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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 9.5


Etna cursed herself for lollygagging again. While Dawn continued to down more appetizers than a caterers’ convention she’d just sat there gawking like some slack-jawed yokel. With the finish line finally in view, Dawn was steadily gaining on Etna who had stalled out.

And yet, once again, Etna was stunned to discover she hadn’t quite come to a complete stop. Looking back to the smoked shoulder, Etna found it not only in hand, but a mere bite away from oblivion.

Etna stared at the diminished meat in confusion as she braced for the discomforting wave sure to be brought about by yet another subconscious meal. “Errrgh!” Etna creaked and bulged with a pressure so great it pushed tears from her eyes. She gritted her teeth so tight she feared shattering a tooth, but took comfort in how being so clenched barred any more food from getting in.

Etna feared her deepest desires were somehow overriding what remained of her rational mind. Or worse still, could these involuntary feedings have been Dawn’s doing? With the mystifying oddities she’d watched the girl accomplish, Etna found it within reason to believe she’d been put under some sort of thrall.

Cautiously, Etna turned back to Dawn and was instantly mesmerized. She’d been just in time to witness a wilting Lydia toss out a horrendously weak pitch that by all rights should have been a ground ball. Etna held her breath as she watched Dawn, inexhaustible as ever, spin herself downward like a floundering top. Swooping her head so low that an ear brushed the floor, Dawn’s mouth met it just in time.

Wait! Etna snapped herself back to attention. As expected, the food in her hand was no more- the last of it was sliding down her gullet while any lingering juices were being sucked off her fat fingers.

With one eye closed tight, Etna fretfully peered back at Dawn one last time to confirm her dreadful suspicion. Allowing herself only the briefest of glances, it was still enough to catch that body- which was more and more resembling an over-stuffed pin-cushion- perform another dexterous feat. This also proved time enough for Etna to discover herself now hoisting a hefty challah up to her waiting maw.

It was then it finally clicked.

The cause of these lapses was nothing mysterious nor nefarious. It was the simplest of tricks Etna was succumbing to- one conjured up ages ago to placate our indulgent forebears. She’d only made herself more susceptible by forgetting why bread and circuses went so well together.

Eating wasn’t just something that should have come second nature to Etna. From obese and beyond, the act of consuming served as her primary function- as basic and effortless as breathing was for others. But as the night wore on and the going got tough, Etna’s ravenous zest devolved into a grueling, methodical slog. Any plans of quashing Dawn were waylaid by basic needs of survival. With each bite proving a test of capacity, Etna found herself obsessing over every calorie and its effect in a way reminiscent of her former fit and trim days.

Treating her one true joy as laborious was her first mistake. Proper binging was best done while distracted- such was the wisdom of Caesars and couch potatoes alike. It was better to be entertained than fight through life’s pains, and Etna came to realize she aught not ignore her foe.

All this time, Etna had seen Dawn as an irksome nuisance when any fatty worth their salt would have recognized the girl as her greatest ally. Dawn’s antics were like a comforting salve that allayed her of any practical concerns- allowing her mind to wander and her body to become ever more present.

That was still her intent after all, wasn’t it?

Etna closed her eyes and took a deep, thoughtful breath as she asked herself that question. Though that labored and heavy breath itself seemed it could be her last as it set her massive superstructure to strain and croak, she knew there’d be no stopping now. No, Etna’s plans hadn’t changed one iota. She still wanted to eat- and by eat, she didn’t mean fine dining or even a bit of a nosh. Endlessly stuffing her face, pounding on the pounds, and fattening herself up with even more reckless abandon until the likes of Dawn would be but a speck against her greatness remained her one and only goal.

Etna looked to the glorious loaf of gluten and carbs in her right hand unsure how to proceed.
The idea of putting another thing in her mouth seemed insane. She’d proudly tipped the scales that night, but couldn’t deny that doing so had placed her on the wrong side of the durability precipice. Etna was a thousand pounds past pushing the limit, yet here she was. And now, with Dawn’s unwitting assistance, she knew she could get even more in.

Before that could happen, there were dire matters of structural integrity needing to be addressed. Etna’s left hand already had the right idea, and she found it rooting around a bowl feeling for the stash of pills.

An empty bowl.


Etna went into a panic. With all that had happened in the last hour it certainly seemed plausible that she’d unknowingly drained the entirety of her special medications. What’s more, the mounting duress she was under made clear that whatever dosage taken had clearly run its course.

No, no, no… Any plans of further fattening hinged upon those custom and costly pharmaceuticals. Etna scanned her lumpy landscape praying she was wrong until…

Thank goodness.

Trailing down her fat sticky body like ants abandoning a picnic, Etna saw them. The mini-quake from Dawn’s light as a feather trick had upended the bowl and sent her reserves back down to the floor below. They were beyond her reach, but Etna had wisely enlisted help for just such a reason.

“GIR- Ooomph!”

Before Etna could get her order out, Holly delivered some scalloped potatoes and a tuna casserole to one of her thighs.

Etna winced from the weight these heavy dishes put on her exacerbated form. Reflexively, she lifted a hand up as if to strike, but it was stayed by the sight before her.

“Lordy lord…” Etna uttered in a reverent whisper while clutching for pearls that didn’t exist as she beheld the apotheosis of statuesque voluptuousness standing in her midst.

Etna looked Holly up and down, down and up, left to right, and then back again. She was agog, but also aghast. Her devious machinations had completely backfired. Etna wished to ground the Venus incarnate with some extra pounds and a bit of pudge. Giving the girl an appetite was meant to knock her down a couple of notches, but instead, Etna had sent the perfect ten soaring up into the double-digits with another blast of va-va-voom.

Holly had gained but in no way similar to Etna when she’d let herself go. Somehow every pound added to Holly was a flattering one. Her body selectively apportioned the added poundage in a way that every excess the lovely lass already sported only became more excessive. Even the bit of weight that had spread all over seemed to have just given her a rejuvenating touch of baby fat. Not the least bit chubby or flabby, the Venus seemed simply more vibrant. She was the total package, somehow now more complete. Even those big doe eyes of Holly’s were looking all the more so.

Holly’s figure had gone from generous to outright magnanimous. Etna once prided herself by how well she’d filled out that outfit, but she’d have looked practically prepubescent compared to Holly now. And while the girl would never say such a thing, Etna heard loud and clear what that burgeoning body all but bellowed as it continued to stretch and distort her old colors, “YOU WEREN’T SHIT!!!”

To make matters worse, topping off this bountiful cornucopia of crave-able flesh, Etna noticed another addition. Up till now, she’d thought the girl capable of only two expressions- either the warmest of smiles, or a fretting pout. Now Etna caught a glint of something else. Pride. There wasn’t the slightest hint the girl still felt embarrassed by her embarrassment of riches.

The phrase “more perfect,” though oxymoronic, was the only apt descriptor Etna’s flabbergasted mind could come up with as she tried to comprehend this figure she’d now had a hand in sculpting.

“I’m sorry,” Holly spoke to break up what had amounted to two full minutes of silent staring, “is it… too far away?” She hoisted the casserole back up, and before Etna could stop her, plopped it right down on her table-sized gut.

“No, I… Hrrmmgph!” Etna reddened from the pain, she truly felt fit to burst. More upsetting in that moment however was that her discomfort be so evident. Two expressions Etna wished to never project were pain and envy and she’d just worn both quite overtly. But Etna knew those could be easily twisted to something from her more familiar repertoire. Anger.

“DAMMIT GIRL!” Etna barked as she picked up the modest casserole with one single massive hand. “I told you to leave the small plates for the little one. Don’t waste my time.”

“Sorry, sorry, so sorry.”

Holly may have picked up some self respect, but Etna was pleased to see she still wilted under a good tongue-lashing. What had her confused however, was the casserole no longer looking so small once Holly grabbed it up and scurried off to find something more substantial. It didn’t make sense that in Holly’s hands it was very clearly a family-sized serving. Etna examined the many items strewn about her bulk to account for this discrepancy and found all plates, platters and whatnot seemed similarly smaller in appearance. Against her comparative immense-ness they may well have been flatware for halflings.

When Holly returned with a towering pyramid composed of a dozen or more fat, dripping, Philly cheesesteaks, Etna gave the girl a more scrutinous second look and came to an equally odd conclusion. Examined alongside the table, carts, and other objects in the dining room, Etna discovered there was yet another way the girl had grown. Even accounting for the lack of slouch, Holly was taller by an inch or more which putt her comfortably over six feet tall. But to Etna, if anything, her assistant seemed shorter.

How could Holly simultaneously appear both bigger and smaller at the same time? The answer sent a chill through Etna’s deep buried spine. It was all a matter of perspective, and her’s had altered significantly.

“Is this… alright?” Holly asked as once again she was left in a long pause and an uncomfortable amount of gawking.

It was more than alright. Etna was aquiver as her mind tried to process. Dawn really had put her into some sort of feasting fugue state for she’d scaled up considerably without even noticing. Everything looking so much smaller meant Etna had grown all the bigger. Surpassing a ton was a notch further back on her belt than she’d realized. On top of all that, I’m sitting, Etna reminded herself as she looked at the towering blonde beauty standing in the distance, not in the eye, but at a slight downward angle. Holly’s distance was itself impressive, for in reality, the girl was standing attentively at her side. Only Etna’s sides had spread further and wider as well with her rump and hips further encroaching on the borders of her end of the room.

“M’am…” Holly’s big bosom did her no favors as it forced her to hold the heavy platter further away from her body. Holly’s strain was emphasized by the sound of freshly popped stitches, though, to her credit, Holly did what she could to lighten the load by taking some nibbles off each end of every oozing sandwich.

“Oh, ah… my pills,” Etna murmured still half in a daze.

Holly took that as an order and immediately got to work though not before relieving herself of the platter by burdening one of Etna’s throbbing thighs.

Though more physically encumbered, Holly was no less quick and efficient as she collected the pills off the floor for the second time. Many were to be found in the veritable garbage heap built up all around the mound that was Etna. This gave Holly pause, but seeing the state of her host she correctly assumed Etna’s take on the three second rule to be far more lenient and proceeded to free them from the filth.

As Holly pitter-pattered about collecting the pills, Etna was presented again with the girl’s glorious heart-shaped bottom, now practically bursting as it expressed an even greater love that the short skirt was helpless to hide. Her fully revealed red bike shorts were stretched to the point of pink transparency as they spread wide across the most perfectly plumped posterior Etna had ever seen.

Taunted by that tantalizing tush, Etna quickly crossed herself out of habit to prevent any invasive or impure thoughts. Etna was certain she wasn’t any kind of deviant like Amber, but still fanned her blushing cheeks as she tried to ignore the delicate tickle of Holly’s nimble fingers swiftly plucking each and every pill from her elephantine legs.

When Holly again took to her feet with bowl in hand, Etna saw it wasn’t even a third of the way full. Part of her wanted to make an accusation of theft, but the girl was honest to a fault. Etna knew the bowl Holly placed back upon her flaring hip was no less empty than when it had been tipped.

As Holly piled her up with more food however, Etna did catch a noticeable hunger in those bluest of eyes, along with the slightest bit of reluctance with handing over each dish.

Etna did her best not to wince as Holly got her stocked up, but the weight was well beyond intolerable. Etna grabbed up a handful of pills, but when she brought them to her lips her stomach let out a loud and troubling growl of protest that rattled the spread atop the reddened sea of endless veins and fresh stretch marks that was her poor over-taxed stomach.

Etna needed immediate relief, but even though the solution was in her literal grasp, she just couldn’t will them into her mouth. Thankfully, she now had a second assistant. Medicine in hand, Etna turned to Dawn for help with getting it down.

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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 9.6

Emerging from her brief interlude, Etna saw Dawn’s preposterous bit of performance art had been granted no such intermission. If anything, the captivating cavalcade of unbridled ingestion was going on at an even more frenetic pace.

Etna felt privileged to have a front row seat to what was surely the greatest show on earth- an endless third act composed solely of showstoppers and ever crescendoing encores. Dawn’s girth defying feats had only encouraged Lydia and Amber further until any attempt at accuracy was forsaken for pure volume. The rotund-and-then-some girl was gobbling up bits so fast that she only needed a big red bow to complete the illusion that she was Ms. Pac-Man rushing pell-mell through some insane new bonus round.

Dawn’s frenzied exuberance was downright dizzying. The little miss’s every effort-less exertion was now enough that the room was in a perpetual tremble. With an inexhaustible appetite and a body to match, the girl was unstoppable.

Or was she?

“Wait a tic…” the great lounging behemoth noticed something that got her to sit up straight. Poor Holly had to launch her speedy hands into double-time as she struggled to keep everything safely stowed upon Etna’s many shifting shelves.

Etna prayed what she saw wasn’t just wishful thinking, but it was more than an inkling that impelled her to study the blurry blob of her student’s body with renewed scrutiny. “Oh… oh, yes.” Etna’s suspicions were quickly confirmed. There was no doubt about it, the girl’s technique- while beyond impressive- had a fatal flaw.

With all the things currently filling Etna one thing had been in short supply as of late. But this new realization had Etna filling once more with confidence. Anticipating Dawn and the others coming to the same inevitable conclusion had Etna absolutely salivating. For her, that tantalizing thought had become the most delectable thing in the room.

Until that glorious revelatory moment, Etna had plenty of other amusements to bide her time with. Looking to her lesser prey, Etna couldn’t help but notice that Amber’s horrendously bad aim was perhaps even worse than it ought to have been. Physically, Amber was giving Dawn her all, but those wandering eyes of hers were fully devoted to catching any and all glimpses of Holly.

"That girl might be the hungriest one in the room,” Etna mused. Holly paused ever so briefly from her labors, but seemed unwilling to look in the intended direction. Whether her assistant was ignoring, immune, or simply unaware of those longing gazes from afar was frustratingly unclear.

“She seems to be holding up,” Etna said assuming the opposite.

“Oh, well, we’re having a spat,” Holly replied while avoiding eye-contact and rearranging plates. “You were right about… us. Thank you for that.”

"I see,” Etna said in what she hoped was a consoling tone before switching back to that of malicious mentor. “You had her loyalty. You earned her tears. But my dear, you haven’t tasted true power until you’ve got them begging at your feet. Imagine her groveling. Imagine her pathetic, prostrated, and fully prepared to flagellate herself just to get back into your good graces.” Etna’s cold words weren’t just advice, clearly some dark memories were being relished through them. “That piddling wretch isn’t your friend anymore- she is your toy, and toys are meant to be played with.”

“Oh, I’m not sure I… you know…” Holly had a look about her like she’d just eaten something sour. “Any-who, whenever I’ve been upset, I find it best to just throw myself into my work.” With that, Holly threw a pair of massive pu-pu platters down onto Etna.

Too slow to prevent it, Etna braced for the worst as those twin samplers topped with sputtering sterno landed. To her very pleasant surprise however, the pain wasn’t quite what she’d feared.
The handful of pills were gone and already delivering the desired effect. In fact, the challah and more had already been sent to a better place- and a roomier one at that. The pressure had alleviated, if only slightly. Though there wasn’t a pair of pants on the planet that could fit her now, the feeling Etna was experiencing was akin to that of a button undone and zipper let down. It wasn’t much relief, but it was enough.

“I think I’m good, for now.” Etna waved Holly off before being completely overrun with food. As the girl turned away, Etna caught her eying the bowl of pills. In that quick glance, Etna saw yearning, but also recognized the crunching of numbers. A quick count and calculation, though to what end Etna wasn’t sure. Feeling even less generous, she pulled the bowl closer.

Watching that dream of extreme voluptuousness saunter off in search of treats of her own, Etna could only shake her head in disbelief. Her gaze aligned with Amber’s as each was entranced by hair, skirt, and bosom all bobbing in beautiful unison. What a body, Etna thought with another pang of envy.

Instinctively, Etna’s hand went up again to cross herself only this time she stopped it. What did she have to be jealous of, she wondered. What more could she desire? The only thing Etna craved was more Etna. The girl’s form was pleasing, but only by her old standards. Those magnificent breasts would be quite a handful for anyone else, but would sit small in her meaty mitts. That glorious bottom steadily shortening her already short skirt was but a fraction of what Etna possessed.

Etna had left the scales of human proportions behind and entered the realm of the world’s great beasts. It was not an honor she was willing to share. Dawn was her only real competition, and thus, the only one worth even a scrap of her attention.

Dawn may have lost some ground with her many distractions and extended playtimes, but this ongoing feeding blitzkrieg was making up for lost time. The girl was distending out further, blowing her body beyond the proverbial party balloon she’d already become. Though obscene in the extreme, there was still something oddly wholesome to Dawn’s appearance due in no small part to how bouncy and fun she remained as she grew.

Etna wasn’t here for fun. She knew fun never lasted. Etna imagined she looked like a failed attempt at a layer cake with each tier spilling over onto the next even larger one. It wasn’t a festive visage, but it was a form with an air of permanence about it. It was a body Etna felt currently at war with, but as she surveyed her profane enormity only one word came to mind… magnificent.

Feeling secure in her position as the fattest of the fat ladies, Etna still acknowledged Dawn as a different kind of freak altogether- the amazing elastic girl. No matter how many pills at her disposal, Etna knew she wasn’t made of rubber. Swirling within her mass of heavily packed fat coursed enough experimental doses to kill any man, and Etna strived to add more. She still wanted to be bigger- not later, but now. Science was on her side, but to fatten up further she needed to be smart, to ration, and pace herself.

Slow and steady wins the race.

While Dawn still had the agility of a rabbit and was capable of astoundingly swift gains, Etna knew there was a reckoning coming no matter how fantastically elastic she proved to be. It was also just as likely that the little flibbertigibbet would get distracted again and waste more time dilly dallying with her friends. Either way, Dawn simply had too much ground to gain and while an ungodly amount was literally flying into Dawn’s mouth, there just wasn’t food enough to get her to the finish line. Unless she had some other trick up her sleeve, Etna was done worrying about the silly little rabbit.

However Dawn met her unfortunate fate, Etna’s pride demanded as much distance between their sizes as possible when the time came. Though her body still ached for respite, Etna took a pair of pills then picked up several sizzling teriyaki skewers with one hand and a big greasy cheesesteak with the other and brought them to her mouth. She knew there would be pain, but Etna believed it a manageable pain. After all, she’d felt this way before. And she hadn’t burst. No, she’d gotten bigger. Much bigger. Unlike Dawn, Etna’s distractions proved entirely productive, and so she turned back to watch the latest antics of her rascally opponent.

Slow and steady wins the race. Soon, but not too soon came more pills and another dual serving.

It wasn’t too much, only very nearly too much- and there was an odd pleasure in the sensation of being on the very cusp. She was full, but she’d somehow kept finding more room. Etna felt like a cauldron on the verge of bubbling over. A dam perpetually about to burst. It was so terribly wonderful. A state of fretful ecstasy- of perpetual climax. She was riding a wave that never quite crested.

Slow and steady. While Dawn was catching up, she was doomed to forever remain a spot off in the distance.

In truth, Dawn had gifted Etna another form of assist. Etna thought she’d been dreaming big, and while she knew she had her limits, Dawn had opened her mind to greater possibilities- not beyond measure, but far beyond what she’d dreamt before.

No one was going to mistake Etna for a swift little rabbit, and that was fine. The rabbit loses. Etna saw herself as the tortoise, and a big tortoise at that. Greater than the great Lepane legend. A tortoise so immense it need not move to win as it held the whole of the race, nay the whole of the world supported on its great back.

Etna had the advantage. She could taste victory. There was no way she could lose.

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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Quick question for my own amusement:
Does anyone have a specific person in mind when you are visualizing any of my characters? Who are they and what about them made them a good fit?
More to come.
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