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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Loved your (she) wolf story. I want a similar one for me. Could you take a commission?
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

I'm afraid I don't take commissions, sorry! Thank you for the compliment, though! I really appreciate it.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Riding The Bull
A work event goes horribly, horribly... right? when coworkers take on a more bovine appearance
Amelia glanced up and then groaned, pinching her the bridge of her nose as Kinsley and Naomi stopped by the wall of her cubicle.

"You're coming, right?" Kinsley asked. She was dressed in clothes that clearly broke even the relaxed 'casual Friday' work rules. Her bluejeans had holes in them and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail over a white t-shirt with an obscure metal band on the front.


"Yeah, she's coming," Naomi said, tapping her fingers on the metal covering that lined the top of the cubicle. Despite her certainty, she eyed Amelia like a wolf hunting its prey, waiting for it to break and run. Her own bluejeans were acid-washed in a throwback to decades past but in one piece. She wore a long-sleeved top that opened to show the edge of her lacey bra. Her pale, lilting eyes were fierce but friendly.

Amelia was certain Naomi knew her bra showed. She pushed her small, rectangular glasses up her nose to look at her coworkers before glancing back at her spreadsheet. Her dark fingers caressed her keyboard as if eager to return to work.

"I really don't-" she tried to say, brushing a black curl away from her eyes.

"It's Tyler's going away party, Amelia!" Kinsley nearly shouted. "Come on! Alana rented a bar for all of us. A private little party. Just for us. Alcohol-"

Naomi nudged her friend.

"Well, you don't have to drink," Kinsley amended. "But there's food and you can get a soda or water or whatever you want."

"It'd mean a lot to Tyler," Naomi butted in. "And just all of us. Come on, I know you don't like going out with us but we're a small company and it's important to show we're all one tiny, overworked family."

"Pleaaa-ase," Kinsley said in sing-song.

The party was a surprise, especially with Alana footing the bill. They were a small company and highly specialized. Their non-disclosure documents took a week to read through and Amelia was shocked that they were letting Tyler go so easily. Especially since he seemed headed for a company that was tangentially in a related industry. However, they'd finished their first major contract and Tyler was eager to be elsewhere.

What was strange was that, despite her coworker's begging, she hadn't received an invitation to the party. She'd been both relieved and hurt to learn of it.

There was nothing waiting for her at home. And she liked that. Yet what the two women said was true; cohesion was important. She knew that if she didn't go, there might be resentment and that could slow down her work.

"Fine," Amelia sighed, pushing her glasses up once more.

"Perfect!" Kinsley smiled. "We're leaving now so don't be late!"

The two women left, giggling and waving their arms as they talked about their plans and what they were going to do that evening. Amelia blushed as she heard Naomi talk of leaving her bra at home.

With a heavy sigh, she returned to her spreadsheet to finish massaging the raw output from one of their databases.


The bar was small and the lot was mostly empty as Amelia pulled in. She drove away from the rest of the cars to park in the very corner with her blue Prius. It was a recent purchase - a splurge for her - but she loved it. Whenever someone asked, she'd talk about how good the gas mileage was and how low maintenance it was but, internally, she thought it was extremely cute.

Thin red clouds lined the sky as she walked through the parking lot.

A huge, serious man dressed in black slacks and a black t-shirt stared at her as she walked towards the bar. Amelia glanced down at her feet while nervously tucking her hair back.

"Badge," the man told her when she arrived.

It took a moment of fumbling but she found her company ID and showed it to him. He grunted, stepping sideways while opening the door.

Pop country music greeted the young analyst, much to her dismay, but the sight at the center of the bar drew her attention - a giant mechanical bull.

Her coworkers called out to her, raising their glasses, and she clutched her purse while raising her free arm awkwardly to wave back.

"Amelia, hey!" a young bearded man said, breaking away from Naomi and an older man - Jed, their team leader. "Hey, I didn't think you'd make it!"

Tyler scratched at his red beard as he smiled at Amelia. She smiled back and then ducked her head before looking back up. The man took a step with his arms out, as if to hug her but she leaned back and he dropped his arms.

"Well, they convinced me," she told him bluntly. He was a good coworker. Strong with numbers and a team player that never hesitated to give credit when people worked with him. She'd miss having him as a coworker.

And he wascute. She blushed and shuffled, praying he wouldn't go in for a hug again.

"Either way, I'm glad to see you," he told her. "I'm going to finish up with the others but don't leave before I have time to talk, okay?"

Amelia nodded and then breathed out, releasing her tension as he walked away. In a way, she would be glad when he was gone. She'd had a massive crush on him since she'd seen him and it was strange to her. She'd never had a crush on anyone before. There were a few boys over the years that she'd thought were handsome but this was the first time she'd felt an anxiety inducing attraction just be looking at someone.

Still holding her purse tight to her body, she went to the bar.

"What can I get for you?" the bartender asked. "Everything's free."

"Oh, just- just a juice, please," Amelia told him.

She rested her arms on the pitted bar with her hands together while staring at the lacquered wood and the contrast against her ebony arms.

"Here you go, sweetheart," the bartender said, setting down a glass of orange juice.

Crimson swirls floated in the glass but, when she sipped at it, she was pleased at the sweetness of the punch in comparison to the base acidicness of the orange juice.

"I'm gonna do it!" Naomi shouted from across the room. The two with her - Naomi, having moved from Jed and Tyler, and Douglas cheered her on.

The girl still wore the same ripped jeans and t-shirt as she walked to the mechanical bull. Amelia took another sip of her drink, a longer pull this time as it warmed her belly, and watched. Naomi held the leather strap around the bull's "neck" and tried to swing her leg up, laughing at herself when she failed. She hopped and swung her leg until she was on and gestured for it to start.

Her ride was short-lived.

It started well, slowly rocking back and forth while Naomi made exaggerated riding motions that made Amelia blush. She drank deeply from her glass and was surprised to see it already half empty.

The bull picked up speed and, after a few close calls, Naomi slid off in a fit of giggles.

Amelia hid her shy smile behind her hand but a chuckle escaped. The bartender filled her empty glass unasked and she took a small sip as her coworker hobbled over to her group.

"Oh, Amelia," a mature voice said from the bar.

Turning, the analyst was surprised to see their president. And somehow embarrassed.

"I'm sorry-" Amelia started to say.

"I didn't-" Alana said at the same time. "I didn't expect you here."

"I'm so sorry," Amelia told her, nervously gulping her drink. Alana eyed the glass. "I wasn't going to come but they asked me to and-"

"No, it's okay," Alana said with a sigh. "Maybe even better this way. I'm sorry."

"No, no, I'm sorry," Amelia said. She rested a hand against her chest, surprised at how warm she felt. The room seemed brighter and louder to her. And hot. "I shouldn't have come."

"It doesn't matter," Alana said. "Just- just enjoy the evening while you can."

The older woman walked over to a corner table. A few eyes followed her but nobody approached. Alana never socialized. She was always severe and maintained strict order when she was around. Even now she wore a blouse and black skirt with her matching black high heels while everyone else had dressed down.

Everyone except me, Amelia noted, toying with a button on her shirt. The button slipped free and she turned to look for Tyler. Another button came undone before she reached out for her glass. Blood pounded in the tips of her ears.

As she sipped her drink, she reached up to rub her forehead. When a dull pain blossomed in her lower back, she forced herself to sit up straighter, wriggling on her hard, uncomfortable stool as she knocked the glass back.

Her tongue stretched out, thick and long as it swiped against the inside of the glass to clean every drop of her drink.

Jennifer, their senior coder, was taking a turn on the bull. She was far more successful, leaning in and back again with one arm raised as the machine swayed.

Amelia watched the girl. Her right hand settled against her thigh and she reached up to absently caress her lower belly. The drink seemed to pool there, heavy and hot and sweat broke out on her brow.

The girl's fingers slipped through the gaps between her buttons and she leaned back with a soft moan as she felt taut, smooth skin. She stared at Jennifer's curves, eyeing the bulge of her breasts and down to her hips and lower to her bare legs. The edges of her trimmed nails dragged against the sensitive skin of her belly and she jerked, her eyes wide as she felt herself suddenly grow wet. She tensed and felt the muscles within her pussy slick with her arousal. It was a shock to her system, far different from the slow burning build-up she was used to when toying with herself at home.

Jennifer slid from the back of the bull. She fell to her ass with her legs spread and her hands planted before her. There was a tear at the back of her skirt but she didn't seem to notice. Skin bulged beneath and above the tear.

Amelia turned to the bar, suddenly thirsty. The room spun briefly but she smiled when she found her full glass waiting for her.

Her belly bulged lightly, the skin stretching while pushing at her tucked-in shirt.

Through the gap in her buttons, a circular patch of her belly grew wrinkled. It bulged, pushing forth from her slightly distended mound and her first teat slipped free from her shirt between two buttons.

The analyst shoved her ass back as she turned to watch Tyler approach the bull. Her body slammed against the bar, temporarily masking the pain from bones fracturing and shifting in her hips.

She reached back to rub above her ass, pulling her shirt tighter against her body as she stretched.

Fatty tissue developed beneath her slim breasts. They filled slowly and her shirt pulled tighter, straining against her chest and belly as both expanded. The curve of her breasts, nearly always hidden due to their slight size, showed clearly now through the snug shirt.

A third button popped and she breathed out, uncrossing her legs as she stared at Tyler. Her breasts grew more full and a fourth button tugged free as they began to slide down her body, their heaviness pulled by gravity. Her back complained at the sudden weight.

Her cleavage was clear to anyone who turned to look and she instinctively stood up straight to show them off.

A small dent formed in her shirt beside the teat dangling freely. The sheer fabric moved as another nipple formed and then lengthened, pulled flat against her body to slide teasingly down her overly sensitive skin. A third bump formed below her first two teats.

Amelia's thumb worked against the nub of bone growing beneath her scalp while she watched Tyler. She bit her lip as the sharp tip of her horn painlessly slit her skin. The horn was somehow darker than her skin - onyx to her ebony and her index finger joined her thumb as she scratched the itching base of her first horn.

A dark patch formed along the seat of Amelia's slacks. Her hips stretched, pushing painfully against the band of her pants as bones rearranged. A finger-length stretch of skin bulged at the base of her spine and she grunted as tendons and muscles pulled within her waist.

Tyler held tight to the bull and Amelia watched, her fingers reaching between her thighs as she stared at him. He worked masterfully, rocking with the motions until he was the bull. Stomping and snorting and racing through the field.

Powerful. Muscular. Towering over her. Forcing her to yield to him.

Her body quivered as if she were there with him in the open field. Wanting him.

A fourth teat, lower than the first two, wrinkled and dark, wriggled as it lengthened until it too found its way through her shirt to lay exposed. Throbbing. Aching for attention.

Amelia's udder stretched, revealing lighter skin in irregular patterns. The tail of her shirt pulled free from her slacks to show the bottom curve of the smooth skin beneath her teats. Black curls of her untrimmed pubic hair escaped as her growing hips pulled her pants down.

As her milk came in, her udder began to feel uncomfortable. Hot and aching. Intrusive thoughts began to fill her mind. Sensations of hands on her body. Touching her. Pulling and pinching and caressing. And milking. Squeezing and tugging as she moaned in pleasure. Her stomach throbbed with uncomfortable pain.

Another button popped free and Amelia's puffy, wide areola became visible in the bright lights. She grasped at her huge breasts, uncaring who watched as she squeezed and pulled at her nipple, moaning and leaning her head back briefly. Her second horn was free now and both were steadily growing from either side of her forehead.

Tyler pushed off the bull and stood. His clothes were too small for his body and when he turned to face Amelia, she gasped to see the head of his cock bulging from his pants. He was huge and his normally smiling eyes were hungry. Her fingers quickened between her legs.

In the corner, Naomi and Kinsley were wrapped around each other, kissing deeply. Naomi was topless and her fingers worked at Kinsley's pants, frantically clawing at them as their tongues twisted together.

Naomi's breasts were growing, the skin stretching as they filled and pushed out, smashing into Kinsley's already large tits while they rubbed against each other. Without the heat coursing through her body, Amelia would think it absurd. Neither woman appeared to know what to do with each other. As far as she knew, both were straight. Their sudden, undeniable urge to mate forced them together as they learned what needed to be done.

Amelia watched, temporarily distracted as Kinsley knelt before Naomi. The girl kissed Naomi's stomach and then appeared to suck at her skin. She pulled her head back with a wet pop and a long, pink teat dangled against Naomi's stomach.

"Aooooohhhh," Amelia moaned, her hand jerking as she watched Kinsley bend back to Naomi's stomach, kissing it as it expanded. The lithe Asian woman's hands gripped the other woman's hair, pushing her down as she thrust her hips out, encouraging her to use her tongue between her legs.

The young analyst's jaw ached and her nostrils flared as she huffed and moaned. Gaps appeared in her teeth when her jaw began to widen, stretching her nose and mouth.

Tyler stomped on the floor and began to walk to her. She turned from her coworkers to stare at him and her eyes bulged when his cock began to slide further along his body.

She fell from her stool, barely catching herself to stand unsteadily. The two remaining buttons on her shirt popped and it fell open to expose her massive breasts and the bulge of her still-growing udder. Her four coal-black teats hung beneath her.

Her jaw cracked painfully but she ignored it, turning and raising her ass as Tyler approached.

She jumped as she felt his fingers on her waist and the tip of her stubby tail slapped the curved, exposed edge of her ass. He pulled at her pants, forcing down and over the pronounced curve of her hips. Her tits quivered and her teats wriggled at the sudden jerk. She slammed her bared ass back against him.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, her eyes fluttering and showing white as her face began to expand outward. She bent forward, rubbing her itching horns against the bar. Scoring the wood with the bent, sharpened tips.

White hairs sprouted along her back. Goosebumps rose in waves down her body as the hairs exploded, mixing with fine black hairs that spread in patterns like white oases in a midnight desert. Her longer tail rose and fell, slapping painfully against her thighs.

All of the sensations were lost when she felt Tyler's wrist-thick cock against her back.

She shuddered and raised her head, her mouth open. There was an urge building deep in her chest. She licked her lengthening face with her thick tongue and tried to repress it but, as his cock slid down the smooth, short fur growing to cover her, she couldn't resist.

"Mooooooo!" Amelia cried out. Her udder slammed against the stool so she pressed back, biting at her lip while blushing at the animalistic cry she'd just uttered.

Yet it felt right. It felt good. It felt natural.

The head of Tyler's cock pressed against her slick pussy. Bones cracked and crunched and her engorged labia stretched, growing longer and wider as her lips surrounded the tip pressing into them.

She could feel the head of his cock changing. The rounded tip was pulling back as it became slanted and flat.

Another moo slipped free as she tried to force herself back onto him but he stretched her painfully. She licked her lips and looked back as her pussy continued to grow and her body shifted to handle the bull behind her. She felt a brief, searing pain as her mound cracked and her body eagerly opened itself.

"Wait!" Jennifer cried out behind her. "Don't- something's wrong!"

The girl was naked and on her ass in front of Jed. The older man was huge now and his cock appeared to be at least two feet long with gigantic testicles dangling beneath them. Dark brown fur was creeping along his chest. He reached down, grabbing the girl's hair while pressing his cock against her mouth. Her eyes bulged and she tried to look away.

Two tiny horns dotted Jennifer's brow.

As she struggled, stretch marks appeared in the girl's breasts. They swelled, the skin bulging as they flattened against her body. Jennifer shuddered and her legs suddenly uncrossed before she forced them back together. Just above the girl's brown pubic hair, her tanned skin grew pale pink. She moaned, a hand reaching for her breast until she forced it away. Four bumps formed on her udder and her legs uncrossed again as she turned to face Jed.

She opened her mouth and her lips stretched to take the head of the older man's cock. Her arms reached up but she yanked them back and pulled her head away with a loud gasp. Pre-cum dribbled from Jed's cock and Jennifer's nostrils widened, opening and closing as drool formed at the corner of her mouth. She wiped at it, never looking away from Jed's cock. Finally, her growing tongue forced her mouth agape, unrolling between her soft, pink lips. She turned back and reached up, grabbing him with both hands before leaning forward, forcing her head down over his cock.

Amelia felt cramps in her feet. Pain lanced down her soles and her toes grew limp as they combined into two groups. For a moment, she tried to look down at them, staring past her full, heavy udder. She caught sight of her clear nails growing dark and thick.

And then her world exploded as Tyler's cock finally entered her engorged, slick, stretched pussy. Her tail slammed against his body and she stomped her foot, hearing the sharp crack of her still forming hooves hitting the floor.

"Ooooooh goood!" Amelia moaned before biting her lips as Tyler's gigantic cock filled her painfully. She felt him against her uterus and the pain was almost blinding. Until he pulled back and began to rock into her, the pleasure of him quickly outweighing any pain his thickness caused.

Hair grew from the tip of her tail as it worked ceaselessly against Tyler's soft, furred body. She couldn't seem to control it and it mirrored her frenzied lust. Her feet clopped against the floor, losing purchase but Tyler held her tight as he grunted and huffed and pushed deep inside of her, both of them finding the rhythm of their new bodies..

Clear liquid dripped from her black nipples. They began to lengthen, growing nearly as long as her teats as her breasts filled with milk.

"A waste," Alana said from the other side of the bar, watching the room devolve into an orgy of snorting, rutting beasts. She hadn't invited Amelia because the girl had shown so much potential. She'd hoped to bring her along after the acquisition was completed. The rest- well, with Tyler leaving and the company being bought out, they were risks. Their personality profiles showed that.

The older woman idly scratched at her stomach. Wisps of thin white fur pressed through the tiny gaps in her shirt. A small bump formed below the hairs and she toyed with it, smiling sharply as Amelia bucked and screamed from a powerful orgasm. The black girl squirted, covering Tyler with her orgasm as they collapsed to the ground to continue fucking.


It was an erotic sight, she had to admit as her fingers pinched the teat beginning to grow. Two more were growing beneath it and they pushed at her shirt. She pulled at the fabric, freeing it to expose the teats so she could touch them. Her bra pulled tight against her body and her nipples dragged against them as her own sagging breasts swell - the skin becoming smooth as they became engorged. Her bra was forced down against her body as she developed. Wet spots formed over her erect nipples and she found herself twisting her thighs together against her thick labia.

Alana rocked in her chair, pulling at a teat while watching Tyler slam his deliciously huge cock into Amelia's gaping-

"Wait," Alana said, staring down at her body. She leaned back to stare past her ridiculously expanded chest. Four long teats lay against a tiny udder and she could feel her slick pussy juices against her thighs as an aching void began to gnaw at her hot belly.

The older woman turned to the man sitting next to her. He smiled.

"This- this wasn't supposed to- oooooohhh," she moaned, dropping her head. Wrinkles vanished from her forehead, the corners of her eyes and her cheeks as the serum raged through her, de-aging her into prime breeding age. Two points pierced her temples as she panted with her hair hiding the red in her blushing cheeks. "Not- not supposed- supposed to be the deal."

"We don't need you, Alana," the man crooned. "We just needed the data and the algorithms your team developed. And with the project finished, so is your use to us."

She stared at him stupidly as her heart pounded.

His fingers pulled at his zipper and she couldn't help but stare and lick her lips as her face cracked and lengthened. When his cock flopped free, hard and ready, she moaned and stood, walking to him while her hips popped and cracked to handle her growing frame. She stumbled, her numb, useless toes awkward in her high heels.

"I can't-" she panted, staring at his cock as he stroked himself. "I can't stop. I can't- oh god, oh god, I can't stop thinking about-"

She dropped to her knees and the thick, black toenails growing over her toes clacked against the ground. The forming hooves broke the straps of her heels as her feet expanded. She mooed in excitement as she lowered her head to take his cock into her wet mouth, eagerly bobbing up and down as her shirt burst to expose her gigantic, heavy breasts.

"We're done here," the man said into his phone, one hand on Alana's head as she sucked at him. "We'll be ready for cleanup in about- about an hour. Bring some trailers and have the helicopters ready. We'll have some new ones to bring to the island. Ah, and have some males ready. There weren't enough here."

"Please," Alana begged, temporarily pulling free of the man's cock. "Please, I need- I need you to fuck me. Oh god, I can't- I can't do this- I can't stop- Oh god!"

Alana's skirt tore and she bucked, raising her ass as her pussy began to lengthen and stretch, readying her for a bull's enormous cock.

Smiling, the man yanked Alana off. She groaned, caught between her desire to continue pleasing him and the urge to be fucked. Finally, she turned and raised herself further, gasping as the need to be bred override every other instinct. He wasn't big enough for her anymore but he was enough. She just wished there was another.

Maybe the bouncer, she panted, her thick ass slapping the man's crotch as she bounced against him. And someone else. All at once. All of their cocks, god, yes! And someone in my ass. And mouth. I just- oh god, it won't ever stop now.

They'd briefed her. They'd made sure she knew what would happen to her team once it started. How they would change and where they would be kept. A view into the life they'd lead as hybrids.

It was horrifying but she thought of it distantly now as the lust destroyed her. She knew this would be her life now. And it scared her how happy that thought made her.

When the man grabbed her horns, surprising her by the strange sensation of something tugging against her head, she bucked and came, screaming and clenching against him. Praying he'd fill her with cum. Knowing that she'd need a bull from now on. That a pure human couldn't do it.

She counted the time down to their extraction and prayed the males waiting on the island were bigger.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

An experience in a magical sensory deprivation tank forces a woman to change
I can see the whole room from where I'm standing. Subdued pop music plays from hidden speakers as people mill about, talking and laughing and socializing. All while I watch from my little corner, back against the wall. I wish I could join them but it's just as difficult now as it was in high school. Maybe harder. I can barely look anyone in the eye.

The cup I'm holding in my right hand feels warm against the very center of my palm so I know that means it's probably burning myself. I move it to my left hand, holding it by the handle when I feel the heat radiating away from it.

My right palm is bright red. I close it and tsk at myself for letting it go that long. As usual, I can barely feel my nails against my hand. All three of them. I can't help but frown as I open my hand, staring at the stump of my ring finger and the ugly scarring that runs from the base of it to my elbow in an arching, erratic spiral - a fleshy crimson lightning strike that I keep hidden behind long sleeves.

"Darla," my friend says warmly in front of me

I hide my hand behind my back out of habit and take a sip of my cider, wincing as it burns my tongue.

"How is everything?" she asks, standing close but not too close. I can see the concern in her eyes. "Not too much to handle, I hope?"

"No," I tell her, blowing at my cider so I don't have to look up at her. A lock of my black hair shifts and nearly dips into my cup until I brush it away. "It's okay for now."

Cynthia, my friend, is the only one that hasn't given up on me over the years. I fight a constant battle of wishing she would just walk away while also privately clinging to the care she's shown.

"I know it took a lot to come," she tells me, glancing to the side and waving when someone calls for her. "I'm just really happy you showed up. There's plenty of food and alcohol and-"

"Go do your thing," I tell her when someone else calls her name. Another sip of the drink and another painful, internal curse. "I'm fine, really."

It's a lie, of course. I'm not. But I smile the best I can as she walks away with a backwards glance. I feel crushed and it's hard to breathe, like the world is closing in on me. Growing brighter and louder and heavier until it's too much to bear.

Looking over for Cynthia, I accidentally catch the eye of a man standing beside her. Short with a straight brown beard that looks like it's been oiled. He grins at me and breaks away as if to come over.

That's my cue.

I reach to put my glass down but it's a wooden end table and there aren't any coasters. Who doesn't have coasters for a party? Cynthia, apparently.

Oh god, he's coming closer.

The coffee table in front of me also doesn't have coasters and is also wood.

My heart is pounding. I can almost feel him breathing down my neck.

At the center of the coffee table is a flat ceramic dish containing a small flower pot and a fake rose. I hurriedly lay my cup down inside the dish with a whispered 'sorry' to nobody in particular. And then I leave, looking back toward my friend to see if she's noticed.

The man realizes I'm leaving and he's stopped in the middle of the room, watching me with a frown. Cynthia is talking with more of her friends, her hand against her mouth as she laughs at something but I see her glance my way as I go for the door. She looks sad for a moment but nods her head in understanding before turning back to the people around her.

Snowflakes whirl around me as the sudden, sharp burst of cold steals my breath away. Ducking my head, I suddenly wish I'd brought a scarf as the wind finds every gap in my too-thin coat. I turn up my collar and walk briskly past the line of cars parked next to the narrow sidewalk.

My feet crunch in the snow and I'm already feeling my ears burn as I shove my hands deeper in my pockets.

I hate that I couldn't stay. Cynthia's shown nothing but understanding throughout the years and she's such a good friend but it's too much. All I can see are the jeering acne-marked faces and the sly looks of girls who knew they were better than me when I stepped into class in the middle of the junior year of highschool.

It's not that I could blame them. My family lived away from the small town and we were recluses. My momma taught me herself until she'd suddenly passed, leaving my father with six children and no idea what to do. So, he'd sent me to school.

My right hand clenches when I remember the first time someone noticed it. An oversized boy had held me down to pull my sleeve back and they'd clustered around like I was some circus freak. Which was what they'd often call me. One girl threw up in the corner when she saw my arm.

Father hadn't told me to be wary of them and he'd been too tired to notice the tears in my eyes when I'd come home. And I'd had to help around the farm so I didn't have the time or energy to try to tell him.

The whole time I'd tried to tell myself that it wasn't my fault. I couldn't even remember when it happened. The incident. I just woke up in the house, in pain with my momma screaming and my father holding me down. Blood everywhere.

There was an old piece of machinery in our barn, gas powered with a massive belt and I'd gotten too close to it, apparently. Tore my finger off and degloved my hand. They rushed me to the hospital with my older brother staying behind to watch my siblings. I remember his face was as white as the snow falling around me now. And my brothers and sisters wailing. But I don't remember the pain. Not at first.

The next week I was in and out of awareness and when I finally came to, I was less. Less a finger with a massive scar that I had to rub lotion into so it wouldn't stiffen.

Even I was horrified by it so I wasn't surprised at the other kids. Just ashamed. So I kept to myself. And I learned that it was an extremely hard habit to break over the years. Although, I think it's graduated beyond a habit at this point.

A faulty sign buzzes and flickers and I look up by reflex. A pale, calming blue light outlines a business titled, simply, "Floating Therapy." It was a large building - far bigger than the narrow ones neighboring it in the boutique neighborhood. In the window to the left of the door is a poster of a woman floating with her eyes closed and a subtitle of "Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique" followed by bullet points espousing the benefits.

Sensory deprivation. I've heard of it before and it sounded intriguing. Alone. Floating. No people threatening your space. No sounds or images. Just silence.

Maybe- maybe I could try it. Cynthia wants me to see a therapist but maybe this would be a good first step.

Snowflakes melting on my neck remind me that I'm standing in a flurry and I hurry on, clicking my keyfob until a car in front of me beeps quietly, muffled by the snow surrounding us. I try to shake off my coat before I slip inside and carefully back out to rush home to my bed, safely away from crowds and people.


No doorbell chimes when I open the door to the Floating Therapy business. It moves smoothly and closes quietly behind me as I stomp my feet on the rug at the entrance.

The lobby has recessed blue lights with white paint and it's quiet. There's no reception desk but, instead, a white curved leather couch with a glass coffee table and three white chairs facing the couch. It's all oddly soothing.

A side door opens and an olive skinned man appears, smiling when he notices me.

"Ah, Darla, yes?" he asks, his voice precise and warm and surprisingly deep.

He's dressed in khakis with a white short-sleeve Polo shirt and brown penny loafers. I can't guess his age but there are small wrinkles beside his eyes and the corner of his lips. He doesn't reach for a handshake.

"I'm so glad you could make it today," he tells me, his eyes watching my face. He's taller than me - not a difficult feat - but he's relaxed with his arms to his side. His wavy hair is short and well maintained. I think I can spot a few gray hairs at his temples but then I look down. "The weather is terrible for my business and I'm always happy to have a new client. Such an exceedingly rare event."

"Thank you for making time for me," I tell him.

"Nonsense!" he says with a soft laugh. "You're my client, of course I'll make time. Would you like to sit? I'll go over the process. But, briefly so we don't waste your time."

I sit at the edge of the couch and he takes a chair, facing me across the glass table. He leans forward slightly with his hands clasped and I can see a large metal watch on his wrist. His forearm is thick with black hairs.

"I take it this is your first time?" he asks.

"Yes," I say.

"Good, good," he nods. "It's simple, really. I'll lead you to your room where you'll be allowed to change into a bathing suit in privacy."

He pronounces 'privacy' with the 'i' like igloo. Pr-i-vuh-cy rather than pr-eye-vah-cy but otherwise has no accent I can discern.

"There's a small button on the wall," he continues. "You can press it when you're ready and I'll come in to assist. There's a large, well, capsule in the room that you'll step into. I'll close the hatch behind you when you're settled. You'll be immersed in darkness and utter silence, floating on your back with your head above the water. I keep the temperature at exactly body temperature so you won't even know you're floating."

He waits for me to say something but I just nod.

"And that it's it," he concludes. "The time is yours. When your thirty minutes are over, a small red light will pulse and I'll come to open the hatch. Do you have any questions?"


"No," I tell him, shaking my head.

"That's fine," he says, smiling in encouragement. "Shall we?"

I follow him down the hall, stopping at the first door on the left as he opens it and waves me in. The capsule is a tank that dominates the room. It's not aesthetically pleasing, all flat panels like an armored bug with a large round hatch in front of a set of steps. He leaves the room without a word and I set my bag down, locking the door before I strip.

The floor is cold but the room is warm and I dance from foot to foot as I fold my clothes to lay them on a bench set against the wall. I can't help but glance at the door, despite the lock and I feel guilty for doing it.

Finally, I step into my bikini - a one piece as I've never worked the nerve up to try a two piece. It's snug over my ass and tight against my overly large breasts but it's the only one I own. I bought it especially for this visit.

On the wall above the steps is a metal button. I press it and then hold onto the metal handles around the hatch, steadying myself before stepping into the tank. The water is as warm as he promised and I pull myself in, turning to lie on my back.

I don't hear the owner - Charles, I think he'd said over the phone this morning - enter the room but his soft voice calls out from beyond the tank.

"Now," he says. "I want you to reach straight up. Do you feel the button there? Good. If you find yourself uncomfortable once the hatch closes, push it and I'll come straight away. Otherwise, beside the button is the light that will flash when the time is up."

The light from beyond the hatch dims as he closes it and I'm left alone in utter darkness.

There's a rushing in my ears - tinnitus from working around heavy machinery on the farm and my heartbeat sounds incredibly loud. But, as I close my eyes and float, it fades away.

I don't quite sleep but I feel so incredibly relaxed that I fall into a kind of trance. Memories surge, desperately trying to fill the void but I push them, focusing on clearing my mind. It's a struggle but it works.

I am nothing.

I am nothing and it's the most satisfying feeling in the world. In this moment, I am nobody and the world around me doesn't exist.

My hair floats behind my head and my arms are at my side but I can't feel them. It's as if I've shrunken down to a small-

The red light blinks and I'm startled by it. It couldn't possibly have been thirty minutes but I hear a metallic clunk and the hatch opens.

"There's a fresh towel on the bench with your clothes," he tells me. "I'll wait for you in the lobby but, please, take your time."

Waiting a few minutes to be sure he's left, I exit the tank, grabbing the rim of the hatch and then the handles to ease out. The floor seems even colder than before so I rush to the thick mat I'd missed earlier, just in front of the bench. I unzip myself and peel the swimsuit off, shivering as it brushes against my nipples. They're erect now in the cooler air, after being submerged in the warm water. Dark and thick, surrounded by tan areola.

The towel is fluffy and luxurious but, as I pat myself dry, it irritates my skin. As if the soft fibers were grating against my body. Dressing is quick but, again, my bluejeans and loose top scratch against me.

Dried, dead skin flakes away with each movement and the towel is covered with it when I fold it and lay it down on the bench. The skin left behind on my body is smoother and more pale.

As I step into the lobby, Charles stands and smiles.

"So?" he asks, curious. "Was it everything you hoped it would be?"

It was, honestly. And more. I don't know if it will help me with my social anxiety but the peace and calm I felt were incredible.

"Yes," I tell him shyly, scratching at my side, just beneath the swell of my breast. More skin flakes away, falling in slow patterns like the snow outside. "I'd like to come back soon. Maybe tomorrow? In the evening after work?"

"I believe that would work," he agrees. "Perhaps 5 pm?"

"Oh, yes," I say, smiling and looking him in the eye for the first time. "That would be perfect."


After my time in the water, I took care of shopping before returning home. It's already quiet for a Sunday evening and the snow is keeping nearly everyone home. Just the way I like it.

The painful itch from my clothing has settled into uncomfortable background noise as I rush from my garage and into my small house. I sigh happily once inside as the heater surrounds me with warm air.

It's out of character for me but, after checking that the curtains are drawn, I unzip and step out of my jeans. The relief is immediate, despite the goosebumps that rise along my legs.

I scratch at my legs while I put away groceries and the darker skin sloughs off painfully. Without noticing, as I bend to put food into the bottom shelf of the fridge, I play with the smooth flesh beneath. My touch sends a tiny, exciting thrill along my spine.

My shirt shifts against my body, slowly pulling tighter to outline my breasts. The skin covering my spine is stretching as the bones extend, scraping and creeping into a bulge from the nape of my neck to my sacrum, nestled between the generous curves of my hips.

I reach back to scratch my spine and almost purr in the satisfaction it gives. The skin moves against my fingers and I reach as high as I can - between my shoulder blades and then down to just above my ass, straining to the tips of my toes. It feels incredible and I'm surprised when I stop and realize I'm wet.

Wet and aroused, my body seemingly begs to be touched and caressed and scratched.

Beneath my shirt, the bulge lengthens a fraction of an inch more and then stops, leaving me with the beginning of my caudal fin. All I know is my shirt is too tight and rough against my body and my bra is straining due to the new growth.

With another glance around the room, I pull my shirt off and then reach behind to undo the double claps for my bra. Finally, I wriggle out of my panties and dump all three items in my hamper. My labia are slick against the smooth pale skin lining my inner thighs.

It's such a rare and exciting feeling. I've not had much luck dating. I can't seem to bring myself to try and, like the bearded man from the night before, I push away people if they get too close. There was rarely private time on the farm with my siblings and the work needing done and, well, it never seemed to be a priority.

Now it was deep inside of me, crying out for attention and my awareness was heightened to a new level. Every shift of the micro currents in my house seemed to be a new touch from a gifted lover. It would be a shame to waste the moment, as fleeting as they seemed to be.

I glance at my bedroom but then looked toward my bathroom instead. Would it be the same?

As I walked to the bathroom, the tiny black hairs dotting my arms and legs detached, some floating away behind me while others lay flattened and useless.

I sat on the edge of the tub as it slowly filled with warm water. I checked periodically but I couldn't stop touching myself in between. Just caressing my body over and over until the tub was full.

Unable to wait any longer, I lowered myself in, laying my head against the back of the tub while submerging myself, breathing out until my fin settled against the bottom of the tub. It didn't compare to the tank but I still lost myself in it, surrounded by the pressure of the water as if it were a full body embrace.

My hand crept down my stomach, brushing through black pubic hair that waved in the water like small black seaweed. My touch pulled the loosened hairs free to leave my mound perfectly smooth.

As I floated back to the top of the water, my fingers played with my pussy lips, toying with myself by sliding a finger against my opening. Raising it higher to rub the hood of my clit with a sharp gasp. I thrust my chest out, splashing water as I played with myself.

Beneath the water, my pussy lips began to pull back, the wrinkled flesh growing smooth as they retreated. Bones moved glacially beneath my mound and my labia, engorged with blood due to my arousal, slowly began to come together until they formed a perfect slit with my lips hidden beneath.

I pushed a finger into my reformed pussy and my other hand reached for my breast, moaning at the double sensation. My labia separated slightly to allow my finger inside.

A quiet, lustful mewling sound escaped my lips as I worked the finger in and out, bending and straightening my toes beneath the water while massaging my own breast. I jerked when it became too intense but then slowed, playing with my slit.

My breast overflowed my small hand but it shifted in my grasp as fatty tissue melted away. Once again my hand sped up and I pressed my legs together, gasping with each stroke while bouncing my ass back against the tub. Waves formed, crashing against my chest as my breasts continued to shrink, sliding through my fingers until I could almost cup one in one hand.

It was rising in me and my hand began jerking erratically as I shoved myself against my hand, gasping and moaning, my now-small breasts quivering against me beneath the water. Closer and closer and closer-

"Oh!" I shout, my mouth opening and closing. My muscles clench against my finger and I pull out, rubbing my soft, thick labia as I shake from a surprising orgasm. My feet twist together and my breath goes out in a ragged sigh as I lean my head back and laugh quietly. It's such a sweet feeling and I wonder why I don't do it more often. Wrapped up in the endorphins and riding the still-gnawing arousal, all I can think about is more.

I want to stay in forever but I'm starting to feel cold. So, instead, I stand slowly, pushing myself up on the sides of the tub to stand on still-shaking legs.

Beneath me, unnoticed, the tub is full of small hairs and dead skin.

I step out of the bathtub and remove the stopper to let the water drain while grabbing a towel. Once again I have to pat myself dry as rubbing is painful.

When I'm done, I grab my phone to browse a few websites while I brush my teeth. The phone refuses to unlock with my fingerprint. After trying twice more and receiving a warning about the phone locking me out, I key in my PIN with perfectly smooth fingertips that show no whorl of a fingerprint.

The cold is starting to get to me and I shiver as I finish brushing my teeth. They feel sore in my mouth and I notice blood when I spit so I remind myself to be more gentle next time. Wrapping my towel around myself, I pad over to the thermostat but it's already set as high as I normally leave it during winter. With a shrug, I increase the temperature a few degrees and head into my bedroom to slip beneath my comforter.

Sleep seems somehow distant despite having masturbated. And my exposed face feels colder than I'd like. So, I pull my blanket up until it covers me completely. Until I'm submerged. It softens the sound around me and makes it darker. Safer. I drift off to a peacefully dreamless slumber.


The ride into work is slow as the snow continues to fall. My heater is on full blast and all of the vents point at me but I can still feel the edge of the cold air and it drains me in a strange way. Makes me feel slower and dumber unless I'm directly in the blasting heat.

I fiddle with my seat controls as I squirm in my seat. It's hard to get comfortable. I have to hunch forward until - there, finally I find the button to make the back of the seat concave and I can sit up straight. My fin conforms to the shape of the seat behind me.

As I drive and my attention wanders, I find myself grinding my back into the seat, twisting my upper body back and forth to scratch the fin hidden beneath my clothing. I'm not even aware of it beyond the relief granted. It's satisfying. Yet the movement pulls the shirt against my chest, brushing against my nipples over and over until it starts to drive me mad. I force myself to stop but the nerves along my upper body throb for more attention.

My bra wouldn't fit this morning and it's concerning. I swear my breasts are way smaller than before. I almost wore the bra anyway but it looked weird beneath my shirt, folded over my soft, smooth white tits. Now I regret not doing it as my nipples poke against my shirt for anyone to see.

Thankfully I had time to call in and make an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning. It was admittedly embarrassing to explain the reason for my visit to the receptionist making the appointment and I'm not sure she believed my explanation but it's concerning. Just not 'I need to go to urgent care' concerning. I feel fine. Mostly fine.

With a gasp, I realize I'm rubbing my sore back against my seat again and my hand is between my thighs. Rubbing myself. I thought last night was a one-off but I'm still feeling on edge.

It takes a considerable amount of willpower to focus and I hunch forward to help. When I pull into the parking lot, I finally feel more relaxed and less.... Needy.

The air outside of my car is painfully cold and it staggers me as it seems to seep into my very core. I rush through it, trailing a swirling retinue of snowflakes as I make my way to the entrance. I can feel myself growing numb and cold.

I just.

I just want to.

Just want to lie down.


In the cold.

Can't move.

My hand touches the handle and I pull at it feebly, my strength sapped by the chill air. It moves and the door opens with a welcoming blast of heat that invigorates my numb body. I stumble in and lean against the wall

"Darla, are you okay?" our receptionist, Tammy, stands and comes over to me.

"Just. Cold." I say, my teeth chattering as I rub my arms and stamp my feet.

The nerve endings throughout my body are on fire, popping off like little firecrackers from my spine and outward as they awaken slowly. My right hand in particular is throbbing. I clench my teeth and don't even notice when they flex in my gums.

Tammy looks at me in surprise that she quickly hides.

"I'm fine, thank you," I mutter, shuffling around her to walk down the hallway.

Now that sensations have returned to me, I can feel a weight against my back and my hands are still hot and angry. I flex them as I walk, passing plain fabric walls until I find the little corner cubicle I'd begged for.

"Good morning Darl- oh," Shawna says, stopping herself to stare at me with blinking eyes. "Uh. Good morning!"

She walks away almost faster than I do. I make a quick stop at my desk to grab my coffee cup and then into the empty breakroom. They stock the room with tea and I happily abuse the generosity, taking a black tea bag and filling the cup.

I want to wrap myself around the cup when I pick it up. It's steaming and too hot to drink but I almost take a sip anyway. The thought of it coursing through me and warming me from head to toes is intoxicating. Instead, I scurry back to my desk and sit, pressing the cup to my stomach while leaning over it.

When I bend, something pops in my back. I freeze and then move slowly and feel a smaller pop when I flex my body. I can feel it deep in my hips. It's not painful but - I move and it pops again- it's weird.

As I sigh and hold the cup close, my coccyx clicks once more before muscles grow around it, holding it in place. The odd popping stops as it becomes anchored. The bottom of my fin elongates as another bone forms beneath the tailbone, forcing it away from my body.

Setting my tea down, I go to type in my password to log in.

And I almost scream when my vestigial right ring finger tries to reach for the "O" key. Clasping my left hand to my mouth, I pick up my right hand and stare at it. The finger is small - not even to the first knuckle but it's fully formed and I can feel it on my hand.

The scar - the horrible scar I've lived with since I was a child, has faded to a flat pink line.

My heart hammers in my chest as I turn my hand over and over. Ancient muscle memory returns and I move my missing finger and stare as it wiggles.

Oh god. It's longer now, past the knuckle. It's more pale than the rest of the fingers and the end is flattened and circular. Despite the oddity of it and the completely unreality of the idea of my finger regrowing, I'm struck by the fact that there's no nail bed.

Carefully. Curiously. I reach out and touch my cup and the heat burns my entire hand. Tears fill my eyes as I feel it. As I feel it against my entire hand. Something I'd forgotten over the years.

But why? And how?

Blood rushes through my body as my heart hammers and sweat forms. I watch my finger continue to grow. I can bend it now.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Bouncing up, I rush to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. My tailbone writhes behind me, as long as my thumb but I bend in front of the sink and turn on the water, splashing my face again and again as I swallow back the bile at the back of my throat.

The feel of the warm water against my skin reminds me of my bath and the tank from yesterday. It calms me almost immediately.

I stare at the water cupped into my hand. My right ring finger is complete but oddly longer than the neighboring fingers and the tip is flattened. However, when I look closer, I can see the edges of my pinky finger are more round than I remember. The long, winding scar is gone now, leaving behind perfect, unmarred skin.

All of that is forgotten when I look up. My eyebrows are missing. Now I know why everyone was looking at me strangely. I touch my face, leaning in close. Are my eyes further apart or is that just an effect of the missing eyebrows? My hands glide across my wide face and then I bend and splash water once again, running all ten fingers through my hair. Strands come free but I'm hypnotized by my strange face as I wash my hands.

It's all too much suddenly and I can't stay at work. I can't.

My breathing is shaky as I go to my desk, ducking my head to hide my face. I snatch my purse and then stalk through the office, avoiding everyone's attention to the best of my abilities. I have years of practice at it.

"Oh, did you-" Tammy starts to ask.

"Feeling sick, going home," I tell her, steeling myself for the cold outside. I take two quick breaths, push the door and run.

"Okay, I'll tell-" but her voice is lost to me.

As before, the cold saps my strength but I'm prepared this time, running as fast as I can. My car unlocks when I touch the handle and I jump inside, starting it and cranking the heater all the way up.

I can't breathe.

I can't.

I can't breathe, it's too much. It's too much.

The world closes in and I see black lights at the edge of my vision as I hyperventilate.

Beneath my hair, complex systems evolve, tangling with my cardiovascular system. Hairlike tendrils of flesh push forth from my scalp, mixing with the hair they hide behind. Red dots the underside of the tendrils.

My new gill stalks tremble before laying flat.

The tank. I was at peace there. Adrift in the quiet.

I fumble for my phone and dial the last number I called. The owner, Charles, answers on the third ring.

"H- hi," I say as I try to calm myself. "It's Darla. From yesterday? Do you- do you have time for me to come in? It's just I'm feeling really bad right now and-"

"My dear," he says, projecting composure. "I'll always have time for you. Please, yes, come in. I'll prepare the capsule."

I hang up and breathe deep. My gill stalks raise in response before folding down again.

And then I drive.


"Thank you so much," I tell the owner but he waves his hand as if to wave away my worries.

"Please, follow me," he says, turning and leading me to the back. "Same room as before. I think perhaps you need longer this time. I can feel the stress exuding from your body and it pains me."

He opens the door and waves me in.

"I'll be waiting as before," he says with a smile. "Please take your time."

After he leaves, I strip, tossing my clothes onto the bench before climbing the stairs. Anxious to begin. Eager to feel the water's embrace.

After a few minutes pass, the hatch silently closes and I realize I've entered the tank without my bathing suit. Yet, as I lay there with my arms spread, my eyes closed and the warm water around me, I don't care. It feels good. It feels right.

I close my mouth and my gill stalks lengthen, pulling my hair loose. They grow thick as they wave in the water beneath me. The rod dots on my growing gill stalks sprout like scarlet ferns.

With my mouth closed, I take a deep breath and my gills open for the first time.

The webbing between my fingers inches forward. I lower my hands in the water and pull, sinking myself deeper, twisting my arms to spiral in place with a smile. My fingernails fall away painlessly to reveal smooth skin beneath.

My eyes slowly open as my eyelids recede. Something brushes the back of my thighs and I panic for a moment, turning and reaching to feel what-

But then, light.

Another hatch, set against the bottom of the tank and hidden by the darkness, opens to reveal sapphire lighting. I float and then swim to it, holding the edges with elongating fingers to peer through.

My external gill stalks wave behind me like unruly red and white hair.

There's an entire world waiting beyond, a beautiful warm seabed beyond the mechanical portal of the tank. Unfamiliar plants wave slowly over rocks and sandy slopes.

My tailbone shifts in apprehension, pulling my fin in a waving pattern and it almost propels me forward.

I have to see.

I kick, spreading my toes to catch the water until I'm clear of the opening and then my arms join in and I race through the water with a stream of bubbles behind me. My small breasts shrink further, pulling against my body until they're small lumps.

"My beautiful siren."

The voice comes from everywhereand I whirl in a panic. It's Charles' voice.

A white light shines through the blue of the water. I move toward it and the tip of my tail brushes the back of my knees. It takes a moment but I see him finally. There's a giant glass wall and Charles stands behind it in a semi-dark room.

But he's not important right now.

I see my reflection.

My hair is as thick as tentacles and my fingers and toes are nearly twice as long as before with a translucent skin between them. I move, surprised by the sight and my tail shows itself, as thick as my thighs and topped by a waving line of skin.

Worse, my face is unrecognizable. Wide now with my eyes spread to the side. I reach up, hesitantly, and touch where my nose would be. I brush the two closed slits of my nostrils instead.

My ears are so small. Shrunken and close to my skull, nearly hidden behind the red stalks of my gills.


Behind me.

I turn awkwardly to see a woman swimming towards me. She's stunning with pure white hair and heavy breasts floating freely.

And a giant, green-scaled tail in place of her legs.

She smiles with sharp teeth that frighten me but her eyes are soft and caring.

"Don't be alarmed," Charles says soothingly. "It's only the two of you. So far. Angela has been so lonely lately."

The mermaid stops at a distance to grab her hair and hide her face.

A mermaid. A- A- fucking mermaid. The bad language, even mentally, makes me feel uneasy but she's floating right there in front of my eyes. And what am I?

"You make quite a pair," Charles continues. "I hope to find more but the magic is fickle and my client's choice is such a large part of it."


Did I choose this?

His words fill me with doubt but, as I turn to face him, the water surrounds and supports me. There's silence and a beautiful solitude to be found here.

"It will take time to transport you both properly," he says, his voice booming throughout the water. It's muffled in a strange way but still clear to me. "Angela has made the trip once already but I want to return you both to my island. The waters there are even more beautiful and you'll be truly free."

She swims to me hesitantly. Watching my reactions. I let her come, staring at her still-human face. So unlike mine now. Broad and vile and-

But she reaches out to touch my cheek with a smile and a slight tilt of her head. Her hand brushes my skin and I can't help but lean into her caress.

The light behind Charles fades as he turns to walk away, leaving the two of us together. I'm terrified but as Angela takes my arm gently to pull me deeper into the tank, I can't help but wonder at the new life before me.

Unfettered. Unbound. The worries of society lifted from my shoulders.

I breathe deeply and exhale bubbles which delights Angela. She claps her hand with dimples in her cheeks and a shine in her eyes.

When she pulls again, I follow, losing myself in the depths.
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Puss In Heels
Magic stockings changes a young woman at work, forcing her to deal with her new bestial heat.
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The lunch crowd rushed along the sidewalk, flowing around Milly as if she were a pebble in a coursing river. She clung to her purse, fixing her chestnut brown hair every time a pedestrian jostled her. The two chopsticks holding her hair up felt loose but she had no time to fix them; she just prayed they wouldn't come out. They were her only nice pair, despite the chips along their length.

She moved with a purpose, keeping her distance from everyone as they made their way to their favorite cafes. Her stomach growled but she pressed her balled hand against her cream-colored blouse. A passing woman knocked into her without a backwards glance or apology and Milly stuck her tongue out at the woman's retreating back.

A black and white marbled column provided her a safe haven in order to fix her hair and to recenter the cheap plastic "pearl" necklace she wore. She sighed as she touched it and remembered her mother laughing at her for wearing so many fake products.

"I just want to look nice," she whispered, tugging at her skirt to hide the edge of the tear in her stockings.

Earlier, she'd caught her stocking on an open filing cabinet and it ripped through the expensive silk like it was nothing. She'd run to the corner of the supply room, out of view, and cried. It was her first job after college and student loans were killing her. Unlike the fake pearls, she'd splurged on her work outfit and been particularly proud of her hosiery. Real silk, cool and sleek against her legs.

Her destination was across the street. She stepped into the flow of people and then back again as nobody made way for her.

"I can do this," she told herself quietly, fixing her face with a look of determination. The effect was spoiled by the twin dimples on her cheeks and her small stature. "I will do this."

Taking a deep breath, she dived in, moving and bumping through the crowd until she reached the crosswalk. The light turned green and she followed the waiting group, almost falling when her heels caught a loose stone. A stranger chuckled behind her and her face burned but she wrinkled her nose, squinted her eyes and continued without looking back.

Turning away from everyone, she walked to the thrift store. Her hand rested on the door but she paused to look around, suddenly sure that all of her coworkers would be there, watching and judging her for where she shopped. A quick look assured her that she was being silly and she walked in.

She hated that she worried what others thought but she wanted to make a good impression. Her mother's condescending laugh echoed in her mind, forcing her to stand taller. The act made her wobble on her unfamiliar heels and she hurried into the store, hoping nobody would notice.

The women's section of the store was far larger compared to the rest and she wound through it, searching for the intimate apparel section. This deep downtown, the only clothing stores were far outside her budget and she needed something to wear before going back to work; her apartment was an hour long bus ride away which put her backup clothes out of reach.

"Oh. Oh, gross," she said, sticking her tongue out.

She'd found the stockings - all cheap no-name brands barely any better than wet tissue, next to panties. Used panties. She walked wide of them, turning her head purposefully away until she reached the rack she wanted. They were all nondescript black with the texture of sandpaper. Milly closed her eyes and leaned forward to rest her forehead against the cool metal bar of the rack.

With her eyes closed, she sighed heavily and grabbed the first set next to her hand. She went to her tiptoes and nearly fell before catching herself on the rack. The poorly constructed structure wobbled and she squawked as she almost dumped the entire collection of merchandise. Her cheeks blazed as she moved away, wiping her hands on her skirt.

A bored girl with black hair and Kohl rimmed eyes stood nearby, slowly reshelving clothing. Milly admired her nose stud and wished she had the courage to wear the same. Holding the chosen hose close, she walked to her.

And then stopped.

A large bin lay between rows. She leaned back and then forward. And then back and forward again.

At the very corner of the bin were a pair of sheer gray stockings. What caught her attention was the faint shimmering black spots hidden in the fabric. She leaned back once more, watching as the spots appeared to move in the lights high overhead.

Her curiosity was piqued. Milly brushed past musty clothing until she stood before the canvas bin. She reached behind herself to hang the cheap hose on a nearby rack and then let it drop.

"So soft," she whispered, stroking the material. She picked one of them up, tilting it in the light to admire the unique patterns.

Grabbing the second hose, she looked around for the girl she'd seen earlier - and nearly jumped out of her skin when she realized she was standing nearby.

"Oh, uh," Milly said, rubbing the stockings between her fingers. "Uh. Can I put these on here if I buy them? I need them for work."

"Sure," the girl said without looking up from her stack of clothes. "I don't care."

"Thanks!" she told her, clutching the items to her chest.

No line waited for her at the checkout but a scrawny teenage boy leaned against the counter with an old portable game system in his hands.

Aww, man, really? she sighed to herself.

Biting her lip, she waffled back and forth on whether she had the nerve to make the purchase.

You've got this, Milly, she told herself. Pushing out her chest, she strode forward confidently and slammed the stockings down on the counter.

"I'd like to buy these, please," she said loudly, maintaining eye contact with the thin young man. "They're for work."

He looked at her for a moment and she held his gaze defiantly. Finally, he glanced down. And then back up.

"For work, yeah?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yes!" she replied, glancing down quickly.

The bottom of the stockings held the distinct brown toe prints of a large cat. A single dark blob mid-foot, the spade-like coloring where the balls of her feet would go and cute little jellybean brown ovals for four of her toes.

Shit, she cursed, staring at them. Shit. I could just say I grabbed the wrong ones! No, no. That's stupid. God, that's stupid. Uh. Uh. I could just walk away. Just. Just turn and walk and never come back. Leave the city. Forever. But they're so soft!

"Yes," she said, clenching her jaw. "Work."

"Alright," he said. "No tag. Where'd you get them? You sure they're ours?"

"I got them from the bin," she replied, hating the strain of maintaining dominant eye-locking. Yet she decided she wouldn't yield. She would maintain class and dignity as befitted her office job.

"Oh, those are a dollar then," he told her, pushing a button on his register.

"What, are you fucking serious?" Milly blurted. "Sweet!"

She saw his eyebrows raise with his head turned to the side and the edge of his mouth twitched.

Dammit, she groaned. Goddammit, Milly.

Her ears burned like twin torches as she handed over two bills, dropping the excessive amount of change into the charity jar at the end of the counter.

"Thank. You," she said robotically, spinning and nearly falling on her ass as her ankle faltered in her shoes.

The path to the changing room was directly in front of her through the open main area but she hid herself through stocked aisles, wandering in a labyrinthian pattern until she squeezed into the small room.

The slat-topped bench provided little comfort for her slim ass as she sat to undo the straps of her heels. She pulled the tight shoes off with a happy sigh before setting them on the bench next to her. Lifting her left knee, she hooked her trimmed nails into the stockings and pushed, relishing the way the material felt as it slid down her recently shaved legs. She rolled them at her ankle and pointed her toes as she pulled them off. The right followed next until her legs were bare.

Milly took a moment to stretch and rotate her feet, admiring the perfectly pink nail polish that covered her toenails. She'd almost done her fingernails to match but worried it'd look childish.

She picked her left foot up, bending her knee to hold her soft sole in her hand. Her fingertips dug into the unlined skin, slowly working in a small circle. She rubbed her heel with her left hand while her right pressed hard into her arch. Sliding her hand higher, nearly tickling herself in the process, she pressed the tips of her fingers into the ball of her foot, just beneath her big toe.

Rocking her finger back and forth in turn, she sighed with a ragged breath of happiness before moving on to the next toe, squeezing her arch as she dug in. The slightest of wrinkles lined the tops of her toes and she could nearly see her reflection in the soft, flawless bubblegum coloring topping her cute little toes. She wiggled them and spread them apart the best she could, closing her eyes as her fingers worked out the stress she'd accumulated throughout the day.

Once finished, she ran a single nail down the center of her foot, grabbing the bench with her left hand while arching her back as the sharp touch on her coddled foot shot a ticklish streak of pleasure down her spine.

Knowing that her lunch break was slowly drawing to a close but still feeling the ache from the confinement, she repeated the motions on her right foot. Once finished, she raised both legs in front of her. She stretched while holding onto the bench and then reached for her new stockings.

Milly rolled the soft hosiery in her hands before pressing her toes into the opening. The silky material was nearly as soft as the expensive pair she'd torn - a welcome surprise for such a cheap find. It dragged over her toenails and along the tops of her toes. At its touch, alabaster hairs emerged from her skin, as if pulled forth by the hosiery itself. Spots shimmered in the cheap overhead lighting as she unrolled the fabric slowly, luxuriating in the feel of it against her body.

Black hairs slid from her legs in sparse patches and irregular blobs as she continued to pull the hose higher, reaching her knees. She shivered as the random hairs scratched against her calves and shins. As before, she raised her leg and continued unrolling.

"Ohh," Milly gasped, pausing halfway up her thigh. She shook, suddenly over sensitive as the magic wormed its way into her, forcing her to squirm uncomfortably on the bench. "Crap, the time."

Unable to wait longer, she leaned back to unravel the stocking fully. Hidden from her view, the very tips of silver and black hairs forced their way through the tiny holes in the fabric.

Working a little more quickly, she grabbed the second one, bundling it quickly. When it touched the tip of her foot, the skin beneath her toes grew wrinkly. She tugged them up over the balls of her foot and small bumps formed over her tarsal bones as it slid higher. The tips of scattered hairs emerged and lengthened, forcing another full body shiver as she worked the stockings over her soft, cream-colored thighs.

"Go, go, go," she whispered to herself, shoving into her pointed toe pumps and wincing as the swollen leathery patches of skin along the bottom of her feet made her small feet cramped in her shoes. "Come on!"

Milly stood, wobbling once more in her shoes. A sharp, painful jolt in her lower back made her hiss in pain and her lips drew back to show her teeth briefly. Her tailbone unfused and phantom muscles tried to shift to counterbalance her inexperience with standing and walking in her pumps.

Just above the gentle swell of her ass cheeks, in between the twin dimples, a single black hair forced itself free. An argent hair, nearly clear due to its thinness, snaked out next to the darker hair. A second and third followed as the skin over her tailbone grew red and irritated. The sharp pain faded into a distant throbbing ache. Three more silver hairs sprouted and a second black hair grew to join the first one. Tendons, ligaments and muscles began to envelop the tip of her tailbone, beneath the hairs.

Grabbing her old stockings, she shoved them into her purse and stepped out of the changing room. A worker stood next to the door, slowly hanging discarded clothing on a portable hanger. Milly hissed at the other girl's sudden appearance and the few hairs dotting her back stood on end.

"Uh?" the other girl asked, pausing with a lemon-colored Polo shirt in one hand.

"I paid for these!" Milly said loudly, shoving her receipt forward while pointing at her legs.

Her eyes widened as the adrenaline surged through her body in a small wave. As it ebbed, her pupils contracted, shrinking to vertical oblongs. Miniature gray strands of coloring appeared in her plain brown irises.

"Yeah, okay," the girl said, raising her eyebrows before turning back to her task.

Dammit, Milly, she cursed herself as she stalked away. A lump slowly expanded above her ass and the skin shifted as the forming tip of her tail thrashed to match her frustration. More hairs, mostly silver, covered the bump and a few began to trail upwards. Why do you keep messing up like that?

Each strike of her foot grew more confident as she swept through the store. She'd grown to hate her uncomfortable shoes in the brief time she'd worn them, forced to stand on her toes. Within the pumps, the faux brown cat paw print began to fade. As it melted into the surrounding colors, the constant ache along the soles faded. It felt right to walk on the balls of her feet and the movement became an afterthought as she exited the store.

However, once outside, the press of the crowd intimidated her as everyone began to return to work from lunch. She pushed herself back to the wall of the building with her back hunched. The lump of her tail extended to a short rounded tip that flicked against her clothing but the odd sensation was lost as her eyes darted through the flow of people.

Beneath her hair, the edges of her ears flattened and flowed into a soft point. They trembled as they tried to rotate and track the multitude of sounds surrounding her.

There! she thought to herself, easily stepping into a sudden gap. The overpowering scents of cars and perfume and cologne and food and sewage flooded her nose and she sneezed violently as she walked. Thick, milky white whiskers split the skin over her lips, as if expelled by the jerk of her head. She brushed the back of her hand against her lips and continued. An odd urge formed deep in her chest as her stomach growled. She caught herself eyeing slow, straggling walkers at the edge of the sidewalk but forced herself onward, easily sliding through the giant rush of people as if they were ghosts.

Her step faltered as a child broke away, snatching his hands from the adult walking beside him. Milly's eyes narrowed to slits and she bared her teeth but a passing pedestrian bumped into her and pulling her back from the beast growing within.

The glass and marble facade where her company shared space with others appeared before her and she marked the path through the crowd before stepping and turning and walking through the needed spaces. The exposed tip of her thick tail lay nestled between her ass cheeks, held down by her tight skirt and sensible panties. With each step, the hairs covering it brushed against her ass and thighs in a distinctly pleasurable fashion. She tugged at her skirt to settle it but the soft touch continued, slowly building a state of heightened sensitivity that warmed her body.

The dark brown suede of her shoes strained as the wrinkled skin along the bottom of her feet solidified and swelled further into the beginning of her paw pads. Her skin overflowed the tight shoes forcing the edges to cut painfully into the top of her foot.

"Hi Dolores," Milly said, pulling the badge attached to her lanyard at her waist. She held it in front of herself while stepping from one aching foot to the other. Her stubby tail lifted and then flexed down as it lengthened slightly. Her eyes bulged as the tails caressed her pussy lips.

"Are you okay, Ms. Devonshire?" the older woman asked.

"Yes!" she answered, too quickly and too loudly, pulling at the side of her skirt once more.

"Okay," Dolored replied. "You know, you don't have to show me your badge, right? I know who you are and the elevator won't let you up without it."

"Right," Milly panted, wiping at the almost invisible whiskers along her cheeks. Her tongue dragged against the back of her hand as it passed her mouth.

Her unruly tail moved again, forcing her to nibble at her lips and her hand rose to her throat. It vibrated against her fingertips for a moment before stopping. The very tips of her ears, visible now through her hair, flicked back in surprise.

"Right," Milly reaffirmed, walking towards the elevator.

Each step was torture and the shoes strained, pushing her feet backwards and out of the opening. She kicked out of them as the doors closed, standing on wide, leathery-soft paw pads that stretched her stockings. The hairs piercing the fabric along her legs exactly matched the pattern of black spots with dark silver hairs filling the spaces in between.

'What's wro-oooaawwwl!" Milly yowled, thrusting her ass back as cramps filled her stomach. Her skirt lifted when her tail pressed up into it. She dropped her shoes, gripping the bronze railing that lined the elevator's wall while shoving herself against the wall. Shivering and sweating, she rubbed herself against the opposite railing while licking her lips with her rough tongue.

Her jaw ached, the bones pounding in time to the throbbing low in her belly. The sensation passed as suddenly as it appeared, leaving her gasping and weakly sinking to her knees.

The smell of her arousal filled the tiny elevator as it pinged each floor in its slow ascent. She pushed herself back up with shaking arms.

"Nyaaa," she moaned, leaning forward as her tail lengthened once more. It spread her ass cheeks with its thickness and pressed against her swollen sex.

"What is-" she gasped, reaching behind to see what was pushing into her. The elevator dinged and she froze in place before she could see what was happening.

The subdued noise of the office caused her ears to swivel and her heart raced as she stood barefoot in front of everyone, waiting for them to notice her. A split formed at the center of her top lip and the skin surrounding it grew dark as her whiskers quivered in anxiety.

Do I- she wondered in the split second after the doors opened. She licked her lips again, wincing as it dragged against her. Black lines spread from the split in her lip, flowing outward like a lightning strike in slow motion. At the same time, her lips bulged outward over her canines as they began to lengthen. I have to.

She held her shoes against her hips and walked quietly on silent, padded paws. Her calf muscles flexed as she strode through the office. The magic pulled at her body, forcing her to the forefront of her wide feet, despite no longer wearing her pumps. The stockings vanished beneath fur that completely covered her legs, leaving only her pink toenails exposed. The pink cracked as she walked and her toenails bowed upwards in a sharp peak. Beneath her skirt, the tip of her tail flexed and rubbed against the bottom curve of her ass.

"Hey Milly," Thomas said as she passed his cubicle. He stood to chat but Milly kept walking.

"Sorry-I-don't-have-time-to-talk-super-late-and-busy!" Milly said in a rush, speeding up to turn the corner away from him. Her tail slid further until it reached her thighs. It bulged beneath her skirt as new muscles formed, stretching the skin beneath the fur and straining the skirt covering it.

Another purr vibrated her throat as the silky fur lining her tail grazed against the bare skin at the back of her thigh. She felt her own wetness with each step and a sudden image of Thomas bending her over the copier made her stumble slightly. Her tail canted sideways to correct her movement and she hurried on to her small office.

Milly practically threw herself into her cheap office chair, biting her lips with sharp fangs when she sat on her tail. The mane of fur along her spine stood up straight and she hissed while grabbing the arms of the chair to lift herself slightly.

Before she could investigate, her desk phone buzzed.

"Ms. Devonshire," the cultured voice of her boss said over the speakerphone. "I'll need the Brooke files, please."

"Yes, sir," she answered with her finger on a small button on the phone. "I'll be there in a moment."

She turned, grabbing her mouse to wiggle it in order to wake her computer. Her palm rasped against the smooth surface of the mouse as the skin touching it began to swell.

Her heart beat pulsed throughout her body, from the tips of her silver-furred pointed ears to the bulbous ends of her clawed toes. She shivered, digging her fingers into the arms of her chair as she shoved her ass down, wiggling back and forth to soak her tail in the slick juices of her engorged pussy.

She wondered briefly if she was sick; the sensation reminded her of the many times she'd been home sick with the flu - flushed and feverish and sweating. But she couldn't deny the feeling between her thighs and the image of Thomas - no, now Jason- oh god, no, Robert. She was sure she'd seen him staring at her tits. She pictured herself cornering him in the copy room and winding her body around his, wrapping her tail around his leg and climbing him to-

"Ms. Devonshire?" her phone buzzed. "The file?"

She hissed in surprise and her jaw creaked as it began to lengthen. Her lips, completely black now, pulled back to show a row of sharp fangs in an over-crowded mouth. Her gray eyes locked onto her screen as she began to type in her password.

Fur spread along her back, creeping in fits and starts. She rolled her shoulders with her tongue stuck out. Her index finger reached out and a white line appeared in the middle of it as the nail flexed, bending upwards and widening, keratin flowing from the nailbed as it anchored itself more deeply within her finger. Skin split around it and bones popped beneath. Her other nails followed suit, retreating into their sheaths as they formed.

Milly's index finger bumped into the key, the padding lining the bottom throwing her aim off slightly. She touched the key and it popped off, tumbling down the keyboard as she reached her pointer finger forward. The motion brought her second claw out and another key popped free as she accidentally tore it from the keyboard.

"What in the world?" she said out loud, taking her hand away to stare at it.

Her palm was a dusky rose color along the edges and over her bones as the skin puffed out to protect her hands. She turned it over, wrinkling her brow as she tried to understand why the tips of her fingers looked different. Silver and black hairs lined her knuckles.

"The file, please?" her boss's voice called out, losing patience.

Milly yowled, slapping at the phone in a lightning-fast strike. Her claws cut deep into the plastic and her eyes widened as she yanked the phone from her desk. She shook her hand in a panic and the phone detached to clatter to the ground as she stared at her swollen, padded fingertips. Now that she concentrated on her hand, she could feel the hairs growing on her arm and she tore at her sleeve, easily cutting through the cotton to reveal heavy fur covering her forearm. As she watched, it marched inexorably up to her elbow and then beyond.

"What! What is- oh. Oh go-oowwwwl!" she yowled, clawing at her desk as she bent forward. Her body vibrated like a string and she could smell herself clearly. Could smell how needy she was.

With a sharp crick, her jaw expanded, flattening the bridge of her nose as wisps of hair began to line her cheeks. Her biceps flexed and bulged while she tore at her skirt to expose her pussy. Her tail thrashed, angry at being trapped by her position and the panties over them. Milly's sharp claws ripped her panties as if they were tissue paper and she bent, straining with her tongue out to lick herself. Sweat dripped down her torso to mix with a tuft of fur covering her mound.

"Can't- can't reach-" she gasped, raising her leg to change her position.

"Ms. Devonshire!" her boss yelled from his office.

Milly snapped up, hissing and baring her fangs until she realized what she was doing. She rapidly blinked her eyes while panting with her mouth open.

"Shit!" she said, digging through the files in her inbox. Panic filled professionalism reasserted itself, forcing her to ignore what was happening. She'd spent years studying and walked on eggshells every day at work while trying to fit in and prove she had the skills and abilities needed to climb the corporate ladder. The enormous pressure overwhelmed everything else.

Folders and papers scattered as her broad, padded fingers grasped awkwardly and her claws dug deep. She bucked, arching her back and quivering and as the inescapable heat flooding her body pulled at her nerves.

"Files. Get. The files," she said, standing from her chair and revealing a large wet spot on the fabric covering the seat.

Her blouse pulled tight against her body as muscles developed deep in her back to handle her heavy tail while it continued to grow. With her skirt and panties torn, her tail lifted and swayed behind her, wrist-thick. It rose higher, forcing her ass cheeks apart and filling the room with her heady musk. Her nipples throbbed beneath her blouse and tiny pinpoints of pleasure echoed along her torso. As she walked to her boss's office, powerful leg muscles flexing beneath silver and black-spotted fur, a tiny teat formed, hidden under dense fur.

For a moment, she dropped to her hands and feet, raising her ass with her tail curled to her shoulder. Her lips trembled and she rolled her head, crying out wordlessly for someone to just fuck her out of the miserable, hungry heat consuming her.

She fell to her knees and then stood, pushing at the large oak door before her.

"That took far too-" her boss started to say without looking up. He was just under fifty with gray hairs at his temple and wrinkles criss-crossing his forehead. His first name was Duncan and she would be the first to admit that he didn't look like a Duncan. He worked her hard and wasn't interested in her social life beyond work. She'd never held a single thought for him beyond fear and admiration.

Milly leapt silently from a standing start, her tail whipping behind her as she slammed onto the desk and then into her seated boss. Her weight and impact bore them both to the ground and she pushed her hands to the side, breaking the arms from his chair. The two chopsticks holding her hair fell to the ground as her brown hair unraveled.

"What the-!" Duncan tried to say until Milly's mouth found his.

She kissed him deeply, holding him down with one hand as the other tore through her blouse to expose her bare breasts amidst still growing fur. Fake plastic pearls scattered in every direction when she broke the necklace in one swipe. Leaning forward, Milly growled, the sound vibrating deep in her throat as she grabbed the man's hair. She forced her breast against his mouth and the growl became a vibrating purr when his tongue flicked her nipple.

"S-s-sorry," she gasped, rocking back against his belt and the erection growing in his trousers. Her tail quivered behind her, tugging at her ass. "C-c-can't stop. Need. Need dick."

Sitting up, she grabbed his shirt with both hands and pulled, baring his chest.

"You can't-!" he tried to say again.

She flipped, shoving her pussy down against his face to grind on his mouth. His short beard needled into her swollen, dripping pussy but the pleasure she felt simply by having someone-

"Fuck!" Milly yelled as his mouth opened and his tongue slipped between her wet folds

She tore at his belt and broke his zipper until his cock sprang free. After that, she wasted no time, shoving her furred face down, swallowing the length of him until she thought she would choke. Her soft paws held the base of his cock as she bobbed on him. Her sharp ears lay back against her head, hidden by her loose hair as she worked the length of his dick. She broke away, furiously stroking him before bending back down to lick his length with her wide tongue.

Duncan's hands beat at her side. She could feel his mouth moving as if he were speaking so she lifted her hips.

"-rough!" he shouted.

She turned to face him, grabbing his hand to press it against her belly, forcing him to claw at her furry stomach and the hidden teats as she rubbed herself against his hard cock.

"How did- oh god!" he gasped as she lowered herself onto him, her tight pussy clenching his cock. "Slow down!"

"Can't!" she gasped, yowling loudly as she slammed herself down on him. She grabbed his hands, pulling them up to force him to fondle her breasts and she squirmed in return. "Can't stop. Can't. Need to cum. Oh god, I need to cum, I'm so sorry!"

Words poured out of her mouth as she rode his cock. She begged him to call her his dirty whore as she leaned over him, draping her hair over his face to lash his cheek with her tongue. She leaned back, her tail curling around her waist as she pleaded with him to pull it and call her his little slut. Hot needles tore through her brain and her whiskers vibrated over her black lips as she pounded against him. He grunted with every slap of her muscular ass against his thighs.

Begging devolved into Milly simply yelling "Fuck!" over and over until even those left her and the beast overpowered her. She bared her fangs with her furred ears back, yowling and screaming until he exploded deep inside of her.

"You have to- not so loud!" Duncan yelled. "You can't- oh god- oh god it's too much!"

She bent to him, covering his sweating body with her pelt. Her breasts flattened against him and her claws dug into the carpet as she worked her hips in short, powerful movements. Her eyes were narrow and wild and she couldn't stop licking his bearded cheek.

"More, more, more," she whined, purring and snarling and mewling.

The orgasm roared through her and she threw herself back, her pussy clenching over and over as it forced his cum to spurt forth, coating her fur and his body.

"S-s-s-sorry," she gasped, her eyes rolling back as her tail drooped and then snapped back up.

The heat receded and Milly collapsed, panting.

"You're heavy," Duncan wheezed.

"Oh god," Milly gasped. She pulled herself off and then fell as her overly sensitive clit dragged against his cock. "Oh god!"

Falling to her hands and knees, she raced to his private bathroom and locked herself in.

"I can't even move," her sensitive ears heard her boss say quietly. "Augh, everything hurts. I think I'm bleeding. Yes. That's blood. On my chest. Claw marks."

What did you do?! she mentally yelled at herself. What the hell is this?!

She stood and stared at herself in the mirror, touching her wide, furry face. Her breasts, while not small, were almost hidden beneath fur and her tail waved behind her as if saying hello. Her pupils were dilated and her mouth was full of sharp, deadly teeth.

Milly waved her hands at her sides while spinning around slowly. Her heart pounded while she panicked.

"Milly? Is- is that- ouch- aahhh- is that you?" Duncan asked from the other room.

Despite her terror at what she'd just done, she realized she wanted more. She could feel it starting again. Drums. Steady, powerful drums low in her belly. Dragging her down where the beast could grab her with its claws and take over.

The stockings! It has to be!

As ridiculous as it sounded, it was the only thing that made sense. She stared at her thighs and touched herself, clawing through the heavy fur in desperation.


There was a strange tug mid-thigh. She pulled at it and then pushed and the stocking appeared over her fur. She pushed, surprised that her claws didn't tear it. The second stocking was easier to find and she wasted no time in taking it off. Both lay on the floor, half rolled.

But- but that has to-

Pain flooded her body. She held her stomach and fell to the ground, her tail slamming against the tile as it shortened, bones melting while muscles dissolved and fur retreated. It felt like eternity passed but, finally, she opened her eyes when she felt the cool floor against her bare body.

"-you okay?" Duncan was asking.

With a groan, she rolled and stumbled to her feet.

"I'm- I'm sorry!" Milly said as she scanned the room. She pulled the curtains from the window to wrap them around herself. "I'm coming out!"

She pushed the door and ran as her boss stood to the side with his mouth agape. Silver hairs lined his torn shirt and jacket and blood well from deep cuts on his chest.

Tears of embarrassment streamed from her eyes while she fled the building, ignoring the yells and laughter until she made it to her old car deep within the basement parking garage.

Finally, seated in the silence, she lay her head against her steering wheel and allowed herself to breathe. She was already mentally composing her letter of resignation and considering a move. Somewhere far away from anyone that may have seen her. Alaska perhaps. Or Greenland.


Snow fell in heavy waves of fat flakes as Milly walked down the sidewalk.

"Ain't-" the man behind her tried to say. He wavered on the sidewalk and then pulled his coat tighter against his body. "Ain't you cold?"

She laughed as she walked before him in her bluejeans and t-shirt. Her bare nipples pressed against the front of her shirt.

"No, not so much anymore," she answered, steam curling away from her mouth. "It's here."

"Whoa," he said, staggering back to look up. "Nice. Nice. House."

"Yeah, well," she shrugged. "I got a little lucky from my last job. A, uh, a decent severance package."

She opened the door and led him inside, taking his hand to guide him through the dark.

"Can't- can't see a damn thing," the man cursed, stubbing his toe on the edge of a small table.

"I can, don't worry," she assured him. "Just kick off your shoes at the door."

She waited patiently until he worked his boots free and then took his hand to lead him through her house. Once in the bedroom, she pushed him down playfully to the bed. He laughed, laying with his arms spread.

"Whole room's spinning," he said. "Whole room."

"Why don't you take your clothes off," she told him, standing and watching for a moment.

He struggled with his shirt but she waited, feeling the anticipation of it until he began to struggle with his pants.

"I'll- I'll- I'll get it," he said, moving his hips until his cock was free. It was limp now but she'd felt it when they flirted at the bar and knew that wouldn't last long. "Didn't- what was your name?"

"It doesn't matter," she told him as she pulled her shirt off.

She moved slowly. Letting it build. It'd been half a year and she'd spent most of it denying herself. Her pants slid down her hips and legs. She wasn't wearing any panties. Over time, she'd found she liked going as bare as she could. Especially with skirts. In public. Knowing a gust of wind in the right direction would show all. It just felt natural to her and she'd go in less if she could.

Thick brown pubic hair covered her mound. She'd stopped shaving a few months ago. So she could touch herself. So she could pet herself and pretend.

Today she was done pretending.

"You comin'? Gettin' cold," the man groused.

She sat at the edge of the bed with her stockings in hand. He sat up awkwardly to kiss her shoulder and rub her back and she leaned into him, enjoying the feel of his rough hands as they scratched her body.

"Bite my shoulder," she told him with her eyes closed as she picked her leg up to pull her stocking on.

He obliged, nibbling at her neck.

"Harder," she gasped and he bit her. "Harder! Use your teeth!"

She closed her eyes as his teeth marked her and the effect was almost immediate. Imagining him behind her, teeth anchored in her neck to hold her limp as he mounted her.

The second stocking slid over her leg and she turned, pushing him down to straddle his legs. He laughed again, reaching for her but she pushed his arms down. He was hard now, and big.

Milly leaned over her to kiss the head of his cock and her ass raised. It ached. Throbbed deep within.

Her pussy dripped with anticipation. It'd taken a couple months to get over the shame from her last job. To accept the desire she struggled to deny herself. She'd almost given in an uncountable number of times since then but she'd put it off. Waiting until she was ready.

Her nails dug into the blanket beneath them, nails folding as the joints popped and the fingers expanded. She lowered her hips, rubbing her slick, hairy pussy against his dick.

"Hot," he whispered, grabbing her neck with one hand and her tit with the other, pulling her to him to kiss her. "Pussy's so fucking hot."

She broke away and held him down, turning his face so she could lick his neck and cheek. Her tongue rasped against his skin and he squirmed. Finally, she leaned back, grabbing her breasts as she felt the nerves connect to her tail. As she felt the tail come under her own control. Silver hairs emerged among the brown over her pussy and they spread in a sharp peak up to her belly button. She reached beneath her, grabbing his cock. Already she could feel the pads forming as she held him steady, yowling as she speared herself on him, her lips parting as she pressed her claws into his chest, lowering herself until he touched her cervix.

She leaned forward to kiss his lips and her own top lip split. Her gray eyes met his as she slowly rocked back and forth with a happy little mewling sound.

"So fucking hot," he murmured, grabbing her hips and stroking the soft fur he found there.

"You won't remember a damn thing, will you," she laughed before grunting as spikes of pain announced milk ducts forming for her growing teats.

He grabbed her ass without reply and her tail lifted as she began to speed up.

When the fur spread and the heat began to fill her, all she could think was that she couldn't believe she'd waited so long for it. And that she'd never make herself wait again.
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Great stuff
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Great stuff
Thank you very much!
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Under The Lights
A spoiled model is gifted magical boots that change her
Lights crashed. Blinding. Bright. The electric wind-up signaled each of their bursts which briefly exposed faces floating in the dark.

A raised platform lay centered in the room, long and sleek. Glossy under the lights.


And then voices. Pens scratching as explosions rocked the huge room.

Tanya crossed her right leg in front of her left, lifting her chin to look down upon the anonymous crowd. And then she walked. Strutting with exaggerated motions down the runway. Her dress flared out above her hips to show thin black panties that barely covered her hidden lips. A wide piece of velvet hung down her back like a bastardized cloak. The top she wore was stiff with an inverted V cut-out showing off of midriff and its mirror showing her pendulous, tanned breasts. Her nipples showed with each step in a mesmerizing alternating pattern.

The people murmured as she stalked down the lane, left hand on left hip, right raised to shoulder height.

At the end, she paused and almost smiled, displaying her superiority for all to see.

And turn.

Jesika was ten paces behind her, already walking her way and waving coquettishly at men and women on the sidelines.

Training prevented the snarl from reaching her lips. Tanya paused for an extra, over-indulgent second and then walked, passing within a calculated hair-width distance from Jesika. She reached the curtains.

And turn.

Chaos greeted her and her face dropped all pretenses, her flawless skin rising over her high cheekbones as she centered her fury on the beardless man shouting out directions in the middle of the room. Men and women yelled and cajoled and - yes, one girl was crying - as everyone changed their outfits and made ready for their turn.

"I don't have time-" he started to say as he caught sight of her.

Her slap wasn't strong but she had years of practice perfecting the proper way of striking to ensure it stung.

"How dare you!" Tanya screamed, her pouting lips drawn back to show tall, perfect white teeth. "You sent her out too early! You know you're to wait until I've returned and you still sent her out."

"Tanya," he tried to say, raising his hands.

She tore at her clothes and pins flung through the air as they fell apart, leaving her standing in her panties and heels and nothing more.

"Who do you think set this in motion for you, Stefan?" she screamed, coming closer to him.


"Do you think anyone will pay for your shitty designs if my father spreads the word among his friends? If he smears your name in our circles? Do you think you'll be nothing more than a- a- dishwasher if I so much as whisper in his ear?!"

"Tanya, please," he begged.

The other models were frozen. Perfect statues in various states of disarray.

"I'm done," she said, her voice dropping to a disturbing calm. She regarded him with brilliant green eyes as he began to sweat.

"No, I-"

"Tomorrow you will feature me in ten outfits," she told him, watching his expressions. Noting the panic and pain that flashed in his eyes.

"That's almost half," he moaned, rubbing his hands together.

And turn.

She walked to her private changing room. Her heels cracked against the tile like the keys of a madman's typewriter.

"Where's Angelica?!" Stefan yelled behind her as she closed her door.

Tanya threw herself onto her couch with her arms spread over the back. A single lock of brilliant gold hair escaped her braids but she ignored it as she sat there, seething while replaying her walk in her mind.

She screamed and slapped the couch before drawing a deep breath.

Finally, she stood and began dressing herself, reaching for the red and black silk kimono she'd purchased earlier before the show. She paired it with black silk shorts that hung tightly against her boyish hips and showed the bottom curve of her ass cheeks. A red and gold belt completed the outfit and she tied it lightly, letting the kimono open to show her cleavage.

A door at the opposite end of the room opened.

"Ms. Javier," a gravelly voice said quietly. "Your car is ready."

The girl's dainty feet sunk into the rich carpeting as she walked to the floor. Light glittered from her toenails, fracturing off of the tiny diamond chips she'd had applied earlier in the morning. The door opened wider at her approach and her bodyguard stood to the side. Tanya slipped into her sandals before walking through the doorway.

She ignored him as she always did. The pair of them were shadows and nothing more.

A jet black BMW waited curbside before her, with her second bodyguard holding the door open. She noted the glass of wine before she gathered her kimono to sit inside, crossing her leg and lifting the glass to down it in one go. The door closed with a nearly silent thump and immediately pulled away.

Tanya poured more wine and sipped it before pushing a discrete button in the center console.

"I want to go shopping first," she said. "Amar's."

The car hummed with power yet she barely felt it change lanes. The outside world was dim through the tinted windows but she didn't care. Instead, she focused on the mirror before her, leaning forward to check her reflection for any flaws.

Satisfied, as always, with her appearance, she sat back to finish her drink, closing her eyes to rest until she felt the rumbling car grow quiet. The door opened to show both bodyguards standing ready. She swiveled and pushed herself out, pulling her sunglasses from a pocket at the back of the passenger seat.

"Clear it," she told her bodyguards as they made their way to a small clothing store.

The store's signage, simply named "Amar" after its owner, took up over half of the glass front. Tanya stood aside with her sunglasses resting against her pert nose, waiting and watching as women left the store. One of the two men held the giant brass door handle, pulling it open and waiting for her entry.

"Ah, Ms. Javier," the owner said, bowing minutely as she entered. He was short and balding with a gray beard but wearing an exceptionally tailored suit. "You honor me."

She ignored him as she did everyone else, instead walking through the nearly empty racks, touching the various outfits.

"Ms. Javier, if you please," the man said from the side of the store.

She frowned but looked up at him.

"I have an item that I've kept waiting for your return," he told her, gesturing toward an ornate wooden box. "Please."

It was unusual but she was interested. Amar sold a small number of items to select clients and even she knew that if he had something special that it must be unusual.

As she approached, he lifted the lid of the box and Tanya's plucked eyebrows rose. Resting upon a gold satin pillow lay a pair of viridescent thigh-high boots. She came closer to realize they were covered in tiny scales that appeared almost oily in their reflectiveness.

"And?" she asked, hiding her interest.

"They are truly unique," he told her. "It is well that your men asked everyone to leave as I wouldn't dare show these to prying, unworthy eyes."

She reached out to touch one of the boots. The scales were cool to the touch and almost metallic.

"Skinned from a reclusive beast," he told her, watching as she stroked the boots. "I paid an embarrassing amount for its remains. I made these with you in mind, as a gift for your continued patronage."

"A gift?" she asked.

She never paid for anything she "purchased" from Amar's store. He knew her payment was in exposure; the very fact that Tanya Javier wore his clothing would drive customers to his boutique. Nobody knew who he was until a famous actress wore one of his dresses to her movie's premiere. Since then, his name spread like wildfire and she helped stoke the flame.

"Yes," he nodded. "I would be honored if you wore them."

The larger of her bodyguards reached for the box but she reached for the boots first and stepped out of her pear-lined sandals. The guard knelt next to her and she lay the boots before her, resting a hand on the guard's shoulder as she thrust into the boot.

It was warm. The leather lining hugged her foot as she pushed, tugging gently without stopping her. She reached the bottom of the boot and flexed her foot, slipping it completely inside as Amar watched. He sighed as she placed her other foot into the remaining boot, wiggling her toes until the leather completely enveloped her. Her bodyguard retrieved her sandals and stood, following her to a nearby mirror.

They were a perfect fit, if a little tight. She turned and admired the contrast of the green in comparison to her black, red and gold outfit. From the side, she bent and her kimono raised to show her slim ass beneath her shorts. The tips of her toes tingled within the constraints of the toe box so she wriggled them to ensure they still had good circulation.

Deep inside the boot, diamond chips detached and fell away from her nails as they bent in half horizontally with a sudden, sharp crack that brought the long ends down into a curved claw over the tips of her toes. Slowly now, they pressed deeper into her nail beds. The skin atop her feet cracked, the skin drying in the instant before it broke in a wave that ended at her ankle.

Green showed beneath the ridges of the dead skin lining the top of her feet. Her toes swelled as the bones within grew dense and the nails dug into her flesh. The tops of her nails brushed the inside of her boots.

Tanya turned to nod at Amar.

"These will do," she told him, masking the thrill of the find. As she always did.

"Again," he told her as she turned to walk away. "It was my pleasure."

Her toenails began to lengthen inside the boot, the curve forcing them to bend further as the broad ends grew to sharp points. Her pinky toes cracked and pulled back, sliding against the side of her foot. Keratin flowed over the surface of her nails, dislodging the remaining pieces of diamonds as they finished growing into proper claws.

The inside of the boot brushed the top of her expanded foot, scraping skin away to reveal soft green scales. Emerald lines appeared at the edges of the cracked skin around her ankles. They spread slowly along her shin and around to her calf. As the lines progressed, her flesh grew desiccated.

The smaller of the bodyguards opened the door to her car and she slipped inside, once again crossing her legs. The boot lay against her bare thigh and she bounced it impatiently as she waited for the car to leave.




An odd coldness gripped her, spreading from her thighs and outward. She pressed the button to her side.

"Turn the heater up."

Pain lanced into her belly and she grunted. But, as she reached for her exposed stomach, the cramps subsided. Oviduct glands began to form as her body prepared her for laying eggs. She scratched at the raised mound above her pussy and hairs rubbed away. The itch persisted and she scratched harder, humming at the pleasure it brought to her. The hood over her clit folded, pushing down as her labia grew thin and her lips pressed together.

Her fingernails dug into the smooth patch of skin above her new slit. The skin stretched as bones within her hips pushed outward to make room for her body to produce a clutch of eggs. Nails tore flesh to reveal slick scales and her breath rushed out in a sensual, sibilant gasp.

Heat blasted her and she smiled for the first time that day, reveling in the feel of it against her body as it invigorated her.

A single green line snaked out of her left boot along her leg. It split, arcing left and right until it reached her kneecap. The skin surrounding the line grew thin and translucent, tanned skin fading to white and then to a faint mint color.

Tanya's tongue slipped between her lips and she hissed softly as her nails dug into the hardening scales above her sex.

The changes within her womb spread outward and she gasped as it rewrote her arousal and base desires. She rubbed her thighs together and opened her mouth. And then opened it further, the skin connecting her lips expanding as she slipped a hand between her legs to touch the slick juices lining the inside of her thighs. Blood rushed to her labia and they opened as her lips grew plump, stretching and breaking to show even smaller scales surrounding them.

When the car door opened, she snatched her hand away in surprise. She'd been too distracted to realize they'd stopped. Turning, she stepped out of the car and her thighs flexed. Ancient DNA awoke as the magic ran its course, telling her body what it should be and what it always should've been. Strong legs for hunting prey, not the sticks she had now. Hard lines appeared as her thigh muscles doubled and then tripled in size. Her ass swelled, straining the tiny shorts until they tore at the sides.

She needed something. There was an urge building within. She was restless. The street was too open. Images of her bed filled her mind. Blankets. A mountain of blankets with her beneath them. Her own little blanket den. She watched her bodyguards move along the sidewalk. Compared their sizes, wondering if the bigger one would make a better lover. Wondering which would win if they fought over her.

As they should do. To win mating rights with her.

Tanya shook her head and breathed out in a ragged sigh. She would call Geoff when she arrived home. Her arousal was getting to her head and she would need to blow off some steam. He could come over if her bodyguards let him through. If he could fight through her bodyguards and find her in her den and win her affection, she would let him, or whoever won-

"No," she said quietly, shaking her head once more.

A clear line of fluid seeped from her pussy, trailing down the scales still hidden by her torn shorts. It slid free of her clothing and down over dry skin that quickly tried to absorb it.

Her bodyguards opened the doors for her and she stared at them briefly. Hungrily. Her tongue flicked out to taste them on the air.

The others waited within the building with an array of lights. An army of makeup artists descended upon her but she hissed and pulled back. Her tongue slid out and wavered between short teeth with varying gaps between them. The tip of her tongue grew to two small points before she pulled it back.

"No, I don't need you today," she told them. Her tongue explored ceaselessly, writhing as the tips roamed over the ridged roof of her mouth and backs of her canines. It felt full inside of her shortened, still human jaws and she found herself incapable of keeping it completely inside. The fleshy, dual tips flicked out between pouting pink lips, scraping against teeth beginning to grow to curved fangs.

Tanya eyed the lights and eagerly walked over to stand before them to bask in their heat. She shook her head hard and her hair uncoiled to her shoulders. The curled ends of her golden hair bounced and brushed her neck as they slowly began to retreat into her scalp.

Invisible fingers reached into her spine, tugging and pulling and tickling, forcing her to bend over and grab the small stool at the center of the lights. Cameras clicked as the photographer's assistants began to film her. They assumed her positioning and the way she rotated her ass and waist while staring at the lights in ecstasy were part of her modeling routine. Both were eager to catch an unsolicited perfect shot to impress their boss. Her hips, wider now and showing pronounced curves, jumped as bones clicked and broke within.

Sharp spikes pierced her skin in a slow wave from the nape of her neck to her freed tailbone. The rose as her spine extended, stretching her skin. The beleaguered shorts tore as the sharp edges cut through it and they fell to the ground beneath her. The kimono pulled tight to the side of her body, exposing her breasts and shoulders. She pushed back against the stool and the short oriental dress wagged behind her as her tail began to expand.

Tanya trembled and opened her mouth to reveal a mouth full of short, curved fangs. The tip of her tongue split and she hissed in dual pleasure from the lights and the ongoing transformation reshaping her body.

Her fingers slid along the underside of the stool's seat as they lengthened and she felt her heels sliding inside the boots. She fell to her ass, crying out as her thick tail slammed into the ground beneath her.

The young model sat in the powerful lights with the kimono open to bare her upper body to every single onlooker. A buzz of concerned conversation filled the room and her bodyguard moved in her direction. Ignoring all of them, she pulled at her boots with fingers nearly twice as long as before and her feet slid free to expose brilliant green scales over eight thick, armored toes and two useless dewclaws on the sides of both feet.

Her bodyguard rushed to her with a shout and Tanya turned to him, eager to see the fight over mating privileges begin. Liquid pool beneath her, soaking her kimono as she spread her thighs to encourage her lovers. Skin flaked away at the movement to reveal scales growing beneath, soft and wet and new.

"The fuck?!" her bodyguard shouted, coming to a stop.

Tanya's cheekbones expanded, pushing at the skin surrounding them. She reached up, scratching her face and running her elongated fingers through her short, pixie haircut. Her nails were sliding forward over her fingers while curving into claws to match her toes. Ridges formed along her scalp as her face slowly pushed forward. Her nose flattened as her snout expanded and her nostrils drew back to two slits. She leaned on her kimono, exposing herself to the horrified gasp of onlookers.

"I don't care who it issss," she hissed, reaching a clawed hand down her chest to cup a full, heavy breast. "Jusssst someone come fuck me."

Her hand trailed down her belly to slip between her pussy. She grinned as her face continued to push forward, cracking and creaking. Translucent webbing spread from the corner of her widened mouth and she leaned back, opening her long jaw as she moaned in pleasure.

The girl brought her hand up, cutting away thin, sheer skin bloodlessly to reveal pale mint-colored scales lining her body, lighter than the scales at her side. She leaned back further and then onto her side before rolling to her hands and knees. The center of her massive tail matched the coloring along her torso. It was almost as wide as her hips but barely two feet long. Fresh scales grew from its base as it lengthened again and again. The tip curled ever so slightly as she exposed her pussy, the pink, glistening internal lips an odd contrast to the inhuman scales surrounding them.

"Call her father!" the larger bodyguard shouted. "Call Mr. Javier! Get them- get them out of here!"

"Dude, fuck this," the other bodyguard said. "Come on, Frank, man, come on! Fuck. This. Shit!"

She smiled, looking over her shoulder. Brown lines appeared in the brilliant blue of her irises. So, it would be the larger one, then. Whatever his name was. Frank. The other had said Frank. All that mattered right in this moment was he'd fill her and fertilize her eggs and help build her nest so-

But both men ran after the bigger of the two looked at her angular face and he bolted.

"No!" she hissed, her throat vibrating in a grumbling growl.

Tanya stood, shrugging completely out of her clothes. The bulge of spiked skin lining her back forced her to hunch forward. A voice whispered quietly, echoing throughout her head for her to drop to her stomach to crawl after them but she ignored it, swaying slightly on her splayed toes. Her tail brushed the back of her calves, the scales rasping as they brushed back and forth. It pulled against her as it continued to grow.

The heat from the powerful lights dried her remaining skin, curling away to reveal new lime-colored scutes. Her split tongue slithered out to flick up and down.

There's something... she turned, tasting the air again.

"Hello?" a high, sweet voice called out from behind the screens and free standing lights. "I'm a little lost. Where should I put my things?"

They ran because they're afraid of me, Tanya told herself. There was a moment of panic that was quickly submerged as her physical being absorbed the changes still coursing through her. She stared at her arms and body, turning her hands to admire them and the darkening scutes covering her. A frown of self-doubt flickered over her ribbed, thin lips but the magic surged and she nodded, her eyes narrowing to slits. They're envious of me. Of what I've become. They have no idea. No idea what it's like. No idea what it feels like. I'm more than I was. Better.

Beneath it all was pulsing, aching drive to be mated. It filled her mind with a buzzing static that distracted her from focusing on any single thought for more than a few seconds. Always returning to the need within.

She bent to collect the boots and walked with a slight lumbering gait, slapping her elongated feet against the ground and scraping her claws with each step.

"Hello?" the girl asked as she rounded the corner. She was a petite, barefooted redhead in tiny shorts and a plain white t-shirt that barely covered her breasts.

Tanya grabbed her and the woman shrieked. They tumbled when the woman tugged, pulling Tanya on her still-unsteady legs. She felt her tail whip around as they fell and she found herself twisting on her feet, slamming her tail against her woman's chest and face when they hit the ground.

"Get- get off of me!" the smaller woman yelled, thrashing futilely beneath the heavy lizard woman.

The former model felt the girl's hot breath against the underside of her tail, just above her sex. She raised her tail and pushed back with her thighs spread but the girl turned her face while beating and scratching Tanya's side.

Ignoring the girl's feeble scratching, she leaned forward, grabbing one of the boots from where they'd fallen. She wriggled her hips slowly, scratching the girl's skin as she pulled the boot over the girl's bare foot. Despite the girl's struggling, the boot fit perfectly and she grabbed the second to force it over the girl's other foot.

"Stop! Just- just get off-!" the girl said as Tanya lifted herself and shoved her ass back.

The pale, almost white scales lining the center of her tail flexed as she bent it back. Strands of clear liquid connected from her pussy to the base of her wide, heavy tail.

Beneath her, the girl turned her head to the side, away from the dripping pussy above her. She turned her head the other way, pushing at Tanya's thighs before leaning her head back to scream.

Flecks of blue appeared in the girl's pink tongue and the skin split at the corner of her lips. Her mouth opened far wider than should be possible as her tongue snaked out, the specks spreading until her tongue was a dark lapis blue.

"Ssstop!" the girl screamed as her fists slowed. Her nails slid over the tips of her fingers, elongating into narrow claws to hook into the scales at Tanya's hips. "Sssssto-oooh..."

The girl's blue tongue flicked out, swelling as the tip split. She leaned forward and it brushed Tanya's pussy, forcing the lizard woman to shove her ass down. The thick tongue easily slipped between her engorged lips.

Brown scales appeared above the tops of the boots the smaller girl wore. Tanya pushed at the boots as she slid forward and they slipped free to reveal toes lengthening, the skin cracking to reveal tan and brown scutes while her toenails grew to long, deadly claws.

Tanya sat back, lifting her breasts before clawing through her short, blonde hair. Green showed at the roots but she leaned her head back to hiss in lustful pleasure. The other girl's tongue lengthened inside of her, rubbing and writhing against the muscles within. She rocked back, digging her own claws into the girl's bare legs and her hardened nails slid off of forming scales.

Voices sounded in the distance.

"Jesus," a heavy, old voice said.

Tanya gasped and the tip of her tail smacked the ground as the end of the girl's blue tongue tickled her cervix. She turned with a wide, scaly smile.

"Father," she rasped, her pure, perfect voice now matching her new form. "Sssso-oh! Oh! Ssssso good of you to-!"

The lizard woman's claws tore at the other girl's clothing when her orgasm exploded within. She slammed herself back, the thick scutes over her wide, curvy ass scraping against the fresh scales lining the other girl's slowly extending face.

Bodyguards flooded the small room. A few gasped but most kept their stony faces. They were intensely loyal to her father.

"Bring them," the old man said, turning away from the pair writhing on the ground.


"And you've found nothing?" he asked, his watery blue eyes staring at the short man standing nervously before him.

"Mr. Javier," the man said, swallowing before continuing. "You- you have to understand that I've never seen- this just shouldn't be possible."

"You're the expert in your field, Mr. Aventor," the old man said. He frowned and his gray mustache drooped at the corners. "I've paid an enormous amount of money for your silence and your expertise."

Behind them, thick glass showed a giant room. A large green-scaled woman reclined on a mound of pillows while the second, smaller and brown-colored but covered in heavy, armored scales, paced.

"Pleasssse," the smaller one said as she paced. She stared up at the cameras watching them while covering her chest and sex.

Every so often, her long fingers would slide down the tan scales covering her belly to touch her pussy. Clear liquid seeped from the lips. Her claw brushed the hidden labia and she jerked her hand away, spreading her hand once more to hide her nudity. Yet, again, after a few moments, her finger would slowly creep down.

"Pleassssse!" the girl called out, her voice rough as her blue tongue wavered. She ran her claws through her short auburn hair, tracing over the protruding ear holes at the side of her skull. "I don't belong here. I- I can- I can feel it sssstarting again and- I- I can't-"

Behind her, Tanya openly masturbated with a wide smile on her snout.

"At leasssst," the other girl said, her hand creeping down once more. "At leasssst ssset usss up again. At leassssst. You owe ussss that."

A short video played on the monitors beneath the window. Both girls were bound with heavy black rope and tied to a padded sawhorse. They were pressed against a wall with their legs forced apart and their wide tails raised above them, lying against the wall behind them. They thrashed but the bindings held. The video showed two rooms separated by a thin wall. Two naked men joked with each other in the other room, showing their large, erect cocks to the mock film crew behind them. More naked men waited their turn on couches on the other side of the room.

It was Mr. Javier's idea. Both women grew restless once a week. Their already high sex drives went into overdrive and even the second girl lost herself to the lust, both giving in to their animalistic sides for two days before the urges began to fade, leaving them restless and horny but in control of themselves. Until the cycle repeated.

He had his most trusted employees hire male porn stars. They were told they were filming a glory hole video series.

On the video, the men approached the wall while holding their cocks. They guided themselves into the waiting pussies and the two women froze on the other side of the wall. Their random thrashing ceased as they shoved themselves back, hissing and snarling while their wet, dripping pussies were finally filled.

"This is beyond me," the herpetologist said, wringing his hands. His eyes wandered to the video screens and then up again. "This- this just can't be possible. Not with the science we have. It's-"

"I understand," Mr. Javier said finally, smiling. He patted the other man's shoulder and nodded. "I understand."

"And, look, I won't say anything," the man said, his body finally relaxing.

"I know," the older man said, turning away. "Do it."

Bodyguards surged from the darkness at the back of the room. They held the scientist in place and the young man screamed, kicking and yanking his arms.

"Don't! Don't kill me! Please!" he yelled. "I have a family!"

"Oh, please," Mr. Javier said with a wave. "I'm not that kind of man."

A third bodyguard approached with a pair of boots held carefully in his gloved left hand. He held the small man's leg still, yanking his shoes free with a sharp tug. The large guard shoved the boots over the man's feet, pulling them up over his pants. Despite the size of his feet, the boots appeared to expand over him.

"I can't keep up the charade," Mr. Javier said, turning to stare at the young man. "I can't keep asking my people - good people, to do these terrible things."

"Please," the man said, tears in his eyes. "Please, just let me go. Pleasse, I ssswear I won't ssay anything."

A bulge appeared in the man's crotch. He struggled and pulled but the guards at his side held him in place. His tongue peeked out between his lips and he turned to the window briefly before turning back.

The toe box of the boots expanded, stretching against the soles.

"Ngh," the man grunted, twisting his head from side to side. Sweat rolled down from his temple and his chest rose and fell rapidly. "My- my family. My wife, ssshe'll-"

The man's cock slid free of the band of his pants and he hissed, mouth cracking wide open as he leaned his head back with his eyelids fluttering. The round tip of his dick strained as it grew to a trembling point that leaked pre-cum from the opening. His eyes opened once more to show dark, oval slits.

A second, smaller hemipenis slid beneath his constricting pants, sliding as it grew against the larger one.

The boot broke when his swelling toes forced his sharp claws between the outsole and insole. Shiny black scales split the dying skin atop his feet.

Behind the thick glass, the two lizard women were moving. They approached the glass, their pink and blue tongues tasting the air as the breath from their slit nostrils steamed the glass. The microphones picked up their moans as they pressed themselves against the glass. They clawed aimlessly while writhing and hissing.

"Ssssmell him," Tanya moaned.

"W-want him," the other girl moaned, grabbing her small, scaled breast to pull it up to her long blue tongue. "Want to ssssuck his cock."

The herpetologist strained against the guards as he reached for his hemipenes. He stared at the girls and his black tongue wavered before him while his nostrils flared.

A side door opened, revealing a tiny white chamber. The guards threw the young man into it and Mr. Javier watched as the man tore his clothing. Already the base of his spine showed the black, waving tip of his growing tail. Another door opened in the chamber and the man tumbled out into the room the women shared.

He watched, unable to take his eyes away as the girls rushed him, fighting over the prone body. Tanya won, shoving the smaller girl out of the way as she raised herself over him, her wet lips parting before she lowered herself over his throbbing, pointed hemipenes. The other girl, Sara, leaned forward to wrap her tongue around his second one while fingering herself with her long, clawed index finger.

FInally, the old man turned away from the orgy, disturbed at the naked eroticism of it. He left the observation room and the hissing moans of the three followed him.

As the door began to close behind him, Sara hugged Tanya's back. She let go and leaned back while bringing herself down, screaming as the male's hemipenes split her aching slit. She pounded up and down, throwing away all pretenses of her usual demure personality. She grabbed Tanya's hips to anchor herself and her tail quivered behind her as she rode the man's dick, slamming herself down again and again.

The small girl's scales scraped the man's thighs to reveal slick ebony scutes. Her snout opened wide to reveal her blue tongue and she leaned forward, reaching for Tanya's breasts, squeezing and massaging as the other girl worked her hips in a matching motion.

A loud, hissing shriek filled the air as the smaller girl bucked, spraying Tanya when she finally came. Her claws dug painfully into the larger girl's breasts and Tanya shuddered, hunching forward and snapping at the air with her fangs. Her hips jerked and she snarled, clawing at the girl as her own orgasm tore through her.

Thick white cum leaked from Sara's pussy but the man's second cock was still hard. She moaned, grabbing her own breasts as she slowly rocked back onto him, finding the proper rhythm once more.

The lights dimmed around them but infrared heating lights glowed, keeping the threesome warm as they rutted long into the night.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Delayed Gratification
A new werewolf holds back her changes while enjoying intimacy with her mate.

Just a short little thing I put together on a whim after coming up with a fun little idea!
Sabine toyed with the collar dangling from the back of her neck. She reached up, scratching her throat and then around to her nape. It was there, beneath the surface of her skin, as if the beast were clawing her flesh. Sweat poured down her naked back, catching against the few scattered hairs lining her spine. Wetting them until they were slick against her body.

So difficult to hold it back. It was part of her training. Grabbing the wolf by the neck to restrain it and keep her changes at bay as long as possible. Three months since she was bitten by her girlfriend - the gift purposefully passed on when she thought she was ready.

The collar was huge. A present for her third full moon, it rested against the tops of her breasts. 'You'll grow into it,' Monika had told her when she'd given it to her a few hours ago with a huge, toothy grin.

Sabine moaned. Her curly brown hair slid against her neck, catching on the fur she couldn't keep at bay. She stared down at her thighs and clenched her fists while grinding her teeth. They itched, threatening to curve outward from the sharp points she now had permanently into the deadly fangs that lined her jaw when changed. Her ears twisted. More permanent changes - always covered in silky brown fur with folded points

A long, low growl made Sabine look up. Her nose wrinkled as slits formed at the corners and the flesh fractured into a faint pebbled texture. Monika stood before her, rising onto four legs. Three hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle covered in creamy white fur with a black mark on her forehead like a flame of hellfire. Beautiful golden eyes stared back at Sabine. The enormous wolf lowered herself and rolled, curling paws larger than Sabine's head.

Monika's back legs splayed out before her and Sabine growled while clawing at her inner thighs, drawing blood when her sharp nails grew thick and long. She stood and walked to her girlfriend, suddenly aware of her stub tail when it swept back against her ass cheeks. Her tongue lashed up to her nose, wetting the pure black skin and her dark lips.

She wrapped herself against her mate, arms stretched out around Monika's chest with her face nuzzling into the werewolf's neck. Sabine inhaled, taking in as much of the other woman's scent as she could. When she'd had her fill, she opened her mouth to lick Monika's jaw and up over her lips. Over and over while clawing her soft, furry belly.

Sabine stood back while continuing to stroke her lover. Veins stood out on her arms and legs and neck. The light shined from the sweat covering her body, mixed with the fur from Monika and her own fur.

Her fingers found a bump and Monika turned her muzzle to look at Sabine as the girl growled and pawed through thick fur to expose the teat. Milk welled from the tips as it always did for the first hour after she finished changing. Sabine bent to it, suckling the teat into her mouth while sliding a hand down down down until she felt her girlfriend's protruding, swollen pussy. She petted it with her entire palm, feeling her own thin padding filling out as she teased the other woman.

Fur crept along Sabine's jaw as her cheeks crackled and began to expand. Golden rays shined in her own eyes. She pulled back, staring into Monika's eyes with milk dripping from the fur covering her chin. Watching as she thrust fingers into her girlfriend's spade. Monika's legs kicked and she snarled, pawing at the air until Sabine found her teat again. Her palm slapped against Monika's pussy, splattering cum against her fur and Sabine's arm.

She couldn't hold back anymore. Sabine's shoulder blades lifted and rolled. Fur speared through her skin around her spine as her back bowed and she threw her head back to snarl. Fangs pushed against her black lips, more growing just as her own jaw expanded. Monika was whining. Twisting and kicking while her tail thumped the ground. Sabine's paw pounded into her frantically. Her fingers popped and began to shorten, leaving her with little time to-

Monika howled as her pussy clenched, shoving Sabine's fingers from her spade. A clear stream of liquid gushed from her folded lips, covering both of them in her scent.

Sabine's knees cracked, forcing her down. Her collar dangled beneath her but slowly tightened as her muscles rippled beneath her fur covered skin. She stretched out, clawing at the floor with her tail straight, snarling as joints cracked. Fine whiskers split the skin above her top lip just as her muzzle finished forming. She padded around as Monika rolled to her feet, bowing with her back arched and her ass up. Sabine huffed and shoved her broad nose against Monika's taint, sniffing deeply before letting her tongue roll out to drag against her girlfriend's pussy.

The brown werewolf, covered in dark curls, cleaned her mate's pussy while the other snapped and snarled and clawed the floor. Eventually, Monika turned, butting her forehead against Sabine's jaw before licking her with three long strokes of her tongue. Sabine shoved against her girlfriend gently before pushing her until they were side-by-side, skin to skin, fur to fur with Monika's tail brushing against Sabine's tail.

They walked together, silently through the basement and up the stairs into the field above. Monika leapt and ran without warning, causing Sabine to growl and chase after her until they both disappeared into the woods.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

A college jock finds himself slowly turning into a woman... and then growing fur and a tail while lusting after the nerdy tutor who accidentally cursed him.

Life returns with pain. Cramps and a headache.

It's mostly quiet but I hear some of the guys moving around the frat house. Opening my eyes shows me one of the coffee tables so I must be on the couch. Body feels heavy.

Slowly. Glacially. Turn my head.

Some blonde laying on me. Almost red hair but it's mostly blonde and straight and kinda tickling my chest, to be honest. Someone must've thrown a blanket over us. She's warm and soft and I feel my dick getting hard until a cramp lances through me and I groan.

My hand, already hanging off the side of the couch, fumbles around and I think I feel my underwear.

As carefully as I can, I move the girl while rolling out from under her. Trying not to wake her up. She whimpers in her sleep all cute and I brush her hair to the side and make sure she's comfortable. Really, her hair is so silky.

I step into my underwear and my head pounds when I stand, all 6' 4" of me. Tiny hairs rise along my body in the open air. I'm standing naked and I know most of these guys wouldn't care that much. Hell, I wouldn't care that much, really. We're all guys here. But, anyway, I pull up the underwear until they're cradling my balls all tight and snug. Digging into the inside of my thighs.

Dray walks in while I'm stretching. Rolling my head and pressing on my temples. Can't really reach my neck that well because my biceps are too big. But I massage what I can reach. My hands rub the stubble on my head.

"Yooo, Reggie, nice. You a briefs man?" he laughs.

"What? Yeah, I'm-"

Shit. I'm wearing the girl's panties.

"Fucking grabbed the wrong goddamn-" I yell, grabbing the panties off while reaching for my own underwear. Boxer briefs so my balls can breathe. My stomach cramps again when I bend.

"It's all good, man. Just fuckin' wit' you," he says. "I don't give a fuck what you're into. Who's the girl?"

I turn, bending to touch her hair again. I vaguely remember the night before. Drinking. Drinking too much. Talking to all these girls that aren't paired off. This blonde chick laughing with me, touching my arms. Whispering in my air. Getting drunker and drunker. Asking her if she wants to make out but she just laughs and tells me she wants me to fuck her in front of everyone. Kind of a blur after all. Making out on the couch, people heading to their rooms but some watching when she takes my dick out, her earrings jingling while she blows me.

"Man, fuck, I can't remember," I tell him with a shrug.

"Aight," he nods. "Hey, some of us gonna go for a run. You down?"

"A run?" I ask, raising my eyebrows. "Fucking seriously? After last night?"

"Yeah," he says. "You'll get used to it. We're headin' out in about thirty if you want to come out."

"Alright," I grumble. "Just gonna shower."

"Shower after the run," he tells me. "Fucks wrong with you, shower before you run."

I shouldn't but since I said it out loud, I really want one. To wash off before I get out there. Running in front of everyone. I just want to feel clean and look good.

"So I'll do it twice," I say, walking to one of the bathrooms.

The door's open and some guy I don't know is standing and pissing with his eyes closed.

"Sup," I tell him, looking away from his dick.

"Yeah," he sighs back as he continues to piss. I know how that fucking feels, that's for sure.

I pull off my underwear and look back at him for a moment before getting in the shower and turning on the hot water. The toilet flushes and it takes a minute to mix in the right amount of cold water but, when I do, I turn the knob and stand under the perfect stream of warmth.

Scratching the thick black hair on my chest, I turn and sigh as the water washes over my broad back. The heat seems to be helping the weird little cramps and my headache.

It was a good night, even with the pain the morning after. And the girl was hot. Wanting to fuck in front of everyone, damn. A quick memory of grabbing her soft ass and spreading her cheeks while she bounced on my dick makes my cock grow hard.

Behind the dark shower curtain, I start to stroke myself, moaning as I remember her hands on me. rubbing my dick. Kissing it. Holding her hair back - so soft and straight. I wonder what product she uses to make it so glossy like that? I should ask, probably. Ah, but back to it as I groan and squeeze his dick in my imagination. My lips going over the head of his dick while his fingers grab my hair and I moan, again, in my memory and out loud in the shower as I remember it.

"Joe," I whisper, licking my lips.


Fucking Joe?!

My hand freezes and my eyes fly open.

The cramps. The weird dreams and the odd little hints of memories I have. Of Joe. Of fucking Joe.

Oh god. Oh god, no. Now I remember that day three weeks ago. Same goddamn thing happened, starting with the cramping in the morning.

Deep inside my guts, mashed in with everything else my epididymis begins to change, slowly forming into the start of a fallopian tube. The changes spread, taking my vas deferens with it as my reproductive system forms first. There's a sharp, slicing cramp that makes me double over and my erection dies in an instant. My testicles began to ache in a slow, dull throbbing pain. Yearning to become my ovaries. Again.

I want to throw up. It can't be real. It fucking can't.

But it's so similar and the images are too real.

I go to my knees, shivering and gasping in pain when one of my testicles is pulled from my sac by the growing fallopian tube, slipping painfully between my cavernosum and perineal membrane as it ascends. The second testicle tugs and I grab for it. My ballsack feels weird and empty.

It seriously fucking hurts when I try to stop my second testicle. I cry out and let go. When it moves, I find myself spreading my legs to ease the pain of its passing. I don't know why it helps but it does.

A tiny bit of pre-cum leaks from the tip of my dick.

And, oh god, I can see Joe's cock in my mind. He's surprisingly big and my hand's wrapped around it. Smaller. All strange. Getting closer to it. Wanting to do it. Feeling all hot and fuzzy. Giggling as my tongue reaches out to clean his pre-cum. Shivering and moaning just from tasting him before my lips open and being careful with my teeth and-

"Fuck!" I yell, muscles bulging as I push myself up on trembling legs. My ballsack settles softly against my taint. Empty.

Standing beneath the water, I shiver from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

It happens again, the heat flushing through my body. I try to stop it. I do. I try. But a moan is forced from my mouth and I lean against the wall with one hand, the other rubbing along the stubble atop my head. Rasping and scratching at the hair that's grown since I shaved yesterday.

When I stand to let the shower wash over me, I cry out and cover my chest when the water needles into my sensitive tiny nipples. It hurts but I twist my legs and my dick throbs in response.

Oh fuck. Joe again. Licking my nipples. My fat nipples. Sucking them in his mouth and rolling them on his tongue until they grow hard. A strange high voice coming from my mouth as I beg him to nibble on them. I can fucking remember saying it. Because I wanted it. Because I wanted him.

I shudder and open my eyes to see my fingers pinching and twisting my nipples. I feel a happy jolt in my gums and down to my crotch. More pre-cum leaks from my dick.

Biting my lips, I let go of my nipples.

Dark chest hair covers my hand and I see more on the bottom of the bathtub. I still have some covering my chest but it's way thinner now.


"Yo, briefs!" Dray says, pounding on the door. "Hurry yo' ass up!"

"Alright!" I yell back, rushing through the rest of the shower.

When I clean between my legs, I stop. And go slow. Fondling my dick (Joe's in my hand and I want to suck him off so fucking bad and feel him in my mouth until I'm choking), I slip fingers down to touch my empty sack. The normally wrinkled skin is smooth but not completely.

I press up. In between my thighs. And sigh when I feel solid skin.

But I have to fight the memory of Joe above me, staring me in the eyes. Reaching up to take his glasses off and telling him how handsome he is. Pulling him down to kiss him and telling him to be gentle when I feel the end of his dick against my-

I turn off the shower and step out, grabbing a random towel. I have to hurry. I don't know if anyone would notice my missing balls but no fucking way I take that chance. When I towel off, I gasp as the towel rubs over my nipples so I slow down and pat my chest off.

Black hairs line the towel. My chest hairs.

My fucking chest is completely smooth. Completely and utterly smooth.

Worse. My nipples are larger. I'm sure they are. And my areola... I reach out and touch the darker skin surrounding my nipples. They're soft and a little puffy and I can't help but touch myself.



It goes right to my dick.


I put my underwear back on and head straight for the living room. The girl is gone but my clothes are still there so I pull them on, hurrying before someone notices how different I look. When I'm finished, I run my fingers through my short auburn hair, scratching at the roots as they tickle my scalp.

My clothes are looser than I remember but they'll do for now. I'm just going for a run and can find something better in my room afterward. Something a little more form fitting to show off my curves.

A few guys, talking loudly and jeering, walk down the hallway and I fall in behind them.

We file outside and I shade my eyes against the bright sun. It shines through my nails as they begin to lengthen, filtering the sun through their translucence. Stepping down the short steps, I can't help but shiver as my clothes brush against my skin. My tummy feels so sensitive.

Once we hit the sidewalk, the guys start running and I take a step to follow but a severe cramp hits me and I lean against a nearby tree. A space is opening within my guts, just beneath my new ovaries. I grab the tree, trembling as muscles within my arms begin to fade. The pain is a hot knife as my uterus forms and I sink to my knees, leaning my head forward.

It thankfully passes and I pull myself up and brush a stray lock of hair back over my ear.

Fucking Joe.

Over a month ago, one of the guys recommended this asshole as a tutor. Algebra. Not one of my better subjects. So I go. He's an okay guy. Thin. Nerdy. Dorky as fuck but handsome and smart with kind eyes. But the fucking weeb has anime bullshit on his walls. A couple posters of some slutty anime girl in a school outfit. I mean, why the fuck does he need that when he has me? But, no, he's got these posters staring at me while I'm trying to understand what he's telling me.

They aren't even dressed that great. Their skirts are too long and their tits are too small.

I lean against the tree and press a hand against my chest, biting my lip when my thumb brushes my aching, fat nipple.

So, I'm sitting there, getting more and more pissed because it's not making sense and these sluts are on his wall and I just blow up and throw my book. It's shameful when I remember it now because I was such an asshole while this sexy guy was just trying to help me out. Called him a fucking weeb and tore one of his posters. I should've torn both of them. He doesn't need them.

He said I was being an ass and, in hindsight, yeah, I was. And I should apologize for that again. I haven't seen him in a while and I still feel bad about it. I should just go see him. Talk to him a bit. And apologize for being an asshole. And kiss him, yeah. Fucking kiss his lips and see that surprised little happy smile. He's such a fucking nerd. Looked surprised every time I kissed him. Fucking little virgin.

Well, not any more.

God, I miss him. And his touch.


Fucking goddammit, no!

I'd left his apartment and couldn't stop thinking about the whole thing. The next day, I woke up with cramps and an urge to go to him. I tried to put it off but, that night...

I sway and then clutch the tree as bones crack in my hips. It hurts. It hurts so much. My loose pants fill up as my ass swells, fat packing on over muscle to show sexy curves. To make space. Opening me up for future babies.

Oh god. I can't stop blushing at the thought of a little one sucking at my-

Groaning, I close my eyes and the pain passes, leaving me breathless. I try to walk and ignore it. My frat brothers are far away and I'm thankful for it because my nipples are even bigger now and, Jesus, I'm swaying as I walk and I don't know how to stop it. Every step makes my shirt rub against my nipples and I just want to touch myself. My cock lifts half-heartedly in my pants.

A gust of wind blows my shoulder-length reddish hair and I settle it back as I stare at the shop in front of me.

A lingerie store.

I'm stuck.

Frozen in place.

There's a mannequin in the window wearing a lacy black outfit. Stockings connected to panties with little clasps and a bra. The mannequin is slim but with larger boobs and I touch myself again.

The skin beneath my hand moves, separate from my chest.

Was I that big?

Specific memories are foggy. I can't- I can't picture-

What am I doing?

I lick my lips and wipe my mouth but my hand lingers as I stare at the headless figure wearing the sexy clothes.

My lips swell slowly, pushing outward as they fill. I bring a finger up to run the tip along the soft skin. Back and forth. Back and forth, lightly tracing my full lips. Feeling the echo of pleasure down in my guts.

Lips part and my finger slips into my mouth. I suck on it in reflex and moan, pushing it inside and wrapping my tongue around it.

"Joe," I whisper as my face burns.

He'd- he'd like these clothes. I know he would.

So I'm not surprised when I find myself inside, the door jingling quietly closed behind me.

The saleswoman is a curvy black haired girl that sizes me up and then smiles. I pull at my shirt to hide my nipples.

I can't believe I went out without a bra. It's so embarrassing.

"Can I help you find something?" she asks cheerfully.

"I like," I say, my voice breaking for a moment. I clear my throat and continue in my rumble while pointing at the figure in the display. "That outfit there."

"Oh, sure, that's popular!" she says, smiling widely. Her eyes dip down to my left hand in a quick, practiced glance. "Do you know what size your girlfriend wears?"

"Oh, it's for-" I start to say.


My face is afire. Oh no. I'm doing it. I'm in the store, trying to buy this fucking lingerie for fucking Joe and oh-god-I-can-just-see-his-cute-mouth-open-when-he-sees-me-wearing-it-and- FUCK!

"It's-" I try to say again, pulling my shirt away from my chest in a fanning motion. The cotton rasps against the tops of my nipples and I can't help but rub my tongue against the roof of my mouth.

"Oh, it's okay, hun," she says comfortingly. "Plenty of guys come in to buy clothes for their girlfriends. Do you know her size?"

No, I realize. I still-

I can see Joe standing next to me. Staring at me. Amazed. Mouth opening and closing as his eyes crawl over every inch of my naked body. Going to him to kiss him. Standing on my tip toes.

Remembering him opening the door when I came over to be tutored. Why didn't I just jump his sexy ass right then?

I shake my head. That's- that's not right- I wasn't- I wasn't me then.

I see both of those scenes in my mind and then look back at the sales girl.

"A- a little taller than you," I say, staring at the ground and swallowing.

Something is tweaking the inside of my chest. Tugging.

Fatty tissue grows over milk ducts and the flat, loose skin I felt early swells into the slightest of bumps that push my nipples forward.

"And bigger- umm, bigger-" I say, blushing hard (squishing Joe against me, my large breasts flattening against him and my arms as I-) and swallowing yet again. "But about the same around the waist."

"I think I know what you mean, sweetie," she says. "Let me put something together for you and meet you at the register."

I watch her for a moment and then walk around the racks, touching clothing. My sleeves hang loose over my arms showing slim arms. As I walk, I grab random things and press them against my chest to compare them with-

Fuck! What am I doing?!

I turn to go but the girl's voice calls out.

"I'm all set here, hun," she says, catching me as I almost leave.

I- I made her do all of that work. I can- maybe I can give the clothes to the girl I met last night. I could find out who she is. Ask her out. Save the clothes for her. Do friends give friends lingerie? Would she think I'm hitting on her? I don't want that. It might be weird and I don't want to give her the wrong idea. And I think I'd wear them better, anyway. I know I would.

Humming, my voice cracks and trembles as my Adam's apple melts away to leave a smooth, slim throat.

"That'll be $74.39," the girl says.

I reach for my purse and then tsk, instead reaching for my wallet to pull out some twenties, passing them on. She rings me up, hands me my change and the bag with the clothing.

Her eyes linger on my hair. The warmth in my cheeks seems to flare, spreading like wildfire down to my chin. My wide, square chin cracks, the bones dissolving as it slims to a gentle point. At the same time, my cheekbones form, pulling at the skin of my cheeks which form dimples when I smile at the girl.

"Thank you!" I say, with a high, soft voice.

I turn, missing the way her eyes bulge.

God, I can't wait to try these on. My ass stretches my jeans as my calf muscles, developed over years of consistent workouts, weaken. Bulkiness is replaced by slim, soft curves that lead to thick thighs.

My unbound breasts jiggle beneath my shirt as they start to grow more full. The bottom of the shirt lifts slowly to reveal a smooth, hairless stomach. There's pressure on my back as my tits fill out, pressing against my stomach while the rounded curves of my tits slide down my chest and bulges out to the side of my body.

I should get a massage.

Rolling my shoulders, I run a hand through my thick hair, scratching my scalp briefly with long nails.

There's practice tonight. My cute little eyebrows knit together and my lips pucker while I tap my chin to remember. Football field. Cheerleader practice? I can't remember being in cheer but I do remember watching all the men rushing around on the field. Sweating with their hard muscles working. Shouting and cheering. Bumping helmets. Full of youthful arrogance.

Sexy but not nearly as hot as Joe. There's just something about his sweet smile and gentleness that really, really turns me on.

A wet spot forms at the front of my jeans as liquid, no longer completely pre-cum, leaks from the head of my shrunken cock. While I walk, I adjust myself. The head of my cock feels way too sensitive but there's an odd numbness around it, too.

Bones shift beneath my widened hips and my cock slowly pushes forward as my mound grows. Dark black pubic hairs flake away to reveal the stubble of white hairs at the base of my cock. They spread in a wide pattern above my thighs, growing slowly into curly, silky soft white hairs. I want to dig my hands into my pants to scratch at them but-

No, I want to touch myself. Thinking of Joe so much has made me hot. My shirt rides up over my large breasts, showing my toned midriff and every brush of fabric sends shivers down my spine. The ends of my hair slip into my shirt, caressing my back as it lengthens. I can imagine it's Joe's fingers, scratching down my spine as we lie together after sex. Smiling as he kisses the bridge of my nose.

I step into the frat house and walk around Nick, who stops to stare at me.

"Hey there," he says, eyeing my chest. "Who you here for, sweetheart?"

What the fuck? Who the fuck does he think he is?

"I live-" I start to say. My voice is soft and sexy and-

Oh. Oh no. I have the bag of lingerie on my shoulder. I can feel my hair tickling me and my lie breasts heavy on my body. And Nick is tall. I have to look up at him and he's obviously staring me up and down. And, oh Jesus, he's got a hard-on. He's not as big as Joe but that doesn't even matter because- whaaat the fuck am I even thinking?


It doesn't matter how big Joe's-


"I'm here to see Reggie," I lie, unable to look him in the eye.

Without waiting for him to say anything, I rush through the house to his- to MY room, slamming the door behind me.

I'm breathing so fast and my tits are just- Jesus, my tits.

Locking the door, I pull my shirt off of my body (just like I did when I went to Joe that first night, taking my shirt off for him so he can see-) and stand in front of the cheap mirror on the back of the door.

My tits are fucking huge. They're pulling at my shoulders and back and I can see their bulge from the side of my narrow torso. My nipples are dark and wide, perfectly centered in the middle of my puffy, tan areola.

I reach for them hesitantly and only then do I realize how small my hands are. But still, mesmerized by the sight, I rest my palms against the bottom of my breasts. My hands are warm and I bite my lips as I cradle my tits, turning my hands to touch my nipples before squeezing myself.

And moaning. Like a fucking girl. My voice high and as soft as my tits.

God, now that I can look past that, I see the thick curls and my curvy, girlish hips and- shit!

I let my breasts go and they jiggle when I release them. But, I don't care. I'm shrugging out of my pants and- oh, thank god. It's still there. Small but still there. Shrunken and pulled back with the head sticking out through a tangle of white hairs. The shaft is barely half an inch long but, still there. My finger accidentally brushes the head and I moan again, falling back against the bed.

A thick lump of skin lays against the base of my dick, hidden beneath the hair. It's soft and utterly smooth. I part the hairs as I sit up on the bed. My ass presses up against my thick thighs, which press together.

And I bite a scream back.

The inside of my thighs are slick.

Facing the mirror, spreading my legs, I reach my hands under my thighs and pull my legs further apart, gasping as my long nails scratch too-sensitive skin.

There's a slick slit beneath my dick that glistens in the light.

It's a fucking- it's a- a- fucking-

While I watch, skin gathers around the slit. I can feel it creeping and growing, folding over to form my reddened labia.

There's a kind of pressure in my thighs and I fall back, instinctively touching myself. I point my toes and tremble as I feel the small little lips forming between my thick outer labia. My finger dips inside my forming pussy but I pull it back out. I can't. I can't touch myself there. I'm not- it's not right. I want Joe to take my-

I tense at the thought, chest heaving.

A single red hair emerges among the white as my cock shrivels, pulling back while the lump of skin shrinks with it. I moan, unable to stop myself from caressing the remains of my dick. And then, I suck my fingers, licking and sucking the sweet taste of myself until my fingers are covered in spit. My hand creeps through the red and white hairs covering my mound until I feel the head of my cock. I rub spit-covered fingers over it, moaning and pressing my thighs together.

My left hand goes to my breast and I squeeze as I play with my dick. Only it's not that. Not anymore I feel it pull back. The skin at the base grows over the miniscule head and it drags down, a new hood hiding my smooth clit. I push the hood back to reveal the tiny nub, spreading my legs and pinching my nipple, unable to stop a sighing moan. It's an utterly unique sensation I've only felt once before but I can't remember it from the first time. It builds as my finger moves faster and I jump when my long nail accidentally brushes against the clit. My clit.

I whine while the red hairs spread from my mound, slowly creeping up my stomach. My finger moves against my clit and hood as soft padding begins to form and my nails bend into sharp claws. The skin around the base of my nails splits to reveal clear sheaths. My palm rests against the fur covering me and I'm whining and growling with a cute little voice as I get closer and I feel like I have to go to the bathroom but I can't stop moving my finger because if I stop I'll mess it all up and I don't want to stop and-

My back arches and I scream, pressing my fingers against my hot, wet pussy while clenching my shaking thighs against my paw. My ears twitch while tiny hairs sprout from the edges of them, beneath the thick red locks surrounding them. White whiskers open holes along my top lip, slowly growing out as I turn my head to lay my cheek against my bed.

Breathing so fast. Chest heaving. But I want more. I want him. Joe. I need him. Need his hands touching me. Petting me. Seeing his wondrous smile as he strokes my fur.

I sit up with my knees spread and my large ass against my heels. Reaching back, I grab my own ass and then press a thumb against my lower back. Digging in, I can feel the loose tailbone. Waiting to be free.

More important things, first!

I giggle and grab my bag of lingerie, taking everything out and laying them on the bed as I'd wear them. I open my hand to make my claws come out and break the thin plastic holding the tags in place.

Black hairs emerge around my belly button. They spread down with the red and white and then up, tickling me as they cover my body.

"Ohhhh," I moan, caressing myself. Scratching the itching skin beneath my dense fur coat. Pulling and toying with the hairs. I squeal as I play with them but then refocus on the task at hand.

Hand. I'm easily distracted. My train of thought makes many stops and I open my paw, touching the raised rose-colored padding as it grows dark. Dark pink fading to light gray that changes to dark gray. I reach a trembling hand up, brushing my whiskers before licking the padding, My tongue rasps against the leathery skin and I tremble as the sensation crackles down my spine like lightning.

White hairs push through the skin along my cheeks while cinnamon colored hairs grow in a slow line from beneath my eyes. The changes draw out my eyelashes and they extend in slow, luscious curves.

One of the tags is being rude. I pull at it with a claw and then bring it to my mouth. My canines are extending, pushing at my lips as all four peek out. Growling quietly, I bite at the tag and pull and it snaps.

"Oh! Scissors!" I say, bouncing off the bed. My tail, still short, swishes behind me.

A large wet spot covers my blanket where I was sitting but I ignore it as I hunt through my desk. Tan and red fur grows from the base of my spine as my tail finally begins to grow in earnest, pulling the hairs in alternating bands of color. I squeal in happiness when I find my scissors and hold them carefully with my awkward paws. My little pink tongue sticks out between my four sharp fangs and my full, black lips as I slowly cut a hole in the back of my new lingerie.

I only just realize these are the first clothes I bought myself. That's both sad and incredibly exciting because I can buy even more now! Yay! All kinds of cute things to show Joe.

"Ohh," I gasp, remembering his cock in my paws. And being careful with my fangs like a good little girl while I wrap my lips around his giant, hard dick.

Rich, amber hairs emerge from my back as I finish cutting my underwear. Without waiting, I step into them, pulling them up over the silky black fur dotting my legs. I wiggle my hips left-right-left-right and then tug them up, reaching behind to hold my naughty tail with one hand to make sure it slips through the hole I made. It's so small! But, already dense with fur.

The tips of my ears grow to rounded points and it tickles when they start to move, shifting through my hair but I don't care. I whirl in front of the mirror with my arms out, admiring my panties and how sexy I look. I had to wear my old clothes when I first met Joe but now- now, I'll be a proper lady. Proper ladies have large wet spots on their panties, right?

Oh. But, well, I will still have to wear my old clothes. I'll just have my pretty hidden clothes beneath them. That kinda makes me sad. They don't fit right and they aren't cute but I don't have anything better. Not yet! I'll have to make time to go shopping.

For a moment, I stare at myself. At my changed body full of fur and fuzzy ears and - fangs! I smile and my puffy cheeks poof out when I show my teeth. The fangs actually force me to not have an overbite because, otherwise, I can't close my mouth comfortably. I run my fingers through my thick hair and tweak my ears, pinching and pulling them forward. They're ringed in white hairs but the backs only show black stubble. For now. They wiggle in my fingers so I let them go.

Behind me, my thick, ringed tail lifts and dances so I grab it (it tries to get away from me!) and twirl with it like it's my dance partner. Until I collapse to the ground, my tits jiggling and my tail still in my claws.

Proper ladies need proper dance partners. Everyone knows that.

I sit back on the bed and struggle into my bra. It's really uncomfortable and small but I grunt and hiss and pull until I have it on. One of my claws slides out of its sheath and nicks the band but it holds and I turn to look at myself.

My breasts overflow the bra. But, it's kind of sexy? As if my tits had grown from- well, I guess they have! They almost look bigger than before. And definitely bigger than this morning.

And bigger than the girl on the couch.

I stroke the black fur as it reaches my tits. I shiver and twitter as the hairs brush against them and then squirm when they continue. Out of curiosity, I lift my left boob and watch the tiny hairs come out. It's weird but it feels really good. My skin's all pale white and then BLAM! Dark and then all fur! And it just- ohhhh- it just keeps moving. I take a small guilty amount of pleasure knowing that my fur and hair are both more luxurious than the couch lady's hair.

A yawn takes me by surprise. My mouth cracks and my whiskers wobble but I hide it behind my arm. The sun shines through the blinds and I want to curl up high on my shelves and fall asleep but I can't! Not yet!

I smack my cheeks gently and curl my little paws into tiny fists of determination. I can do this!

Giggling again, I wiggle my fluffy white ears. Like my legs and tummy, black hairs emerge from the back of my hands and my forearms, spreading as I pull my feet onto the bed. I stare at my tiny toes and spread them, watching as the nails curl forward and bend into claws. I whisper sweet nothings to my feet, massaging the bottoms while the skin swells along the balls of the feet and beneath the toes.

Playing with my feet makes me gasp and squirm.

Oh no.

Will the stockings show on my legs? They're black already! I have to try.

Hiding an even wider yawn that forces the tips of my ears to tremble and water to leak from my eyes, I gently pull the stockings on, angling my toes so my exposed claws don't cut them or cause a run.

They glide over my fur and I twitter once more at the feel of them. My huge tail swivels around, curling up against my stomach as if begging for attention but I ignore it and finish with the stockings, eagerly grabbing the next one to do the same. They bulge over my soft, plush thighs but the way they compress against my body feels so good.

Very, veeeery carefully, with whiskers trembling and my fingers bent to keep my sneaky claws away, I grab the clasps and attach the stockings to my panties.

Mine. My panties.

I'll need more. I'll-

The yawn almost hurts this time and I smack my lips with a sigh as I slowly lower myself to the bed. My tail presses against the back of my thighs so I open them and it slips in to lay against my tummy. I cradle it and lick the dark hairs on the tip of it as I




Loud voices wake me. The street lamps cast orange lights through my window shades. As a freshman, I got the crappy room, of course.

I bounce out of bed with a happy squeak, full of energy. And my tits pop out of the bra, forcing the thin lace and down as they spill forth. I try to fix them, but my claws pop out in frustration and cut holes in the thin material. They were expensive! I don't think I can bring them back and- well, maybe I could tell them my cat did it? But that wouldn't be a good excuse. It would still be my fault. And a lie.


Music starts up, forcing my black and white ears to jerk and I duck and hiss until I remember that they're just partying. Like always. Always partying. Women coming in while they drink and- oh, gosh. I can see her in my faint memories. Sitting on my lap. The couch girl. She was soft.


I look to the door and step from one black-furred foot to the other as my tail, arched low to the ground, swishes back and forth.

I can't go out there like this. I'm not stupid. I know it's not normal to have fur. Or cute little sharp teeth. Or a tail!

And Dray would be all like, "Hey, I didn't know your tits were too big for a bra, stupid girl" and I'd feel stupid and-

My eyes are drawn back to the window.

Heck. I can climb out. That's what I do!

Twittering in happiness, I scurry over to my closet and pop open the plastic bin at the bottom, tossing clothes behind me until I find the heavy jacket I'd put away. Before starting college, I lived further north where it's colder. And now I'm glad I brought my coat, despite my dad laughing at me for being over-prepared.

Well, who's laughing now, dad? You'd be all like, "Oh nooo, I was wrong to laugh at you!" and I'd be like, "That's right!" and you'd be like "I didn't think you'd need it to hide your naked body and sexy lingerie, noooo!" and I'd be all like "Hah! I told you so!"

I slip my hand through the sleeve of the coat. Unlike my back and chest, the fur along my arm is shorter and glossy. When my second arm slides into the coat, I let it hang. It almost comes down to my ankles and that's perfect. I pop up the faux-fur hood and struggle with the creaky window. It clatters and I stick my tongue out and show my fangs until I finally unstick it.

And then I squeeze through, anchoring myself with my claws and shoving. My tits are too big! They catch on the window frame and my tail lashes behind me as I wriggle through into the cool night air.

I laugh once I'm free and shimmy down, pausing when I hear voices. When they pass, I jump to an enormous branch nearby and climb down, dropping onto my bare, padded feet with an almost silent 'whump!'

The tip of my tail brushes the bottom of the coat as I sniff the air and slip into the alleyway, staying out of sight as I make my way to Joe.

I'm sooo excited. I nearly need to pee because of it. He has his own little studio apartment and, when I approach, I wait, hiding behind yet another tree to look up at the window. His light is on! I focus, closing my eyes and puffing out my cheeks with my ears forward and, no, nothing! He's by himself.

I run, giggling as the coat opens briefly and the wind kisses my fur. Near the base of his building, I jump, grabbing a tree. Leaves shake free to fall around me as I climb it, staring at his window with laser focus.

And then I stop.

Sloooooowly reaching up with one hand, my claw slips free from its sheath and I tap at his window. Tik-tik-tik. Tik-tik-tik.

And then sloooooowly peek up through the corner of the window.

There he is! My tail goes wild behind me, pulling and twisting at my hips and ass.

His eyes grow wide behind his dorky round glasses and he drops the pen he was holding.

"Open the window!" I whisper-shout.

He sits for a few more seconds, his sexy mouth hanging open but then he comes over and does as I've asked.

Oh, man. It's smaller than my window.

I shrug out of my coat and it falls to the sidewalk beneath me. He steps back as I grab the windowsill and I squeak, twisting to push my tits through and then turning to get my wide hips and thick ass inside.

And then I fall.

But I turn it into a roll and jump up, landing on the padded balls of my feet. And then he falls and his glasses slip to the tip of his nose as he stares up at me.

My tail curls around and I grab it, hiding my lady bits as I accidentally squish my breasts together.

"I-" I'm blushing, even if he can't tell. "I bought- I bought some things to look nice for you. Oh. But, the bra is too small. I just- I just wanted to look nice for you this time."

"H-h-h-how are you- I thought-" he stutters and then stops and stares.

I go to my knees and my breasts hang freely beneath me, heavy and firm while I smile with my teeth showing. One hand in front of the other, my hips swiveling and my tail curled above me, I go to him, placing a paw on his chest to slowly push him down to his back. He tries to talk again but nothing comes out so I take his glasses off and fold them to put them aside carefully.

And then forward more before leaning over him, rocking back and forth. My nipple brushes his lips until his mouth opens and I lean a little forward, gasping when he sucks on it. My fur stands on end and I feel the throbbing start. The slow building ache.

"I've missed you," I whisper and then twitter as his hands grab my tits, squeezing and massaging and kneading them, pulling at the black fur surrounding them.

My hips dip, pressing against the erection he's already sporting. I shove back once, twice and a third time, pushing against his pants until the head of his erect cock is freed. He moves his head and my swollen, wet nipple pops free.

"Oh, baby," I coo as his lips dig through my dense fur to find the other nipple. He bites at it carefully and I jerk my head back, lowering myself again by reflex. His cock rubs against my panties and I can feel how soaked they are already.

I writhe against him, gasping every time his cock hits my clit. My whiskers vibrate as I mewl and moan and then I pull away and grab his handsome face, squishing my breasts against his scrawny body while I kiss him deeply. I'm not very good at it and I'm really really horny so I'm too forceful but I can't help it.

When I come up for air, I sit back and smile at him. My tail wraps around his legs like a good little... tail. He reaches for me so I lean forward as he caresses my cheek, his thumb rubbing against the brown and white and rust colored fur on my face. He looks so serious (always looks so serious!) so I take his hand as carefully as possible and pull him up, leading him to his bed.

I lay back and stare at him for a moment with my legs spread. The tip of my tail thrashes beneath me. And then I look away and my ears flex back as he comes to the bed.

"Your mouth," I say quietly.

"I'm sorry?" he asks, his hand resting on the bed.

"Down there," I say even more quietly. "Please."

He moves, sliding down my body and then, oh God, I can feel his hot breath between my legs. His fingers brush my fur as he pinches my panties.

"I'm not- I don't know what to do," he says. He sounds so shy and embarrassed and I want to kiss him so hard.

I don't know what to tell him. This is all so new to me. I just vaguely remember doing it to other women. Images shuffle through my mind like a video on fast forward. Thighs and vaginas and moaning women.

"Just- um- just start by kissing it?" I tell him, looking away as I spread my legs and lay them on his shoulders.

He moves my panties aside to reveal my engorged, jet black labia and the pink lips within. I can't hardly breathe as I wait for him. My heart is hammering within my chest and I grip his bedsheets, waiting and waiting as I feel him getting closer and closer, his skin touching my wet fur until-


Oh god!

His lips kiss me and I can't stop from moving, raising my chest as my claws unsheath and bite into his bed. His tongue swirls against my pussy and I gasp, shaking as I lower myself.

"Yes, oh yes, baby," I say, surprised that I'm even talking. The words seemed ripped from my mouth. I'm on automatic as he- "Oh god, yes right there, keep sucking on that but more gently, baby, oh god yes, yes right there don't stop just keep moving your- oh baby, god! God yes!"

His tongue works hard against the small nub above my pussy. His thin arms reach around my thighs, moving fur out of the way as his focuses his attention and-

"Fuck!" I shout, pressing a paw over my mouth to keep myself quiet and because I said a bad word. And then I shudder, raising my chest and rubbing his back with my heels because, oh god, it feels amazing. The orgasm was tiny but intense. Sharp.

Words stream from my mouth as I push my pussy against him, coating his cheeks and chin with my juices while he sucks on my clit. I raise my feet and gently place them on his shoulder to push him down and he goes, licking between my lips.

"Oh-! Oh-! Oh god-! Yes-!" I moan, unable to stop myself. "Oh, baby, yes! I'm your girl. Tell me I'm your girl, please! Oh baby, please. Tell me I'm yours!"

He gasps as he sits back, wiping his face.

"Are you?" he asks.

I look down at him. My hips are still moving. Just like the words that poured from my mouth earlier, I can't seem to make them stop.

"Yes," I gasp. "Yes, please, yes. I'm yours."

"What- what are you?"

"Yours," I tell him, reaching out for him. "Come to me, baby, please. I need you inside of me. I can't remember what it felt like. I can't remember what you felt like, please."

He stands and undresses and I bite my lips when I see his cock standing at attention.

"Please," I say again, reaching for him.

He comes to me as I scoot back in his bed. His cock lays against my mound and he pulls back. It drags against my clit and my eyes flutter in response. God.

"Lower," I urge him. "Lower. Almost- here, baby. Here, I'll help you."

I reach beneath, careful with my paws, and guide him in. And I mark him when he enters me. I can't help it. I grab him tight and my claws come out. I kiss his shoulder in apology but I can't seem to talk. He splits me open with his dick and there's a sharp, tearing pain.

"G-g-g gently!" I finally say, lifting my legs to wrap them around him as he slows.

"You're- so- you feel so-" he groans, pulling out. "You're the first- I was-"

"Shhh," I whisper to him, kissing his shoulder again. "You can move. But, slowly."

"Okay," he says, pushing back in.

Heaven. It's heaven. He rubs every bump and ridge within me and it feels incredible. The brief pain is already a faint memory.

"You're my first, too," I whisper. It excites him and he moves faster.

I can't help but bury my little fangs in his shoulder as I find the right muscles to use to clench his cock. It feels even better when I do it but I can't keep it up. It's-


Hard to-




Oh god.

Oh god!

It's coming.

It's coming it's coming it's coming it's-

I scream and buck, pulling him down to me as I cum, hugging him and kissing him and biting him and licking his face and nipping his ear and clawing his back. He's saying something over and over but it takes a while to calm down so I can hear him.

"S-s-sorry," he's saying.

"Why, baby?" I ask, rubbing and caressing his back. "Why?"

"I- I came," he says sheepishly. "Before you. Inside of you."

He's still a little hard but it's slowly growing soft. I can feel his cum inside of me when I move. Warm and full. He pulls out but I hug him tight.

"Wait," I whisper. "Stay inside of me."

We lay together and I cherish the feel of him as he shrinks and his cock slowly pulls out of its own accord. His eyes droop close millimeter by millimeter and I take his arm carefully, pulling it over my chest and against my breast while I turn and push back into him. He's warm against my back and his breathing tickles my ear, forcing it to twitch periodically.

I can feel his cum leaking into my fur and the smell fills his room. I want to bathe in his scent but now I'm feeling tired. Warn out from my sneaky run through the campus and my own changes.

But, if I fall asleep now, who will I be when I wake up?

I struggle to stay awake but spooning with Joe pulls me under one measured breath after another and I sigh as I finally pass out.


Life returns with pain but I'm still me when I wake up.

Cramps again.

My eyes crack open to see my hand twitching. Hairless except for the tops of my fingers as they expand and extend. Joe's hand rests against my chest until I extract myself to stand naked in his room.


My cock is limp and my legs are covered in Joe's dried cum. And- and my own juices. My own personal lube from when he-

I close my eyes and groan quietly before searching through his room. I hate to do it but I steal a pair of his underwear, a t-shirt and gym shorts. None of them fit well but at least they give me something to use. The t-shirt's sleeves tear a little when I flex so I make a note to buy him a replacement.

I'm at the door when I stop. And turn. He's on his side with his arm out. Where he held me.

Fucking nerd.

Why's he so fucking cute?

I go and kneel at the bed. And very, very carefully kiss his forehead.


The door closes behind me. A girl passes by, cocking her head as I step out barefooted.

"Yo," I tell her before going the other way.

I walk slowly through the mostly empty campus. A hint of tough skin along my soles keeps the ground from cutting into my feet but I don't know that I'd even notice if it did; I'm completely distracted.

The memories might fade like last time but, for now, they're very, very fresh. I remember all of last night - the sensations, the needs, the desires, the urges and the words I said. Not just the words but the reasons for saying them. And thinking them. Oh god, and how I looked, even before the fur when I was still human. And a woman. The sensitivity. The submission. How badly I wanted to be touched. To be filled. To give myself willingly to him.

Almost. I almost go back to him.

I do owe him a new shirt.

And speaking of that - maybe, maybe I could buy some new clothes for myself. For- for her. Actual clothes. And underwear. Plain. And- and sexy. For him.

I sigh and rub my shaved head.

Or none of this will happen again. Or I'll figure it out and-

And what? Stop it?

A memory.

My arms reaching out for him while he stared at me so intensely.

In the moment before his dick spread my aching pussy open.

I moan and my own dick grows instantly hard. I have to adjust myself, pushing it sideways to hide it within the shorts.

Or maybe I won't do anything about it at all. Maybe I'll just ride it out.

I smile shyly and rub the tiny whisker above my lips.

And maybe I'll ride him next time.

I whistle as I walk, eager to start the morning.

Eager to see where the universe leads me.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Office Bitch Ch. 04
Anne learns some self control... and just how tenuous it can be with her new needs and urges.
A tiny amount of the now cold coffee has spilled over the edge of my cup. Dark brown rings surround the bottom of the mug as if created from a caffeinated Spirograph rather than my nervous fiddling.

My monitor dims but I push my cordless mouse while distracting myself by staring at the spilled drink. I should get a coaster.

I rest my fingers against the bottom edge of the mouse to keep my computer from falling asleep and my attention is drawn to the motion. The back of my hand is hairless. My nails are - no, I was about to say they were as perfectly manicured as always but they aren't.

The plastic backing of the mouse is smooth against my fingers. I rub it slowly while continuing to stare at my hand.

My fingernails are pointed rather than broad and flat. They narrow almost immediately from the tip of my finger until they end in a rounded point. I flex and they scratch nearly soundlessly against the plastic.

The sight of it makes me breathe out and raise my chin slightly due to the heated thoughts of dragging my claws along Michael's body. Although it's difficult to remember things once I've begun to change, it appears I've retained more than the first time. My nails aren't my claws. I can see those in my mind's eye, the black tips emerging from beneath my nails. My fingernails just painlessly fall away at some point but apparently regrow when I revert.

Why would they regrow into mockeries of my claws?

I move in my chair when my swollen pussy rubs against the luxurious padded seat. I can feel my thighs pressing against the sides of those strange, folded lips.

Sneaking a quick glance at the door, I slide my hips forward and reach down, hooking my faux claws into the bottom of the skirt to hike them up to my hips before spreading my legs.

A single string of white cum has leaked from my pussy and I can't stop the rumbling at the back of my throat or the way my lips pull back to show my teeth while my little button nose crinkles. I breathe deeply and sigh but it turns into a quiet whine instead.

Spreading my legs further forces my pussy to open slightly and the scent nearly overpowers me.

Black hairs slowly pierce the bridge of my nose. They begin a quarter of an inch away from the rounded tip - just where the skin would grow rough. To prove my point, tiny dark cracks appear around my nostrils. They travel upwards haltingly, ending where the hair begins. The smooth skin is pebbled now, and darker. I swallow and my mouth feels too full. When I open my mouth, my tongue hangs slightly between my lips. Wide and thick, I can feel it laying against my bottom canines.

There's a wet spot at the back of my skirt where I was sitting on it. Large and irregular shaped. Despite the time that's passed, I'm still wet and aching from the need to be filled.

My pussy glistens. I want to touch myself so badly. Instead, I try to hold my breath and lean forward, bending my knees to stare at myself. To see how I've changed. The movement drags the band of my skirt against two of my teats and the mouse creaks when I clench my fist and dig my pointed nails into the plastic. My lower nipples are ridiculously sensitive.

I want-

I want Michael to touch me there.

A sudden image fills my mind and I lean back with a moan, licking my nose while my hand trembles over the mouse. In my thoughts, I'm on all fours. Human. In bed. Michael is under me. I'm lowering myself and raising my ass, lower and lower until my breasts press into the bed above Michael's head. His warm lips touch one of my teats and he raises his arms, grabbing my ass with one hand and my back with the other as his mouth opens and he suckles from me. It's the lowest on my belly, close to my pussy.

But I can't picture what it feels like and it's incredibly frustrating.

God. But it's not even- I shouldn't even- It's not right. Still, the urge is deeply ingrained within me now and the thought of him sucking on one of them, his hand wandering between my thighs-

My breath is ragged when I exhale. I shake my head, lick my lips and try to focus. My entire body feels itchy and warm and I'm on edge.

Between my thighs, more of Michael's cum has leaked forth. I carefully bring my hand down. It shakes once. My lips draw back to show too-sharp teeth and a blackened nose with nostrils more forward than down. Black and tan hairs creep up from my nose and between my eyebrows to fan out over my forehead.

I normally trim my pubic hair but it's grown back thick. My eyes dart to the lone office chair and gray hairs emerge from my shoulders. Two of my teats, each on opposite sides of my stomach and on different ... rows? Sets? God. Two of them harden as my skirt brushes against them and electric little pulses flash down my spine.

I need to keep calm. I breathe slowly. Slowly. Focusing on inhaling and exhaling through my mouth as if I were holding a pose in yoga class.

That makes me laugh but it's not an entirely happy laugh. I'll never be able to go to a class again. I can see myself in tight clothes with my pussy perfectly outlined for all to see. And my tiny little extra nipples. Not really any good way to hide any of that.

Hairs retreat as I exert control but it's incredibly difficult. I sneeze when cartilage shifts in my nose but my tongue still reaches to the tip.

My hand brushes through the tangled curls of my thick, unruly pubic hair. The skin bulges slightly around my labia. A few curls grow down between my legs but the hairs straighten the further they go and they mix with the tan and gray hairs growing forth. Michael's cum tangles with the light fur surrounding my sex and it traps the smell. Tiny black hairs emerge from my thighs at the corner of my vision.

The lips- my pussy lips- they're thick as if engorged and dusky, textured compared to surrounding skin. Folded together and pushed away from my body. I can't see my clit or the hood that used to cover it. The lips meet in the middle and twist together ever so slightly.

It's so alien. Granted, I don't often stare at my pussy but I know what it looks like and this- this is just wrong. Is this what female dogs have? It must be, right?

My teeth scrape as my nostrils flare to take in his scent. I touch myself carefully with my left hand and gasp at the unexpected sensitivity.

"Shit," I whisper, eyes wide. I'd somehow thought they'd be tougher than before, with less feeling but they aren't.

I shouldn't be doing this but I can't stop myself. My nails drag through growing hair and I cup them, scooping up his cum and bringing it to my mouth without hesitation. My wide, rough tongue laps at the taste of him as my nose crunches and my jaw pushes forward. I growl, opening my fingers to clean between them.

My heart pounds as the heat begins to rise within. It roars like a billowing flame, coursing along my body from my core to the tips of my ears as they begin to slide through my hair. All of my teats and both of my nipples immediately harden and I twist my bare toes into the carpet.

It's harder to think. I almost feel the words slipping away as the ability to form complex thoughts crumble.

No. I have to pull back. I have to learn some control.

Fur pierces my torn blazer, growing from my mound and up my body. Beneath the blazer, my stomach is bare as my torn shirt does little more than give the appearance of a properly put together outfit.

I can see the mounds of my eight tiny nipples along my body beneath my skirt and blazer. I ache to touch them. To grind on the corner of my desk or, oh god! To call Michael in and ride his dick! Oh god! Once the thought enters my mind, I'm practically leaking from the idea of it. He'd be so happy to see that. So happy to see how wet I am for him. I'm such a good girl. I am. Oh god. Ready for him. Always ready.

I'm panting now and my nails bulge as the small tips of my claws push against them. My hand fumbles at my phone, knocking the receiver over and my hand paws at the buttons. I can't remember his number. Or what to do. I whine, licking my lips as they stretch over my growing muzzle. I just want him here.

I could go to him?

No. No, bad girl. No.

I whine, pulling at the neck of my blazer and my claws leave short red marks that are quickly hidden beneath the gray fur growing there.

Bad. Have to-

Have to- breathe.

Pull back.

I slid from my chair to fall on my hands with my knees splayed to both sides. My skirt strains against my hips. I can feel the cold wet spot staining my skirt against the bare skin of my short, hairless tail.

My knees slid against the carpet as I spread them until my pussy touches the carpet. I yip and press down, grinding my exposed, dog-like pussy into the short pile. My claws cut into the carpet as I grunt and shove down and back, marking the floor with my arousal.

Raising up to all fours, I lift my head towards the door and breathe deeply. I move forward and then freeze.

No. No, no, no. My furred ears angle back, brushing against my hair as I go down to my forearms and knees, pulling into a tight ball with my forehead against the carpet.

I empty my mind. And breathe. Out in a long, shuddering, hungry exhalation. Holding it. Clearing my mind. Pushing away the thoughts of Michael's hairy chest against my back. In. Through my mouth, feeling my chest expand. The hairs lining my body brush against my blazer and I can almost feel Michael's arms surrounding me, his hands digging into the fur on my belly as he tries to mount me. As I raise my hips to present myself to him.

No. Clear. Breathe out.

It takes minutes for the changes to revert but I ignore them as they do. I shrink myself down to nothingness and just relax.

When it's safe, I lean back to rest my ass against my heels.

Dog hairs cover the carpet beneath me and behind me. From my face and thighs, I assume. Stragglers that weren't pulled back into my body. I'll need to get a little vacuum if this continues. Although, the cleaning company is an independent company and would never question why there's hair. They'd probably assume I had a dog. Unlike the cleaners at my home, I barely know these people. Let them think I brought in a pet.


My nails dig into my legs, just above my knees. Pet. I desperately try not to think of it but I can't not. The fur on the carpet, kneeling on the ground and the word itself echo through my mind.

I can see it so clearly. Curled up on the floor next to him while He works. Watching Him. Content. A pet.

"Oh fucking Christ," I whisper and my nails nearly pierce my skin as I try to force it all away. My hips rock despite my efforts and I can feel the muscles within as I tense them, slippery and empty and oh so wet.

With a grunt, I push myself up and stagger back into my chair. My chest heaves as I pant with my mouth open once more. My tongue, longer than it should be, laps up the drool from my cramped mouth and I sit. Like a good girl. And think of nothing.

I wish I could say it was getting easier to control but I think it's getting more difficult. I think- I think I'm getting more used to what I am. I worry that I'm starting to accept it. That I'm-

That I'm enjoying it. God, I'm enjoying it. The loss of control is one but the raw, animal passion is even better. It's addicting as hell. Everything is brighter and sharper and simpler and my whole body screams for attention. It's exhilarating. I ride an endorphin high and just want to fuck until I can't think anymore.


I still need to function in society. I still need to be able to hold it back.

My fingers touch the edge of my jaw as my tongue reels back into my mouth, scraping against my teeth. I massage my cheek gently until I'm sure I'm me again. Until I move in my seat and my thighs press against my pussy. With my torn panties in my purse, I can easily feel my warm, wet bulging lips against my skin.


There are things I need to do before dinner tonight with Michael. I'm so excited but also nervous. But, mostly excited. So many things to do before then!

Bones creak in my hips. My freed tailbone shifts as if it's wagging but I can barely feel it. For a brief moment, a lump forms above my ass before it slowly deflates.

I push the mouse and type in my password to see the black image of the private browsing window waiting for me. My fingers click on the keyboard as I type a query into the search bar. Images and links to pages fill the screen and I glance at the closed door to my office once more. I can't help it despite the fact that nobody can see my screen.

This is a new world for me and it takes a bit of extra searching to find exactly what I'm looking for. My initial embarrassment is quickly replaced by excitement that threatens to steal away my humanity once more so I hurry and choose, writing down the information on a sticky note from my desk.

My pumps are next to the desk. I slip my feet into both of them and then mentally chastise myself as the broken ankle straps lay uselessly against my feet. Ignoring that, I stand and nod satisfactorily when I don't feel unbalanced.

With a step, I stumble and grab my desk for support. There was a flash of an image. Standing in my office after the first change. Michael leading me away. Walking on my forefeet with wide, heavy paws and thick padding. As soon as it appears, it's gone, leaving me clutching at the remnants. I'm leaning heavily on my desk and the heat is trying to bloom between my thighs.

Closing my eyes, I swallow and focus and the warmth recedes to a dull pulsing deep within. It never seems to go away completely and surges forth as soon as I lose control.

I don't think I've stopped being wet for one moment since I woke up this morning.

Leaning over, I grab my bag and walk through my office and out into the parking lot. The late morning sun greets me and I raise my face to it while breathing deeply. I automatically relax once the outside air surrounds me and I can't stop smiling. The chemical smell of cars mixes with the faint stench of cigarettes and a million other unrecognizable aromas, forcing me to sneeze but I lick my lips and nose and climb into my SUV.

The vehicle quietly rumbles to life and I waste no time in backing up and driving off. At the first stop sign, I give the address from the sticky note to my smartphone and follow the directions it gives.

My office is in a small, friendly city that offers plenty of incentives to draw businesses but, in doing so, it created an environment more conducive for people to commute into rather than to actually live in. Despite their best efforts to emulate the nearby city of Tarleton, the far smaller city of Edgewood became filled with large business, fast food places and a few struggling strip malls.

Tarleton, on the other hand, is the largest city in the county and thriving. I moved there when I graduated college and lived in a small studio apartment in the middle of downtown. The business I'm driving to is located in an older part of the city that's fallen behind as new businesses relocate. I've been in the area before but I don't remember this particular place. I imagine that even if I had passed it, I would've walked quickly without looking inside.

Really, though, as I drive and think about all of this, I'm just distracting myself from yesterday. For whatever reason, I'm finding my associative memory to be exceptionally powerful now. Walking on the balls of my feet, being close to the bed this morning and anything related to Michael. Small, innocuous things that shouldn't matter but are even slightly related to my... condition immediately put me in the wrong frame of mind and the heat rears its head.

So the stroll down memory lane as I take the exit into downtown Tarleton is because I'm terrified of what will happen if I-

The car swerves because I suddenly see my hands around Michael's cock as he's driving my SUV. I'm seated in the passenger seat and his hand is on my head, pushing me down but I'm going eagerly by myself. Wrapping my lips around his dick as I suck him off like a cheap little prostitute he picked up off the street.

I growl, baring suddenly sharp fangs at the thought of another woman with him yet the connected thought of being his little slut also turns me on and I grip the wheel and swallow. My tongue explores the roof of my mouth, rubbing and flexing until it forces past my lips.

His address is in my phone. According to the online map, it's actually not too far from where I am. I could go there and wait for him. Call him and make him come to me. Roll around in his apartment, covering myself in his scent while shredding my clothes with my growing claws and going to all fours and raising my ass to show my dripping wet pussy and-

I blow past a red light and a cacophony of honking horns and angry shouts, panting and sweating with lust-filled eyes. I groan and growl and shove my hand beneath my skirt and between my thighs while pulling over to an empty spot on the curb.

My hand squeezes my slick pussy and I bark. I'm so hot. So hot. Hard to think. I run my hand through my hair, pulling at the tips of my ears as I rub myself, pressing my finger down between my pussy lips. They part and I feel the thick warmth of my slipper inner lips. I want to finger myself so bad. So bad. Bad. Bad girl. My other hand tweaks my nipple and I bark in pain before whining as I pinch it more gently.

Bad girl. Need Michael. Wait. Wait for him.

A single claw emerges from the tip of my index finger and it drags down my pussy lips. I throw my head back with my mouth open. Black fur lines the edges of my jaw and my canines are sharp and long. My whine turns into a high pitched little howl and I shudder, forcing my hand away while every instinct tells me to shove the fingers deep inside.

In the distance, a dog begins to bark savagely, responding to my howl. A second and then third picks up the call and I snarl at them as I shove my hands against the seat, digging dull black claws into the leather. They're angry. Someone new is on their territory and they don't like it.

Bad girl, bad!

Bad g-

I can't stop the bark that bubbles up. I face the other dogs and let loose as my scarlet colored lips darken to black and stretch over my lengthening face. My long, sharp ears tremble as I bark louder and then shove my hands to my face. A passing couple step away from the curb as they stare into the tinted windows of my SUV.

What am I doing?

I am a bad girl.

Leaning forward, I press my forehead against the steering wheel and ignore the whispers of the couple as they cross the street. The changes once again recede as time passes but the cabin is filled with the smell of my pussy. I shove my fingers in my mouth, sucking on them without realizing what I'm doing. As the smell threatens to overwhelm me once more, I roll the windows down. One of the dogs barks again and my rounded ears twitch as I lean out and bare my teeth in her (oh god, how do I know it's a girl dog and why am I sniffing for her scent?!) direction. My very human teeth.


A quick check in my mirrors shows the street is clear so I gun it, roaring away as my phone continues to give me directions.

It's so frustrating. I'm me. I haven't forgotten who I am. I can remember from early childhood to now and all of my victories and failures along the way. Personality-wise, I feel the same as I've always been. However, beneath all of that is the new part of myself.

The transition is seamless. At no point during that recent change or the one in my office did it feel unnatural. I wanted to bark at the dog and I remember wanting to do it because she was trying to warn me away but I wasn't anywhere near her goddamn yard and I can go wherever I want! And if she doesn't like it, I'll go over and mark her goddamn fence to-

"Christ," I whisper, gripping the steering wheel until my knuckles lighten. Ebony hairs line my fingers, slowly creeping over to the back of my hand. Shiny in the light. Dense near the tips of my fingers and down to their base but growing sparse further up my arm. I grind my teeth and stare at them until they stop and then pull back. "Focus, girl."

It's harder to know where I stop and the creature begins and now I'm worried that I'm making a mistake. That I've let it talk me into doing this. Surely I wasn't the one to think this would be a good idea?

My phone quietly informs me that my stop is coming up on the right. I almost turn at the intersection before the store but it takes too long to make a decision so I miss the turn and find myself signaling to park on the empty curb. This area of the city looks as bad as I remembered but online reviews swore the shop sold high quality items.

Instead of going inside, I turn my car off and sit, listening to the engine tick over and over. I can see a little of the storefront through the tinted windows but it's just a couple of mannequins wearing leather and various metal objects along with small displays of random things that are far beyond my comfort level.

"What are you doing, Anne?" I ask myself, closing my eyes and leaning my head back.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. No. It seemed like an amazing and perfect idea at the time. But where do I end and it begins? Was that my idea or- I can't keep calling it "it". Her? That'll do for now. The other part of me. It was just so appealing when the thought occurred to me initially.

My nails drum on the steering wheel as I stare far into the distance. My mind is the clearest it's been over the past two days. It could be the distance from- No. Clear mind.

Something incredible happened to me yesterday. I lost myself to it and Michael was there to witness it. He took me home and I- I forced myself onto him. Scraps of memories have come back to me since then but it's still a blur. All I can remember is the loss of self and the base pleasures that came with it. The incredible freedom. It was- it was like being drunk without the hangover. A part of me came out, freed from the restraints I've placed upon myself over the years. And the sex!

Panting now, nails digging into the steering wheel. The pointed tips dent the hard leather. Thin, silky tan hairs emerge from the backs of my ears as dark gray hairs pierce the skin surrounding my belly button. They spread down into the forest of black pubic hair and up to my breast bone, evenly between the four rows of teats that permanently line my body. A single drop of sweat forms at my hairline as the heat spreads like thick smoke, causing me to shiver and moan.

My back arcs as my tail bulges out and my skirt expands over it, just beneath the band.

It's heady. The freedom afforded by the changes forced upon me. Not having to think about anything more than pleasing and being a good girl and doing whatever Michael wants me to do. Anticipating his wants and desires. Focusing on him. Letting myself go.

A whine escapes my lips as they grow dark and my tongue lengthens, pushing my mouth open while my ears flex and extend past my hair.

I want this. I want it. Good girls do what they're told. They don't sit and look at a computer and type and think about hard numbers or people or bark into the phone, no.


Good girls do what their Masters want them to do. And Michael is good to me. He's nice. He's nice to me. He doesn't hurt me. He isn't scared to see my claws and teeth and tail and He, oh. Oh. He feels so good inside of me. He tastes so good.

The fur along my torso spreads to the sides, tickling my teats. A few long strands of tan and gray pierce my blazer, hidden by the dark coloring of the material. The tip of my tail wags before lengthening and sliding against my bare ass.

He deserves this.

My claws score the plastic of the door when I grab the handle, shoving and whimpering until it opens and I step out, barefoot onto the street. The concrete burns the bottom of my feet but the tender ash coloring lining my soles fades to charcoal as the skin grows loose along my forefoot and beneath my toes. I walk around the front of the SUV, going to the balls of my feet as the loose skin fills out and my padding grows in. The nails crack as my claws click against the sidewalk.

A bell above the door chimes when I enter and the sudden vacuum of cool air stirs the dense fur covering the backs of my hands.

So many smells. So many! Leather and sex and lube and chemicals and people! So many people!

I look around anxiously and my short tail lifts the back of my skirt but I only see one person sitting at the counter. Numerous piercings cover their face, most of which is hidden behind bright pink hair that is obviously fake. They nod at me but I step out of their line of sight in front of a nearby shelf, grabbing the edge with sharp claws to peek around as my ears stand tall. They're sitting and reading now and not paying attention to me.

My brown eyes are speckled with gold as I stare around me in wonder. The store is far larger inside and there's so many things. Fake people with dull white fake skin are wearing fake leather. Although-

I raise my chin and sniff. My lips bulge and I scratch at my aching gums as my canines crowd my small mouth. Fur spreads out from the nape of my neck, hidden by my hair as it creeps around to my jaw. Some leather is real. The fur falters when it almost reaches my chin but a few strands emerge from both of my cheeks. I lick my nose with my rough tongue and my tail wraps between my thighs. Anxious. So many things. So many confusing smells. So-

I lean in, grabbing a red leather skirt and press it against my nose, huffing and breathing deeply. It was worn recently. Smells like pussy. A little like it. Sweet and salty. Sweat. More than one person wore it. And the- the- I can't think of the word. Above the skirt. Tight shirt. Tight shirt thing.

Bones shift in my feet, spreading my toes apart as I stand taller, sniffing at the shirt. I touch the bare white body while gently touching one of my teats.

The back of my skirt bulges over my tail as the tip slides past the bottom, wagging back and forth slowly. A few silver and black hairs cover the black skin of my thick tail. It curls again as I peek around the corner. Warm. Warm against my thighs. I shiver as it presses against my sex. Still wet.

A round leather couch with bright gold buttons lays ahead of me. My ears perk up and I kneel before it, shoving my nose into the cushions. It is, so far, the most interesting thing I've ever smelled. An infinite amount of people sat here and they all have a history with them. Young and old, pure and covered in recent love making. Sweat. Flowers. Perfume. Cologne. It makes me dizzy but it's hard to stop. Until I look up and see what I'm looking for.

My tail unfurls and wags fiercely as I pad over to the display.

Clear plastic rods hold dozens of collars of different designs. I tap my claws against bronze spikes on a black collar but move on, touching each of them. My golden eyes narrow as I walk around them.

What would He want? This is important. More important than anything. It has to be perfect. Perfect for Him.

I hold one carefully in my hand, turning it over slowly. The lines crossing my palm are fading as the skin grows smooth and puffy. It's expanding slowly in a rough, wide spade shape that makes it hard to grasp things. I take the black collar from the peg and continue to look as my tail brushes sparse fur on the back of my thighs.

The door's bell rings. My ears swivel and I turn to look but I can't see the- I raise my short muzzle and sniff - the man and woman that have entered. They smell like alcohol. I press the collar against my chest (Mine!) and then grab a brown and red one, holding all three close to my body.

I need to see. I need to see them. There's places I can be alone. To look at them. Rooms. I whimper quietly, ears down as I try to think of the name but it doesn't matter because I see a door in front of me.

"Chan. Ging. Room," I growl, my tongue awkward in my lengthened mouth as I try to read the words on the door. I fumble with the latch until it opens and then shove it closed.

Oh. I can see myself. I look so different. The collars drop from my hands as I step forward to the mirror covering the wall opposite the door. The claws of my wide paws catch in the carpet but not enough to stop me.

There's a moment of panic. I see myself doubled. I'm still there. She hasn't completely taken over. It's harder to think and she's overwhelmed some parts of me but I'm still here.

Reaching up, I touch my cheek and feel the wrinkly skin lining the bottom of my fingers against my bare skin. My claw presses gently into my cheekbone and I stare, hypnotized, at my beautiful golden eyes. My thumb brushes long silver and black hairs covering the line of my delicate jaw. My red lips show lines of pure onyx and my teeth are exposed. Turning my head, I can tell that my mouth is longer.

When my ears twitch, I grab them, wincing as my claws bite into them. And then my eyes flutter as I massage and scratch at their thickness. They're so soft. My hands trail down, brushing against my face and down my body. I grab the bottom of my blazer and lift, shivering as the fabric brushes my dense pelt.

I feel parts of myself returning as I quietly inspect myself. It's the first time I've been able to see all of it.

My claws dig through the fur until I find a teat and I bite my blackened lips while wrinkling my nose when my leathery padding brushes against it. I pull with both hands and throw my shirt and blazer into the corner.

The fur stops beneath my breasts but there's a spray of tan hairs along my collarbones. I watch as more hairs emerge and lengthen and it spreads to my shoulders.

Behind me, my tail wags and I stare at it, eyes widening as I feel the pull against my spine and the double feeling of it against my ass and legs but also the alien sensations on the tail itself.

"Corset," I whisper, staring at my body. I remember it suddenly. The word. The tight shirt. No. Corset.

I hook my fingers into my skirt and wriggle my hips as I push down, running my claws around to my back to push it over my tail.

And then I stand completely nude. Black and tan fur hides my thighs but fades to sparse hair over my shin with a few tufts over the swell of my calves. My freed tail arcs back. Thick and strong. I reach behind to scratch at the base and then melt, leaning into the mirror as my claws find an incredibly itchy sensitive spot.

Moaning, I slide to my knees with my thighs spread.

"Corset," I whisper again, pressing my head against the mirror. "Corset."

I feel so alive. I want to run and jump and play and laugh until I can't even breathe. It's incredible. Why was I so con- concan- consin- Worried? Why was I so worried? I feel full of energy. I could play forever. Chase and play and romp and- Michael.

"Yessss," I moan, going to all fours.

On my hands and knees, I walk away from the mirror and look back over my shoulder. To see what He would see. My tail raises as I go to my feet and spread my thighs. Despite the dense fur between my legs, I see my swollen, aching pussy and watch as a clear string of liquid leaks free, connecting with my fur.

There's a thick line of fur running from the base of my tail to the nape of my neck, about three inches wide. My tongue hangs loose, dripping with saliva and my ears quiver as I paw at the ground and stare back at myself.

I can almost see Him. Almost feel His touch. Bare skin on my fur. Above me. Warm and strong and smell good.

I whine and claw at the ground and gasp as my ass thrusts back and up and more liquid leaks, dripping down to the carpet. My breasts shake as fur begins to surround them.

So hot. Need Him. Need.

Groaning, I collapse, pulling into myself as my fluffy, soft tail lowers to cover my pussy. I growl and scrape my sharp teeth, slamming at the ground. Not here. He's not here. Can't get to Him.

The- what was it called? The tight shirt. Need to focus. Need to be Anne. See Him tonight.

I shudder and snap at the air, dragging my claws through the carpet. I feel the resistance as it pulls at the bones of my fingers. It hurts a little but the pain helps. My jaw throbs while it cracks back into place.

As the buzzing in my brain retreats, I tentatively go to all fours and shake myself, panting and huffing.

"Corset!" I cry out and my tail wags.

"Ma'am?" A voice says from beyond the room. "Do you need help in there?"

"No, Anne's- I'm- I'm fine!" I say, blushing in embarrassment.

"Corset," I whisper quietly. I can remember the word.

Need to hurry. The collars are before me. Black, red and brown. I grab the black one and turn to the mirror, holding it next to my neck. And then the red one. And, finally, the brown one. My long canines peek out from my lips as I frown and my furred brow furrows. My up-turned nose cracks and bends forward, forcing my nostrils down when my jaw shrinks a little more.

Laying the brown collar on the ground, I pick up the red one once more. It's padded inside with hickory colored leather and black stitching and a heavy gold buckle. I drag my thumb's claw around the inside and then sniff at it. Nobody has worn it and it's unbuckled.

My golden eyes stare back at me when I look up and I shuffle forward on my knees. The fur on my neck is pulling back into my body. Mostly black. Holding my hair back with one hand, I place the collar carefully around my neck. The red is brilliant against the remnants of my fur. But even as it recedes, it still looks pretty on my dark brown skin. I turn it slightly so the buckle is at front and then whimper as I feel the heat stir.

A single thick clear string seeps from my slightly open pussy lips as my hips dip and it attaches to the carpet.

Growling and gasping, I grab the collar off and bow my head.

""Ma'am?" the voice says again.

I crawl to the door and push the collar under the gap.

"I want this," I tell the girl. My voice is raspy and I want to growl again. And rub myself on the bench at the side of the room. It takes enormous effort to pull myself up on two legs. And even more effort to grab my clothes.

Anne has to wear clothes. Anne has to drive. The claws on my pa- feet tear the bottom of my skirt and I have to mentally pull my tail down and then physically push it but I finally get the skirt pulled up over-

Another growl as the skirt rubs against my teats. I let go and stare at myself. The top row of my teats are bare and the fur is retreating. Slowly. Too slowly. I have to go. I grab my shirt, freeing it from the blazer and shove my hands in while pulling it tight. My fingers automatically try to button it up until I vaguely remember popping the buttons free this morning when I attacked Michael. Instead I let it hang open. Looking at myself is a mistake as it's somehow more erotic to see my half-changed body in a skirt and open shirt than it was to see myself naked.

I grab my blazer and shrug into it, pulling threads with my claws until it covers my body. I tug at the bottom and nod, oblivious to the way my hardened nipples dent the soft cotton. The skirt hides my thighs but my calves show. Thankfully, at a glance it looks like I just don't care to shave. More than a simple, quick look would raise some eyebrows but I don't care. I just need to hurry.

My ears are problematic. I push at them but they twitch away from my fingers so, instead, I claw at my hair to make it unruly and that almost hides my ears. Almost. I can still see the very tips.

Good enough. Anne- I- I have to go. I have to go.

I bend and grab the other collars and open the door, walking out on small, padded paws that click and crack as they shorten. For a brief moment, I go flat footed but then raise up to my forefoot again. It just feels better.

There's another couple browsing the store so I go around to return the collars and then further towards the register, ducking my head and staring at my paws.

"If you're ready to check out, I have your item all boxed up," the cashier says.

I nod and then look up.

"Oh! Money!" I blurt. My tail, shorter now, pushes at my skirt. "I'll- I'll be right back!"

I run to my SUV and silently curse when I see the driver side door is open but, thankfully, my purse is still inside. I grab it and walk back in, wincing as the sidewalk bites into my soft feet. The cashier keeps looking at me as I dig around to find my wallet. My hands are swollen but smaller with my nails having grown back. Finally, I place my credit card on the counter and push it towards them (her, my nose says, it's a her) and hide my hands.

"I- ohh-" I moan, digging my hands into my thighs. My tail rubs against my pussy as it pulls back into my body. I lean onto the counter, trembling as it teases me, the fur brushing bare skin between my thighs and ass.

The cashier sighs but rings me up and I keep my eyes locked onto the counter, snatching my card away when she hands it back. The pen is awkward in my hand and I almost ask her why she handed it to me until she pushes the receipt towards me. My signature is a shaky scrawl but I drop the pen once I'm done and grab the little white box holding the collar. I stalk through the store while vowing never to return.

When I finally sit in my vehicle with the door closed, I bark out a laugh and lean back.

"Corset," I laugh again, shaking my head.

I tap out the name of my favorite clothing store and press the brake with my bare foot before shifting gears and driving away.


My plate is clean and silence sits comfortably between us. I look up and smile at Michael when I see him studying me. He's so serious. I'm not going to ask if he liked the food because I know it wasn't great but I'm happy that he's finished everything I gave him.

"I have something to say," I tell him. He winces and looks panicked for a moment but I raise a hand. "No, it's a good thing, really."

His concerns worms its way through me. What's he scared of? What if- what if he doesn't like me after all? What if this is-

No. Stop it. I can smell him. He smells good. There's an undercurrent of something else that I can't yet identify but something in my brain says everything is okay and I'll trust her. The hidden her that shares my body.

"Come with me," I tell him, taking the white box from beside my plate.


She's howling inside of me as I kneel before the opened box. I feel the uncomfortable wriggling of my tail deep inside my hips and my jaw aches. I can't hold it back forever and I'm not sure I'll ever have complete control.

"Please," I whimper, bowing my head briefly.

I take the collar and look up at Michael through long lashes. He's excited and it's driving me wild. I can see his erection and smell his desire.

Hairs scratch against the inside of my thighs as they spread from my pussy, slowly trailing down my legs as I begin to lose control. I place the collar in my mouth, holding it carefully before going to my hands and knees. My tail is a thick, writhing lump below the dimples on either side of my bare back. The skin stretches as bones form and push the tip of my tail from my body.

I'm soaking wet and burning up. The thought of giving myself to Him makes the heat roar through me. I want to leap at him and bounce on his cock until he explodes inside of me but, instead, I slowly crawl to him, purposefully working my hips and ass in a swaying motion.

Once I'm before Him, I lean back on my heels. My hairless tail wags against the top of my ass. I try to keep my composure but I groan, biting at the collar as my teats grow erect without a single touch. My whole body quivers but I force it to stillness as I take the collar from my mouth and lick my lips with my floppy, wide tongue. A bit of drool remains on the collar but I offer it up with both hands.

He takes it from me and I reach back, pulling my hair aside to reveal a slender neck covered in sparse strands of silver, tan and black hairs.

I feel her growing inside of me. I feel control slipping. The heat burns everything away and I ache for him. And I know it's right.

I whine as I give in and look up at him as my teeth grow sharp and my cheekbones crack and lengthen.

"Master," I gasp.

Michael kneels before me and I lick his face and mouth until he pushes me back gently. My eyes lock onto the collar as he brings it up to my neck and my tail thumps against the ground behind me.

When it encircles my neck, I sigh and kiss him, forcing my thick tongue into his mouth. He fumbles for the buckle but I continue forward, pushing him to the ground until I'm over him, kissing and licking his face with my tail yanking and pulling against my spine.

"Anne," Michael tries to say. "Anne, wait!"

He turns, grabbing me as he pulls and twists and I roll to the ground beneath him. I tear at his shirt and my growing claws easily separate the buttons from their holes. They drag through the hair on his chest and I pull him down, opening my mouth to his kisses. Being on my back is uncomfortable as my tail grows but I don't care. My breasts flatten against his chest and his belt rubs my teats. I jerk with each touch and wrap my legs around him, grinding up into his crotch and against his erection.

"Anne," Michael gasps, kissing my cheek. "You're so- you're so, god, you're beautiful!"

He's working at his pants so I take the chance and roll, splaying my legs beneath me as I flatten on the ground and shove my ass into him.

I bark when I feel his naked cock against the fur and bare skin on the back of my thighs.

"Wait," Michael says. I whine and turn to look at him but he grabs my hips. "I just- I just want to look at you for a moment. I just want to see."

He holds me with one hand and his cock with the other. I push against him, trying to force him inside but he holds back, reaching his hand down to grab my ass.

"You're so incredible," he says, staring at my body. My tail wags but I don't know the words to say back to him.

I bark and push back but then freeze when he grabs my collar.

"Stay," he commands and I tremble at the word, clawing the ground. God. God I need him so bad. The feeling of the collar digging into my throat and hearing his rough command sends me into a frenzy. I reach back, aimlessly trying to grab and push him inside until he places the head of his cock against my pussy.

As swollen and needy as I am, the folded lips part for him to show my slick, pink pussy and I howl long and low as he slowly pushes into me. It hurts a little but the pleasure is overwhelming. I'm on edge from this morning and the changes in my office and on the shopping trip. I can already feel the orgasm threatening to explode as he bottoms out and then pulls back.

When he leans forward, he places his hands on either side of me and I shove up into him, raising my hips to give him a better angle. He grunts and then tries to growl. Even though it's too human-like, I love it and I slam back as he pushes forward, whimpering as my tail is trapped painfully between us.

I yip, cheeks blazing and pussy gushing as I rock into him and flex up. At this angle, he keeps hitting an incredibly sensitive spot just at the opening of my pussy and I try to keep him in the same position.

He grunts, holding himself with one hand while grabbing my collar and, suddenly, all thoughts vanish. I bark and shake as I cum, losing our rhythm while my body trembles. He continues slamming his stomach against my furred ass and I turn to lick his face before pressing back and rejoining him, hungry for more orgasms.

"I'll- need! To- god!" he groans, burying his face into the thick tuft of silver fur at my shoulder. "Get a leash! Next!"

I squeeze his cock with my slick muscles and lick his temple but I'm yipping and moaning and whimpering as he hits that one spot again and again and- my muzzle opens wide as I howl and he tenses, growing even larger inside. Cum spurts deep inside my pussy as he fills me, grabbing my stomach and pushing even deeper while his cock swells again and again. I collapse beneath him and try to push myself back up but he's heavy and my arms are so incredibly weak all of a sudden. Instead, I lick his face and pant and he holds me tight.

I barely remember the rest of the night as I tease him hard again a few minutes later.


I wake in darkness once more, opening my eyes. I tiredly smack my lips and my tongue travels over my sharp canines.

As carefully as I can, I roll out of bed and then catch myself against the wall. My legs are jello and I hurt a little but, Jesus Christ, that's the best sex I've ever had. A million times better than anything I've ever had.

And then I realize I can remember it. Most of it. While I make my way to the master bathroom, I run through a simple mental check, remembering the names of all of my employees, my passwords and addresses and everything. I'm me. I'm completely me. And I can remember the rough, wild, incredible sex we just had. The multiple rounds. The way he grabbed my fur and my-

I turn on the bathroom light and stare at myself.

My eyes are brilliant gold and my canines are clearly visible. When I close my mouth completely, I feel them pressing against the inside of my lips and scratching against the other teeth. I step closer to the mirror and run my hands through my hair only to see the sharp tips of my almost human ears.

"But- I'm- I'm human," I whimper. I look down the length of my body and see black claws tipping my toes and realize I'm standing on the balls of my feet. I pick my foot up to discover there's thin, leathery padding covering my soles.

A thick tuft of black fur lines my stomach from my mound, up and over my belly button and an inch beyond, stopping just shy of the second row of my teats.

She's sleeping inside of me. I know it. I know she is. I don't feel her in any particularly strong way and yet, here I stand, partially changed.

"The collar!" I gasp. I realize I still wear it so I tug it off and almost fling it away. At the last moment, I whine and set it carefully on the sink counter.

It feels wrong to be without it. My neck feels bare. But it has to be the reason for the extra changes.

I sit on the toilet lid with my hands on my knees. And I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

My toes and feet are unchanged. I stand carefully and stare at myself. My ears are as sharp as my teeth and my eyes are the color of molten butterscotch.

With a trembling hand, I grab the collar and buckle it back in place. Where it belongs. And I turn off the light and crawl back into bed, pushing myself back against Michael before grabbing his hand to rest it on my chest.

I have to think. I have to think of-

He murmurs and pushes against me and I groan, pulling him and raising my ass, rubbing it back and forth against his flaccid cock. I can feel him growing hard. I grab his hand and drag it down my stomach, brushing through the light fur until his fingers touch my teat.

"Wha-" Michael says behind me.

Instead of answering, I reach under myself and guide him against my pussy, holding him in place while pressing back until my tight lips open. I don't need the cum still inside of me to act as lubrication because I was wet as soon as my body touched his.

My new changes are forgotten as I roll to my stomach and pull him against my back. Instead, I growl and raise my hips.

"More," I beg. "M- Master, please. I need you so much."

And, really. What was I ever worrying about?
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Great stuff
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