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Watching the Detectives, a Georgina West Cruel Giantess Story

A couple of samples:


The morning dawned obscenely bright in the spacious West Broadway loft, but Georgina West was asleep. Finally, at a little after seven, the sun tickled her as she lay on her platform bed. She reached out to scratch her armpit, exposing a healthy stretch of womanflesh. She stretched her legs and squeezed her thighs together. She had once crushed a man between them, relishing his tiny cries for help. He’d kicked and squirmed as the two flesh walls met and started to exert pressure. Georgina had timed it so that his air ran out as his ribs caved in. He would have screamed but couldn’t take a breath as Georgina slowly squash-smothered him.

Of course, her feat was made easier by the fact that the man was only six inches tall. As Georgina bore down on him, she was bigger than a freight train and just as unstoppable. Eventually the man stopped moving. She opened her thighs to see what she had wrought. Crucified against her powerful adductors was her little man, his chest no longer heaving, pressed into her fleshly tomb. Improbably he had a huge erection, at least for such a tiny specimen. She shut her thighs again, just to relive the experience.

Over the course of the last three years, Georgina had stifled, squashed, and crushed a gang of men, as well as inserting them in various orifices and even eating them. Why?

1. The men were despicable and deserved to be punished.

2. She owned a shrinking apparatus that she felt should be put to use.

3. She got off on it.

Then she yawned, stretched lazily, and got out of bed. She checked herself out in the full-length mirror, with whom she was on excellent terms. At 5'7", she was a healthy 130 pounds, with nicely toned arms and thighs and a 38DD chest. She looked like the kind of woman who’d play along for any fun sex idea you came up with, open-faced and honest, except for a dangerous glint in her green eyes.

Nominally she was a graphic designer at a mid-size company called ZipLine, but for a while now she’d enjoyed a more lucrative career: producer of giantess films. Georgina West Productions was her brand, its logo a woman in shorts and tank top straddling the globe. In fact, the globe was where her clientele came from: from Amsterdam, where an entire group of bottom-worshipers wanted to be butt-crushed, to a fan club of vorephiles in Egypt, which every month sent pleas to disappear between those seductive lips. She sent teasing GIFs to foot fetishists in Australia who wanted to be stomped under car-sized pink soles. For some reason, a fair number of fans in the UK wanted to disappear into her asshole, which looked on camera like a giant puckered asterisk that winked and contracted. One besotted woman in Israel wanted to be her tampon. And a devotee in Taiwan claimed he was the ultimate butt plug and would travel to New York if she would insert him and walk around with him inside for a day. She was seriously considering his offer. She was currently out of prey, though the website traffic was immense.


[This scene refers to the cover illustration, attached]

“D’I say something funny, Georgina?” Ron looked almost hurt—a hurt little boy, his arms from shoulder to fingertips no longer than Georgina’s forearms. His feet wouldn’t have reached the floor if the chair hadn’t accommodated his new size by lowering its seat. The AI-recognition contoured rays encompassed the target’s clothes, so the effect was of a five-year-old dressed up in slacks and a sports jacket.

“What? Oh, no, no. Please continue.” But she shifted her gaze to Don, who was shrinking faster than his partner. Georgina had set up the cables so that the feed in one chair was twice that of the other. A minute ago, Don would have been nipple high to Georgina if he’d been able to stand up. Now he would have come up to her waist, and the thought of grinding his small head into her vertical grin made her wet. She’d hold him there by pulling his twig arms around the trunk of her torso, then lie back. Yum.

Absurdly, Don tried to assert his authority as he shrank to knee height. His eyes never wavered from Georgina, as if he could stare her into confession. “Okay, let’s cut to the chase here.”

“What chase?” Georgina batted her eyes and pouted, vamping for the camera. Her fans liked it when the giantess acted like a huge, spoiled girl.

Because of his pint-sized body and the way he’d been sitting, Don’s chair had begun to resemble a closing clamshell. Perhaps he felt the lack of space or how he had to look up at Georgina’s dominance, but he was the kind of stoic type who wasn’t going to complain that anything was wrong. If he’d suddenly run a fever of 103̊, he would have refrained from mopping his brow—which now spanned a quarter the width of his iPad. Soon enough, he would be able to lie full length on that iPad.

Ron, on the other hand (or seat), was struggling. Ogling his suspect from a few feet away, he finally realized that Georgina seemed to have grown larger. Yet she still fit the same space on the couch, so that couldn’t be. And yet—. When he looked down at his own body, he lost all professional composure. “What the hell?”

“What’s the matter, Ron?” Georgina cooed. She could have exclaimed “Hey, stupid, you’re toast!” since it was too late Ron to do anything about his predicament.

When Ron looked over at his partner, he did a double-take. Don had diminished to where Ron could hardly make him out, his dildo-sized figure stubbornly seated up front, his head barely reaching halfway to the arm of the chair.

“Don, what’s going on? My God, you’ve shrunk!”

Don swiveled around and came as close to gawking as he ever would. “Me? What about you? You look like some damned toddler.”

The reaction shots were priceless, each man gaping at the other. She kept the rays pulsing for another half minute before shutting off the apparatus. The chairs also stopped moving. By that time, Ron was a baby with a badge, and Don was a penlight wearing a tie.

“Aww, you two are adorable!” Georgina hopped off the couch, making sure the camera got a front shot of her, breasts bobbling in her blouse, for her future audience.

Note: The whole novella contains two other striking illustrations by Vedogon. Check it out on Amazon:

ebook/dp/B08L7HHHJ8/ref=sr_1_5?crid=W6P2N1EJD4V1&keywords=%22Aaron+Far kas%22&qid=1706996116&s=books&sprefix=aaron+farkas +%2Cstripbooks%2C72&sr=1-5

Watching the Detectives is a novella in the Georgina West Cruel Giantess Series, by Aaron Farkas, this one featuring three illustrations by Vedogon. If you like the painful thrill of anything from body squashing to forced insertion and beyond, this one's for you! All the Aaron Farkas books are available on Amazon.
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