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The Training of Jeff Stintum (SM, slow shrink, femdom, size comparison)

Hi ya'll!

I've really been meaning to write some stories and post them here. I'd like to start writing these kinds of stories regularly, with an aim to one day write them full-time. For the present, here's the first one that I started posting a couple months ago on giantesscity. It's called "The Training of Jeff Stintum," and in addition to the title's tags, will include gentle humiliation and BDSM, as well as some slave and cuckholding elements. I'll post a few chapters a day until I get up to where I am now in the story, Chapter 16. Ultimately I intend on writing 35-40 chapters, and possibly more.

Hope you enjoy it, and please don't hesitate to offer feedback, either in the comments or as a pm <3 <3 <3


"The Training of Jeff Stintum"

Chapter 1: The Waiting Room

Jeff Stintum had begun to suspect that his party-hardy, rock-and-roll lifestyle was coming back to haunt him. For six years, ever since his graduation from college, he had done almost nothing but enjoy himself, barely managing to pay his bills by working in the local restaurant. It was a far cry from what had been expected of him when he was 18, a bright young boy who excelled in school and aimed to be a doctor. But in college he had started to challenge the authority around him, and by the time he (barely) graduated, he was sticking it to “The Man” full time. For the next six years he played drums in his band, The Wretched Loners; he went to parties thrown by his friends; he drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney. When his friends wanted to try other drugs, he tried them too. He had no ambitions, no goals, no real plans for the future. After all, weren’t “plans” just a servile, meaningless way to fit into the “system?”

Gradually, however, Jeff Stintum began to notice some changes in his body. He had a persistent cough that never really went way. Every morning he would wake up hung over, and didn’t have enough energy to do much of anything till mid-afternoon. This pattern eventually led to him getting fired from his restaurant job, so he began living off money from his begrudging parents. His drinking and smoking appetites were now eclipsing his appetite in a major way, and he began losing weight. Jeff was already a smaller man, but he used to be “chiseled,” as they say, when he first began playing drums six years before, at 22. His band didn’t play much anymore, however — much of the group had moved on to other musical projects, and Jeff, now at 28, had lost his one source of exercise. This fact, along with years of hard living, explained why he was losing much of his muscle mass. But none of this mattered to Jeff. He was living outside the system, and doing what he wanted. So there.

Even he couldn’t ignore this pain in his hip, though. It had begun as a dull pain a couple of years before, but as the months stacked up, the pain intensified, to the point where Jeff had to walk with a limp. His friends had urged him to get an x-ray, but Jeff had so far refused, retorting that hospitals were just phony, for-profit machines run by corrupt bureaucrats. Finally, one day after his mother saw him simply fall down, she had yelled at him: “Jeff!! Look at you!! You can’t even stand up!! Look at your legs — you’re getting so skinny and you’re in so much pain!!! GO TO THE HOSPITAL OR WE’RE CUTTING YOU OFF!” He didn’t really have much of an option now.

And so here he was in the hospital waiting room, looking up disdainfully into the fluorescent lights and glancing suspiciously at the fish tank. He crossed his hands in his lap as he looked down at his blue jeans. It was true, he had definitely gotten smaller. His baggy jeans (which were a size small men’s) hardly looked like they contained any legs at all. His mind jumped away from the thought. ‘Plenty of rock stars are skinny,’ he thought. ‘That’s why people are jealous of —” “JEFF STINUM!”

His thought stopped dead in its tracks, but not because his name had been called. It was WHO had called it. Standing there next to the attendant’s desk, with full wavy blond hair that cascaded down a short-sleeve royal blue scrubs top, a folder and clipboard in one hand and smiling like the sun, was Sarah Helleger. Jeff was dumbstruck — she was a woman now, that was for sure. He couldn’t speak or move. Sarah’s smile widened and she beckoned him to her with a manicured hand. Jeff struggled up and limped over to her, and it was only then that he realized that she was taller than him — a good bit taller, at least three or four inches. He glanced desperately down at her shoes and saw that she was wearing flats.

He looked back up into her radiant face, which had begun to descend as she leaned in for a hug. Her ams easily engulfed his body and she squeezed, not very hard for her, but as far as Jeff was concerned he literally felt her squeeze the air out of him. He attempted to wrap his arms around her in kind, but could only manage halfway around her back with either arm. How could she have gotten so big??

“Oh Jeff,” she said warmly as she released him and stood back up to her full height, “it’s so lovely to see you.”

“Great…to see you too,” Jeff managed, getting his breath back. “I didn’t realize you had already graduated.”

Chapter 2: The X-Ray

“Oh I haven’t graduated yet,” laughed Sarah as she put a hand up to her hair, tossing it back. Jeff could not help but notice how long her fingers were. And just how…..large her hand was. He turned up his chin to give her face a quick glimpse and then had to look away quickly. It was like staring at the sun — was this for real?

“Uh…oh, wow!” managed Jeff, looking nervously around and stumbling through the conversation. “You aren’t graduated yet?”

“Yeah, I still have one more year to go. I’m pre-med so I thought I’d do a summer internship here to get some experience, you know, before I start the long haul.” She smiled and put her hands on her hips genially, shifting her weight to one hip just like she used to.

Jeff could think of nothing to say. He just stood there stupidly, a crook in his back, his posture a wreak from the pain in his hip, and his shoulders slumped forward in embarrassment, staring down at the floor before his old neighbor, 7 years his junior, who had apparently grown all the way up. She had been 11 the last time he saw her before he went off to college — a scrawny little tomboy, with her nose always in a book when she wasn’t running around outside.

And now…well, he had been completely caught off guard. She was utterly transformed. Her hands on her hips nonchalantly emphasized their sheer, rounded size; her thick thighs barely hid behind her hospital outfit; she wore a few decorative rings on her fingers, and a watch and a number of colorful bracelets on her wrists, which only served to accentuate her full but feminine wrists and forearms; she wore red lipstick and hoop earrings on either ear. She just looked…so adult. Jeff felt tiny in her presence, and not just because she had clearly grown quite a bit taller than him. He felt that everything about her was bigger.

He heard a tinkle of soft laughter from somewhere above him, and he looked up quickly to see that Sarah had turned towards the main door. Her mane of blond hair swayed as she inclined her head inside.

“Well, right this way, Mr. Stintum,” she said, smiling. And she pushed open the door, Jeff following in tow. She reached back obligingly and held the door for him.

“Still playing the drums?” she asked without turning her head as she walked in front of him down the hallway.

“Oh…here and there,” Jeff mumbled, distracted by her movements. He was staring at Sarah’s ass as it danced up and down in front of him with every step. Weren’t these hospital pants usually baggy? Weren’t they just for practical use? And yet Sarah’s ass and hips seemed to almost totally fill them, leaving little to the imagination. Jeff looked up at her top and saw that the same was true of her short sleeves — her upper arms almost filled the sleeves completely. He swallowed, feeling truly intimidated by her size.

“You’ve got a nasty limp there,” she said as they rounded a corner. She looked back at him with concern as she ushered him before her into a dark room. “I take it we’ll be looking at that right hip?”

“Um, yes,” said Jeff, limping by her into the room, unable to prevent himself from noticing that her own hips sat a good deal higher than his, and had to be almost twice as wide. “Yeah, this hip right here.” He tried to sound casual, but the intense pain, coupled with the seriousness of the x-ray room and Sarah’s concern, made his attempts futile. More than anything else, though, he still could not recover from the shock of seeing an adult Sarah. He turned to look at the giant x-ray machine as Sarah shut the door.

“Ok Jeff, I’m gonna need you to go into one of those changing rooms over there,” she pointed with a long finger (the bracelets on her wrists murmured softly), “and put on one of these x-ray outfits. Just for the procedure, you know.” She smiled as she handed Jeff some baggy grey shorts and a top. The clothes had seemed like a nice little stack in her hand, but as they plopped down in his arms they seemed like quite a handful — he had to adjust his arms to keep from dropping anything. He stood there with the clothes, the prospect of wearing them seeming utterly ridiculous.

“What — ” he began to ask as she started to move into the technician’s room. She turned around, anticipating his question: “Oh don’t worry — they’re one-size-fits all. I’m gonna get everything set up here, and you just let me know when you’re ready.” She smiled warmly at him and went into the side room, and Jeff went to get changed. ‘How am I noticing all this stuff about Sarah?’ he thought as he went to the changing room. He was a chill guy, an easygoing kind of dude, who just let everything be what it was. And yet all of a sudden he was honing in on all these details about Sarah’s body, and letting them get to him — it was almost if she was emitting some kind of pheromone that drew him in and made him unable to look away. He suddenly smiled and shook his head as he pulled the changing room curtain. ‘Look at me,’ he thought, ‘all out of sorts over Sarah Helleger. Boy has she grown into a lovely young lady. I should…send her parents an email or something.’

He had to stop thinking and focus on getting the hospital shorts on. They were oversized and roomy, with an elastic band around the waist to supposedly fit all sizes. Jeff slipped them on after he had taken his own jeans off, and uncomfortably noticed that his waist seemed to barely hold the shorts up. He took his own shirt off, reaching his arms to fit the big hospital top over his torso, and felt slightly sick when he sensed the shorts slip straight down his legs to the ground. He put his arms through the top and then bent down (painfully, for his right hip) and started to pull the shorts back up past his legs, which for some reason now looked utterly different to him. They looked…almost childlike, and he realized he was thinking of the twin pillars that were Sarah’s thighs, poorly hidden behind her professional uniform. About this time he pulled the shorts right into his erection, which he had completely failed to notice.

Had he developed this boner just now? Or had Sarah seen it? No — she couldn’t have. He had his jeans on before. Baggy jeans were good at hiding erections...Jeff knew a thing or two about hiding erections. Even though he was a shorter guy, and skinnier recently, he had always had a big dick. And there it was in the pale light of the changing room, some kind of uninvited, full-fledged purple monster, up from the underworld and twitching undeniably in the hospital air. He pulled the pants up roughly past it and was happy to see that the shorts stayed up this time. But this was no good! The only thing keeping the shorts up was his huge erection! He fumbled about for a bit in disarray before he decided to sit down in the changing room and close his eyes while thinking about his parents having sex in a bathtub full of cantaloupe. Jeff hated cantaloupe.

After a minute or two his ploy worked, and he breathed in relief as he pulled the curtain aside. He hadn’t gone three steps before the shorts fell down again, and Jeff huffed in frustration and bent down as quickly as he could, snatching the shorts back up. This time he just held them in a bunch around his waist as he walked back into the x-ray room.

“Oh, here he is!” said Sarah happily, who had been talking with a middle-aged female coworker who also apparently helped operate the machine. The two technicians turned to face Jeff, and his thoughts of the last few minutes were entirely wiped away. He felt just as awkward, just as exposed, just as tiny, as before.

“All right! Well before we take the x-ray we need to measure and weigh you,” said Sarah, indicating the way to a corner of the room with a height chart and scale, “You know, just procedural junk.” Jeff panicked inwardly, and could not understand why he was feeling this way. He also felt his dick twitch, and he regathered the ball of elastic waistline he held.

“All set with the clothes?” asked Sarah as she pointed for him to stand next to the height chart while putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. Jesus it felt huge against his bony structure; he felt her big warm hand engulf the small ball of his shoulder and then extend well down his back on one side, and down close to his nipple on the other. He felt his dick stir further as he felt the warmth from her hand literally radiate throughout his body — he had poor circulation, so he was always a little chilly.

“Uhhh, actually, these pants were a little big on me,” he said quietly without looking at her as he made his best effort to stand up straight. “But it’s ok, I can just hold them up like I’m doing now.”

Sarah frowned a bit. “Really, they don't fit? That’s really curious. Hey Dana, Dana do you think that — ” and she paused, seeming to realize something, and walked into the technician’s room to continue the conversation without Jeff hearing. Jeff could still see the two women through the clear glass, but couldn’t hear them. He could see Sarah’s coworker Dana look over at him, and then Sarah looked over at him and then quickly back at Dana. Jeff saw Dana shake her head and Sarah shrugged and came back out.

“Sorry about that. Well, anyway, um, haha, this is kinda silly. Do you have anything that could hold up your pants? We can’t have your hand near your pelvis during the procedure — it’ll block the images. Any kind of belt without any metal on it?” Sarah laughed a little, appreciating the strangeness of her question.

“Ahhh, I don’t think so,” said Jeff, feeling more ridiculous by the second.

“I’ve got it!” said Sarah suddenly, cracking the air with a snap of her fingers. Jeff noticed her nails were manicured and blood-red, just like her lipstick. With a jangle Sarah brought her left wrist up and finagled a black hair tie -- that had been nestled tightly around her wrist among her bracelets -- off her arm and held it in front of Jeff’s face as she stretched it out. “This’ll do,” she continued as she bent down in front of him, “and it’s kinda weird, but you know, problem-solving, right?” She laughed again and within a couple of seconds held a foot-and-a-half opening with the hair tie close to the floor.

She looked up at Jeff from her crouched position. “Come on Jeff,” she said encouragingly, “just step right on in, and I’ll pull it up around you. It might be pretty tight for a few minutes, but that’s all the time we need.”

Jeff mechanically obeyed her, negotiating his feet into the opening she had made. He was busy wondering how high she would come up to him if she was actually kneeling down. She was just crouching and already the top of her heat went well past his waist. He looked down at his feet next to her hands — good Lord were her hands as big as his feet? Bigger?? He looked up at the ceiling in desperation as he felt his dick getting hard again. What the fuck was all this?

“All set? Ok, up we go!” she chirped, quickly maneuvering the hair tie past his shrunken legs and up to his waist, where the elastic easily held the shorts up. Jeff was still looking at the ceiling, afraid of his erection getting bigger and Sarah noticing, if she hadn’t noticed already. He almost winced as he felt her hand wrap around his left calf as she began to stand up. Her fingers had gone all the way around it. As Sarah rose in front of him, until her bust was level with his face, Jeff stuffed his hand unceremoniously down the pants, pretending to "readjust" himself. He really was readjusting himself: he was tucking his erect dick under Sarah’s hair tie, the only thing that could hope to keep it at bay during the procedure.

“Sweet, problem solved,” said Sarah, clapping her hands. And now, let’s see…your height…standing up straight? Yes…ok, 5’6.” She wrote down the result on her clipboard and moved to the right near the electronic weight scale. Jeff stood unmoving by the height chart. He wasn’t surprised by his height. He had been 5’6 since he was 17. He had just expected…well, a little more of a comment from Sarah about her own height, how she was now so much taller than him. He had expected to learn her height. He looked wordlessly at her.

“Yes Jeff?” she asked kindly, smiling at him. A few seconds passed between them as they just looked at each other. Was there something of a smirk in that smile she was giving him? No — she was just being accommodating and sweet, as always. “Anything you wanted to say?” Her eyebrows arched ever so slightly.

“No…nope, nothing.” Jeff limped over to the the scale and stepped on. Sarah stood by with the clipboard. It suddenly occurred to Jeff that he hadn’t actually weighed himself in years. He wondered what — and then he looked down. 113.1

How could that be possible?? People weighed that much in middle school!! He had used to weigh 140, 150 pounds a few years ago!!!

“What’s it say, Jeff?” came Sarah’s calm voice behind him. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest as unpleasant tingly sensations zapped down his legs and arms to his fingers and toes. His dick, already grown to its full length under the hair tie, grew thicker. What was happening?

“It says,” said Jeff in a dry voice that was more of a croak than anything else, “113.1.” He heard Sarah write down the number on her clipboard, and as he turned back away from the scale he saw her eyes go up and down his body a couple of times dispassionately, scanning him briefly. Was she noticing how small he was? Could she believe it? Was she disgusted by it? What was her weight? What did she think about him? Jeff found himself longing to know her thoughts, and yet he could discern nothing from her face.

“Great!” said Sarah brightly, allowing the moment to pass, “Well, hop on to that table there and we’ll get everything all positioned for you.” Jeff did as he was told and Dana the coworker placed the appropriate panels and plates around his right hip. Both women sat in the technician room as the procedure happened, and it only lasted a few minutes. He saw both women looking at the images they had just taken, and he was not encouraged to see Sarah’s brow darken as she looked intently at the images. She was talking with Dana and frowning and shaking her head, pointing to this and that on the screen. Jeff was still trying to wrap his head around this whole spectacle: sweet little Sarah, an adult, a med student, looking at his x-ray. ‘I guess people do actually grow up,’ he laughed to himself as Sarah came back into the room.

“Well, how does it look?” he asked Sarah casually, getting up gingerly from the table and feeling more like himself again. Sarah blinked slowly once and inhaled through her nose as she smiled down at him.

“Well, we can’t really say right now. We’re just technicians, after all. We have to wait until the orthopedist looks at it. But thanks for being so still — one of the easiest x-ray procedures I’ve ever had!”

Jeff laughed and walked on past her back to the changing room. He only realized when he pulled the curtain again how comfortable the hair tie had been around his waist. It hadn’t even left too much of a mark. He wasn’t worried about that, though. He had only had it on for a few minutes. He put his real clothes back on, threw the hospital clothes into the dirty bin, and unconsciously slipped Sarah’s hair tie into his pocket.

“Well, you’ll be hearing back from the hospital in a couple weeks with your results,” said Sarah as he came back into the room. She stood next to Dana, her hands back on her hips. Jeff gawked. A few seconds passed by. Finally Sarah took a single stride and bent down to engulf him in another hug, just as overwhelming as the first.

“It really was great to see you again, Jeff,” she breathed to him as she rose before him, regarding him down her bust with kind, gentle eyes. “You were always so nice to me growing up. It’s just good to see…good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too,” said Jeff, barely able to form words. He could smell her sweet scent all around him; he was looking straight forward into her ample breasts, and could feel her huge organism breathe from feet away. He was rooted to the spot, unable to speak more or move. The seconds passed by, and Jeff looked up at Sarah’s face long enough to see her exchange an expressionless glance with Dana and turn back to look down at him. A few more seconds passed and she blinked slowly again and smiled as she produced a piece of paper from her pocket and smartly tore off a slip. She wrote down something and reached down and handed the paper to Jeff, taking care to bend over so she could look him straight in the face.

“There Jeff, that’s my number,” she said softly. “If you ever wanna hang out and catch up or something, you can text me. Ok?” Her voice was so sweet, and still Jeff knew this was his cue to leave. He turned wordlessly away and walked out of the room, the hallway, the hospital, all the while holding Sarah Helleger’s number, and carrying her hair tie in his pocket.

Chapter 3: Jeff’s House

Jeff’s mind was a whirl of white smoke as drove home in a daze. He couldn’t think about anything specific for more than a second. He didn’t even notice the sound of thrashing guitar and screaming vocals that cut through the air in his car from the CD he had been listening to. His brain flashed through image after image, unable to alight on a single one: Sarah’s bright face looking down at him, the red lipstick on her full lips, her hand on her hip, the watch and bracelets on her wrist, how her butt moved tremendously, teasingly in front of him in the hallway, her thighs, her slow, confident strides, her large, long hands next to his feet. Had she really put her hair tie around his wait?!? Her number!! And here Jeff realized that he was clutching the piece of paper she had given him, and he nearly swerved into oncoming traffic.

He arrived at his house rattled and out of breath. He looked down at the piece of paper. Neatly written in a firm hand was: 617-727-8577. She had written a little <3 under it, along with “Sarah’s #”. He kept looking at her handwriting as he walked the muddy, unkempt path to his door, past the disordered heaps of empty beer cans and the overflowing trays of cigarette butts. He could hear some discordant notes from a guitar inside, and he carefully folded the paper and put it in his pocket before he walked through the front door.

He was met with the ever-present haze of weed smoke as he walked in and shut the door. Two of his roommates were there in the living room. Dave had his shaggy black hair hunched over a bong from which he was in the process of taking a very large hit. He pulled the carb out and cleared the bong, holding the smoke in for a second before exhaling it out into the air. Cassie was stretched out on the love seat texting on her phone. Through the haze it looked like she had on long sleeves but Jeff knew those were just her sleeve tattoos.

Neither roommate said anything to Jeff as he entered — Dave jerked his chin up once in a “what’s up” motion before easing back into the sofa, hands crossed behind his head. Cassie didn’t even look up from her phone. Jeff stood awkwardly in front of his roommates, unsure of how to proceed. Usually he just went right to the fridge for a beer or sat down next to Dave and smoked, but he felt different right now. He felt like…telling them what had just happened. He hoped somewhere in his struggling mind that they could make sense of it for him.

“I…went and got that test done today,” he told no one in particular. Dave didn’t move.

“Test?” came Cassie’s firm clear voice. “What test?” She still hadn’t looked up from her phone. These last few weeks, ever since Cassie had made official plans to move, she had been more distant with everyone, especially Jeff. He guessed that maybe he had done something to piss her off, but he didn’t know what, and he was afraid of asking Cassie about it. She sure could be intimidating. She had used to party a lot with Jeff, and enjoyed being “one of the guys,” as Jeff had called her. Recently, though, she had started taking her music really seriously, and her hard work paid off — she was joining a popular band in New York. Although she tried to be nice around the house, it was clear that she was ready to get the hell out.

“The…uh. The x-ray. Of my hip. To see what’s making it hurt.”

“Oh. I thought you just walked that way.” Cassie’s deadpan delivery made it impossible to tell what she meant by this comment, and Jeff felt something like anger welling up inside him. Clearly they did not appreciate what had happened.

“The nurse was actually an old friend of mine.”

“Was it Julia Weber?” came Dave’s stoned, sudden question from the sofa.

“What? No…no!” Jeff was getting frustrated.

“I wonder what’s become of that Julia Weber,” murmured Dave as he nestled himself deeper into the sofa.

Jeff felt like stamping his foot and yelling and Cassie noticed his impending outburst and got off her phone.

“Well who was it Jeff?” she asked loudly, turning her whole body to face him, chewing her gum vehemently. She had a short leash for Jeff these days; he felt like everything he did annoyed her, and he didn’t know why.

“It was…” and here Jeff realized that Cassie would have no idea who this person was, but he said it anyway: “Sarah Helleger.”

“Who’s that?” Cassie asked quickly and impassively.

“Oh! Sarah Helleger!” came Dave’s voice from somewhere in the cushions. “That little girl who used to ride her bike everywhere when we were growing up. How is she now? Probably in college, right?”

“There’s…nothing little about her now,” said Jeff in a shaky voice. He was finally getting out what he needed to get out.

“Jeff, what are you talking about?” asked Cassie, sighing and rolling her eyes. “Is she super fat now? Does she have rolls? Did your childhood sweetheart not grow up to be the woman you thought she would?”

Dave chortled into the cushions. “Childhood…sweetheart,” he said laughing, moments later, “Cassie, this girl’s like ten years younger than me and Jeff.”

“Seven,” corrected Jeff, not seeing how any of this was funny.

“Oh. Jeff was just acting weird and upset so I just assumed he was in love or something.” Cassie was losing interest and going back to her phone.

“And she’s not fat!” said Jeff to Cassie with much more energy than he realized, “And she doesn’t have rolls!”

Cassie put her hands up and lifted her brow: “Well excuse me, Jeff! I’m sorry I don’t know anything about this girl I’ve never met and never heard of. Fuck!”
Jeff was breathing hard and had no idea how he had gotten himself so tangled up in this conversation. He looked to Dave pleadingly to help him make sense of everything. Dave was comfortably high and feeling rather mellow, and could see that his little friend needed some help. Dave and Jeff were the same age and had grown up together; however, unlike Jeff, Dave had grown into quite the man. He stood at 6’4, and had plenty of meat on his bones.

“So Sarah’s grown up, huh?” he ventured calmly to Jeff. “What does she look like now?”

“She’s…she’s really tall.” His voice sounded smaller to him in the hazy air.

“How tall?”

“Uh…taller than me.”

“Well, duh, Jeff,” said Cassie, her face back on her phone and her gum smacking away, “Most people are taller than you.”

“Like who, you?” Jeff shot back. He wasn’t going to take any of Cassie’s crap anymore.

“Yeah, me!” said Cassie, smiling as she put her phone down and bounded up to Jeff in her socked feet. Her phoenix-red hair flashed like a jungle bird through the smoke. She seemed enthusiastic about this comparison as she whirled Jeff around and put her back to his. “C’mon Dave, see who’s tallest!”

Jeff felt a heavy sinking feeling — he knew she was taller than him. Why had he reacted like that? He heard Cassie chewing happily on her gum as she did a little dance behind him.

“Cassie, stop it,” he muttered, feeling her butt rub against his.

“Uh, Cassie’s taller,” said Drew from the sofa, “by like an inch or so.”

“See big boy,” said Cassie, smiling and arching her eyebrow at Jeff as they turned around, “it’s not news that someone is taller than you, even if it’s a girl who’s much younger.”

“But…but it wasn’t just that she was taller,” stuttered Jeff, eager to tell the whole story, “She was…big. Everywhere. Like…..hips, and…uh…legs…..her arms…….her butt was—”

“Damn, Jeff!” exclaimed Cassie, shifting to one hip, “So you were just checking this chick out like one hundred percent, weren’t you?” She could see that Jeff was at a loss for words, and so she took pleasure plowing on through. At least the conversation was interesting now.

“So she was bigger than you too?” Cassie laughed again. “Well I’ve got news for ya Jeff—most people are.”

“Shut up Cassie, I just haven’t been working out much recently.” Jeff was not getting the reaction he wanted.

“Let me show you something Jeff,” said Cassie, and waltzed back up to him. She lifted up one of her legs, which was also heavily tattooed. She wore short, tattered jeans, so most of her leg was visible. Cassie was not a large person by any means: at 5’7, 130, she was on the lighter side of normal. This was precisely the point she was going to make to Jeff. He always went around, acting bigger than he was; this would be a fun parting reminder to him.

“See this?” asked Cassie of her thigh as she held it up to Jeff. “This is a small thigh, like smaller than average. Put your hands around it. Around the middle part there.”

Jeff did and couldn’t get all the way around. He tried to but her thigh flesh couldn’t yield to his hands. It pushed back, and Jeff was surprised how firm and dense it felt. There were still three or four inches left before his fingers could touch.

“Mmhm. Good, now put them around your own thigh.”

“But I —”

“Don’t worry about your jeans. Just do it and see how it goes.” Jeff shook his head and tried, and felt his stomach drop as he was able to comfortably fit both of his hands around his thigh. Cassie couldn’t help but laugh in surprise.

“Haha! Oh fuck, I didn’t realize it would be that easy! And with your jeans on too, wow.”

“Fuck this shit, Cassie,” said Jeff angrily, moving to leave the room. “I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, but I’m outta here.”

“Wait, Jeff! Wait!” said Cassie eagerly, and contritely. “I’m sorry. Really, I am. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings or anything. Can we just do one more? One more?”

Jeff rolled his eyes. “Ok, one more.” He actually enjoyed the attention from Cassie, and relished her saying that she was sorry. This was more interaction than they’d had in weeks.

“Arms!” said Cassie, and held hers out. She was wearing a tank top, so her arms were completely visible. Jeff had to take off his jacket to get to the short sleeve shirt underneath. Cassie went over to him and stretched her arm out next to his.

Again, Jeff felt a sinking feeling as he looked at his arm next to Cassie’s. It looked like a child’s arm next to a grown-up’s; even though she was a normal-sized person, everything from her wrist to her forearm to her upper arm looked bigger and more substantial. Cassie’s tattoos didn’t help with the starkness of the contrast, nor did her forearm flexing, which she was doing with a grin on her face as she eyed Jeff, gauging his reaction to the visible muscles and tendons that moved underneath her skin and made her tattoos roll and dance. Jeff tried some flexing of his own and saw no discernible change. Cassie laughed, but genially this time.

“Wow, if you had tattoos and flexed your arm like this, none of your tats would move!”

“Ok, you’ve had your one,” said Jeff, frustrated again, as he moved to go back to his room.

“Aww, just one more?” whined Cassie playfully after him. “Biceps?” Jeff turned to look and she was striking a sprightly biceps pose, winking at him as she bit her tongue. Dave had gotten up from the sofa and had walked over to Jeff.

“Oh, Jeff, before you go into your room, just so you know I found a good situation with Louis and a few of those other guys, so I’m actually gonna be moving in with them in a couple weeks. I’m gonna get someone good to sublet, don’t worry.”

Jeff felt devastated. He knew that Cassie was moving away, and that Dave had been planning on moving out, but he had been holding out for Dave to stay with him and keep him going — he always had before. Dave must have seen Jeff’s shoulders slump, because he stepped over and engulfed him in a big hug.

“Nothing personal, Jeff. We all gotta do what we all gotta do. For me, I need a fresh start somewhere new. If you need me to help you with anything, let me know.”

Jeff nodded and slumped off to his bedroom, but not before he glimpsed John through a crack in the door, which he pushed open. John was playing an electric guitar quietly, and without purpose or direction. He looked up at Jeff and smiled, his eyes far off in some distant world.

“How about you, John?” asked Jeff, even though he may as well have asked a brick wall. “Are you gonna stay with me here?” John made no sign that he had heard or understood the question, but he kept smiling and said quite clearly: “Up around that bend there, the glen there, bogey walkaround. A Trice? Yes, indeed!”

Jeff pulled the door to on his way out, assuming that John was on acid again. He seemed to be on it almost constantly these days. Jeff finally made his way to his bedroom at the end of the hall and went in, shutting the door behind him. More beer cans and bottles scattered the floor, and Jeff walked a path he had cleared through them and other junk to get to his bed. There were no sheets, only a mattress that got dirtier by the day. In one corner of the room lay a disordered heap of papers from when Jeff had tried to write a novel and gave up after a week or two. In another corner sat cold, hard blocks of sculpting clay, ready to be formed into masterpieces whenever the inspiration struck. A single orange lamp lit the room with a dull glow.

Jeff felt exhausted and was going over what to do in his mind as he took his clothes off. He would have to find two more people to live here. Three if John went missing. How did it all come to this? There used to be so many people around this house! So much energy! What happened to it all?

Right then, Jeff put his hand in his pocket and felt the piece of paper with Sarah’s number on it. He took it out, unfolded it one more time, and put it on his nightstand. And what was — her hair tie! He had forgotten to give it back! He felt sudden shame, as if he had done something wrong, but this feeling quickly morphed into joy and excitement. He put the hair tie next to the piece of paper and stood grinning in the sickly orange light. After a few moments he began to feel ridiculous again. What was he doing? Making some kind of shrine? Was he….into Sarah Helleger? Did he…have feelings for her? He sat on the bed with his head in his hands, his feet dangling off the mattress. He tried to make everything in his head stop before he decided anything.

No! He realized quickly. He didn’t have feelings for her. She was attractive, of course, but all his confused thoughts weren’t about him being hot or him wanting to…be with her or something. These thoughts only expressed the pride he, Jeff, had in seeing Sarah grow into a beautiful young woman with a promising future ahead of her. He thought back to his youth, when he had shown Sarah how to use a sling-shot, and when he had helped her go back to her parent’s house after she fell and skinned her knee. Golly, was she crying then or what. Jeff lay back in bed with a smile on his face as these thoughts swirled pleasantly through his head. He was beginning to even feel pride for helping raise her, and was starting to congratulate himself on having been such a good neighbor. ‘Good for Sarah,’ he thought to himself. ‘Good to see her stepping up and joining the adult world.’

Before he went to sleep, Jeff opened up his laptop and sent Sarah’s parents an email. He was in a mirthful mood, and wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to reach out. It read:

“Dear Jan and Chris, This is Jeff Stintum, your old neighbor. I was having a thing done today at the hospitall and I saw….guess who? Sarah!!!! That’s right anyway it was pretty much of a shock to me since i had not seen her in lots of years. And she looked great!!! I mean, really great. i was amazed. She has grown up so nicely, and really, the was she does her job is just splendid. i just wanted to let you folks know wbout this encounter, and maybe we can have a meal at my parents place or something. when Sarah comes home for the holidays mayeb we can make this happen. ok, i just wanted to let you know and say hi!


Jeff sent off this message and then turned off the light and laid back in his bed to sleep. He found sleep difficult, however, because thinking about Sarah did’t make him feel tired: it made him feel energized and awake. After some tossing and turning, he knew what to do. He turned his light on and looked at the hair tie that was sitting on the piece of paper. It didn’t looked stretched anymore — it had returned back to its normal size. Jeff couldn’t understand what these feelings were, but he was compelled to pick up the hair tie and examine it. Yes, it wasn’t stretched anymore; it looked like a normal hair tie. He didn’t know why, but he felt his dick becoming infused with blood. His engorged head was dragging along the angular fabric of his boxers. His heart was racing — why?

Gingerly, he put his hand through the hair tie until it was around his wrist. He put his arm up a bit and the hair tie slid all the way up his forearm until it stopped at the crook of his elbow. Jeff couldn’t believe it — wasn’t this the same hair tie that Sarah had been wearing around her wrist? Wasn’t it tight? And yet here it was, the same thing, not even tight around his upper forearm. Whatever this feeling was, Jeff did not like it. It was overwhelming, a hidden, mysterious something that he absolutely could not handle. He shook off the hair tie and put it back on his nightstand and turned off his light. In a few minutes he was asleep.
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Re: The Training of Jeff Stintum (SM, slow shrink, femdom, size comparison)

Love the size comparisons and the humiliation Jeff undergoes. Hope it gets worse. --Aaron Farkas
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Re: The Training of Jeff Stintum (SM, slow shrink, femdom, size comparison)

Originally Posted by farkas17 View Post
Love the size comparisons and the humiliation Jeff undergoes. Hope it gets worse. --Aaron Farkas
Thanks Aaron! I am happy to report that yes, it gets worse

The next three chapters:

Chapter 4: A Change of Residence

Amid odd phantasmagorias of color and clashing cacophonies of sound, Jeff awoke. His heart was beating rapidly and he realized he was soaked in sweat. He couldn’t recall the last time he had awoken from an actual dream. For years now, he had gone to bed drunk or high, and usually some combination of the two. He realized, lying on his mattress and staring straight up at his cobwebbed ceiling, that he actually hadn’t had anything to drink or smoke yesterday. ‘Excellent,’ he thought immediately, ‘No qualms about drinking today!’ He cheerily kept looking at the ceiling as he planned out exactly how he was going to get wasted, and where he’d go for the best chance at maybe meeting a hot chick to talk up. He thought back a little and remembered a some new beats he had come up with a few weeks ago. Yeah, those were pretty tight.

“Drummers always get the hot chicks,” he said out loud to the ceiling. He smiled to himself, feeling pretty optimistic about the day’s outlook. About this time he turned his attention to the massive erection he was sporting. He looked down his chest at his underwear, which bulged out tremendously. He flexed his erection a few times, enjoying how it strained the underwear fabric. He finally reached down a finger and freed his dick, allowing it to bounce around stiffly until it stood still, tall and proud at full mast.

Jeff loved looking at his dick. He loved flexing and relaxing, and letting his big purple head mushroom bigger and bigger with each flex. He didn’t need to stroke himself to get hard — all he needed to do was look at himself and that was enough. At just over 9 inches and impressively thick, Jeff’s dick was definitely his most physically impressive attribute. Years back, when he was playing music more regularly and when he was having a lot more sex, he had several girls tell him that they had never seen anyone bigger. He remembered their looks of awe, how their eyes almost misted over, how they had choked and gagged down on him, trying hard to be the first to deepthroat him. None of them ever succeeded, Jeff was often proud to recall.

He reached down and grabbed his erection with both hands and squeezed, enjoying how this made him look even larger. He suddenly noticed, with his arms outstretched, the marked contrast between the size of each arm and the size of his penis. Could it be? Was his dick….bigger than his arm? He sat up, pointed his dick forward with his left hand, and held his right forearm up next to it. His penis wasn’t just bigger than his arm: it was almost comical how much his arm was dwarfed. It was at least twice as wide, and many times thicker.

Jeff sat there staring at the contrast, almost not believing it. A strange feeling was beginning to seethe in his loins, and he was surprised to see himself grow even longer and thicker. He was getting turned on, very turned on, in a new way. Something about seeing the contrast, the hugeness of his member next to the tininess, the puniness of his arm, made him feel…it made him feel that something was somehow not right. That something unnatural was happening, and was almost irresistible, something that was inevitably coming on and would not be denied.

And then he suddenly thought of Sarah’s arms. He hadn’t even thought of his encounter with her yesterday until now, and all his confusion and disorientation came flooding back and mixed with this strange feeling intensifying within him. His dick grew larger still. He looked immediately to the hair tie on his nightstand, and without thinking reached over and snatched it up, breathing hard. Would it fit around his cock? It had fit tightly around Sarah’s wrist…

His heart beat even quicker as he tentatively held it up to his mushrooming head and then began pushing it over. It went over his head, but he did have to push it a little bit, and then once it got past the head it fell down to about a quarter down his length, where it stopped. Jeff caught his breath, and began to push it down farther. At his most wide, about 3/4th’s of the way to the base, the hair tie had to stretch a little bit — Jeff pulled it and let it go to see if it would snap, and it didn’t; it remained relatively flaccid around his dick’s thickest part, even though his thickness definitely filled the hair tie’s space. Jeff almost gasped in arousal as he realized that even though his dick was big, Sarah’s wrists were bigger. How puny had his own arms looked next to his erection, which now looked bigger than ever? What were these feelings? His hands began to pump his length from its base, as if he were in a trance.

A crash interrupted his reverie, and Jeff jerked his hands off his dick like he had been burned. A few more crashes followed, coming from John’s bedroom. It was John, bumbling around in the morning. Probably still tripping. Jeff shook his head, wondering why he kept his roommate around, and felt superior to him. ‘John’s got to get his shit together,’ he mumbled to himself, and he looked down at his erection, with the hair tie around it. Jeff was filled with disgust and ripped the hair tie off and threw it in the corner of his room among his papers. What had he been doing? What the fuck was all this shit? Was this because he was dreaming last night? It was probably just from the after-effects of being in a hospital. God knows what those hospital and pharmaceutical execs were pumping into the air. Those money-gouging schemers, who owned all the medical patents, who had all the control, who were just trying to make a buck off you. Poor Sarah, she had gotten conned by them — well, it was just a natural part of growing up. Maybe she’d see reason someday and stop being part of the system. Maybe he’d even write her a friendly email about it, offering some much-needed advice.

Anyway, he was still hard. Time for some actual porn, he thought happily. His mindset switched so seamlessly, such was his lack of self-awareness. It was enough that he did not wish to know or explore that which he found uncomfortable or undesirable — he could simply not think about it, and that was enough for him to proceed merrily along. One time recently a girl even called him “clueless” when he was flirting unsuccessfully with her. He knew, though, that she couldn’t handle his confidence, a man who knew what he wanted, so of course she had said “clueless” rather than what she had meant to say, which was “confident.” Clearly she couldn’t handle him.

That’s what Jeff was getting off to these days. Girls who couldn’t handle big men. “Big” here meant “big penis,” and as far as Jeff was concerned, the two were the same. He quickly splayed open his laptop and went straight to piracy website, searching “big dick small ass.” He liked to find the big white dicks (so he could pretend the dick was his) banging chicks who didn’t have much ass, and who were moaning in pseudo-pain as they were being fucked. Never in the ass, though. That was just gross. Why would anyone want anything to do with an asshole? In any case, he was pleased that he seemed to be into what everyone else was into. There were literally millions of videos of nice big cocks fucking nice tight little dripping pussies. He remembered how Cassie once complained about how most porn was so boring, and how hard it was to find stuff she liked. He chuckled to himself as he pumped his dick, watching a just-turned-18 girl get her pussy banged by a thick white cock. ‘Well, if Cassie gave into her more natural urges and wasn’t such a stubborn freak,’ he thought, ‘then maybe she’d have a little easier time of it.’ It didn’t take him long to have his morning orgasm; ten minutes later he was on the way to the fridge for his late-morning breakfast of Miller High Life and a Slim Jim. It was going to be a good day.

As the next days passed, Jeff went about his usual routine without even thinking about his hip x-ray. Sure, he still limped around, and sure, it hurt, but a little pinched nerve wasn’t going to stop him from doing what he wanted. He drank a lot of cheap beer, smoked a lot of weed (sometimes with Dave, although Dave had started moving his stuff out), and sometimes picked up his drumsticks and tried out some new beats on his rubber drum pad. He was even reading a great new book, called 87 Lies Of The Brave New World: What They’re Not Telling You About The Moon Landings, 9/11, The Federal Reserve, And Everything Else. This book was getting him excited about starting an activist group that could meet in secret and discuss various ways to undermine all the bad forces controlling society. So far, he hadn’t organized everything, but he would, right after he finished this book…

As the days turned into a couple weeks, however, Jeff noticed that although he wasn’t thinking about his hip or the x-ray results, he couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah Helleger. It was starting to really irritate him, how she would randomly pop up in his head at weird times. But he was starting to notice it more and more. It began with just remembering her gorgeous, smiling face, and how wonderful she had looked and sounded. He couldn’t help but be blown away by what she had grown into. But even with this seemingly innocent recollection of Sarah, Jeff felt perplexed and uneasy. There was something sinister that seemed to lurk in the feelings she inspired. He tried to just think of her as that little girl on the block, with her little bicycle, and feel something like fatherly or brotherly affection for her becoming an adult. But this didn’t work, because the apprehensive, amorphous, and slightly sickening feeling only intensified when he thought about how, in only ten years, she had blossomed, developed, and flourished from what she was then to what she was now. He thought about how gentle and how effortlessly adult she looked, and how she had bent down to look him in the face and hand him her number. Why all this fixation on her appearance, on her demeanor? On how grown up she looked?

Jeff’s discomfort grew and grew each passing day, because his usual strategy for ignoring things he did not like to think about wasn’t working. But he loved thinking about Sarah — she was so pretty and doing a great job because of how he helped raise her…but that was not the way he was thinking about her. He was thinking about her big, long hands and fingers on her hips, how tall she was compared to him, her imposing breasts, her grown-up scent, and her expressionless glance across his body after she learned that he weighed 113.1 pounds. He was thinking of how small she made him feel, and about how, despite the fact that he was 7 years older, she was much, much taller and bigger everywhere on her body than he was.

‘Everywhere except the dick,’ he tried to reassure himself. Even that didn’t work this time. And much to his displeasure, he would think about Sarah right after he noticed little things in the world. One day, in the self-check-out line at the grocery store, he had to show his ID to a store employee. The employee came up: she was short and petite, of Indian ancestry, and she was cute. Jeff was thinking of something witty to get her interested in him before he noticed her ass and hips squeezed into her employee pants, leading down to her thighs, which also fit into her pants skin-tight. Jeff was seized with panic as he realized, as he knew, that he could never fit into those pants like that. They would probably fall down around his waist. ‘Anything else, sir?’ came her amused voice, and Jeff turned and took his ID back, unable to meet her eye contact. He had gone home downcast that day, helplessly thinking about how Sarah had filled out her work outfit.

He was noticing these kinds of comparisons more and more, and they were stressing him out. They made him feel small and weak. He knew he wasn’t small and weak. He was just preparing to do great things. So many people, he thought, had to be shunned by society, had to live in the shadows for a time, in order to truly achieve greatness.

And yet he couldn’t help but notice, again and again, and more with each passing day, how big so many women were compared to him. Not fat…just big. He was sure the fat ones were so many more times his size it wasn’t even worth counting. But just regular women, mothers, young women, even teenagers and sometimes younger, started looking big to Jeff in ways he had never really appreciated. A young woman in the parking lot who couldn’t have been older than 20: Jeff had glanced at her legs and noticed how shapely, firm, and muscular they looked in the sun. A mother of two, about his age, in line in front of him with her kids at the pharmacy: Jeff had ventured a look at her and noticed one of her arms as she held up her young son. Thick cords of veins, muscles, and tendons bulged in her undeniably strong arm as her large hand with long powerful fingers steadied her infant son’s legs. He couldn’t even be around Cassie anymore without fixating on her tattooed arms. Of course she noticed and couldn’t avoid flexing her forearms at Jeff, and then licking her lips and flicking her tongue at him when he saw her teasing him.

The worst part about all these things was that they were totally out of Jeff’s control — he was utterly powerless to stop these feelings when they started, and, perhaps most troublingly, they always led back to Sarah. What had she done to him? What was happening to his mind? It was almost as if something wicked had hijacked his psyche and opened a portal into some kind of permanent mental torture. Jeff tried to fight these distressing feelings in two ways. The first was to give himself pep talks about how much of a man he was. Yes, he was small, sure, in all the ways that didn’t count — he had a bigger dick than pretty much any guy who thought he was tough stuff. But who’s better at making girls happy, huh? Besides, plenty of small men did great things. He even went so far as to look up famous great men, and was happy to discover that his own height was shared by Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill. All he knew was that Napoleon was French and Churchill was English…all that really mattered was that they were 5’6 and “great.” Hell, even these guys named “Mussolini” and “Alexander the Great” were 5’6, and they were all pretty great, apparently. Jeff laughed as he thought about the dick length of this “Alexander the Great” being something like 16 inches. ‘History can be fun,’ he thought as he exited out of his search, having learned all he needed to know. His mirth, however, did not last long.

The other way (by far the more effective) he fought these encroaching feelings was to get even more wasted than usual. Generally he would get drunk almost every night, and then smoke some weed, and then eventually pass out on his mattress. These days, however, with these weird phantom thoughts swirling around his head about Sarah and feeling small and overwhelmed, he really had to take it up another notch. He would start drinking heavily in the morning and not really let up until he simply couldn’t drink anymore. He began finding John better and better company, since they would both often just sit and silently stare at things in the room. As these kinds of days stacked up, Jeff was truly beginning to lose it. He was constantly drunk, tottering around the house in his underwear, occasionally wetting himself. He awoke one morning to the sound of Cassie tugging her last suitcase down the hallway. He was splayed out on the floor in the living room, in a puddle of his own piss, with a smelly brown stain on the butt of his loose-fitting underwear. He looked indistinctly up at Cassie as she carefully, and literally, stepped over him on her way out the door. He had caught a look of disgust in her eyes, and she had even brought her free hand up to pinch her nose closed as she walked over his prostrate form. ‘Well, best of luck to you, Jeff,’ she had said ironically, and turned to leave. Jeff watched the two pillars of her thighs move in her jeans, and weakly watched her ass jiggle and dance its goodbye before she shut the door. He went immediately to his room and masturbated to Cassie’s body before he passed out.

Later that afternoon, in a hungover haze, he woke up and decided on a whim to check his email. Jeff didn’t check email much, because there wasn’t anything he was involved in. He hadn’t checked it in two weeks, since…he froze. Since he wrote that note to the Hellegers! He fumbled at his laptop even faster to see what Sarah’s parents had said to him…about Sarah. He opened his email and began to quickly scan his new messages, mostly from advertisers. However, one subject line caught his eye immediately: BAU HOSPITAL X-RAY RESULTS. Jeff quickly clicked on this link, thinking nonchalantly that he’d have a look. In reality he was prolonging the excitement for the Hellegers' email. He went through the “Patient Portal” and was met with this message:

Mr. Jeff Stintam:

An x-ray of your right hip showed the presence of significant osteonecrosis, otherwise known as avascular necrosis, on the femur head. This condition can be severe, especially when it progresses to the fourth and final stage, as it has in your case. Continued wear on the joint could further damage the femur head and lead to complete bone collapse and arthritis. We recommend prompt Total Hip Replacement surgery, since treatments which involve stem cells and core decompression have not been found to be effective after Stage 3. We are not sure what exactly has caused this condition in you, but risk factors include bone fractures and dislocations in the past, alcoholism, and the use of high-dose steroids.

Please contact the hospital as soon as possible to schedule your surgery.

All the best, BAU Orthopedics

Jeff read the email a few times, feeling dazed. He had to get his hip replaced?? This couldn’t be right. And a bunch of words he couldn’t understand for good measure. It had to be bullshit, he decided. He closed down the hospital’s email and went looking for the Hellegers’. His heart jumped as he saw it, sent 13 days before. Those Hellegers were always on top of it, weren’t they? Jeff chuckled as he opened this email:

Dear Jeff, How wonderful to hear from you! What a lovely happenstance that you ran into Sarah at her work. Nothing too bad brought you to the hospital, we hope?!

Anyway, I’m sure Sarah took good care of you. She has grown up, hasn’t she?? She’s taller than both of us now; it’s incredible. She was a late bloomer too. She was tiny little Sarah up until she was 16, and then boom, she just kept growing and growing!

We really could not be more proud of her these days. She’s working at the hospital, and she’s a consulting researcher for several of the medical journals in the city. She’s young, but she’s already gained a lot of respect in many circles, and she’s even published a coupled of articles with other people! Haha, we know it’s obnoxious to brag about our daughter, but it’s just so hard not to!

We’d love to see you when the holidays roll around! Sarah keeps on coming back here, even though she’s got her own place now. She worked all through high school and college and saved up, because she knew what she wanted! A space of her own! We don’t even help her with any bills anymore. She’s got it all covered!

Well anyway, Jeff, enough about Sarah. How are you doing these days? Still playing drums? You were always so nice to Sarah growing up — I’m sure she loved seeing you again. Thanks so much for contacting us, and we hope to see you sometime soon.

Love, Jan (and Chris of course, but Jan wrote the email!)

Jeff stared at the screen, his thoughts completely blank. Gradually, after a few minutes, everything came back into focus. Sarah had…her own place? Did she….OWN it?? She was totally on her own?? She was truly an adult. She had two, maybe three or four jobs? She paid for everything. Jeff had no job. He paid for nothing. His parents paid for everything. Her body…the contrast was too much to handle, and he went for his only option: whiskey.

An hour later, a phone call from his mother put a temporary stop to his binge. His parents had received an email as well about his condition, since Jeff always put down their contact information (sometimes in addition to his own, sometimes not) on any forms he was filling out, since they paid for everything and also since he didn’t have time to deal with a lot of nonsense.

His parents were grave over dinner that night, and Jeff noticed with annoyance that something dramatic had apparently happened. His parents, usually kind to a fault, were all business tonight.

“Jeff,” his mom began, “First thing’s first. You’re going to have this surgery.”

He looked at her in frustration and then simply huffed over his pasta and meatballs without saying anything.

“This explains why you’ve been in pain for so long,” his mother continued deliberately, “and probably why you’ve frankly been wasting away.” She gestured to his seated form, which sat cross-legged at the table.

Jeff rolled his eyes. “Mom, I’m not…wasting away at all, I just haven’t —”

“You are Jeff,” interrupted his mother firmly, “and what’s more, your lifestyle is what’s caused this condition. It says alcoholism is a risk factor, and you definitely drink too much, Jeff. You drink too much, you smoke too much, you don’t get good sleep, you’re not actively engaged in anything, and it’s made you start to crumble, on the inside and the outside.” Her voice quivered with emotion as she spoke, but her resolution never faltered.

Jeff looked around at anything but his parents, and decided to laugh. “Oh come on,” he said casually, trying to lighten the mood, “Can’t I be allowed some time to think and decide what I need to do? The world is a pretty messed up place, and I really need the — ”

“It’s been years, Jeff,” his mother interrupted again. “Years. You had a job a while back. You got fired from that job, for drinking, as I recall. And since then you’ve done nothing except drink and smoke weed and hang out with that pitiful John person. You don’t even play drums anymore. What has your life become?”

Jeff sat there with a silly grin on his face, unable to comprehend why his parents were being so serious all of the sudden. His mother turned to his father.

“Do you have anything to add, Carl?” Carl shook his head, staring at Jeff with his arms folded and a darkened expression furrowing his brow.

“Well, that’s pretty much it, then,” his mother continued. “This “avascular necrosis” condition has really hit home some important realities for us, Jeff. Your father and I have decided that you will move in with us. This surgery will be hard, and you will need time to recover. We want to provide a safe place for that, a place where you won’t be drinking and smoking. We’re going to help you start a rehab program for your drinking. And we’ll continue to provide you with love and support, with a roof over your head and good food to eat, through this whole process. The only condition is that you live here with us.”

Jeff was angry now. “Rehab?!? Are you fucking kidding me?” he burst out in a whine. “There’s nothing wrong with my drinking! Do you understand the thoughts I have under the influence of alcohol?? They’re deep thoughts, and they’re real, and they help me become a…a deeper person who appreciates…beauty more! And as for rehab — ”

“Jeff,” his father’s voice calmly cut in. “This is not up for discussion. Jen and I both love you very much, and we hate to see you angry like this, but as of tonight we’re cutting off your money. We can’t keep allowing you to live this self-destructive lifestyle that messes up your brain and makes your bones decay.”

Jeff got up from the table and slowly backed away. “This can’t be happening,” he said shakily as he backed up. “You guys can’t be…be serious about this. I’m a…I’m a man! A man needs his own space!” He noticed with sudden horror the arms of his mother folded in her lap, and how her legs filled the chair in which she sat. His mother wasn’t tall or robust by any means! And yet he noticed her stable wrists and sturdy arms, and strong hips that filled out her pants. An image of Sarah’s swaggering ass flashed in his mind, along with her long fingers tearing off a piece of paper as she looked down kindly at him. He shook his head desperately, unable to get rid of these thoughts, as he felt blood trickle decisively into his cock.

“You all are crazy!” Jeff managed as he backed his way to the front door. “You’re…you’re out of your minds!” He closed the door shut and got into his car and drove to the nearest liquor store as fast as he could, hoping that his parents hadn’t already cut off his money. He was relieved to buy a pint of cheap whiskey, and on his way home, he checked his account balance for good measure. $3.85. Enough for a coffee. He sighed. He knew that he was going to move in with his parents. What else was he supposed to do, get a job? In this messed up system? Also (he realized as he walked into his room with the whiskey) it’s free food. And his mom was a great cook. Not a bad gig, when you really thought about it. Jeff had pushed his mother’s words about his body and his lifestyle out of his mind. But he had bought this whiskey because Sarah Helleger existed in the world, and somehow she had cast a spell over his mind. He hated it; it made him feel crazy, helpless, controlled. And he was not going to be controlled. He opened the bottle and got drinking.

A few hours later, sloppy drunk, he finally did what he had been thinking about for weeks. He fumbled over to his nightstand, picked up the piece of paper with Sarah’s number, and called it. It was 1:22 am, on an early Tuesday morning. The ringtone rang one, two, three, four times, and then…Sarah’s chipper voice, but somehow deeper. Was that her real voice? As drunk as he was, Jeff could still see her talking:

“Hello, you’ve reached Sarah Helleger. I’m not able to come to the phone right now, but leave your name and number and I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Thank you!”

“Uh…hi..S-ssSarah…Sarah it’s me!! Jeff…uhuh..Jefffff Stintum. Ahhhha wwwellll, I was just umm, just ummmm…calling you to say — uh, what’s going on Sarah?? Huh?! I mean, uh…..uh how’ve ya been?!? Do you likkke, uh… you like, uhhh, like go on DATES with other people?!?! Hahahahaha!! Right?!? I mean like dudezz who go withh you, out with you…Do they have like BIG dicksss?? Hahahaha!!! Cause I do!!! Hahahahahaha!! I really, really doooo!! I thinkkk you’d be pretttyyyy impre — pretty impresssssed by it. Oh my goddddd too funny! Ahaha!! Do you date, like black dudes, Sarah??!? Sarah!!! I mean like maybeee you date girlssss toooo, no one’s judging not me I mean oh woooowww that would be hot!!! Ho Ho man!!! But black….black guys…um…uh….I’m trying to bite off this fingernail…thumbnail…uh, Sarah??!? Sarah!!! I think you did something to me Sarah!!!! What did you do to me!!?!? Oh fuck, I fell down…..Hahahahahaha!!! Well, that’s…that’s all I have, Sarah!!! Do you want to hang out let’s hang out. Be the adult you want to see…to see in the world!!! That’s the advice from me, and keep it easy, man…eeeasssyyyy…plus, Sarah — ”

And it was here that Jeff’s message was cut off, due to time length. Jeff laughed and put his phone down and promptly passed out on his floor.

The next morning, at 11 am, Jeff woke up with a carpet design imprinted into his face, and a splitting pain in his head. He lay awake with his eyes closed for a few moments, and then a sudden blaze tore through his brain: he had called Sarah last night!! He had left her a message!!!! What had he said???? Had she replied??? He caught up his phone in a flash and opened it and looked at his messages. One from Sarah Helleger. It read:

“Hi Jeff. Sure I’d like to hang out. How does this afternoon work for you?”

Chapter 5: Coffee, Part 1

Jeff was pretty sure he had thought everything through as he drove intown to the coffee shop that Sarah had suggested. He had strained his mind back to the night before, trying to recall his words, his tone…anything he had conveyed to Sarah in that message he left for her. Jeff couldn’t remember much, but one thing was for certain: he knew he had not talked about all the weird thoughts he had been having about their disparity in size. What a relief, he thought. That would have been super awkward to explain. Disrespectful, really. At least he had his pride intact. He sighed in relief as he reassured himself once again. This cycle of worry and reassurance had dominated his day ever since he had read Sarah’s first. There had been no consistency in anything Jeff had done to prepare…he had thrown some clothes on without thinking, yet taken great care to shave the (very thin) stubble on his face. He hadn’t bothered to take a shower, yet he had put on his best cologne. On a mad whim he had retrieved Sarah’s hair tie and stuffed it in his pocket, yet he had successfully managed to forget about it.

The coffee shop was a cute little boutique place tucked away in one of the quiet, wooded neighborhoods of the big city. Jeff couldn’t help but shake his head as he walked up to it after parking. It was painted a deep purple, and interspersed with little moons and stars. There was even a little book cart outside that sold a variety of books for $1 each. ‘Yeah,’ thought Jeff as he opened the door to go inside (and the bell attached to the door gave a little ring), ‘this place probably charges like $5 for a coffee. All fancy-pants, woo-woo shit. What did Sarah have against Starbucks?’

Jeff would’ve kept his thoughts coming, but he had just spotted Sarah. Any feelings of reassurance, of security, of confidence he had managed to build up vanished instantly. She was sitting at a small table in one of the corners of the one-room shop. Her cascade of blond hair made her impossible to miss, as did her…size. Jeff immediately went weak in the knees and stood rooted to the spot near the door. He had subconsciously worked his way up to promising himself that he would totally ignore any freaky thoughts he had about all the size shit that had invaded his brain the past few weeks. But one look at Sarah and every promise was broken. She wore skin-tight jeans that left nothing in her legs, hips, or ass to the imagination — she positively filled the seat she was sitting in, and some of her butt and hips even extended over the sides. She rose over the table imperiously; she wore a brilliantly red, short-sleeve top which fit her form and showed her long, full white arms and displayed her breasts…her breasts…Jeff felt his mouth go utterly dry. He had not realized she was that developed; her scrubs must have hid them when he saw her in the hospital. He could see that she was still wearing all the accoutrements on her arms, as she had them splayed out against the table…her bracelets and her watch, which all made her look so…so adult. And Jeff truly lost his breath when he saw that she was wearing black calf-high boots. Boots! He couldn’t believe it. It looked like they were the kind of boots with a heel too. He couldn’t look anymore. He broke his eyes away from Sarah as he fixed his stare on a particular corner of an ornate bookshelf.

What was going on? It was like he had no control, absolutely no option other than to notice everything about her, to take in as much as he could possibly take. Why couldn’t he just approach her like he did with everybody else — with that calm, confident, casual, don’t-really-care mentality? There was really something going on. He looked back at her. She was facing the door, but she seemed to be attentively typing on her laptop. Jeff also noticed that she had a book splayed in her lap, which she was now consulting. She had her earbuds in, and her head was nodding subtly in a rhythmic manner, so she must have been listening to music.

“Can I help you, sir?” Jeff was jolted away from his thoughts. The barista was at the counter, looking at him expectantly. Jeff darted his eyes once more over to Sarah. She still didn’t appear to realize he was there.

“Yes…uh, yes,” said Jeff, hurriedly limping his way to the counter. He scanned the menu above the counter, which was painted in colored chalk. “I’ll have…uh…I’ll have the, the, oh what the heck, the latte.” Jeff wasn’t exactly sure what a “latte” was, but it sounded fancy enough. Maybe Sarah would be impressed.

“Ok, sir,” said the barista, smiling, “That’ll be $4.35.” Jeff handed her his debit card, and then realized right after she swiped it that he didn’t have enough for the drink. Didn’t he only have like 3-something dollars left? ‘Oh well,’ he thought, ‘it’ll probably still go through, and I might overdraft but that’s fine, whatever, my parents and I can deal with that later…’

“Sorry, sir,” said the barista, staring at the computer screen with a concerned look on her face, “it seems like this card isn’t going through. Do you have another one? Or cash, maybe?”

“Uh…uh,” Jeff fumbled, growing increasingly red and flustered. He looked over at Sarah, who still seemed preoccupied with her work. He looked back over to the barista, who was looking at him sweetly with her eyebrows slightly raised in gentle concern. She was young, Jeff realized…auburn hair, cute face, and he was looking up at her. If he looked at her straight he would be looking straight into the middle of her neck. He shook his head, trying to chase away these thoughts.

“I’ll just uh, get the 12-ounce drip coffee,” he said quietly. The barista eyed him for a moment, unsure if he appreciated that his card didn’t seem to be working. But then she smiled at him and nodded and said “That’ll be $2.78…same card?”

Jeff nodded, and was relieved to see it go through. The barista got his coffee and handed it to him with another friendly smile, and now he was left to approach Sarah’s table. His heart began beating quickly. He became painfully self-conscious of his skinny legs that stuck out of his long shorts; was Sarah going to look down on him for ordering such a boring coffee? This shirt that he was wearing really was hanging loosely on him…how would it fit Sarah? What had he actually said in that message? Was Sarah going to hate him? But she had invited him to get coffee, right? What was it going to be like when she stood up in those boots? He could make sure they don’t stand next to each other. She had her own place. Could they go back there, maybe? The hair tie! Would she want it back?? He stood in front of her table. Her head came up to his chest. It was still beating gently in time to her music as she focused intently on her screen, typing. She fetched the book off her lap and marked a little note in it with her pencil. The bracelets clinked on her arms. Jeff continued to stand there with his coffee, unable to do anything else. She kept working, and he kept waiting.

Finally, after a couple minutes, Jeff managed to step forward and put his cup of coffee down on the table. Sarah immediately looked up and smiled at him, taking her earbuds out and closing her book and laptop.

“Hey!” she said merrily.

“Hey,” said Jeff, still fixed to his spot and unable to offer any emotion or feeling. He also couldn’t blink. He wondered when Sarah was going to stand up and give him another one of her hugs.

A couple moments passed, and Sarah laughed. “Well have a seat, Jeff!” He did, almost spilling his coffee in the process. When he sat down he realized how small the table actually was, or at least how small Sarah made it seem. Her arms took up well over half of the table, and she seemed to realize this, moving them back a bit to the middle. Sitting down, his butt felt tiny in the seat that Sarah so effortlessly filled, and he realized that his eyes were even with the bottom of her neck. He shut his eyes, overwhelmed.

“Hmm, let’s see, what did you get?” asked Sarah, leaning over the table to look in to his cup. “Oh! A black coffee. Black as night. No fuss or frills with your coffee, huh? I like it.”

Jeff opened his eyes. “Yeah, um. Yeah, I just like it mainly straight. Just the shot of caffeine is all that really counts, right?” He was doing it; he was having a conversation with Sarah Helleger. His confidence began to swell.

Sarah laughed and reached up a hand to flip her hair slightly. “Haha, yep! It’s one of the many pleasures in life.” She then leaned in forward on her arms, looking down into his eyes. “So tell me, what’s been going on in the life of Mr. Jeff Stintum? What’re you up to these days?”

Jeff made sure to take a nice long sip of his coffee before he started. Sarah waited patiently, her eyes hovering on him with interest. He had leaned back into his chair, so he wasn’t so close to her body. “Well, he said deliberately, “it’s a complicated thing, life. Sometimes you think you’re doing one thing and then you just end up doing another. Sometimes you have this one project but — damn it, something else comes up and you just gotta go after it, you know?”

Sarah nodded her head kindly. Jeff continued: “I mean, life is a crazy thing, you know! Right?” Sarah nodded again, saying gently, “It sure is.” Jeff felt his courage rise still more. “And, you know, there’s a lot of problems in the world. A lot of things wrong. And, well, I just feel that I can’t just sit around anymore and support the system.”

“The system,” said Sarah quietly. She raised up an arm and held her chin in thought as she looked at Jeff, furrowing her brow. “Hmmm, that’s interesting, Jeff. What do you mean by “the system”?”

“Everything!” said Jeff excitedly. He was so glad Sarah was asking him about his work. “Just…everything that happens. The rules we all live under. The uh…narratives that we are fed by the people in charge. It’s all just a big lie. A big smokescreen.”

“Uh huh,” said Sarah. She put her arm down and leaned in again. Jeff realized that, in his excitement, he had also leaned in, and their arms were right next to each other on the table. In a moment which temporarily froze his mind, he saw the clarity, the ridiculousness, the absurdity of their contrast. Her arms were so smooth and solid, from her wrist all the way up, and his were just skin and bone…surely with much smaller bones. Good lord her wrist had to be as big as his upper arm…bigger. Could it really be that her arms were…were as big as his legs? Sarah Helleger? His little neighbor? But all this was in a moment, and Jeff recovered. He was on a role.

“And,” he continued, “and the worst thing is, everyone walking around with their heads in the sand, and they have no idea. All they see is the smokescreen. They don’t see the truth.”

“The truth?” asked Sarah, raising her eyebrows. “Wow, this is so interesting, Jeff. What’s the truth?” Her questions were so innocent, Jeff realized, so much so that they were beginning to annoy him. She didn’t really seem to be grasping the gravity of the whole situation.

“What’s the truth?” he laughed a little and took another long sip of his coffee. Sarah again waited patiently, not taking her eyes off him. Jeff noticed with a bit of latent fear that her eyes were beginning to travel across his body, eying his torso, his limbs, his legs.

“The truth…the truth,” he said at last. Sarah eyes flashed back up to his face. She had been fixated on his wrists. “Where do I start…where do I start?” Jeff had no idea where to start. So he said, “Well, how about we just say that everything isn’t as it seems. Am I right?”

“You’re definitely right, Jeff,” said Sarah quietly. “Lots of things aren’t what they seem.” Jeff nodded vigorously as he drank more of his coffee. Sarah sighed a little and then extended her fingers out together, cracking them. The popping sounds made him jump, and Sarah laughed a little.

“Haha, sorry Jeff, I just can’t help it sometimes, it’s like a little tic, you know?”

Jeff nodded and for some reason decided to try and crack his own fingers — they cracked, but they barely made any sound. The conversation had dulled, and Jeff had no idea what to do.

“So you still play drums sometimes!” said Sarah. “That’s cool. I actually go to some shows myself. Fun times! You’ve been playing since you were a teenager, right?”

“Right,” said Jeff, failing to mention that he hadn’t played his drums in months.

“I’ve often wondered what playing drums does to your hands,” said Sarah. “Like, how calloused they get and everything. You’ve been playing for years — I’m curious. Do you mind?” She already had her hands ready and Jeff could not shake his head “no” even though he wanted to. He was afraid of what she’d find. She reached out her hands and took his right hand in her grip, flipped it over, and began examining his palm. Jeff had to shut his mouth to keep from making a loud exhale, and he felt the unmistakable glut of blood making its inevitable way into his cock. Her hands were unbelievably huge compared to his. And warm. And…strong. The way her fingers moved his palm, turned his hand, pried around his fingers…it all hit home to Jeff the unmistakable power in her hands. And they were still — feminine. Her nails were long and painted the same red as her top. Her skin was soft. And yet, underneath she was strong, and effortlessly taking control of his hand.

“Wow, Jeff!” she laughed, “Your hands are as soft as a baby! No callouses at all! How do you do it? What kind of lotion do you use? I gotta know.”

Jeff knew that his hands were soft from all the lube he used on himself, not lotion. But he said, as casually as he could, “Oh you know, a touch of that here and there. Not really a big lotion user.”

Sarah laughed again. “Well, they sure feel nice.” And she lingered a bit more on his hand, examining it. Then without warning she wrapped her hand gently around his wrist and held his hand up. Then she put her other hand up to his, in a comparison. Jeff couldn’t believe it; she just…did it…casually. There was nothing he could do against it — his brain hardened in fear as he looked. Her fingers rose above his and her hand extended beyond his on all sides. It was ridiculous, absurd. His fingers only came halfway up to hers, which looked even longer with her long, sharp nails extending even more outward. Her palm dwarfed his, encompassed it almost cartoonishly. This girl was 7 years younger. And she was doing this comparison offhandedly, nonchalantly, as a kind of curiosity. Their eyes met and she squinted at him and smiled genially, and then she brought fingers down in a claw on top of his, to emphasize the size difference. She looked at Jeff again and smiled once more, and then she engulfed his hand in hers and gave it a little shake, which literally shook his whole arm, from his hand all the way to his shoulder. Then she released him and sat back, smiling at him. He sat in his chair, unable to speak.

“Well, wanna take our coffees and go on a little walk, Jeff?” she said.

Chapter 6: Coffee, Part 2

“Oh, but wait!” said Sarah, catching herself, “I almost forgot about your hip! I noticed you’re still limping — maybe a walk wouldn’t be the best thing right now. How is it feeling?”

Jeff had to snap back from the brain freeze of Sarah’s easygoing, spontaneous hand comparison, but he managed to say, “Uhh…oh yeah! Yeah, my hip. Well….uh, not too good, actually.”

“Oh really?” Sarah looked concerned. “Have you gotten your results back from the x-ray?”

“Umm….yeah. They said I have this thing…this thing called, like, uhhh…macular acrosis or —”

“Avascular necrosis?” Sarah ventured.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s it.”

Sarah blinked slowly and reached her hand over to Jeff’s arm and held it briefly. Jeff was too afraid to look down (but he felt the warm flesh of her hand and fingers extend across most of his skinny forearm), so with difficulty he kept eye contact with her. He noticed that her eyes were sea green.

“Aww Jeff, I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. It can be a nasty condition. Are you Stage 4?”

“Yeah,” said Jeff, and then he thought back to Sarah’s face examining his x-ray. “Did you…did you know already? Just from looking at my x-ray?”

Sarah sat back and sighed, swelling her diaphragm up and down. “I mean, that’s what it looked like to me. Dana thought it was some early-onset arthritis, but I thought there was just too much bone decay. To me, it looked more like avascular necrosis, but I didn’t want to believe it, because you know, you’re gonna have to get hip replacement surgery. And I really didn’t want to freak you out with a diagnosis that turned out to be incorrect.”

“Well, uhh…it’s pretty impressive that you got it right, though,” said Jeff, feeling able enough to continue on the conversation. “Is that what you’re training for? Bone stuff?”

Sarah laughed and looked at Jeff through her hair. “Orthopedics? Haha, yes, well that’s one thing I’m considering. I’m just fascinated by the human body, you know? We’re incredible organisms. For a while there in high school I was convinced I was gonna go into neurology, especially since there’s so much progress being made on degenerative brain diseases. But then I got super into hematology early in college and was kind of on that kick for a while; blood just seems pretty simple, right? Well, there’s actually tons more to it — and.…well anyway now I’m into my orthopedic phase, and I guess we’ll see where it goes from here!”

She laughed again, mostly at herself, and sat back in her chair. Jeff wasn’t really feeling able to comprehend all those words she had just used, but he felt like replying in a paternal way would remind himself that he was the older one here. “Well, just look at little ole Sarah! A full-fledged adult and on her way to medical school —”

“Fingers crossed!” interrupted Sarah, crossing her large fingers.

“Oh yes, fingers crossed on med school,” continued Jeff, choosing not to cross his own fingers. “I just…I just can’t believe it, Sarah. You’ve grown…up. Like, you’ve really grown up.”

“Yeah, I’m big now,” Sarah laughed, puffing herself up and sitting even taller in her seat. Jeff immediately regretted instigating this behavior, as he now felt even smaller as she loomed over him. He felt especially tiny knowing that, even as he was now sitting up as straight as he could, there was nothing he could do to match her. She was just more person. “For a little bit there in high school I hated my size, but now I like it.” She stretched her arms out over her head to emphasize just how far she could reach, and Jeff couldn’t help but gape at her figure. She saw him staring and put down her arms, laughing.

“I hope you don’t mind me holding your hand like that, Jeff. Or stretching in front of you like this. I just feel comfortable around you. You were always so…so nice to me as a kid. And you would help me. Like remember when that mean boy took my bow and arrow?”

Jeff could not for the life of him recall this incident, especially now, but he said, “Oh, yeah! Yeah, the bow and arrow.”

“You made him give it back to me,” said Sarah. “You said that no one could mess with me because I was under your protection. And it was true — I felt safe that day. You were so sweet.” Sarah clearly meant her words in earnest, but even as she inclined her head to the side and looked down at him with her big affectionate eyes, Jeff could not avoid the thought that everything she was talking about was far, far away in the past.

“And now I’m all grown up!” said Sarah, laughing as she gestured both hands to her tremendous body. “Now I can protect YOU!” She said these last words playfully at Jeff, reaching one of her fingers and poking him gently in the chest. Even this simple motion from her caused Jeff to steady himself in his seat against the pressure from her finger.
Sarah saw immediately that he did not know what to make of her lighthearted jests, so she sat back again and decided to change the subject.

“So, Jeff…you’ve been playing the drums…you’ve been standing up to the system…basically, you’re not conforming, right? That’s great!” Sarah smiled at him genuinely, and Jeff felt himself drop, afraid of what was coming next. “What else have you been doing? C’mon Jeff, tell me about your music! Have you gone on tour anywhere? What else do you do besides music? Where do you work? Or is music like your full-time job?” Sarah caught herself and smiled apologetically at Jeff, laughing as she took up his hands in hers and squeezed quickly and put them back down. Jeff looked down at the color slowly creeping back into his palms — she had squeezed the blood out of them. “I’m sorry Jeff, so many questions, I know! I just wanna know what’s been happening with you!”

Jeff rubbed his hands and tried once again to paint an accurate picture of his life for Sarah, a picture that depicted him as he saw himself. Every attempt, however, sounded bad when he said it out loud.

“Well, the music is good,” he began, easily enough. “And you know…well, yeah I’ve played some shows around town. With some of my, uh, bandmates. My music…yeah…but, uh, we haven’t really played any tours yet. Our, uh…experimental style is...well, uh...hard for some people to handle.”

Sarah looked at him and nodded graciously. She then sat expectantly, and Jeff realized that she really was awaiting more of a response. So he tried to give her one. “And well, aside from all that, I uh…write some stories.”

“Oooh stories!” said Sarah excitedly. “About what? Gotten any published yet?”

“Umm…no, not yet. My style is pretty….”

“Experimental?” Sarah offered, grinning. Jeff had no idea if she was mocking him or not, but he was distracted by her gorgeous face wreathed in her golden hair, and the sound of her fingers beating lightly on the table. Her rings made gentle rapping sounds, and Jeff was once again drawn to the immensity of everything she did. Even when she just moved her fingers, his world seemed to shake.

“Yeah. Umm, and I also…uh, I’ve tried some sculpting…some stuff with….clay.” He couldn’t say any more. There was nothing left to say. Everything else was just drinking, smoking, tying to fuck random girls, and then jacking off on the internet to what he couldn’t get in real life. He felt himself crumble before Sarah, and he bowed his head in shame.

Warm, strong fingers tenderly grasped his chin, and he felt light pressure incline his head upward to meet Sarah’s eyes. She was looking down a good many inches into his, and for a moment Jeff saw her face completely expressionless — she was just looking at him. The next moment, though, she smiled again at him kindly and spoke down to him playfully.

“Oooohh I see! You’re an artist, Jeff! You create things! Music, stories, sculptures…you’re a regular renaissance man!” She let him go and sat back again, seeming to Jeff to bask in her luxury.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m an artist,” he said as if he were realizing it for the first time.

“Well, I’d love to hear your music sometime! And read your stories and see your sculptures! I don’t really know many artists right now. Just stuffy old scientists, haha! Just kidding, I love my friends, but still — send me some of your stuff!”

It occurred to Jeff that the longer they talked about him, the sooner Sarah would realize that he had done nothing with his life. He did something that seemed to him drastic and crazy — he changed the subject. ‘And smoothly too,’ he proudly thought to himself as he stared hard at a small divot in the table in front of Sarah. He could not hold eye contact with her for more than a second without starting to panic, and (as he hadn’t even realized) without getting hard.

“Oh, well…I’d love to, Sarah! But enough about me — how about you? Your…uh parents tell me that you have a place of your own.”

“What?? You talked to my parents??” Sarah laughed. “When??”

“Um…I, uh, I sent…uh, I sent them an email a few weeks ago. I mentioned that I ran into you in the hospital, and they uh, told me what was going on with your, uh, stuff.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet of you, Jeff, emailing my parents!” Sarah laughed. “Those silly beans; they didn’t even tell me you’d contacted them. Although I guess I am pretty busy these days…oh well, here we are, right? So I guess you know all about my life, then, huh?”

“I…uh,” stammered Jeff, focusing on the divot. “I…know you have your own place.”

“Sure do!” said Sarah proudly, ridiculing herself in mock-self importance by sitting up tall in her chair and putting her hands on her hips. Her bracelets jangled, her weight shifted, her hair jumped around her face, and Jeff was sure he heard the chair groan a little. How much did she weigh? “Mom and Dad didn’t even need to help me with it. Hard work, grit, and some luck will go a long way, right?”

“Right…um..and they also said you were famous in your field or something.”

Sarah really laughed hard this time, even snorting a bit. “Fam — haha, what?? Famous?!? My parents are out of their minds!! I’m not famous at all — I’ve only just started working with all these professional people, and let me tell you, Jeff, I have a lot to learn. Ha! My god, my parents are silly. I co-write a few articles that get published and they totally lose their shit.”

And here Sarah stopped for a moment, because Jeff had blinked and visibly jolted a little bit when she said “shit.” She discerned his reaction and slowly, ironically raised her eyebrows as a sly grin crept across her face. The right side of her cheek suddenly jutted out a good ways, and Jeff realized that she had thrust her tongue into it.

“Oooo yeah, that’s right,” said Sarah, nodding slowly down at Jeff as her tongue worked in her cheek and her eyebrows went up and down her forehead. “I don’t just look like an adult — I TALK like an adult now.” A few seconds later she broke her act and descended into laughter. Jeff made his best attempt to laugh with her, but could only manage vague croaking sounds as the color burned in his face and his erection (which he now absolutely noticed) strained in his pants.

“Well, enough of that,” said Sarah, her giggles dying down. “Where’re you staying these days, Jeff?”

He had no energy to invent some kind of story; he had nothing left. “I’m uh, staying with my parents right now.”

“Oh yeah? Cool stuff.” Sarah had begun fishing around in her purse, which gave Jeff time enough to at least explain his situation a little more.

“Uh…we thought it’d be better that way, you know…because I have that surgery coming up.”

“Oh yes, Jeff, your surgery!!” Sarah had found her phone and stopped looking in her bag. She turned her full attention to Jeff, her eyes compassionate and…something else. Determined? Jeff was not in the habit of looking at people the way he found himself looking at Sarah, and this novelty of analysis had already left him exhausted to his core.

“Jeff, I want to help you through this process. I mean, how lucky, that I was the one who took your x-ray!”

“Yes,” managed Jeff, whose mouth and throat had gone dry.

Sarah leaned in further on her crossed arms, and Jeff saw their firm bulk widen as she put her weight on them. Her long fingers were randomly playing with each other and tugging on the bracelets and hair ties around her arms. “Yeah. There’s no reason to worry about this procedure. They don’t even cut through your quadricep — they actually pry your muscles apart and go straight at the ball of the femur. It’s a really interesting procedure; I can tell you all about it later.”

“Th-thanks,” said Jeff simply. He was able to raise his head to meet her eyes. Sea green…..Sarah looked at him for a moment longer, and then smiled as she broke away.

“Well, this has been lovely, Jeff. Unfortunately I’ve gotta run, though. I have a meeting with a colleague about some research he’s doing.” She was packing her things away, and had already stood up. Jeff put his hands in his lap as he braced to stand up, and he suddenly felt the hair tie in his pocket. He acted quickly, grabbing it and standing up so that he faced her. His arm stretched out, his hand offering the hair tie back.

“Www-wait, wait Sarah! Don’t leave without this!” Sarah looked at the hair tie in his outstretched hand and paused a moment, confused. In this moment Jeff realized the situation. Sarah was towering in front of him, standing wide-legged in her calf-high black boots and her skin-tight jeans and bold red top barely managing to restrain her luscious curves. Her thighs, her hips, her arms…they didn’t didn’t seem possible to Jeff. And the effortlessness with which she stood. And here he was, holding out a hair tie to her with a shaking hand. He felt like a frightened child.

“Um, what’s this, Jeff?” Sarah turned casually and made a step towards him. He could see that Sarah was even taller than he remembered. He was afraid to look up long enough to see, but he fought through and did it anyway and looked straight ahead. Into her breasts. Her lower breasts. He couldn’t stand there like this any longer. He looked up at her desperately, up her chest and into her face.

“It’s that hair tie you gave me at the hospital. The one you used to…to help —”

Sarah’s mouth had dropped open as her face reacted in adoring surprise. “Oh THAT’S what it is?!?! Oh my god, Jeff, you’re just…you’re just the cutest little thing!”

She bent down and hugged Jeff, cracking his bones. As she ascended again she gave him a little kiss on the cheek for good measure. She rose and rose up until she was standing tall in front of him, and the two shared a moment, him looking sheepishly up at her, and her looking down amused at him.

“It’s wonderful to see you again, Jeff,” said Sarah quietly, breaking the silence but not her steady eye contact. She jostled her body a bit, as if to emphasize her size. Jeff saw her hips, legs, and ass wobble slightly with her motion. “I know it’s probably pretty crazy to see me all grown up like this, especially, well…anyway, just know that it’s still me, Jeff. It’s just me — I’m that same little girl who was riding around on her bike, shooting bows and arrows, exploring the world. I’m just…really tall now.” She put her hands playfully on her hips and moved them in a fluid motion from side to side as she added, laughing, “And big in all the right places. But really, Jeff, I’ll hit you up sometime soon — I’ll have you over to my place and we can hang out some more. Please send me some of your stories, and I wanna hear your music and see your sculptures too!” She bent down again and gave him one last hug, and turned to leave.

Jeff just stood there, the hair tie in his hand. Sarah looked back as she pivoted, remembered, and reached down, snatching it up happily from his hand. “Well thank you sir! Till next time!” she said in mock formality, snapping it back on her wrist, where it fit tightly. Jeff’s breath caught in his throat, realizing the reality of her size as he watched her walk out of the coffee shop, her legs long confidant pillars, her ass and hips working like they were grinding pepper.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: The Training of Jeff Stintum (SM, slow shrink, femdom, size comparison)

Next two chapters! Feel free to comment if you enjoy or (don't enjoy!) the story do far <3 <3

Chapter 7: Dinner

For weeks after meeting Sarah for coffee, Jeff really didn’t know what he was doing. His parents had made all the necessary arrangements with his landlord to front the rent for his old place until new tenants were found, and Jeff now lived in their upstairs guest bedroom (which he refused to call “his” bedroom, since it was temporary), where he spent much of his time sitting and staring into empty space, often drinking as well. He had stopped going out to bars, trying to pick up girls. He wasn’t reading his conspiracy theory book anymore, because he just didn’t have the energy. He had tried to write down some story ideas on a piece of paper, but after just a few scribbles he had weakly pushed the pen through the paper and let it drop to the floor. He had picked up a brick or two of his sculpting mix and attempted to fashion a thing or two, but they just came out as amorphous blobs. The same had happened with his music; he simply had no ideas, no inspiration, no spirit. His appetite had waned even further, and his body grew thinner still. He spent his days mostly lying in his bed, listless, his mind straying into places he was trying to avoid, and yet felt so drawn towards.

What he did know was that Sarah had put some kind of spell on him. That was the only explanation for how he was feeling — it had to be. She was some kind of scientist…she probably knew about chemicals and aerosols and all of that stuff, so she had obviously dosed him with something, right? There could be no other reason why his mind, his life, could be taken over like this. Ever since their brief little coffee date, Jeff’s thoughts seemed helplessly, inevitably drawn to Sarah, to the memory of her body, her smell, her voice, her aura. In just a brief few minutes of interaction, she had turned his mind into a compass that always pointed north, to the North Star, to her.

Of course, Jeff didn’t think specifically in these terms. He was too confused to make much sense of anything that was going on in his head. What he knew was that as soon as he went home after coffee with Sarah, he had masturbated. Not to the porn he usually watched, but to….her. What it was about her, Jeff didn’t know. He couldn’t really explain it to himself. What he began to realize as the weeks went by was that he was masturbating more and more, every day, to the thought of Sarah doing…of her talking — no, that wasn’t it…of her standing over….of her body next to his…he didn’t really know.

What he was vaguely, slowly becoming aware of, was that the idea, the feeling of her looming over him, or of her limbs or body next to his, made him defenselessly aroused, to the point of disability. Jerking off, next to drinking, was now his main preoccupation, and he felt caught in this terrible haze of arousal and self-loathing. He hated this sex-induced paralysis — he should be organizing those meetings! Reading those books! Churning out those beats! And yet any sense of agency, any motivation, was utterly absent. His thoughts alighted on nothing, nothing, nothing, until, unavoidably, they pointed once again, over and over, to Sarah.

The thought of texting her, or even calling her, was constantly on his mind, but he didn’t act. He felt like if he did, he would be lost forever, carried away in a flood of something he could not control, something he despised. The way she had just snapped that hair tie back on her wrist as she walked away…he just couldn’t understand how an action so simple could sum up so much of what he was jerking himself off to every day. He wasn’t even marveling at the size of his cock anymore. Nothing about him was big, nothing. He was beginning to have the slow realization that he had taken a tiny step into a much larger world, one totally incomprehensible to him, one without grounding and swirling with indistinct, huge, and threatening shapes. And he…couldn’t get enough of it.

One late morning, hung over as usual, he woke up to a text from Sarah. “Hi Jeff! It was great seeing you a few weeks ago — I’ve been thinking about you hope that hip isn’t too bad. Is your surgery scheduled yet? Hit me up! I can have you over to my place. Bring some of your art! <3” That was the extent of the text. But Jeff sat on his bed, hunched over his phone, reading and re-reading it for some time. What did it mean? Was she seducing him? Was this part of her grand plan for ensnaring him? No, that was crazy thinking, this was Sarah! His old neighbor! Smart, cute, funny, little —no, that narrative didn’t work in his head anymore. As much as Jeff had tried and tried over the past few weeks, he could no longer entertain the handsome idea that Sarah was his protege. This concept, even in Jeff’s head, had become absurd. The sheer weight of real-world facts stood in his way. She had her own house, she paid for it all, she was was a scientist, she was…big, she was an adult. He could not think of her as a child anymore.

But once again, as he stood on her front doorstep a few days later, Jeff was feeling, with that old creeping familiarity, very much like a child. Her house was a nice: one story, brick, in a nice part of town, and actually not too far from his parents’ place. So close, in fact, that he had walked, despite his hip. She had a respectable front yard, with shrubs and flowers neatly planted amongst each other. Did Sarah garden too? He held a couple of sheets of printed paper under his arm, the fruits of a few hasty days of typing, and he had in his hand a small, grey attempt at a tree, which he had sculpted out of clay. It was getting towards evening time, and Sarah was making pasta.

He had just rang the doorbell and had stepped back, crippled by the clash between an instinct to run away and another, stronger, less familiar instinct, to stay. He heard her body approaching the door, and he almost ran, but didn’t.

“Hi hi!!” said Sarah as she opened the door, beaming. “Come on in! Oh! I see that you brought me some art, huh?”

Jeff stood entrenched, and simply held out the small sculpture of his tree to her, unable to move otherwise. Compared to his vague, private fantasies these past few weeks, her size was simply unparalleled in person. She must have gotten bigger. Or he had gotten smaller — she stood there in the doorway, seeming to almost fill it completely, despite the fact that her clothes were completely form-fitting. She was wearing a white t-shirt that hung loosely around her stomach and waist, but that was stretched at the top by her breasts and shoulders. Good lord, were her breasts really that big? Her arms were substantial and muscular, but partially softened in a way that made them look feminine. Had she been a swimmer maybe? Softball? And Jeff would have shaken his head and gaped (if he was capable of movement) when he saw that she wore tight black yoga pants that expanded and strained to contain her prodigious curves. Her hips looked twice the size of her waist — surely that was impossible. Her thighs were thick pillars which were the only things that could have possibly supported her massive frame, with an ass that curved around from her thighs and was present, if only glimpsed from the front. She was in her bare feet, and Jeff saw a tiny sliver of flesh, in between her t-shirt and her yoga pants, that was exposed.

Sarah stared at the sculpture a moment, before saying quickly, “It looks great Jeff! Why don’t you come on inside and we can take a closer look, huh? And you’ve got some writing too? Wow, you brought me everything!” She beckoned him with an open-fingered hand, and he shuffled on past her breasts inside. She had moved a bit to let him through, but he still felt squeezed as he moved past her doorframe. As he passed her body, Jeff smelled the unmistakable scent of sandalwood.

Sarah closed the door behind him, turning the lock casually. Her bare feet pivoted back to him on the hardwood floor. “Well, this is my house!” she said, gesturing with her arms and laughing.

“It’s….really nice,” Jeff managed to say. And it was. The front foyer, as well as the kitchen that Jeff glimpsed through the hallway up ahead, were painted a soft white and were all brightly lit with comfortable and homely orange light. To the left was the dining room, complete with a stylish chandelier and a dark wooden table, upon which a few tall candles were lit in a candelabra. Its walls were painted a deep red, and Jeff couldn’t help but feel that Sarah, in addition to her other talents, definitely had a knack for home decor. The smell of basil and garlic completed the cozy domestic portrait.

“Yeah, it’s all I need, really,” said Sarah, looking around. “Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, an actual yard — what’s not to like?”

“Yeah,” said Jeff, fixating on the word “bedrooms.” “Do you…I didn’t know that — um, do you garden?” Jeff stammered as Sarah began walking past him during his question, gesturing with her hand to follow.

“Garden?” she asked as she led him down a bright, wide, and well-lit hallway, “I wish! I just have the landscapers keep it up every few weeks. They do such a good job, don’t you think?”

“I really…yeah, I l-l-liked the flowers and shrubs,” remarked Jeff. He had tried to look at the wall as Sarah led him down the hallway, but he could only stare at the two enormous cheeks of ass muscle that were undulating up and down in front of him, speaking some lewd arcane language that he couldn’t help but understand.

Sarah chuckled softly as she led him on without turning around. “Mmmm, yes, the flowers and shrubs are nice. Well, here’s the kitchen! I’ve got dinner staying warm on the stove. I have a dining room, but that seems kinda weird and formal, right? Let’s just eat in here! Grab a stool and I’ll serve you up a plate; then I can look at that cool stuff you brought. Sound good?”

Jeff achieved a nod and looked at the stools that stood around the kitchen island. The stool was about three feet high, and Jeff had to get on his tip-toes and hop a little bit to get up into the seat, which was rectangular and made a nice curved support for his small frame. His legs dangled a bit after he got himself situated. He put his sculpture and his papers down on the counter, and placed his arms on the counter as well. Sarah had her back turned, serving up plates from the stove, and Jeff quickly realized that he was uncomfortable with his arms as they were. Instead of leaning down and in on his crossed arms like he intended, Jeff found himself pushing his chest into them, because the counter was too high. So he settled for putting his hands on either side of him on the stool, propping himself up a bit in the process. His entire palms fit comfortably next to his butt on both sides of the seat.

Sarah had served up everything and was bringing over the plates: spaghetti and meatballs, steamed broccoli, garlic bread. “Pretty simple food,” she said with a wink, passing him his plate, “But simple goes a long way, right? It’s hard to fuck up a classic dish like this.”

Once again, Jeff had jolted at Sarah’s use of profanity, and she noticed. She laughed as she slid into the stool next to Jeff’s; she actually had to bend down to plant herself on the seat, and Jeff saw that when she was settlted, her thighs and ass filled up the seat completely, spilling amply over both ends of the stool. Her feet also comfortably sat flat-footed on the ground. She wasn’t sitting on the stool like Jeff; she was half-standing, and still, she rose above him over the counter as she placed her chin deliberately in her arms as she faced Jeff. She still had on a ring or two, and a couple bracelets, including, he knew, the hair tie.

“You’re so funny Jeff. I would’ve never pinned you as a guy who cared much about bad words.” She picked up her fork and started twirling her pasta into a large bunch. She looked at him humorously and punctuated her sentence by sliding the fork full of rotated pasta into her mouth.

“Well, no. No, no I don’t care about that,” said Jeff, trying to laugh as he found himself rushing to imitate Sarah and twirl his pasta. “It’s just…it’s just, well…you know….”

Sarah let him hang for a moment longer with a grin as she picked up some garlic bread, before she finally took pity on him and laughed. “Haha, don’t worry Jeff, I’m just kidding around. I know it’s weird to see me like this after so many years. It’s pretty weird for me too, you know.” She crunched into her garlic bread, and Jeff couldn’t help but notice a jolt in his pants as he saw her bright white teeth bared in implication of attack as she went at the bread for a bite or two more. She must have been hungry.

“It’s w-weird for you too?” Jeff asked.

Sarah had reached for her water glass and had already gulped it halfway down before she answered, twirling more pasta with her right hand without looking at it. “Well yeah! I mean you go off to college and we don’t see each other for ten years and when we do, it’s in a hospital, just like, a happenstance.” She ate another large forkfull of pasta, and Jeff realized that he needed to really eat his food. He became suddenly afraid of the prospect of Sarah finishing her plate before him, and started attempting to unceremoniously shovel pasta into his mouth. Sarah looked at him, smiling.

“You know, it’s easier if you do it like this.” She showed him her twirling technique again, which looked so effortlessly performed by her large hand and wrist. Even though she was so much larger than him, her movements were that much more nuanced and delicate.

“Umm…ok, like this?” Jeff tried to imitate her again and achieved a respectable pasta ball at the end of his fork, only to have it slide off in one bunch as he brought it up to his mouth. Jeff felt his heart drop as he looked at his pasta and heard Sarah laughing above him.

“No, silly, like this.” He saw her hand and forearm come into his view as she reached over to his plate with her fork. She tenderly finessed it through some of his pasta and softly gyrated her wrist a bit right and left as she began to twist the spaghetti into a tight ball at the end of her fork that grew and grew with each gentle twirl. Jeff saw the muscles and tendons working softly, subtly in her hand and wrist, and on up through her bare white forearm. His breathing grew rapid as his heart sped up against his will, and he felt the deep red color rising up through his neck and into his face. He began to panic.

But he felt a huge hand snake its way onto his shoulder, neck, and upper back, and squeeze him gently. Sarah hummed deeply above him as she continued twirling, and Jeff imagined that she had closed her eyes. “Shhh, don’t worry Jeff, it’s just pasta. Here.” Jeff realized he had been looking down, and lifted his head up to see a fat bunch of steaming pasta, dripping with tomato basil sauce, presented in front of his face by a large feminine hand. Sarah was holding it up to him, and he turned to look at her, as if asking what to do next. She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Go ahead, Jeff! Try it!” And he could then do nothing more than open his mouth and try and get the whole bunch in his mouth at once. It was so large, though, that he only really managed to take a bite out of a third of it. He labored to chew, feeling his mouth and cheeks stretched.

“Woah there, a bit too much, actually!” Sarah laughed as she brought the remainder of the bunch to her mouth, quickly withdrawing her clean fork afterward. She had not even seemed to chew. “Why don’t you go for one of those meatballs, huh? Tell me what you think.” Still chewing, Jeff obligingly stabbed into one of the meatballs and brought it up to his mouth, appreciating that he would have to take it in several bites. He bit off what he felt was a respectable chunk, about a third of the meatball.

“Good?” asked Sarah. She had also stabbed a meatball and was easily putting the whole thing into her mouth. She chewed once or twice, swallowed, and was already on her second. “I actually made these from scratch. It’s not really that hard, you know.”

“It’s…wwreawwlly goaouod,” said Jeff through a full mouth.

“Thanks Jeff! I’m glad you like it. Keep on chewing, I don’t want you to choke.” She grinned brightly at him, and he returned her grin as best he could through his packed cheeks.

“Of course, even if you did choke, I know the Heimlich Maneuver,” Sarah said, still smiling as she put down her fork and brought both of her arms around to her front, making a quick fist with one hand as she grasped it firmly with her other hand and tensed up her forearms. Her arms grew impressively before him, and he almost let the food fall out of his mouth. But just as quickly, Sarah was back to her plate, as Jeff continued working his jaw, trying to chew.

“So, what do we have here?” Sarah had stuck a couple stalks of broccoli with her fork and was cooly chewing as she delicately pulled over Jeff’s sculpture with a few of her fingers. Jeff looked blankly at it and did not know what to think or say. It looked like it had been fashioned by someone in third grade. Even in his state of disarray, he was surprised to find himself successfully maintaining some kind of front.

“It’s, um…well, it’s a tree.”

“Yes, I can see that,” Sarah said benevolently, turning it around in interest with her fingers.

“…But it’s not just a normal kind of tree. It’s not a realistic tree. It’s more of an abstract, uh…representation of the idea of a tree.”

“Oh!” said Sarah deeply, raising her eyebrows again as she continued to turn the sculpture around. “I like it. Kind of like the Platonic forms, you know? His Theory of Forms?”

Jeff had bitten into his bread and was chewing again, but stopped a moment, staring at Sarah vacantly.

“You know, Plato? The Greek philosopher?” Sarah asked. She was finishing her pasta off with a flourish.

Jeff had heard this name a time or two before somewhere years ago, so he said, “Oh yeah! Yeah, Plato! Exactly. Yeah…exactly like that.” He paused a moment as he looked from Sarah to his tree sculpture. She had stopped turning it and was now simply looking at it as she stuck the last bit of garlic bread in her mouth. Jeff’s stomach squirmed when he realized that her plate was completely clean. “…And,” he continued after a couple moments, “and…uh, it’s kind of in the modern abstract mode…you know, like from the European school.” Jeff had visited Wikipedia a time or two in the last few days in preparation.

Sarah swirled a long finger around on her plate, collecting a last few bits of sauce before she reached it up to her mouth and sucked on it gently, extracting the flavor, before withdrawing it smoothly.

“Aha! Very cool, Jeff. Very interesting.” She turned to him and looked down at his plate, which was still almost completely full. “Oh! But Jeff, I’ve been making you talk. Eat up! I’m gonna get seconds.” She hopped up cheerfully from her chair and in a couple of strides was already over at the stove. Jeff looked at his full plate, looked at her titanic figure by the stove, looked at his pitiful, sunken gray sculpture sitting there on the smooth marble countertop, and looked at the couple sheets of paper of his poetry that he had brought. Anxiety rose quickly in his chest, and cemented into dread as she returned to her stool with another full plate, giving him a warm smile with widened eyes. She thought he was ridiculous, he was telling himself. She was beginning to see through him. She was beginning to realize…what he had been up to…what he was. But no — even now, Jeff fought back. There was something in him that would not submit, and he suddenly knew that he had to keep her from reading that poetry.

“So…you, uh, own this place, then?” Jeff was proud of his nonchalant tone. “Your parents told me that this place is totally yours.”

Sarah plopped another meatball in her mouth. “Yeah! It’s all mine! Pretty neat, right?” She swallowed and chuckled as she pointed around with her fork. “I mean, of course I have a mortgage and everything, but it actually ends up being cheaper than rent in the long run.”

“You have…a mortgage?” The word sounded so unfamiliar and foreign to Jeff. Sarah laughed at him again.

“Yes, Jeff! That’s what we have instead of rent when we buy houses.” Again, Jeff couldn’t decipher her tone. Was she mocking him?

“Unless you’re like, an oil baron or something,” she continued. “The thing about buying is that you have to put down a big chunk of money first. That money is called a downpayment.” Jeff was encouraged to see that Sarah was enjoying the conversation, and this was the first Jeff was hearing about this kind of stuff; he was actually interested.

“Really? Like how much?” He was feeling more normal by the second as he started picking at his food.

Sarah stretched her arms over her head and flexed in relaxation. Every time she did something like this, Jeff’s skin cooled as he literally felt her shadow over him. She had finished her second plate, and was sighing contentedly. “Well, that depends. Basically the minimum payment you would need to buy a home would be 3.5 percent down with an FHA loan on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage.”

Jeff understood none of this sentence and could only ask, “3.5 percent? Of…uh…of…what?”

Sarah smiled down warmly at him. “Of the full house price. So, like this place was on the market for about $500,000 dollars, which means that the minimum I had to put down was $17,500. But I could actually put up $25,000, so that means my monthly mortgage payments are lower.” Jeff’s head was spinning. This was all so much more money than he could imagine, let alone possess. Sarah was looking at him with a widening grin. She allowed him a few moments before she reached over and poked him in the stomach with a red fingernail.

“Don’t worry about all this stuff, Jeff. It’s just numbers, numbers, numbers. They’re not for everybody. I guess that’s why I’m training to be a scientist, right?” She gestured over to a desk in the corner of the adjacent living room that was piled high with stacks of papers. Above the desk were a number of what looked like charts on the wall. She looked back to him. “But yeah, everyone has their thing, you know? Me, I like numbers, data, facts. You’re more of the…expressive type, right?” She gestured to his sculpture and to the pieces of paper on the counter. Jeff had to keep her away from the poems.

“Well, yes, of course. As an artist, yeah…I find numbers…um, too uh, limiting, you know?” Sarah nodded gently. “Umm,” he continued, looking for an escape, “what are you working on over there?” He pointed to her desk in the other room, and Sarah turned to look.

“Over there? Oh, just some stuff for work. Medical stuff — lots of numbers. Probably nothing you’d be too interested in.” She turned back to the counter, pivoting her large pelvis. Jeff had completely forgotten about the rest of his food and was melting more and more into her body, her presence, her aura. And he could see her looking at the pieces of paper he had brought.

“Oh! Oh, no! Of course I’d be interested!” said Jeff, quicker than he’d have liked to. “I’m always down to….you know…learn new things. Science is cool. I mean, I liked science when I was in school and everything. Space rocks and biology and volcanos and everything. Some really great stuff there.”

Sarah looked at him for a second or two with her affectionate smile, her eyes darting back and forth over his face and his body, as if scanning him. Her mouth was opened a bit in some kind of anticipation, her nostrils gently dilated.

Chapter 8: Wine

“Yeah?” she asked gently, playfully. “You’d be interested?”

“Yeah!” Jeff creased his eyebrows as he tried to smile, nodding his head vigorously in agreement.

“It’s just…that…” Sarah was uncharacteristically hesitant, but she recovered quickly. “Well, it might make you feel weird or uncomfortable because of your upcoming surgery.”

Jeff’s mind couldn’t have been any further from his hip surgery a moment before, and now his mind did a backflip as he tried to process her words.

“Which, by the way!” continued Sarah, “I’m so rude not to have asked — when are you scheduled for? I’d love to give you some information and tips, and, if you want, maybe even guide you through the process. It would make sense, you know? Me training for this kind of stuff and all?”

Jeff hadn’t even gotten the ball rolling on scheduling his surgery, and looked around with panicked eyes, anywhere but Sarah’s face, with his mouth half open. Sarah saw his paralysis.

“Oh, but Jeff! I don’t mean to be pushy. It can be whatever you want, you know? Anything to just make you feel better through the process.” She had taken up his hands in hers, and held them earnestly. His hands were tiny, bony balls of cold skin completely submerged in her paws of warm, substantial, gentle strength. He had to make eye contact now.

“I’m sorry Sarah!” he said in what came out as a bit of a squeak. “I’ve-I’ve jjust…been so…uh so busy that I haven’t gotten around to scheduling it yet.” He felt contrite and embarrassed, as if he were apologizing to a parent, a superior, and her reaction simply confirmed this dynamic.

“Oh, Jeff,” she said seriously, wrinkling her brow and making Jeff cringe by expressing another uncharacteristic sentiment, “you really need to do that asap. Pronto. Like, tomorrow morning. There’s some real danger that your hip could collapse if you go on much longer.” She squeezed his hands a bit tighter, but in something more than earnestness this time. Her pressure carried, for the first time, a real indication of a mild rebuke. All playfulness had vanished from her countenance.

“I—I will! I will!” was all he could say.

She squeezed his hands again. “Make extra sure, ok?” She kept eye contact with him as she nodded her head up and down, encouraging him to join her nod. And then she released him.

“But anyway,” she said, flipping her long mane of blond hair out of her face as she sat up even straighter in her stool, sighing lightly and breathing warmth and sparkle back into the room, “I’m just doing some research on osteoporosis.”

“Osteo…” Jeff wasn’t good with all these big words.

“…porosis, yes,” she said, smiling. “Basically it’s just a word that describes a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle.”

“Is that what’s happening to me?” asked Jeff, feeling certain that the answer was yes.

Sarah laughed lightly. “No, what you have is avascular necrosis of the hip. In a way it’s a kind of localized osteoporosis, but there’s no reason to think…” and she paused a second as her eyes scanned over Jeff’s body, “…to think that it’s anywhere else.…but your hip.” She paused again, curiously and blatantly looking over Jeff’s body. Her eyes flickered a moment and then she met his eyes and smiled. Jeff found himself suddenly wondering how thick her bones were, underneath all that flesh.

“You lookin at my body, Jeff?” came her voice playfully, and his eyes darted up to her face from her stomach. He had been staring at the line of exposed flesh between her yoga pants and white t-shirt that seemed to wink at him. He had been lost in how it spilled solidly over her pant line without losing its shape.

“Uhh..I just…uh,” he stammered, turning red.

Sarah laughed. “Jeff! You’re so funny! I was just looking at your body — you have just as right to look at mine.” She reached over and pinched his left thigh, her thumb and forefinger easily managing to grasp the entire width of his quadricep and squeeze. For her it was a light squeeze, but Jeff yelped and once again almost fell off his stool, feeling like she had literally just lifted up his entire muscle and dropped it back down.

“You’re silly, you know that right?” She had turned away and was going to get something. “I know I’m silly, because I totally forgot I had a bottle of wine that would have been perfect with our meal. I guess it’ll have to be a little after-dinner treat. You drink, Jeff?”

“Oh yeah,” said Jeff. Maybe he could be in his element now. His confidence rose again, and he found his humor. “You could say I know my way around a bottle or two, you know?” Sarah chuckled at him as she brought in a bottle of what looked like an expensive red wine. Her hand was wrapped completely around the bottle, with even a little room to spare. “I like red wine,” she said, getting out two tall wine glasses with her free hand and setting them down. “White wine gives me a headache.”

“Yeah, red wine’s nice,” said Jeff, eager to show off his knowledge. “I’m a whiskey man myself.”

Sarah made big eyes at the wine as she poured. “Oooo, whiskey is it? A lover of the hard stuff, huh? Is that because you’re an artist, Jeff?” She glanced over at him mischievously.

He laughed, managing to believe his answer: “Maybe, maybe.” He saw Sarah glance over at his poems again and remembered that he had to distract her. “But, but Sarah,” he began as she handed him his glass, but she interrupted him with a long hand held up.

“Wait! We have to toast to something. Hmmm, how about to neighbors? That sound good? Cheers to our neighbor reunion!”

“Neighbors!” he assented, and they clinked their glasses together. He took a healthy sip, and was surprised to see Sarah down her glass in one gulp. She seemed excited about something, even flushed, and Jeff realized uneasily that he was getting hard against his will. Something seemed to be happening, some kind of inevitable trajectory, seemed put in motion. He had to stop it.

“So yeah, your work!” he said, taking another gulp of wine. “Tell me about the osto…the bone stuff.”

Sarah had gotten up and motioned for him to follow her into the living room. “Sure, Jeff, let’s just move to the sofa. My ass was getting sore on those stools, you know?”

Jeff didn’t know, but followed, trying not to look at her body moving in front of him. She sat down in the middle of a big, plush, deep red sofa, pulling up her legs as she put her feet on the sofa as well in a casual tuck. Jeff moved to sit in an easy chair close by.

“No, Jeff!” laughed Sarah. “Come over here and sit on the sofa. I won’t bite.” She bared her teeth aggressively and growled, mocking his timidity. “Come on,” she encouraged, patting the sofa next to her feet. He came and sat down awkwardly where she had patted. Her huge hand had left an imprint which he sat right on top of, and he noticed with queasiness that as he looked down from his sitting position he saw the continued imprint of her palm and fingers moving beyond where his butt sat. ‘So she could basically palm his entire butt with one hand,’ he thought. Such musings about size comparison had ceased to be “invasive thoughts” for Jeff. The past few weeks, they had molded with his brain and had begun to partially form his thoughts entirely. He looked up at her — she met his eyes and gave him her warm smile as she looked down at him. With both of them sitting down, he was eye-level with her neck. He noticed she had another full glass of wine, which she was offhandedly sipping. Had she poured herself another one?

“So,” said Sarah, gesturing at empty space with her wine glass, “basically I’m researching why exactly osteoporosis manifests.” Jeff sat back into the sofa and drank his wine contentedly, feeling that they had reached a safe point of equilibrium away from his poems. “Generally we see it in people over the age of fifty, but sometimes we see it earlier. The reasons why are unclear, but that’s exactly what I’m looking into.” Jeff was focused on how much her large frame had sunk into her couch. She looked so comfortable, almost like she was swimming in her sofa cushions. He realized that, unlike hers, his body had sunk into the sofa hardly a bit, even though the sofa itself was quite plush. He wondered how much more she weighed than he did.

“Of course,” continued Sarah lightly with a smile, clearly enjoying this moment of being able to talk about her work, “there are risk factors. Like, for example, women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than men.”

“Really, huh?” said Jeff emptily, staring openly at her huge, shapely legs. He caught himself and raised his eyes to meet hers. “So women have weaker bones than men?”

Sarah’s eyes twinkled and she failed to stifle a grin. “Generally, men have larger bone and muscle mass than women.” Her eyes moved very deliberately, humorously, from his eyes, over her body, then over his, and then back to his eyes, analyzing his reaction. “But there are always exceptions.” ‘So she really was toying with him now,’ Jeff thought, any confidence, any hope of resisting her vanishing.

She continued on quite normally, continuing to gesture at the air. “But there are other risk factors too, you know. Advanced age, family history, a small body frame…all these make it more likely, but they’re by no means definite indicators.” Jeff’s mind had become hazy, and he just focused on his wine now.

“Also,” Sarah kept on, “if you have lowered sex hormone levels, you could be at risk. Like for instance, women who have low estrogen, or men with lowered levels of testosterone are more likely to develop brittle bones. This of course goes along with lowered calcium intake, eating disorders, and any variety of gastrointestinal surgeries that people might have had in the past. Not to even mention, if you take steroids for seizure disorders, cancer gastric reflux, or transplant rejections, that could weaken your bones too. Speaking of which, diseases like cancer, like Celiac disease, like lupus, could be a factor as well. Not to even mention lifestyle choices.”

Jeff’s attention snapped back from Sarah’s gesturing hands and fingers, and the movements of her wrists, to her actual words. He had heard about “lifestyle choices” recently. Maybe from his parents or something. Or maybe from some email a doctor had sent him.

“Lifestyle…choices?” He realized he was grasping his wine glass, so he put it down on the table. Sarah had already put hers down.

“Yeah,” she said, tilting her head down at him curiously. “Three choices, mainly.” Jeff paused anxiously, waiting for her to continue. Her eyebrows went up, amused. “Oh? You want me to tell you, huh?” Jeff nodded. “It’s just…well, you kinda checked out there for a minute,” she said, smiling ironically.

“I’m — I’m sorry, it’s just…” he began, but Sarah giggled over him.

“So tense! Oh my god you’re a little bundle of nerves. Relax, Jeff, I’m playing around with you. Not everyone is interested in this kind of stuff, so it’s natural to check out.”

“O-ok,” said Jeff, still wanting her to continue. She obliged.

Anyway, here are the three main choices. Number one: a sedentary lifestyle.” She held up a long index finger at him. His stomach flipped inside him.

“Number two: excessive alcohol consumption.” She held up a second finger. “Can you guess what the third one is?” She shook her two-fingered hand playfully at Jeff.

“Uhh…I have no idea,” he said.

“No idea,” she repeated softly, almost as if to herself. She put up a third finger. “The third is tobacco use.” In the silence that followed, she lightly shook her three-fingered hand, and her bracelets jingled softly in the space between them. She was speaking in a low voice now, and had moved her body closer to his. “And we know,” she said softly, “that a lack of protein with a generally low body weight make can make bones unable to replenish themselves. That’s what bones do, you know? They’re living tissue; they’re constantly being broken down and replaced. Bad stuff starts to happen when new bone can’t keep up with the removal of old bone.”

Jeff’s face felt like it was a thousand degrees as he kept his eyes fixed helplessly on Sarah’s hips, not daring to look around, or in her face, or anywhere else. All he could do was sit there and take it.

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t you Jeff?” she asked softly.

“No…no idea,” said Jeff, staring at her hips.

“No?” she asked with sudden flirtatious spirit, turning herself on the sofa to completely face him, perching on the twin pillars of her arms, and sitting on top of her folded thighs, “what do you know about Jeff?” Her question was aggressive, and full of energy and life. She was breathing hard at him as her face locked in on his in a searing stare, and even in the soft light Jeff saw the color rising in her face. He grew afraid.

“Of..offf—a, uh..oauff, uhhh…ah,” he stuttered, completely overwhelmed. She let him stutter for a few seconds before she cut in with vigor.

“Do you know about these?” She rose up on the sofa on her knees, towering over Jeff as she she cupped a huge breast in each hand, mashing them together. She sank down again to her thighs. “Or these?” She slapped her thighs hard with her two hands. Jeff began to shake his head. She smiled at him. “Come on Jeff,” she said with quiet vitality, “let’s stop playing pretend.” Se moved up even closer next to him, to the point where her thighs and ass, her entire left side, was touching his. He was hopelessly hard, unmistakably tenting his loose-fitting pants. He saw in a flash, against the deep red of the sofa, the taut black of her yoga pants next to his baggy jeans. His legs were invisible in the folds of his jeans. Her legs were huge, massive things, that would have torn his jeans to pieces. He felt himself beginning to sniffle in despair as her sandalwood scent overcame him.

“Come on Jeff,” breathed Sarah passionately in his ear, continuing to massage her breasts and feel herself up next to him. “C’mon, whatcha got, huh?” She had started to gyrate her massive pelvis, shaking the entire sofa, and Jeff’s entire body right along with it. He looked up at her, a couple of tears shining from his eyes. She looked down at him, still in the midst of her sensuous motions. A smirk appeared on her face as she extended out her tongue at him and flicked it rapidly for a second or two before withdrawing it again. Jeff climaxed in his pants, gasping hopelessly as he was unable to look away from her face.

“C’mon, whatcha got baby?” she asked again, and then a second later she reached out a powerful arm, cupped his head completely in one of her hands, and pulled up his face to her mouth. Jeff found himself engulfed — there was no better word — in Sarah’s wet, warm lips, and he had no choice but to reciprocate the kiss as best he could.

“Mmmmmm,” Sarah moaned down deeply into his body, her open mouth completely engulfing his mouth and some parts of his nose and chin as well. “Mmmmmmmm.” She did this over and over, and Jeff felt her vibrations from the echoing chamber of his small mouth all the way down his neck and spine, through his cock, and through his feet and the tips of his toes. Even though he had already cum, his dick did not deflate one bit. If anything, it became harder.

“Yeah,” said Sarah deeply and calmly, in between breaths. Her initial passion had cooled into methodical control, and she seemed intent on savoring the taste of the inside of Jeff’s mouth. “Yeah, that’s it, buddy. Ohhhhh…ease into it.” He felt her hand adjust the position of his head as he felt her mouth grin against his. “That’s right.” His eyes had been unfocused this whole time, but now they darted up to Sarah’s and Jeff saw that Sarah’s eyes were half-open, softly staring down at him, in serene, luxurious passion.

“Hey there neighbor,” she breathed down at him quietly, beginning to flick her tongue around in his mouth. Jeff’s cock definitely got harder now. What was she doing with her tongue? It was flicking so fast against his tongue, it almost seemed inhuman, obscene. Her tongue’s rapid movement in his mouth made wet sloppy sounds that were very audible in the room, and Jeff felt a quick and blistering buildup in his loins to an unavoidable second orgasm. Sensing his onset, she shoved her tongue deep down his throat, choking him completely. He was unable to breathe or make a sound, and he began flailing his arms in the air in panic. Her huge tongue still inserted down his throat, she made eye contact with him, widening her eyes playfully as she moved her eyebrows up and down, teasing him, mocking him.

And just like that, she had released him, and he fell back into the sofa with a squeal. He was cumming again, and he rushed his hands down to contain the massive erection in his pants, and the visible dark stain that was spreading around it.

Sarah chuckled softly as she reached out her arms lovingly to him, catching him up and cuddling him in her strong embrace. Her grip prevented his arms from moving, and he simply had to lay back into her as she held him, partially in her lap, on the sofa. No words were spoken for several minutes as she gently petted his head, his neck, his shoulders, his back, with one of her huge hands. She even scratched his back some with her long fingernails, and reached up a couple times to scratch around his neck, and once behind the ears. He melted into her, feeling nothing like resistance anymore. He was just beginning to doze when Sarah gave him a pat on the back that said “it’s time” and began to stand up.

“Well, that was a very nice dinner Jeff,” she said as she rose, totally returned to her jovial, playful self. Jeff stood up too, looking up at her looming over him.

She chortled a bit, looking down on him. “And you’re actually not a bad kisser. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you again — sometime soon I hope?” She was moving towards the kitchen again. “Do you want to take any leftovers home with you?”

Jeff was utterly confused. Leftovers? Home? He thought after all that he was going to spend the night. Sarah turned to look at him and seemed to understand his mental predicament.

“It’s work-time for me, big boy,” she said, grinning wryly, gesturing to her desk. “I have a lot to do for tomorrow that I’ve been putting off…you know like any good college student. I’m glad your parents live pretty close by here — not a long walk at all for you. Of course I can give you a ride if you want?”

Jeff shook his head. She smiled as she approached him and held out her arms to him in a hug. They embraced, her body, her scent, her energy enveloping his. “But let’s get together again soon, ok?” They parted and Jeff looked down at her calves and feet, not wanting to leave, but not able to say anything. After a few seconds she bent down again to his face level, just as she had done at the hospital, and cupped his chin in her hand, directing it up to her face. “Ok, little thing?” She laughed softly into his ear and flicked it once more with her tongue as she guided him out the door. After another friendly goodbye, the door was closed, and Jeff was staring blankly at the door, then around at her yard as he turned to leave, and then through the night streets as he walked back to his parents’ house in a complete daze, in cum-stained jeans.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: The Training of Jeff Stintum (SM, slow shrink, femdom, size comparison)

Chapter 9: Lunch with Dave

‘So we’re dating,’ Jeff thought the next day as he stared at the ceiling in his bedroom of his parents’ house. Surely they were. He had wandered the streets the previous night, almost unconscious of where he was, and had somehow managed to make it back to his parents’ house to collapse on his bed and fall into an uneasy sleep. He had awoken late in the morning and immediately, without even thinking, he had grabbed his cock and begun to pump it, not letting up until he had cum all over his chest. He had laid there breathless for a few minutes, his mind on nothing but the events of the previous night, on Sarah’s scent, the huge presence of her body, the jingling bracelets on her wrists, her full white arms, her thighs next to his, her immense face next to his own, and what her tongue had done to the inside his mouth. Before he knew it he was at it again, jerking and wringing and wrenching his cock with a fast and feverish desperation that was previously unknown to him. Within minutes he had spewed his load again, and this time he felt the hot sticky cum spatter his neck.

He laid there gasping from exertion, unable to do anything but stare at the ceiling and think, think, think about last night. After what was actually only a few minutes, but what to Jeff seemed an eternity of turning this detail and that detail over and over in his mind, he had decided that yes, clearly Sarah had a thing for him, and that yes, their make-out session had shown that she wanted to take this relationship with him to the next level. As Jeff laid there in bed, contemplating this apparently new relationship, excitement grew in his chest. He blinked a few times at the ceiling, and a grin began to creep across his face. Sarah Helleger…and him. As a couple. An item. Him and her…the more he thought about it, the bigger his grin became.

‘Finally,’ he thought smugly to himself, ‘I get the bombshell I deserve.’ And was she ever — she as the hottest person he had ever seen. ‘And of course,’ he continued to himself, ‘she makes out with me.’ His mind skipped back to all the women who had laughed at him when he had tried to pick them up at bars, to all the girls at concerts who had tuned him down, even to Cassie’s arrogant expression as she had stepped over him on her way out the door.

‘Women,’ he thought to himself, and then he said “Women” out loud in a bitter, jeering tone.

‘All those bitches who turned me down, who thought they were better than me,’ he thought, with increasing energy and mirth, ‘they were all too old. Too proud. Too many years of feeling like they’re worth more than they really are.’ But not Sarah Helleger. She was young and gentle, and so full of life. Smart (smarter than me! he thought with a condescending laugh), funny, and drop-dead gorgeous, with huge tits and one helluva piece of ass. But most importantly, she saw him for who he was: a good guy who had big plans, a nice guy who just wanted a nice gal to understand him and give him what he needed. He thought forward to a time when they could get married, to when he would come home from work every day (“home” in Jeff’s fantasy was Sarah’s house) and she would be there on the sofa, a glass of wine in her hand, eagerly waiting to give him a “welcome home” hug and kiss as a pot of pasta and meatballs bubbled quietly on the stove, infusing the house with delicious aromas of tomato, basil, and garlic.

Jeff sighed in pleasure as he took his eyes from the ceiling, moving his bedsheets so that he could get out of bed to use the restroom. His eyes moved down to his body and his fantasy broke apart into a thousand pieces. He was still dressed in his clothes from the previous night, and the first thing he noticed was the dark, ugly stain on the crotch of his jeans. It looked like the evidence at some crime scene, like something bad that had happened. The second thing he noticed was that his arms looked positively shriveled; he could not remember them ever looking that small, that bony, that…childlike. He moved them up and down in front of his vision, unable to understand how this could be. His mind immediately went to Sarah’s body, and her plump, full, sturdy arms — Jeff could only imagine what they looked like compared to his. Wait, he could imagine! Her arms had been next to his last night, right in front of his face. He thought of her spooning his pasta, and twisting it before him, and his dick rose yet again to attention.

He shook off these thoughts as he made his way to the bathroom. After peeing he took off all his clothes and stood in front of the mirror, unable to comprehend what he saw. He was a shrimp. His shoulders were bony knobs that connected his thin, frail arms to the rest of his body, a body that to Jeff seemed unrecognizable. All of his ribs were clearly visible; his ribcage stuck out of his abdomen like some weird sculpture. His hips seemed to poke painfully out through his skin, and his legs, like his arms, were like withered stalks. It seemed incredible that he could stand up at all. Even his face looked emaciated — the bones of his jaw and eye sockets seemed to protrude almost unnaturally. Only his penis, standing at full attention and only getting harder the more he looked at himself, seemed to have any flesh, any muscle.

What was happening? Jeff had no idea, but what he did know was that all this muscle loss, this…whatever was going on, was a recent development. Sure, he wasn’t the biggest guy in the world, and sure, he also wasn’t the tallest, but there was no way that he had always been like…like this. As he looked at himself, complete with his massive erection, Jeff unconsciously, uncontrollably, thought of Sarah’s body, and how she was, quite unmistakably, his opposite. She was tall, very tall. And her body was big, meaty, firm, heavy, and yet soft, curvy, feminine, strong. His hand once again went to his cock and Jeff jerked himself off for a third time that morning, right at the mirror, imagining Sarah’s body behind his, with her smirking as she flicked her tongue teasingly at their reflection in the mirror. After collapsing in exhaustion, Jeff crawled to the shower and turned it on, letting it run over his bony body. Eventually he fell asleep again under the hot water.

The rest of the day, Jeff did nothing but lay and sit on his bed, parsing through what had happened last night, his fantasies for the future, and occasionally masturbating whenever the memory of Sarah’s body and presence became too close. He repeated, over and over, unconsciously at first, the same mental cycle he had completed that morning, going between smug self-congratulation and utter confusion and repulsion of his own body, between excitement for the future to complete bewilderment as to what had actually happened. As he thought and thought, Jeff gradually realized that whatever had happened, whatever the future held, and whatever his body happened to look like right now, one thing was certain: Sarah had kissed him, which meant that she thought he was attractive, which meant that, for all intents and purposes, they were dating, since he thought she was attractive too. ‘One plus one equals two,’ he said matter-of-factly in his head by the late afternoon.

As to Sarah’s generally odd behavior, including her weird little flirty phrases (“little thing” for instance), and the fact that she didn’t let him stay the night, Jeff became more and more inclined to chalk it up to her cute little personality. ‘She’s a funny young girl,’ Jeff thought as he smiled to himself, the afternoon turning into evening. ‘She’s definitely a one-of-a-kind. She’s not afraid to be herself, and sometimes that means being different.’ The more he thought this way, the easier it was for Jeff to think fondly and lovingly of Sarah as an actual romantic partner. He even imagined himself explaining her little quirks to his male friends, as they gathered around him, eagerly asking questions, which he answered cooly with punctuating chuckles.

As for him not staying over, well, that was just her playing hard to get. ‘And would I really expect anything less?’ Jeff asked himself as the evening wore on. ‘She’s a girl who knows what she’s worth, and I’m gonna have to work to really get her.’ He blinked after this thought, and realized that it was already past eleven at night. He looked at his phone. No texts. She hadn’t even texted him anything. Jeff’s heart beat fast for a moment in panic, and he wondered if he had done something wrong, or if the previous night had all been a joke.

‘But of course she hasn’t texted me,” he quickly realized. ‘She’s a girl. She’s playing hard to get. She’s expecting me to text her, to make the next move.’ He smiled to himself as he selected her from his contact list and began thinking what to say. For the next two hours, Jeff crafted and re-crafted a text to Sarah, which he ended up sending at around two in the morning. It said:

“hey there girl. last night was epic. I didn’t know a girl could look so sweet and be so dirty at the same time. Count me surprised. haha even I can get surprised sometimes. but seriously, let’s do it more often. We can go even farther next time haha, first base second base, you know what i mean. What a lucky man I am. You can be the stars to my moon.

love yer boy, Jeff xoxxoxoxox”

‘That should get the ball rolling,’ Jeff thought happily, and he drifted off to sleep. But it didn’t get the ball rolling. The next day came and went, and then the next day, and then the next day, and Sarah had not responded. Jeff went back and read over his original message dozens, and then hundreds of times, and he could not for the life of him see any mistake he had made. All the words were spelled right, except the ones he deliberately misspelled. The punctuation and capitalization were all correct, except in the places where they strategically weren’t. There was nothing wrong with the message…so why no reply?

Jeff began to worry. Clearly there was something he was not understanding in this exchange. Did she actually not like him? No, this couldn’t be the case — she kissed him, for god’s sake! And she said that she wanted to see him again! Was he totally out of his mind? Had all that stuff actually happened? Had he cum too quickly? What was she thinking about him? Jeff didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but unlike in times past, when uncertainty led to depression and passivity, this time it led back, over and over, to these certainties: they had actually kissed and Sarah did enjoy it and she did say that she wanted to see him again. Jeff had all that going for him, and therefore, as the days went by with no reply from Sarah, he was able to go about his life without too much trouble. After all, she was a busy scientist who probably rarely checked her phone.

To fill his time, Jeff had started reading his book on conspiracy theories again. He even did what he had planned to do for a long time and organized a meeting of two or three other friends, to talk about how they were going to solve the world’s problems by breaking the system that currently existed. Jeff was happy with how the meeting went, particularly since over half of it consisted of the other guys listening intently and excitedly as Jeff calmly described how hot Sarah was, and how she kissed, and how much she liked him.

Oh, but she’s in the medical field,” one of his friends had cautioned. “You gotta be careful, because she’s probably been brainwashed by the establishment. You probably don’t want her to know we’re meeting like this.”

Jeff had dismissed this statement with a lazy wave of his hand. “True, true,” he had laughed nonchalantly, “But I’m not worried about Sarah. She’ll see the truth before too long — she’s super smart.”

Jeff had also been more social ever since he had decided that he and Sarah were dating: he even got in touch with his former roommate Dave to have lunch one day. Apparently Dave was really enjoying his new roommates Most of the time was spent with Jeff talking to Dave about him and Sarah, and about his plans for the future. Dave had sat there quietly, listening as he ate his sandwich. Only after Jeff had stopped talking long enough to take a bite of his own sandwich did Dave speak up.

“So…like, you’re actually sure that you’re dating, Jeff?”

Jeff looked up from his food, a bite of sandwich in his mouth, and smiled as he opened his eyes widely as he looked over to one side, as if Dave had asked a question with an absurdly obvious answer.

“Um…yeah Dave. She kissed me and said she wanted it again?” Jeff laughed and took another bite of his sandwich.

Dave was thoughtful. “Yeah, Jeff. I mean, she’s definitely interested in…something about you, that’s for sure. But when was the last time you two spoke?”

“I don’t know, like two weeks ago?” Dave clearly didn’t understand how their relationship worked, and Jeff was beginning to get irritated. Didn’t he know that not everyone had a normal, boring, vanilla relationship?

Dave didn’t reply straight away, but simply lifted up his eyebrows at Jeff slowly as he breathed in through his nose. Jeff took this reaction as a sign that Dave thought he was full of crap, and that he wasn’t dating Sarah at all. He responded angrily.

“What, Dave? You think I’m full of it? You think that just because our relationship isn’t boring and normal like everyone else’s, it isn’t real? You think —”

“—Jeff,” interrupted Dave quietly, holding up one of his large hands (he was a big man), “Jeff, c’mon man. You’re acting like I’m out to get you or something.” Jeff stopped his outburst and took a couple of deep breaths as his look softened at Dave. After seeing that Jeff was calmer, Dave continued. “Now if you’re so sure that you two are dating, then great — I won’t argue with you.” He paused, looking down at Jeff from his seat, clearly being careful about what he said next. “I believe you. It’s just that…well, Jeff…I mean, I’m not trying to burst your bubble here, and I can tell you’re really excited, but…you know, just because you two kissed and she said she wanted to see you again doesn’t always translate to…um, dating.”

Jeff looked at the sky and sighed. Ok, obviously Dave was just trying to look out for him here. This was just a simple, benign case of Dave not understanding what was going on. He took his eyes from the sky to focus again on Dave, and he was momentarily unsettled to see Dave looking at him stonily, with something like irritation or…something else foreign in his expression. Jeff felt anger broil once again inside of him, but he would take the high road this time. Dave just needed to understand what was up.

“Dave,” began Jeff, in what he meant to be a soft tone, but that actually came out as blatant condescension, “It’s the twenty first century. “Dating” doesn’t mean the same thing it always used to mean. You have this idea that there has to be this…this…uh, elaborate…uh…what’s the word I’m looking for…”

“Courtship?” offered Dave.

“…yeah! Courtship…uh, process that is like, um, the 1950’s or something. It’s a new time, Dave. The old rules aren’t the same anymore. There aren’t any rules. It’s all up to us to rewrite the rulebook. We’re the canaries in the coal mine, Dave. We’re the —”

“Ok, ok, Jeff,” Dave interrupted again with his hand. This time he was smiling. “I get it, Jeff.” He put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair, his lunch eaten. From his stretched, relaxed position he looked down at Jeff with a curious expression on his face: a smile and a little twinkle in his eye. Jeff had forgotten how big Dave really was; this position just made him look bigger. “And Jeff, I really couldn’t agree with you more. Times have changed, and we’re rewriting the old rules.”

“Damn right,” said Jeff. And he sat there dumbly. Well, apparently he and Dave were on the same page now. He didn’t know what else to say.

“Why don’t you eat that lunch you got there,” said Dave kindly, gesturing to Jeff’s almost-uneaten sandwich. Jeff obliged as Dave looked around at nothing in particular. As he ate his sandwich, Jeff thought happily about how awesome it was to have a friend as chill as Dave. They were so comfortable with each other — they could argue and be irritated with each other and it didn’t matter. One of them could just chow down on a sandwich while the other just looked casually around, and it didn’t matter. No small talk, no filler. This was what real friendship looked like.

“You know,” said Dave offhandedly as he looked out at the street, “I actually saw Sarah the other day.”

Jeff choked on his sandwich as his eyes snapped up to Dave, who was still studying the traffic outside. After correcting his paralyzed throat and either swallowing or spitting out what he had in his mouth, Jeff managed a word: “What?!?!”

“Yeah, Jeff,” said Dave quietly. With a calm expression on his face, he turned to look at his apoplectic friend. “We actually hung out like two days ago.”

“But…bbut…but,” sputtered Jeff, his mind beginning to crack.

“Dude,” said Dave as he smiled down at Jeff, “chill out. It doesn’t mean anything. It was great to see her! Hadn’t seen her in over ten years, just like you.”

“But…but she’s dating —”

“Jeff,” said Dave with a little more weight behind his voice this time. “I didn’t go on a date with her.” Jeff didn’t seem to be hearing these words, and Dave noticed that Jeff was beginning to hyperventilate, his face getting redder by the second. “Jeff,” Dave repeated, and he reached over and grabbed his friend’s hands in his own and held them. “Jeff, you’re scaring me, man, chill out.” Jeff looked at Dave and saw his kind expression, and felt his own hands swallowed by the mammoth hands of his friend, and began to calm down.

“But…how did you get her number?”

“I didn’t,” said Dave with a smile, releasing Jeff as he leaned back, “She hit me up.”

This was all getting too much for Jeff. “She?? You??? But how did she get your number??”

Dave shrugged. “I assumed you gave it to her.”

“No, I didn’t,” said Jeff, starting to get red again. “I didn’t!”

“Well, I have no idea how she got it then,” laughed Dave, “But anyway, like I said, it was cool to see her. Not to make you feel weird, Jeff, but man, you weren’t wrong about her growing up!”

Jeff just sat there, unable to do anything else, his mouth half-open in disbelief. Dave saw his friend’s expression, but he continued on. If Jeff was really as open and progressive as he said he was, then he would be able to take this.

“I mean…yeah, again, of course, I’m not competing with you, Jeff, that goes without saying, haha, but I just have to say, holy fuck, Sarah Helleger grew into an absolute goddess. Am I right?”

Jeff’s mouth was dry and couldn’t move. Dave nudged him playfully, repeating “Am I right?” I mean you kissed her, right? You know what I’m talkin about!” until he had elicited a smile from his friend. “Yeah,” he continued, “she just hit me up out of the blue and invited me over to her place for dinner, and not to get all 1950’s, like you were talking about, but boy can she cook too!”

Jeff felt like he was riding a roller coaster. “She invited you over to her place?” he asked, “And you two had dinner together?”

Dave assumed Jeff’s serious tone, and said mockingly, “Yes. She invited me over to her place. And we had dinner together. And we’ve drawn up the marriage arrangements, and the big day’s a week from tomorrow. We’re honeymooning in Aruba. A child is on the way.”

He laughed, and Jeff halfheartedly joined in with him. He still needed some answers, though: “Did…did you two have spaghetti and meatballs?”

“No, Jeff!” laughed Dave, “We had chicken and rice and…uh, and salad. What, did you two have spaghetti and meatballs?”

Jeff didn’t answer, but he was inwardly breathing a huge sigh of relief. So she wasn’t just treating him and Dave the same. Maybe this meal with Dave was just a “friend” thing.

“Jeff,” said Dave, seeing his friend’s continued distress, “for the last time, calm down. You know, you have to get used to Sarah hanging out with other people, even if they’re guys, and even if they’re guys who are friends of yours. Remember, it’s the twenty first century, right?”

There was silence for a moment, until Jeff mumbled, “Right.” Something still wasn’t right, though. “Did you all have wine?” he asked suddenly.

Dave sighed, taking his turn to look up at the sky. “No Jeff. We each had a beer…well, I had two, but that’s me, haha. We had to use these little coasters because she didn’t want her dining room table to get messed up, haha. I have to say, the last time I used coasters while I was drinking a beer was —”

“You ate in the dining room??” burst out Jeff.

“I’m sorry, my bad,” backtracked Dave. “We ate in the crawlspace. The crickets on the walls serenaded us with tunes of love and passion until we couldn’t take it anymore and did it right then and there next to the water heater. Jesus Jeff, yes, we ate dinner in the dining room.”

Jeff couldn’t think anymore. All of this was way too much to process. Clearly Dave, as he sat there laughing, didn’t appreciate what was going on in his head. He finished his sandwich in near silence as Dave switched the subject and talked more about his new roommates and what his plans were for the future. They parted amicably, and Jeff went on home, his mind a swirling and incomprehensible mess of information.

Later on that night, a number of bottles in to his nightly intake, Jeff sat there on his bed, thinking through all Dave had told him, and what it meant and didn’t mean. So Sarah had hit Dave up and invited him over for dinner. Why? And how the hell had she gotten his number? Had she looked through Jeff’s phone somehow when he was at her place? That didn’t seem possible. Did Dave have his number posted on the internet somewhere? Maybe. But why had she wanted to hang out with Dave? Jeff thought and thought through all the possibilities, until he decided that he had probably reminded her of Dave, and she probably just wanted to reconnect and see how he was doing. Neighbors hitting up neighbors. Like she had toasted her wine to him by saying “neighbors,” hadn’t she? But then Jeff’s stomach dropped as he saw her face looming over him as his body was inexorably drawn into her absorbing, powerful flesh; “Hey there neighbor,” she had breathed, sexily. He shook his head, his dick becoming erect at the memory. What did all this mean? Had she done stuff with Dave? He hadn’t specifically asked Dave…but Dave would have told him, surely! And anyway, Dave said that they weren’t dating. If Sarah had made out with Dave, then they’d clearly be in competition, right? But Dave didn’t seem to think they were in competition at all — he was laughing and cracking jokes most of the time they were talking.

No — it was impossible. But why had she eaten with Dave at the dining room table?? Why did Dave get to do that? He thought and thought about this problem, remembering that Sarah had said that she thought the dining room was too “formal” for them. What did she mean by that? He worried that she maybe took Dave more seriously and that’s why she wanted to be more formal and eat with him in her dining room, like actual partners. But remember, he and Sarah had an unconventional relationship. They didn’t play by the rules — “formality” was a silly word to them. They did what they wanted, like eat on stools in the kitchen! Of course, that was it. Sarah probably had dinner with all kinds of guys in her dining room, but only with him did she drop the formality. Jeff swelled with pride, happy that he could’ve thought through all that successfully. He sucked down another beer. He was kicking himself because he should’ve asked Dave if she had mentioned him, or their relationship. No matter, though — that would have been tacky. Besides, he didn’t need anyone else to tell him what Sarah thought of him.

The night wore on, and Jeff got drunker. Ever since Dave had highlighted the fact that Jeff had not spoken to Sarah in two weeks, Jeff had felt an uncomfortable prick in the back of his brain. It was true — that was a long time not to talk. As he analyzed this issue in his head, Jeff came to the conclusion (quicker because he was drunk) that he was the one who needed to text Sarah again, to show her that he knew that she was playing hard to get, and that he was going to catch her. He thought about some clever phrases to use, but as he thought, his mind, as always, drifted to Sarah and her body, her face, her smell. She was almost unbelievable. He had to be close to her again. He had to touch her again, and smell her. He had to look at her face. He had to feel her big hands on his little body…he had to — and Jeff tried to snap himself out of this reverie, as his extremely erect dick was poking painfully through his pants. He threw off his clothes and began stroking himself, gazing down in admiration at how huge his cock looked, and how different it looked from the rest of his body. Was it almost as big as one of his legs now?

And just like that, Jeff had a brilliant idea. He whipped out his phone, and, after stroking himself more and trying a number of positions, he snapped a picture of his erect cock. He selected Sarah as a contact, wrote an accompanying “Let’s get together, girl,” and sent it. He jumped back on his bed elated, and more excited than he’d ever been. ‘What a stroke of genius,’ he thought.

And just like that, his phone buzzed. His heart in his mouth, he looked at his phone. Sarah. “Oooo is that for me? Tomorrow night. My place. Don’t cum until then, or I’ll know.”

Chapter 10: A Nighttime Visit

For Jeff, the hardest part of this whole arrangement was obeying Sarah’s command not to cum. As soon as he had read her text, he sat there on the bed, utterly overtaken by excitement, and yet at the same time he was thoroughly puzzled. Through the indistinct and familiar fog of his drunkenness, his head pounded through the reality of the moment, and he felt the massive gravity of the narrative building in his head. His ploy had totally worked. That was exactly what she was waiting for. Of course she had been waiting for that! That’s what she wanted to see!! He had been right all along — she’d been playing hard to get, and she wasn’t going to let him get it easy. She wasn’t going to come crawling to him, come begging for a relationship. She was gonna make him work for it. Because she wasn’t like other girls, like all the ones who rejected him. She knew she was hot stuff; she knew she was a pretty piece, a trophy that not just anyone could get. And unlike all these other bitches, like Cassie, like all those broads from the bars, Sarah wasn’t afraid to be a woman, to let him, Jeff, do the chasing. To let the man actually woo the girl for a change. Jeff couldn’t have congratulated himself more as he lay down to sleep. He literally fell asleep chuckling to himself, a knowing and vainglorious grin plastered across his face.

The only thing that threw a slight wrench in this otherwise triumphant narrative was Sarah’s stipulation that he was not supposed to cum until he got to her house. ‘What the hell was that all about?’ he wondered as he walked into the grocery store the next afternoon. Was it some kind of flirty little game that she liked to play? Jeff had never heard of guys being told when and when not to cum. The only porn he really watched involved the dude cumming whenever and wherever he felt like it. What was she doing? It seemed like a game to him.

‘I mean, it’s Sarah after all,’ he thought with a knowing smile as he made his way over to the pharmacy aisle. Though he hadn’t really noticed for weeks, his limp had gotten worse. ‘And she’s a little…uh, well, different. She’s into science and stuff. This was probably just part of her wild side.’ He browsed and quickly found a box of Magnum condoms and waited until some people passed him by to take them off the shelf. He hadn’t bought condoms in a long, long time, but whenever he had, he loved doing it slowly and deliberately, so that people would notice exactly which brand he was buying. He loved their quick surprised glances. Yeah, he was a smaller guy, sure. But he was sure as hell big where it counted. Back when he did have sex, he didn’t much care for condoms. But he figured he’d bring them to Sarah’s because she was young and inexperienced and might freak out about unprotected sex.

‘That’s just the kind of guy I am,’ he thought as he walked down the aisle toward the flowers, holding the box of condoms out conspicuously in front of him with two hands. ‘Considerate.’ He stood in front of the flowers and breathed in their fresh wet scent. What kind of bouquet would Sarah expect him to bring? He had to get it right.

‘I mean,’ he thought to himself as he stood in front of the flowers, ‘this whole don’t-cum thing isn’t really that complicated.’ He picked out a bunch of white daisies and lilies and brought them to his nose to smell. ‘No way, too plain. Anything but plain flowers.’ Sarah was definitely not a plain girl. He had to find the flowers that described her best as a person.

‘It’s probably just her way of trying to be, uh…what’s the word…kinky. Yeah, that’s it. Kinky. I took our relationship up a notch and she was just trying to show me that she could match it. What a dirty girl, I love it.’ He selected some bluebells and smelled them. ‘Nah, too sweet. Sarah’s a sweetheart, for sure, but she has this little kinky side. I need something else.’ He browsed more and continued musing.

‘What’s more,’ he thought as he rejected the yellow tulips (too cliche), ‘this is some kind of…like…ownership play on her part. Like she’s staking her claim to me.’ His dick began to harden in his pants as he thought about this idea, although he had to steer away from where his mind was going. He didn’t want to be owned by anyone, even his girlfriend, because he was a man and nobody owned him. He did, however, like the idea of her wanting to claim him as hers, and nobody else’s. His mind jumped to fantasies of of jealousy — he was talking to a female friend who was trying to flirt with him, when Sarah came up behind him and put her arms around him from the back. ‘Who’s this you’re talking to, babe?’ came Sarah’s calm voice in his fantasy. Although Jeff couldn’t see her eyes, he knew their steady, piercing green was regarding the overmatched, small, inadequate other female with confident and watchful superiority. His cock got even harder.

‘And maybe,’ he continued thinking as he chose some roses, ‘she wants to make sure that I…uh, that I can perform or something.’ The roses were a wonderfully deep red and had a rich, profound scent. ‘Perfect,’ he thought, and headed to the registers. He knew he could do the self-checkout, but he wanted an actual person to see what he was buying, to know that he was in for one heck of a night.

‘She doesn’t need to worry,’ he thought smugly as he stood in line behind a middle-aged woman, who stood a head taller than him (She has to be like 45 or so…she looks like a mom), ‘performance is never really an issue with me, no many how many times I’ve cum.’ He kept thinking, still puzzled by Sarah’s command. ‘But surely she’d know this about me? Of course she wouldn’t be worried that I’d be able to give her what she needed, right? So why tell me not to —”

“So how’s your school going?” asked the cashier to the middle-aged woman in front of him. Jeff stopped thinking and listened to the conversation. School?

“Oh, you know. Always busy,” laughed the woman, putting her (mostly domestic) items on the conveyor belt.

“I hear you, I hear you,” laughed the cashier, scanning the items.

“It’s what I’ve realized,” continued the woman, swiping her card, “When you’re in grad school, you may have summer break, fall break, Christmas break, yadda yadda, but you’re never really on break, you know what I mean?”

“That’s what my son tells me,” said the cashier, nodding knowingly as she handed the woman her receipt. “You’re always working.”

“Yep,” said the woman, smiling as she grabbed her bags to leave, “But hey, there’s always the good things in life, right? As of last week, I can rent a car now, haha! Last big milestone until I can get social security!”

“Oh, girl!” laughed the cashier, “happy birthday! See ya next time, ok?”

“Bye!” said the woman as she walked away. Jeff came up behind her, confused.

“Will that be all for you sir?” asked the cashier, still smiling from her previous conversation. Jeff watched the woman leaving the store, looked at his two items of the conveyor belt, and then looked up at the cashier.

“Uh, no…no, that’s it.”

“All right then,” said the cashier kindly. “That’ll be $16.53.” Jeff fumbled in his wallet for the credit card he used to buy things. It all went to an account that his parents paid off each month. He was disappointed — the cashier hadn’t said anything, or given him any sign of recognition that he was buying (large) condoms and flowers. But more than anything, he was still confused. How was that woman still in school? Did she go back to grad school after raising a family? He felt somewhere in his brain that the whole car rental thing was a giant clue to her age, and in this moment, he felt like he needed to know.

“Um,” he asked the cashier tentatively after he had swiped his card, “uh…how old do you have to be to, uh, rent a car?”

The cashier looked at him without expression for a moment, and then she smiled and said, “Young man, I believe it’s something like 25.”

“25??” asked Jeff incredulously.

The cashier kept smiling as she handed him back his receipt. “Well, I think you can rent a few years earlier, but it’s more expensive. More surcharges, things like that. When you’re 25, you can rent just like anybody else.”

Jeff stood there, his bag of flowers and condoms in his hand, not knowing what to think. That woman was 25??

“But don’t worry,” said the cashier sympathetically as she began scanning the next customer’s items, “There are other ways you could rent a car, I’m sure. There’s some good stuff online — ”

“But..but no, no! I’m 28! 28!”

The cashier looked at him a moment, confused, but then she recovered and said, “Oh, o-ok. Have a nice day sir,” and started talking to the next customer.

Jeff stood there a few moments more before turning and limping out of the store, annoyed and distracted.

‘What the hell was all that about?’ he wondered as he got into his car. He winced as he pivoted his hip, and for once he was aware of the sharp pain that seared up through his pelvis and down his leg. He needed to make that appointment for surgery….and here Jeff stopped dead in his tracks.

He hadn’t made the appointment. Sarah made him promise that he would. It had been over two weeks, and he hadn’t made it. Jeff began to panic, wondering what Sarah would say when she learned he hadn’t made it yet. His heart beat faster and faster, and he felt his face and neck flushing. His hands began to feel like they were getting pricked by little needles, and as he clutched the polyester armrest in the driver seat to steady himself, he felt his sickly, cool, clammy palms interact uncomfortably with the artificial fabric. She would be angry, disappointed, maybe even disbelieving. She would feel that he couldn’t hold it together; she would know that he wasn’t what he said he was; she would find out.

Then Jeff looked at the clock. 6:30. He paused a moment, and then breathed a sigh of relief. There was still time. Of course there was still time. He took a couple of deep breaths and managed to smile, and after he looked down at the condoms and flowers he had just bought, he actually laughed out loud to himself in his car.

“Oh boy!” he exclaimed audibly, “Look at me. A bundle of nerves!” He laughed again, the worries of a few moments previously evaporating in the air. He got out his phone, found the hospital number in the email from a few weeks ago, and within ten minutes had scheduled his hip replacement surgery. He even wrote down the time and date in his (otherwise empty) calendar, about three weeks away. He couldn’t have been more proud of himself.

And now all that was left to do was to drive around until 8 o’clock. That was what “night” meant to Jeff. Any time before then was too early, and any time later…well, he just wanted to get over to her place. The more he thought about Sarah’s texting style, the more turned on he became. She was short and to the point. No messing around, no dilly-dallying, no games, no chance for miscommunication. ‘She really is a woman,’ Jeff thought to himself as he drove aimlessly around. ‘A woman who knows what she wants and who isn’t afraid to get it.’

He looked down at his erect cock. He nodded to himself and smiled. ‘Yeah, that’s right, she knows what she wants.’ His mind jumped back to her mysterious “no-cumming” text, and he wondered if maybe it had something to do with fertility. ‘Maybe she wants me to keep my sperm count high,’ he thought, as he turned down random roads in the gathering gloom. ‘Maybe she’s actually that far-out, that she actually wants all my sperm for herself.’ He went uphill and downhill as the sun completely set. ‘Maybe she has some kind of sperm fetish,’ he thought hopefully, turning left at a stop sign. His dick was now almost fully erect, and he remembered that he had to keep it under control. ‘In any case,’ he thought as he pulled a u-turn and began driving toward’s Sarah’s house, ‘I bet she gives the best blowjobs.’

He arrived at Sarah’s house just after 8:00, and any traces of light from the day were gone; night held full sway. Jeff limped up to Sarah’s doorway once more, which was well-lit with a pleasant orange light emanating from two lanterns on either side of the door. Jeff looked at the two lanterns, and felt the stillness and silence of the growing night deepen around him. All of his smug thoughts and self congratulation and plans for the future seemed neutralized in the face of those lights. They were like silent, steady guards, sentries with watchful eyes. In that moment, Jeff doubted whether he could pass them.

Something outside of himself, however, bade him knock, and he did. He stood there a few moments, completely still, his heart not seeming to beat.

“Is that you, Jeff?” came Sarah’s sweet voice from deep inside her house.

“Y-y-yes! Y-yes it’s m-me!” squeaked Jeff, clutching his condoms and flowers tighter.

“What was that?” said Sarah’s warm voice again. “I didn’t catch that — speak up!”

“I-it’s me!” said Jeff a little louder, still seeming to squeak.

Jeff thought he heard something like a soft laugh. “Ok, Jeff. Come on in — I left the door unlocked.”
With difficulty, Jeff gathered up his parcels in one hand to turn the knob, and then pushed in through the door and into the house. The door was heavy, and as he pushed it closed behind him it seemed to boom shut with a heavy finality.

“Lock it, will you?” came Sarah’s delicious voice again. She must have been in the living room. Jeff did, and then turned to face the interior of the house. Whereas last time the lights were bright and cheery, complete with enticing aromas of food, this time all the lights were low and dimmed, and the whole house seemed to bathe in a deep red. A few candles were flickering playfully, and they must have been scented — the place smelled like lavender. Jeff began walking down the hallway, towards the kitchen and living room. His body was shaking like a leaf.

He rounded the corner, and there she was. Stretched out on that red sofa in the living room, waiting for him. As soon as Jeff saw her, he stopped. She had on a tight white t-shirt and a pair of black gym shorts, and her feet were bare. Her luscious body easily filled up her scant clothing, and as she lay there, propped up on her elbow, she looked like a great cat examining something it was about to eat. She smiled as she saw him.

“Oh, look at that,” she breathed, almost to herself, “he brought me flowers.” She chuckled. “Jeff, how sweet! You brought me flowers…and…something else?” She inclined her head a little toward the box on condoms that Jeff was squeezing in his hand. He was still visibly shaking.

“What else do you have there, Jeff?” she asked slyly. Jeff tried to make words, but his throat felt like a fountain that had been dry for centuries. He managed only a few coughing sounds.

“Jeff,” said Sarah’s deep loving voice, “why don’t you come on over here?” Jeff tried to move but couldn’t at first.

“Come on,” said Sarah patiently, stretching out her hand and beckoning him with a single, long, manicured finger. “Cooommmme on Jeff, cooommme on —” Jeff’s legs started to move towards her. “That’s it,” she said kindly, “Come on, cooommmme on, yeah, that’s right, theeeerrre we go.” She had sat up to make room for him on the sofa, and he sat down next to her. He kept his head down, but he was still able to see her huge legs and torso. God, her thighs were just enormous, and her calves were incredibly shapely. His head reached the bottom of her neck — them both sitting down, she was about a head taller than him. And here he was, on her sofa again, and he could not stop shaking. He was crushing his box of condoms into oblivion, and green water ran down his shriveled wrists from the rose stalks that we was unconsciously compressing.

Sarah’s large hand came into his view, her pointed fingernails like claws, and it seemed to span his entire lap. A couple of silver rings glinted from her fingers, and that black hair tie hugged her wrist. Her hand seemed seemed so ferocious, and yet all it did was reach out and take Jeff’s knee and lower thigh in its warm, soft, strong embrace, and squeeze it gently, deeply.

“Jeff,” whispered Sarah from somewhere above him, “Jeff.” He couldn’t answer her; he couldn’t even raise his head. He looked at her hand on his knee, his thigh, and wondered whether she could simply twist it and snap his leg in two. Seeming to confirm his thoughts, she shook his knee lightly with her hand, and the vibrations reverberated through his whole body. He wasn’t shaking anymore — now she was shaking him.

“Jeff,” cooed Sarah again to him. “Jeff…Jeff…Jeff…” she was quietly chanting his name now, and he finally answered by looking up at her. She was looking down on him and smiling genially, her mane of blond hair flowing down her shoulders. Even in the darker light, Jeff could see the green glint of her eyes, and the red of her lips. He perceived her teeth.

“Jeff, hey. It’s me, it’s just me!” Her hand shook him a few times more, gave him a parting squeeze, and then let go. He saw her handprint on his knee and upper thigh, and his color took a minute to come back.

“Don’t be nervous,” Sarah continued. “Here, let me take those.” She reached down and took the mutilated flowers and the pulverized box of condoms in one hand. She put the flowers gently on the coffee table in front of them, and regarded the box of condoms with an amused smile. She held them up to Jeff, her smile growing wider.

“What are these for, huh?” she asked sexily. “What did you get these for, Jeff?”

Even though the answer was obvious, it seemed absurd at this stage to even contemplate having sex with Sarah. Jeff was just focused on not falling to pieces there on the sofa as he sat next to her. But she persisted, seeming to enjoy his position.

“What are these for, huh? What do these do?” She brought the box to her face and pretended to investigate it seriously, her eyebrows furrowed in mock concentration. “Are they for eating?” She brought the box up to her mouth, licking her lips as she snapped her teeth at it. Jeff jumped in his sofa cushion at the sound of her teeth. Sarah laughed down at him, her eyebrow arching at him playfully.

“No? Not for eating? What about smelling? Do they smell good?” She began sniffing around the box seriously, blinking as she inhaled in short little audible bursts, like an animal investigating a foreign object. Jeff’s cock got even harder as he watched Sarah sniff around the box. He couldn’t understand what about her play was so irresistible to him; he just knew that he had no defense. He managed to shake his head up at her.

“No?” asked Sarah, grinning, “not for smelling? Well then it’s a mystery! I guess I’ll just put these over here for now.” She stretched over from her sitting position and deposited the crumpled box on the coffee table next to the roses. Jeff was aware that, from his sitting position, his reach would not get anywhere close to the coffee table. But there it was — his gifts deposited, it was just him and Sarah on the sofa. She had stopped his shaking, and he was able to look at her. She bunched up her knees playfully against her prodigious chest, with both of her bare feet on the sofa in front of her. Even half a sofa away, Jeff still felt absolutely tiny next to her. She let a few moments of silence pass, her elbow propped up against an armrest, looking down at him curiously. She had kindness, or at least playfulness, in her eyes, but her expression was neutral. As each moment passed, Jeff felt more and more like an animal…a little animal with a tiny tail, being watched by a predator. He realized it suddenly — she was giving him a chance to talk, to steer the conversation, to take charge. But he could think of nothing to say. Time passed by, and Sarah’s eyes never left him. The candles flickered on the walls around them.

“So Jeff,” came Sarah’s calm, deep voice after a while, “why did you send me that picture?”

Horrible guilt wracked Jeff’s insides, and he felt like throwing up. He looked down quickly, unable to meet her eyes, and began to shake again.

Sarah reached out one of her long, ivory legs and poked Jeff’s leg with her toes. She had on red toenail polish that matched her lips…God her foot was big…half as long as his thigh? No, it couldn’t be…he felt another lurch in his pants, and for the first time realized that his erection had been sticking very clearly out of his jeans. The touch of her foot on his leg nearly sent him over the edge.

“Jeff,” said Sarah again, but this time more insistently, “Calm down. Look at me.” He did, because the playfulness seemed to have vanished from her voice. She was looking at him patience.

“Is it because of sex?” she asked softly. “Do you want to have sex with me, Jeff Stintum?” Her voice was was smooth and calm as a placid lake. She wasn’t mocking him, she wasn’t playing with him, and she wasn’t angry with him. She was just asking him an honest question. Jeff looked up at her. Her foot had withdrawn, and she just sat there on the sofa, inquiring down at him patiently, waiting for an answer.

But he couldn’t giver her an answer. The prospect of saying “yes” was so ludicrous to him that the impossibility of it was making him even more aroused. He had no idea what was happening to his body. The longer he sat there, unable to answer Sarah, and the longer she sat regarding him patiently, the more aroused he became. What was this??

After a minute or so, Sarah slowly readjusted her body into a normal sitting position, and Jeff felt her movements.

“So Jeff,” she said after a while, “I want to tell you something.” She patted the cushion next to her, eyeing Jeff. Not seeming to understand, he just watched her.

“Come here Jeff,” she said softly, as if to a pet, continuing to pat the cushion. “Come here.”

And like a pet, Jeff scurried over and sat next to her, his dick really beginning to stick painfully through his jeans. The closer he got to her, the harder he became, and here he was, right next to her. She reached down her big hand and gently positioned his legs so that they lined up exactly with hers. Jeff nearly came in his pants right there, and he had to tense up the little muscles in his abdomen to prevent it. Her thighs rose impossibly above his, like massive waves in otherwise calm waters. It was like his thighs weren’t even there. If he had stacked four or five of his legs on top of each other, they still wouldn’t have reached the top of hers.

He shuddered as he felt her arm snake around his shoulders and his back, drawing him in with quiet strength. Effortlessly with one arm, she pulled his body closer to hers, her hand stretching from the middle of his back around his ribs in the front. He looked down and saw her huge, manicured fingers curved around his abdomen, and once again felt the reality of her size and strength.

“Mmmmm,” she breathed deeply, and exhaled slowly onto him, her sweet breath ruffling his hair. As she held Jeff to her, he stared directly into her upper chest, which rose and fell in front of him deliberately. Her huge breasts were squished around his throat, and her other free hand reached down and held Jeff’s chin in a firm grip and directed it upward to her own.

“See, Jeff,” she said tenderly, looking down at him, her long pinkie finger stroking his cheek, “I think it’s great that we’ve reconnected.” She released his chin, but kept stroking his cheeks with her fingers. “It’s crazy how much things have changed,” she continued, “and I’m so into it.” She was scratching his cheeks now with her fingernails, and moved down slowly to his neck. Jeff was near his bursting point. What did she mean, she was “into it?”

“And I think it’s pretty clear,” she continued, slithering her hand under his shirt and scratching his back, “that you aren’t really sure what you want, Jeff.” He was about to feel crushed, but she continued in the same breath, “And that’s fine.” Her fingers had wound their way around to his stomach, and had stopped scratching momentarily to emphasize her point. Her looked up at her and she nodded down at him earnestly.

“That’s fine, Jeff,” she repeated, resuming her scratching. “It’s ok not to know what you want.” Her fingers were now at his underwear line. Jeff gritted his teeth. He was about to cum.

“But Jeff,” said Sarah, who had started to breathe hard herself, “I know what I want.” Scratching fingers around his crotch now. He was going to cum.

“My cock?” he blurted out, surprising himself. She stopped scratching and he looked up at her, terrified. But he saw her smiling widely, as her nostrils flared in aroused amusement.

“My big hard cock?” he asked again in a squeaky voice, trying to play his role in the play she was putting on.

Sarah laughed heartily as she gave his crotch one last scratch before she suddenly brought her hand out of his pants, undid his belt, his button, and his zipper with one hand with blinding speed, and released his huge, throbbing erection that rose like a totem pole from Jeff’s shriveled pelvis. Her eyes seemed lost in his cock for a moment, but then she turned to him, still laughing, as she licked her lips at him with her long tongue.

“Oh Jeff. Yeah, your cock. Let’s start there.” She grabbed his thick pole forcefully, and he came. He came more than he ever had in his life, shooting thick wet ropes of semen multiple feet into the air. Sarah growled. Through his shattered mind, Jeff felt totally stripped down by the noise she made. It was hungry, animalistic.

Sarah reached out a huge, cupped hand and caught as much of Jeff’s cum as she could. She wasn’t even jerking him off — she was just clutching his cock in her powerful grip. Her hand went all around his member, but, unlike the rest of his body, her hand didn’t seem overly large compared to his cock. They seemed just the right size for each other. After a few moments she continued to coax the orgasm forth with coos and “ooos” and “aahhs,” and Jeff slumped against her body. He could hear her cooing and chirping at him through her body. She finally released his cock, and it slapped down wetly on his chest, making a loud “smack.”

“Well,” said Sarah teasingly, “it looks like somebody did as he was told.” She brought her cupped hand to her face, and then held it down to Jeff, showing him his load.

“Look at that!” she trilled happily. “What. A. Load.” And it was — even in Sarah’s large palm, his cum seemed to form a little lake. His mind was blank; he didn’t know what to think. It was all too fast, too much for him.

Sarah brought her cupped hand back up to her face. With her other hand, her long fingers wrapping around his neck and shoulder area, she maneuvered Jeff off her body and turned him around so that he could face her and see what she was doing. She was sniffing her cupped hand, just like she had sniffed the box of condoms.

“Hmmm…” she hummed in mock analysis, “I wonder how it…hmmm…mhmmm…” and her tongue poked out of her mouth and lashed at the pool of cum. She continued to smell and taste Jeff’s cum in her hand, as if trying to decipher what it was. She looked down at him and giggled, enjoying his dumbfounded reaction. She reached down her other hand and grasped his upper thigh, giving it a playful little squeeze. Jeff gasped. Her hand wrapped all the way around it.

“Little legs,” murmured Sarah playfully down at him, her tongue now swirling around the cum in her palm. Jeff felt his cock rise up off his chest. He was getting hard again…but how, after an orgasm like that?

“Salty,” giggled Sarah at him. He looked up again at her face and saw her smile down at him with wide, closed teeth. Then she brought her closed teeth down to her palm.

“Ffffffftttttttthhhhhh!” She sucked all the cum up through her teeth. Jeff stared, his eyes popping, his erection growing again. Finished, with wide eyes, she showed Jeff her palm, which was still slick with his remnants. For a moment she seemed to consider wiping his face with her hand, and she held her hand close to him…close enough to show Jeff that she could easily palm his face. But then she then withdrew it, licking it off instead with her long tongue.

After she was finished, Sarah leaned down to Jeff, so that her face was inches away from his, and smacked her full lips in exaggeration.

“Mmmmmm, Jeff, that was tasty,” she said, a tint of aggression in her voice. She glanced over at his erection and then looked back at him, her eyebrow arched, a wry smile on her face. Suddenly, she sprang up off the sofa, collapsed down on her knees in front of him, and pried his tiny legs apart with her powerful hands. She promptly extended her tongue at him and flicked it teasingly, once again shocking Jeff with its speed. How did she do that?

She licked up and down his shaft three times quickly, swiftly, as she sensed some kind of invisible momentum. Jeff was absolute putty now.

“I think I want seconds.” Sarah yawned her mouth open, and, without ceremony, wrapped her lips around his big, purple head and began to slowly go down, down, down his engorged length, her ultimate goal not in doubt. She went deliberately, and she managed the first half without issue. Jeff could not handle it — he was going to cum again. Six inches…seven……eight…..with each passing inch, Sarah’s mouth stretched more and more, as Jeff’s cock was not simply long, but thick as well, especially at the base. Was she going to….? She had one more inch to go. Jeff’s eyes were rolling back in his head. Sarah looked up at him, and he met her eyes. She snarled at him as she shook her head violently from side to side in a short burst of intensity, and gathered up one of his legs in each of her arms. Then she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and went for it. The blond mane of her hair shook with effort, as the veins bulged in her throat.

“Mmmmmmrrrhhhhh!!” she moaned vigorously, deeply, and Jeff felt the last inch of his cock slide into her throat. He exploded in orgasm, and passed out.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: The Training of Jeff Stintum (SM, slow shrink, femdom, size comparison)

Chapter 11: Sarah's Musings

Sarah felt the spasms of Jeff’s orgasm through the bulging veins and contracting muscles of his penis, and she clamped her plush lips hard down around the base of his thick cock and swallowed and sucked, swallowed and sucked, with calm, deliberate authority. His length was so far down her throat that she knew it had already entered her esophagus, and somewhere deep inside her chest, she felt the fruits of Jeff’s second load of the night squirt and spittle and trickle their way down to her stomach.

She had closed her eyes for the final push, and she had made it, impressing herself. But once she was all the way down and felt Jeff begin to seize again, she had opened her eyes again to look at him. His face was contorted and beet-red, his eyes were misted and unfocused, and his neck was a lolling appendage that could hardly hold up his head. When she had gone all the way down, he had uttered a squeal, like a little pig, and then quite obviously passed out. That was it — that was literally all he could handle, and she had been unable to stifle a silent snort of a laugh that shook her abdomen.

Sarah had knelt there by the sofa, her arms still holding up Jeff’s legs, with his dick deep in her throat, for several minutes. She sucked on him casually as she watched his lifeless face — by the quick little rise and fall of his small chest she could see that he was still breathing, and she could tell by the unceasing pulse through his penis that his heart was fine as well. She wished that he could have seen her take the load, but it was kind of perfect that he had passed out. As she knelt there sucking him, a hot pressure that had been simmering before Jeff arrived, all evening long, began to boil in her loins. She put down one of his legs and reached out a hand to slip under his shirt, toss it back, and pet his exposed stomach with her large fingers.

*Suck* ….*suck*….*suck*…’He is absolutely tiny,’ she thought to herself, her fingers gliding across his skin, poking and testing his bones and muscles every now and then for their size. ‘How can it be possible?’ The brewing within her intensified, and was quickly building now to a mad froth that was threatening to be released.

*Suck….*sucksuck*….*ssssuucckk*…’He like…regressed in size,’ she continued in her head, and just to see, she put her whole hand sideways across his stomach. Her single hand spanned its entire width — she might even be able to wrap both of her hands around his entire waist. The pressure kept building within her.

*Sssssucccckkkk* ‘I just…I just really can’t believe it,’ she thought. ‘I have to be careful….I just can’t believe…that I’ve gotten so…so lucky.’ She kept pinching him and petting him as she continued to mouth and suck his dick, still deep in her throat. Even though Jeff was still passed out cold, she felt his cock start to harden again in her throat. She felt her juices begin to seep and escape out of her swollen pussy as she looked at her big hand and voluptuous arm next to his scrawny bony right leg. She knew he had made his appointment for surgery right before he came over. She had instructed Monica over at the hospital to let her know when he called.

‘Poor little guy,’ she thought a bit sadly, as she kept sucking and her pussy kept dripping and she compared the size of her forearm with his lower leg (‘it’s bigger,’ she calmly realized as she had her first mini-orgasm of the night). ‘Totally washed up.’ She scratched gently down his calf and easily wrapped her fingers around his ankle. ‘Just look at that,’ she thought, marveling at how puny his leg looked in her strong grip. Her fingers wrapped around his ankle to the extent that she could see them wrapped around from the other side — ‘So my hand can go at least one and a half times around,’ she thought, sucking on him harder as she started to cum again. She looked at her long, red, manicured nails that clawed around from behind his leg, and she shook his leg with a gentle, yet firm jerk that shook his entire leg, and made his entire body slump more into the sofa like a lifeless marionette. She came full on for the first time as she deepthroated his dick again completely, down all nine inches.

‘This really is a stupidly impressive cock,’ she thought a few moments later once her mind had come back. Jeff was still unconscious, and she saw no reason to stop sucking on him. She could feel a third load building in his balls as she cupped them in her hand and felt the cum bubbling manically, ready to be released. She put his other leg down and reached out both hands to his t-shirt and slowly, deliberately, tore it all the way up to the neck area. Now she could devote both hands to massaging, petting, testing, and scratching his stomach and newly exposed chest.

“Jeff Stintum,” she said quietly through his dick as she looked at his senseless face, her deep soft voice blending with the dark sedate ambiance in her living room, complete with the steady flicker of candles, “what happened to you?”

She let her spoken words sink into the room for a few moments. She was sad, she really was. How could she not be? He was just…just pitiful. *Suck* *Suck* *Suckkkkkkk* It was really building now…and she started to suck even harder, deeper, but no faster, as she kept thinking.

‘Of course it’s hard to see him like this,’ she thought to herself as she flicked one of his nipples with her finger. ‘Still no sign of life — oh well…but yes, it’s all just come together so perfectly. It’s just…just perfect.’

*Suckkkkkkk* *Sssuuuuucckkkkk*

‘And,’ she continued, ‘I’m giving him chances. I’m being open with him.’ *Sssssuuuuuccckkkkk* ‘And when he wakes up we’ll have a nice little talk. I’ll make him talk.’

She suddenly wondered about something and abruptly pulled his cock all the way out of her mouth. She held it in front of her, all glistening, erect, nine inches of it.

‘Nine?’ she thought to herself, ‘Ten? Hmmm…we’ll see…we’ll see about a lot of things, I think.’ She held up her arm to the dick, and although her arm was definitely bigger, thicker, and wider, it wasn’t by much. ‘Yeah…measurements,’ she mused to herself hungrily as she eyed his cock, his legs, his arms, his whole body, and then turned to look at her own. She felt her juices begin to flood forth again as another orgasm developed inside her.
She turned her face back to his cock and stuck out her tongue to lick and tease it with her tongue. ‘What a nice little treat, everything else aside,’ she thought happily. She’d play around a little…do some experiments…see if it would wake him up. She extended out her tongue farther and farther until it would have been quite obvious to anyone else watching that her tongue was unnaturally long — but it was what Sarah could do with her tongue that was truly noteworthy. She was wrapping it slowly around Jeff’s engorged member, so that it went around and around his thick pole like a snake. She undulated it back and forth in this motion, and checked his reaction. Still asleep.

Laughing lightly out of her open mouth, she unslithered her tongue from his shaft. ‘Let’s try this one,’ she thought amusedly, knowing at the same time that she would really have to eventually address the sadness she was feeling. Her pussy was really dripping now. She loved doing this one.

The tip of her tongue approached the head of Jeff’s cock slowly, curved and in an erect posture, like a cobra swaying to some unheard music. Once it was a few inches away, the tip began flicking rapidly up and down. Sarah didn’t know how she could do this, but she’d been able to ever since middle school. It got her attention from her classmates, and it was all fun, until she realized pretty quickly that the boys…and the girls…wanted to see it more and more. Even her friend’s parents seemed interested. It was creepy. It took years for Sarah to realize what she had, and to weaponize it.

*flickflickflickflickflick* She grazed Jeff dick with her fast tongue, looking over at him to see if he felt anything yet. Still dead to the world. ‘Well,’ she thought to herself, picking up her speed even more, ‘let’s just see about this.’

*patterpatterpatterpitterpatterpatterpitterpatterp itterpitterpatterpatter* Her tongue was moving so fast now that it was a literal blur. And still Jeff lay there unmoving. Sarah didn’t mind. She knelt there for several minutes, her tongue tapping and flicking and flitting Jeff’s cock with insistent abandon. Listening to the sounds of her tongue against his dick, she could not keep herself from a third orgasm, as her mind screwed down hard into the reality of the situation. After coming, she rested her tongue and took Jeff completely down into her throat again, sensing another orgasm from him.

‘Is it wrong?’ she asked herself, as she contracted her throat muscles, squeezing his cock.

‘Of course it’s wrong, but that’s why it’s so perfect. You know that’s how it works. Here it comes…wow, even though he’s unconscious I can still make him cum.’ And Sarah did, and she took it all again, far down her throat. She moaned deeply to herself as she felt his cum shoot down her esophagus, as she looked at his wilted little body.

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*….’Yeah,’ she thought as swallowed and looked at his face, ‘I have to see where this goes. I have to let this happen.’ His dick was finished shooting, and she sucked it hard a few more times just to be sure and let him go gently. ‘But this is more than a game,’ she continued to herself as she stood up and regarded his supine form for a moment. ‘This is more than some little experiment I’ve done before.’ She looked at him lying there, shirt torn almost in two, jeans awry, exhausted cock laying out like a log on his chest. ‘This feels almost like some kind of…’ and she bent down, quickly tore away the rest of his shirt, removed his jeans with a wave of her hand, and picked off his shoes and socks in a jiffy.

‘Like some kind of….’ her big hands moved over his naked body, and she brought her right hand up to his throat, and gently grasped it. With a mere bit of effort, she stood slowly up, bringing Jeff’s limp body with her as she stood. Her hand was fastened gently around his throat, and her palm was big enough to comfortably cushion his drooping head. She was fully standing now, and she held Jeff’s unconscious body out in front of her with one hand, her right arm extended powerfully out, easily lifting the weight. She held his head even with her own, and his legs dangled aimlessly in the air, a full foot off the ground.


Chapter 12: Another Change of Residence

Jeff woke up on the sofa. The world appeared as an indistinct blur to him, and a pounding pressure rang dully throughout his head. His muscles burned — they felt like he had run an entire marathon, as he could feel his lungs working to try and rouse him to the world. At first he couldn’t move, and only managed to utter a tiny high-pitched moan.

“Oh! Did I just hear something?” came Sarah’s warm voice from somewhere in the room. Jeff had no idea where she was, but all he knew was that he needed to get her attention, to let her know he was conscious again. He was able to achieve another, slightly louder moan, and was able to move his body a little on the sofa. His bare skin made little squeaking sounds against the red leather. Bare skin? …he realized that he was totally naked. Sarah had taken off all his clothes.

“There it is again!” came her playful voice in mock wonder, still deep and from no place in particular. “Is there a little mouse in here with me?” Jeff heard rustling from somewhere towards the corner of the room, where Sarah’s desk was located. He tried to make more noises but couldn’t. His muscles, his tendons, his vocal cords…everything in his body felt completely strung out. What had she done to him?

“Hmmm,” thought Sarah out loud after another minute or two. “I guess it was nothing. I could’ve sworn I heard a little mouse squeaking around here somewhere, but I must have been hearing things. Oh well — I guess I’ll just go back to my —”

And here Jeff uttered his loudest moan yet, in response to Sarah’s teasing, and made a huge effort to squirm his body around on her sofa so that it squeaked and squealed.

“Oho!” said Sarah excitedly, and Jeff could tell from the vibrations in the room that she had stood up. “I knew I wasn’t dreaming! Now where is it…where is it?” Jeff’s eyesight was getting a little better, but he still could not move too well. He saw Sarah’s huge form stalking carefully around the far side of her living room. She started opening drawers in some of her cabinets.

“Is it here? No….How about in this one? Hmmm….nope. This sure is a crafty little mouse!” Her voice sent tremors through the air, as did her footsteps. Even though she moved with the grace and agility of a cat, each of her movements carried with it the authority of the bulk mass of her immense body. But most of all, to the prone Jeff, it was the vibrations of her soft, deep, sultry voice that had the greatest effect. Every word seemed to be aimed straight for his cock. He exerted a huge effort and moaned again.

Sarah whipped her head around from the cabinets she was searching. “There it is, over there!” she cried excitedly, leaving the drawers open in her haste and getting down on her hands and knees. She started to slowly crawl towards the sofa. She paused a few times, once to check under the rug, and once to look under the coffee table. Jeff’s vision was almost back to normal now, and he could see the crushed box of condoms and the flowers he had brought still sitting there. That seemed like ages, ages ago. He wondered what time it was…but Sarah was getting closer, humming words under her breath.

“I can smell it,” she said sultrily as she neared the sofa. Her body collided sensuously with the far end of the sofa as she arched her head down, sniffing loudly under the sofa.

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* “It’s close, I know,” she breathed deeply. “I can feel its tiny little heartbeat.” With her head still down, she reached up two huge clawed hands and started to pull herself up onto the sofa. “I can feel its little heart go pitterpatter, pitterpatter in its little chest.” Now she was sniffing around on the main cushions, getting closer to Jeff, her head still purposefully down. Jeff could feel a latent pain in his cock and looked down, only to realize that it was once again fully erect. He was horrified — he couldn’t be hard again! Not now! Not again!!

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* *sniffff* Sarah was at his body now, and she paused for a second as soon as her nose had made contact with his foot. “I think…” she began, her head still down, her face invisible under the blond spill of her wavy sweet-smelling hair, “I think….” and then she attacked him with her nose, sniffing rapidly all over his naked body.

*sniffsniffsniffsnifffffsnifsnifsniffsniffsniffsni ffsniff* It was a comical scene, and Sarah definitely found it so. Jeff saw through her hair that she was smiling, her eyes sparkling with excitement at her play. He found this whole scene harder to handle, as Sarah’s insistent sniffing seemed to go straight to the root of his dick and make him hopelessly, impossibly hard again. His ability to think was clearing, but once more he found himself totally unable to process what was happening. Why did everything about Sarah, everything she did, every way she flirted and played around with him, seem to totally overwhelm him?

“Aha!” she said triumphantly, throwing her head back and clearing the hair from her face so that she could look him directly in the eye. She sniffed his stomach one last time and then looked up at him knowingly with a sly grin as she nodded her head up and down. “I think I found it!” Jeff said nothing and could only look at her from his prone position.

Sarah laughed away her play and then turned to look with amazement at Jeff’s cock, which was once again pointed at the ceiling.

“How….?” she seemed to ask herself in disbelief, and reached out her hand to touch it. She brought forth a long index finger and stroked his length up and down dreamily, appearing to think to herself. Jeff breathed hard and tried to back away from her touch. He did not want to pass out again, but he could not manage to move away. For several silent minutes he endured the effortless torture of Sarah’s finger.

She eventually stopped and sat back upright on the sofa, giving Jeff the time and the space he needed to recover. She whipped out a nail file and patiently went to work on her claws as Jeff struggled to sit up. He succeeded after a few minutes, and Sarah noticed as she turned to him and smiled.

“Well, you look like you’re gonna be all right Jeff. Can you talk?”

Jeff made no response, verbal or otherwise, and could only stare at Sarah’s form, somehow squeezed into her white t-shirt and black gym shorts, sitting there on the sofa across from him. He was still overwhelmed by what happened.

“Jeff,” said Sarah with patient kindness, with a hint of insistence, “can you” and here she pointed a long finger at him…“talk”…her finger pointed to her own plush lips…“to me?” finishing her question by pointing to at her chest. Several moments passed, with Jeff struggling to form words and Sarah sitting there calmly, looking directly into his eyes.

“Y-y-y…yes,” Jeff finally managed to say, in a kind of croaking whisper.

“Oh good!” said Sarah warmly, the energy and volume of her voice in sharp contrast to the paltry puniness of Jeff’s. “Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind Jeff — I’ve been doing most of the talking tonight.”

Jeff’s brain was a confused jumble, but he knew enough from the pleasant yet firm tone of Sarah’s voice that she really did expect him to talk. He didn’t want to disappoint her, and so he did the only thing he could do: say whatever came into his head.

“Y-you…y-you gave me a b-blowjob, and…and, made me cum a-a-a lot, in-in your mouth.”

“Yes Jeff,” said Sarah quietly, her hands folded patiently across her knees.

“A-a-and I-I h-had t-t-two orgasms in a row…”

Sarah laughed softly and kept staring at him.

“A-and you-you d-deepthroated me!” Jeff burst out at last, as if he had been trying to say those words for months.

“Yes I did,” said Sarah, with a touch of pride in her voice. “I deepthroated you over and over and over again.”

“E-even after I passed out?” said Jeff.

Sarah laughed again. “Especially after you passed out. I even made you cum again.”

“Y-you did?” Jeff felt utterly at a loss for words as he imagined Sarah going down aggressively on his dick as he laid there unconscious. He looked at her big, gentle, smiling face and felt a strange chill of something like fear. And yet there his dick was, aimed unquestionably at the ceiling.

“Yes I did Jeff,” said Sarah quietly, sultrily, as she extended her long tongue and licked her lips purposefully at him. “I enjoyed everything you gave me, and swallowed it all down right here.” She lifted up her tight t-shirt a little so that part of her stomach was exposed, and she patted it contentedly with her hand. Jeff stared at the firm whiteness of her taut yet fleshy belly, and her long fingers gently petting it at him, and he felt another orgasm threaten to bubble up. He uttered a little whine, a little moan, that was completely involuntary.

“Is coming out again, baby?” cooed Sarah, sidling her big body across the sofa to cuddle Jeff as his orgasm hit another crescendo. Jeff felt the weight of her big arm across the back of his shoulders and neck, as her immense hand wrapped around his upper arm, holding him tightly to her. Whenever her body was close, Jeff’s nostrils were overcome by her sandalwood aroma, and all he could see were the flowing curves and waving undulations of her body. His semen began bubbling up again out of his stiff cock in a mellow milky-white fountain. Sarah calmly took his pole with her other hand and bent her head down as she brought it to her lips. Jeff saw her face come from above over his, and watched from behind as she quietly and tenderly began sipping his semen with her lips. Jeff had never come so much and so often in such a short amount of time, and his dick ached and burned as it helplessly contracted in agonized ecstasy. And there Sarah was, her head descended from above him, happily drinking his fourth load of the night like it was dessert. His eyes began to screw themselves up in his head, and he felt himself getting lightheaded once more.

“Nope,” whispered Sarah to him calmly through sips, feeling his head begin to slouch into her breast. “No Jeff, you’re staying with me this time. No sleeping just yet.” Her hand reached up to his cheek and gave it a couple of soft yet firm pats. As he jolted back into consciousness, Jeff had a vision of Sarah holding his face in her hand…was her hand as big as his whole face? He didn’t know…but just like that he was awake again, and his dick was collapsed on his chest in utter exhaustion. Sarah was sitting back, her arm still around him, smacking her lips above.

A minute or so passed, with Sarah patiently ensuring that Jeff saw her consume every last speck of his cum. She looked down at him and sucked each one of her fingers, maintaining eye contact. Jeff eventually had to break away from her eyes and stare straight ahead as he waited for the licking and smacking sounds above him to subside. She was gently petting his shoulder with her big hand, and after another minute Jeff realized that she was sitting there expecting him to continue speaking. But what was he going to say? He glanced up at her. She was looking out at nothing in particular, seemingly lost in thought as she continued to caress him with her hand.

As time passed Jeff felt more and more pressure to talk, and finally did, venturing another look up at her face.

“T-t-that was amazing.”

Sarah kept looking straight ahead and smiled, as her hand gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Mmmmm, I’m glad you enjoyed it Jeff.” More silent seconds passed by and Jeff understood that he needed to keep going.

“No one…n-no one has ever done that to me…b-been able to, to — take the w-whole thing.”

“Mmmmm,” purred Sarah heartily as she kept staring out, blinking her eyes slowly in appreciation. Jeff waited for more of a reaction from her, and after getting nothing plowed on ahead, giving her what he thought she wanted.

“I just…I just — ” he stuttered, not knowing how to express what he had been feeling.

“Yes Jeff?” came Sarah’s deep voice, as her fingers scratched his shoulder. “Go on.”

“I just…can’t believe how into me you are,” he blurted out. He felt her fingers stop scratching suddenly and he looked up anxiously at her face. She was still staring straight ahead, and he was completely unable to read her expression. Was she surprised? Irritated? Amused? Jeff had no idea. She waited there a moment, seeming to process his words. And then he felt the firm loving pressure of her hand squeezing his shoulder again, this time longer and more intensely.

“Oh Jeff,” she said, looking down at him sweetly, “I think you’re just the most adorable little thing. Of course I’m into you.”

Jeff breathed out in relief, drawing a playful little sniff of a laugh from Sarah. He had been afraid, somewhere in the disorganized heaps of his brain, that he had maybe said the wrong thing, but apparently not. A slow realization was dawning on him: Sarah Helleger was actually his girlfriend. This was it — this is what it was actually like. Jeff couldn’t help himself and broke into a grin.

“There’s that little smile,” said Sarah warmly, pinching his cheek. “Yes, Jeff, I love playing with your body. And I love the effect my body had on you.” To emphasize her point she pulled him closer to her, until his head was squishing into her big lush tits. Jeff’s nostrils were full of her scent, and he felt the gentle caresses of her wavy blond hair. His senses had returned, along with some former boldness that had abandoned him when he crossed the threshold to her home. He decided to try and insert his own persona into the mix. After all, she wanted it, didn’t she?

“I just don’t know,” he said, as casually as he could through her huge tit, “how I got so lucky to land a girl like you.”

Sarah’s eyes got wide as she looked down at him, and she opened her mouth and laughed out loud. She reached both hands under Jeff’s shoulders and from her sitting position lifted him off the sofa and sat him down very deliberately on the coffee table. Jeff had flailed a little in her grasp, but was too weak and too surprised to do anything against the firm pressure of Sarah’s hands and arms. She sat back on the sofa and crossed her meaty legs sexily, continuing to laugh for a few moments as she looked at Jeff, shaking her head kindly.

“Jeff…Jeff,” she laughed as she shook her head, “I really want to get a couple things straight.” She collected herself and heaved a deep breath, her chest expanding hugely. She sat up in earnest and put her elbows on her knees as she addressed Jeff, who sat naked and confused on the coffee table.

“We’re not dating, Jeff.” Her voice was calm and patient, like tranquil water, but it carried an undeniable authority. Jeff was dumbstruck. He could not understand any of this — why had she invited him over then? Why had she made him cum so many times? She seemed totally into him and his cock…what was going on?

Sarah could tell that he was having trouble processing her words, and inwardly she had to dismiss a flicker of irritation at Jeff’s denseness. But she had expected it, so she waved away the negative feeling with ease. This was an important step: she reached out her hand and put in on Jeff’s knee, her hand easily covering his whole knee, and her fingers stretching almost halfway up his thigh. He jerked a bit at her touch, but could not bring his body to move away.

“Jeff,” she breathed down at him, “this is very important. I’m glad we’re having this conversation now, early on.” Her eyes held his face, but he tried moving his eyes away.

‘Aw, he’s upset,’ she thought to herself, feeling a mixture of sadness and vexation at Jeff’s fragile ignorance. Now was the time. She squeezed his little knee.

“Keep your eyes with me Jeff,” she said softly, and he did. “I have other people, Jeff. I do things with a lot of other people.” She paused, allowing Jeff’s mind to go utterly blank before she continued. She had to remember to use simple language. “People have all different kinds of names for their relationships, Jeff. It’s important that you know what mine are. I only use the word “dating” when I am seeing someone exclusively, romantically.” She paused, letting her words sink in. They may as well have tried to sink through lead; Jeff was stumped. He couldn’t even muster up the momentum to get angry. He simply did not understand.

Sarah saw all of this and blinked slowly at Jeff, hoping to at least impart some tenderness towards him as she continued to help him comprehend.

“I like you very much Jeff,” she said, smiling at him. “And I think you’re just the most adorable, precious little thing.” Jeff flinched at the word “little.” Could she not see his cock? Already he had forgotten his previous incapacitation and was brewing for an angry outburst. Sarah saw these emotions behind his eyes and calmly continued.

“But we’ve only just reconnected, Jeff. We’ve only seen each other a handful of times. Right now, we’re just having fun, wouldn’t you agree, Jeff?” She gave his knee a little scratching caress with her sharp fingernails, causing his cock to jump a little. “Wouldn’t you agree?” she repeated, leaning in and putting her face closer to his. Her presence seemed to cool his anger.

“Yes,” he said quietly from his sitting position, his head down. Sarah scratched his knees with both hands this time as she laughed genially.

“There we are!” she cooed. “See, just two adults having a good time.” Jeff sat there on the coffee table for a few moments, with both of Sarah’s huge hands on his tiny knees, thinking. Sarah waited patiently.

“But…” he said after a minute, “but how many other people are you seeing?” Sarah took her hands off his knees and sat up straight on the sofa. Even though the coffee table sat higher than the sofa, Sarah’s head rose a good many inches over Jeff’s. This was it.

“I can’t remember off the top of my head, Jeff,” she said patiently. “A good number. But that’s not really important. What’s important is that you understand that I’m seeing other people and that you’re ok with it.”

He wasn’t. He knew he wasn’t. “Talk to me Jeff,” came Sarah’s gently assertive voice. She folded her arms across her chest, and his eyes were once again boggled by how huge, how strong they looked.

“I—I don’t like it,” he said simply, unable to voice anything else.

“Sweetie,” she said gently, “you don’t have to like it. You just have to accept it if we’re going to keep playing.”

“What?!” said Jeff in alarm.

“I really like what we’ve been doing,” said Sarah in her cool harmonious voice, “and I would really like to continue with this dynamic that we’ve developed.” Jeff blinked. What “dynamic” was she talking about?

“But Jeff,” she continued, “I don’t want to do any of this if we’re not on the same page. You understand, don’t you Jeff? How important it is to be on the same page?” She knew that she was toeing the boundary between tenderness and condescension in her tone.
‘But really,’ she thought to herself as she looked at Jeff’s bamboozled face, ‘what choice do I have? He’s totally lost — I have to be simple with him.’ She waited for him to respond.

“B-but Sarah,” he stuttered (and she felt genuinely sorry for him), “I don’t get it…you…you have a bunch of boyfriends like me?”

“None of them are like you,” she said, smiling as her eyes traveled over his skinny naked body, “and remember Jeff, none of them, including you, are my boyfriend.”

“Then what are they? W-what am I?” Sarah was encouraged by Jeff’s questions and again leaned her elbows on her knees, once more putting her face close to his.

“You’re my play partner, sweetie.”

“A play partner?”

“Yeah! We get together, and we play sexy games with each other. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing, Jeff?”

Jeff thought a while as Sarah waited, her eyes steadily on his face. It was hard to argue with what she was saying. But he was not satisfied yet.

“So…so you play, uh…play sexy games with all these other guys too?”

Sarah smiled and arched her eyebrow at him. “Who said it was only with guys Jeff?” She enjoyed another blank stare from him as she continued: “Yes, I have fun sexy times with all these other people too.”

“W-what kind of sexy times?” Jeff couldn’t help but ask — he was terrified of feeling inadequate as he knew, somewhere deep in his mind, that he was not pulling much weight in this particular exchange.

Sarah stroked his thigh with one of her fingers. “That’s private, baby. You wouldn’t want me telling all those other people about the dynamic we have together, now would you?”

There was that word again. Jeff didn’t understand it, and since he was on a role of blurting out questions, he continued. “What do you mean, “dynamic?” W-what does that…that word mean?”

“Jeff,” said Sarah softly, reaching out both arms and pulling the coffee table (with Jeff on it) up close to her, so that he was right in front of her. “Try and relax when you’re speaking to me. I don’t want you to be so stressed out all the time.” She blew a warm stream of gentle air at his face which ruffled his hair and made his eyes water a little. She reached out and put both arms around his neck, but then had to remove them quickly, because Jeff started to collapse under their weight. She chuckled a little as she settled for one arm on his shoulder, her fingers playing with one of his ears like he was a pet bunny.

“A “dynamic” is when two or more people have an open power exchange.” Sarah knew this was going to be complicated for Jeff, so she proceeded slowly, deliberately. She liked doing it at this pace, anyway, and she could feel a gathering puddle in her snatch start to simmer again.


“Yes, baby.”

Jeff tried to wrap his mind around this elusive phrase, but he came up with nothing. “I don’t get it,” he said flatly.

“Think of it this way,” said Sarah as she took each of his hands in one of hers. Her hands were so huge that Jeff couldn’t even see his own hands when she held them. His dick started to get hard again and he felt a twinge of panic creeping in. “We all have power in our lives, right? We decide what we’re going to do for a career; we decide when we’re going to eat and go to the bathroom; we decide how we’re going to respond to other people; we decide when we’re going to go to sleep…you catching my drift here?”

Jeff nodded. In this position, sitting naked right in front of Sarah, who loomed over him with both of his hands in her mammoth claws, nodding was just about all he could do. Sarah smiled and continued. “So in a “power exchange,” some adults, maybe just two like you and me, or maybe more, decide to take or give more power than they’re used to having in everyday life.”

Jeff sat there for a while, his mind blank. He had no way to respond to these words. Finally, he found the only response that made any sense to him: “Why?”

Sarah squeezed his hands and laughed. “Why? Because it’s hot!”

“N-no it’s not,” said Jeff, fear growing in his belly. “It’s weird.”

Sarah laughed again, but this time louder. “Oho, Jeff! Come on — you can’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.” The simmer in her loins was growing and spreading like a heat wave.

“I-I don’t! I don’t!” cried Jeff, fearing the hungry glint in Sarah’s eyes.

“Yes you do Jeff,” she said huskily. “Yes you do. And I’ll show you.” With that, she seized Jeff’s right hand and held it up to her own left hand. The size difference was unmistakable to the point of comical. His fingers only came up to the first knuckle on each of her fingers, and his palm was so dwarfed by hers that it was obvious, even to Jeff, that her hand was at least three times bigger than his. He felt a lurch in his prostate.

“Look at that,” said Sarah simply. “Just look at that, Jeff.” He did, and was unable to prevent his cock from rising and rising with each mocking word that Sarah uttered. “And how about this,” she said suddenly, extending her forearm out as she held his out next to hers. “Look at that.”

Jeff did. The difference ridiculous. It looked like the arm of a skinny ten year-old boy placed next to the arm of a fully-grown, voluptuous woman. “Can you even believe it?” asked Sarah excitedly, her nostrils flaring as she looked at Jeff. “Here, try and put your hand around my wrist.” Mechanically Jeff did, and was only able to get about two thirds of the way around, if that.

“Oh, can’t get all the way around, can you?” asked Sarah in a pouty voice. “My turn.” And she took her hand and wrapped it with startling ease around his bony little wrist. She turned and maneuvered his wrist in her hand, and it was clear to Jeff that she could have snapped it right then and there if she wished. His cock got harder still.

“Ooooo Jeff,” cooed Sarah, going down his forearm, continuing to show how she could wrap her hand all the way around it, “you’re liking this, aren’t you?” Jeff was unable to answer her. She laughed at him, in what was almost a little snarl, as she wrapped her hand all the way around his bicep.

“Look Jeff,” she said in a throaty whisper. “I can get my hand all the way around it. Easily” Jeff didn’t want to look, and instead looked down at his legs.

“Oh, legs is it?” said Sarah quizzically, “you wanna compare legs, huh?”

“No!” exclaimed Jeff, finding his voice. “No, I don’t!”

“No?” asked Sarah, more gentle, “Ok, then we can stop.” And she reached in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek with her big lips before she sat back on the sofa, looking at his naked shaking form with a mild amused smile.

“See Jeff?” she said after a few moments of decompression. “That’s play.”

He continued shaking for a bit longer, unsure exactly of what was causing him to shake. Was it fear? Excitement? Some combination of both? Jeff didn’t know, but what was clear is that he was extremely aroused. From his sitting position his dick was once again pointed at the ceiling. He didn’t know what to make of any of this, and Sarah’s patient relaxed pose on the sofa was not helping him calm his nerves. After a few more moments Sarah spoke again.

“Aww, I’m sorry Jeff — all of this is probably a bit overwhelming for you right now, huh? Sometimes I forget how all this stuff isn’t more normal. Although Jeff —” and here she smiled slyly at him, “I would have expected an artist like you to be a bit more…familiar with alternative expressions of sexuality.”

Jeff tried to answer something retorting, but it caught in his throat and Sarah laughed it away, her voice overpowering his: “But anyway, let’s get you warm. You’ve been in your birthday suit for a while now…since…” and Sarah checked the clock in the corner, “well, I guess not that long, but it doesn’t matter. You’re shivering in any case, you poor thing.”

She took a blanket from the sofa and then motioned with a finger for Jeff to come sit down next to her on the sofa. He did and she gave him a big smile, evidently pleased with him following her wordless order. Then she draped the blanket over his skinny naked form — it completely covered his body, and there were ample folds left over.

“There we go,” said Sarah softly, and seeing the blanket cover his whole body made her smile. “This is the blanket I use to cover up my legs when I’m doing work here on the sofa.” She was about to make a teasing comment about how the blanket completely covered Jeff, but….

“Enough play for tonight,” she said, half to Jeff and half to herself, winking at him, “although I should point out, Jeff: I’ve noticed you getting smaller.”

Jeff’s stomach lurched within him. “W-what??” he asked weakly from inside the blanket. “What are you talking about?”

“Just what I said,” said Sarah, completely seriously. “since I’ve last seen you I think you’ve gotten skinnier, and I even think that you’ve gotten a little shorter.”

“T-that’s not possible,” Jeff protested, turning completely in the blanket to face her on the sofa. “G-grown men don’t shrink!”

Sarah couldn’t help but shake a little to herself in laughter as she bent her head down and closed her eyes for a moment. He had just referred to himself as a “grown man.” She recovered quickly, though, and regained her serious tone. “Well, actually, Jeff, in people with your condition, it can happen.”

“How?” Jeff would have been more indignant if he had more energy, but Sarah had literally sucked it out of him.

“Well,” said Sarah patiently, “right now the ball of your right femur is degenerating. And you’re a Stage 4 avascular necrosis, so there’s already been extensive decay. In these situations, the bone can literally collapse, and I think unfortunately that’s what’s happened with you.”

The big words once again confused Jeff. “W-will I keep shrinking?” he managed to ask.

Sarah shrugged her big shoulders. “It depends. We’ll have to see how your surgery goes, and if your left hip develops any problems in the future. Unfortunately, you have around an 80% chance of developing the same thing in the left hip eventually.”

“I…I don’t think I’ve shrunk,” said Jeff stubbornly after a few moments. “I think maybe it’s the lighting or something.”

Sarah laughed. “The lighting. Right…well, there’s an easy way to find out. Come on to the kitchen.” And Jeff managed to get up and follow Sarah’s swaying size into her kitchen, trailing behind her still wrapped in her blanket. Sarah rummaged around in one of her drawers before she pulled out a tape measure, which she held up to Jeff teasingly, shaking it at his face.

“This’ll tell us,” she said brightly, and then motioned for him to lose the blanket and stand against the wall. Jeff did, and Sarah came up and calmly measured his height. Jeff felt like the tape measure was a weapon in her hand, but he also felt, as she stood there over him measuring (and his face almost in her big breasts), that she was…taking care of him? He wasn’t sure what it was. But a kind of warmth passed through his tired body, even as he stood there, nude and afraid.

“Stand up straight Jeff, please,” said Sarah cooly. “I know you’re not 5’2.” Jeff thought he had been standing up straight, and extended his neck out some more and lifted his chin up in the air. “No, no, Jeff,” laughed Sarah, wrapping her hand around one of his shoulders and part of his upper back, “I mean like this,” and she readjusted his posture with her hand. Jeff felt like he had just been bent into an unnatural shape. He was not used to walking, or standing, with his shoulders back and his chest out.

“Hmmm….aaaaand, yep, I was right,” said Sarah matter-of-factly. “You’re just under 5’5.”

“W-w-what??” Jeff couldn’t believe it. He had shrunk? Just because of his stupid hip thing?

“Yeah,” said Sarah tenderly, putting the tape measure away and walking back to him, “You got shorter, Jeff.” She stood over him and looked for a moment, her eyes traveling across his body. “And you got smaller.” Her voice was soft and quiet, almost like she was making an extra effort not to hurt his feelings.

“I don’t — I-I don’t,” stammered Jeff in protest, but standing there naked in front of Sarah’s prodigious curves and intimidating height, he simply couldn’t find the words to contradict her. He was short and small.

“It’s your lifestyle too, Jeff,” she breathed down to him, almost in a whisper. “All that drinking and smoking and not eating well. It takes a toll on your body, and especially your bones.” Jeff would have reacted angrily to these words if spoken by anyone else in any other tone, but Sarah’s quiet, tender, sober tone disarmed him and neutralized any protest in his throat. He didn’t even bother to wonder how Sarah knew about his lifestyle. She was right, just like she was right about everything else.

“I care about you Jeff,” Sarah continued, “and I want to help you.” She knelt down in front of him, her head coming up to the middle of his neck. “I think three weeks is too long to wait for your surgery. Tomorrow I want you to call the hospital and ask for Monica, and reschedule your appointment for next week. Can you do that, Jeff?”

Jeff’s head was spinning even more than it had been before — so now she knew about when his surgery was planned! Did she know everything about him?? He looked at her concerned face and felt afraid of what was lurking behind it. But still, he could not deny her, and he nodded his head.

“Tell me, Jeff,” she said quietly. “Tell me you’re going to do it.”

“I’m—I’m going to do it.” His voice sounded small and high-pitched and defeated next to hers.

“Mmmm, good,” she said almost in a purr as she squeezed his biceps in her hands as she stood up, rising above him. “Now — and this is the other part that I really want you to follow — you really can’t be putting weight on your right leg for the next week. The bone’s partially collapsed, and any more weight on it might cause a total disintegration, which would be painful and complicate your surgery.”

“H—how do you know all this?” asked Jeff plainly.

“You’ve lost height,” said Sarah. “That means the femur collapse has already started to happen. I should have measured you earlier tonight, just to check, but anyway….” and she laughed a little here, “How do I know all this, Jeff? Remember, I’m in my orthopedic phase?”

Jeff stared up at her blankly.

“Remember, Jeff? Orthopedics? Bones and muscles? Ringing any bells?” She laughed at his silence. “It’s ok, Jeff. Point is, be glad I’m here, because you’re going to be staying with me until your surgery next week.” She had turned and was walking toward the other side of the kitchen. Jeff limped after her without thinking, naked again and completely taken aback.

“W-what?” he asked after her, trying to keep up. “I-I’m g-g-oing to be staying, with…with —”

“With me, yes, Jeff,” said Sarah patiently. She had opened the door to her pantry and had ducked her body in, evidently looking for something. Her muffled voice came out of the open doorway. “Your parents actually contacted me a few days ago.”

“They…they did?” Jeff couldn’t believe all this had happened without him knowing.

“Yes, they did. And they said they were very worried about you.” Sarah poked her head out of the doorway and looked at Jeff seriously. “Your parents are really sweet, you know…and you know how much they care about you, right?”

“Y-yeah, yeah, I know,” said Jeff, trying to speak defensively but failing due to his utter lack of energy. How had his parents known how to contact her, anyway? It was all too much. Sarah ducked her head back into the pantry and continued talking.

“Well, I told them that I’d be happy to host you until your surgery…you know, a change of venue? Somewhere you can be looked after by someone who knows what’s happening to your body…you know. But Jeff —” and Sarah had emerged from the pantry. She was holding a pair of crutches in her hand.

“If you’re gonna stay with me here, you need to follow my rules.”

“W-what are those for?” asked Jeff fearfully.

“They’re for you, Jeff. I want you to use them whenever you walk around. Here, try them out.”

She handed them down to Jeff, who accepted them automatically, although by this point his brain was far, far behind the trajectory of the conversation.

“Oh, sorry!” said Sarah quickly, taking the crutches back and readjusting them down a good number of metal pegs. “They were set for my height the last time I needed them. Gosh — three years ago, back when I sprained my ankle running. Man, time flies!” She handed them back to Jeff, who was imagining how tall Sarah was when she was 18. How tall was she now? He suddenly, desperately wanted to know, and his cock began to rise again. What was this feeling?

Sarah chuckled softly at him. “Is this turning you on, Jeff? Come on, give them a go. I want to see you using them.” Jeff put both crutches on the floor and heaved himself forward. “Easy, easy,” said Sarah gently to him. “Just walk normally with them.”

After a few laps around her kitchen, Jeff got the hang of the crutches. Sarah had watched him silently as she leaned against her pantry door, her arms folded casually across her chest. As he walked on his crutches for her, Jeff couldn’t help but feel like he was performing for her, like she was making him do some kind of trick for her. And Jeff didn’t know why, but this thought only made his cock get harder. Once he was done with his third lap around her kitchen, he was rock hard.

“Good, Jeff,” said Sarah, smiling. “I think you got it.” She eyed his cock momentarily, but then switched and looked down at his face. “Now, keeping on those crutches is the first rule. The second rule, Jeff, is that you can’t smoke here.”

“C-can’t smoke?” Jeff was thoroughly addicted to cigarettes. He couldn’t just stop!

“That’s right,” said Sarah, still looking down at him with her arms still folded. “You can go buy nicotine patches or gum or whatever, but you have to stop smoking.” She looked at his surprised reaction and gave him a playful smile. “Doctor’s orders,” she said, winking at him.

“And the third and final rule,” said Sarah, “is that you can’t drink any alcohol, unless you’re drinking with me.”

“H-how…?” Jeff didn’t know what to say.

“Remember,” said Sarah firmly, with emphasis in her voice, “you can only drink with me. We’ve gotta get that intake under control. Sound good?”

Jeff couldn’t answer. Sarah put her hands on her knees and peered down at him so that their faces were almost even. Her face was full of compassion.

“Why don’t we go to bed, huh? Do you want to go to bed with me? I can see that you’re exhausted, and I have to get up early tomorrow for work. Why don’t you think about staying here with me, and following those rules, over a good night’s sleep, huh”

For some reason Jeff felt like resisting Sarah’s words, even though she spoke them in a kind, soft, gentle voice. There were too many things happening at once in his head. But one thing was certain: he was dead tired. He had no physical or mental energy left. He simply nodded his head at Sarah and she nodded back sympathetically at him — he made eye contact with her kneeling form before quickly dropping his glance to his feet, unable to sustain her eyes.

“Come on, little guy, the bedroom’s that way —” and she pointed with a long finger. “Why don’t you lead on. But remember, on those crutches!”

He obligingly did. With Sarah’s huge form behind him, walking patiently in short strides to accommodate him, Jeff walked himself on the crutches towards the bedroom, feeling Sarah eyeing him like a piece of meat from behind. On the way he happened to glance over at the clock in the corner of the room. 8:43.

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