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Post Becoming Monsters, A Long Form Erotica Process Novel

Discover the 4.4 starred process-centric erotic novel that hit Amazon’s Top 100 Paid Erotica list last month, Becoming Monsters Book 1: Growing Problems by Ai Love. From the Kindle Store:

Prepare for the ultimate erotic LitRPG experience!

Five years ago, the world Changed. People transformed into fantastical Races, gained powerful and mystical Classes and could look up their Status at any time. However, while the world became disrupted by dungeons and mythical creatures and unlimited physical and mental potential, humanity mostly stayed the same. People - no matter their new Races and powers - went back to work, and the world continued on as if it was just another day.

Honoka Jefferson is one of those people that Changed, but her life mostly stayed the same. Same boring job, same small and shapeless body, same non-existent social life, same tendency to make puns and quote old movies.

Only now she had a sixteen-inch futanari cock!

An architect working in Boston, all she wants is to figure out how to level up her Class and become something more than boring. If she can't obtain normal, she'll settle for turning into something MORE than normal.

When a chance encounter leads to finally unlocking her powers, Honoka finds she might have gotten more than she can handle.


WARNING: this is a work of erotic fiction and intended for adults. Themes include a monster girl lesbian harem, futa/female couplings, LitRPG/GameLit elements and lots of female growth (BE, FMG, GTS, etc). Seriously, this is not a run-of-the-mill harem novel: THERE IS A LOT OF SEX AND FETISH GROWTH/TRANSFORMATION!! The story contains some traumatic content.


This full length 198,000 word novel includes more explicit female body modifications than most work found on Amazon:

• 24,207 words of detailed process descriptions. This isn’t the amount of words talking about a process or the descriptions before and after a process, this is the actual amount of words ONLY describing a specific process/growth/transformation in the novel. Over 10% of the novel is pure female process.
• 16% of these processes are inflation related, ranging from a belly bloating to the size of a basketball to larger than a small apartment. All of the inflation in Book 1 is abdominally centric, although Book 2 has already clocked in a few Wonka/Blueberry style inflations.
• Half of the inflation process is because the MC can eat infinite amounts of food and whatever she eats goes right to her swelling abdomen. The other half of the inflation process is from small or massive amounts of oral and vaginal cumflation.
• 60,000ish words of XXX rated material, often including the total process word count because the author has a thing for bursting out of clothing. That means around 30% of the novel is hot and steamy and sexual. This does not include the PG-13 descriptions of (often monstrous) women before and after these scenes, likely adding another 15k words, meaning a third of the book is just focused on the female form and the MC’s reaction to said female forms.
• The story centers on a half-African half-Asian futanari girl who has the ability to change and swap the attributes of any girl she has sex with using LitRPG urban fantasy elements. Starting with a red headed succubus, eventually she gains a small masochistic goblin, a stacked and muscled holstaur, an energetic Southern otter beastkin and an older MILF naga (plus a few more). This Futa/F monster girl lesbian harem is only getting started and with every girl added, there are more attributes to go around.

Here is a full list of the various fetish material in the novel:

• Futa-on-female sex
• Female-on-female sex
• Male-on-female-on-female sex (one scene)
• Extreme futa growth (from a few inches to around 50 ft)
• Extreme breast expansion (from a few inches to around 100 ft)
• Extreme lactation (from less than a gallon to flooding large rooms with thousands of gallons)
• Extreme futa ejaculation (from a quart to over 10,000 gallons)
• Extreme female muscle growth (from a little extra definition to Tigersan extremes)
• Extreme belly expansion (from basketball to about 40 ft diameter, both from food inflation and cumflation)
• Monster Girl transformation (including succubus, goblin, holstaur, otter beastkin, naga, with some small scenes including insect, cheetaur, chimera, slime and stretchy)
• Penis and testicle growth (not part of the main story, technically still futanari)
• Giantess growth (mostly mini-GTS, but a few scenes are over 15 ft and one scene goes over a hundred ft)
• Vaginal cumflation
• Shrinking (one scene)
• Multi-breast growth (one scene)
• Vaginal expansion (technically one scene, although the succubus Race includes a stretchy vaginal canal)
• Butt expansion (one scene)
• Some light BDSM

This work also includes scenes that may be considered triggering to some audiences, including but not limited to scenes of violence, attempted suicide, torture, body horror, mind control and the implication (but not the description) of rape. Each of these scenes are neither glorified nor sexualized and are added to give perspective to the characters and story. Though these scenes are often either lightly described or referenced vaguely as something happening to the characters previous to the start of the story, the author has tried to keep these scenes to a minimum.

From the reviews:

“Of the many books I've read with erotic elements, this is in the top five. There are also wonderful fantasy race, fantasy class, and I suppose fantasy kink elements as well. The dialog is witty and charming, the characters are likeable and wonderful and fun. I will definitely be watching this author. Highly recommended.”

“I'll say right off the bat, there is a lot of sex and quite a few kinks in this book. That being said, the sex scenes are well developed, well written, and meaningful to the overall plot. The litrpg aspects were interesting with an amusing erotic twist for the MC's skills and class. As an added bonus, this MC was one of the few in the harem genre that didn't aggravate me by persistently bemoaning the fact they have a harem. I eagerly await the next installment.”

“The story is a modern fantasy story with plenty of erotic hijinks. The kink of growth and enlargement is not one of mine but I can enjoy it enough it didn't turn me off. The thing that I really appreciate is the character personalities and growth; so often characters in erotic fiction are flat or caricatures but not here. The fantasy and RPG elements are self consistent and fun, blending well with the modern setting. While there were dark elements, overall the story is positive with hope and heroism; erotic heroism but heroism all the same.”

“Came in expecting a run of,the mill erotica. But I got,surprised. Despite them anime/hentai fetishes in here, the writing was very good,( this writer,could write any genre i think) the reader gains an emotional connection to most of the characters and the story is actually quite good, bit it does take much of the book to really get into it. But worth it.”

“I didn't think I'd encounter any other Tefler or Annabelle Hawthorne level erotica literature on amazon. Like holy crap. Not only is it harem but it's futa centric. Nothing is hotter than futa-on-female erotica IMO, but to add in harem elements. MONSTER GIRLS AND litrpg stuff...just makes this over the top superb. I hope we don't have to wait 2 years for book 2 or I'll be very sad but it'd be super worth the wait. I can't wait for more. P.S. to anyone, if you like explicit futa action with an amazing plot, that's good plot & character development, READ THIS!”

Here is a preview of the kind of Inflation processes that can be found in this novel:

They laughed, the cooking only a few minutes and soon enough, Diane grabbed a plate of curry and rice with a tall glass of cranberry juice from the fridge. There wasn’t a table so she ate leaning over the counter. As she dug in, the succubus was curious about Honoka’s meal.
“Remember, we are going to level harmonization today.” Honoka pulled out the food from and around the fridge she bought at the store and stacked it next to the bed. Most of the purchases, by weight, were meat. “That might take as little as three more ejaculations, but it could also take as many as twelve.” It wasn’t long to stack everything, not putting much of it away earlier, knowing it was for her lunch. “My current morning meal plan takes into account a healthy and normal two to four ejaculations. I’ve ejaculated twice today so far and have enough food digested for another two. The rest is simple math, though I overestimated to cover my bases.”
“Wait, this is all raw,” Diane pointed out, trying to wrap her head around the mass of it all. “Shouldn’t you cook it?”
“I normally buy everything cooked because it costs less with the delivery company I use. My body actually prefers raw meat, which still icks me a little. Ok,” Honoka said, finishing organizing her food mountain and laying a towel on her pillows, “I’m going to need your help putting this all in me. I’ve never eaten this much but I imagine I won’t be able to move afterward. There’s a…pairing knife in the block on the counter, use it to cut away the plastic and then hand it to me. Hopefully, I won't spill too much.” Stripping down to her crimson sports bra and panties, removing the harness and letting the Beast breath, Honoka lay on the bed with her first case of mixed vitamins and tilted them up.
Honoka never tried to eat this much. The usual amount she ate still gave her chills sometimes, though at least after doing it nearly two thousand times, she was used to it. Today, with three massive boxes of supplements and pills containing over two thousand individual vitamins known as a Giant Mix, thirty gallons of raw milk, six dozen large eggs and three hundred pounds of butchered and bloody beef, she worried she wouldn’t be able to fit it all. Either that or her stomach would burst. Starting with the gallons of milk, they lacked the convenient hole at the bottom to let in air, so she glugged them slowly to avoid covering herself and her bed in milk. After the sixth, she found it tiring, gulping each mouthful harder work if done over and over again while laying down.
“You are getting huge,” Diane commented, handing Honoka her first slab of beef, fifteen pounds of chuck. Down the hatch and Mount Tummy visibly stretched, Honoka’s dark stomach sloshing wildly and reaching beachball-sized already, her navel forced into an outie and topping the wobbling mass. Honoka was a little concerned, not sure why she stretched so much so soon, but maybe it was because this would be her second meal of the day. Hoping she wasn’t making a huge mistake, she devoured the next box of vitamins and then moved onto the eggs.
Unlike before, where they went smoothly down, her throat seemed to betray her and enjoyed crushing them as she swallowed eggs whole, the gooey yokes mixing with bits of shells and sliding effortlessly the rest of the way down, similar in texture to swallowing raw oysters. Honoka thought she would hate it, but the sensation was both sublime and arousing. The eggs bursting in her throat and oozing down inside her was the best part so far and she swore she wouldn’t eat any more hardboiled eggs again. She gobbled them down her maw like a lizard who sneaked into the nest. Before she knew it, she polished off all six dozen eggs.
“Ooooh, that felt goooood.” Honoka rubbed her bloated stomach, now pressing down on half her body and overtaking the bed. Underneath, the Beast painfully tried to erect itself upward but the weight pushed it parallel with Honoka’s legs, her panties soaked at this point with female fluids and staining her covers. “I didn’t know eating felt this amazing.”
“Come on, you’ve hardly touched your meat and then you still have over half your milk to go.” The succubus helped tip a long twenty pounds of flank into Honoka’s mouth, then giving her two ten pound rounds followed by another twenty pounds of the chuck. Honoka ballooned, covering the entire bed now and creeping over the sides like the world’s most massive chocolate muffin. “The amount of food you are eating does not equal the mass and weight you are gaining.”
Honoka finished another gallon of milk, tossing the empty jug. “I think it might relate to energy conversion. Like the food is getting translated into whatever magical System shenanigans is happening inside of me before being stored in some kind of otherworldly spacial compartment. The fact it is all raw instead might mean a greater conversion, accounting for the greater proportional size. But yeah,” Honoka used one hand now to keep her own stomach from smothering her, “this is more than I’ve ever seen.”
Both women screamed when the old metal supports holding the bed off the floor collapsed and the bed broke to the ground. “Should we stop?” Diane didn’t hide her worry.
“Aside from becoming very squished and having my penis in a rather painful position, I feel fine.” Honoka laughed, grabbing another jug of milk. “I’m also kinda curious to see how big I grow. However, for safety, can you move my computer screens and tower so I don’t accidentally crush it?”
Honoka sipped the last few jugs of milk slowly, giving Diane enough time to move the expensive electronics out of the way. Once done, the two women got to work finishing off the last of the pills and then the meat. When Honoka consumed the last of the meat, she found herself using both hands to keep her own bloated flesh from smothering her, over half the apartment space filled from ceiling to floor and wall to wall with stretched, taut, warm, jiggling, fatty black flesh. Honoka repeatedly told Diane she was alright, though both of them were concerned as the floors of the old mansion creaked ominously more than once. To pass the time, Diane grew adventurous and decided to give Honoka a surprise.
“Hey, what are you doing over there?” Honoka shouted, unsure what she felt at the moment.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” Diane, lifting up the flabby flesh, crawled under the crushing weight, the actual mass not as much as it appeared. Using her phone light, she lifted the skin up and wormed her way underneath. After a few feet, she realized her mistake, feeling like she was covered in the world’s heaviest heated blanket, sweat pouring off her and dealing with the equally sweaty Honoka-flab. There was air to breathe, thankfully, but there wasn’t a lot of it at first. It was hard and slow going, though the distance wasn’t actually very far before she hit the pocket around the broken bed and found Honoka’s legs.
“What are you—no fair, hahaha! No tickling!” Honoka shouted but she doubted she was heard, her feet unable to escape the assault. It didn’t take long, though, before Honoka gasped and realized what Diane’s plan really was, a warm tongue licking on her engorged knob.
Diane was unable to position herself very well, only able to shimmy enough to reach her lips around the head and some of the shaft, so she let her hands do the rest of the work as they ran up and down Honoka’s hard length. No need to lubricate anything, both of them were drenched in sweat at this point, the succubus already regretting this. The heat and lack of air made her lightheaded and she wasn’t enjoying one bit. Using every trick learned in years of living in a brothel, Diane attacked the penis, trying to finish before she fainted.
On Honoka’s end, she remained blind to her lower half, only feeling lips and hands and tongue work her over mercilessly. She was already erect and aroused; it was the middle of the day and she was ready for it. The fact the young woman wasn’t witnessing any of what happened underneath her somehow made it more erotic. Although pointed at an extreme angle, the process didn’t take long. With half a grunt and half a scream, Honoka’s ejaculate tore through her urethra and shot down her shaft into Diane.
Diane, for her part, got caught completely by surprise. She was too distracted by the pressure and heat and wasn’t paying attention for those telltale signs of a final increase of girth and hardness, nor could she see the muscles tense and all-important facial cues of what was cumming. She also never actually witnessed what Honoka’s spunk cannon was capable of, both previous orgasms ending inside her pussy. Although she felt like someone stuck a hose inside her then, there wasn’t an objective moneyshot so she was left with only an academic appreciation of Honoka’s nature before this blowjob.
In the first moment, it felt like a baseball hit the back of her throat and an entire cup’s worth forcefully ripped down her esophagus, but then it kept spewing before her gag reflex closed her uvula, her cheeks blowing out to their maximum and she choked as a spray of semen spurted out from her lips. This pushed the succubus off the rod, the last of that first blast hitting her in the eyes and blinding her.
And then Honoka contracted again. A flood of jism slamming Diane in the face, covering her in the sugary smelling baby batter as she tried to place her hands between the spray to catch her breath. Then another contraction, and another. After the eighth one and no end in sight, practically swimming at this point, Diane tried to get away but the hot mess she was enveloped in made that difficult. When the last bit left Honoka around the fifteenth or sixteenth contraction, the blissfully unaware hermaphrodite smiled continently - happy to have such a considerate fiancé - as the literally drowning-in-cum succubus shouted muffled profanity while trying to slither out of her own splooge cavern.
Twenty minutes later, when Honoka shrunk down to a more manageable size, the black woman offered heartfelt apologies between fits of laughter, also impressed because she never came that much as Diane conclusively demonstrated, her entire body slathered and basted and dripping in white spunk, her arms angrily folded as she screamed and raged, stopping herself mid-rant from breaking her promise about language and stomping into the bathroom, the door slamming shut and the shower turning on soon after.

Find out what happens next by reading Becoming Monsters Book 1: Growing Problems at .

Only interested in the process and not the smut? There’s a CENSORED version available here: .

Want to hear an audioporn preview of the book? Listen to the advert and 2 chapters on the Hub: .

Make sure to follow Ai’s blog ( ) to find out when Book 2 is going to be published.

Keep harmonizing!
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