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My Patreon launches at midnight!

Edit: You guys probably need the link, right?

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that my Patreon is going live tonight at midnight! I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been working on for almost a year. Right now I have three tiers of content, all 100% original stuff you’ve never read before. Below I have a few graphics to break down the pricing, what the ongoing stories are about, and April’s schedule. If you want to know more, send me a message! I hope to see you there in just over three hours!

Ongoing stories:

Sarah's Lab

This ongoing story is a Tier 1 reward on my Patreon. This story revolves around a researcher named Sarah who has devised a shrinking serum.

She has a kink for size and that has propelled her entire career. In this story, expect LOTS of shrinking and LOTS of sex with multiple characters.

Lots of emphasis on insertion, shrunken man, shrunken women, feet, and mouth play. Plenty of girl/girl stuff. Let me tell you . . . this story is THE most fun I’ve ever had in my writing career!

Apocalypse GROW

This ongoing story is a Tier 2 reward on my Patreon. This story takes place after a virus has wiped out the majority of humanity. All that remains is a few survivors.

We meet Dawn and Josh, a pair of such survivors who are out on a supply run when they discover a military convoy. In the rubble, they find a pair of high-tech bracelets that allow them to change size at will.

Lots of sex in this one, and size is used in all sorts of ways beyond that. This one is for fans of all: shrinking, growing, dick growth, feet growth, breast growth.

Giantesses of War

This ongoing story is a Tier 3 reward on my Patreon. This story is an alternate history tale that centers around an event called the Stretching, where women across the globe one day start to grow uncontrollably.

This is a slow-burn because I'm building teams of women who all have the power to grow and I want to showcase where/how they learned their power.

But we will eventually roll all the characters into opposing factions: Allies vs. Axis. Think large-scale WW2 events, but with the presence of giant women on the battlefield. The emphasis here is less about sex/eroticism and more about growth and destruction.

The Ravishing Miniaturists

This is a shrinking story set in Victorian London. Our lead character is a private investigator who is trying to figure out why many prominent men are disappearing. He soon gets caught up in the same drama when he finds himself six inches tall.

This story is told through two opposing all-female factions in London: The Ravishing Miniaturists and the Queen’s Handmaidens.

There’s lots of tiny man and tiny woman fun here! Eventually there will also be gender swapping (male to female), as well as giantess. The world opens up and we eventually move part of the story from London.

*This is a bonus story* While it will not be ongoing, it is still a hefty tale. Patrons can expect AT LEAST seven parts, each at least 10,000 words.

At every tier there is also additional content besides the ongoing stories.
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