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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

A Wolf In Comfy Clothing
A simple, very very short story I put together on a whim for Pride Month! Not including the trans man werehyena story I wrote earlier this month on Patreon.

Sometimes bravery takes many forms.
He stared at himself. Swallowing while picking at the hem of his dress. His cheeks were bright red and he blushed more deeply while hiding his arms behind his back after noticing the dark hairs covering them. Sighing, bringing his arms around once more after staring at his hairy legs and realizing it didn't matter. He looked away while lifting his dress, sliding a fingernail around the edge of the brief panties he wore. Finally, he adjusted his flaccid cock and settled everything back in place. A spray of curly chest hairs peeked above the bodice.

Once outside his apartment, the weight of everyone's eyes weighed upon him and he could feel every tick-tack-smack of his sandals against the ground. He focused ahead, ignoring everyone, but inhaled deeply, savoring the scents around him. The familiar smells of people taking their same daily route, as well as- He paused, huffing at a new marking on a distant electrical pole. He wondered, briefly, if someone got a new dog (female, older, chicken and rice diet) or if a random person stopped into the neighborhood to walk their dog.

The dress swirled around him as he moved, light and open. Comfortable, but, as he swept it beneath him in order to sit on the bus, impossible to forget he was wearing it - even if the others weren't staring at him. His reflection grimaced in the window beside him.

His fingers tightened, nails biting into his palms. He could feel it moving. A line of skin pulled against his cock, swiveling it around until it pointed towards his belly button. He breathed through his nose. Grunting as flesh gathered, rippling over his dick to create a sheath. The panties tightened slightly around him and he grinded his canines as they lengthened to fangs. Someone coughed, dragging his attention away briefly. His ears twitched, lined with soft fur and unfolding to subtle points. Inside the sheath, his cock was remade, skin growing smooth while the edges of the circumcised head flattened and curved to a point. The dress settled against his bulge until he pulled it against his legs.

He wiggled his toes when they began to ache. Looking down, he saw where the nails curved, biting into the soft sole of the sandals. They grew darker and he allowed himself a small smile when he considered how they looked - as if painted with a flat black coloring. Pain made him open his palms to see his fingernails growing to match. The soft pink nail polish he'd added to them the night before cracked and fell away. A faint 'click' forced him to rock in his seat and adjust himself to make space for the swelling low on his back where the tip of his tail pushed against his skin.

The changes slowed, leaving him to relax and breathe. At his stop, he stood and walked down the aisle, apologizing when his swishing dress brushed against passengers. His ears burned and not entirely due to the fur slowly creeping over them. He reached up to brush the curly mop of his hair to hide them when he felt them swivel.

With a deep breath, standing on the sidewalk, he walked towards his office. His fingers trembled where he gripped the small clutch holding his basic information. He'd left most of his cards at home, as well as his phone. The front desk person did a double take before greeting him and he gave thanks in return, clenching his jaw as he walked to the elevators. His heart pounded and hairs emerged from his sternum, growing in a thin line up to his neck. He leaned back against the wall of the elevator, grunting while scratching his back with the wall when more fur grew to cover his spine.

Inside his office, his coworkers greeted him with varying expressions - some with glee and happiness, others with narrowed eyes of confusion and still others averting their eyes and avoiding him. He nodded at some, smiled shyly at others and went to his cubicle, closing his door to bow his head and grip his cock. His sheath retracted while his knot inflated and he couldn't help but stroke himself when the hormones and heat flooded his body. Growling, he unfurled his fingers to force his palms on his desk. Thin calluses lined his fingers, causing his hands to slide on the smooth veneer.

The day passed and he finally forgot he was wearing the dress as he worked through various forms. As the evening approached, he eyed the time with golden cracks in his dark irises, finally excusing himself in order to leave. Quickly. His sandals smacked his heels when he raised up to his forefeet. They widened with popping cracks and his toes stretched the bands until they broke, forcing him to kick his broken shoes aside. He grabbed the first waiting taxi, growling out the name of a distant park while sitting back, sweating and clawing at his knees.

Muscles bulged, covered in thick hairs. His dress tightened on his body, highlighting every taut, hardened curve. Stubble grew over his shaved cheeks and his tongue made a long, rough circuit before dangling briefly. Drool spilled from the corner of his lips. He was hard again and his tail was short but curved, down over his cheeks. His hand gripped his cock, unable to resist. Squeezing and pumping down to his growing knot. The seams strained on his panties before tearing along his size unable to contain his bulk.

When they arrived, he stumbled out and the back of his dress lifted, pulled up by his tail. His torn panties fell around his legs before the wind shuffled it off to wrap around a post. The thin spaghetti straps on his dress broke against his widening shoulders as he walked away, letting the bodice curl down to expose his massive, furry pectorals.

Deep in the woods, he stumbled, falling to his knees. Paws against his head, veins standing out on his reddened, thick neck. Raising his head to the full moon to howl in greeting. Tears appeared throughout his dress, allowing fur to poke through. He dropped to his hands and knees, panting and growling before reaching to rip the dress away. Standing, he gripped the tree beside him, sniffing and growling as he caught the scent of another. The male's musk was faint, but it swirled on the wind and he followed it as his mind began to dwindle to more bestial thoughts.

His torn dress hung on a waving branch before detaching to flutter away behind him, covered in fur.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

(She) Wolf
A man finds more than just his gender changing...

A super duper duper short little thing about a man turning into a female werewolf. I'm posting three really short stories today, all around gender fluidity.
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at:
His nerves throbbed like a second heartbeat as he knelt in his living room. They thrummed, slowly at first and he groaned, shaking his head.

Static buzzed in his ears, distracting him. He pushed his palms against his head, rubbing his temples over and over. The skin dragged on his palms, loose for a moment until they filled out, bulging away from his fingers and palm into paw pads.

His hair lengthened and he shivered when the ends dragged against his overly sensitive skin. His entire body was a live wire.

He lowered himself, curling into a ball before stretching outward, one hand on the floor. Bones creaked in his jaw and his ears lengthened, sliding through his now shoulder-length hair.

Drool pooled from the corner of his mouth to drip to the floor beneath him and he groaned, his deep voice rising in pitch as his cheekbones reshaped, shifting higher while his jaw began to push forward.

For a moment, his face took on a feminine form, framed by thick curls. His lips filled out and then bulged over his canines as they slid from his short muzzle.

And still, the thrumming quickened and he moaned, his voice a sexy, smoky purr when his Adam's apple flattened. Veins stood out on his neck and he gnashed his teeth. More drool dripped from his lips when his tongue suddenly grew too thick in his mouth. It unrolled to lay against his bottom fangs and he began to pant.

The throbbing was maddening. He tore at his shirt and the sharp black points hidden beneath his nails ripped the fabric easily to expose his bare breasts.

His areola grew dark as it widened, pulling at his tiny nipples. In turn, his nipples tightened and hardened and grew erect, pushing away from his chest as the flesh beneath bubbled outward.

Glandular and fatty tissue formed beneath his still growing nipples and the skin swelled into the gentle curves of his new breasts.

He cried out with a high, piercing shriek when pain pinched inside his cock. His testicles pulled back and slipped inside his body, tracing a path through a slick hole opening between his thighs and up past new Fallopian tubes until they settled in place as his ovaries.

Fur emerged from the nape of his neck. It crept down his back and around, curving over his small breasts.

As his ball sack shrank, dark hairs appeared and the skin pulled back into his labia, already dotted with fur.

He snarled, gnashing his teeth as he struggled with his pants, pushing and shoving them down and around his legs.

Bones cracked in his waist, pulling his hips into pronounced curves. His tailbone flailed as new muscles attached to it, forcing it against his lower back. Dark stubble outlined the tip of his new tail as it arched from the pleasure burning through him.

The heat pulsing through his body pooled low in his stomach. He stared in horror at his shrinking cock but his eyelids drooped as lust replaced terror and he grabbed his tiny tit, squeezing it and moaning, lashing his lips with his wide tongue. His other hand clawed at his thigh, dragging through the fur piercing his skin.

Dark hairs pushed aside his curly pubic hair before spreading outward, fanning out to cover his belly. Tiny bumps rose beneath his pelt and he moaned when his wrist rubbed against the new teats.

Clear liquid well between his shrinking ball sack, just above a tiny hole that opened between his legs. The skin split and the hole elongated into his slick, virginal pussy. A stream of clear cum dripped from his new pussy to the carpet beneath him.

His paw brushed his shrinking cock and he bucked when his leathery padding rubbed the incredibly sensitive head, soon to become his clit. He snarled and whimpered, lowering his paw to rub his throbbing, swollen pussy and a high pitched yip escaped his lips.

The heat was unbearable, overriding every single impulse and instinct within him. He found his mind slipping and he whined when his fingers weren't enough.

He needed to be filled and as he heard keys jingling in his neighbor's apartment, he lifted his long muzzle and scented, smiling when the male's scent filled his brain.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Begging For More
A man is made into a submissive bitch after mistreating the wrong young woman.

A super duper duper short little thing about a man turning into a slutty submissive weredog. I'm posting three really short stories today, all around gender fluidity.
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at:
"You're fucking crazy," I tell him over the phone, running my fingers through my short, curly hair.

"You know what the great thing is, Brad?" I hear him ask. He sounds pissed but also amused in a way. "I don't care what you think. You can doubt me as much as you want but you'll see."

"You know what, fuck-" I say but he cuts me off.

"It's my sister, you asshole!" he yells. "You think you can treat her like trash, dump her and then talk shit about her? You almost destroyed her."

"That bitch-" I try again.

"Stop," he says.

And I do. What the hell?

"Whether you believe me or not doesn't matter," he continues. "I've heard about you. It's a small town. She's not the first one. So you'll learn. I'll teach you."

I try to talk but I can't. I stare at my phone and then tuck a strand of hair over my ear. Why can't I talk? My mouth opens and closes but nothing comes out other than a quiet whine.

"You'll change," he says. "And you know what the best thing is?"

My hair tickles the back of my neck as I put the phone back against my ear.

"You'll come back to me," he laughs. "You'll beg me to come over. To fuck you."

I can't talk but I can still move so I hang up the phone and stare at it. And then I see it. I see my short nails beginning to grow. They curve and scratch against the glass of my phone until I have long, clear nails.

Like a fucking woman. I tuck more hair behind my ear and then freeze when I realize what I'm doing. I rush to the bathroom and stare at my reflection in a panic.

My hair reaches my shoulders now, thick and curly and cute.

No! Not cute! Shit! I-

Bones creak and crack in my face and I squeeze my eyes shut while pressing my palms to my cheeks. I can feel things moving beneath my skin. I'm panting as I force my eyes open to see my cheeks rising and my chin growing narrow. An alien face stares back. Feminine. Pretty. I blink and my lashes flutter back at me.

But it's not done. My cheeks flame red as the bones continue to move.

To push forward. Dark streaks appear in my nose, flowing down to my lips as they push outward until they're full and pouty. And dark. Further outward.

Into a short, hairless muzzle.


Not hairless. I lean close to the mirror to watch brown hairs sprout from the extended bridge of my nose. Saliva fills my mouth and it feels cramped, despite being longer. I spit into the sink and my tongue escapes my lips. My long, wide pink tongue that dangles between my canines.

I touch my face, feeling how soft and sensitive it is.

Pain. Pinching, cramping pain makes me drop to my knees with a loud bark.

It feels like someone kicked me in the balls and I pull my pants away to see my dick shrinking. I feel hot. It's coursing through my body in waves that make me break out in sweat, panting hard to try to dissipate the heat. Bones crack, pushing at the waist, creating a mound and curvy hips as my dick shrinks, the head pulling back into a small hood of flesh.

Hairs emerge around my belly button. They grow long and thick to march down, mixing into my pubes and around the empty place where my cock used to be.

Only, oh god, oh fuck, oh FUCK!

It's not empty. More pain follows and the skin splits to show an opening. A wet opening that smells like-

Oh god. Like pussy.

The skin bulges into thick labia as the hairs along the bottom of my stomach begin to spread upward.

I can call him. I can beg him to stop this. He might listen. He might listen if I beg. If I-

If I-

If I beg him-


To fuck me.

Oh god.

I whine as my trembling finger creeps down to the wet fold between my legs. I can't. I shouldn't. I feel so goddamn hot. My skin is on fire and just the brush of my arm against my side makes me shiver for a lover's touch. For his touch.

My shirt moves against my body as my slender finger presses inside myself. As I look down, I see my nipples push out. I bite my lips and scratch the floor with the claws extending from my toes as I push a finger inside.

I'm so tight. I'm so fucking tight. It's an alien feeling but it's incredible. He'll be so happy to see how tight and hot I am for him.

Hairs slide around my palm, growing down from my fur mound to coat my pussy. I moan and whine and feel my ears move through my thick hair.

Panting now. Tongue loose.

I have to lean back as my breasts continue to grow. Too big to see my pussy if I stand up straight. Heavy and full. They ache. I want- I want him to massage me. I want, oh god yes, I want his mouth on my nipples.

I bark as I hook my finger up and find this, this, this fucking spot.

No. No. I need to save myself.

I stand and feel skin brushing the bottom of my shirt as I walk. My hips rock and I can feel my pussy between my thighs as they grow plump and my stub of a tail wags back and forth under my shirt.

It's hard to use my phone with my nails as they are but I need him so bad.

Something moves between my legs and I open them, spreading them like a whore while leaning back to watch as the lips fold and bulge and twist and extend from my body, drooling and dripping clear liquid.

The heat is burning me up and my finger trembles as I hit the button to redial.

He just laughs when I answer and words tumble from my muzzle as I beg him to fuck me. I can't even remember what I'm saying. The heat is buzzing in my head and I drop the phone because I can't take it anymore.

With a tug, I pull my shirt free to see a thick line of fur growing up between my breasts. They lay against my chest, full and heavy. I lift one up and lap at my nipple and fuck! An arc of electricity lances down my body to my pussy. My claws dig into my soft, delicate tits as I massage myself.

As I squeeze my own breasts, I feel the skin expanding on the bottom of my hands. Swelling, thick and leathery but supple as the skin darkens to black.

And all I can wonder is whether it'll help when I'm sucking his cock. Whether the padding will make him feel better. I'm not even mad because the thought makes me so incredibly happy. And so fucking horny.

The doorbell rings and I fall over myself to answer it.

It's him. God, yes.

I turn. And whine. And present myself to him with my thick, fluffy tail held high.

"Please, I ask," looking behind my shoulders with my ears back.

He's undressing and my tail just starts wagging. Pulling at my hips as I feel my excitement grow.

His cock. It's. Oh shit. Drool fills my mouth as I stare at it. I almost turn to taste him but he lowers himself, digging his fingers into the fur at my hip and pressing his cock between my soft, fat ass while rubbing himself against me.

"Beg," he tells me.

I lower my head.

"Fuck me, please," I beg. "Please, make me your bitch, please. Oh fuck, please, I can't take it anymore. I can't think of anything but your cock filling me and-!"

He enters me and I press my forehead against the ground as he takes my virginity. Filling me until the head of his dick hits something deep inside. It's painful and I yip but he pulls out.

And then slams back in. I'm so fucking wet for him. I hear it almost splashing against him when his crotch smacks my ass.

My body starts moving on its own. I think? I'm pushing back while rocking my hips and it takes a second to find the rhythm. Slamming back as he pushes forward. I'm such- such a slut. I want it. I want it all. I want it all the time. Nothing, nothing has ever been this good. My cock is a distant, laughable memory compared to being filled by Him. Being fucked by Him. Being taken by my Master. Being His slutty little bitch.

My orgasm destroys me. I can't- can't control my body as I cum. It's too much. Far, far too much and I scratch and scrabble at the ground but He holds me tight.

He's moving again! Oh shit! It's too much, too- yes, oh fuck yes, more!

My eyes roll up and my tongue hangs loose as He mounts me and all I can think about is making Him happy. I want Him to cum.

I want Him to get off and be happy.

I want- I want Him to cum inside of me. Fill me.

"Please," I pant with my ears back and my body afire. "Cum inside your bitch. Please."

When He strokes my back, I shiver and cum and He holds me tight. Grunting as His cock swells. And I cum again, harder, falling to the ground. Falling against my huge tits. Tensing those alien muscles between my thighs as He cums hard inside of me.

"No," I whine quietly when He pulls out. I'm still not finished. I'm not sure I ever will be.

But He comes around and His cock is before me and, despite my weak muscles, I sit up, gently grabbing the base of His cock and wrap my tongue around Him. The taste is... strange. But so fucking good. It lights me up inside and I eagerly get to work, cleaning Him with my wide, rough tongue. Kneeling before Him.

There's a knock at the door and I twist, hiding behind Him.

He opens it and I don't recognize the guy standing there so I press back into His legs while holding Him tight.

"Hey, John," He says.

"Holy shit," John whistles. "Is that him?"

"Yeah man," He nods. My nipples brushes His leg and I move, rubbing against Him.

"Take your turn while I get hard again," He says.

Wait. What?

I whimper, looking up at Master. He kneels beside me, stroking my long hair and scratching my ears.

"Two more are coming," He says. "You'll fuck all of them. That's what you are now, bitch. Do you understand?"

No, I don't.

"Yes," I hear myself say. Worse, I mean it. Oh shit, I mean it.

And. And I want it.

John is unzipping himself and I try to look away from his cock but I can't. I can't. I crawl to him and he laughs as he pulls at his dick.

"Please," I tell him, reaching for him.

I can smell another man coming and I want to be scared but all I can feel is the heat pulsing in my body and I know I'll beg them for it, too.

I can't fucking wait.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

A Welcome Guest
Two women explore an old attic and accidentally unleash a hungry demon

A super duper duper short little thing about a woman turning into a succubus and... modifying her friend in return. I'm posting three really short stories today, all around gender fluidity.
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at:
The ancient attic smelled of dust, mold, books and rat shit. Cindy waved her arms around to clear old spider webs as Jessica followed behind her.

"This is the dumbest thing ever," Jessica whined.

"Think of the adventure!" Cindy said in return. "Plus, what else can we do out here? At least until my grandmother gets back."

"I don't care about exploring," Jessica answered. "I care about stepping on a rusty nail or being killed by a spider demon."

"Well, I'm not going to try this spell downstairs," Cindy told her. "They'll smell the sulfur and candles."

"And the demon, right?" Jessica said. "Can't have the demon rummaging in the cupboards."

"Come on, don't make fun," Cindy told her.

"You don't even have everything that stupid book says to get," Jessica teased.

"No, but does it matter?" Cindy said as she cleared a spot on the floor. She set two vials down and then opened them, shaking them at the floor while plugging her nose. Once finished, she lit two old birthday candles. "I'm bored, you're bored and we have some of it. You always said you wanted to get into 'witchy shit' so here you go. Pardon my language."

"Okay, yes," Jessica conceded. "But actual stuff. Like creepy black stores with creepy old women. Not some jack-off selling books online."

"Sit," Cindy told her. "I'm going to start."

"Fine," Jessica sighed.

Cindy kneeled with the book in her lap. Her blonde hair hung down to her neck in two short pigtails. She was slim and short and the highest compliment she'd ever heard was a boy two years younger calling her 'mousy'.

Jessica rolled her eyes as she sat cross-legged in a slump. She watched as Cindy began to recite words from the book she held. The other girl stumbled over the words but seemed to grow more confident as she went.

With the final word spoken, the candles blew out in a puff of black smoke.

"Whoa," Jessica said, sitting up straight. "Hey, that was actually pretty badass. How'd you do that?"

Cindy hadn't moved. The book fell from her grip and Jessica frowned. She leaned forward and touched her friend.

"Cindy?" Jessica said. "You're kind of frea-"

Cindy's hand whistled through the air as she backhanded Jessica. The other girl fell over in a dazed slump.

"Wha- Jessica?!" Cindy said, blinking her eyes.

Blackness filled the girl's blue eyes, billowing and flowing like ink injected into water.

Take her, a voice commanded.

"What's that?" Cindy said loudly, looking around. "Who's there?"

Take. Her. the voice said more loudly.

"I don't know what-"

An image flashed in her mind.

"No," Cindy said, holding her arm against her chest. She blinked rapidly over pure black eyes. "No, I won't do that."

So sweet and soft and young, the voice told her.

"Jessica!" Cindy said, kneeling by her friend. She shook the other girl's shoulder. "Jessica, wake up!"

"Whaa-" Jessica said, her eyes opening briefly before closing again.

Cindy licked her lips. Her tongue flicked out and the tip split. She stared at her friend and bit her lip in worry and frustration. Again her tongue flicked out, the tip rocking up and down as it lengthened further.

"Jessica, please, there's something here," she told her, shaking the other girl harder.

Cindy's eyes fixated on the girl's shirt as her breasts shook. She licked her lips as she stared at the gap between the buttons of her shirt. At the bra and the soft skin beneath. At the delicious curve of her breasts that showed. The girl developed younger than the rest and continued to grow well past high school.

"Jessica," Cindy said quietly. She reached a hand out to her shoulder but hesitated as her heart began to race. Her tongue flicked out slowly and she bent close to taste the air.

There was a sweet smell the began to fill the air. Centered on Jessica. Cindy breathed deeply and it entered her, flowing down her throat and into her stomach. And further between her thighs.

With a groan, Cindy's outstretched hand reached for Jessica's breast. She squeezed it as her cheeks burned. Her clear nails grew dark to match her eyes before pinching at the middle and sliding forward to sink into Jessica's shirt and the skin beneath.

"Cindy," Jessica said weakly.

"Sorry!" Cindy said, pulling her hand back. Her claws tore at Jessica's shirt and bra. An unnatural strength flowed through the blonde-haired girl as she accidentally ripped the other girl's shirt in half.

Jessica shrieked and sat up, covering her chest.

But, Cindy saw. Her tongue flicked out as the heat in her loins spread. She felt hungry. So very hungry. The girl went to her hands and knees. She worked her shoulders as two daggers of pain pierced her back. Still, she saw the other girl's large breasts through her fingers and arms.

And she was so hungry.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Jessica yelled.

Cindy crawled to her with a smile. Her canines lengthened, pushing at her soft lips. The teeth surrounding them flowed down into smaller jagged points.

What was that smell? The girl wondered. She ached for it. A void had opened within her and she felt she could never be filled.

"What are you doing? What's wrong with your- oh god!" Jessica shouted, pushing herself back.

Two thumb-thick, hardened black claws pierced the back of Cindy's shirt. The fabric bulged around them as it pulled tight against her body. She could feel bones and flesh moving in her back as the claws emerged from her body, pushing until the straining shirt could no long contain them.

Cindy hooked her nails into her shirt and pulled to expose her growing wings.

"I think- I think I'm going to be sick," Jessica said.

Cindy lunged, reaching her clawed hand out to grab the girl's throat.

"Why do you smell like that?" Cindy asked, her tongue flicking out against Jessica's soft cheek. She grabbed the other girl's arm and pulled, easily pushing Jessica's arm out of the way despite their size difference.

"Stop, please!" Jessica begged.

Cindy bent down and her tongue wrapped around the other girl's nipple.

A tiny flow of energy passed between them. Cindy relished it as it swirled into the pit deep within her body. She moved forward, grabbing both of Jessica's arms as she forced her down.

Jessica opened her mouth to scream but Cindy kissed her, shoving her fanged mouth against the other girl's soft lips. She wrapped her long, thin tongue against Jessica's tongue and kissed her deeply as a trickly of energy passed between them.

Rather than feel replenished, she felt anger and her small wings flapped wetly above her. It wasn't enough. It wasn't even a fraction of what she needed.

Blood coursed down her forehead as the sharp tips of her horns pierced her brow. She reared back with a hiss, her hand closed over Jessica's throat.

Like this, the voice told her.

Cindy's onyx eyes flashed as she saw what the voice told her to do. She felt a moment of uncertainty but the void pulsed within and she cried out, her wings spreading above her to darken the old, faded lights inside the attic.

With a learned, whispered word, Cindy pressed Jessica's wrist to the ground and they stayed when she removed her hand.

"Please, Cindy, Cindy, whatever you're doing, please, stop," Jessica begged.

Ignoring her friend, Cindy clawed at the other girl's pants, tearing and slashing until they were ribbons on her body. Her own small, meager breasts shook under the exertion and she felt weak but she persevered until she yanked the remains of the pants away. A dark part of her was unsurprised that her whore of a friend wasn't wearing panties.

Yes, the voice told her. Yes, you see now. She's just a slut. Passed around for pleasure from man to man.

"Yes, I do see it," Cindy said nodding. Her horns continued to grow until they curved at the tips. She'd always known it. Always known her prettier friend had been the attractive one. That she'd slept with every boy she could. With every boy that had looked in her direction.

Yes, the voice laughed and, for moment, a fading part of her morality screamed that it was lying to her.

Another image flashed in her mind.

Carefully, the voice said. So weak. Not much power from what we tasted.

She wove the spell as the voice whispered.

Jessica gasped and bucked as her clit expanded. It left the small hood and began to lengthen. Veins appeared on the smooth texture as it bobbed with each beat of Jessica's heart.

"What is that?!" Jessica shrieked. "Holy shit, what is that?! I can feel it! Jesus Christ, Cindy, please! Please, what is that?!"

At three inches in length, the skin pulled away from the tip of Jessica's growing clit to leave a smooth head behind - the head of her new cock. Cindy licked her lips as the void and her arousal sang in tandem. At five inches, it stopped and Cindy whined in frustration.

No power left, the voice whispered quietly, as if from a great distance. Quickly, quickly.

"Oh god, Cindy, is that- is that a- I can feel it!" Jessica moaned as her cock throbbed over her swollen wet pussy lips.

Cindy stripped quickly and then positioned herself over her friend.

"No, please, no no nooooOHHH god!" Jessica screamed.

Cindy plunged herself down over her friends cock and her wings flapped eagerly behind her. Blood seeped from her virgin pussy as a sharp pain filled her. She leaned forward, caressing her friend's face with her tongue as she worked her hips up and down.

Energy began to flow and she shrieked, grabbing her friend's breasts as her wings beat the air.

"No," Jessica said quietly as her hardened cock plunged deep into her friend's pussy. She could feel herself being squeezed - could feel Cindy's pussy sliding against the skin of her cock. She hated it. Hated how it felt. Hated how much she loved it.

Slowly, the energy stopped and Cindy relaxed, rocking back and forth with small motions as she frowned at Jessica.

"Cindy," Jessica said quietly. "I-"

The other girl bucked and Cindy groaned at the odd sensation of cum filling her. She grabbed her breasts and pulled while squeezing them. Without a word, her small breasts began to swell, the skin sliding down her smooth chest until they pulled at her back.

Cindy stood and Jessica's still-hard cock flopped free. Cum dribbled off the tip and to the floor.

"Is she-" Cindy asked as she stared at her friend.

No. Weakened, the voice, stronger now, said. She'll recover and you can feast again.

Cindy turned around the room. Her toes swelled and lengthened as thick claws pushed her toenails aside.

"What is that smell?" Cindy asked as she stood facing West.

More food, the voice moaned.

Without looking back, Cindy strode to the window, it unlocked at her glance and she shoved it open.

"Cindy, wait," Jessica said weakly. "Please."

Cindy looked back as she crouched on the windowsill. Her heavy breasts pressed against her knees.

Jessica lay on the floor with her hand around her cock. She was stroking herself as she looked at her friend.

"I can't- can't stop," Jessica moaned. "Feels good. Feels too good. Why can't I stop? Make it- make it go away. Please."

"Stay here," Cindy said, her voice deep and sensual. "I'll be back to feed from you again. Wait for me."

"God!" Jessica said, stroking herself faster.

Cindy laughed and launched herself as her wings spread and caught the air. She flapped, raising into the sky as she oriented towards the neighbor's farm.

More food, the voice said happily and Cindy smiled in return.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

The Deep End
A young woman finds herself changing after ignoring her mother's warning.

I typically only post one story a month, but the four I'm posting now are very short little things (like last month) so I'm dropping them all at the same time. Enjoy!
"Come on, Lucy!" Shirley giggled as she splashed in the pool. "The water is amazing!"

Lucy sat on a plastic reclining chair at the edge of the pool. She watched her friends swimming and laughing and desperately wanted to join them but her mother's words echoed through her mind.

Lucy, listen, if there is one thing you do for me, ONE thing, stay away from water. Never swim in water. Please. That's all I ask.

For years, growing up, her mother would hammer that thought into her head. Years. Each time she wore a haunted look on her face that made Lucy want to cry and hug her.

"I can't," Lucy told her. "You know I don't like water."

"Just this once," Shirley urged. "Really, it's amazing. It's heated and they use natural cleaning so there's no bleach and it's just- come on!"

Lucy hugged herself and silently cursed her mother. Her mother who had left her suddenly, five years ago. Without a word. One day, they had been together as usual and the next, nobody could find her.

She still carried that anger with her. Abandoned without a word.

"Yeah, Luce!" Donovan yelled as he dunked his friend. "You're already dressed for it!"

Lucky toyed with the edge of her one piece bathing suit. It was gray and as dull as she felt for not joining her friends. She sighed, laying her head back on the warm plastic.

"Lucy, you're missing out!" Janine yelled.

Without a word, Lucy stood. Her jaw flared as she walked around the pool.

"Yes!" Shirley yelled. "Come on, Lucy! You can do it!"

The sharp concrete scraped Lucy's feet as she walked the perimeter of the pool. She kept her eyes focused on the diving board at the head of the pool and her friends cheered for her as she took the first step. And then the second.

Damn you, mom, Lucy repeated with each step up the tall ladder. Damn you.

Only when she stood on the diving board did she suddenly doubt herself. The wind was cold in the warm air as it whipped around her, carrying the encouragement of her friends.

She forced herself forward. One step. Another. And another until her toes curled over the edge of the board.

If there's one thing you do for me.

Lucy jumped, bending forward with her arms out as she'd seen her friends do. The water rushed up to her.

And then embraced her. She opened her eyes after she hit the water and was amazed at how clear it was.

A second, transparent set of eyelids covered her eyes. She could see her friends in the water and the bottom of the deep-end of the pool below her. Lucy kicked, suddenly needing to touch the bottom.

Skin grew up between her toes and they cracked as her foot widened. The young girl glided forward in a sudden burst of speed as her lungs began to burn.

Her ears smoothed out and began to shrink, sliding through her billowing black hair as they pulled into her skull. The pressure of the water dug its fingers into her but she swam, rowing her arms as she kicked.

The webbing between her fingers pulled up, connecting her fingers at the second joint. And then the first. Her lungs cried out for air but she pushed further.

Almost there, she told herself. I- I can make it.

Her fingernail grew out into a clear, curved claw to touch the bottom of the 20 feet deep pool.

The girl twisted her legs, turning her face up to see her panicked friends trying to swim to her. She felt like she would explode. Her chest ached and her ears began to ring.

Thin lines appeared along the skin of her unmarked neck. They traced around from the front of her throat to the side of her neck.

And then the lines opened, fluttering to show pink flesh beneath.

And she breathed.

Her gills opened and closed as her friends were forced to turn back from swimming too deep. She could hear their screams as they assumed the worst.

Lucy opened her mouth to expose rows of sharp teeth. She would have to show them not to worry. Her powerful strokes brought her to Shirley in seconds and the girl reached out to hug Lucy.

Lucy's sharp teeth bit into her friend's thigh and the other girl screamed, reaching down to press her hand against the bleeding wound.

Kicking away, Lucy made her way to Donovan, feeling herself warm at the thought of him. She opened her jaw wide as she closed on him.

Behind her, the skin between Shirley's fingers slowly slid upwards.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Tainted Love
A magical girl confronts her enemy... only to find herself being corrupted and enjoying the changes

I typically only post one story a month, but the four I'm posting now are very short little things (like last month) so I'm dropping them all at the same time. Enjoy!
He eyed her as she approached, walking with the cocksure confidence of someone who knows they're right. That they're always right. That they always win.

As she came, he looked down to the wand she held to her side.

She was a slim girl in a wide, pleated skirt, white button-down shirt, white stockings and a brown silk bow tying back her black hair. Her shirt was loose enough to hide her breasts but he imagined she wasn't particularly well developed.


At least not in this form.

The woman kneeling beside him whimpered through her gag and he reached out to strike her, making her fall to her side. The approaching girl's face hardened in anger.

It wouldn't be long now.

"Why do you do this?" she asked, stopping roughly ten feet away from him. "You know how this ends. Every time."

He nodded, pressing his fingers against his bruised ribs. She held back on him, he knew she did. But, even holding back, it was painful. The energy blast from her wand could be quite painful.

The girl shook her head and tapped her wand against her thigh. The tip of the wand held a golden star shape with a red jewel in the center. He knew it would. He'd seen it plenty of times.

"Will you just let her go?" she asked hopefully.

"No," he told her. He kicked the prone woman for extra measure and she curled up tighter next to him.

They stood in the middle of an abandoned farm. A seemingly unending fence ran next to the girl, many of its posts broken and the board in disarray.

"Fine," she said, pressing her lips together as she raised her wand.

The girl closed her eyes and twirled, holding the wand high over her head. It pulsed with light and energy and the man touched his ribs again as he watched it.

"By the magical love of- ARGH!"

Light flared from the center of the gem.

Black light.

It wavered in the air, as if alive. Black tentacles of light reaching down to surround her with its energy.

It'd taken years but he'd finally found her friend's weakness. The cracking point. It had allowed him to get close to her. To have her friend paint over the red jewel with a very, very special paint.

"What- what did-" the girl cried out, falling to her hands and knees. The wand fell beside her but the tentacles continued to writhe. He watched with interest and satisfaction as they started to absorb into her body, sinking into her flesh until she collapsed to her stomach and the light vanished.

He waited, kicking the woman next to him out of boredom.

"I don't know what you think you did," the girl said, pushing herself up to her hands and knees again. "But, I-"

She grunted, digging her fingers into the soft dirt beneath her.

"No," she whispered, as if answering someone. "No."

The girl shook her head and then lowered it with a growl.

"No!" she yelled, slamming her hands to the ground.

The sleeves of her shirt ripped to show exposed skin. She leaned back on her knees, her fingers against her temples as she groaned. Hard lines of muscle showed through the tears. As she bent her arms, the sleeves bulged over her biceps.

"What did you do?!" the girl groaned. She looked at him with pain and panic in her eyes but he shrugged rather than answer. Her voice was deeper now but her movement drew his attention downward.

Her shirt pulled free of her skirt to expose a flat stomach. She reached her hands down, trying to pull the edge of her shirt back to her skirt but it tore instead to reveal her small bra.

"Stop!" she cried out, trying to pull the shirt closed. "Don't loooOOH! Fuck!"

Her slim stomach hardened as lines appeared at her waist. The skin stretched as she began to grow before his eyes.

The white stocks moved against her calves when they swelled.

With a scream, she tore at her skirt, exposing her smooth, bare pussy and slim thighs. Her waist expanded to adapt to her muscular stomach and widening frame.

The man felt himself grow hard as he watched her spread thighs. Liquid dripped from her engorged pussy lips and the girl's moan was deep and unearthly.

"Don't look," the girl begged as she unwillingly spread her legs. He watched the smooth skin of her thighs pull tight against the muscle beneath. They began to bulge and she gripped them, pushing and squeezing and massaging the trembling muscles as if she could make them go away.

She had to be over 6' tall now and she was beginning to grow in earnest now that the initial changes had taken root. He looked up just in time to see her bra break. Her hand reached up from her thigh, as if to cover herself but, instead, she squeezed her own breast, her fingers widening as she pinched her nipple.

It was almost impossible to miss but her skin took on a pink tinge.

The girl's hand snapped and cracked as the bones within pulled apart. Her hands widened as her fingers lengthened. The soft skin of her breasts pressed out between the gaps in her fingers. She groaned, licking her lips with a tongue that now reached her chin.

"Fuck!" the girl said again. The pink coloring covering her body darkened to red as she stumbled up to both feet.

Her stocking tore as her leg muscles worked but he found his attention drawn now to her swelling breasts. They were comically small on her broad chest but they grew larger as she walked over to the nearby fence.

With a single motion, the girl ripped a fence post free from the ground. She sat, uncaring of who watched while gripping the large post with her huge hands. Bending her knees, she spread her legs and pressed the tip of the post against her sopping wet pussy.

"Fuuuuck, yessss," the girl groaned as she pushed. Her pink lips expanded over the rounded tip of the post.

The man grabbed his cock through his pants and smiled. He unzipped himself as the girl slowly shoved the post into her hungry, eager pussy. Her head was back in ecstasy but, as she brought it back down to stare at him, he realized her eyes were completely black. The contrast between her scarlet skin was astonishing.

"Like that?" she asked, pumping the post into her pussy. Her voice was incredibly deep and slow. "You like? Fuck you next. Your little cock. Fuck your little cock. Good."

The man grinned and nodded as he stripped. The girl groaned, closing her eyes as her nails grew into dark claws that cut into the wooden post. Her gigantic breasts quaked as she slammed the post deep inside her pussy.

He ignored her as he walked over to the forgotten wand. As carefully as possible, he picked it up and walked back to the prone woman. She kicked and yelled but the knots tying her together were very tight.

Kneeling, he touched the wand to the girl's forehead. She pleaded with him silently but he held it against her.

He watched as her eyes turned black and her muscles strained against the ropes.

When he pulled the gag away from her mouth, her new, long tongue flickered out toward his cock.

"Need it," she panted as she began to grow. The ropes holding her legs snapped. "Fuck me. Fuck my mouth! Defile me! Fucking take me!"

As he allowed her to suck his cock, he grinned, holding her hair and imagining all the havoc he would cause with the both of them.

And the wand. So many more converts just waiting for him.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Study Partner
A bimbofication curse spreads throughout a college library, sparing none, including the male students...

I typically only post one story a month, but the four I'm posting now are very short little things (like last month) so I'm dropping them all at the same time. Enjoy!
Students crowded the library. Every table was filled and several students lined the floors as they studied for finals.

Julie sat at a table with a mix of other students. Her chem book lay open in front of her with a notebook to her left, full of class notes, and a blank book full of hexagonal graph paper to her right.

Random sounds filled the huge area - groans and whispers and pages flipping and highlighters squeaking as everyone crammed.

She massaged her temples as she scanned her book, comparing it with her notes and slowly condensing the scattered, erratic diagrams and quotes into something more usable on the graph paper.

As she studied, her phone buzzed. She woke it briefly and then sighed at the text from her ex-boyfriend, begging for her to talk to him. They'd broken up a week before and it wasn't an easy break-up. Words were exchanged. In the heat of the moment, they'd both said things they shouldn't have said. Personal, painful things that had been festering at the back of her mind for a while.

He'd retorted, attacking her for her boyish body and uncaring attitude but it'd been weak and she'd laughed him off. Honestly, sex wasn't even near a priority for her and never had been and if he was so weak that he couldn't go weeks without seeing her until she was-

The phone buzzed again and she unlocked it angrily in order to shut it down. She opened the new text from her ex in order to tell him off but her eyes locked on a strange image that refused to stop moving in front of her.

Julie's eyes widened slowly as her mouth drooped open. Sounds faded away as she stared at the undulating image until she blinked.

Her phone was powered off and a small stream of acrid smoke rose from the back of it.

"Stupid thing," she whispered, staring back at her book.

The young girl shifted in her seat. Her tailbone ached as her slim, nearly flat ass did little to pad her on the chair.

She dug at her jeans, pressing a finger between the suddenly tight band as it begun to dig into her waist. Skin overflowed the waistband and the seat of her pants slowly began to fill out.

With a loud sigh, she returned her attention back to her book. Her fingers drummed her graph paper.



Fingers falling in a cascading pattern, one-two-three-four again and again.

Her trimmed nails began to lengthen and tick-tack-tick against the paper. She shook her head and re-read the sentence she just read while toying with her pixie cut with her free hand. The tips of her short, brown hair grew light, fading to blonde as her hair began to grow out.

Julie giggled as the hair tickled her ears.

Tick-tack-tick her fingernails sounded. She shifted again in her seat as her ass continued to swell, pushing her pants down to expose her butt crack.

Sighing again, Julie rolled her eyes at the book and looked up.

He's cute, she realized, staring at the boy across from her. She leaned back in her chair in a futile effort to show off her slim breasts while tapping at her thin lips.

As if in response to her stimulation, her lips bulged, pushing out while growing thick. She rubbed her fingers along them.

For a brief moment, she imagined the touch of her finger was the brush of the boy's cock on her lips and she shuddered, twisting her thighs together.

She felt wetness against her legs and her eyes widened.

"What?" she gasped, looking down.

Her jeans strained as her thighs began to fill out, stretching her pants. As she watched her shirt pushed away from her body. Pain followed as her bra dug harshly into her skin and breasts.

In a sudden panic, she stood, pushing away from the table. Her ass jiggled as she ran towards the long rows of books, passing students that barely looked up in curiosity.

She passed them and then slowed as she began to wonder what the rush was. She thought back, determined to-

Oh, cock, she remembered, smiling. Of course. I was thinking about cock!

Julie giggled, looking around. She walked through the rows of books towards the back of the library until she found a tall young man reaching high on the shelf. He had short, straight black hair and glasses but, more importantly, he was alone and nobody was nearby.

She walked over to him, stepping one foot in front of the other until she stood by his side. When her bra continued to pull tight, she reached up and pulled it down, freeing her growing tits. Her shirt strained against her, clearly showing the curve of her breasts as well as her areola and hardened nipples.

Briefly, she wondered how she would approach him. How she would seduce him. She stalked slowly to him, trying to come up with a sexy idea to win him-

"Wanna fuck?" Julie giggled again, reaching over and grabbing his cock through his pants.

The young man yelled out and she took the chance to kiss him deeply, her thick, pouting lips covering him as her hand worked his cock. She moaned as his tongue met her and they broke away, breathless.

"What are youuuooohhh god!" the man cried out as she knelt before him, pulling his zipper down. His hands reached for her thick, luscious blonde hair as she wrapped her cock-sucking lips around his dick.

The only thought ringing through her head as she began to bob on the random boy's cock was wondering why she tried to find a place hidden away from view. There were so many hot boys and girls and she wanted them all.

The sloppy, wet sucking noises filled her head as she deep-throated the boy in front of her. She wished someone was behind her, fucking her pussy. And another taking her ass. Her virgin ass that had never felt the brush of a finger or cock. Now she couldn't not think about having a dick in her ass and she moaned at the thought of it.

"I'm still a-!" the boy said with a hiss as his fingers tightened in her hair. He came quickly and she groaned, feeling her pussy soak her too-tight jeans. She reached down to unzip herself as she milked the boy for every drop of his cum.

Standing, she kissed him and strode away while lifting her shirt off, struggling to get it over her massive tits.

The boy stared after her, touching his lips where she kissed him. They began to swell at his touch and he shook his head in disbelief.

"Wow," the boy giggled. He wiped at his mouth and looked down to find a spot of his cum on the back of his hand.

Without a thought, he licked at the cum and felt himself grow warm. He grabbed at his shrinking cock and swelling chest while giggling again.

"Quiet! Jesus!" came a harsh whisper two rows over. "Fucking Christ. Get a fucking room."

Oh, the boy thought as he tweaked his fat, erect nipple. He sounds hot.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Night Moves
A female weredog is unable to resist her heat and changes in front of her boyfriend for the first time

I typically only post one story a month, but the four I'm posting now are very short little things (like last month) so I'm dropping them all at the same time. Enjoy!
Blackout curtains kept the room in utter darkness while dampening the sound of passing cars splashing through the rain.

Gina found herself suddenly awake. She lay for a moment, staring at the ceiling before closing her eyes and nuzzling back into her pillow.

The slow, even breaths of her boyfriend next to her helped to relax her as she tried to let herself settle back into sleep.

With a huff, she turned from her back to her side, facing her boyfriend. She watched him, her light-adjusted eyes tracing from cheeks and up to his ears. Reaching out, she touched him briefly, just wanting to be next to him. Just wanting to touch him.

He smelled good.

The urge to press herself into him filled her but she resisted it, knowing how light of a sleeper he could be. She whined as she denied herself the pleasure of being next to her mate and feeling his touch but her hip wagged briefly just at the idea of being next to him.

"Oh," she whispered, her eyes flying open as she realized what was happening. "Oh no. No, no, no."

It's not the time for it, she told herself, starting to sit up but then freezing with a whimper as she stared at her ma- at her boyfriend. No, there's always a warning ahead of time. I always know when it's going to happen!

She groaned, rolling her shoulders as the first few strands of her fur dragged against her pajamas. She grinded her teeth together as she felt the hairs growing.

Why is it always the shoulder blades first? she asked herself, pressing her face into her pillow as she felt the pleasurable torture of her fur beginning to grow.

I have to go, she told herself. I can write him a note or text him or I could- I could- I-

Her mind began to grow fuzzy. She bit at her pillow, sinking her teeth into the memory foam padding as a sharp spike of need pierced her core.

"Oh god," she whispered, shivering as she licked her pillow where she bit it. She couldn't stop herself from doing it and her tongue lengthened with each stroke until the tip widened and her drool dripped from her mouth.

Gina whimpered again as she pulled herself into a fetal position with her fists against her stomach. She felt her nails dig into her sides as static roared in her ears.

She'd never gone into heat with anyone else around. Ever. She'd always locked herself in her room until it passed.

The smell of her arousal hit her suddenly sensitive nose before she felt it soak through her panties and pajamas. Muscles relaxed deep within her body and blood rushed between her thighs. She clawed at her bed and her nails dug into the sheet as they folded and curled away from her fingers.

On her side, with her legs pressed together, she could feel the labia change. They bulged, pressing against her soft thighs as the blood-filled lips hardened and began to protrude away from her body.

Gina bit her pillow again, shaking it gently between her teeth as her lips pressed together to form her new, dog-like, soaking, hungry, needy, aching pussy. She groaned into the pillow as fur emerged from her thighs, the hairs scratching against her sex and driving her wild.

She pushed herself up gently, her ears twitching to listen for her boyfriend's breathing. Now that she was changing, she cursed her need to sleep against the wall - making her escape more difficult. She turned to her hands and knees in order to-

Her sudden sneeze startled her and she growled quietly to show four cute little fangs. Pain flared in her nose and she could hear the small 'cricks' of her jaw beginning to change.

Sweat dripped from her brow as her nipples brushed her pajama top. She pressed herself back, shoving her pussy against the heel of her foot. It was getting harder to concentrate. Harder to-

Her boyfriend lay on his back with the blanket half-covering his waist. Gina licked her lips and her lengthening ears flicked back as she carefully reached out her clawed hands. Black fur lined the dark skin of her arm as she carefully grabbed his pajamas and pulled them down.

"I shouldn't," she whispered to herself as she rocked back against her heel.

She leaned forward, running her wide tongue over his small, limp cock.

"Wha-" her boyfriend said sleepily. "Babe?"

Gina moved away as he reached for her, instead grabbing the base of his growing cock while her tongue curved to wrap around his expanding girth.

"Shit, babe," her boyfriend groaned. "That feels amazing."

Her jaw clicked as she kissed the head of his cock. She pressed her lips together and then carefully licked the pre-cum dotting the tip.

The dull, throbbing pain in her nose barely distracted her as her heat-fueled lust drove her forward. She pulled his cock straight and pushed her face down, pausing half-way to relax her throat and then pushing further. She almost bottomed out and whined when she couldn't.

Slowly, her jaw began to slide down her boyfriend's cock. The subdermal screech of her lengthening bones filled her ears. The bottom of her nose pulled forward as her muzzle began to grow. It was impossible to ignore the pain so she held herself steady with her eyes closed until the pain passed.

"Jesus, that's cold!" her boyfriend said, his hips jumping slightly as her nose pressed against his skin.

Pure black coloring pebbled the edge of her extended nose. It spread in starts and jumps, converting the natural caramel coloring as it expanded.

Gina huffed, pleased that she could take all of him. She pulled back and then worked her head in small circles as she began to bob up and down, faster and faster.

"Teeth, babe, teeth!" her boyfriend said loudly.

With a whine, Gina opened her jaw, wrapping her tongue around him to soothe his pain. Coal-black hairs emerged from her cheeks.

As much as she wanted to pleasure her master, her own needs screamed through her body. She pulled off of him and the stub of her tail wagged as she crawled on her knees, lowering her body to rub her pussy against his hard, hot cock.

The girl wasted no time in raising her hips and grabbing him beneath her to position him against her pussy. It was the first time she'd been fucked when she'd changed and she knew she'd wanted nothing more in life.

Her boyfriend's hands massaged her breasts and she moaned as his fingers dug into the dense fur beginning to cover her body.

"Is that- what is-" her boyfriend said. He pulled away just before she could push herself down onto his cock. "Babe, what the fuck?!"

The bedside lamp clicked on and Gina hid her eyes away. She whimpered, rolling into the side of the bed and curling into a ball.

"Sorry," she squeaked, trembling at the mistake she'd made. He was mad. She was sure he was mad. She'd done something wrong. She was bad. How could she be so bad?

"What is- how- what-" he stuttered, staring at her body. Patches of black fur covered her body and her short tail was curled down between her legs. She hid her face away from him.

"Is that you?" he asked, touching her shoulder.

"Yes," she squeaked again. "Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"What- have you-" he paused, took a deep breath and tried again. "What happened?"

"Changed," she said, trying to borrow deeper into the corner and away from him. "Bad. I'm bad. Sorry."

"You're not bad," he told her. "Why are you talking like that?"

"Sorry," she whimpered before whining. Her body trembled and her teeth tore at her pillow. "Hot. So hot."

"Babe, you're- I can see fur growing on you," he told her.

"Dog," she told him, peeking at him from the corner of her eyes. "Your girl. I'm your girl. Your bad girl. Sorry."

"How did you get like this? I have so many questions."

"Can't remember," she told him, shaking her head to chase away the burning fuzz that filled her. "So hot, Tony. Hot."

"What do you mean, hot?" he asked.

She turned to her back and her tail pulled away to show her swollen pussy. She touched it carefully, squirming as her fingers dipped between the tight lips. As quickly as she could, she licked her fingers and her tail curled back.

"Holy shit," Tony said quietly.

"Please?" Gina asked.

"I don't- I don't know if I can," Tony said. "This is- this is too much."

Gina whined and her ears lay flat as she shook in bed.

"Bad," she said quietly.

"Will you, uhh, change back?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. "Morning."

"Okay," he told her. He reached an arm out to touch her shoulder but couldn't help stroking her fur. She pushed back against him with a sigh. "I could- maybe we could cuddle? And then talk in the morning? I think I'm okay with that."

"Yes!" she said happily as her tail thumped the bed. "Yes! Cuddles, yes!"

Tony reached over to turn off the lamp before laying against his girlfriend. She pushed herself hard against him and sighed as he reached over to hold her breast, as he always did when they cuddled stomach-to-back.

"You're so soft," he told her. His hand rubbed her fur as his fingers brushed her nipples.

"Yes," Gina sighed, pushing even harder.

She could feel his cock. Could feel how hard he still was. She couldn't help herself as she lifted her tail and rubbed her furred ass back against him. By reflex, he pushed against her and the head of his cock slid against her pussy.

"Hey, don't," Tony told her quietly.

Gina whimpered and held still but soon couldn't help herself from rocking back again. She reached down, gently touching the head of his dick to push it against her pussy lips.

"Gina, I said no," he said. "We'll have to stop cu- ohhh."

She pushed and the head of his cock slipped inside of her as her tail slammed against the bed.

"Oh shit," he whispered. "You're- you're incredibly tight. I mean, you're not not tight when you're- when you- when you're human but, shit. Holy shit."

She moaned as she pushed back and he filled her. Reaching behind herself, she held his back and rolled until she was on her belly.

"Mount me," she told him. "Mount me."

"I- shit," he said in defeat, unable to stop himself from thrusting into her.

As he leaned back, she grabbed him, pulling him down so his chest was against her back.

"Stay," she begged him. "Stay."

Bones crunched within her pussy as it began to raise, switching to a more advantageous position for a bitch in heat. She raised her hips and dug her feet into the bed as needles dug into her toes and the soles of her feet. The immense pleasure of finally being fucked while changed allowed her to ignore the pain from her changing feet.

Tony went to his hands and feet above her. He pulled out and she whimpered, sure he was going to pull completely free until she pushed into her gently again.

"Is that okay?" he asked, his breath tickling her long ears. They flicked in response.

"More," she urged him.

"This is so w- uhh, different," he told her. "I must be out of my mind. But, damn. Damn."

She gripped the entire length of him, squeezing him almost painfully as she filled her. He pulled back and her lips bulged around him. As he pushed him, his bare skin slammed against her fur and she barked, reaching back for his neck to hold him in place.

Tony rocked his hips as he fucked her. The new position of her pussy as well as being mounted like a bitch drove her crazy.

"Yes, yes, yes," she whined, licking his cheek and nose and face when he got close enough.

She could feel herself getting close. Could feel her orgasm looming as her forming teats brushed the blanket and began to push her over the edge.

When she came, she screamed, her ears flat and her head back. The sound trembled and warbled into a full howl as her tail wrapped around her boyfriend's waist. She clenched tight against him and he swelled deep within, filling her aching womb with his cum.

"I can't move," he groaned as her pussy coiled around his cock. It pulsed within her as he emptied herself.

"Down," she gasped. "Lie down. On me."

He collapsed on top of her.

"Still," she told him as she panted. "Still hot. Still hot, Tony."

"Jesus Christ," he groaned. "Give me a bit. Just a bit."

"Please," she whined, pushing her ass against him.

"It takes a- oh," he said in surprise as he felt himself start to grow hard again. "Well. Fuck me. Look at that."


They sat quietly over coffee, Gina rolling her cup between her hands while staring at the table. Her cheeks fairly glowed.

"Do you remember it?" he asked.

"S-some," she said shyly. "Just flashes of things. Mostly how it is. Umm, how good it was."

"Yeah," Tony said.

"I'm so sorry," she blurted out, looking up. "Normally there's signs way ahead of time but there wasn't this time and I was going to leave before it got too far and-"

"Babe, babe," Tony told her, raising his hands. "Hey, calm down, it's fine. It's, uhh, more than fine. I don't know if you remember but I came three times last night. Three times. You wanted more but, still. That's a record."

"But I'm not even human!" she whined, covering her mouth at the dog-like sound. "Not anymore."

"Wait, shit," he said. "Is it like a disease? Like an STD?"

"I don't- I don't think so," she told him.

"Oh thank god," he said. "Because, babe, I'm fine. This is fine, trust me. We'll work through this. I still love you."

Rather than answer, Gina got up and went to him. They hugged as tears rolled down Gina's face.


The small, private bathroom was empty as Tony stood before the toilet.

He sighed and woke his phone.

With a touch of a button, he pulled up his photo gallery and picked an image.

In the dark photo, Gina was on her hands and knees with her legs spread and her bushy tail arching over her back. Tony's hand held her left ass cheek, spreading it open to show her strange pussy.

He'd held his phone back and to his right to get a picture of his cock inside of her.

His dick was incredibly hard in his hands as he stared at her in the picture. The memory clung to him as he stroked himself and flicked through the pictures he'd taken.

Just before he finished, he got a text from Gina: First signs, it will happen soon, I'm sorry.

He stopped himself from cumming and smiled, zipping himself up before answering: Don't be. I'll be right there. Wait for me. Be a good girl and wait for me. But send me a picture first.

He waited in the bathroom until his phone dinged again. Gina lay on her back, looking away from the camera. Her mouth was open and her tongue hung down below her chin.

A text followed the picture: It's embarrassing.

He started to answer but another text followed and he grinned widely as he read it.

But call me a good girl again. Please.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Primal Fantasies: Wolf
Trying a werewolf cock sleeve for fun begins to change a young man and the curse spreads in a strip club.
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at:
The faint sound of cardboard hitting concrete was easy to miss but Joseph bounced from his couch as soon as he heard it. The mailman never knocked or rang the bell, even when the package required a signature. So, he'd grown used to listening. He'd been refreshing the shipping notification every few minutes while idly playing a game on his phone but it slid between the cushions, forgotten as he raced to the door.

It was a simple box with no advertisements and a plain label that betrayed nothing of its contents. Longer than it was wide, there was only a single icon of an "X" over a knife, warning people not to cut into the box too deeply.

He grabbed it and stepped back into his apartment before locking his door. Once inside, he ran to the kitchen to dig through his 'miscellaneous' drawer until he found his box cutters. The edge of the box knife slid against the tape, parting it easily to show a bubble wrapped tube.

Joseph licked his lips and glanced at the door before undoing the tape and unwrapping the package. It was an embarrassment but the young, gentle geeky college student had fetishes he kept to himself.

It wasn't a tube but a sleeve. Well, a sheath - a wearable cock that slid over his own. It was red and long - longer than he was with a smooth bulge at the base and a curved, pointed tip. He grabbed it and brought it back to his couch before standing again to double check the blackout curtains in his living room.

It was called "The Alpha" and he'd found it from a small online store that only sold fantasy dildos and sheaths. He'd taken a chance with them as no review sites even mentioned the company and there were no customer reviews on the website itself. They promised to have been made in the USA - a small town in New England. Dunvich or something. He couldn't remember. All he'd known was that it was priced far less than their competitors and he could finally justify it on his meager income.

When he unzipped his pants to pull them down, his hardened cock flopped out to slap against the bottom of his stomach. He held the sheath in his right hand and his cock with his left, slowly stroking himself while staring at it. Until he'd had enough of just looking.

The young man spat in his hand to lube himself and then lay the bottom of the sheath against the head of his cock. He groaned as he pulled it down. It bulged around the bulbous, flared red head of his engorged cock, surrounding it before moving down over his shaft. He was surprised at how easily it slid down, tugging against his circumcised dick until the knot rested against his crotch.

He sighed, laying his head back while conjuring images of himself, prowling through the streets as a werewolf, hunting through the night. Following a woman from a distance as she drunkenly made her way home.

Joseph opened his eyes to look at the sheath as he stroked himself with it. His breathing quickened. He could see it before him, as if it were real. His own werewolf cock exposed as he closed in on the woman. Throwing her to the ground while tearing her clothes away. She would beg and scream as he impaled her with his monstrous dick.

His orgasm surprised him. His eyes bulged as he looked toward the box of tissues on the end table beside the couch but he angled his cock forward as cum flung onto the floor, spurting through the hole in the tip of the sheath.

"Dammit," he growled, flashing his teeth as the thick white ropes of his cum splattered against the hardwood floor.

With a sigh, he stood, pulling his cock free from the sheath and setting it carefully down on the end table, zipping himself up in the process. He grabbed a handful of tissues and knelt to clean up.

The man's nostrils flared at the scent covering the floor and his lips trembled while a low growl vibrated at the back of his throat.

Despite his usually long refractory period, his cock throbbed in his pants, hard and angry and ready for more. A strange energy filled him and his skin tingled, leaving him overly sensitive in his clothes. He held the dirty tissues and stood, grabbing at his cock with another growl as he walked to the trash.

He wanted more but masturbating felt dull and boring. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to feel his hands on flesh and hot breath in his ear. He'd been single for over a year and his sudden, powerful horniness was pounding through his body, driving out reason.

"Fuck it," he said, grabbing his keys and wallet from bowl by the door.

He pushed the door open and walked into the bright sun, breathing deeply of the stale air. His apartment was on the ground floor and his old, barely running car was parked mere steps away. He scented the air while pawing at his crotch but then made his way to the car. It was older than he was and he had to use his physical key to unlock it.

As he settled into the seat and turned the engine over, a loud two-tone emergency beep sounded from his phone through the apartment door he'd carelessly left open. The phone beeped again, muted by the surrounding cushions but he was already backing out of his parking spot.

Still, the very tips of his ears twitched as the phone beeped again.

A thin web of skin grew from the base of his cock as he drove. It spread slowly, pulling at his hard dick. He felt the soft tip move against his leg as the webbing spread, inching along his belly. Pre-cum leaked from the tip of his throbbing cock, smearing against his thigh until his dick lay centered mid-belly. The strange line of skin continued up his cock until it was two inches away from the head.

He yelled at another car as he passed it, grinding his aching teeth while speeding through the sparse mid-day traffic.

Excess flesh flowed from his crotch, spreading up and over his loose ball sack and dick. He scratched the itchy growth as it flowed up, further and further until it covered the fat head of his cock.

The thin webbing of skin holding his hairless sheath in place thickened as he snarled at another car, jerking the wheel to go around it.

Abandoned stripmalls, convenience stores with bars on the windows and vape stores passed on both sides as he entered the trashier part of his town. His ears swiveled as a woman screeched at a nearly naked man wobbling at the side of the road.

Joseph's canines lengthened in his mouth and his lips bulged around them. A lustful groan escaped his lips as he squeezed his sheath. Blood coursed through his body, leaving a pounding ache between his temples.

The head of his already-hard cock forced the tip of his sheath open as it emerged. His sheath bulged around his dick as it grew fat and even longer than before, the head brushing against faint brown hairs sprouting from beneath his belly button. The head slid further until it peeked from the band of his pants.

A single scraggly brown hair grew long and crooked from his sheath. His exposed cock began to darken from light pink to rose red as he pulled into the mostly empty parking lot of the town's only strip club.

Lost to the wolf growing inside of him, he left his car running and stepped out, sniffing the air deeply - smelling the subdued sex, perfume, alcohol and santizer that permeated the entire lot. His ears swiveled independently to catch the faint thumping of dancing music from within.

His cock bulged against his pants as he pushed the door open, blinking and growling at the sudden darkness. The music tore at his ears as a fast rap played. The bouncer nodded at him.

"Twenty bucks," the large, tattooed man said. "Cover and a free drink."

"Leeeet's give it up for Aleeeexuuuuh," the DJ crooned from within.

Joseph grabbed bills from his wallet and handed them over without looking.

He could smell women inside and drool filled his mouth.

"Aight, man, thanks, go ahead," the bouncer said happily, pocketing the extra money.

A few men sat in ancient, stained round tables before the single stage. A young Asian girl, wearing a stereotypical school girl's outfit and enormous plastic heels, was twisting and turning on stage next to a pole. Two more men sat at the chairs at the front of the stage.

Gold flecks appeared in Joseph's eyes as he scanned the men. Old. Fat. Not a threat. Instead he turned to the girl onstage and then found his way to a table in the back, away from those seated before him.

He smelled her before he saw her. Sweet. Young. Sweaty and stressed. Turning, he saw a short blonde woman in a skirt and white t-shirt. She had a single braid and glasses with hot pink lipstick.

"Heya," she said with a smile. "I'm Kelly. What can I get you to drink."

"Water," he rasped, leering at her skirt and slim breasts.

"You sure?" she asked. "You get a free drink."

"Just water," he told her, wondering how she would taste. Wondering what noise she would make when he fucked her.

Joseph shook his head as she walked away. It was unlike him. He felt aggressive and on-edge and a shrinking part of him knew it was wrong. His hands trembled in his lap and he clenched them, feeling the sharp prick of the tip of his claws as they began to cut through his fingernails.

He'd never been able to grow facial hair but, suddenly, brown hairs grew to dot his cheeks, chin and neck. He scratched at them with a quiet, happy growl, digging his claws into the hot flesh beneath.

"Hey hun," a soft voice said.

He snapped around, startled that she snuck up to him but she laughed and sat on his knee while draping an arm around his shoulder. She was a true redhead with her hair loose down to her shoulders. She crossed her long legs while casually resting against him. She wore white panties and matching bra and nothing else to hide her slim figure and bare belly.

He could smell her dry sex and his cock surged with need.

"Kinda dead," she told him. "I'm glad you showed up, honey. Are you here for anyone special?"

"No," he said, his voice a rough growl. Words fled from his aching head and he licked his lips. She smelled good. Faint vanilla. Soft in his arms. "First time."

"Well, you're in for a- hey, whoa!" she said, pushing at him as he nuzzled his face into her neck. "Slow down, cowboy. I'm Candy. What's your name?"

He growled and stared at her with golden eyes. It took him a minute to remember.

"Joseph," he said finally, staring after Kelly when she wordlessly set his water down at the table.

"Well, Joseph," she said quietly, brushing a hand down his chest. His scent rose to her lips and her pupils narrowed as she breathed deeply with a lazy smile. She inhaled again and shivered. "Do you want a dance?"

"Yes," he said, grabbing at her when she stood.

"Okay," she smiled, leaning in for a moment to smell him once more before moving away from his questing hands. Fur began to replace the random hairs lining his arms. "Keep your hands to your sides and let me do all the work."

He watched her turn and show her ass while gripping the arms of his chair. She lowered herself, rocking her hips back to rub her pussy against him.

Her scent was changing. She was growing wet. He watched her shiver in response to her own arousal and she turned to smile at him while licking her dark red lips. Her chest rose and fell quickly and her eyes dipped down to his crotch.

The girl pushed her ass hard against him, shoving higher to push his shirt away and expose a patch of thin brown fur surrounding his belly button. The head of his cock lay completely exposed and it dripped clear liquid into his short fur.

She sat on him and leaned back with a moan that wasn't entirely fake.

Unable to contain himself, he grabbed at her side and thigh and she jerked as the tips of his claws dug into her skin.

"Whoa, c- careful, that hurts," she moaned, shoving herself harder into him despite her words.

His pre-cum soaked into the wet spot forming on her panties and she moaned again, louder this time.

Candy raised her hips and her pussy lips brushed the head of his dick through her panties. It was changing again, the flared edges pulling against the shaft as it slid forward into a point that swiveled and turned until it matched "The Alpha" sheath he'd worn earlier.

"Let's," Candy panted, shaking for a moment in her chair as she rubbed herself harder against his cock. "Do you- do you want a private dance? We have booths. At the side."

"Yes," he snarled, leaning forward to bite her bare neck. He tasted blood that his rough, sandpaper tongue lapped at.

"God!" Candy groaned, reaching back to grab his head as she writhed in his lap. It was wrong. She should call security but she felt so warm and wet and his dick was amazing. And the pain was a sweet shock against the aching, empty void between her legs.

She stood, grabbing his hand to lead him to a darkened booth at the front of the room. The Asian girl stepped down, her panties in her hand as a brunette made her way up to the stage.

A wood panel hid the booth from the rest of the room but it was open on the side. Candy pushed Joseph down on the seat. He snapped at her and then sniffed. Her scent was changing again.

Fine red hairs pushed out from her skin around the bite mark in her shoulder. He sat with his legs spread and she turned to face him, going to her knees on the bench before sitting down against his cock. Her fat, engorged labia pressed against the tight white panties that dug into her hips. She'd soaked her panties until they were nearly translucent.

"No hands," she moaned. She licked her lips as they bulged and her tongue slid swept high on her face, the tip brushing her nose. The stripper rubbed her face as her fangs grated against the surrounding teeth, lengthening until they were visible beneath the dark red lipstick she wore. She undid her bra and let it fall. "No mouth. Let me do- let me do all the work."

She pressed forward, rubbing her hardened, aching nipples against his mouth. They dragged against his sharp canines, causing her to jerk but she repeated the motion again and again as her breathing quickened.

Red hairs dotted her thighs, just past the edge of her panties. She held the back of his head, her fingers toying with the sharp tips of his ears. With her chest forward, her ass was pressed back.

Her panties were moving. She groaned and her voice was deep. Husky. For a brief moment, the hood covering her clit appeared thumb-thick in the white panties. The skin moved, pulling down as her labia pushed away from her crotch. Her tight panties tented away from her body. Strings of clear liquid connected from her soaked panties to her body as her pussy lips rolled together. Red hairs sprouted around the changed lips.

When Joseph opened his mouth to suck on her nipples, she moaned rather than stop him, pulling him tighter against her body in encouragement.

The edges of Candy's ears smoothed, pushing her thick red hair aside as they lengthened and the curved tips grew to points. She growled quietly as his rough tongue swirled the hairs sprouting around her areola.

Candy's hand trailed down her sides and her fingernails came free to expose glossy black claws beneath. They pushed out from her nail beds and she gripped Joseph's hair with one hand while the tips of her claw carved red lines down her bare side.

The front of her panties shifted as red hairs grew beneath to cover her smooth, bare mound. They grew curly and thick as they escaped her panties in a slow march up her lean body.

Six tiny pink spots appeared on her belly as she snapped her panties off of her body with deadly claws.

"Fuck," Candy said drunkenly. The dim light caught golden streaks in her pale eyes. She stepped back to stand, licking her nose with a long tongue. "Fuck."

The girl whirled, stumbling out of the booth. Joseph snarled, standing to chase her but another smell came to his dark, pebbled nose.

"You left your water so I brought it for you," Kelly said, stepping into the booth. "Do you want-"

Joseph grabbed her by her neck faster than she could react as he shoved her to her knees with her head against the bench. Her glasses clattered to the ground next to her. She tried to scream but her open mouth pressed into the cushions lining the bench.

Sharp claws dug into her ass as Joseph tore at her skirt. Blood welled but he ignored it, ripping his own jeans to free his furred sheath and pounding red cock. It began to swell at the base as he raised her hips and pressed against her.

The girl kicked back as her muffled shouts went unheard. Joseph snarled, digging the claws of his right hand into her side hard enough to break skin.

Tiny blonde hairs rose one-by-one along the bloody lines covering her ass. She was dry but his cock was tipped and lubricated with Candy's cum and his own pre-cum. Her pussy parted for him and she trembled, screaming loudly as he pushed.

His knot spread her pussy lips wide open and he pulled back to shove into her again, slamming her head against the back of the bench. Pulling back once more, he snarled and pounded her. His cock slid through her suddenly wet pussy and her labia wrapped around his knot until he pulled back.

Kelly pawed at the back of the bench and the tips of her dark, curved claws tore long strips from the cheap fabric.

When Joseph released her neck, she pushed herself up. And back. Hard. Her long braid whipped behind her like a tail until it settled over her shoulder.

"Fuck me!" Kelly screamed, her long tongue hanging from her mouth as she panted and rocked back, working her hips up and down as the tip of his cock brushed her cervix.

He could feel her pussy lips wrapping around him lovingly. They tightened against him as they reformed, thick and engorged with blood until they matched a bitch in heat, drooling clear liquid as she screamed for him to fill her with his cum.

Bones popped and cracked as the girl's hips widened and a bulge appeared at the base of her spine. Fur was spreading from her cuts to cover her quaking ass cheeks.

It was more than enough for him. He held her tight as he came, pulsing and growing within until thick white cum spurted from her stuffed, tight pussy, coating the blonde fur spreading over her thighs.

The girl trembled and snarled while clawing the couch frantically and pushing herself back, squeezing at his cock in her frenzy. She shrieked and then tipped her head back and her ears laid back as they grew.

Kelly howled when she came and her spasming pussy forced Joseph's fat cock from within. More cum leaked and she snarled, tearing at the remainder of her clothes. A single line of blonde fur ran between her breasts and her bare skin was dotted with sweat.

The two stepped into the strip club to the sounds of moaning and screaming.


Candy fell against the wall as Kelly walked past with a glass of water in her head. The redhead's mind was abuzz as the heat pounded within her body. She could feel her strange pussy with every step she took and it throbbed in time with her heartbeat.

Lifting her nose, she sniffed the air and turned. Bones popped and cracked within her face and the bridge of her nose raised as tiny black bumps appeared along her nostrils. She smiled, showing her fangs as she spotted a younger patron. Chubby and wearing glasses with a t-shirt already showing patches of sweat.

But young, virile. Horny. He sat away from everyone else to hide his youthful shame.

She stalked over to him, raising to the balls of her feet as the skin covering her soles toughened, the pink, delicate skin growing gray and leathery with each step. Claws grew from the tips of her toes, cracking the red nail polish while the toes themselves lengthened. Her small toe pulled away, raising high on her elongated feet as she stepped next to the boy.

"H-H- Hi," he stammered.

Candy shoved the table and it flew as muscles bulged in her arms beneath a thin coat of red fur. She gripped his pants with both hands and pulled, exposing his cock beneath the bulge of his gut. She held him as he stuttered and tried to push her away. WIth a hungry, needy, heat-filled growl, she lowered her muzzle and her warm, wet tongue caressed his mahood.

Soon, his fingers clutched at her hair and he moaned.

"W- wait," he stuttered as his hands felt her long, furred, ears. "Wh- wh- what's wr- wrong with-!"

He came and she moaned, holding him tight and swallowing his load. Her hand stroked him as her throat rumbled with a deep, growling purr.

A thick web of skin pushed at her hand as she squeezed the base of his cock. She felt it press against her lips as her long tongue worked around his cock. The webbing grew, pulling the boy's dick down as thick skin began to form around it.

Sharp points dug into her scalp and the boy groaned. She felt hairs tickling the palm of her left hand as she held his thigh. They grew dense in wiry scratching waves to brush against her hand.

Candy turned on her knees and fell to all fours. She crawled forward and raised her ass, wagging it back and forth while looking back at the boy. Drool fell from his lips as they trembled to show huge, sharp fangs. He looked scared - confused but aroused as gold dots formed in his eyes. Her teats ached as they swelled on her body. Drops of translucent milk dripped from their tips until the surrounding fur lengthened to absorb them.

Standing, he fell to the ground around her to press his cock against her. She felt the thick sheath brushing her pussy lips and snarled in frustration until he leaned back and entered her, shoving deep inside. She felt his head growing narrow and then cried out as it filled her - his entire cock inflating inside of her.

The boy snarled as he slammed against her, pinning her to the ground. She raised her hips in wild encouragement, angling herself so the boy's changed cock could fit her better.


Joseph leapt to the stage, pulling down the Asian woman as she took another turn. Beside the stage, Kelly held two cocks in her hand and Candy was on all fours in between the tables, screaming and huffing as she came again and again.

The Asian woman pushed away, her eyes wide in terror as her glossy black hair pooled beneath her.

He grabbed her bra and pulled, freeing her small breasts. She covered herself with her arms while screaming for help but his claw found the string of her panties and he pulled, snapping them apart. She pressed her thighs together to try to hide her nakedness.

In the corner of his eyes, he spotted the bouncer running for him. Kelly shoved herself up and then lowered herself, ready to pounce. The second man, standing behind her, growled as she pulled free from him and his cock bobbed in the air, slick with her arousal. The tip of it was twisting into a sharp point.

Kelly slammed into the bodyguard, clawing and biting but Joseph turned away. He knelt over the woman, licking her mouth as he lowered himself, pressing his huge cock against her belly. She cried and begged but the words were lost to him as he bent lower to lick at her nipple. Her hands beat at his head and back but he kissed along her body until his hot breath tickled her pussy.

"Please," the woman said, forcing her legs together even tighter. "Please don't. Please- oh god!"

Joseph's tongue rasped against the woman's bare pussy as his leathery paws forced her legs apart. His thick arms surrounded her legs and the claws tipping his thumbs pressed against her labia, spreading her wide open. She struggled against him as he licked between her petite pussy lips, again and again.

"Please," the woman said weakly. "Please, don't. I- I- Oh- Oh fuck."

Her clit swelled against his wide tongue, slipping free from the hood before it grew to cover it. Her labia pulled against his claws as they began to press together but he still forced his tongue inside of her.

"Something-" she panted, her head falling back. "Fuck! Something's- Something's wrong!"

Sharp black hairs sprouted from her pussy lips. He pulled them into his short muzzle, nipping and licking at them as the girl moaned. She bucked as his tongue worked against her clit and her scream broke into a human-like howl as veins stood out on her reddened throat.

"I can't-" she panted, staring at him. "Think. Need. Need it."

She twisted, pulling away to raise her ass, waving it until he mounted her, his fur brushing against her bare back. Her hand snaked beneath her body, fingers desperately trying to spread her pussy open for him, not realizing how far they'd changed.

He speared her and she snarled in pleasure, taking the length of him and more. Taking his knot until her lips wrapped around the base of him, locking them together.

Her words became guttural as the tips of her ears slid through her silky hair and fur grew along her shoulders. She came again and then a third time as his engorged knot bulged against her clit.

The screech of her claws on bare wood was lost in the sounds of people changing - growling and screaming and moaning and howling.

Another server pressed herself against the wall as the bouncer, half naked with fur lining his body in patches, cornered her. His cock bobbed free while he forced her to the ground.

Joseph pounded into the Asian girl and she came again, bucking against him while snarling and growling. She writhed, trying to speak as yet another orgasm wracked her body. Sweat coursed down her body to mix with the black fur growing over her.

When Joseph finally came, she scored the floor and snapped at his arm with sharp teeth. White showed at the edges of her honey hued eyes as she collapsed beneath him, panting and twitching from the enormous amount of orgasms and the aftershocks that followed them.

He wasted no time, pulling out of her painfully to bound over to a naked woman running through the club to the exit.

An hour later, the doors to the club opened and they flooded the streets in search of more to turn.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

You do remember that this is a forum for female TFs, right?
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Yes? There's female tfs in that last story. Did you read it?
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Originally Posted by LycanDope View Post
Yes? There's female tfs in that last story. Did you read it?
I did now. Must have overlooked.
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