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Choose Your Own Change (Is Down)

Anyone remember this site? I saw a few pages mentioning it but I thought I should let everyone know that it looks like the site is down with a very cryptic message.

Enjoy a bit of time off. Cause I apparently cannot get any without things getting out of hand.
I assume Changes still runs the site. I know he has tried and tried again to get funds to keep the site going (on a sidenote, how is THIS site still up?) and I know he has had a hard time trying to get the interactives under control. With the exception of the interactives, to my knowledge, the site is all but dead. Also, a while back, Changes went on a deleting spree to cull the interactive content that referenced copyrighted material. An odd thing to do since I'm sure the content fell under fair use, but hey, it's not my site and it's not my place to argue. Besides, I guess a lot of the copyrighted material wasn't that good because it didn't affect any of the story chains I occasionally frequented and browsed.

Anyways, thought I'd give everyone an update.

(Sorry, while writing this, someone had just made a thread and reported this. I'm so so sorry moderators for being a slow typer!)

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