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Alchemical Night
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Question Idea: Hero to Mundane, Amazon to Petite?

Hello there,

In the first, returning to this forum after a while, and though this admittedly abstract subject perhaps could belong elsewhere, it seems varied enough to be included here, given the conflated themes.

Well... in the first, it's an offshoot of a theme I have dabbled with in the past, that some here may be familiar with - ie. inverted transformations, reverse themes, and Hyde to Jekyll etc - though this is perhaps one of the newer and more coherent which the forum may find curious.

In this - and oddly spurred by the arrival of the new She-Hulk series - I was musing on the idea of a young, preternatural amazonian woman - wealthy, well liked and known for her adventures, peppered here and there with heroics. Let's call her Andrea for the moment. Now, given a mixture of cumulative self doubt, curiosity and desire, she begins to ponder on what her life could be, if she wasn't what she and who she is.

To this end - and indeed, through some means, perhaps a formula or otherwise - she tries to affect a singular transformation in hopes of answering these questions. The result is a dramatic change into a petite, slender, but pithy and poised alter-ego who soon takes the name Penelope. Naturally challenged in her fascination of what she has briefly divested, Penelope comes into her own soon; working to affect the cooler, more cultivated and more morally inflected outlook she feels she has liberty to do so, while working her own brand of endeavour.

This transformation not permanent, I imagine a certain latent and potent duality, if taken in a few directions, and the questions they raise.

Otherwise, my friends, this is the sum of what I have been dwelling on and I was musing as to what the forum may think or feel about the concept. Of course, all and any impressions are welcome, always .

Thanks again,

Alchemical Night.
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