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Omega Labyrinth Z Captures


The Overmind has long been aware of a massive deposit of fetish fuel: the game Omega Labyrinth Z where it's female cast have their chests swell with power the more dungeon monsters they vanquish.

When enough monsters are defeated a character's chest will grow a size. While the game shows the character's cup size increasing as a letter, there are only 4 sizes that have an actual visible difference: their normal size, a slightly bigger size, K cup where their shirts pop open, and Z cup where their boobs become even bigger. (Although some character's "Z cups" are still smaller than other character's G cups.)

Frustrated that no one else thought to extract this material the Overmind has sent it's drones into the depths of youtube gameplay videos and extracted choice frames to show this expansion.

Attached Images
File Type: png Saeri2.PNG (1.75 MB, 116 views)
File Type: png Saeri1.PNG (1.55 MB, 122 views)
File Type: png Nako4.PNG (1.79 MB, 147 views)
File Type: png Nako3.PNG (1.92 MB, 120 views)
File Type: png Aina1.PNG (1.33 MB, 238 views)
File Type: png Aina2.PNG (1.37 MB, 210 views)
File Type: png Aina3.PNG (1.49 MB, 206 views)
File Type: png Aina4.PNG (1.92 MB, 226 views)
File Type: png Nako2.PNG (1.98 MB, 118 views)
File Type: png Nako1.PNG (1.76 MB, 134 views)
File Type: png Mirei4.PNG (1.92 MB, 164 views)
File Type: png Mirei3.PNG (1.89 MB, 135 views)
File Type: png Mirei1.PNG (1.60 MB, 165 views)
File Type: png Mirei2.PNG (1.93 MB, 137 views)
File Type: png Saeri3.PNG (1.61 MB, 117 views)
File Type: png Saeri4.PNG (1.70 MB, 169 views)

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