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Unread 11-24-2020   #1
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The Key Moment in a M2F TF Story

Hi Folks,
I've been into shrinking and animal TF stories for a long time so I have a good idea of the "key" moments in those types of transformations where:
(1) The victim realizes they're changing
(2) The victim realizes it's "over" and they're no longer human. (For me, this aspect doesn't mean the transformation is done... it actually may still have ways to go, but the victim isn't themselves. It can be something like they're mostly human, but they can't stand up and are confined to walking on 4 legs or lose the ability to speak).

I guess I'm wondering what do folks feel are the equivalent key points/elements in a M2F TG story?

IMO, if I were to start changing into a woman, mental changes, voice changes would start it but the moment I start growing breasts, even if there's still ways to go is when I'd realize it's "over".

How about you all? (And I'd also be happy to hear about F2M scenes as well)
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Unread 11-25-2020   #2
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Re: The Key Moment in a M2F TF Story

Great question! For me the start of things is little hints. Realising the forearms are smooth now. The voice beginning to crack awkwardly. Then you have (and not everyone likes this in a TG but I love it) long hair and nails. Full on feminine attributes - but still a long way to go. The moment I would realise it was real was when the boobs developed to such a point there was no denial possible. The hips and waist too. The butt swelling. The ultimate of course is the penis and testicles changing - and I love the idea of still 'feeling male' while staring at a female body. The rush of estrogen and disbelief.
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Unread 11-25-2020   #3
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Re: The Key Moment in a M2F TF Story

For me, it's usually at the point where the genitals transform. It seems like a basic thing and a cliche answer, but the implications of that part of the process alone are pretty big, especially in regards to a M2F transformation.

I think a person could misinterpret or even shrug off several parts of a transformation, assuming them to be a hallucination or a symptom of some illness, but when that hand dips between the legs and feels nothing, that's usually when shit gets extra real.
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Unread 12-02-2020   #4
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Re: The Key Moment in a M2F TF Story

I been playing about with a lot of tg Ideas

I'm big fan of the "werewoman" trope (like the werewolf curse sees the full moon and proceeds to violently transform but instead of a lupine they become a member of the opposite gender, weremen are valid too)

I love the idea of a feminine side of a man slowly taking over day after day and before he knows it he's real live biologic woman

It starts out with little things like how he acts more iterested in his appearance,wants to be well groomed and more feminine things while shunning masculine things he used to enjoy and over the year his body slowly changes into woman's body completely and it feels normal like he always was a woman.

The tipping point for me is the "oh well I guess I'm going to need a bra for these things: *gropes breasts in comical fashion* or the "my dick's gone...I cant stand to pee anymore" *sits on toilet scratching head*,also ones facial features. They indicate our genders a lot and most trans people always want to change those gender markers when transitioning.

Any other aspects I'd be happy to chat.

Hope that helped. I got loads of TG ideas in my black book if you need help with anything.
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