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QUARANTINE LEAP bodyswap Youtube series

James Ward, the guy who did the Wand of Change series, The Hit Girl and other stuff beloved by TF fans, has a new Youtube series where he's bodyswapping with various people during the Covid-19 lockdown. At the beginning of Quarantine Leap he's bodyswapping deliberately just to get out of the house for a while, but then things go wrong, he loses control of the swaps and he never knows where he'll end up next. He's swapped with some really sexy women and there's been some great TG and AR content.

Here's one of my favorites, where he leaps into the body of a truly stunning supermodel and starts to fall for her, at the same time that he IS her:

There was a great AR trilogy where he swapped with a nine year old girl who is a competitive dancer. He was stuck in her body for weeks and we followed him as he had to live as a little girl, go to dance practice and even take part in a dance competition. The trilogy starts with this video:

And just today he posted a video where he swapped with a teenage cheerleader:

There have also been ethnicity TFs and there was even a TG AP video. The series is generally comedic but the tone varies between episodes and it's a lot of fun. Full disclosure: James is a pal so I may be biased, but I think these videos are terrific and I bet you will too!
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Re: QUARANTINE LEAP bodyswap Youtube series

Interesting. I found episode one:
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age regression, body swap, body switch, transgender

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