down some hedge mage who had probably just discovered blood magic or something. I do not need to learn to control my temper. She thought furiously. “I didn’t set Tomas on fire, that’s control.” She grumbled jerking her hair again. This town didn’t look like a place where women would just disappear but dozens of farm girls, lady merchants and ‘Business girls’ (the council’s white bread word for whore) had disappeared from this area in the last few years under suspicious circumstances.

Well at least I won’t have to go chasing people around in the dark tonight. Elizabeth thought. There’s about a dozen people in this hole in the road they call a town and they’re all in here by the looks of it. She went to take another drink of her cheep wine, the house best the owner claimed, and nearly choked as she sensed one of the most powerful illegal spells she knew, Compulsion. Brain washing magic here? Most mages weren’t even skilled enough to use it. Elizabeth herself was not skilled enough, though that didn’t stop her remembering the day they demonstrated it to her class at the magic school. Men training to be warlocks tongue kissing each other, the most prudish girls in the class stripping and walking between the desks nude, and herself a noble born woman, singing baudy tavern songs about how she could pleasure a whole ships crew at the top of her lungs. Compulsion was an evil thing and someone in the room had just used it, but who?

The few that even had a chance at being the one she was looking for were all engaged in conversations with towns girls. A gruffly handsome man dressed as a mercenary of some sort hitting on a server, an older man speaking with a young lady about her own age, and a short skinny man desperately trying to gain the full attention of what looked to be the towns only shop keeper. Elizabeth had to do this right, she couldn’t simply walk over to each table and ask the women if they felt particularly susceptible to suggestion. If the dark mage in here even suspected she was on to him he would already have been throwing fireballs. Damn this robe. She thought. I’ve completely given myself away. Then a plan came to her, gathering her things Elizabeth stood and made an overly obvious act of walking up stares. As soon as she was out of sight of the common room she dropped her books in the hall and made for the servants stares at the end of the hall.

The inns cook had only looked up at her as she passed, saw her robes and went back to studying his soup much more intently as she stepped out the back door. At least this was good for something tonight she thought as she stepped out into the dark and rainy stable yard. There was no way the dark mage would assume she’d miss the magical equivalent of a signal fire in the same room with her, this was a trap. She would have to take a different approach if she was to take him un aware.

Elizabeth went over crouched in a dry dark corner under the stables and began muttering a chant to change her clothing. Elizabeth’s robes faded away like mist to reveal an outfit much more suited to sneaking. The absolutely skin tight body suit she now wore was all the rage with thieves in the city. She had just bought it before she left and she had tailored her particular suit with magic. Mottled black and gray the suit blended with dark better than flat black ever could. All of one piece Elizabeth had taken it a step further and removed all seems and even the thin pockets. It could no longer be taken off or put on without magic but there was not a thread of fabric to rustle and she had treated it with a magic weave to prevent the fabric itself from making nosie if it rubbed together. Elizabeth’s hair was tucked into a tight fitting hood that framed her face.

This had been in fact the first time she’d worn the thing outside of her private rooms and she was already having second thoughts. Rather than hide with magic that could be sensed this suit was meant to let her blend into the darkness but it felt like it screamed LOOK AT ME! Elizabeth had always been fit, she couldn’t stand the fat old spinsters that had taught her at the magic school but this suit clung to every inch of her curvy body with the tenacity of magic meant to do just that. Elizabeth looked down and noticed that even the goose bumps on her skin showed through the suit, to say nothing of her very erect nipples in the chill night air. Gods it’s like I’m standing here in nothing but my skin. She thought plucking at the fabric molded all the way up the crack of her ass and the magnificent camel toe she presented out front. No way to fix it now, he may sense anything stronger than the spell to change clothes. She thought.

Elizabeth pulled up the face scarf that left only her eyes showing and began running to the front of the inn, she would wait in the shadows of the street and stalk whichever pair left the inn. He would most certainly take his victim away soon. Why stay once he had her snared, she was just the bait anyway. They would be the first pair out she was sure. After three jogging steps Elizabeth stopped. “Gods these things are so inconvenient.” She growled cupping her breasts. Elizabeth had always been well endowed, she was a source of more jealousy amongst her mousey class mates than even she enjoyed. The skin tight suit however let her fail around like a brothel slut. One tiny trickle. She thought weaving a binding of air that squashed her tits down against her chest, it needed much less magic than changing the outfit. He wouldn’t have felt it unless he was already looking for it. She told herself and made her way to huddle in a doorway that was both dark and had a view of the inn door.

From the shadows Elizabeth saw as a couple exited the inn and head down the dark street in this tiny town. “No Bryan I’m not buying your mushrooms to sell and that’s final now leave me alone it’s raining.” The woman’s voice rang out. “Please Meira I’m telling you they’re growing everywhere out there.” It was the skinny little man and the shop keeper, not what she’d expected. “Just come with me and I’ll show you.” He said and Elizabeth felt another blast of compulsion. She must have a titanic will to need another dose of that so soon, or is this another attempt at the trap? She wondered. He’s throwing that spell around with such abandon a maga in the next town would sense him and there’s no way he didn’t see me go up stairs even if he missed me at my table. So he’s trying to trap a maga eh? You should have stuck to farm girls I’ll see every snare you set and catch you unaware by sneaking rather than magic. “All right Bryan, I guess I could at least come see.” The girl said in that placid, zombie like way someone who’s will has been obliterated by compulsion talks.

The pair turned down the alley between houses towards the woods. Elizabeth fallowed down an alley one street down, sure enough a magical trip wire was set at the end of the alley that the couple had taken. It would have tied her up in weaves of air just like what she’d used on her chest only much stronger. No time to disarm it now, it won’t hurt any poor fool who triggers it. Elizabeth pressed on dodging two more different traps before reaching the edge of the wood.

Woods were dangerous for chasing mages, a snare could be set in a million ways from branches and between every tree but Elizabeth had been trained for just this and knew the most likely places to avoid and proceeded slowly and safely fallowing the gibbering voice of the shop keeper that was so obviously meant as bait. Elizabeth must have seen a dozen traps in the wood and knew there were plenty more she had simply avoided but the wheezily little man was no slouch about this. Most hunters would have fallowed the path and disarmed traps as they went, it gave yourself away but it was faster and he already knew he was being chased, Elizabeth had needed to dodge only a few traps set amongst the under brush and between random trees skirting the path by going through the trees.

As they got deeper and deeper into the wood the brush got thicker and twigs and small branches began snagging her as she tried to proceed however they could get no purchase on her magically form fitting garment and she never snapped anything on her way through. Finally she could see a clearing through the trees and her quarry dead ahead. Elizabeth circled around the clearing in the shadows making her way around to come up behind the little man and wrap him in air before he even seen her coming. Elizabeth readied the spell needed to block the mans powers, it needed to be forcibly slammed between him and the magic before he could defend. Making her way through these trees was becoming more and more difficult, the ring around the clearing was surprisingly thick. Branches swayed into her way with the weak wind, catching on her legs as she picked her way along. Gods it’s like the forest doesn’t want.... oh shit. Elizabeth stopped dead and the branches still moved to touch her. Shit, shit. Sticks and twigs began to twine there way around her arms and legs, around her waist. Only got one shot at this. She thought readying to throw her shield at the still visible dark mage. A shield slammed into her with such force Elizabeth was literally lifted off her feet and blown back but she never touched the ground again, the branches held her suspended in the air. Oh fuck, he’s so powerful. Elizabeth thought groggily as if she’d been physically struck. Only an arch mage could have that kind of raw power, what kind of monster have they sent me to find.

The little man turned and the twenty feet or so of forest between them literally moved aside to clear his view. Oh gods I couldn’t see the trap because the whole damn forest is one. Elizabeth writhed against her bonds but it was pointless both her arms and legs were completely warped in twisting vines. Elizabeth clawed for magic like a woman who has fallen down a well tries to claw her way out. She was about as far as the bottom of a well from touching her magic though. Now, now dear be at ease. The mage said taking a few steps towards her, as he came closer the magic forming his disguise faded away and a tail handsome man in flowing robes stood before her. Stark terror at her helplessness ceased her, she was alone in a haunted wood with an evil arch mage, she was shielded, bound and as helpless as the girl who still stood blankly in the clearing.

The mage stood there ogling her out fit like a common sailor as she hung suspended. “My you are a perfect one, and so modest.” A whip lash crack of power burst the weaving of air around her chest along with the hair thin fabric incasing her. Elizabeth’s breasts burst from there bonds bouncing and jiggling as she hung there exposed. Fear flashed to boiling anger, not a good choice under the circumstances but the pig actually had an erection under those robes. “You son of a bitch release me, release me you sick bastard!” Elizabeth flailed and struggled against her bonds which only helped make her breasts shake all the more. “Oh but you really are perfect in every Way,” he cupped one of her breasts. “Shape,” he grabbed her ass the bastard. “But..... not yet form.” She writhed under his touch still trying to get free. Even if I die it’d be worth it to slap this bastard just once. “What ever you do to me leave the girl alone.” She growled between clenched teeth. “Oh that little thing will wake up tomorrow out her with a head ache and wander back to town.” He said without braking eye contact. “All I wanted tonight was you.” He kissed her and Elizabeth screamed into his mouth.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.3

The Residue of Love
Warm Welcoming


Nicole sat in the empty back room that was the closest thing to her’s in the house. It was where The Master sent her when he didn’t want her around and naturally she’d been spending lots of her time here. The room was practical empty, a few pillows and one sturdy chair sat in one back corner. A large metal bucket in one front corner. Not at all like the feather bed and fine furnishings it had once had before. Nicole sat leaning against the wall since there was no furniture. She could go sit in the living room but she wanted to be in this room. This was where The Master most often used her and there were so many memories, good and bad that reminded her of The Master.

A ruckus came from outside the house and Nicole sprang to her feet and into the living room. As she made it to the living room The Master barged in through the front door and Nicole froze involuntary. It was one of the powers The Master had, to take complete control of her body. Nicole turned and mechanically walked back into her room but from the living room she could hear the protests and struggle of what could only be a woman coming into the other room. Standing in the empty back corner facing outward The Master’s influence left her but she knew she was wanted in this exact spot. The Master had on occasion done this before, taking a girl from one of the towns outside the woods and bring her home to have his way with her. Or to have Nicole have his way with her, or some variation.

From the other room Nicole could hear The Master say as the other voice cut off. “Now I will take my pleasure of you and then make you my devoted slave.” “Go to hell!” The woman screamed. “You can rape me, and you can kill me but your never going to brake me.” “Oh? You think you can resist me?” He asked. “I can give you such pleasures a thousand years of training to resist torture could not prepare you for. However I think the best way to brake a fiery one like you is to first show you what I mean to do to you then crush your hope by doing it.”

The woman shuffled to the open doorway, she was bound by magic Nicole guessed by the way she took such slow short steep and looked like she was being prodded. Nicole had learned over the years that she knew absolutely nothing of magic and so long as she always had her sense of feelings she would never want for it. At first the woman appeared to ware nothing, her curvy yet bubbly body perfect and bare to the world but Nicole realized by looking at the pale skin of her face and chest she did not have dark skin but wore an absolutely skin tight dark suit with the chest ripped out to expose her nice plump breasts, no wonder The Master chose her. Nicole mused to herself. The Master had always had excellent taste in women and this one was no exception. Long slim legs rising to narrow hips and a tight ass, slim waist. Nice camel toe. Nicole thought to herself. She wondered how the front of that marvelously reveling yet canceling outfit had ripped to expose those nice tits. All topped off by a long head of hair done up in a disarrayed pony tail. In short a perfect specimen as The Master would say, although that look of contempt she gave The Master simply wouldn’t do.

As the woman set her eyes on Nicole they widened as big as saucers. It was a common reaction but this was somewhat more. The woman recoiled, or at least tried to, backing up against her bonds she rose to tip toes and bucked as if climbing up was an alternative to going back. “A PLASM THRALL!” She shrieked and began thrashing ten times as hard. “Oh so you know what it is?” The Master asked coming up behind the woman and grabbing a breast and ass cheek in each hand. “A magically bound slave, a soul ripped from it’s body and given a substitute form.” The woman droned in a haunted voice not even noticing The Masters fondling. So ungrateful. Nicole thought. “I prefer the name Slime Girl, and you my dear will be my new one.” “NNNNOOOOO. Gods No!” The girl shrieked and flailed but could barely move an inch.

“First your going to beg me to fuck you and you will be convincing. Then I shall make you mine and you shall take this flawed servants place.” Nicole’s heart skipped a beat and blue slimy sweat beaded on her breasts but she knew better than to show even a twinge of emotion even though The Master had released his influence. “Or. The Master continued. You will refuse me and I will give you to her, and I imagine she will do her best to break you. Then I will make you mine and you can serve me together. Choose.” The Master said. The woman looked Nicole up and down but to her credit stiffened. “Go to hell you bastard I wont let you make me into your whore as well as your slave.” A small smile spread across The Masters face. “Gods how I’m going to enjoy playing with you.” He said and looked to Nicole. Nicole needed no prompting, a slow smile spread over her face and continued to spread until Nicole’s mouth dominated her face in an inhuman parody of a smile. The woman went white and suddenly her bonds must have vanished because for a split second she slumped, looked confused at The Master and then bolted for the door.


Her bonds dropped, all but the shield blocking her magic of course, but Elizabeth was so terrified using magic was the farthest thing from her mind. She ran for the door not even thinking this mage could simply wrap her in air again but she had to get away from here. That thing was a Thrall. Elizabeth had learned of Thralls in her studies. Dark mages could tear the soul out of a person and then create a magical construct to keep it in and that person would then be the ultimata slave. Not able to escape because there body was the prison or they could even be brain washed to not want to escape at all. This bastard was obviously a sex mage, a black mage that drew his power from carnal energy. She’d be damned if she’d let herself become some living sex toy, lost forever to the world out here in these woods. And so she ran to the door.

Elizabeth only made it half way to the door before the bastard said. “Take her.” and the Thrall leapt forward clearing the few feet in an impossible bound and slammed into Elizabeth’s back. When it hit her Elizabeth felt the force of a person jumping into her but the woman liquefied as she struck Elizabeth’s back like she had been made of water. Elizabeth pitched forward hitting the floor with a wet slap landing in a large blue puddle but as her senses came back to her the puddle began to move and take shape around her. Elizabeth thrashed and strained trying desperately to get to the door but as she crawled thick blue tentacles wrapped around her hands and feet. “No!” She screamed as the blue mass surrounded her and turned her onto her back, pinning her arms and legs to the ground. The woman reformed from the slime above her, flowing into shape from the arms and legs up. Blue slime dripped down onto Elizabeth from the blue figure, Elizabeth watched as a droplet formed on it’s chest and ran down the side of one of it’s huge breasts hanging down above her, she cringed as the stuff landed on her cheek.


Gods it felt good to have this lively creature swirling up her insides. Nicole thought as she flowed over the thrashing woman, taking her time to reform, savoring ever kick and squirm. Finally leaning over her, holding the woman’s hands and feet within her own arms to insure escape was impossible. Nicole waited for The Master’s order. The Master came to stand next to them. “Now Nicole you will take this woman in my place and create your very own competition.” Nicole’s anticipation of playing with the woman shriveled up and died. Nicole felt strange, The Master was changing her somehow. “Ohh.” She gasped and looked down between her legs, the trapped woman staring in horror also. Nicole’s pussy twitched and all at once a very large cock sprouted out, the sensation was so much like being fucked Nicole nearly melted into an orgasm but The Master’s will kept her sold. A shower of blue slime cum sprayed onto the woman’s legs, Nicole had orgasmed hard as the dick came out. “Now Fuck Her To Death!” The Master screamed and Nicole’s body moved on it’s own as The Master took control. The bound woman shrieked in horror.


“OH GODS NO, OH GODS NOT THIS.” Elizabeth thrashed like a mad woman but her hands might as well have been manacled to the floor. This creature just grew a huge penis and was going to rape her. Terror finally winning over all other emotion. As the slime girl leaned down pressing herself on top of Elizabeth and with a slimy swish Elizabeth felt the cock gently stroke her private places. Elizabeth was not in fact a virgin, she’d had sex..... once. It had been in a broom closet at the magic school with one of her male classmates. She had been young, horny, and had convinced herself she’d loved him but the thrill of nearly being caught at any minute had played into it a bit too. Elizabeth remembered it had hurt a fair bit too, though she had known it would her first time. As the huge blue dick rubbed against her crotch however memories of that pain leapt to the forefront as she compared the sheer size difference of this to a human man.

Fear finally took over and no longer able to think Elizabeth screamed as loud as she could as the monster entered her. Not even caring to tear away the bottoms of her clothes it simply pressed through them, ripping them as it violated her. The sensation however was not what she remembered from her one and only time and her screams lessened, though not stopped, as she tried to process this feeling. The slime dick flowed into her, that was the best way to describe it, no pain but an uncomfortable slick, sliding feeling. Once inside her the dick swelled and grew in gentle pulses, filling her more fully than any human man ever could, every nook and cranny. In spite of herself Elizabeth gasped in pleasure and moaned with the throbbing pulses, her thrashing becoming more and more in time with the creatures thrusting. Looking up the slime girl seamed to be enjoying the sensations just as much and began to moan and panted in time with her.

Elizabeth felt the magic before she ever felt it’s effect but in her shielded and helpless position all she could do was lay there and get raped as the life energy was stolen from her body and carried off. “Nnnnnooooo.” She moaned much weaker now as the slime beast continued to pump away at her. She could barely move now much less resist and as the light faded from her shame skittered across her mind that she might have actually enjoyed dying if it felt this good.


The Master had only guided her through the first few strokes but taken by the sensation Nicole had no longer needed The Masters control and had been fucking this poor girl herself for some time now unguided. Only after the woman had stopped moving or making any sound had Nicole been physically able to stop. As she pulled out of the unconscious woman The Masters beautiful gift slithered back up into her with a slurp and she shuddered in ecstasy. Leaning down and pressing her head between the girls lovely large breasts. Nicole listened for a heart beat. “She still lives Master.” Nicole said looking up at him with joy. “Move.” Was his only response and Nicole slid off her as if her own life depended on it. The Master picked the crumpled woman up in his arms and walked toward the door.

Horror at what was about to happen seized Nicole and she bounded to her feet. “No Master please, I’ll do better to please you, Please don’t replace me, please.” She begged but The Master calmly walked out the front door as if she did not exist. Nicole stopped dead at the doorway knowing full well it was the boundary she was never to cross, but for a moment she considered crossing it if only to stop this from happening. “Master!” She wailed as he stepped to the waters edge. The Master did look back then and the joy on his face when he saw her despair lifted Nicole’s heart for the spilt second before he threw the girl in.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.4

The Residue of Love
The Color of Rage


Elizabeth’s head felt like it would split in two. After a night of nightmares like that it was to be expected. She stared up at the ceiling of her room in the inn, morning streaming in through the window. Gods my head. She thought closing her eyes and putting her hands to her head. Squish. My hair’s wet? The thought ran through her mind as her eyes opened. Elizabeth was covered in some sort of red liquid. Why are my hands covered in blood, wait my hands are what’s red, wait I can still see the ceiling... THROUGH MY HAND. The thoughts raced through her mind picking up speed as she woke up. Elizabeth tried to sit bolt upright but barely rose off her back before she lost her balance and flopped back down to the floor with a wet slap. Elizabeth looked down in horror at herself, what of herself she could see from her back however was limited to an enormous mountain range of clear red slime in the form of an enormously huge pare of breast. Screaming Elizabeth scrambled to her feet. Oh gods it wasn’t a dream. Shrieked through her mind, she had not made it to actual words in her real screaming yet. Staring down at herself now standing Elizabeth could only shriek as her brain processed what had happened to her.

Elizabeth’s body was now completely made up of solid clear red slime and totally naked. Liquid slime ran down her skin in lazy drips. Ran through her hair making it a loose wet tangle. Slime slicked between her fingers, legs, and considerable cleavage. Slime even leaked from her eyes as they started to tear. Her body shape itself was much the same with one huge exception. Elizabeth’s breasts, which she had always thought of as too big to begin with were now enormous. Each as large as her head the massive orbs of slime hung out perkily, never sagging despite there size. Every step, every movement, EVERY breath made the freakish things jiggle and sway on her chest. “Gods what happened to my tits?” Elizabeth said and froze. Tits? Elizabeth was an educated maga and noble woman, not a tavern wench, why had she said tits instead of breasts. Elizabeth tried experimentally to say breasts. “Tits.” She clapped both her hands to her mouth with a loud squish and slowly backed up against the wall, mind locked. “Hahaha. Getting used to the new you?” A voice from the doorway said.


Nicole leaned against the door frame studying the new girl. She couldn’t believe The Master gave this bitch bigger tits than she had. Nicole thought but she stopped her jealousy. She had promised herself to try and get along with her new partner since they would most likely be working together for some time now. The girl just stood there against the wall like an idiot, hands clapped over her mouth. “The Master likes to sometimes take words away.” She said. “You’ll get used to it, and besides you have a really great set of tits.” The girls hands shot down from her mouth and around her chest in a flash and had she not already been red Nicole figured she’d be blushing. “Wwwhhhaaattt’sss happening ttttooo me?” The girl stammered. She was squeezing pretty hard on that rack. Nicole’s mouth watered at the thought of what that must feel like and at the thought of all the things she could do with those beautiful tits.

“It’s ok, just calm down.” Nicole said trying to calm her or at lest get her to focus. “My name’s Nicole, what’s yours?” She asked. “Eeelizabeth.” She forced out. She was defiantly having trouble focusing, squeezing like that. The poor girl probably didn’t even realize that incredible feeling was her own doing. “Elizabeth, stop squeezing them honey your turning yourself on.” Nicole said trying not to stare at the slime dripping down the girls leg from her crotch. Elizabeth looked down and released her chest like it was a hot stove, the resulting bounce made her hands reach up to caress them further but she stopped herself. Good self restraint. Nicole thought, watching those melon size tit sway to a stop was damn near hypnotic and she wasn’t the one attached to them.

“Where are we?” Elizabeth asked almost in a wail. “Is that sick bastard still here?” “The Master.” Nicole emphasized the title. “Is out right now and I’m supposed to get you ready for his return tonight.” “What the hell are you talking about? If he’s not here I’m getting out of here. You can come if you want to, maybe they can change us back somehow if we make it to the Hall of the Wisdom.” The girl started for the door. “Nether of us are going anywhere and I’ll keep you here if I have to.” Nicole said, it was not a threat just a fact. “You’ll keep me here?” The girl asked with a sneer. She began staring at Nicole very intently. Confusion passed over her face and Nicole raised an eyebrow, the girl stared again. “Oh gods.” She said her hands going to her head. “Oh gods, I can’t use magic!” She shrieked. “What are you talking about?” Nicole asked. “Get Out of my way! I’m getting out of here!” She screamed continuing towards the door. Nicole reached out and stuck a finger into the girls shoulder.


Pleasure. Mind shattering, soul crushing physical pleasure. Elizabeth orgasmed so hard she rose up on tip toes. Her back arched and at the peak of the feeling that blue slime bitch pulled her finger back out of her shoulder. Elizabeth dropped to her knees in a puddle of sticky red slime, her mind was spinning. “Uah.” She breathed out. “Yeah your first time is pretty fantastic hun? and look at all that cum. Light weight.” The slime girl said giggling. Stepping between Elizabeth and the door she looked down at her. “Now your not leaving and I can keep you from stringing two thoughts together for the next few hours till The Master to come back. Or, we can sit and talk.” Elizabeth scrambled back from the door on her hands and feet not noticing that the puddle she had been sitting in had seeped back into her skin, the slime was part of her and wanted to return to her. Elizabeth really did believed this thing could keep her here and she didn’t know if it was fear of that or fear of the anticipation of it that was the reason she backed down. “Oh.... suit yourself.” The slime girl said sitting down in the doorway. She actually looked disappointed.

There was a long silence as the two women just examined one another. “Well?” The slime girl finally said. “If we’re not gonna screw could you at least tell me about yourself? Why did The Master choose you? Where are ya from?” “I’m a maga.” Elizabeth winced. “I was a maga.” She couldn’t even feel magic around her when she tried to push this thing out of the way. This thing? She was as much a thing now herself, not a maga. Elizabeth pulled her knees up trying to become small, but she realized she could no longer sit like that with these massive tits taking up her front so she just sat there uneasily. “A Maga? Really? Wow can you like make fire in the palm of your hand and things like that?” The slime girl asked excitedly. “Did you hear what I said you stupid... thing!” Elizabeth exploded not even slowing down as she stumbled over what to call it. “I’m not a maga any more. What ever that bastard did to me I can’t use magic!” She shrieked the last and red slimy tears began streaming down her cheeks.

The slime girl had an annoying look of concern on her face at the outburst. Concern! That creature had done this to her. “My name’s Nicole not thing. She said. I can’t imagine what that must be like, to lose the ability to use magic, but you have a new life here, a better one.” “What’s going to happen to me?” Elizabeth asked. “Well The Master will come home soon and we will pleasure him. It’s our only job, aside from cleaning while he’s away. It’ll be great, even better than what I just did with your shoulder.” She licked her slimy finger in what had to be an attempt at seduction. “What was that you just did? I ....” Elizabeth trailed off. “Came?” Nicole filled in the last word. “I entered you. You’re a slime girl now. Anything that pushes into you will make you feel good, it feels like fucking.” She said cheerily like she was discussing a game.

Elizabeth looked down at herself. Oh gods she thought and experimentally held out one finger and then poked it into her thigh. “Ooohhhgggg” she moaned. Her finger met resistance and then slid into the surface of her thigh. It was like the caress of a thousand lovers, like that feeling when the slime girls dick had slithered into her and gently expanded. Like the most fantastic physical sensation she’d ever felt. In spite of herself she began sliding her finger back and forth. “Oh gods.” She moaned and banged her head against the wall. Every stroke fleet like playing with herself only every stroke felt like her peek. Her eyes opened lazily as she gasped. The slime girl, no, Nicole was staring at her. She pulled her finger out shame burning her. “Oh don’t look so ashamed.” Nicole said. “Fuck, what we’ll see of each other in the years to come is nothing compared to a little ‘me time’.” Elizabeth was mortified. She’d practically just masturbated in front of a complete stranger. “What do you mean in the years to come?” Elizabeth asked. Slam. The sound of the front door closing came from the other room. They both turned to stare at the doorway. “The Master’s home.” Nicole said so excited she was practically bouncing.

Elizabeth readied herself. What would she do? No magic, a woman against a man and a very powerful mage that had cursed her. Elizabeth just stood ready. The bastard strolled into the room taking his time and looked Elizabeth up and down. Elizabeth stared daggers at him. “Gods I knew you’d be perfect child but look at you.” He exclaimed. Elizabeth could take it no longer and charged him. She only got two steps before her body froze, not by air but literally controlled by magic. Just her own body stopping against her will. Elizabeth stared down at herself in shock and then back at the bastard wizard her hate redoubled. “Ah such passion. He said. It’s no surprise you became red with a temperament like that.” “Go to hell you fucking bastard.” Elizabeth spat and stopped in shock at the filthy language she had used, this wasn’t like her even under stress. Apparently her mouth and head were not frozen because she could talk just not move. “Even under this curse you’ll never brake m....” Her words cut off in a gurgle as Elizabeth felt something forcing it’s way up her throat from within and began to fill her mouth. As her mouth filled she realized it was not filling up but filling in from the sides and in a moment she stood there straining to make any sound at all and failing as her throat and mouth had filled in and became solid slime.

“Oh I don’t need to break you dear. In fact I’d very much like to see that stare of contempt every once and a while but you will learn respect eventually and unfortunately I think you will break in the end, if not as much as that weak willed blue whore.” He shot a glance at Nicole who kept her eyes down. “Now your going to service me in the most creative way you can think of and if I like it maybe I’ll give you some more freedoms.” Elizabeth could feel the slime of her throat shift again and she soon had a mouth and was able to move again as well. The mage parted his robes and exposed his massive erection. “You think I’m going to do this willingly?” Elizabeth said hatred burning within her. “You’ll have to rape me every night if you want any pleasure from me.” “That, was the wrong answer.” The Master said.

Once again Elizabeth’s body was not her own, only her head was still movable. “Now your going to fuck me the way I want.” The Master said. Elizabeth took a slow step forward. “NO! She screamed. No I won’t do it.” Her head thrashed slimy wet hair flying around her but her body slowly walked toward The Master. “No, stop wait!” She shrieked as she got down on all fours facing away from The Master and presenting him her ass and pussy in the air. For the brief moment Elizabeth dreamed she would not be able to feel it since she could not move on her own. The Master placed his hands on her hips and Elizabeth wailed at the sensation of his touch. “NNNnnnoooo ooohhhh aaauuuhhh.” She wailed as he thrust into her pussy with a wet squish so roughly it should have hurt. Her moans of pleasure said otherwise.

“No please gods stop!” She got in between thrusts and moans. Gods it feels so good. Ten times as good as before when she was human. I’m being raped and it feels so good. Raced through her mind. One of Elizabeth’s hands came up and began caressing one of her huge tits. “Oh gods I’m not doing this!” She wailed as her fingers tweaked her nipple on there own. “I have complete domination over your body.” The Master said. “I can make you do anything.” Elizabeth’s hand left her breast and went to her ass. “No, Augh.” She shrieked as her finger forced it’s way up her ass hole. “I can make you say anything.” Elizabeth’s mouth went still and then to her horror she began saying. “Oh yes, harder, fuck me harder Master, Yes!” “But.” He said as her voice cut out to silence. “It’s is only a matter of time before I control what you think too.” Control came back to her mouth and Elizabeth let out a wordless scream of horror.

She felt him cum in her like getting hit with a hammer and she looked down to see the pale liquid inside her disappear in her torso. Elizabeth’s bodily control returned to her and not ready she went limp, falling forward off The Master’s cock with a disgusting sucking sound. Elizabeth scrambled to the corner stiffly. Gods it all felt so good, it’s like I can no longer feel pain just pleasure. She thought. With a smirk the bastard stepped forward and to her shame Elizabeth cringed. However he turned and grabbed Nicole by the hair and forced her to her knees. Elizabeth could not tell for sure but it seemed Nicole still did have control of herself and busily began sucking his dick with fervor. Elizabeth watched in stunned horror as the dick in Nicole’s mouth, still visible through Nicole’s blue cheek, began getting longer. Half way down her throat a huge gob of cum burst out and slowly disappeared into the slime. The Master pushed her off by the forehead with a loud rough slurping sound. “Now that I’ve done for her I can get back to the task at hand.” Elizabeth screamed cowering in the corner but it was no use, her body was already moving on it’s own to get up.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.5

The Residue of Love
Bucket List


Elizabeth ley huddled in the corner wide eyed. She had not slept a second since the bastard that did this to her had finally stopped rapping her and left her in the corner. Elizabeth tried and tried not to go over the events of last night. It was like a nightmare, she watched from her own prospective as her body did things she could not even have imagined. At least it would have been like a nightmare if it weren’t for the memories of how it all felt too. She’d made Lo...... she couldn’t even think what she wanted properly. She’d been fucked in the pussy, the ass, between these disgustingly huge tits, blew him several times and had even watched in horror as he fucked her directly into her stomach. Every touch, ever thrust, every swallow was pure bliss of sensation and she was just as tortured by the fact it all felt so good in equal proportion to the shame and disgust of the acts she had preformed last night.

Nicole came into Elizabeth’s view. “Good morning.” She said leaning over, her huge tits dangling down nearly blocking her view. For the first time since it all stopped she finally squeezed her eye’s shut. “Oh come on now.” Nicole said. “You’ve been laying there all night and I’m not cleaning this whole house myself every day.” Elizabeth squeezed tighter. “Go away you monster.” She moaned, red tears streaking down her face. “I could get you up and moving you know?” Nicole said and Elizabeth’s eyes shot open. “NO!” She shrieked, shrinking back into the corner so hard pleasure began to tingle along her back in a nice way. Shocked by this outburst Nicole drew back. “Ok, it’s ok I was only kidding. Come on, get up. You know The Master will punish you if you don’t help me clean today and you’ll be able to at least look outside as you work right?” The thought of outside burned in her ears. “Is he gone?” Elizabeth asked ashamed of how she was sure she could not steep out of this room if he was there to meet her. “The Master is out now but he’ll be back latter. Come on I’ll show you everything you need to know.” Nicole held out a hand. Elizabeth slowly reached up and hesitated as a drip of blue slime ran off Nicole’s hand onto her own but then reached out and was helped to her feet.


Elizabeth fallowed Nicole into the living room. “We have lots of jobs.” She said. “Sweeping, scrubbing, and dusting.” This girl was so strange she might just be more flaky than Nicole herself. All she did was stare out the front window as Nicole talked. She’s just new to this. Nicole thought. Still Nicole had been fighting waves of jealousy all night over this girl, she wished The Master fucked her with even half as much vigor as he had her last night and now she stood there now like a zombie.

Something small to get her used to things is what we need. “Why don’t we start with polishing the silverware? That’s an easy job and...” “Listen.” Elizabeth said cutting off her talk of polishing. “You seem to like it here but I get the feeling you were human once too right?” Nicole was confused, what did that have to do with anything? She was a slime girl now. She replied as much. “Don’t you want to be free again?” Elizabeth asked putting space between them and toward the front door. “Elizabeth, I know right now it’s all a little much to take in but you really don’t want that.” Nicole said looking toward the door. “AUGH!” Elizabeth screamed. “I’m not going to just lie down and get raped every night. I’m a maga and a high born lady you stupid whore.” “Oh! When did The Master tell you my nick name?” Nicole asked. The question seemed to throw Elizabeth off for a second but in a flash she whorled, nearly falling over as her tits swung, and stocked toward the door. “No don’t do it. You can’t.” Nicole shouted as Elizabeth opened the door.


Elizabeth stepped out the door. As her foot touched the flag stone step she knew it was a mistake. Elizabeth felt her foot sink into something and looking down realized her foot had melted, or more like deformed into liquid slime beneath her leg. With no support Elizabeth leaned farther forward and some of her leg puddled too. With one disparate grab she tried to pull back but missed the door frame and her whole body liquified as she fell to the ground. A moment later Elizabeth was aware she could still see, though not move at all. The blue sky above seemed to mock her as she lay helpless. Then her view began to shift and she knew she was moving, though not of her own will.

The sensation of flowing along the ground was so strange. She could feel every crack in the floor, every tiny speck of dust and as always it felt so good she wanted to moan but had no mouth to do so. Along the living room floor she slunk and Nicole came into view once again just like this morning. “You’ve really done it now. When The Master gets back you’ll sure be sorry.” Elizabeth continued on her way unable to do anything to speed or slow her progress. She slipped through the door that was there room and toward the corner with the bucket. Now Elizabeth wanted to cry out nnnnooooo. She wanted to scream for Nicole to help her but she could do nothing to express herself. Pooling around the bottom of the bucket Elizabeth mentally grimaced as she felt her body, if that’s what it could be called, rise up on itself and slowly, slowly climb the wall of the bucket. Elizabeth’s view shifted as the climbing movement got to the point that must be her eye’s and felt queasy as her view flipped over the edge.

As sight returned to her Elizabeth could only see the rim of the bucket and the ceiling immediately above her. I can move, I can scream, oh gods what do I do? For a space of time Elizabeth could not measure she sat trapped in her current state. Every now and then she’d hear a noise from the other room of Nicole cleaning or mindlessly humming to herself. The idiot was a sex slave and enjoyed cleaning up this perverts house. No that was not fair, gods only know how long she’s been here. Elizabeth thought. She has been completely broken to the point she enjoys her situation. Gods the feelings of pleasure she’d experienced last night were enough that she could understand wanting it. NO, no I can’t think like that for a minute or I’ll cess to be. Gods what am I going to do I can’t feel anything, even pleasure like this. With all her free time Elizabeth made a list in her mind of all the things she would do to this bastard if she was ever free of this spell. She also went over all the things she would have to forget when this was all over, that was a much longer list.

After some time Elizabeth heard booted foot steps in the room and knew he was home. A rising feeling came over her and after a moment her sight rose up and out of the bucket. Elizabeth’s body was slowly reforming and The Master stood scowling at her in the doorway. Let the bastard hate me, even death would be better than this. Where had that thought come from popped into her head as her body finished forming and distracted as she was, missed her chance to take control so rather than stepping out of the bucket Elizabeth feel to the floor at The Master’s feet. “You’ve not been doing a very good job cleaning.” He said. “There is a very nice clean track from here to the front door however.” “Fuck you.” Elizabeth spat not caring about her language. “I’ll keep trying to escape again and agi.....” her mouth disappeared. “I could hope for nothing better my dear.” The Master replied. Elizabeth got to her feet absent of her will.

“Now I’ll punish you, but, if you want it to stop, if you’d rather sit in that bucket for a while.” Elizabeth turned to face the bucket. “All you have to do is say.” He whispered into her ear. Elizabeth didn’t want the bucket, it was even more horrible than his touch. She stepped forward and leaned against the wall over the bucket. Elizabeth’s mouth reformed in perfect time for her to gasp as The Master rammed his dick into her ass. I can’t take this anymore Elizabeth thought as she wailed with pleasure. Gods it was so much tighter that her pussy. She grimmest at using the low born word for vagina especially because it was in her mind. Elizabeth could not move her legs or body, her arms braced her against the wall. Her head was free however and she whipped from side to side, her slick slimy hair lashing and her figures dug at the wall. “Do you want it to end?” The Master blew in her ear between beginning to suck on it. “All you have to do is ask.” Elizabeth’s pride won out. She knew from last night she could be here for hours in this corner and she wanted none of it. “Yyyyyyyeeeesssss, yes, yes stop.” She half screamed half moaned leaning her head back.

Solidity left her body and Elizabeth got out one last half scream as her head sunk into her back and her body melted off the end of The Masters dick and hit the bucket with a splash, half landing in, half out. As sight returned to her Elizabeth could feel her body running up the sides of the bucket and collecting in it. It was the last thing she felt. The Master leaned over the edge, cock still rock hard. “You’ll spend a week in there when I don’t take you out to fuck you.” He said. “By then I think you’ll have lost the nerve to even look out that door again. NICOLE!” He screamed. “Yes Master?” Nicole’s voice echoed from the door. There were no words but a moment later Nicole had pressed herself into the corner above Elizabeth’s bucket in the same position Elizabeth had been in, spreading her legs for The Master. Elizabeth could not move to look away and had no eyelids to close. As they proceeded little drips of cum and blue slime fell into Elizabeth’s eyes but she could do nothing. Part way through Nicole looked down into the bucket under her. She smiled widely and shrieked with pleasure as The Master pumped away.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.6

The Residue of Love
A Slow Decent Into Madness


Elizabeth’s bucket shifted. How many days had it been? Elizabeth had stopped keeping track after the second night she’d risen out of her bucket to a sound rape, only to melt back into it when The Master was finished with her. The bucket was lifted and Elizabeth mentally steeled herself for what was to come. She was flung out onto the floor in her still liquid state and she felt not only the impact of the floor but the sliding across it in a sudden rush of sensation where there had been none for days. Elizabeth couldn’t even think straight as her body slowly reformed. So much feeling, so much. As her arms formed it took an iron will not to fondle herself. Elizabeth took the shock, she would take any sensation right now. Elizabeth knew that if she had spent many more days in that bucket, unable to move, speak, or even sleep, she would have literally gone mad very soon.

Elizabeth formed laying face up on her back and as soon as she was able she got to her knees. The Master stood in the corner next to the empty bucket. Elizabeth swallowed her pride and stayed on her knees, she couldn’t escape if she lost her mind in that damn bucket. “So have you learned your lesson? Still want to escape?” The Master asked parting his robe to expose his massive erection. I, Must, Escape. Hammered through her mind, it had been the only thing keeping her sane in the bucket. The Master had not taken control of her body and Elizabeth knew what was expected of her. Eyes down she crawled on the hands and knees over to him and only a little hesitantly grasped his huge dick in her hand. I, Must, Escape. By any means necessary. Elizabeth took him in her mouth and began sucking.

When she had been forced to do this it had always been disgusting. Her mouth had moved with such skill even she felt pleasure from the act. This however seemed like a defeat, like she was one step closer to being a mindless slave like Nicole. Elizabeth now knew how to manipulate her mouth to do all the amazing things her body could do but she would only sink so low. She would humble herself but she would not actually try to please this bastard. She twisted her tongue around The Masters head and as it throbbed, she couldn’t stop herself from gagging. The Master grabbed her by the back of the head and jammed his throbbing cock down her troat. Drawing back slowly he filled her with cum to the point her cheeks bulged and it slowly leaked out the corners of her mouth. “Swallow or it’s back to the bucket.” He said flatly. Elizabeth had no choice but to swallow the tremendous load of her own free will in three deep slurps. The Master released her head and she fell back gasping for air. “You’ll need to work on that blow job dear, I shouldn’t have to lift a finger.” He said. “You’ll get another chance to do your job and to clean the house now though. Do as Nicole says or you’ll spend the rest of your eternal life in that bucket.” He walked from the room and all Elizabeth could do was sit there on her knees and clutch her stomach. She wanted to throw up, to rid herself of any trace of what just happened but she seemed physical unable and could only sit quietly as cum dripped from her gapping mouth.


Nicole came around the door a while after The Master finished his lesion with Elizabeth. The girl looked like she’d enjoyed herself. Elizabeth’s face was spattered with The Master’s cum and she just sat there, mouth gapping and just feeling herself. Nicole desperately wanted to go over there and lick Elizabeth’s cheek, to stick her tongue in her mouth and her fingers in her crotch. You will teach her to clean the house today or you’ll spend the night together in that bucket. The Master’s voice rung in her ears. Nicole never wanted to go back in that bucket. She could vaguely remember trying something very similar to what Elizabeth had done. Her day’s in the bucket had been one of the things that taught her she had a new life now. “Elizabeth?” She asked. “I’m going to start dusting the living room, you want to come and see how?” Elizabeth looked up blankly but then shot to her feet. “I’ll go.” She said only a little timidly and Nicole lead the way.

For the next few days Elizabeth seemed to be trying to learn to be the perfect servant. She certainly had become more friendly with Nicole, always asking questions and opinions. Nicole had found herself remembering a long time back to before The Master, back to when she had been nothing but a human, a stupid whore. She had spent hours while dusting or cleaning talking about her life and Elizabeth had talked about hers as well. Elizabeth’s stories about using magic were so fascinating but she asked so many strange questions during them. “Don’t you miss being free? Don’t you miss the sun on your skin or the breeze in your hair? Don’t you miss having other men besides The Master?” Nicole had never questioned these things before. What was her life without The Master? She had asked that once thinking it was a cleaver reply. “It’s yours.” Elizabeth said softly. Nicole didn’t know how to respond. Did she want to make choices like that anymore? Her life was so easy now.

The one problem with Elizabeth however was she still need to be forced and controlled by The Master in order for her to preform her nightly duties. Rather than anger the master it seemed to please him that she was still willfully defiant. It was not for her to understand. Nicole decided, and wondered if she was supposed to decide something like that. The Master used his servants the way he liked and she would just have to try even harder to please him. Nicole finally concluded. She’d have to try just as hard as Elizabeth tried to defy The Master.


To Elizabeth’s disbelief her day’s had taken on a rather mundane rhythm. Wake up, serve The Master breakfast and occasionally serve herself to him if the mood struck. Then it was a different cleaning job every day, fallowed by lengthy sex sessions in the evening that were anything but optional. Despite it’s humble appearance from outside Elizabeth suspected The Master’s house was enchanted to contain much more space inside than the area it took up outside. True she had only seen the outside a moment when she’d been dragged here but the mansion was absolutely sprawling. Past the small, modest living room was a hall way that lead to many other rooms and halls. There was a large study full of books she recognized as being band by the magic school. A huge kitchen connected by another long hall to the dinning room, half a dozen bedrooms, parlors and several storage closets all dedicated to housing the treasure trove this old bastard hoarded. Elizabeth spent these days playing the model slave everywhere but the bedroom while planing and hoping for the opportunity to escape. She still detested her daily rapes, no matter how good it felt. She still hated having to walk around the mansion stark naked. And most of all she despised this caricature of a whore’s body she was stuck in. The only difference was now she dealt with it and plotted.

Today’s job was to polish the silverware. Both mundane and a rather small task considering they had had to dust every room or wash all the rugs in one afternoon other days. All the polishing cloths and cleaners were in the kitchen and it was necessary to take all the silverware from one of the storage closets down the servants hall through the study and to the kitchen then going back again when they were finished. Nicole lead the way to the store room. This will be perfect. Elizabeth thought. We finish this job quick and I can spend the rest of the morning going over those books in the study to try and find a way to break this spell. They reached the store room and Nicole opened the door. Besides. Elizabeth thought how much silverware could one man living alone ha...... the lamp Nicole had brought with them lit a room twice as high as Elizabeth was tall with a long wall of shelves full of ornate boxes of tarnished silver flatware. “Fuck.” Escaped Elizabeth’s mouth and she mentally chastised herself for once again using language that was beneath her. “Yeah. Nicole said. It sounds like an easy job but The Master has quiet a collection.”

Nicole and Elizabeth each took an arm full of the heavy boxes, there super human strength allowing each of them to easily carry the load a very strong man could. As they made there way through the study The Master was still bent over his desk scribbling. What is he still doing here? Elizabeth screamed in her mind as she walked by acting oblivious. If he doesn’t go out today there’s no chance I’ll get to look at his books today unless he happens to bend me over a pile of them. She made her way into the kitchen after Nicole. “Now I’ll start polishing and you go get more boxes.” She said. “We can switch when we need to get the next load.” Elizabeth never argued with Nicole. Though Nicole never threatened, one word from this creature and Elizabeth would be living out of a bucket forever with no hope of escape.

Elizabeth walked past The Master again as she made her way back to the store room. He never looked up or made any sign he even noticed her. I, Must, Escape. Her new mantra running through her head. Elizabeth took down another set of boxes from the shelves and made her way back. From the hall she could see The Master’s back leaned over the desk. From the looks of it The Master was going no where today and could not give a shit if she stabbed him in the back as she walked by. Elizabeth froze in the hall. Stab him in the back? She thought and looked down at the top most box. The box was full of silver knives and forks, very fine dinner knives. As quiet as was inhumanly possible Elizabeth set down her load in the hall. He never even looks up, if I kill him now the spell could vary well be undone right there or at least I’d have all the time I needed to learn how to change back.

Taking a knife from the box she crept down the hall. Elizabeth was sure The Master would hear the pounding of her heart all the way from the doorway and this would end as another disaster. However at the entrance to the study The Master still made no sign he knew she was there, he just continued to scratch away at his notes. Elizabeth inched forward getting closer and closer to striking distance. She had stopped breathing all together, she had no physical need to anyway. Elizabeth raised the knife, her body still her own. This has to work she prayed and stabbed downward.

The knife stopped dead inches from the master back, it would have been a perfect stab to the heart. “You really don’t learn fast hun?” The Master said never looking up from his work. “Why don’t you put that where it belongs and get back to work.” Her body no long her own Elizabeth leaned down and in one smooth motion slipped the blade of the knife all the way up her pussy. Oh Gods I’ve Been Stabbed! Ran through her head. I don’t want to die. Oh Gods I’ve.... Been stabbed..... Oh Godsssss. The thought broke down as the pain she expected to feel from bleeding out was only an intense euphoria. Oh gods I’ve been stabbed, and it feels so good. She thought. “That will be the last piece you clean and put back. Understood?” The Master said never looking up. “Now get back to work.”

Though not forced Elizabeth felt the impulse to obey and made to turn. The knife twisted within her and slime started to dribble down her legs. Oh gods it feels so good I have to take it out. Elizabeth tried to reach down and remove the knife but her arm froze. “I said that was the last piece, now get moving.” The Master said. Elizabeth took a step forward and her thigh brushed the hilt of the knife still protruding from her. She moaned softly as she climaxed. Knife or dick, it made no difference to a slime girl. The march back down the hall to retrieve her boxes was torturous bliss. Every step nudged the knife hilt and sent shockwaves of pleasure racing through her body. Elizabeth tried to widen her stance around the knife and her leg bowed inward against her will, jabbing it all the more. “Oh Fuck.” She moaned and continued to stager down the hall as normally as possible. By the time she got there and back The Master was no longer at his desk.

When Elizabeth reached the kitchen she set down her boxes quivering with sensation. Nicole looked up and said. “The Master said on his way out I was to polish and you were to fetch and carry all day.” She leaned around the pile of boxes and her eyes instantly went to the knife. “Ou.” She said. “Those boxes are done, you can take them back.” She gestured to the cleaned boxes like having a knife in your snatch was an every day occurrence. Elizabeth went to lift the pile of boxes and staggered, twisting the knife even more. She couldn’t lift them, the boxes were too heavy. She tried lifting just two, an amount she could have lifted even when she was human and still it was like they weighed one thousand pounds. She groaned and lifted the first box, light as a feather. “Looks like you’ll have to move fast to keep up.” Nicole said as she busily polished a spoon.


For the rest of the day Nicole sat there polishing silverware. She moved no faster or slower than needed but she could tell the pace was driving Elizabeth crazy. Despite the fact Elizabeth never let what had to be an orgasm per step touch her face Nicole knew she was furious. Elizabeth was for all purposes a prude and being forced to be aroused like that all day must have been torture. A thin trail of red slime had begun to form on the ground as it dripped from Elizabeth’s crotch as she transported one box at a time back and forth. Nicole could tell she had tried several times to pull the knife out to no avail, it was all The Master’s doing.

Elizabeth stood before her as Nicole polished the last knife in the box they had set aside that had contained Elizabeth’s knife. Upon placing the last clean knife in the box Elizabeth sighed. She reached down and pulled the knife from herself to one last gush of slimy red, Elizabeth was silent. She leaned forward and grabbed a cloth to begin wiping the coating of red ooze off the knife. Cleaned and polished Elizabeth placed the knife in the box and straightened. “We have to get out of here.” She said outright. “He will never stop this and you know it. He gets just as much pleasure from raping and torturing me in front of you as he does from the despair you feel when watching it. He loves how much I hate being forced to do the twisted things he makes me do under his power and he love to watch you squirm as you don’t get to do them too.” She picked up the box and calmly began caring it back to the closet. Nicole sat there stunned. Was that true? No, impossible. The Master loved the things Nicole could do, he just liked Elizabeth more right now because she was different. She sat there quiet for a long time after that.

When The Master returned home later that day. Both girls had been sitting in their room in total silence. As he stepped into the door they both stood. “Well, get all your work done today ladies?” “Yes Master, all done.” Nicole said cheerily Elizabeth remained silent. “Well then you should be rewarded.” He said brightly. “Let’s have a game.” Nicole couldn’t help but coo with delight and bounce in place. “Ou lets play Anchored Master.” She blurted. “A fine idea Nicole.” He replied. “And since Elizabeth is new she gets to go first.” The smile melted from Nicole’s face.

Elizabeth went stiff as The Master took control of her. She stood in the middle of the room but she turned to face away from him toward Nicole. Why would he have Elizabeth face her. Nicole wondered. The Master came up behind Elizabeth and began fondling her from behind. Elizabeth’s face was still her own and hatred was spread across it. The Master began caressing Elizabeth’s tits with both his hands. Elizabeth gasped as The Master’s hands began to be pushed away even farther from her chest. “No, no not that. Elizabeth protested. No more, please.” She begged unable to move from her spot but otherwise free. Elizabeth’s tits were undeniably getting bigger, over flowing The Master’s hands. Nicole could see a small hallow place starting to form in Elizabeth’s middle where all the extra material was coming from to swell her breasts. “Nnnnoooooo.” Elizabeth moaned as The Master dropped her now gigantic tits. Nicole’s mouth almost watered at memories of what it was like to feel a rack that big jiggle to a stop. The Master took Elizabeth’s arms in his hands and began fucking her.

Nicole finally saw it. The Master occasionally looked to her as he fucked Elizabeth and seemed pleased by the distress he found. Elizabeth continued to swell, the void in her middle growing larger. It didn’t matter if they were completely hallowed out a slime girls surface would be just a strong as when solid even if it was paper thin. Elizabeth tried to struggle. The Master leaned her over and her tits bounced and flailed as he fucked her. The Master leaned her forward even more as her tits grew and they began to touch the floor as she was fully bent down. The Master had released her hands and Elizabeth desperately hugged her chest as he continued to thrust, her arms barely made it half way around her bust line.

Nicole could take it no longer. She desperately wanted to have that and it seemed The Master enjoyed not giving it to her. Against all good sense she ran over. “Please Master, please take me too.” She begged. The look on The Master’s face was pure outrage, she should not have over stepped herself. Nicole froze under The Master’s control. She turned and The Master reached back and gave her a full arm slap on the ass that made her stagger forward. Nicole continued to slowly walk toward the corner and she knew before she felt it what was happening to her. Blue tears began to trickle down her cheek. Nicole began to feel a slight shockwave run through her backside as she stepped toward the corner. It was not the pain of the slap but something else. Nicole was unable to look down but she knew her ass was swelling up just as Elizabeth’s tits had. This was her least favorite way to play the game. Nicole hated her ass. Even in The Master’s ideal view of it. She’d like her tight butt back when she was human. Nicole felt the sides of her hips begin to touch her hands which hung limp at her side. Nicole reached the corner and cringed as she turned. Her ass cheeks rubbed the wall, it must be enormous. She sat down and felt both side of her ass settle against the corner.

The Master’s power left her and she was able to twist around and inspect herself. Nicole’s ass towered over her in this sitting position. Each cheek so big and round she couldn’t reach the top of it. Her hips had also ballooned up giving her a perfect pear shaped figure to off set the enormous ass sticking out behind. Looking down she was almost fully hallow, The Master made sure her punishment was bad. Without The Master’s magical influence the weight of Nicole’s ass right now was so much that despite her strength she simply would not have the counter weight to move the massive thing. Ninety percent of her body weight was now her ass. The name of the game after all was Anchored.

A scream from Elizabeth drew her attention back. Elizabeth now stood upright, pressed against the side of a rack as big as she was tall and twice as wide. The Master had fully released Elizabeth and she desperately thrashed as The Master continued to have his way with her. Elizabeth’s chest weighed just as much as Nicole’s ass. Try as she might Elizabeth could no longer move from her position and her tits jiggled gently against her struggles behind them. The Master stopped and Elizabeth still frantically tried to get away from him. First she tried climbing over herself only to sink into her own cannon like cleavage. She tried desperately to pull and then to push her breasts even an inch. Nicole leaned back into her ass crack and watched what she had to admit was an amusing show.

The Master turned his attention back to Nicole. His dick was still hard and twitching and Nicole abandoned dignity to struggled against her own immovable weight to get to him. Gods the feeling of trying to pull against all that weight, to slip and have your foot smack into it, to feel the slight jiggles when you managed to shift it. It was all a mind boggling high. The Master got closer and Nicole could feel herself twitching with anticipation down bellow. Almost there she strained, finger tips brushing it’s tip. The Master stepped forward and Nicole latched on to his cock with her mouth like her life depended on it. In the middle of her blow job Elizabeth’s screams and struggles formed into words. “He does all this to you and you still desperately want to blow him? Your hopeless.” Nicole hesitated and The Master looked down in shock once again. His dick grew so fast Nicole gaged as it forced it’s way down her throat and blasted cum into her. Gasping as he pulled out Nicole leaned back satisfied.

The Master stared at her very strange and then began to walk from the room. “WAIT!” Elizabeth screamed. “You can’t just leave us like this.” “Oh can’t I?” The door slammed and Elizabeth began screeching and thrashing all the harder. Nicole didn’t feel like telling her this was also part of the game. That their bodies would slowly change back over night. Nicole didn’t like the fact that the effect lasted into the next day though. Cleaning tomorrow with a double wide ass was going to suck. Nicole leaned back again into her ass crack and waited. She would not get to sleep until Elizabeth exhausted herself and passed out. So Nicole had time to think of what Elizabeth had said. If The Master would continue doing things like this forever Nicole really didn’t want to be part of it. So what was she to do?
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.7

The Residue of Love
To Kick an Innocent Puppy


Elizabeth groggily came to. She was laying face down on the floor. Face down but a good foot off the floor. Remembering everything she propped herself up with her arms to inspect herself. “Um. That’s a good view.” Nicole said laying on the floor in front of her. From her chest to the floor Elizabeth sported well over a foot of cleavage, her breasts still pooling on the floor promised even more. “Your no better off.” She muttered sullenly. The comment stung Nicole because her grin faded. Nicole’s ass and hips were still ridiculously big and round, wider than her shoulders and sticking out a good foot or so behind her. Elizabeth struggled to her feet. Elizabeth had always been amazed at her new strength, despite a bust line she could not wrap her arms around she could stand and she was not sore or stiff at all from sleeping on the floor. With all the screaming and flailing she’d done last night her troat should be raw and her muscles sore from all the struggling but as always she woke up fresh and without even a strained voice. Nicole popped to her feet, huge ass shaking. “I can assume we’ll continue shrinking?” Elizabeth asked. “Thanks for telling me last night.” “You looked like you needed to burn some of that off.” Nicole shrugged. Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, was that a smart ass remark? From Nicole? “Common lets make the best of it and go clean the kitchen.” Nicole said and as she walked past she gave Elizabeth a hip bump that nearly knocked her over.

Elizabeth knew she had gotten through to Nicole last night. For that whore to pause in a blow job Elizabeth bet she’d been thinking harder than she had in years. “Nicole?” Elizabeth asked as she emptied a cupboard to sweep it out. “Yes?” Nicole’s voice echoed from inside the stove, her huge blue ass blocking the view of anything else. “Have you ever thought of going back? You know, to live on your own if The Master released you?” Clunk. Nicole had smacked her head in her rush to get up out of the stove but no blow to the head could phase her slime girl or not. “Has The Master said something?” She asked frightened. Elizabeth turned, tits sweeping closed the cupboard door. Damn these things, she thought and couldn’t believe she looked forward to being her normal, freakishly enormous size again soon. “No I was thinking more like if we could ever leave. He doesn’t treat you very well.” She figured it was best to go with the genteel way rather than saying, Wake up! That sick fuck rapes us daily. Nicole shied away anyway. “He was so distant before you came and now he barely fucks me.” She almost sobbed and Elizabeth resisted the urge to smack her. “What if you could live your own life, without the master? I think I have a plan to get away but I’d need your help.” Nicole looked shocked. “No, no you can’t think like that Elizabeth.” She said and hesitantly turned away. Elizabeth wasn’t disappointed, those had been blue tears in her eyes and she nearly turned back to her for a minute there. All Elizabeth had to do was work at this.

For the next few days Elizabeth did nothing but talk to Nicole, at least the days Nicole didn’t leave the room when the subject of getting away from it all came up. Elizabeth had to hand it to her, Nicole had been completely devoted to The Master quite literally body and soul. That gave Elizabeth an idea and she began asking Nicole to tell her all Nicole’s fondest memories of The Master. What fallowed was a stomach twisting horror story of sexual depravity Elizabeth could have gone her whole eternal life without hearing. These were her happy memories?! The remembrance did have it’s desired effect however, and several afternoons Elizabeth had to clean twice as hard as Nicole stood around weeping how she no longer got attention like she used to. There nights only proved to reinforce these daily talks as Elizabeth was used hard every day while Nicole barley contained tears and had to settle for sloppy seconds. Elizabeth almost didn’t mind, it was all working towards her plan.

And then like with so many things the tense situation between Nicole, Elizabeth and The Master came to a head in spectacular, horrible fashion.


It had been a normal day today of cleaning the study. Elizabeth had been talking to Nicole of the world outside and all the fantastic places they could go if they left The Master. That idea would have terrified her a few months ago but lately she began to find The Master’s attentions, when she got any to begin with, not as all encompassing as she once had. She wanted to travel, to see strange places and fuck strange men, maybe even women. “So what would we have to do to leave?” She asked cutting Elizabeth off mid sentence. “Well, I’m not sure.” Elizabeth said. “I’d need some time to figure it out and I’d need to know your with me. You do want to do this right? We couldn’t tell The Master what we planed if we wanted to leave.” Nicole bit her lip and turned to face away from Elizabeth. This was it. If she said yes it could change her life as she knew it forever. Not likely for the good if they failed. Nicole walked out of the room she would decide this later tonight.


Making damn fine progress with that one. Elizabeth thought and actually hummed to herself as she cleaned. Nicole would bend very soon, probably tonight after she’s my captive audience once again. Maybe a little more pleased moaning tonight would push her over the edge. Elizabeth pondered.

The Master returned home as usual that afternoon and earlier than usual had the girls stand at attention before him in their room. As always he immediately started with Elizabeth. Fuck me right into your early grave you piece of shit. She thought and was given pause at just how much her mannerisms and upbringing had slid in this hell hole, she needed to get out of here. Soon it would all be over but first a little method acting. Elizabeth knew she could not be too compliant, lest The Master suspect something but she figured if she played up her response tonight Nicole would be whispering her consent to Elizabeth as they slept some time before morning.

Part way into The Master fucking her Elizabeth started to reciprocate as she’d seen Nicole do so often. Slowly grinding along with him and then starting to throw in the occasional moan for good measure. The Master picked up on this and went for the one thing sure to put a scowl on her face. Her reached down and grabbed an entire fist full of tit, so hard his fingers sunk into the slime and Elizabeth shrieked with the orgasm that wracked her body. She needed no cue or motivation to shoot him a look that could have frozen water but shortly after continued to entice The Master with her seemingly reluctant pleasure. “What the hell has gotten into you?” He asked as he pumped away. She knew she needed a normal response. “Shut the fuck up and get it over with you bastard!” She screamed. “That’s my girl!” He shouted jubilantly and reached down to stick a finger up her ass hole. Ou! Maybe I went a little too far. Elizabeth thought.

Left panting in the corner Elizabeth watched as The Master closed on Nicole. He took her as usual in the ass, lately it was the only place he used because she hated it. Nicole usually eager to please was surprisingly silent today, barely registering what Elizabeth knew from hard experience felt fantastic. Half way through The Master released her roughly shoving her off his dick and to the floor. Nicole scrambled to her feet and stood quietly before him. “Have you got even dumber lately Nicole? You were as unresponsive as she usually is.” He gestured to Elizabeth. “All you care about is her now.” Nicole said almost pouting. “For the love of the gods.” The Master said rolling his eyes. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” Nicole boomed and Elizabeth sat slack jawed in the corner as Nicole set into a tirade about how everything was perfect before Elizabeth came here. How now no mater how hard she tried the master was never pleased with her. And how she wished that if he only wanted Elizabeth she could go away. Blessedly the poor idiot never mentioned a word of their talk this morning or any actual plan to escape.

The Master stood there quietly, taking it all in. As Nicole sputtered off into tears she stood bolt upright frozen by The Masters will. “You ungrateful little shit.” He said in a calm voice that was far more intimidating than an scream or lustful glare could ever be. “When you came to me, TO ME!” He began rising in volume and he emphasized this jabbing a finger at himself. “You were nothing but some two bit whore I picked out of a brothel.” Nicole’s face which had still been her own registered shock at some deeper truth in the statement. “I want to be a sexual goddess, you said. Well I delivered and this is the thanks I get. You see her.” Her pointed to Elizabeth. “She Deifies me with every breath and you decide you want to mimic her! If you want to try on the roll of the ungrateful little shit? I’LL HELP YOU!” He screamed balling up a fist and slamming it down on her forehead in a hammer blow. The Master had never hit them. What would be the point when they couldn’t feel pain? But as his fist left Nicole’s forehead the indentation of his fist was left behind in her head.

Nicole was able to move again because she reached up to touch her forehead in shock. The fist sized dent sunk in Nicole’s hairline and took up her whole forehead. Nicole began feeling the dent more frantically and Elizabeth got to her feet shocked and mesmerized. The dent was getting bigger and as soon as Nicole was sure of this she began wailing. The dent began sinking inward and as it did Nicole’s eyes began to tilt inward. “Please Master. She begged. Please I’ll never do it again! Please I’ll be good! PLEASE!” Nicole’s eye’s sunk onto the hole forming in her head and her movements as well as her pleas multiplied tenfold. The Master had allowed her movement but made it so she couldn’t move from her spot in the center of the room but from the waist up Nicole writhed. After her nose tilted up and disappeared a gurgling sound came in between her words and shortly sound cut off fallowed by her frantically still moving mouth sinking into the hole.

“For the love of everything sacred what have you done to her?” Elizabeth could no longer hold her peace. The Master wheeled on her, grabbing her by the mouth and slamming her head against the wall. “Don’t think I don’t know you put her up to this.” He growled. “She hasn’t rubbed two thoughts together for ten years and now she talks about leaving? You were even egging her on by faking it tonight you crafty bitch. From now on you won’t be whispering in her ear when I’m not around. From now on you won’t say a word except of course for your screams and protests when I fuck you! Now shut up and watch what your scheming has done to your friend.” Elizabeth knew it was no idol threat she could feel the shifting in her throat. From here on out, unless she was being raped she’d be a mute. Sure enough as he released her Elizabeth tried to talk. Despite her still having a mouth Elizabeth could not speak, her throat had sealed shut.

Nicole stood in the middle of the room arms clawing at the stump of what was left of her neck between flailing about her. The Master took control of Elizabeth and she wordlessly fallowed him to stand behind Nicole. As the last slimy strands of Nicole’s hair sucked into the hole between her shoulders along with her neck her arms stopped flailing and shot to her chest. Oh gods what’s he doing to her now? Elizabeth thought as Nicole’s hands slowly began feeling and groping down her abdomen and over her stomach. Nicole’s hands reached down to her waist and then her ass and began feeling around. Oh Gods No! Elizabeth screamed in her head. Nicole’s hands grabbed her ass cheeks and began to spread them. Elizabeth didn’t want to look but she physically couldn’t look away or even close her eyes. Something was sticking out of Nicole’s ass hole. A small misshapen lump. Slime girls did not produce waste. Elizabeth had not made water or defecated since she had been taken. What in the name of the gods was that? Elizabeth knew of course, but didn’t want to admit to herself.

As the lump pushed forward Elizabeth could tell it was a nose. Nicole’s terrified face came into view moments latter to wet sucking and squishing sounds as it pushed out of her hugely spreading ass hole. As Nicole’s mouth cleared her ass her cheeks bulged and a fountain of blue slime gushed from her mouth fallowed by her horrible screams. The puddle of blue slime immediately began creeping back toward Nicole’s feet to be reabsorbed into her. Nicole’s slimy tear streaked face set squarely between her own ass cheeks and Elizabeth wished she was physically able to faint.

Nicole shuddered and grimaced. “Please Master make it stop.” She begged. Elizabeth realized Nicole’s hands had left her ass as her arms were being drawn up into the hole still growing larger in her upper body. From behind Elizabeth watched as Nicole’s tits tilted back and were sucked into the hole along with her forearms. “Now you’ll get to see what the life of an ungrateful shit is like first hand.” The Master said staring at Nicole then Elizabeth. Nicole’s sobs gurgled again and another torrent of slime came from her mouth. This was beyond any punishment Elizabeth could ever conceive. If Elizabeth’s treatment could be considered the norm. Gods help her if it was. Than this was on par with pushing elderly people down stairs or kicking an innocent puppy. Nicole continued to sob, her face a mask of despair at how she’d been betrayed, then she grimmest again.

Nicole’s ass began to widen. Oh gods, the shoulders. Elizabeth thought. At the point Nicole’s ass was twice as wide as normal her shoulders began to push out. They came out deformed to accommodate the size difference and half way out Nicole screamed. “UUUhhhhhaaaaaGGGGuuuuuggggghhhhhh.” Another gush of slime out her mouth. As her shoulder fully cleared Nicole seemed to lean back as if arching a back that had not yet formed. Nicole’s enormous tits popped free of her ass hole in one long loud disgusting slurp and with her head still tilted back a fountain of blue slime burst up out of her and cascaded down the length of her newly formed body. Nicole collapsed hanging down from her ass, blue slime steadily running from the tips of her tits and her mop of slime soaked hair.

Nicole shuddered again and came to. Nicole’s torso was almost completely collapsed in on itself and Nicole slowly squirmed her body free of her ass to loud slimy sucking and slurping sounds. At elbows point she groaned again and with a loud suck pulled her right arm and then her left free of her ass. Placing her hands on the backs of her knees for support Nicole finally had the leverage to really heave and threw up a veritable lake of blue slime at her feet.

Having no more upper body to melt Elizabeth wondered if Nicole would simply straighten up and her body twist around. Nothing was simple with The Master. Nicole began to shrink. No not shrink, her feet were melting. Some how Nicole remained balanced as her legs melted from the floor up. Nicole arched back again and Elizabeth saw slime coated toes begin to twist free of her ass hole just below her stomach. At knee level to the floor Nicole’s feet and shins protruded out beneath her and she tipped forward onto her newly formed feet. Leaning forward as her old legs were sucked in and pushed out her ass Nicole yet again took the opportunity to puke up more blue slime between screams.

Now standing straight up all that was left was the twisted mess that was Nicole’s old ass. With one loud BLUMP her old ass burst like a greasy bubble and formed her new one. Fully formed on the other end Nicole’s screams dropped off, she looked exhausted. The Master released her and she collapsed into the small puddle still left from her most recent regurgitation. Nicole lay there unmoving eye’s half lidded a steady but light stream of thick slime running from her slack mouth. “Don’t ever raise your voice to me again.” Was all The Master said and walked from the room.

Elizabeth was released from her position and she flew to Nicole’s side. She was afraid to even touch her and now she could not call out to her. Elizabeth gently placed a hand on Nicole’s shoulder, Nicole shuddered. Elizabeth got down in front of Nicole’s face. “Oh, Elizabeth.” Nicole murmured blue slime drooling from her mouth. Elizabeth could not speak, could not even make sounds as her mouth moved. “Can’t talk hun?” Nicole said weakly. Elizabeth nodded. “Well don’t worry about me, I feel grrrrreat.” She felt great? She’d been literally passed through her own ass and thrown up several times how could she feel great? Elizabeth gently wiped some of the slime from Nicole’s mouth and held it up questioningly. “I’m not sick, we don’t get sick silly.” She giggled weakly. “The Master twisted me up pretty good, I couldn’t cum the normal way.” Cum? Elizabeth looked down at her fingers, the thick, sticky blue slime dripping off them. Oh gods. She thought. “Elizabeth?” Nicole asked and Elizabeth leaned down. “I’ll Help You Escape.” She whispered and passed out asleep.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.8

The Residue of Love
Black Magic For Dummies


The day’s that fallowed Nicole’s incident were not uneventful. The first day they were left alone Nicole turned to Elizabeth. “So you had a plan to escape?” She asked. Elizabeth wanted to answer. Damn that bastard for coming up with such an effective punishment. She had a plan but caution had made her hold it back and now she couldn’t say a word because The Master had taken away her powers of speech. Elizabeth grabbed Nicole’s hand and lead the way to the study.

In the study Elizabeth began rummaging through The Masters waste paper bin. She could not use a new sheet and risk him noticing. This basket was emptied into the fire every day, she would just make use of what she had. Finding a clear enough piece she began writing. I need to read his books. She wrote referring to all the books in the study. Nicole laughed. “Your kidding right? I’ve been a whore my whole life. I can’t read.” Elizabeth rolled her eyes and began to draw. She drew a stick figure and showed it to Nicole pointing at her. “Me?” She asked and Elizabeth nodded. Elizabeth then drew a second stick figure and pointed to herself. Then drew an open book and many others in a pile. She pointed to the books, then at her stick figure self, then to the wall of books behind them. To Nicole’s credit for being an illiterate whore she caught on quick. “You want to read his books?” She said and Elizabeth nodded enthusiastically. Then she continued to draw. A broom, a dust rag, and a laundry wash board. She pointed to the objects then to stick figure Nicole. “You want me to clean the books?” Elizabeth shook her head. She pointed to the objects then to herself once and then to Nicole several times. Realization struck Nicole. “You need me to do your share of the cleaning while you read so he doesn’t get suspicious.” Elizabeth nodded crumpling the paper.

Elizabeth strode to the hearth tossing the paper in and making sure it burned. “I know you’re a maga and all but what good will reading do? You can’t use magic anymore.” Elizabeth didn’t need to be reminded of that painful fact but held her hands up shaking her head as if there was nothing else to do. “Alright, alright if there is something only you can find it.” Nicole said. “I’ll start working.” Relived Elizabeth mouthed ‘Thank you’. “Oh I’m just hoping I won’t be working my blue butt off for nothing.” Nicole said. “You got my hopes up when I didn’t even realize I had them anymore. Thank You.” And she strode out of the room.

Elizabeth stood before the book cases that lined the walls. This could be a trap. The thought had crossed her mind but at this point it was her only hope. Elizabeth’s hand flinched an inch from a book as the thought that simply touching them could make her melt and slink off to the bucket. She’d gone this far and she would not remain powerless because of fear, that’s what he’d want. Elizabeth picked up a book and sighed when it didn’t fall to the floor in a puddle of herself. As always The Master’s ego had betrayed him. He had supreme control over her. It went without saying she was not allowed to touch his books so why ward them? Able to use magic or not she could at least learn everything about her slime body from these books and the magical process of how it was created. It wasn’t much but she may be able to come up with a plan after she knew more.

The book Elizabeth held was in fact one she knew. At the magic school student were shown The Dark Arts Compendium to better understand the concepts of how dark magic worked and how wrong it was. As Elizabeth opened the book she gasped. The pages of student copies at the magic school were always magically censored, the words burned away in specific places that explained how to actually preform the spells and the book warded to prevent restoration. This copy was however complete and untouched. Elizabeth spent the day reading the compendium, it was not a specific book but more like a beginners guide to simple spells and naming other more specialized books, most of which also sat on the shelves. This was not going to be a fast process. Elizabeth decided that to know what she needed to know she’d have to completely read three specific books on her situation. She marked the spots in her head where The Romus Guide to Sex Magic, Power of the Trapped Soul and My First Thrall were kept on the shelves.


That evening The Master came home at the usual time and routine began to return to the house. He never seemed to notice the difference of Nicole cleaning while Elizabeth spent the day reading. Despite that he fucked both of them with more zeal than usual. Nicole almost didn’t regret that she’d been punish so hard yesterday because when The Master took her he did it roughly and on top of her not from behind. Despite wanting to escape now and possibly even killing him in the end Nicole could not help but thrill at the sensation of him inside her and she screamed with pleasure she had not known in weeks.

Elizabeth’s ban on talking was not apparently enforced when The Master fucked her. Giving her even more freedom of movement than usual Elizabeth thrashed and cursed like a sailor. For a maga and a high born lady some of the things that came out of her mouth after only one day of forced silence made even Nicole gasp.

Finally both girls left panting on the floor of their room in twin blue and red puddles of cum, The Master left them for the night. “You, still, with, m.....?” Elizabeth panted and as The Master left her words were cut off as the door closed leaving a scowl on her face. “Yyyyyeeeesssss.” Nicole purred. She had been so satisfied tonight she understood Elizabeth’s concern but she still wanted to escape. Elizabeth shot her a tired but concerned look.


Elizabeth’s reading progressed over the next few weeks. Her first book was the Romus Guide to Sex Magic. The book was mostly a stomach turning guide for devant mages. Spells for manipulating yours or your partners body during sex, increasing pleasure, and most importantly the collection of magical power distilled from the emotions felt during love making.

When casting powerful spells the mage or maga casting had to store up magic power to preform the spell. In White magic that meant days of chanting and complex rituals. Black magic was invented to gather huge amounts of magical energy through somewhat unsavory ways. Blood magic for instance used pain and the substance that sustained life to create magic. Demon worship used bargains with super human spirts to gain power. Sex magic however converted the emotions and physical sensations experienced during sex into magic. Consent was in no way necessary when it came to sex magic. True enough the feelings of shame, fear, and anger that came from rape were in fact much stronger than pleasure.

Not being able to see, much less store and use magic this book was for now useless to Elizabeth but it helped her understand The Masters powers in regard to her. Every night when he raped her and Nicole he was converting energy from their emotions into magic. The act itself seemed to have something to do with prolonging their curse too but that was in later books. Basically Elizabeth and Nicole were power cells for his magic. Nicole had begun to like it too much and became less efficient so The Master took Elizabeth too. Now they were his immortal fuck puppets that were the source of his power. Needless to say Elizabeth gave him plenty of power that night when her rage at being used so effectually came out.

The Power of the Trapped Soul was a book explaining the process for and the uses of removing a living soul from a being and placing it into another vessel. Elizabeth was in a weird way a little grateful for her slime body after reading that just about anything could be used as a vessel for a soul. Rocks and precious stones, statues, even most types of animals could be used as a vessel. Slime girls or Plasm Morphs as they were referred to in the book were recommended however for any spell involving sex magic because they were purpose built for responses of emotion and physical stimuli. You couldn’t get your rocks off with a stone after all.

The ritual described in the book required a staggering amount of raw magic to pull off. So much so that if you chose to use a magically crafted vessel like a slime girl you would have no power left to you after removing the soul to create the vessel regardless of what dark magic you use to gather strength. This was not a problem however, the book presented a simple solution to generate more power. It read. In situations where magically crafted vessels are required the subjects empty body can then be used as raw material in a magic generating break down spell to create the substitute vessel. Elizabeth re-read that line over and over again frantically trying to find any other meaning. A brake down spell was when you broke any object down to simple raw matter and harvested the magical energy that bound that matter together. In the case of a body that meant to decompose or destroy. Elizabeth had hoped that she would be able to reverse what had been done to her body to turn it to slime. This body however was apparently not her old body but a magical construct formed from the destruction of her body, there was nothing to go back to.

Elizabeth mashed the open book into her tits as she screamed soundlessly. There was no way to change back, there was no matter in her body just magic sustaining her soul. Elizabeth curled into a ball on the floor howling wordlessly. It was a good thing she couldn’t scream it would have alerted Nicole. Elizabeth’s small hopes were shattered and for the rest of her time that day she lay there motionless until Nicole came in to clean up the books.


Elizabeth was laying face down in the middle of the floor, an book open next to her. “Elizabeth? The Master will be home soon we gotta put the book back and wait for him.” Elizabeth unable to talk slammed the cover of the book shut with her closest hand and pushed it across the floor but did not move further. Nicole put the book away but knew it was better if The Master found them waiting in their room rather than laying on the floor of his study. “Elizabeth come on we gotta go back to our room.” Nicole went over to help her up but as she rolled Elizabeth over she saw her face and started back. Elizabeth was covered in slimy red tears and had an absolutely blank look in her eyes. “Did you find something bad in the books?” Nicole asked but Elizabeth did not respond. As Nicole let her go Elizabeth fell back down to the ground with a wet squish and did not move. Nicole knew The Master would be back any minute there wasn’t time to snap her out of it so Nicole grabbed Elizabeth under the arms and dragged her back to the room only moments before The Master came back.

The Master came to claim them as he did every night. Nicole stood up right away but Elizabeth still lay limp on the floor. “Oh don’t play this game Elizabeth, I don’t need your participation but it helps.” Elizabeth stood up right away clearly under The Master’s power. “So now I get the silent treatment? After taking away speech from you during the day?” He said walking behind her. Elizabeth bent full over grabbing her ankles with a slap. “Wow the perfect woman.” The Master said. “How long till you snap and start cursing me again.” He rammed his dick into her and began pumping away. Elizabeth’s face was still her own, Nicole could tell because it still had that blank expression. Several long sweaty minutes of pumping, groping, and generally trying to annoy Elizabeth into snapping at him latter The Master pushed her over and she let herself fall to the ground.

Nicole did not know what Elizabeth had read that put her into this stupor but The Master would not stop until he broke her and it could end badly if he forced out the reason for her behavior. Nicole could think of only one way to district The Master and possibly snap Elizabeth out of this at the same time. She was not going to let their plans go to shit because Elizabeth found something that upset her so Nicole stepped forward. “Please Master, please let me try.” The Master looked at her strangely. “And what exactly can you do?” He asked. “I’m a pro Master.” She said cupping one of her tits and rubbing her crotch. “I’ll make her squeal. Please?” The Master arched an eyebrow and stepped back. “Why not? Might be a good show.”

Nicole flipped Elizabeth over on her back and straddled her. “Um Master, a little help?” Nicole asked caressing her crotch again. The Master grinned and Nicole got up on her knees as a huge blue cock sprouted right out of her pussy. Nicole wasted no time, with the years and years of experience on the receiving end she pushed her way into Elizabeth who still lay there motionless. “Gods I know this fells good Elizabeth.” She panted between thrusting up and down. She had to get a rise out of her or they’d both be fucked in more ways than one. Nicole could fell Elizabeth responding to her inside. Louder and louder slurping and sucking sounds began as Elizabeth began to contract around her. “Come on Elizabeth just let it out.” Nicole said. She reached down and tweaked Elizabeth’s nipples and leaning in for a kiss that went right down her troat as Nicole’s tongue elongated. Elizabeth began showing some reaction in her face but it looked more like she would brake down and cry rather than yell or scream in pleasure or anger. That would be just as bad a reaction and Nicole knew she needed to get through to Elizabeth fast.

Nicole reached back and slapped Elizabeth in the face as hard as her super human strength could allow. Little flecks of blue and red slime went flying at the force of the blow. It would not hurt of course but the gesture itself would still get through. “Come on Elizabeth!” She screamed slapping her again and then kissing her deeply. She grabbed a handful of tit with her left and reached back again with her right hand. “We’re in this together!” Slap. “I’m not giving up on you so you so need to give me something here.” She was dangerously close to saying things she couldn’t but The Master was so enthraled by her performance it didn’t really matter. She swung her hand down again and Elizabeth’s own hand shot up, grabbing it with a crack. Recognition was in her eyes again and Nicole knew Elizabeth was in there. Now however they had a problem, they needed to put on one hell of a show for The Master. Elizabeth however took over in perfect order. “You want something out of me?” She asked and even The Master was silent as they lay there Elizabeth holding Nicole’s arm. “Fine.”


Elizabeth had to make this good. With all her strength she grabbed Nicole’s waist and heaved her into the air, flipping her over and slamming her to the ground with a wet slap. Now Elizabeth was now on top and had preformed the flip without ever having Nicole exit her. Elizabeth began to fuck Nicole as hard and passionately as she could. She reached down and grabbed entire handfuls of Nicole’s tits and squeezed so hard her fingers sank into the slime. Nicole shrieked with pleasure and then it happened, Elizabeth felt Nicole cum inside her.

For a split second it was like she could feel Nicole’s mind. Pleasure, fear at giving away what they were planing, and shear animal lust for Elizabeth. Elizabeth felt light headed, could she pass out from the intense pleasure she was felling? Could she even pass out at all for that matter? Every second that passed the pleasure doubled. Gods I’m going to melt down. Elizabeth thought practically vibrating with sensation. Under it all there was a strange sense she was empowered, that she could do anything with this body, she felt freedom. Just as sudden as it came it passed and after what felt like an eternity, but was really only a few seconded, Elizabeth and Nicole where simply fucking again nothing more than the usual fantastic feeling of a cock between Elizabeth’s legs. What fuck was that? Elizabeth wondered.

Nicole reached up and began playing with Elizabeth’s tits. Elizabeth was still uneasy, she hated being touched like that, especially with these disgustingly huge tits. But it felt so good, and it was all to convince that bastard who was sitting in the corner jerking off to them like a mad man. Gods the things I have to do to get by. Elizabeth thought and forced herself to moan with pleasure at the caress.

Setting aside that strange event Elizabeth focused on the facts she had realized when Nicole had begun slapping her. They WERE in this together, if they couldn’t go back to the way things were they’d have to find some other way to live, but if she gave up she wouldn’t just be making herself a slave but another innocent woman would share her fate possibly forever. That was not going to happen and so with a frenetic pace only two slime girls together could match they fucked at mind bending speed and intensity.

Elizabeth got up off of Nicole and changed positions. Now she sucked on Nicole’s huge slimy cock while Nicole’s tongue swirled around Elizabeth’s insides like an eel, both slime women putting forth all their skill and special bodily abilities. Elizabeth drove her face down into Nicole’s crotch till the dick slammed into the back of her throat. Weeks of blow jobs on The Master had unfortunately made her quiet skilled at it. Nicole did not have balls to play with like The Master so without missing a beat she reached around and shoved a finger up Nicole’s ass. Ether in excitement or deliberately Nicole reached around to do the same but shoved her whole hand up Elizabeth’s ass. Elizabeth gasped around the dick as the hand went up her ass to the wrist with little effort, her ass stretching inhumanly wide to accommodate it. Gods I never even thought of doing something like that. Elizabeth thought and shuddered as Nicole’s fingers twirled inside her. She really is a pro.

The Master could take no more apparently and Elizabeth straightened up, actually against her will for a change, and her mouth was forced open so she could suck The Masters cock instead. Nicole felt no inclination to stop however and continued to eat Elizabeth out as she sat on Nicole’s face and blew The Master with that angry glower he loved so much. Several disgusting slurps of cum latter The Master grabbed her shoulder and roughly shoved Elizabeth off Nicole. “Your reward my dear.” The Master said and as he knelt down to mount Nicole her slime dick melting back into a pussy.

In a seen that was becoming much to common, both women lay on the floor of their room panting as The Master had finished with them. “You, Still, With, Me?” Nicole panted. Elizabeth once again silent, nodded. “I don’t care what you found in that book. We have to get out of here. We’ll find a way.” Once again Elizabeth nodded. She couldn’t give up. Tomorrow she would continue reading and figure out some way to get their bodies back. There had to be a way.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.9

The Residue of Love
pt. 9
Cumming Together


The last of the books Elizabeth had to read, her last hope, was My First Thrall. After learning the details of soul removal and the resulting destruction of her real body by it the levity of the title was wasted on her. The book described all the different types of containers you could make for a soul destined to become a thrall. Just going over the index Elizabeth once again felt that she could have had it worse than becoming a slime girl, the index was a list of horrors. Flipping to the Plasm Thrall section Elizabeth began to read.

The book described absolutely everything about her body. She could be manipulated through magic to become liquid, become solid, mold her body into almost any shape with or without freedom of movement. She could be forced to do absolutely anything, say anything, even think anything if the process was done at the time she was made. She thanked her lucky stars she’d not been brainwashed.

Her body itself also had many other interesting properties. For one thing skin to slime contact with humans was an absolutely overpowering aphrodisiac for both her and the human. That did explain how The Master seemed to be able to keep it up almost indefinitely when he fucked her and why, to her shame, it felt SO damn good. Simple limits could also be set on her body so she could not go places she was not wanted when she was left unattended. These limits could be in forced by anything from extreme pain, if that sensation was not removed, to body crippling pleasure in the form of endless strong orgasms till she re-crossed her boundary. Other punishments like the bucket were suggested as well for ‘stubborn thralls’.

In short the book described plasm thralls as one of the most preferable forms of slave being most effective in applications of magic gathering and storage as well as general labor and pleasure uses. Every day that Elizabeth read more about herself it became harder and harder to not despair at her helplessness when The Master took her every night.

Elizabeth learned about the making of a plasm thrall as well. It really did take a lot of magic to create an organism like her slime body and the sacrifice of her real body was listed here too as the most efficient method of generating that power. She learned that her body was also not in fact self sustaining or immortal. To her disgust she learned that her body was in fact very high maintenance, requiring daily infusions of her masters or creators essence to hold together. In blood magic that would translate to blood but for her body a daily dose of spluge from The Master, taken in any convenient orifice, was the only thing keeping her alive. Escape by killing The Master was there fore out of the question. They had to find a way to break the curse and get new human bodies before they could go without his creamy white life juice.

Elizabeth learned one day that she was in fact unique among her kind. Being a magically created being her body naturally channel magic. It could however be blocked as it had been in her so she could not use magic. However all slime girls could use a sort of natural magic produced by there bodies. It was mentioned in the book however that it was not dangerous unless your subject had received previous training in the use of magic because it would take several life times to learn to use it on your own and further more the master would still be able to control it if the thrall used it. Teaching Nicole to use magic for the next few centuries and still getting rapped daily did not seem like the ideal escape plan to Elizabeth but the fact that it was not impossible for a slime girl to use magic was a serious boost to her spirts. She would just have to find a way to remove the block.

Unfortunately the more she read the more solid her slimy chains seemed to be. Being her creator The Master had pretty much total control of her body because he’d left an imprint on her soul when removing it. Without a way to overcome that omnipotent control any plan she came up with could instantly be crushed.

Finally Elizabeth came to the last section that was just some over obvious warnings about the creation of Plasm Thralls. Make sure to remove magic from magically educated subjects, never allow a thrall to get its hands on any vital point without your full control because of there strength. Basically the most obvious things you shouldn’t do. Then she read the line that would ultimately save her life and soul forever....


Beneath it read. Due to the nature of Plasm Thralls it is possible that two thralls may merge if left unattended. Such a merger would result in a blending of the two souls contained within them. This blending would result in a completely new soul without any of the limitations imprinted into the original two souls. Such an unbound soul would not only be uncontrollable but possessing a combination of both plasm bodies altered strength the result could be very dangerous.

Elizabeth could not believe it. After all the solid research saying she was completely under The Masters control this one line was the answer to everything. Through his own greed at not destroying Nicole they may have a way to escape. But there was one problem. The warning stated she would have to merge with Nicole to free them of the control powers The Master had on them. What would such a merger mean for both of them? She may be able to use magic again, and if she could she’d be all but home free in using what she learned to change them back. But would she still be herself if she merged with such a mindless sex addict like Nicole? This would need careful testing and practice before she knew if it was even possible, she didn’t even know for sure how to merge with Nicole but she would have to learn. All these concerns aside this was probably her only chance and she jumped up from her books and ran in search of Nicole to get started.


Nicole was standing on a ladder in the living room cleaning the ornate chandler as Elizabeth came running into the room. She was carrying one of the thick books from The Masters study. She waved the book frantically still unable to talk and Nicole got down to see what she wanted. “What is it?” She asked. Elizabeth looked worried, but she couldn’t tell Nicole what she had found. “A way to escape?” Nicole asked. Elizabeth soundlessly groaned and opened the book. She frantically pointed to some bold print on the page but as always Nicole didn’t have a clue how to read it and she shrugged. Elizabeth had a look of deep thought on her face as she stared at Nicole trying to come up with a way to tell her. It must be something good. Nicole thought. “Maybe you can give me a hint?” She asked. Elizabeth’s face slowly cleared and then a frown passed over it.

Elizabeth stuck out her finger and jammed it into Nicole’s stomach. Nicole gasped instantly becoming wet. With out even teasing her with a few good strokes Elizabeth pulled her finger out. Heart still racing Nicole tried to puzzle out what Elizabeth wanted as she pointed and motioned to herself. “You want to fool around? This is the big brake through?” Elizabeth rolled her eyes and grabbed at Nicole’s hand pulling at her index finger. Nicole shrugged and stuck the finger into Elizabeth’s tit. Elizabeth went ridged, it looked like she was fighting just to think straight with Nicole inside her. Light weight. When Elizabeth started to soundlessly gasp and a pool was starting to form at her feet Nicole pulled her finger out. Elizabeth slumped and took several minutes of heavy breathing before she straightened to face Nicole.

“Not what you needed?” Nicole asked in all seriousness but Elizabeth scowled. “You think you have a way out that involves us being in one another?” Elizabeth nodded. “You don’t have the control to show me when I enter you and you need me to do something if it’s you entering me?” Elizabeth nodded more excitedly. “Well what do I have to do? Is there any way to show me?” Nicole asked and Elizabeth looked lost once again.

Elizabeth pointed to her right hand then to herself. Next she pointed to her left hand then to Nicole. “I’m the left one?” Nicole asked and Elizabeth nodded. She laced her fingers together and started to squeeze. Gee trying that hard her hands will melt together. Nicole thought and sure enough that’s just what they did. Elizabeth went limp and the tangled lump that was her hands went straight for her crotch but Nicole finally understood. After a few minutes Elizabeth managed to re focus herself. The girl had really taken to the whole self gratification thing a whole lot more freely than she would have months ago. A few years and we may be able to pull that stick out of her ass. Nicole mused.

“We have to come together?” Nicole asked. Was that even possible? She’d never had another slime girl to try with. Elizabeth nodded excitedly now that she’d gotten the point across. “Can we? We just tried entering one another. It’s fun and all but The Master’s had us do that dozens of times in front of him and we were under his power.” Elizabeth shook her head no and laced her hands together again but with what looked like some effort did not fuse her hands again. “It’s more than that hun?” Nicole asked.

“Elizabeth, do you remember that time a few days ago when we fucked to fool The Master into thinking you were ok again.” Elizabeth nodded and Nicole could swear if she wasn’t already red she’d be blushing. “There was a point when something was different, do you remember?” A look of recognition passed over Elizabeth’s face and she nodded in agreement. “I think I may have done that.” Nicole said sheepishly. Elizabeth looked confused. “Well when you were on top of me and we had to make the show extra good for The Master I tried with all my might to please you so it would look real. I imagined myself flowing into you and you into me. For a second I thought I could tell what you were thinking. Gods it felt so good I really didn’t care and it was so quick but...... There was something there wasn’t there?” Elizabeth nodded then sighed. She motioned to Nicole to fallow and she headed for there room. “You want to try again don’t you?” Nicole asked. Elizabeth paused and turned. The look on her face said it all. She did not want to try it ever again. She hated giving into the sensations her body could experience but she knew it was the only way and so she would do it. She would love every second of it and hate herself later but she would do it. Nicole fallowed.


They only had a few hours before The Master was due back. Best to just get on with this and be quick. Elizabeth sat on the floor and Nicole sat across from her. “I think I know what to do.” Nicole said holding out a finger. “Trust me this is what I’m best at.” She said with a grin. Elizabeth couldn’t help but grin back. This woman may not be the sharpest she’d ever met but she was in no way stupid and she was about the closest thing to an expert on Plasm Thralls you could find. Elizabeth wished she could explain what she was making Nicole do. Trying to fuse there souls together was, magically speaking, the dumbest idea Elizabeth had ever had. Like trying to cut open your own head with an axe so you could look at your brain with a hand mirror. There was a million things that could go wrong and Nicole sat there calmly holding out a finger. Elizabeth could do nothing but sigh and stick her finger into Nicole’s, she did trust her after all.

At first it felt perfectly normal, all things considered. Elizabeth’s finger solidly stood out inside the deformed slime of Nicole’s finger. Nicole was obviously felling the effects of being entered but a look of concentration was cast in stone on her face. Then Elizabeth felt something. The slime of Nicole’s finger seemed to be trying to force it’s way back into place, it squeezed down on Elizabeth’s finger. Elizabeth’s vision flashed white as a wave of intense physical pleasure coursed through her entire body like being struck by lightning. When she was able to wrestle enough self control back to do simple things like see rather than feel Elizabeth was staring at her finger. From the first knuckle down ending in Nicole’s own knuckle their fused finger was a deep purple. Oh gods it worked. Elizabeth thought frantically. ‘It sure did.’ Nicole said. Wait Nicole had not moved her lips. ‘I can’t believe it. I’m actually inside your head.’ Nicole thought, a grin spreading across her face. Gods, she is, I hear her thoughts and, oh gods I can read all her thoughts and memories too. Elizabeth panicked and yanked her finger back. As their fingers separated she felt a feeling of resistance like this was natural and pulling apart was something her body itself didn’t want. The purple space pulled and with a snap both slime girls went limp. In the split second it took to hit the floor the feeling that Elizabeth experienced was like molten lava coursing through her veins at the speed of lightning. It passed down her arm, through her chest both searing and tickling across her nipples, down her torso and hitting her in the pelvis like a sledge hammer. The orgasms she and Nicole were simultaneously hitting were so strong their backs arched as twin gushes of slime sprayed across the room and against the wall from each of there pussies.

Moments or hours later, Elizabeth didn’t know she weakly stirred and tried to roll over. Gods it felt like her entire body had just been slapped by a giant, she tingled with numbness all over. Oh. Nicole groaned. “I haven’t cum like since the early years.” She said with a grin and a giggle. A grin! ‘Crazy whore.’ Elizabeth thought. “Hey that’s not very nice.” Nicole said and gasped. She could still read Elizabeth’s mind.

They had been mentally linked, no more than that, she felt like Nicole had been part of her, had someone touched Nicole she would have felt it too. She had been able to read Nicole’s thoughts, memories, even physical feelings. Elizabeth now knew everything about Nicole, EVERYTHING, in the spilt second she had looked. Part of that had apparently rubbed off. “Why’d you pull back?” Nicole asked. “It felt so good. We really were one, last time we must have only come close.” Elizabeth weakly shuffled over, she couldn’t explain how violated she felt without words and didn’t want to if she could. It had been Nicole, she trusted Nicole but her mind was the one thing she had still had to herself and it had been rummaged through like an old trunk.

“Hey it’s ok.” Nicole said soothingly, obviously reading her mind. “It’s just me.” ‘We’re in this together.’ she thought right into Elizabeth’s mind. ‘I... I just need a minute.’ Elizabeth thought huddling into the corner. For several moments she just tried to shake the lingering sensation of being one with Nicole and the new awareness of Nicole’s mind in her own. ‘I’m sorry.’ She finally sent through her mind. It was so weird holding a conversation where she wasn’t talking. Nicole looked confused at her. “Why?” Nicole asked. Elizabeth began to weeping big slimy tears. ‘I didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into and I got scared.’ “Oh honey.” Nicole said crawling over to her. “There’s nothing wrong with that, how may times have we both been scared since coming here?” She asked. ‘I shouldn’t have been.’ Elizabeth sobbed. ‘I was supposed to keep us both safe, I’m the maga, and I didn’t even have a clue at what would actually happen and got scared.’ Nicole held her. “Your human... well close as we can get.” She laughed. There’s nothing wrong being surprised or not knowing, even if you are an all powerful maga.” She said giggling while she held her.

“How can I hear your thoughts?” Nicole asked some time later. ‘I don’t know.’ Elizabeth thought in response. ‘Side effect of linking more directly I guess, last time it had only been by accident and for a split second. I don’t want to but we’re going to have to experiment with linking more. It’s the key to getting out of here.’ “I know.” Nicole said. “I saw it in your head...” ‘Sorry.’ she though. “I know it all, if we learn to link you will be able to use magic again and with that and all you’ve learned from The Master’s books we can work on getting new bodies and escaping.” Elizabeth nodded. “We’ll have to play it natural on the nights with The Master up till then.” Nicole said. ‘Yeah.’ Elizabeth mentally groaned. Soon she would not only be free of that bastard but she planned to get even and then some if she could get her magic back. “Just bend over and plot.” Nicole said with a grin and Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

Days later Elizabeth lay on the floor of their room allowing the puddle, more like lake, she had just expelled seep back into her red slimy skin. Progress had been made in these last few days, but slowly. Today the girls had managed to fuse up to the elbow, there new arm a sold bright purple, before Elizabeth caved under the tremendously sensuous flood of feeling that accompanied a melding. Embarrassingly enough it was the desire for the inhuman climax that fallowed splitting apart that forced her to pull away.

Cursing her damned weak will once again Elizabeth sat up. ‘Sorry.’ She thought toward Nicole who was already finished pulling herself together. “It’s not like I don’t enjoy it myself too.” Nicole said grinning. ‘I can’t believe I keep doing this.’ Elizabeth thought. ‘I’m sorry for ever calling you a whore. Against that feeling.... even my will buckles every time.’ “It’s ok.” Nicole said getting to her feet. “The name’s true, all the same I’m glad you see things my way now.” See it, Elizabeth did. Without the shame and anger of being rapped Elizabeth had actually began to enjoy the heightened feelings her body could experience from fusing with Nicole and the instinctual desire for that huge climax was like the weight of the world on her shoulders the whole time they were together.

‘We have to keep trying.’ Elizabeth thought. ‘We have to be one hundred percent fused before we confront The Master. If there’s even a hint of our old bodies left he may be able to separate us and then we’re both finished. Plus I may not have my full power unless the limits are completely removed. It would be easier just to teach you magic but we don’t have that kind of time and we’d surly be caught.’ “Well we wont be learning to fuse completely today.” Nicole said. “I’m a little tired from all that fun and we still have to preform for The Master tonight.” ‘You must be getting old.’ Elizabeth thought jokingly. “Oh not a lively young thing like you.” Nicole said and poked Elizabeth in the shoulder caressingly. Elizabeth moaned, dampness forming between her legs again. She really could see why Nicole could have become so loyal to The Master. Without making it a demeaning punishment the feel of someone inside her was intoxicating. Elizabeth was sure this was why she was failing at the fusion so often. Nicole removed her finger and beamed down a loving smile which Elizabeth returned.


“So now that I know a bit about magic too. How are we going to make bodies to go to when we are able to use magic?” Nicole asked as they cleaned the kitchen together one afternoon. ‘I don’t know.’ Elizabeth slumped not looking up as she answered. ‘There’s no way to generate the power we need to get the job done.’ The plan in theory so far was fuse, subdue The Master, generate an obscene amount of magical power by yet unknown means, create two new human bodies. A process itself that was not exactly first year material. Separate and somehow not be helpless after projectile ejaculating, and finally separate their souls from their slime bodies and migrate to the new ones.

‘It’s hopeless.’ Elizabeth dropped to her knees at the counter. ‘All this time, all the work to find a way to escape the impossible to escape control of The Master. Only to find that changing back is absolutely impossible on our own.’ Nicole had no words to sooth her, that’s how it looked. She placed a hand on Elizabeth’s shoulder. “I know you’ll find a way. My knowing magic is only second hand from you but I know you’ll find a way. Look how far we’ve come. First you need to be able to fuse with me so you can use magic yourself then you’ll find a way.” Elizabeth placed her hand on Nicole’s and thinking to herself, though unable to hide it from Nicole, thought. ‘There really is no way out this time. We can’t generate enough power to make bodies and migrate, It’s one process too many. We need two bodies and even if we used The Master’s body to generate power it would only be enough for one. And I can’t work the magic to do it separated from you. The best we can do is probably to kill The Master and then starve to death without his cum.’ Elizabeth cried slimy red tiers and tried not to think at all for Nicole’s sake.
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Re: New Story: The Residue of Love ch.10

The Residue of Love
Three for One, A Really Fair Trade


Today was the day. Today Elizabeth would have to make her stand against The Master. Over several more nights the girls had tried many times to merge. After an attempt that had them half way together, attached at the torso, Elizabeth had broken contact. They had woke up about an hour later on opposite sides of the room and had agreed that if the backlash of going that far literally blew them apart merging totally before they intended to act could have nasty consequences. In theory once they were merged Elizabeth could seize control of the magic flow, trap The Master, and then use him to generate power. She still didn’t have any plan for the body transfer problem but no more preparation could be made. As Nicole had said. “All we need now is the stones to pull this off.” It was a bit of an ironic choice of words.

They had come up with a plan. It was a good plan, well it was as good as they had available to them. It hinged on Elizabeth provoking The Master into making her fuck Nicole instead of him. The trick was not ending up in one of the thousand sick games he had to punish them for resisting. They had to be close enough to merge while he was weaving the magic gathering spell. As soon as Elizabeth could once again see and interact with magic she could turn the tables but it required him to make the first mistake.

As always that afternoon The Master stood before them Nicole and Elizabeth stood at attention like statues. “You know girls? I’ve noticed lately that the cleaning around here has slackened a bit.” For a moment Elizabeth’s heart raced, did he know? “If I didn’t know better.” He said stepping up to Elizabeth. “I’d say you two were having a little too much self gratification during the work day.” He traced a finger up the side of Elizabeth’s huge tit. The feeling sent shivers up her spine, she wanted him to stick that finger in and then take her roughly. She mentally recoiled at this thought and then realized she had a perfect opportunity if she could get him to give her back her voice. Elizabeth glared for all she was worth only having to fake the rage enough to look senseless. “Oh? Something to say my dear?” The Master asked. Elizabeth felt her throat clear. “I’d rather fuck that simple blue bitch than sink to your level.” A surge of enthusiastic joy surged through Nicole’s bond as she knew Elizabeth had turned the conversation perfectly in their favour. “Oh” Is that so dear?” The Master asked. “Well then I think it’s time to pop your other cherry.” He said with a smirk.

Elizabeth had hopped she could just have to go down on Nicole to get their moment. She hopped she could come up with some other way than what was about to happen but she knew it was pointless now. In all the perverse games The Master had made them play both together and with him Elizabeth had miraculously never had to be on the pitching end of fucking Nicole. She felt the sensation as soon as The Master had said the words. Something swelling up from deep within her. She was still locked in place but from the waste up Elizabeth twisted and writhed.

“Oh FFFFFffffuuuuucccccckkkk.” She moaned. Elizabeth’s pussy began to twitch. Panting and quaking with every serge it felt as though Elizabeth was being fucked from the inside out. “No, no, NNNNNNOOOOOOO!” She screamed as a huge slimy red cock burst from her pussy in a shower of cum. Simply growing it had given her a mind shattering orgasm, slime still ran down the sides of her massive new member. “Oh My Gods!” Elizabeth wailed. The cock was of corse huge. As thick and veined as The Master’s or Nicole’s. It hung down limply from the hole that used to be her vagina. It was not erect but she knew it would never get any smaller than the near foot that hung between her legs, however she knew from hard experience it could get bigger. Without thinking she took a step back, her legs were free again. The meaty appendage bobbed with her movement and bounced against her thigh. “Oh shit.” She mumbled, that had felt really good.

Nicole turned and leaned forward. “Let me know how you like it.” The Master called from the corner. Elizabeth’s body moved on it’s own to take up position behind Nicole, she obviously could not move from her bent over ready position but was otherwise free to turn back and look at Elizabeth. ‘Don’t look.’ Elizabeth thought to her as she placed her hands on Nicole’s hips. All at once the cock stiffened and nearly bridged the gap between them itself. The surge of sensations she was getting from this new appendage was staggering, the mere fact it was hard felt good. ‘We can do this.’ Nicole thought to her and then without any warning Elizabeth’s pelvis thrust forward.

“OH MY GODS!” Both women shrieked at once as Elizabeth penetrated. Oh dammit. This is what a man feels while having sex? No wonder they’re such pigs. Nicole had always been a stimulating bed partner even if Elizabeth had no natural preference toward women but taking her this way was an experience Elizabeth had honestly not been ready for. “She’s so TIGHT.” Elizabeth couldn’t help but pant. More than just tight Nicole was a force unto herself inside. Her pussy twisted, squeezed, sucked and pulsed like a thousand eager mouths. Elizabeth had been well aware of Nicole’s talents but experiencing them with this new, hyper sensitive appendage was a world apart from using your tongue or finger. “OH, Oh AAAAGGGGHHHH” Elizabeth moaned. ‘Don’t forget we have to...’ Nicole tried to think into Elizabeth’s brain. “FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK......” Elizabeth screamed in a voice more akin to an animal. Never had she hit such a deep, powerful note feeling this from the woman’s end. Even Nicole could not contain herself and half shrieked half moaned as Elizabeth came inside her.

If there had been any accidental connection of souls this time it passed the women by. Elizabeth realized she was bent over Nicole’s back, her tits pressing into her. ‘Oh shit, I was too carried away to remember to merge.’ Elizabeth screamed in her head. ‘Yeah.....’ Nicole answered back dreamily. The Master had eagerly watched the whole thing from the corner and grinned widely. Elizabeth winced at the feeling as she pulled out of Nicole with a slimy wet slurp still rock hard. “How was she my dear?” He asked. Elizabeth actually had to fight the urge to answer it was incredible and she wanted more. Gods my mind really is breaking down. She thought in terror. “So now you’ve had your pleasure my dear, now something for dear Nicole.” Nicole’s ass tilted downward slightly and they both knew from the angle what was coming. Nicole had mentally braced herself for what was coming, she hated it up the ass. Suddenly Elizabeth’s hands clapped down on Nicole’s hips so hard Elizabeth’s fingers sank in. Nicole jumped, back arching and Elizabeth could see her already tiny target clench. “She alway’s clenches when you grab her hips like that.” The Master said almost to the open air and Elizabeth thrust hard.

If Elizabeth thought Nicole’s pussy was tight this was like being crushed. After a moment Nicole eased up a bit but it was a slight bit. ‘Nicole we have to merge this time when I cum, we may not get another chance for a long time.’ Nicole’s mind was a snarl of emotions. Distaste if not disgust wared with the mind crushing pleasure of their slime bodies sensation. ‘I’m.... ready....’ Nicole thought back roughly. Elizabeth could feel it again, the burning sensation that started in her chest and slowly pushed down her body. Unlike a real man a slime girl with a dick could cum full force every time and as that wonderful burning pleasure readied itself once again both slime girls were ready as well.

“Aug, Auhhh AAAGGGGUUUUHHH.” Elizabeth moaned as she felt herself cum yet again. Through Nicole’s clear blue back Elizabeth could see the bit of herself inside the other woman in a form that allowed them to fuse at the magical level. ‘Now!’ Elizabeth screamed in her mind and the reddish blob when seen through Nicole’s body merged with the blue slime around it and turned bright purple as a connection was made. In a flash Elizabeth could once again see magic and she was in a fire storm of it. Thick ropes of power flowed out of the two women and coiled around them before converging on the central point of power, that sick fucker in the corner.

~The Master~

The Master sensed something was happening the moment the flow of magic changed. His eyes shot open on a sight of his slime girls fused at the hips by a lot more than the dick he’d made Elizabeth grow. He reached out with his power to control them, to pull them apart and make them stand against opposite walls. He hit a solid mental wall, a consciousness he neither had control of nor ties to. That little bitch Elizabeth stared at him in triumph and took a step forward completely merging her red legs with Nicole’s blue the result being Elizabeth standing up straight and Nicole hunched forward both on a single pare of purple legs.


Elizabeth had wasted no time. She’d pressed her hips so hard into Nicole’s soft round ass that they fused together and began to turn purple. With every inch of the purple Nicole was more aware of Elizabeth. Then Nicole felt what could only be described as The Master’s will slamming down on them trying to force them to separate but it had no hold on them, it bounced off like they were not even magical beings, like they were not connected to him at all. ‘YES! We’re free.’ Elizabeth roared in Nicole’s head with a fervour that down right scared Nicole. She stepped forward and all at once Nicole felt her legs become one with Elizabeth’s. It was the most sublime pleasure she’d ever felt. Like a thousand orgasms, like life and love and power itself. “MORE!” She screamed out loud.


Elizabeth could feel it now, merged with Nicole to this point she could reach out and touch the magic around her. She glared at The Bastard and ceased an entire bar of magic. Had The Bastard ran when this had started he could probably have put distance between them and prepared. As it is his ego kept him pounding at their minds in a vain effort to control them. Elizabeth slammed a hammer of air into him and pined him into the corner. With Nicole’s will added to her own the shield Elizabeth slammed on him met little resistance. The combined will of even an untrained maga with an experienced one could easily over power even a stronger single mage.

With that ass hole out of the way Elizabeth had to finish the merger with Nicole before she would be powerful enough to control all this magic at once. Nicole was simply revolving in the experience and as Elizabeth called to her Nicole readied herself for the truly dangerous part of this plan, fully merging.

Elizabeth leaned forward as Nicole rose. Elizabeth’s enormous tits pressed into Nicole’s back. Elizabeth had realized their legs had changed slightly. Being both relatively short women Elizabeth noted she now stood a few inches taller. What other changes could this have to their combined body she wondered as she felt her embarrassingly huge chest start to sink into Nicole’s back.


“YES! More, more!” Nicole yelled. As Elizabeth pressed herself into Nicole she felt Elizabeth’s fantastic tits press against her back and then into her. Nicole’s own chest swelled as it began to turn purple as if ripening. She reached up, her arms still her own for now and played with one of the dark purple nipples as she felt the breast swell beneath her hand. “I knew I’d get to have these beautiful tits.” She said aloud. Elizabeth only grinned as she continued into Nicole. The master lay flat against the wall held up by the magic Nicole could see but not really understand. He looked truly scared as she glanced over at him. For a fraction of a second Nicole felt the old pity she had for him but then remembered he neither loved her nor wanted her, she was a tool and now that tool had a mind of it’s own. He should be scared.


Elizabeth was only a neck and head atop the purple bodies shoulders, her arms had just finished merging with Nicole’s. Directly in front of her was Nicole’s slimy blue hair. ‘Ready?’ Elizabeth thought. At this point they were so in tune with each other there was no more need to direct a thought, Nicole was already in her mind. ‘Yes....yes.’ Nicole thought between mental pants. Elizabeth did not fallow any particular religion but she prayed to whom ever might be listening that this crazy plan worked. Elizabeth buried her face into Nicole’s slimy hair with a squish and pressed. The sensation of any part of a slime girls body deforming was strange but the few times Elizabeth’s face was forced to deform had to rank as one of the strangest feelings she’d ever experienced. Elizabeth felt her face squash, deform and then sink into Nicole’s head and then all sight left her fallowed by all awareness completely.

~The Master~

The creature that was born before The Master’s eyes was a goddess forged of a light purple hue of slime. It stood a solid six foot even, long shapely legs rose to a perfect tight ass. A flat stomach ended abruptly in a pair of tits each larger than the size of the creatures head. A long mop of slimy purple hair hung down her back framing the face of an angel. He was in awe of the master piece he had created. No, wait he had not created this thing, he had not the slightest influence on the new slime girl and his magic was still shielded. She opened amethyst eyes and he knew she was not just a goddess but an angry goddess. It began to take steps toward him and The Master wished he could be crushed by his air bonds straight into the wall. This bitch was going to kill him.

Suddenly, as if in answer to his thought he dropped the inch or so from where he was held on the wall and was free, although still shielded. Terror gripped him and in a desperate effort he dashed for the door. As he had ordered Nicole to do so many times with the young girls he brought home to play with the creature sprung on him with inhuman speed. The Master tried to fight it off but he might as well have been a child fighting an adult with how strong it was. The creature guided him to the ground despite all his struggles and parted his robes. Her slick, slimy hips sat on his legs and the skin to slime contact gave him an instant rock had boner. “Now.” It said in a voice that was an eerily a mix of Nicole’s and Elizabeth’s. “I will pleasure you one last time, Master.” The smile that split it’s head in two sent chills down his spine and he struggled to get free but the creatures hips might as well have been a vise.

~The Slime Creature~

The creature that was not Elizabeth nor Nicole rose up and lowed her perfect pussy slowly onto The Master’s cock. With all the physical skill his own thralls had possessed he was taken to, then beyond the highest point of pleasure he’d ever attained. The Master could see the spell the creature weaved atop him but he was powerless to touch it.

As soon as The Master came he knew much more than cum had shot out the end of him penis. His strength lessened and his limbs felt heavy. This creature was the best fuck he’d had in all his two hundred years and it was literally sucking the life force right out of him.

“No, no stop.” He begged. He tried to twist free but the slime girl only twisted inhumanly far and continued to pump away atop him. “NNNnnnnooooo aaauuuuugggghhh.” He came again and the his arms dropped limp beside him, he had been digging his fingers into her tits in a vain effort to distract her.

“ please stop.” He begged. He looked up to the creatures stomach and could see through her to the spot where his dick was being sucked dry. The slime of her torso had taken on an opaque hue, it was harder to see through her. A blast of cum spirted from him and the strength to hold up his head left him. Clunk.

“No Master, don’t look away.” The creature said and leaned over him. Slime dribbled down off the tips of her huge tits as they hung above him. She leaned down and sandwiched him in her massive cleavage, his head was completely engulfed. Please let her smother me. He prayed. But she propped herself up after only a moment and continued to grind herself against him as her hips thrust up and down. He was face to face with the creature and she kissed him. Her tongue darted down his throat and elongated, he choked before he came again.

The slime girl atop him was now almost totally opaque, the see through quality of the slime almost gone. I’m almost gone... the thought stumbled through his mind. The creature rose up, riding him once again. “Nnnnnoooooo.....” he moaned feebly. The Master’s body was almost wasted away. Firm muscle and his heathy amount of fat had been drained away. He lay limp, all except one part, and was powerless to stop what was happening to him. “Aug. Augggghhhh” the slime girl and the husk that was once The Master moaned together as they both felt the final climax coming. “NNNNOOOOOOOOAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH........” He screamed, and as he came his body shrivelled up and his final yell died in a very dry cough.

The slime girl rolled off the dry, twiggy husk that had been The Master still not sashayed. She lay on her back next to the corpse and reached down to pleasure herself. She could feel the orgasm that was coming even before The Masters final moments she was about to have her own climax and the nearly complete spell hovered above her as she furiously fingered herself. The cloud of magic slowly seeped down from the ceiling and settled into the creature that was not Elizabeth nor Nicole.

“OOOOoouuuuuaaaahhhh!” The slime girl moaned. Her back arched until she was nearly bent double as the force of the orgasm hit her. A huge jet of purple burst from the slime girls pussy. Easing back to the floor she knew this was far from over. Another blast of cum but unlike the norm where the pool slithered across the floor and reformed with the slime girl the thick purple soup on the floor was just plain old liquid, no magic, no will of it’s own. Just the leftovers being purged from her body. “Hhhhhuuuuuaaaahhhhh.” Gush. The slime girls bright but completely opaque body had begun to lighten now, she was several shades closer to a human skin tone rather than purple. Gush. The slime girl no longer had the strength to arch up and she lay collapsed in the pool of slime that had covered the entire floor of the little room. Several more smaller shockwaves passed through her, a stead stream of slime was running out of her rapidly changing body. Shortly after a now completely human woman lay passed out in the purple lake that had just been emitted from her loins.


‘Fuck my head hurts.’ Nicole thought as she began to come around. ‘Yeah.’ Elizabeth answered by way of mind. ‘What ever happened we’re still linked by mined so that’s not a good sign.’ ‘But my head ‘hurts’.’ Both girls tried opening their eyes at the same time only to find them already opening. The woman left over after the slime girl purged herself sat up out of the thick sludge caked around her. Her body was that of the purple slime girl, tall, curvy, impossibly busty but one hundred percent human. The only magical quality left was she still had impossibly purple amethyst eyes. That and tits the size of her head that were magically perky and round. “Holy shit it worked Elizabeth.” Nicole bounced in place on the floor making a thick, sloshing, splashing sound. “Worked? We’re still in the same body you Dumb Whore.” Elizabeth answered in the same shared voice. ‘But what a body.’ Nicole thought cupping one prestigious tit. “Stop that I can feel it too.” Elizabeth fussed. “Oh lighten up liz, we’re human and free. Have some fun for once.” She tweaked her own nipple and Elizabeth gasped. ‘We will do no such thing.’ She thought taking control of the hand and lowering it. ‘The spell didn’t work, we have no extra body and no way of making that level of magic again.’ ‘Would it be so bad to share a body? We already knew every inch of each others old bodies.’ Elizabeth did the mental equivalent of a few stutters and stammers. “In the end I’m still stuck with you forever.” She conceded. “Yay!” Nicole cheered. “I get to keep the boobs.”

“But what the hell do we do now?” Elizabeth asked looking down at the corpse that had been their master. This thought sobered Nicole. “Our lives have literally been ruined by this bastard.” ‘What do we do now?’ Nicole thought and held up their hand, a fire ball formed in it. “Burn this fucker to the ground for a start.” She said looking around their old room. “You can use magic now?” Elizabeth asked. ‘No you can use magic now and we’re the same person, I know everything you know.’ Nicole mentally stuck out her tongue. ‘And now I know every possible position ever thought up to fuck in, great.’ Elizabeth confirmed. ‘Your welcome.’ Nicole thought.

Standing out side the house in some old raggy clothes they’d found Nicole suggested. “We could move to a city and become a famous courtesan. We could rule the town from our bedroom with all the sex magic we know now.” “Yeah, or.” Elizabeth said sarcastically. “We could go back to the hall of wisdom and get a job putting that knowledge to uses. We could be a magical experts, famous not only for our knowledge but for the fact we’re the only living conjoined soul in history.” ‘That sounds really boring.’ Nicole groused. “Nicole, if for no other reason than that we know so little about our condition we’re going back to the hall. End of discussion.” Elizabeth made to move her legs but they were not only hers anymore and their body stayed still. “On one condition.” Nicole said. Elizabeth mentally sighed. ‘What?’ “We stop at a tavern or a brothel or something along the way and celebrate our freedom. I can’t remember the last time I fucked with a real body.” “Oh? Is that all?” Elizabeth asked arching an eyebrow. “I think we could arrange that.” She said with a mischievous smirk.

~The End.~
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