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Question Growth Poll

I'm curious, I know what I like in my Growth, but what do you all prefer? I don't see any of these as wrong answers, but as an author of smut I want to see what others are looking for in their process stories. If my poll doesn't have your special brand of kink, feel free to reply with what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for Source Of Transformation. What I mean is, I'm not looking for whether you like attribute theft, magical potion, scientific/realistic, etc in what causes the growth, just trying for the pure process here. Also not looking for much of the ancillary effects of GTS, though I don’t much care for crushing or vore.

I originally wanted to see how the poll function worked on the forum, but I think it will work better if people reply with a 1-10 next to the categories listed below, 10 being you can't get off without it, 1 being you commit hate crimes to the author.

SG: 7
PG: 5
Re: 5
OL: 5
AS: 8
SS: 4
T: 7
BC: 10
SCS: 9
SCM: 9
SCL: 3

Here are the descriptions

Straight Growth (SG)
This is kind of the catch-all, you don't care how your girl gets bigger, so long as she's putting on the size.

Proportional Growth (PG)
While the female in question is growing in size, her proportions remain static throughout the process. This is the most common GTS style of growth.

Realistic Growth (Re)
Instead of staying proportional in her growth, the girl experiences spurts or changes more in line with someone naturally growing taller (such as longer legs, more gangly appearance), followed by those same changes becoming more exaggerated as the growth continues.

Other/Localized Growth (OL)
Not all Growth is the same, and sometimes it is asymmetrical, or localized in one body part or another. Or the final Growth is normal, but the process is uneven as one part grows first then another.

According To Science (AS)
The Growth process, while fictional, follows the demands of science: human bones can only support up to 60 ft, oxygen conversions, conservation of energy, mass and heat displacement, Square-Cube Law.

Science Schmience (SS)
Getting a girl as big as possible is the only important factor, don’t care about the minutia of growing her.

Temporary Growth (T)
It comes and it goes. Maybe there’s something in the water, but our girl’s gonna need another sip if she wants to stay in charge.

Burst Through Clothing (BC)
It isn’t so much that she’s growing taller than a jungle gym, what is she wearing while she’s doing it? Or was wearing.

Size Category Small (SCS)
Tall enough to turn heads, even tall enough to be outside the bounds of natural, but short enough to only be seen as very tall. 15 feet and under.

Size Category Medium (SCM)
Attack of every giantess worth her salt, this girl is taller than buildings and the terror of every B Film city in sight. 60 ft and under.

Size Category Large (SCL)
Skyscrapers are now her marital aids and in the more extreme versions, a literal eater of worlds. No size limit.


While I like me some GTS, I always see giantess growth as just part of other transformations, a lot like BE.
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