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NEW! Must Be This Tall to Ride (GTS, growth, destruction)

Now available!

An amusement park gets a BIG new attraction!

Marlie isn't happy. Despite graduating college, everyone treats her like a kid. Her dead-end job and flat physique don't help. So she really didn't want to be dragged along with her family to her father's workplace, even if it was the Funfair. However, a mysterious growth spurt is about to give her a new point of view...from really far up! Appx 12k words. Contains growth, giantess, mega giantess, destruction, breast expansion, ass expansion, clothes ripping, beautification. File contains RTF, EPUB, and PDF formats.


Since she was all alone at the edge of the picnic area, no one was around to see or care that Marlie was beginning to grow.
It started just a few inches at a time. A light sweat dripped down Marlie’s skin as she pushed up from the ground, little by little, like sped-up footage of a sprouting plant. Her eyes darted to and fro, beseeching the people in the distance, but no one was close enough to notice her.
She felt as much as saw her limbs flex and stretch and begin to grow outward. Her fingers popped and crept downward, even as she twitched in discomfort. Her legs burned as if from sprinting as they lengthened like a piece of twine unraveling from a ball. Rather than stretching as if she were made of taffy, she retained her proportions; to an onlooker, it might have seemed as though a camera was zooming in on her.
Marlie wobbled on the spot and opened her mouth, emitting a litany of soft moans and gasps. She struggled to catch her breath, but it only grew more ragged. It worsened as the growth grew in intensity. She started growing farther and faster, pushing out in all directions like bread baking, rising from the heat.
Soon the once five-foot-nothing girl had shot up to six feet. With a prettier face, and perhaps not caught up in her inexplicable predicament, Marlie would have been perfectly equipped to be a model with her height, slenderness, and lack of curvature. That idea might have excited her if she hadn't found the situation so alarming... or if it had stopped then and there, giving her time to adjust to being that tall.
Of course, that wasn’t what happened next. The growth kept going, and soon Marlie was shooting past her ideal six feet and into seven, and then onward to eight. She’d already outgrown some of the smaller trees before the effects of her transformation started to take a toll on her clothes.
Her once-loose clothes felt like they were shrinking. The areas where they had fit the best to start with were almost unbearably tight. The baggy legs of her jeans were rapidly tightening on her thighs and calves; her oversized T-shirt was becoming undersized, digging into her arms and chest. The strain on the stitches was quickly becoming so severe she could actually hear the fabric making small sounds of distress.
As she neared eight feet in height, she felt a constriction against her throat. Her headphones had steadily spread to accommodate her neck as it grew along with the rest of her, but eventually they hit their limit. For a moment, they squeezed her airway uncomfortably, but as the trunk of her neck pulsed with the next wave of growth, she shot up and out a few more inches and her headphones sheared neatly in half along the plastic bridge, the two pieces trailing wires as they went tumbling to the ground.
Nearly eight feet below, her feet, just like everything else, had grown larger and larger. Her toes had curled into the tops of her sneakers and her socks had pinched her ankles. Her digits had tested the seams of the cheap material. The stitching on the generic shoes started to creak before too long, but they held out for a surprisingly long time. Her swelling toes twitched, unable to uncramp from the confined space, unable to escape or assist in her attempts at motion.
Confined inside her sneakers, her feet turned an angry red, then started to take on a hue of purple. The threads of the socks started popping under the strain. They began to unravel, leaving holes so her cramped flesh could push through and hit the scratchy insides of her shoes, which were barely holding together.
After several seconds of agony, the seams between the soles and the uppers of her shoes gave way, her expanding feet bursting free from the tight confines, drawing a gasp of relief from Marlie. The bottoms of the shoes remained trapped under her feet, but the uppers quickly began shredding and unraveling around her feet like her already-torn socks. Chunks of the sneakers flew outward and she felt another surge of relief as her feet flooded outward, uncontained and free at last to spread. Her blood-flushed toes dug into the dirt and grass, curved over the torn soles and continued to grow, unable to move even after their release.
A few lingering threads hung around above her feet like anklets, but eventually her continuing growth tore those away too, around the time she passed eight feet and started toward nine.
She could hear and feel a sort of buzzing sound in her head at seven feet. She had no idea what it was at first, but shortly a wave of pain radiated through her jaws. Shit! My braces! She could feel the wires on them pulling tighter... tighter... The pain was almost unbearable when they finally snapped as she neared nine feet tall. She felt several rapid jabs from the broken metal. She opened her mouth to cry out, and the ruins of her braces fell right out of her mouth like she was spitting out gum. They bounced off her chest and landed on the ground by her mangled shoe scraps.
Marlie had no idea what she was experiencing, but her fear was growing that soon she’d burst right out of her remaining clothes and be left exposed. Of course, as soon as that fear crossed her mind, the steadily more snug attire began to creep up her body, no longer able to accommodate her properly...
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Re: NEW! Must Be This Tall to Ride (GTS, growth, destruction)

Great shoes ripping description! Is ghere more in the complete version?
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beautification, breast expansion, giantess, growth, process

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