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Lightbulb Hot weight gain stories for sale.

Here's a free sample...

Jess' Fattening Fantasy (Part 1)

Itís only the first week of holidays and I simply have to slow down! Iíve been pigging out way too much recently. I lament over eating such a big breakfast this morning. So much bacon and cheese and then having the nerve to finish off with waffles and ice cream. So bad! Iíll skip dinner. The ice cream was melting so I ate it all quickly. My size fourteen jeans shorts had to be unbuttoned by the end. I couldn't move very well. Groaning seemed to make it better, so as I walked with my button undone I moaned and rubbed my belly. I canít deny how much it turns me on. What if I really let go and got fat? It wouldnít be all bad. But seriously Iím too big as it is. I need to get in shape this summer. Iíll go for a swim, get some exercise. My butt jiggles a little as I squeeze into my one-piece bathing suit. I suck in my stomach almost subconsciously as I admire my ample curves in the mirror. Iím still gorgeous. Some exercise wouldnít hurt though. My mum eyes me judgementally as I leave the house in my swimwear. All my fat on display. Yeah Iím Jess, your porky fat excuse for a daughter. I cringe with every step, hoping all that jiggling isnít as noticeable to others as it is to me. I suddenly worry that my jean shorts are actually amplifying how fat my butt and thighs are instead of hiding them.

But when I got to the beach I felt tired and lethargic. Breakfast was still heavy in my stomach so I just lay there and absorbed the sun. My inactivity was surely converting all of breakfast straight into more fat. In my daydreams people walk by me on the beach as I snack from a bottomless picnic basket. Iíve been having these dreams recently. The memories of them seem to resurface during the day whenever I worry about my weight. They seem to get more and more vivid each time. In this one little children stare and point saying how huge I am, that Iím as fat as a beached whale. Their parents shush them and drag them away. My dream self blushes at the spectacle I am making of myself. Such a naughty piggy. Stuffing herself big full and round in public. And my dream self is certainly very well rounded. And growing ever bigger. I can actually see my fingers getting fatter with every bite I swallow! Damn Iím hungry again already is it lunchtime yet?

I sit down for brunch at the nice little restaurant across the street from the beach. Itís my new favourite place. Iíve been pigging out here for the last few weeks. Their cuisine is rather amazing! Yesterday I noticed a lot of people were eating here still wearing their bathing suits so no need to go home and change. I feel okay wearing my one piece and little shorts to cover my fat thighs. I think my curves look okay. Iím plump but not fat, right? However when I sit down I cringe, realising my love handles have bulged out a lot more than I expected them to, becoming outlined clearly by the blue clingy material. My thighs look a lot fatter when Iím sitting too. They spread out covering the entire base of the chair. Iím thankful I chose to wear a little top to cover my fat arms and shoulders, and at least with my shorts over the top of my swimsuit my thighs arenít completely exposed. The way they bulge out of the bottom makes me a little self-conscious though. I can feel a tingle between them as I think this. My face becomes flushed.

A waitress approaches my table. Sheís staring at me. Her eyes scan me up and down like sheís checking me out. I die inside of embarrassment. I recognise her from a couple of my previous visits, sheís very attractive, around my age or maybe a year or two older. God she must think Iím a greedy pig. Iím suddenly glad sheís on shift and serving me as I recall that last time she gave me extra sides with my orders for free, all double servings too, so if she has a problem with my figure then she can go blame herself! I scan the menu licking my lips as I realise itís not quite eleven AM yet so the breakfast menu is still on offer. I salivate over the pretty pictures of waffles and sweet rolls. As I read the menu, out of the corner of my eye I notice the waitress sneakily glancing at my soft love handles. Itís making me rethink my selection. Maybe I should get something with a few less calories. When I look up again I catch her looking directly at my fat. Sheís smiling. Her eyes almost twinkle as theyíre glued to my midsection for at least an entire second. I look down and realise she's checking out my navel. It looks so deep and dark under my skin-tight bathing suit. I blush burying my head in the menu, embarrassed. She must think Iím a gigantic fat hog, especially after all the food she served me yesterday. Iím definitely just getting a salad.

But before I can place my order she smiles warmly tells me I look gorgeous in my bathers. Now I think about it she told me she loved what I was wearing last time as well. She tells me she wishes she had the curves to pull off wearing a one piece like that. I canít help but imagine that sheíd look quite stunning in just about any swimwear. Her uniform hugs her thin well-toned body very closely. Iím still blushing so I tell her she looks good in her uniform, hoping to get the conversation away from my body. She thanks me for the compliment and says Iím her new favourite customer. Touching me gently on the shoulder she asks if Iíd like to try their all you can eat special, 50% off for her new favourite customer. I search for it on the menu, hesitating as I nervously glance at the salad selections hoping to see something that steers me in a more sensible direction, but she leans in and whispers that itís not on the menu. If I get the special I can order whatever I want, and with the discount itís cheaper anyway. She flashes me another warm smile with a wink.

Just keep ordering whatever I want off the menu until I'm full? Sure thing. I start with pancakes. One little flattering glance was all it took to break my resolve? I can't help but grin even though I know I'm in trouble.

The pancakes were warm and delicious and I followed them up with a sweet roll and some other breakfast goodies. The sweet roll was hot, sweet and delicious. The frosting was so sugary it made my teeth ache a little but it was so good! So flaky and buttery. Before I even realized it, Iíd eaten the whole thing, followed by a piece of toast, three sausage links, and half an omelette. I felt myself leaning back and bringing the forkfuls of food over my stuffed belly. I may just be as fat as a house by the end of the summer. This food is so delicious, tempting, fattening. Before long everything is gone. And I feel so HUGE. How could I have eaten so much? Iíd almost forgotten this was actually my second breakfast. All promises of dieting are off. I can't control myself with such good food. The waitress carries away the plates. I look down at my distended belly.

I had better get myself under control or my friends wonít even recognize me when classes start up again. I start to heave myself up, the waitress puts her hand on my shoulder pushing me gently back down whilst she places a large plate containing a cheeseburger and fries on the table.

She made this especially for me? She says she really hopes Iím not too full from breakfast to enjoy it. She reminds me that the all you can eat special is good for an entire day as long as I keep eating. It's nearly time for lunch after all, and the dessert menu would be available very soon.

I already knew from yesterday there are some things on that dessert menu that are to die for! I couldnít help but feel excited.

The waitress smiled and walked away with a little wiggle in her step. I inhale the burgerís salty aroma, thereís bacon in it somewhere, my mouth is watering. It would makes sense to get all my meals for the day out of the way right now, wouldnít it? Since itís all practically free. It was a valid reason, sort of.

I feel fatter already...

Quickly. Voraciously. The juicy burger dripped down my chin, the fries were salty and covered in ketchup. I saved most of the fries for last but I felt like I would explode for sure! To the right of the chips there was a decent sized serving of a delicious looking pasta side dish. I dip the chips into its sauce and savour its flavour. When I ran out of chips I start on the pasta without even thinking.

I start to feel hot. Sweaty. Perspiring slightly.

I strip my top down to my bathing suit and ate it all. ALL. Right now I look like I swallowed a beach ball. My tummy is tight. I have never been so stuffed before in my whole life! This has got to stop!

Barbecued chicken, corn on the cob and potato salad. The waitress just keeps it coming. She tells me Iím a good customer. I swear her friendly grin gets wider with every dish she brings me to eat. The other wait staff never approach me. She doesnít appear to be serving anyone else either. Iím HER customer, and sheís MY waitress. She looks me in the eyes as I swallow a large forkful of pie. If I didnít know any better Iíd have said the look on her face was nothing short of pure unbridled lust. She smiles knowingly and licks her lips at me. I slowly push another forkful past my lips and I swear I see the desire in her eyes intensify. I blush knowing my nipples have suddenly become rock hard beneath my bathing suit. Iím relieved that the restaurant is now mostly empty and no one else seems to be paying any attention to my relentless gorging.

Stuff stuff stuff. Eat eat eat. Iíve never binged quite like this before. Dare I go on? A large pepper steak with mushrooms and cheese. It was hot, juicy and good. Barely conscious of my actions. Completely automatic. Extra gravy? Yes please! Slurp. Hic. Stuff. My vision faded as I swooned. My habits were set now. My god my god my god...what am I doing? I will explode. The apple pies were sweet and sugary when I got to them. I was soooo stuffed. I hiccupped and breathed heavily. Was it my imagination or was it starting to get dark outside already? Surely not! I did not just spend an entire day eating!

Did I? Ö

I look at the tables upon tables of empty plates in front of me and let out a short guilty laugh, just a single punctuated ĎHaí whilst blushing profusely. No wonder my breathing is heavy. The fat and calorie content had to be astronomical. The burgers alone were well over a thousand calories! Oh my god. I just stared down at my stuffed belly. Thank god for my stretchy bathing suit. It was tight around my full-full belly. I fell back and lay still for quite some time, uncomfortable, I rest my hand on my large stomach groaning softly, contentedly, my eyes feel heavy, I let them close.

I begin to snooze lightly.

My mind begins to dream. Itís so vivid it takes me moment to even realise it is a dream despite its absurdness. Iím dreaming about my waitress. She is standing in front of me where I sit wearing what looks like a Halloween costume, a sexy devil outfit with little red horns and a tail. Iím still sitting in my chair, my hair which Iíve dyed blond for years is now pink, just like I had it back when I was fifteen. I look down and my body is different too. Iím much smaller, and Iím wearing my old school uniform. I feel like a little girl again.

She offers me a plate of cookies. I take one. It is gooey and moist and oh so delicious. Chocolate chip. So good. Like a greedy girl I take another, and another, gobbling them all down, grinning between each bite. I canít seem to stop eating even in my dreams. I get nice and full. I feel a little too full as I pick up the last one, but I eat it any way. I swallow it in one big delicious gulp but splutter as it doesnít go all the way down. I swallow again and clutch my belly as I feel the last cookie get halfway down to my stomach before seemingly getting stuck. Suddenly my little stomach feels extremely full as the cookie slowly crams its way inside. I moan and rubbing my full little belly. Packed in tight. The fullness seems to be getting worse it just wonít let up.

Suddenly I feel my uniform tighten around me! I gasp, my little body isnít so little anymore. Iíve plumped up to fill my uniform to bursting point! A button has popped off my top exposing my navel. My belly and love handles are hanging over my tight skirt. A thick roll of flab bulges out all the way around no longer covered by my inadequate top. My breasts have grown too, my previously flat chest is now supporting two big womanly bosoms, also straining the buttons of my top.

My waitress leans forward and rests her hands on my thighs. My plump round thighs. She is so much taller than me. Her impressive cleavage is right in my face. My heart is racing. I look up into her eyes, a beautiful shade of blue/green. She flashes me a devilish smile and gives my fat juicy thighs a hard squeeze. Her slender fingers dig sharply into my softness. She clucks her tongue disapprovingly and frowns.

ďMy, my! What a greedy little girl youíve been!Ē she tuts. She pokes me in the belly with a plastic pitchfork and I let out an involuntary burp. My face reddens, my plump little hand covering my mouth. She slips the pitchfork under one of my love handles and gives it a little jiggle. My jaw slowly goes slack in disbelief. I feel so intimidated.

ďWell I guess you better wash them down,Ē she says in a patronizing manner as she pours me a glass of milk. My mouth is dry and my throat still uncomfortable from the difficult swallow so I accept the milk.

ďDrink up tubby!Ē she mocks as I gulp it down.

As I get to the last swallow a seam on my tight skirt bursts apart and the fat of my plump juicy thighs becomes exposed all the way up my side to my taught underwear.

ďLook at all this disgusting fat! You little glutton!Ē she pokes my belly with her pitchfork like sheís gauging itís sizeÖ Or maybe its capacity. I shiver with each poke.

She shakes her head and pulls out a huge pink dress. Itís so wide against her slender body it looks ridiculous.

ďBetter cover that blubber Miss Piggy,Ē she says screwing up her nose as she tosses the pink fabric at me.

I gasp as in a blink of an eye Iím suddenly wearing the dress. Itís quite pretty with a frilly hem and sleeves but Iím mortified to find that across the front, the words ďIím a little piggy!Ē are written in bold rounded lettering, and evenly spaced over the rest of the fabric are little cupcakes, hot dogs, and the words OINK OINK! in rounded balloon like lettering. How humiliating!

I blush with heavy embarrassment as my waitress tries to zip up the back of the dress with difficulty. She roughly yanks at the zipper jolting me around. She grunts from exertion like sheís losing the battle. My young little body feels like itís having the life squeezed out of it by the dress.

ďWell suck it in fatso!Ē she complains.

Embarrassed, I do my best to oblige and suck in my gut. The zipper suddenly gets over the last bulge of my back fat and makes it all the way to the top.

ďPhew! Much better!Ē she says wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

I relax my stomach muscles and the seams of the dress let out a long slow creak. Looking down I get a slight shock when I see just how big I look now. Oh no! I appear to have gotten even fatter! Iím not just fat, Iím a total porker! The dress is huge and bursting at the seams with my fat. It creaks and groans with every breath. and every slight movement I dare to make threatens to pop a thread. It feels like my blubber is actively trying to escape its restrictive confines.

ďWow, just look at you!Ē she says as she walks around my girth, poking me every so often with her pitchfork.

ďYes thereís a lot of you isnít there. Fuck you must be one hungry girl!Ē she laughs mockingly.

As if on cue, my big belly lets out a hungry gurgling sound loud enough to be heard over her laughter.

She stands opposite me, one hand on her narrow hips and the other gently swinging her costumeís devil tail with a knowing smirk on her face.

ďOh my, itís going to take some work to fill up a girl as big as you! But donít worry porky, lucky for you Iím good at my job. I think *this* should be enough food to fill up anyone, even you!Ē she gestures with her pitchfork towards a huge table which is suddenly groaning under the weight of an absolute banquet. My eyes widen as they take in the sheer volume of delicious food presented before me. It looks so tasty. So tempting. My young fatter self is suddenly hungry. Very. Very. Hungry. My pulse begins to quicken. Is that all for me? My eyes scan the array of tempting goodies. Iím filled with intense cravings for every type of treat before me. My mouth is watering profusely. I feel giddy with excitement. Licking my lips greedily.

She picks up a napkin and flicks it out gracefully as she struts her way over to tuck it under my chin. My thick, double chin. She places a knife and fork in my plump little hands and steps back, eyeing my bulging figure sniggering into her hand over my fatness. My tummy gurgles hungrily. I feel my face get hot. Oh God Iím so aroused.

Before I know it sheís feeding me donuts, cakes, pastries, and pies. I eat it all I canít control myself. And she is laughing. And laughing. Bits of icing get smeared on my lips, crumbs go flying all over the napkin, sheís stuffed my mouth so full I canít fully close my lips while I chew. The knife and fork clang as they hit the floor. They wonít be needed. She keeps my mouth so full of food I barely have time to breathe. More, more, more she feeds me as I practically inhale each gulping mouthful. Food disappears into me so fast itís nearly a blur.

I look down and all I see is my large round belly and big fat boobs straining against the fabric, distorting the shape of the words and little drawings. Iím so big! Munch. Munch. Gulp. Swallow. Iím so round and fat! And Iím growing! Expanding! The dress is creaking. Tighter. Tighter. I feel rounder. Fatter. I feel like a blimp being prepared for take off. My heavy belly is weighing down on my thighs, the tip working its way towards my knees. My bulging thighs spread as they thicken and fill up with fat. My calves swell rounder causing my white knee high school socks to roll down, and the buckles of my black school shoes groan as my soft fat swells out and around them. I can feel my fat little toes fighting for space, even they are swelling up with naughty fatness. I rise up in my seat as my butt gets bigger, and bigger. My arms rise up from my sides as I blow up like a balloon! Oh no even my face is swollen! My cheeks feel bigger and heavier. My neck is thickening into my shoulders and chest. My waitress squeezes the chub of my cheeks as she inserts a foot long chocolate ťclair into my mouth and proceeds to push it into me, bite after bite, making me bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

The napkin is starting to gently pinch the fat of my neck, the loose bow unravels and it falls into my expanding cleavage, nearly getting swallowed. I gasp and nearly choke on a sweet mouthful of cream as I see my huge boobs swell and thicken into elongated jumbo sized watermelons. My nipples are rock hard betraying my arousal. Theyíve slipped out of my bra. So hard and stiff. Theyíre rubbing against the fabric of my creaking dress as my breasts swell, and swell. Bigger. Fatter!

My underwear is creaking, growing tighter with every passing second. My bra cuts deeply into my soft back and shoulder flab. My underpants are sliding up and giving me a wedgie. This only adds to the growing wetness between my thighs. My bra creaks louder with every mouthful my waitress stuffs into me, the hooks are bending out of shape at the back. Finally they start to give out one by one until finally my enormous jumbo sized boobs explode out of the bra, filling out beneath the tight pink fabric of the dress. My tenderly erect nipples wobble about wildly as they settle down the rising slope of my belly. Meanwhile the tightness of my underpants becomes almost unbearable. Theyíre rubbing against my pussy as I grow, putting pressure in all the right places. But theyíre also cutting off the circulation to my thighs. I wince through a mouthful of deliciously moist chocolate cake and then moan as they finally snap. Theyíre stuck so deep and tightly in my fat that they continue to give me a slight wedgie even after my thighs and butt have burst out of them. My fupa feels so swollen. Every wobble and jiggle of its burgeoning mass feels like its being transferred up into my most intimate places via the remaining taught strands of fabric from my underwear.

Oh god Iím getting so fucking fat! How much bigger could I possibly get? Iíve barely made a dent in all the food. If I eat it all Iíll be positively ginormous! But the feast continues as my waitress stuffs a funnel in my mouth and pours a huge jug of cherry chocolate milkshake into my mouth. Delish! As I gulp it down I can hear my fat gurgling as it accommodates the influx of calories, I whimper as my soft chest flesh rises up to meet the thickening flab of my enormous triple chin. My flab is packed into the dress so tightly now it can barely jiggle. Yet still bigger I grow. Jess the human blimp!

Bang! My eyes become as wide as saucers as a seam busts open.

ďOops!Ē my waitress laughs, ďOh no Piggy! They donít make dresses any bigger than this! Itís the largest size you can get! Whatever will you do now?Ē

I moan through a mouthful of cream and delicious pecan pie. I hear the dress rip some more, itís splitting down my sides. I can feel huge thick rolls of flab bursting out into the air.

ďWell I guess itís ruined now. Fuck youíre a greedy glutton arenít you?!Ē she laughs.

Then she leans in and whispers, ďIíve never seen anyone get so morbidly obese! And Iíve never met anyone thatís so fucking HUNGRY! Youíll be as big as a fucking whale when Iím done with you!Ē

I can see that her nipples are as rock hard as mine. I see the fire of lust in her eyes. She gives my exposed fat a poke and a squeeze. Her fingers touching my bare swelling flesh. So hot! I moan. She keeps the food coming. Huge seemingly endless mouthfuls of lemon cheesecake.

Gulp. Swallow. Creak.

Gulp. Swallow. Creak.

Gulp! Gulp! Creak! Creak! Relentless! More! More! Feed me! Feed me! I canít stop! Iím out of control!

I feel breathless. I canít eat fast enough. Every gulp fattens me more. The splitting seams of the dress stretch wider. The buckles on my black school shoes burst open one after the other. My thighs and butt swell. My belly inflates. My boobs grow heavier. My arms are becoming huge thick pillows of fat, ripping through the pink sleeves and frilly white lace of my exploding outfit. I can feel my fat rolls thickening, and new ones forming all over my body as I rise up, up, up in my seat.

RIIIIP! The dress canít take any more. My black school shoes pop off my inflating feet like champagne corks. My white socks, stretched so thin theyíve lost their opaqueness burst like sausage casings as my impossibly fat legs get even bigger. Absolutely nothing can contain me now! Iím too big! Too huge! Too FAT! I whimper wiggling my plump swelling fingers and toes. They feel stiff and tight. Iím becoming impossibly fat! But my naked body just keeps inflating fatter and fatter, larger and larger, free of all restraint.

I voice in my head cries in complete awe, Jess youíre so HUGE! You have to stop eating!

But I canít! Another voice replies. I continue to munch on, moaning as Iím crammed full of chocolate fudge. I eat, and eat, and eat. Gradually turning myself into a helpless blimp. She just wonít stop feeding me! Canít she see Iím ballooning up out of control?!

My legs are pushed further and further apart by the fat of my thick wobbling thighs as they expand. My waitress traces her fingers along my exposed fat, pinching me. She squeezes each of my thick round thighs with both hands. Theyíre getting so HUGE! Together theyíre bigger than she is!

Then I groan lustfully as my belly surges forward enveloping my entire lap. Bigger and fatter I grow! When will it end?! My belly spills past the edge of my huge knees, pushing them aside so that its weight can rest between my legs. A thick slab of fat dangling obscenely over the edge of my seat. My waitress laughs teasingly,

ďOh my god thatís shameful piggy! Youíre shamefully obese! Look at that obscene belly!Ē

Still cramming more cupcakes into me, she gently nudges the dangling overhang of my gut from behind with her foot, sending it swaying. I let out a guttural moan spraying crumbs everywhere. She grins and continues to play with my belly as it inflates even more. She sticks her slender finger deep into my cavernous bellybutton and wiggles it about. I swear I hear my skin creaking under the strain of trying to contain my enormously fat body. Thereís just too much of me! She gives my dangling belly a huge shake with both hands. The overhanging portion of it is wobbling back and forth like crazy! Its tip actually slaps against the underside of the chair. Oh. My. God. The shredded remains of my underpants are completely soaked.

The chairís metal frame is creaking. Protesting. Deeming my weight unacceptably heavy. My skin is tingling from tightness. I need to stop eating now! Iím way too big and heavy! How much must I weigh? Six hundred, seven hundred pounds? More? Eight hundred?! Itís so hard to judge, I feel like I could weigh half a ton! Stop piggy! Youíre already WAY too FAT! Stop before you get any bigger! But Iím so horny! And oh god this food tastes so good! Just one more mouthful and then thatís it! Really! I swear! I know Iím getting far too FAT! A mouthful of delicious macaroons immediately changes my mind, I let out a shuddered exasperated moan of delight and my gorging continues with renewed vigour. The food just keeps getting better and better, and so I get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER! Iím helplessly overstuffed addicted to food, no matter how much Iíve eaten, no matter how much I try to resist, the intense cravings for more just continue to seduce me over and over. I canít help it, I just want to eat and eat and eat!

My waitress laughs and laughs at how easy it was to tempt me into this gluttonous frenzy. I moan through a mouthful of heavenly butterscotch cheesecake, struggling to grasp at my growing fat. Iím completely amazed at how big and heavy my arms and hands have gotten, I can barely lift my elbows from my sides at all. All my effort raises them less than an inch. Bending them is even tougher, so much fat in the way I can barely make it past ninety degrees, and that angle of mobility is decreasing with every swallow. I stare at my hands in disbelief. My fingers are beyond chubby now, thick and fat like giant overstuffed frankfurters. My palms are so swollen they make my hands look like inflatable toys, so pumped up with fat that I can barely make a fist. I get quickly tired from holding up the weight of my pillow-sized arms and let my elbows fall to my sides. I can feel them inching their way outwards as I expand. My feet feel pinned to the floor by the weight of my legs. Iím becoming a huge round immobile ball of fat! Slowly becoming more and more imprisoned in my own flab yet STILL I canít stop eating, and eating, and eating!

I canít believe how insanely horny my incredulous growth is making me. Feeling my sides, belly, butt, every last part of me creak outwards, expanding inch by inch. So wide! So round! So FAT! At the same time a cool breeze tickles my belly as it pushes forward, hanging lower. So huge! Itís grazing the floor ever so slightly. She stuffs me mercilessly! I get wider! Rounder! All my fat slowly inflating me like a gigantic balloon. Not even I get tell if my unintelligible moans are for her to stop or keep going. Oh god if she keeps feeding me Iím going to cum! My fat wobbles unsteadily as the metal chair legs start to bend beneath me.

A huge orgasm rockets through my enormous body as I sink towards the ground crushing the chair flat. My waitress climbs joyfully onto my fat after lining up plates and plates of desserts around my thickening neck. I can smell waffles and donuts and other items but I canít turn my neck far enough to see everything thatís laid out on the vast expanse of my shoulders. Iím sure itíll be inside me soon enough. Lying down on my belly, now large enough to support her entire body, she lines herself up face to face with me and feeds me more food as she writhes about in my fat, using her legs and her free hand to play with every inch of my body spurring me on to climax again and again as she stuffs, and stuffs, and stuffs me with every bit of food she can get her hands on. Somehow I just know sheís not going to stop until all the food is gone, or until I pop!

ďWake up, itís time for breakfast Piggy!Ē she whispers and the dream seems to evaporate around me as my body expands infinitely into a brilliant white light.

The next thing I know Iím awake breathing heavily, a faint film of perspiration evaporating from my skin, pleasantly cooling me down. My body is still tingling pleasantly from my amazing dream. I still sit at the table. I am starving. My appetite is back with a vengeance. I am still only in a bathing suit. It is nearly dark outside. Wait, is that a sunset or a sunrise?

I yawn. I am so hungry. Did I doze all night? Thereís a pillow placed behind my head. My neck still feels a little stiff.

ďGood morning beautiful, I made some of your favourites,Ē I hear her voice.

My tummy gurgles. My eyes blink blurrily into focus just in time to see my waitress entering the room. Sheís almost dancing in her step, humming. She places a tomato, cheese and bacon omelette in front of me.

ďWe're not open today so feel free to relax and eat all you want. I have the kitchen all to myself,Ē she winks at me, smiling whilst patting her own non-existent belly and licking her lips. That gets my juices flowing. And my mouth watering.

I smile guiltily back, blushing.

She smiles back and says, ďMy nameís Anna by the way.Ē

ďJess,Ē I reply whilst staring longingly at the food.

to be continued...

Part 2 contains explicit lesbian sex, drug use, more feedism, force-feeding, teasing/humiliation, and more weight gain expansion fantasies.

The full story is available here:
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