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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Originally Posted by jwyattguy View Post
Excited for Chapter 2!
I'm happy to hear that! It'll be out near the first of the month
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Chapter 2 of 2 of Begging for Attention!
Sunlight surprised him when a random, loud snort woke him completely. He groaned and sat up and then yawned, climbing out of bed. Light snoring let him know his wife was sleeping on the couch once more. He sighed and looked at the wall towards where his step-daughter's bedroom was.

God, I hope she sleeps that off, he thought to himself while stretching and walking into the hallway. That poor girl.

"Ah!" he yelled as he stepped into the kitchen.

Madison stood at the stove with a plate of burned pancakes next to her. She wore shorts that showed the curve of her ass and a halter top that left little to the imagination.

"Good morning!" the young girl sang out before turning to push at a pancake cooking on the pan. "I keep messing them up."

He stared at her. She'd never tried to cook before. Ever. Once more her hair was pulled back and she growled at the pan, pushing the pancake around with a spatula before flipping it over. The back was blackened and she stomped her foot.

"You, uhh," Carl said, walking around the table to look into the pan. "You have to put a little oil in. Or butter. Or the cooking spray. That'd be easier. The cooking spray, I mean."

"Oh," she said with a frown. "I didn't think about that. I was just following the directions on the back of the mix."

"It's okay," he told her carefully. "I'm just glad you tried. Why don't you sit and I'll make some for you?"

"No," she said, leaning towards him. "I want to watch and learn. Do it. I'll watch."

He scraped the burned pancake away and then tossed all of them in the trash before spraying the pan evenly and pouring the mix smoothly. Adjusting the burner's temperature down, he watched the perimeter of the pancake.

"Oh, right," he said. "Look, watch for the edges to bubble up. Push the spatula under it carefully and if it moves freely, gently flip it and watch the edges again."

She was next to him now and she leaned again, pressing against his body. Carl shuffled sideways, thankful she stayed in place. Her brilliant blue eyes stared at the pancake as it cooked.

"Ohhhh," Madison nodded. "Okay. You sit and I'll try again."

He did as he was told, scooting his chair back and sitting to watch her work. Her extraordinarily short shirt left her lean back and curved hips bare. She moved and her ass flexed beneath the shorts, causing him to look down at the table while mentally chastising himself.

"What's- Oh-" Susan said as she walked into the kitchen. She yawned and rubbed the side of her head. "You're cooking, Madison? When did you learn to cook?"

"Just now," the girl replied, carefully sliding the spatula beneath a pancake. She tilted it and the pancake batter slid down to the hot pan. The back was golden and soft. Seeing it, she set the spatula down before clapping her hands with a happy squeal. "It worked!"

"And what is that you're wearing?" the older woman asked as she finished waking up. "Good lord, you're showing everything!"

"It's fine, mom," Madison said, shaking her ponytail. "Just sit down and I'll make more."

"Where were you last night?" Carl asked his wife.

"With Linda," she said. "The time got away from me and we drank too much wine so I slept over there until I sobered up. I'm meeting her for lunch again later today."

"Well, I thought maybe we could go for a hike together," he told her. "It looks like a beautiful morning."

"I already told her I'd go out with her," Susan said. "I'm not changing my plans."

"I'd like to go for a walk!" Madison said in the uncomfortable silence.

Carl looked up at the girl but she blushed and looked away, pushing at the pancake. Her finger reached up to brush a strand of hair away from her ear. He watched while she scratched behind her ear. The girl let out a happy sigh and continued to scratch herself. A part of him wanted to say he would take her but the awkwardness of their interactions and embarrassment of the early morning clung to him. Lost in his distracted thoughts, he missed seeing her turn to glance at him.

"N- never mind," she said quietly.

"I mean, I could maybe-" he tried to say.

"No, really, never mind," she replied, more confidently this time. "Here."

Grabbing the pan with her left hand, she walked over while gently scooping the pancake with the spatula in her right hand. It wobbled, thick and soft, but she placed it carefully on the empty plate before him. She brushed against him once more, twisting her body until he felt her breast against his arm. Placing the spatula in the pan, she reached for the syrup and poured it on the pancake.

"Thank you," he told her, moving his arm carefully away.

He ate slowly as she went back to the stove but he couldn't help watching her and his heart beat faster. Memories of the night and the feel against him conjured unwelcome thoughts that were amplified by the clothes she wore. She danced in place as if listening to a hidden song while cooking another pancake. Her back muscles flexed as her ass cheeks bounced and her calf muscles flared. He'd never noticed how fit she was. When she clicked the burner off, he bent down to his food.

She went to his left, carrying her pancake from the counter to the table. Her leg pressed against the chair and it slid closer to him before she finally sat.

"Where's mine?" Susan asked.

"Oh," Madison said, cutting a piece with her fork. She crossed her left leg over her thigh. "I thought you could make your own."

The girl's foot brushed Carl's leg as she bounced it. He looked up at her but she was entirely focused on her food, cutting piece after piece while making happy little growling noises. His wife grunted and stood up to dig through the pantry. Just as he opened his mouth to ask his wife more details on her plans, he felt Madison's toenail slip beneath the bottom of his pant leg. Her long nail dragged against his bare skin as she slowly raised her foot. He shivered at the contact and then nearly jumped as she swiveled her foot to press her toes against him. His eyes darted to look at her but she remained focused on her food. Her foot lowered to his ankle and then slowly, agonizingly raised once more, sliding higher and higher to his calf.

"Wow," he laughed nervously, pushing back from the table. "That was- that was really good, Madison. Thank you for the food."

"Oh!" she said, looking up. "Of course. Yeah. It was fun, you know? Maybe I'll try something for lunch. I don't even know why I never tried cooking before."

"Well," his wife said as she pulled pastries from the toaster. "I tried to teach you when you were little but you wouldn't sit still. And then you whined about it so much over the years that I gave up."

Madison looked up at her mother and her eyes narrowed. She licked her lips, her little tongue darting out to clean the syrup from her face. Suddenly, her head tilted and her nostrils opened wide. She leaned forward while narrowing her eyes and her foot froze against Carl's leg.

As suddenly as the strange fit came over her, it was gone and the girl sat back in her chair with a huff. She stared at her plate, cocked her head the other way and then shrugged, spearing the last piece of pancake and stuffing it in her mouth.

"I'll be in my room," Madison said, her old behavior returning as she swept past the table.

Silence filled the gap she left. Worse, Susan projected an air of solitude as she sat with her phone and pastries. Carl eventually got up from the table, grabbing his plate and Madison's plate to load into the dishwasher.


Epic music swelled on the small speakers surrounding the television as characters battled on screen. Carl glanced toward his bedroom's closed door and then back to the movie. Henchmen fell left and right as a female assassin worked her way methodically through an underground lair, throwing quips as quickly as her fists.

The bedroom door opened, grabbing his attention. His wife was dressed in a red skirt and top with lipstick that almost matched.

"Hey, you look nice," he said, admiring her.

"Thanks," she replied. "Have you seen my purse?"

"On the back of your chair in the kitchen," he answered, standing while pausing the movie.

He followed her to the kitchen and she walked around him to the living room, pressing a hand against the wall to slip into her pumps. As she squeezed her foot into the tight red shoes, he tried to think of something to say. Where are you going? or What are you going to do? came to mind but he could almost feel her indifference to him as a physical shield surrounding her.

"I'll be back later this afternoon," she said, slipping her arm through her purse strap.

"Okay," he said, trying a smile on. He bent in for a kiss but she turned to grab her keys and his lips touched her cheek. "Well. Have a good time. Call if you need anything."

"Sure," she replied, opening the door and stepping into the warm sunlight beyond.

He closed the door behind her and then stared at it. The urge to do something rose within.

But what? he asked himself. Ask what's wrong? Bring up counseling again? Ask her to change her plans and go hiking with him?

It all felt useless and it gnawed at him. He knew he'd have to do something, even if it meant going to counseling without her.

That's a good first step, he realized. I'll start and the therapist will give me some good tools and ideas. I can use them with Susan and slowly convince her to come with me.

"Fah," came a voice behind him. Madison stood at her bedroom door with her nose wrinkled and her hand waving in front of her nose. "Smells like someone bathed in perfume."

"I guess I don't smell it," he told her. "And anyway, that's kinda rude. Even if she's wearing perfume-"

"She is," Madison said, covering her mouth and nose.

"Even if she is," he continued. "You can be nice about it. She's already left, though."

"I know," the girl said. "God, it's rank."

Her shorts dipped down and he looked despite himself, catching the swooping curves of her hips and belly. She was lithe and unafraid to show it. He swallowed as he forced his eyes up to match hers.

"Well, anyway-" he tried to say.

She yawned and raised her arms above her head, twisting her hips left and right as she shuddered at the height of her stretch. Her breasts trembled and hard lines appeared along her sides and down her stomach.

Good Lord! he thought, turning away and nearly knocking into an end table.

The girl's already loose button had popped free during her stretch.

"What are you up to?" she asked. He could see her scratching her belly so he completely turned his back to her and went back to the couch. "Watching a movie? Is it good?"

"Sure," he said quickly, sitting down and willing his cock to soften. He almost grabbed a couch pillow to cover himself but, instead, shifted and quickly pushed it into a different position while the couch hid the motion.

"Cool," she told him.

He couldn't hear her footsteps but she came around and sat at the end of the couch with her phone in hand. He ignored her and resumed the movie.

After a few minutes, she moved and he looked by reflex. She'd pulled her legs up to sit at an angle with her feet tucked beneath her while leaning back on the cushions. He waited for her to comment on how dumb the movie was but she sat quietly.

The show continued and he lost himself in the over-the-top action. So, he was surprised and shocked when her feet touched his thigh. He glanced at her as subtly as possibly to find her laying on her back on the couch with her phone in front of her face. Her nails clicked on the screen as she pressed her toes into his leg. The girl's top button was still undone on her shorts.

Shit, he thought to himself. Do I say something? Crap, that'll just make it worse. I'm sure she'll notice in a second and- Oh no, but what if she blames me somehow? I should say something.

Before he could speak up, her feet slid up over his thigh until her heel rested against his cock.

"Did you need something?" he blurted out, immediately cursing himself for his clumsy word choice.

"Huh?" she said, putting her phone against her bosom. She looked down her body until she realized what he meant. "Oh, sorry."

She pulled her legs up, twisting to rest them against the couch. He waited for her to say something more as his heart climbed its way into his throat but she simply picked her phone up and went back to ignoring him.

Now hyper aware of her laying there, he caught sight of her legs uncoiling. They slid against the couch until they rested against his thigh once more. And then over, her right foot pressing into his stomach as her left once more sought out his cock. Despite his internal struggle, it moved at the attention she provided. His right hand clenched against the couch cushion while he considered how to untangle himself.

Her foot dipped down and turned until the sole lay flat against his throbbing cock.

"You know," she said, resting the phone on her belly. "I could use a foot massage."

Crap, crap, cap! he thought, closing his eyes briefly before reaching down.

"Uh, sure," he sighed, clenching his teeth together as he once again cursed himself.

He used the massage as an excuse to adjust himself and move her feet away from his dick but it bulged from his pants as he held her bare foot. With his left hand against her heel, he pressed his right beneath her big toe.

The skin along her forefoot was thicker than he expected, especially compared to the smooth, perfect skin along her sole.

"Mmm, that's good," she said from her side of the couch. "You can press harder if you want."

With his eyes closed and his lips clenched hard together, he dug his fingers into the calloused skin, pressing and rolling and rubbing against it. She raised her hips for a moment as his expert fingers worked against her foot but then lay still. He was used to it - her mother often asked for massages and he'd grown skilled at finding the right spots.

Strangely enough, the dense skin softened beneath his touch. It moved as he pressed into it and she spread her toes while writhing on the couch. Taking the invitation, he gently worked on the delicate digits. As his fingers pushed against them, skin gathered and the soft pink coloring lining the bottom of her toes turned a darker rose.

Madison growled in content. Her wiggling had brought her closer but he ignored it as he took her other foot. As with the right foot, the skin along her left forefoot bulged outward, just beneath the bones into almost distinct little bumps.

She pressed further, raising her knees and her zipper pulled down from the motion. He could feel her ass against his hip. And the warmth between her thighs. Her knees opened, the right laying against the back of the couch while her left lay on the cushions beneath them. His cock ached as he ignored her body against him. He could smell the faint hint of her perfume or soap or whatever she was wearing and energy seemed to crackle between them.

Finally, he dared to face her to ask what she was doing but was surprised to find her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her canines peeked out from her full, reddened lips but her breathing was steady. The girl's shirt lifted with every inhalation.

Unsure of what else to do, he gently laid her legs down on his thighs and rested his left arm on the back of the couch. The rest of the movie was a blur but, when it was finished, he picked another at random to try and distract himself from the young woman curled up against his side.

Near the end of the second movie, Madison jerked in her sleep. Smacking her lips, she swiveled her legs to sit up. She stretched while seated, pressing heavily into Carl before standing and scratching her lower back. Her unzipped and unbuttoned shorts hung lower on her wide hips, leaving the top of her ass crack exposed. The girl's nails dug into the skin above her ass and she raised herself up on her toes.

"Gonna nap," she said, taking a step on her forefeet before going flat-footed. "'M Tired."

He watched her walk through the living room, scratching and massaging her back until she passed into her bedroom. Unlike every time before, she left her bedroom door wide open and he could see her throw herself into bed.

With Madison finally off of him, Carl jumped up and ran to the master bathroom. He closed the door, unzipped his pants and shoved his underwear down. His cock, erect again when his step-daughter had moved against him to get up, was in his hands.

"Fuck," he whispered as he pictured a random woman. Yet, try as he might, he couldn't keep the memory of Madison out of his mind. The warmth of her against his hip. The feel of her soft, bare skin in his hands. Her unbuttoned shorts and the unmarked skin leading down between-

"God dammit!"

The orgasm was rough and sudden and he hated that he couldn't not think of her. With his head hanging, he aimed for the toilet until he was finished and his mind was cleared. The relief was immense.

And yet he still couldn't stop thinking about her against him. And what it would feel like to slip his hand down her stomach and into her open shorts until-

"Dammit!" he grumbled, flushing the toilet and stomping away.

Carl steered clear of Madison's bedroom, physically looking away as he passed. Down the hallway past her room, he shimmied through the second bathroom's slightly open door.

"Get your damn head clear," he said out loud as he threw himself into his work, praying that physical labor would distract him from the unintended arousal Madison was suddenly causing him.


Steam gushed from the pot as he lifted the lid. Inside, potatoes shifted as bubbles swirled past them. Carl reached in, wary of the steam as he pierced the potato with the fork. The tines sunk in with little resistance and he nodded to himself.

He turned and nearly dropped the lid. Madison sat back against the wall just behind on the left.

"God, you scared me!" he said, quickly setting the hot lid on the counter.

"Sorry," she said, ducking her head as a look of confusion crossed her face. She shifted in place, peeked up at him and then looked down again. "Sorry."

"It's fine," he reassured her. She glanced up with a smile. "I just didn't hear you. Did you need something?"

"No," she said with a shrug.

"Oh, okay," he said, looking back at her for a moment before grabbing the strainer and placing it in the sink.

"Let me help," Madison said, going for the strainer.

"You don't have to," he told her, surprised that she offered.

"I want to help," she insisted, watching him anxiously.

Rather than answer her, he waited for her to hold the strainer and then slowly tipped the pot as close to the sink as possible to keep the water from splashing. When most of the water was gone, he returned the pot to the stove and half-turned to the fridge.

"Can you grab the milk?" he asked Madison, testing to see if she would help.

"Yeah!" she answered with a smile, flashing her sharp canines before going to the fridge and opening the door.

Have her incisors always been that crooked? he wondered, staring after her. Maybe I should talk to Susan about looking into braces for her. Well, she's old enough to decide for herself, I suppose. I don't mind helping pay for it.

With the light on her face, he watched her eyes dart around until she found the carton lower on the door's shelf. She started to reach for it but stopped, her hand trembling as her eyebrows raised and her mouth opened. She tipped forward and then pressed against the wall.

"Hey, you okay?" Carl asked as he cut a pat of butter from the stick on the counter.

"Haaaa," the girl panted. Blood rushed to her face but she shook her head and pushed back to stand up straight. "Yes. I- Yes."

His step-daughter quickly grabbed the milk and returned to him, handing it over and then hovering as he poured it in with the butter and salt he'd added. He froze when he felt her breasts against his back and her breath on his neck.

"Why the milk?" she asked. He swore her voice was strained - as if she were in pain and hiding it. She felt so incredibly warm against him and his nerves stood on end.

"It, uhh, it makes the potatoes creamier," he said, swallowing when she leaned into him. "They- the- the butter- and the salt- it's just what I was always taught."

He slipped away from her but she followed him as he went to retrieve a masher from the utensil drawer. When he turned to place oven mitts on the counter, she moved with him. And again when he carried the pot to place it on the mitt. It was unnerving but when he glanced back at her, expecting to see her sneering at him or taunting him, she appeared innocent. Except for her eyes. Her eyelids were nearly half-closed and her piercing icy blue eyes followed his every movement. She smiled at him but then licked her lips. Those red lips pulled back briefly to show her teeth but she cleared her throat - the rumbling sound nearly sounding like a quiet growl.

And then his step-daughter blinked, stepping back with a quick half-step and a sharp breath. Her eyes opened wider and she placed a small hand against her bosom.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked, holding the masher over the pot of potatoes.

"Oh, yeah," she said, shaking her head and running her hand through her hair. "Just, I don't know, felt a little out of it for a second. It's better now. I'm better now. Sorry."

Madison moved back to sit against the wall as she'd done earlier but he ignored her while he finished making dinner. He could see his wife in the living room with a glass of red wine in one hand and her phone in the other. On the television, two shirtless men were arguing while a woman in a black dress sobbed on a park bench. A nearly empty bottle of wine lay on the coffee table before her. He shook his head and continued with dinner.

"It smells good," Madison told him.

He looked at her for a moment but went back to the potatoes, adding a little more milk to the mix. She confused him still. The sudden flip in her personality after years of mistreating him and acting like a brat seemed impossible. Welcome but impossible. And the clinginess. He knew that sometimes children from broken marriages would cling to their new step-parents if one of the parents was absent but she seemed to go the opposite direction, treating him with disdain and resenting his presence. Could something have happened? Could it really have been as simple as spending a little time with her?

There's just no way, he told himself. No way it happens like that. Maybe she's buttering me up for something? Helping her buy a car or something?

The clink of ceramic on wood brought him back to the present. Madison moved around the small table, laying out plates and silverware. She adjusted the knives and forks, stood back and then moved them again until they were just right. Stepping back again, she pressed her thumbs into her lower back. She turned to Carl, opened her mouth as if to say something but then blushed and looked away. He shook his head and carried the food to the middle of the table.

"Dinner's ready, Susan!" he called out.

It took calling her two more times before his wife came into the dining room on unsteady feet. She sat at her place, nearly spilling her wine as she absent-mindedly set it down. She focused on her phone, her finger tapping against the bottom of the screen to type out a message.

Madison eyed the food eagerly as Carl handed out portions.

"Thank you," she said, grabbing her fork and cutting into the chicken without waiting for anyone else. "I'm so hungry."

He stared at his wife as she took a gulp of her wine without looking up from her phone.

"Mind putting your phone away, Susan?" he asked finally.

"Jus' a sec," she slurred, scanning the phone and smiling. She swiped her finger along the bottom, tracing letters on the keyboard and then locked it, placing it facedown beside her plate. "Chicken again?"

"It's simple," he told her.

"I like chicken," Madison said, cutting another piece. She leaned forward and shoved the chunk in her mouth. The skin over the bridge of her nose wrinkled as she chewed quickly and swallowed. She grabbed the remaining portion with her fingers to pop into her mouth. Her tongue lapped at the juices around her lips. "Can I have another? Please?"

"Uh, sure," Carl told her. "But there's also the potatoes and vegetables."

She watched him drop another piece on her plate and reached for it.

"Use your damn fork, Madison," Susan grumbled. "You're not an animal."

The girl froze, stared at her hand and then reached for her knife and fork. She cut into the meat slowly and methodically brought it up to her mouth with her fork. Her eyes shot to the side to see if her mother was watching and then she shoved the food into her mouth, tearing into it with her teeth.

"So how was your day with Linda?" Carl asked as he worked through his food.

"It was good," she answered, flipping her phone over and waking it for a moment before returning it to its place. "Had-"

Madison's fork clattered to the plate. She groaned and hung her head while making a fist on the table next to her. Hidden beneath her bound hair, the tips of her ears grew wide, bending near the tip as they grew to soft points. She trembled, pulling her hand from the table to press against her stomach.

"Hey," Carl said, reaching for her. "You okay? Is your stomach okay?"

"Yessss," Madison hissed. She clenched the edges of the chair and her tongue darted out. "God!"

The girl pressed against the back of her chair and sat up straight as she spread her legs. Her teeth pressed into her lips and her chest swelled as she breathed deeply.

"God," she repeated.

"You, uhh, you sure?" Carl asked again.

"Huh?" his step-daughter asked, looking at him with unfocused eyes. Her mouth hung open and her tongue lay against her bottom lip until she swallowed and closed her mouth.

"I said-"

"Oh, yeah," she told him. She looked down at her plate and then reached for the chicken. Her nails dug into the soft, seasoned meat and she growled, lifting it to her mouth.

"Fork, Madison, Jesus," Susan said, grabbing her wine to take a deep swallow. She stood up as Madison put the food back down. "Need 'nother bottle."

"Maybe-" Carl started to say before he stopped himself.

Madison looked between the two and then slid slowly sideways in her seat until she sat directly on the edge of her chair. She stared at Carl as he looked after his wife. With her hands gripping the chair once more, she ground into the edge, leaning forward and spreading her legs apart until her pussy pressed into the bare wood beneath her. She made short, quick movements and her chest rose and fell faster and faster as blood rushed to her face and down her chest. Red bloomed over her breasts as the heat filled her. Her painted fingernails bent to expose blunt black tips piercing the tips of her fingers. The girl panted with her small, pink tongue laying at the corner of her mouth.

The sharp pop of the new wine bottle's cork startled Madison as the acrid scent flooded her sensitive nose.

"I-" she gasped, hanging her head and then raising it again to look at Carl. "I'm done. Thank you."

She pulled herself up from the chair slowly, pushing it against the table and standing behind it for a moment. The girl appeared conflicted as she looked between her mother, Carl and the food laid out before her.

Rational thought struggled through the buzzing in her head and the electricity sparking throughout her body. She wanted to stay with him. Near him. Yet it was wrong in her mind. Somehow. She couldn't remember why it was wrong and that bothered her.

The deciding factor that made her retreat to her room was the sticky feeling of her wetness against her bare thighs and the warmth of the spreading wet spot on her shorts and panties. She forced herself to walk away, grimacing at the grinding pain in her lower back.

Carl watched her until the girl's bedroom door closed. He sighed and picked up his fork while glancing at his wife. She was back on her phone and her refilled glass of wine was already half empty. Her eyes were heavy and she blinked slowly several times. Most of the food was untouched on her plate.

They ate in silence and she eventually got up from the table without a word in order to retreat back to the living room. He sighed, finished his meal and cleaned everything up.


Susan snored on the couch next to him. He'd picked a western this time but was only somewhat vested in the plot. His hand rested against his wife's leg but his mind was elsewhere.

His wife's phone buzzed suddenly, vibrating with a short pulse on the floor. She lay on her stomach with her arm over the edge of the couch and her hand nearly touching the phone. It'd slipped from her fingers at some point.

Several seconds later it buzzed again, distracting him from his thoughts and the movie. It buzzed three more times over the next minute before he finally got up to see what was happening. The screen woke when he touched the power button but it showed no message preview for the notification. He frowned, surprised that she'd turned them off since they were on by default. Before he could wake her up to tell her about it, his phone beeped. He set his wife's phone on the end table next to her and then unlocked his own phone.

It was a short message from Madison: Need help!!

Carl dropped his phone and went to his step-daughter's bedroom in a rush. The door was closed but he knocked quietly. With a creak, the door opened to a slit to show Madison's eye.

"Where's mom?" she hissed. "She's not answering my texts!"

"She's passed out on the couch," he told her. "What's wrong?"

"Can you wake her up?" she asked. "It's important."


Can I? he wondered. All the nights she'd been drunk, she'd barely reacted to him shaking her awake.

"I don't think so," he said. "She's had too much to drink."

"Dammit," Madison cursed. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!"

The door opened and his step-daughter fled backwards away from him. He walked in carefully. She'd changed into pajama bottoms and a tight black button-down pajama top that strained against her breasts. Unseen to his eyes, the folded tips of her ears peeked through her hair. Silky black fur covered the backs of her ears and they rotated fractionally as she watched him warily. The girl crossed her arms under her breasts and looked away as he walked in.

"What's going on?" he asked cautiously.

"Okay," she said, still looking away from him. "Okay. Okay. I just- There's- I'm just not sure."

She hooked her thumbs into the band of her pajamas at her hips, pushing them gently while turning and he saw it.

Nestled above the swell of her well-toned ass cheeks was a short, bony tail. It lay between her cheeks but, as he watched, it twitched and curled. He could see the bones moving beneath the thin skin. Madison was toned and muscular with barely any body fat along her back but the skin around the base of the tail bulged as if swollen.

"The fuck?!" he said loudly. Normally he tried to watch his language when he was around others but words failed him. "The fuck! What the fuck, Madison?"

"I know!" she wailed, turning to face him again. She wrung her hands against her belly and then pulled them apart to place against her side before squeezing them again and shaking them. "My back has been sore all day and then I was trying to massage it and I felt bones and then the skin moved and it pushed against my hand and then it hurt like a fucking bitch suddenly and then I could feel it, Carl! I could feel my fingers on it! It moved!"

"Are you- maybe it's not-" he struggled to say, trying to find composure in front of frightened step-daughter.

"You touch it and tell me," she said, turning again.

It lay out of her pajama bottom now. He looked at her and then took a step. As he got closer, he noticed a few thin black hairs along the length of it. At another step, it moved. Yet another step and it started wagging back and forth.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Oh god, I can feel it, oh god. Oh god!"

"Are you making it do that?" he asked, drawing closer.

"Noooo," she whined, pressing her hands against her stomach again. "I can't make it stop!"

He reached for it and then hesitated. In the brief moment, he watched the skin bulge at the base when a new bone formed beneath. The tail slid slowly against her silken pajamas and she leaned forward with a moan, biting at her lips. There were more black hairs on it now and it was wagging faster.

Swallowing hard, he reached forward and touched it.

"God!" Madison cried out, her knuckles growing white as she clenched the back of her desk's chair.

The tail curled at his touch. He was gentle, stroking it carefully while staring in amazement. It was warm and as soft as the rest of her body.

No, he reprimanded himself. Don't think of that.

He ran his fingers along the length of it and Madison trembled at his touch. She moaned but the sound was lost to him as he stared blankly at it.

How? he asked himself. How is this possible?

He'd heard myths growing up of kids with proto tails but, after he got to a certain age he assumed it was just kids being cruel. He touched the swollen base on her lower back and felt the bones shifting beneath. A single black hair emerged from the skin and the tail lengthened slowly once more, dragging the new hair against his finger.

"Does it hurt?" he asked quietly, pulling it as gently as he could to see how it was attached.

Madison moaned and shoved herself back, forcing his hand down against her bare ass. His fingers slid beneath her pajamas to cup her warm, soft cheek. He felt wetness against the inside of her thigh before he snatched his hand away.

"Sorry!" he shouted, pulling back. "God, I'm so-"

Madison was staring back at him, panting with her mouth open and her tongue lolling between her lips. The edges of her nostrils were black and her canines were more pronounced. Only now did he realize he should've noticed her teeth earlier in the day. That he had but not for the right reason. Her ears had grown during his inspection and they slid through her hair and angled back as she looked at him.

Wispy black hairs lined her cheeks but a few white strands stood out between her eyebrows. She licked her lips with a wide tongue and then cried out, raising her ass while lowering her chest and spreading her legs.

"Can't think," she moaned.

His step-daughter slowly collapsed to the ground, lowering herself until her ass pressed into her heels. Her tail was curled up behind her as she leaned forward on her hands and lowered her head.

"Hot," she gasped, walking forward with her hands until she was stretched out on hands and knees. She threw her head back with her mouth open and the buttons of her top popped open under the strain, freeing her breasts. She rocked, pushing her ass back as she lowered her hips and then raising them again. "Carl, I need- I need-"

With a growling groan, she assumed a lordosis posture and her pajamas slid down. Unable to help himself, he looked and then slammed his eyes shut as he caught a glance at the girl's swollen labia.

Carl ran, slamming the door behind him and leaning against it.

"Carl, pleeeease," Madison groaned from within. "You- you don't know- know what it's god, god! Goooood! What's it liiiike, Carl!"

She continued to plead as he sat against the door with his eyes shut and his heart pounding. Her words turned to pure grunts and, soon, the unmistakable sounds of her pleasuring herself. She held nothing back, moaning and growling and whining with an unusual high-pitched sound that he'd never heard before. When he realized he could hear the wet slapping of whatever she was using to masturbate with, he cursed, covered his ears and left.

His cock forced him to hobble until he adjusted the erection straining against his pants.

Dammit, dammit, dammit! he yelled internally at himself.

He made a line for his bedroom, closing the door and turning the lock on the doorknob before sitting on his bed. He could still hear the faint sounds of her animalistic voice crying out from an orgasm so he clicked on the small white noise generator he'd purchased when Susan's snoring started bothering him.

"What the hell do I do?" he asked himself, staring at his hand. And his lap. At the painful boner that begged for his touch.

It was impossible but he'd seen it himself. And felt it.

"Caaaarrrrrrrrl," came a quiet whine at the door. The doorknob turned slightly but held. "Carrrrrrrl, please."

"Madison, I can't," he said, closing his eyes once more. "Just- just go back to your room and- and- try to sleep."

"Carrrrrrrl," she growled. The wet sounds of her palm slapping against her pussy overpowered the tiny noise machine so he turned the volume up. She clawed at the door with her free hand and whined pitifully. "Need yourrrrr dick. Need it. Need cock. So hot. Empty. Carrrrrl-"

He turned the machine up as loud as it could go and lay in bed, praying she'd go. Praying that his cock would stop throbbing.

Unzipping himself, he slipped out of his clothes and lay there, heart pounding in his temple and his mouth dry.

"Dammit!" he cursed, snatching a tissue quickly. Clearing his mind of everything, he masturbated, thinking of nothing at all.

Yet the memory of it still slipped in. The wet sound of her sex. The feel of her warm ass on his hand.

The way she looked at him. The need displayed so purely on her face. The hunger.

He jack-knifed in bed as he came, accidentally tearing the top of the tissue. His cum spurted freely and he hissed as he grabbed more to clean himself up.

The stress of the evening combined with the static noise of the machine at his bedside and the induced relaxation brought on by the orgasm lulled him slowly to sleep. He drifted with the image of Madison's tail in his mind. His limp cock twitched fitfully, sliding against his leg as it struggled to grow hard once more.

He was asleep before he noticed it.


Carl's head throbbed as he jerked awake with his alarm blaring in his ear. He turned the noise machine off and then the alarm and the sudden silence was overpowering. Sitting up, he ran his hands through his sandy-colored hair and sighed.

The memory of the night before forced his eyes wide open.

"Fuck!" he cursed.

As quietly and carefully as possible, he rolled out of bed. His door was still locked and he could hear his wife snoring beyond, louder than when she'd fallen asleep. He unlocked the door and pulled it open slowly.

Madison lay on the floor on the other side of the door. She still wore her unbuttoned top but her pajama bottoms were gone. She lay curled into a ball on her side with her knees tucked close to her belly.

There was no tail.

He debated himself, waffling between waking her up or carrying her to bed.

Finally, he stepped over her and bent, sliding his arms under her body. She was lighter than he expected. And softer. And warmer. His cock responded eagerly but he ignored it and he moved his hand far away from her breast.

Claw marks covered the outside of the door. They were wide and deep and it made him look at her hands. Her fingernails were completely clear of the purple nail polish she'd worn the day before. They were completely clear and clean and he knew there was no way she caused the furrows with her nails.

What am I going to tell Susan? he sighed as he lifted the girl.

The scent of her pussy and her evening of masturbation filled him as he held her close, causing him to lower her slightly. Yet it didn't help and he tried to breathe through his mouth as he walked her back to her room, staring straight ahead.

More claw marks covered her desk but he just shook his head and walked her to her bed, gently lowering her before slowly pulling the blanket up and over her body.

Carl moved quickly after that, using the excuse of getting ready for work as a way to distract himself from his thoughts. He considered masturbating in the shower but pushed the idea away with disgust, despite how hard his cock was.

She was so warm, he remembered. Dammit.

The rest of the morning was routine and he hurried through it until he was out of the house and in his car. He lay his head back against the headrest, took a deep breath and started the vehicle.


Paper whispered against his desk as he snatched sheets from the plastic tray beside his monitor. Outside his office, conversations hummed and phones rang behind tall cubicle walls. Carl traced the tip of his pen against the alternating lines on the printed spreadsheet before turning back to his monitor. He keyed in an updated figure and saved it, switching over to an internal website to fill out information for one of his inside salespeople.

He eyed the time in the corner of his monitor and wondered if he needed an extra cup of coffee but his phone rang, disrupting his thought. He glanced at the display and picked up the receiver.

"Yeah, Steve," he told the receptionist.

"Your daughter is here, sir," the young intern said.

"My- I don't have a- Madison?" he asked but the door opened and his step-daughter stepped inside with a bright smile, as if her name summoned her.

She wore a plain blouse that molded itself to her chest and thin waist. Her black hair was once again pulled back into a tight ponytail that she'd taken to wearing since yesterday. Her loose slate-colored skirt hung below her knees.

"Honey," he said, looking around her to the high cubicle walls beyond. "What are you- Uhh, how are you feeling?"

"Great!" she chirped, her cheeks widening as her smile turned to a mischievous grin. "So much better."

"And- and- and- is it-?"

She twirled with her arms raised and her blouse rose to show her bare skin. The back of her skirt lay flat against her body and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Listen," he told her. "I'll schedule you a doctor's appointment and we can go in, maybe get some x-rays and see what happened, okay?"

"No," she said, walking through the office until she sat against his desk facing him. "Really, I'm fine. There's no tail or anything. Which is too bad because it was kinda cute."

Kinda cute? he thought to himself, remembering the panic on her face when she showed it to him.

"Honey, are you sure you're alright?" he asked her, looking up at her cheerful face and bright blue eyes.

"Oh, better than 'alright', I feel fantastic," she said, resting her hands against her thighs.

He chanced a look at her teeth but her canines were short and her teeth appeared as straight as he'd remembered them. The glance allowed him to relax the muscles he'd tensed ever since she'd walked in. No tail, no teeth, no fur on her face - just the oddly happy normal girl he was, well, not used to seeing since she was far too pert and nice than normal but, still.

Unless, oh god, he swallowed and looked away. Unless it was all a ruse and she's here to blackmail me for touching her when-

"I wanted to show you something," she said, her eyes locking onto his.

"Uh, okay?" he said slowly, worried about the coming scam. "And how did you get here?"

"Laitha gave me a ride," she said, still staring at him. Her smile was slowly fading, replaced with a semi-serious expression as her hands tightened on her dress. Her ears twitched beneath her hair, unnoticed by either as she listened intently to the office surrounding them. "She's waiting outside."

"Well, what-" he started to ask as cold sweat broke out across his body.

Madison pulled at her skirt, grabbing bunches of the fabric as she raised it higher and higher. She leaned back slightly while pressing her knees out and, with a last pull, raised the front of the skirt over her hips.

The girl's bare, slick, swollen pussy shone in the bright fluorescent overhead lights. His eyes widened as he saw it. Three thick folds of reddened skin bulged outward while pressing together in the center. The girl's pussy glistened and she moaned, smiling tremulously as she stared hungrily at him. When he tried to look away, she grabbed his head with one hand to hold him in place. Her mound and lips were utterly hairless.

"You can't- Madison, this isn't-!" he tried to say.

"Lick me," she told him, her voice low and breathless.

"I can't!" he said, looking to the side while she held him.

"I woke up in bed," she said, grinding her teeth. "In my bed. I remember last night. Remember begging. Remember the emptiness. And the heat. God. The heat, Carl. You have no idea what it's like. But I was fine. I was fine. No tail. Nothing. But as the minutes passed, I felt the edge of it. I looked for you. Even though I knew you were at work, I looked for you. Whining. I couldn't help it. Just bubbled up. Pacing in the house as mom got ready. And it grew inside me. So fucking wet once it hit. I used my biggest dildo but it wasn't enough. I could only think of you."

"Madison, please-"

"I watched it happen," she told him, pulling his head toward her. He resisted but she was surprisingly strong. "In front of the mirror. I watched it even though I could feel it happening. Throbbing. Pounding. So hot, Carl. So. Fucking. Hot. I tried to pull them apart as they swelled. I tried to keep it from happening but then I just started fucking myself. Fingers inside my soaking wet cunt, pounding faster and faster while whining for you. Squeezing my fat, swollen pussy and pounding my hand into it."


"Barked when I came," she moaned, writhing at the edge of his desk. Clear liquid seeped from her folded pussy lips. He stared at it as it slid forth and dribbled down to soak into her skirt. "Like a bitch. Like a bitch in heat. Couldn't help it. Couldn't stop it. Just happened. Felt natural. Felt good, Carl. Felt right."


"I can't wait for you," she whined, her thin biceps bulging as she pulled harder. "Kiss me there. Kiss me there and I'll go. I'll go and I'll wait for you. Kiss me there, Carl. I need it."

"I can't, Madison," he groaned, smelling her wetness. He couldn't stop staring at it. At her strange, changed pussy. Couldn't keep his hand from squeezing his cock.

"I. Can. Smell. You." she growled, showing her teeth. "I know you want it. I know it. Just kiss it. I'll go. Just this one thing. Need you. Need you, Carl."

His will faltered as she continued to pull him. He could hear her desire so plain and bold. He ached for it. To be wanted. His mind filled in the excuses as he allowed himself to be pulled, bending down between her thighs as she growled and gnashed her teeth above him.

Inches away from her sopping sex, he could feel the heat pulsing from her and he gave in, grabbing her thighs and kissing the folded lips. Madison leaned back on the desk, raising her head and spreading her knees as he sucked her fat, engorged labia into his mouth. She shook as he tried to press his tongue between the folds.

When he looked up at her, he saw her looking down with half-closed eyes and reddened cheeks. Her canines scraped against each other as she watched him and her hand clenched in his hair, holding him tight against her. Keeping him in place as she squeezed her knees together. She was whining as he licked her and her pussy slowly opened to him.

Madison's hips began to move and her breathing quickened as she ground against his face.

"Yes!" she cried out before whining again. The dress fell against his face as she brought her hand up to bite her fingers and quiet her cries. "Yesssss!"

He lost himself to it, drunk on the lust and passion he'd been denied, sucking and licking as his head pounded. The taboo of fucking in his office drove him wild and he shoved his face forward, ignoring the dangers around him when his tongue finally slipped inside of her.

Madison shuddered. She pressed her hand against her mouth to muffle the scream threatening to escape as she came.

Carl pulled back, panting as he stared at her and she growled, dropping to her knees while cradling his face. Her small, pink tongue dragged against his face. She held him tight while cleaning him, licking her cum from his mouth, lips, chin and cheeks until she sat back, panting and quivering.

She stood slowly, leaning against the desk as her chest heaved. Her eyes never left his and they were half-wild. Wanting more. Weighing the dangers of riding his cock in the middle of his open office. Her nails scratched against the top of the desk and her arm trembled.

His step-daughter whirled and left without a word, forcing herself out before she could no longer restrain herself. He watched her go. Watched her walk wide of everyone in order to hide the scent of their sex. He continued to stare as she left and his heart threatened to explode through his chest.

Her scent lingered. Despite her cleaning his face, her cum still covered him and he smelled her every single time he breathed in. He waited for a call from his manager. For someone to look in and shake their head at him. For some sign that someone noticed. Yet nobody did. Carl looked down to see a large spot of pre-cum on his slacks and he sighed, pulling forward on his chair and staring at his desk. Work was the farthest from his mind as he replayed the scene again and again and again.

Finally certain nobody realized what happened, he stood and made his way to the executive bathroom. For the first time since the night of Madison's party, he allowed himself to think of her when he masturbated and his orgasm was almost painful.


Dusk settled around the world like a cloak of stars as he pulled into his driveway. He killed the engine and stared at his house.

The future was uncertain and that scared him. He had no idea where he stood right now or what would happen. All he knew was that he couldn't let that happen again. That he'd have to keep himself separated from her. That he'd need to push hard for the marriage counselor. He'd have to make things right again or vanish if he couldn't.

Unable to wait any longer, he opened his car door and stepped onto the driveway. He watched the house as he made his way to the front door. The lights were on and Susan's car was parked next to his.

With a deep breath, he unlocked the front door and stepped inside.

Madison waited by the door for him. She smiled and threw herself at him before he had a chance to register her. Her breasts flattened against his chest and she leaned in to kiss him, her lips pressing against his cheek as he turned at the last second.

"I heard you pull up," she purred in his ear. "I've waited allllll day for you, Carl."

He tried to pull away and then jerked when he felt sharp claws dig into his neck and back. With a hard pull, she let go and laughed.

Her teeth were sharp and he spied a few white strands of hair along her forehead. She wore the same torn shorts as the night before and they were already unbuttoned.

A spray of black hairs fanned out from her mound and around to her hips. Above that, her ears were wider and she'd pulled her hair back purposefully to show them. They rose to broad tips that flopped and shook when she moved.

"Your- your- mother," Carl stuttered.

She turned and he noticed more black hairs on the back of her calves.

But it was her back that grabbed his attention. Her bare tail swished back and forth above her lowered shorts. Unlike the night before, it was completely covered in inky fur and it reached nearly down to her thighs.

Madison looked over her shoulder at Carl with a sly grin and bare fangs.

"How's your drink coming, mom?" she asked.

"'S fine," Susan slurred from the living room. "Good. 's good."

"I'll top you off," Madison said, her smile growing. "And then Carl and I will keep you company."

"'S a good girl," Susan said.

Carl slipped out of his shoes and walked into the living room. His wife sat in the corner of the couch, her half-closed eyes staring in the direction of the television. Her phone lay on the floor and a large pool of spilled wine surrounded the base of the glass on the coffee table. Despite everything else, he winced at the sight of it.

Madison grabbed the bottle and bent in an overly-obvious manner. Her left hand slid up smoothly to her shorts as she started to pour. She grabbed the bottom of her shorts and pulled them aside to expose her still-swollen pussy. Black fur covered her sex now, spreading down to her thighs and up over the bottom curve of her ass. He looked away quickly but not before she winked back at him.

"Drink up," Madison growled. "You've earned it."

"Have," Susan agreed, bobbing her head too deep. "I have."

"I ordered some take-out, Carl," Madison said, pointing out plastic containers on the coffee table. "Sit with me?"

He stared at her and then at Susan and decided it was probably a safe idea. If he hid in his room, she'd try to get in and they'd be alone together. Next to her mother, he was safe.

Madison curled up on the end of the couch, opposite her mother and Carl sat next to his wife, cuddling against her despite her pushing him away. His step-daughter laughed quietly and then gasped, clawing at her shirt with a low, long growl. Her nails popped off as her claws continued to lengthen, spearing her blouse as she tugged at them with whatever was consuming her and causing her to writhe.

White fur emerged above her breasts in an irregular pattern. Her nipples suddenly pressed against her shirt and she continued to pull, growling and digging her other hand into the arm of the couch. He looked away as she exposed herself and her full, perfect breast.

"Fuuuck," Madison gasped finally, panting next to him. "Fuck."

Carl chanced a look but her blouse was mostly fixed again. Her nipples dented her shirt and she stared at him, her wide tongue briefly hanging against her bottom lip before it worked around her mouth and she smiled. Black cracks showed in the red of her lips and around her nostrils.

"Hurts," she whispered, winded from the previous effort. She lay her hand on his thigh and squeezed him but he pushed her away. "But feels so fucking good despite that."

When had she gotten so close to me? he wondered.

He tried to wrap his warm around his wife but she shrugged him off and Madison laughed again. Black hairs showed at the edges of the white mark on her chest and he could see her tail thumping behind her, sharing in her amusement.

"Offa me," Susan slurred, drinking more of her wine, tilting it back until it was empty.

His step-daughter stood and grabbed the bottle on the coffee table.

"She's had enough," Carl said.

"No, she hasn't," Madison said firmly.

"Haven't," Susan agreed, her head drooping.

The young woman stood with her leg against Carl. He stared down at the floor, unwilling to look at her hips or ass or the fur slowly spreading along her belly. Her calves flexed beneath the short, glossy fur covering them.

Finished pouring, Madison sat in Carl's lap, wrapping her arm around his neck.

"Don't!" Carl hissed.

She laughed and pulled his head against her breasts. For a moment he felt her fur on his cheek but he pulled away and she took her arm off of him. He relaxed, thinking she was going to obey but she quickly shoved her hand into his pants instead.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, licking his ear and nibbling his lobe with her sharp teeth. "Someone's excited, isn't he?"

The palm of her hand felt rough and thick against his erect cock. She squeezed and pumped him while kissing his cheek. Her breathing quickened as she tugged faster.

"Ma-" he tried to say.

Seeing her chance, she twisted and kissed him, thrusting her wide tongue deep in his mouth, forcing him to kiss her in return. She melted into him, whining quietly as their tongues wrapped together.

"Don't!" he whispered fiercely, pushing her away when his wife's hanging head swiveled slowly.

Carl grabbed Madison's hand and pulled, forcing her out of his pants. She growled but rubbed her hand against her nose, scenting him. She breathed deeply, moaning as she smelled his cock and he watched as the skin covering her palm swelled, soft pink darkening to match the wine his wife drank. It changed further as she dragged her tongue along her hand to taste him and her tongue rasped against the leathery padding forming.

"Ah!" Madison cried out, pressing into him.

Carl grabbed her and held her by reflex as she groaned.

"Hurts," she whimpered. "Hurts."

He could hear her bones clicking in her jaw as her face reshaped. She breathed in shallow, quick breaths interspersed with tiny high-pitched whines as her face lengthened.

Unsure of what else to do, he stroked her hair. She pressed harder into him in encouragement and he scratched her, dragging his nails against her fur and scratching behind her ears before he realized what he was doing.

"Don't stop," she whispered. "Helps."

With his eyes closed, he continued stroking her, sliding a hand down her neck. The fur was thick there and continued between her shoulder blades until he felt her bare back. Her tail thumped loudly against the couch and she wriggled against him. His traitorous left hand reached down and squeezed her ass, digging his nails into the skin beneath the silky black fur.

Madison groaned and licked his neck as her hands worked at his zipper. Her claws scratched his skin and he clenched his hands against her in response, driving her more wild.

"Shouldn't," he gasped as she freed his cock.

"She's cheating on you," Madison whispered.

"What?" Carl asked. "What did you-oooohhhh god!"

She shifted, pulling the bottom of her soaked shorts to the side as she pressed her folded bitch's pussy down on his hardened cock. Susan snorted beside them and the empty wine glass thumped to the floor.

Madison grabbed her shirt at the neck and pulled, tearing the fabric to expose her breasts as she slowly eased herself down on Carl's dick.

"Look," his step-daughter whispered.

She leaned back with one hand on the couch to steady herself. Her other hand spread the fur aside on her belly. A tiny black nipple lay hidden beneath the fur. She pulled it and growled, rocking her hips while flexing her muscles to squeeze his cock. Finally, she leaned forward, licking his ear and hair with her massive tongue.

"Teats," she gasped, groaning and moaning as she impaled herself on his cock. "For our cubs."

"God!" Carl gasped, squeezing her ass. He didn't care about the 'cubs' comment but her voice was dripping with raw, animal lust and her smell wound its way entirely through him until he couldn't think past anything but the girl bouncing on his cock.

He pulled her close and pressed his face between her breasts as she gripped the back of the couch.

"Yes!" Madison cried out. "Yes, like that!"

His right hand reached up to the base of her tail while his left squeezed her ass and his mouth wrapped around her nipple. He buried himself in her as she flexed her hips and ass, forcing his cock as deep into her pussy as she could. The black fur growing up and over her breasts tickled his lips when it surrounded her nipple but he ignored it as he swirled the hardened, soft wrinkled skin with his wet tongue.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Madison whined. "My tail, yes!"

He pulled and she shuddered, crying out as her pussy pulsed around his cock. He pulled her thick, smooth tail harder and she collapsed against him, growling and whimpering as words were lost to her.

Madison's toes scratched against the floor. They spread as bones within her feet were pushed aside by new muscles forming around them. Her nails dragged against the floor and then fell off as lengthening claws separated them from the nail beds. The girl's pinky toe slid back as her bones stretched, pushing her eight other toes forward.

"Baby, yes," she moaned, finding her rhythm once more. "Baby, yes. Cum in me. Cum in me, please. Yes!"

He pushed her back and she shoved herself down, soaking his crotch and slacks with her spasming pussy. Holding her back for support, he leaned in, pressing his face into her belly fur until his lips slid over a teat high on her stomach, just below her ribcage. He latched on and her claws pierced his back hard enough to draw blood.

"Fuck!" Madison screamed.

Susan stirred.

"Whassat?" she asked, her head lolling before falling back against the arm of the couch. "Whassat. Whaasssss-"

He grabbed her ass and spread her as he sucked at her smaller nipple. The faint taste of milk filled his mouth but he ignored it, pulling her down hard while shoving himself up in short, powerful thrusts.

"Again, god! God!" Madison screamed as Susan snored. She quivered but forced herself on.

"Please please please oh god please," the girl rambled, her paws clawing through her fur and over her breasts and over Carl's body. She seemed unable to control the flow of words streaming from her sable muzzle. "Fill me. Fill my bitch pussy with your cum. Breed me, god yes breed me with your babies and fill me until I'm leaking with your cum covering my fur-!"

Madison howled, her floppy ears trembling and her head back as Carl grunted and his cock swelled within her pussy. He held her waist and dug his nails into the fur on her back as he came over and over.

"Baby, yes, baby," Madison said, collapsing against him. She jerked and then lay still. "Yes."

They lay together on the couch, panting and breathing fast. Madison's paw slid against Carl's chest. Her padding grabbed at the hair on his chest so she brought her hand up to slide her claws through his hair instead. He stroked her back in return, scratching down her side over and over in slow movements as they relaxed.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"For what?" she asked.

"Your," he struggled to find the right words. "Body. This body. I don't know what happened but I'm sorry it happened to-"

"Don't," she told him. "I love it. I was scared at first but it's amazing. I feel amazing. Like a weight gone from my shoulders. And everything is just so much brighter and real somehow. I can't explain it. And, God! The heat! That fucking-"

She ground against him slowly with a whine.

"Fucking heat," she whimpered. "Doesn't stop. But the orgasms. Never. Uhhh. Never felt. Anything. Like it."

"The bed," he growled in her ear.

She nodded, pushing off and then stumbling on legs that felt like jelly. He caught her and she smiled at him with her long, wide muzzle. Finally, she stood on her forefeet and her nails clicked against the hardwood floor. He took her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom as his wife snored loudly behind them.

The click of the lock was soon followed by Madison moaning as she lay on all fours with her tail up and her legs spread, waiting to be mounted.


A small tumbler lay on the end table. Carl picked it up and sipped it as he slowly scratched behind Sable's ear beside him. The dog opened its eyes briefly and huffed.

Madison had been right - his wife had been cheating on him. For a while now. Said that once she'd started changing, she could smell him on her. And it made sense with everything else.

He took his time and hired a private investigator to follow her and take pictures. Unfortunately for her, they didn't live in a no-fault state. She was pissed when he served her divorce papers but he didn't care. He didn't try to screw her over but made sure she got barely anything from him. He'd almost kept the house but decided to sell it instead. Too many bad memories.

Sable whined beside him and he gently stroked her forehead. Her tail curled tight against her body.

"It's alright," he whispered to her. "That's a good girl, it's alright."

She stretched out, placing her head on his thigh while looking up at him with her eyes as blue as a winter's sky.

Popping sounds filled the living room and Sable growled, closing her eyes as her spine began to lengthen. He held her and scratched her back and she licked his other hand and then whined as her hips clicked.

Her front paw touched his thigh and the claws slid against his leg until her still-short fingers gripped his slacks.

Sable's legs strained as they lengthened, her claws scratching softly against the leather couch when her expanding body forced them to grow. Tiny bones and ligaments formed as her knee regrew into their proper shape and her calves swelled.

The dog turned to lie on her back as fat and muscle built within her haunch and her tailbone grew wide, the bones within pressing against the skin until the curves of her waist grew more defined.

Milk ducts and fatty tissue developed behind the top row of her teats. They separated from the rest of her teats as her torso grew out and the skin surrounding them bulged into tiny breasts. Wrinkled, pebbled flesh grew up around her nipples as her breast pushed out from her widening chest and her areola formed beneath her fur.

Carl caressed Madison's muzzle as she whimpered and kicked.

"Good girl," he murmured, rubbing her soft ear gently. "That's a good girl, it's alright."

She licked his hand tentatively and then jerked again as her shoulder popped and her front legs turned into small arms. She gripped his leg tightly and pressed her head against him.

Carl's thumb scratched the white diamond pattern on her forehead as her muzzle trembled. Bones within her snout slid and cracked until it was human sized. She growled, showing her sharp teeth but slowly crawled into his lap, pushing with her trembling legs and quivering arms as he held her tight.

The tip of her tail tapped against the couch. Already thick - his leg held welts where it had slapped against him in excitement, it grew even more dense to match her growing form.

The tapping tip of her tail turned into rapid thumping and she twisted against him when her leg sockets reattached to her hips, straddling his lap with her head bowed against his throat. Carl scratched his nails down her soft, short back fur and her tail slammed painfully into his leg.

"There she is," he said quietly.

"Here I am," Madison answered softly, leaning back. "Fuck. Every day and you'd think it'd get easier but it doesn't."

"I'm sorry, babe," he told her.

She placed her clawed finger on his lips and then took it away and licked his mouth.

"Don't be," she said. "It's still amazing. Every minute."

"Can you slow your tail?" he asked. "It's killing me."

She laughed and shrugged. "Can't, sorry. Just happy. Oh. The salmon and brown rice is definitely better than the chicken and sweet potato mix."

"So the Purina brand?" he asked, surprised. "I thought the more expensive one would be better."

"Eh, tastes are different," she said. She sat up and her ears canted back as she turned her muzzle to kiss him. Her tail crashed into his leg but he ignored it and kissed her back.

"Have you figured out the ball thing yet?" he asked, breaking away.

"Ball?!" she asked and her ears perked up as she looked around. "Goddammit."

"Wow, still?"

"I can't help it!" she sighed. "And, no. When I'm Sable, everything is simpler. There's less layers in my brain and everything's more pure. And so much energy, god! I just want to run and-"

"And?" he prompted.

"Nothing," she answered, looking away with her tail down. But then her tail curled and she smiled. "And chase! God, chasing is soooo fun. I can't help it. The ball moves and I want to chase it."

"Or squirrels," he laughed, tapping her on the tip of her blackened, wet nose.

"Or squirrels," she agreed with another sigh before licking his finger with her rough tongue. "I'm just glad I haven't caught one yet. Kinda. Kinda glad. Maybe."

"Will the lady be taking off her fur coat this evening?" he asked tentatively.

"I don't know," she said. "I still can't control it."

A few days after he moved out, he woke up to Sable sleeping beside him. It had been incredibly traumatic but she'd seemed happy and loving and cuddly. Like a normal dog. A little after noon, she changed back into her half-human form and described how it felt. It happened the same every day after that - changing fully into a dog between 2 and 3 am and then a hybrid after noon. Some days she continued to change slowly throughout the evening until she was fully human. Only to wake again fully a dog in the morning.

Yet it never seemed to bother her. If anything, she was more energetic and happy than ever. She said the dog form was freeing. There wasn't anything to worry about and she was boundless.

"Do you miss her?" she asked him.

"You," he told her. "It's all you. And it's sometimes nice to go out for the evening. Together."

"Oh, that reminds me," she said, rubbing her neck. "Can you look for a different collar? Maybe neoprene? I don't think leather feels good."

"Deal," he nodded.

"Thank you," she said, licking his face again. He opened his mouth and she wrapped her longer tongue around his with a moan. His step-daughter's paw slipped down his body to grab his already hard cock. "Mmm, I think you enjoy this body as well, though."

"Yeah," he said, his voice rough as his body responded to her.

"Good," she growled, tugging at his zipper. "So why don't you show me?"

He grabbed her and pulled her tight.

"No," he said. "Not like this."

She cocked her head and looked at him.

"On all fours, bitch," he growled in her ear, grabbing her tail in his fist.

She shuddered and gasped and he felt an immediate wetness flood his pants.

"Fuuuuuck," she moaned, sliding off of him.

Madison knelt and turned, raising her tail as she dropped to her hands and knees to look behind and watch Carl undress. Thick, clear liquid dripped from the engorged folds of her pussy as she knelt impatiently, waiting to be mounted.

"Good girl," Carl said as he bent over her. "Good girl."

Later, dogs around the neighborhood joined their howls to Madison's as Carl filled her completely.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Teacher's Pet
A teacher's pet becomes one in physical form while her lustful heat ravages her body
The silence was unnatural, broken only by the faint scratching of pens and paper turning. Steven eyed the class, watching for tell-tale signs of cheating from students bent over their papers. His eyes lingered on Alexandria as she huddled too far over her desk with her arms on either side of her test paper.

Steven rolled his eyes with a quiet sigh. The ancient chair he sat in squeaked loudly when he pushed it back to stand, knuckling his back as if stretching while hiding his true intentions. He strolled nonchalantly up to the first row of desks and groaned when Chen smiled up at him. The smaller senior watched him for a moment before sticking her tongue out and bending back down to concentrate on her test.

The girl was a thorn in his side this year. Nothing but polite and attentive and smart but also clingy and inappropriate in a, thankfully so far, innocent manner.

Last week she'd brought him a packaged lunch of homemade food. Not from her parents but one she'd made by waking up early. She'd tried to pretend it wasn't a big deal but it was intricate with the vegetables cut in spiral or diced neatly and the meat was still warm. He'd had to talk to her after class and tell her she couldn't do things like that. He just didn't have the heart to go further and discuss how attached she was with him.

He passed her, standing as far away from her desk as he could without being obvious. Along the way, he paused at different desks while still making his way to the back. Finally, he stood in front of Alexandria's desk.

The red headed girl was hunched over her test protectively. He tapped the corner of her desk and then gently moved her arm to reveal a tiny piece of paper with microscopic handwriting covering the surface. He frowned down at her. The girl looked up at him with a sheepish expression bordering on terror. Steven grabbed the paper while shaking his head. Glancing at her test, he saw she was barely a quarter of the way through so he left her to it.

A zone rippled around Alexandria, a vacuum of sound as if a vast abyss opened up around her. It traveled through the class as everyone became even more intent on their papers while worrying about being targeted next.

At the front of the class, he turned to sit. Once more Chen was looking up at him. She nodded and smiled and then continued her work. The girl's striped socks drew his attention when they moved. Pink and soft white. Her knees were together beneath the gray pleated skirt the girls were forced to wear as part of the dress code. She kicked her legs back and forth in slow motion as she stared down, the tip of her pink tongue between her lips.

It was only Monday with testing happening every day this week and he was already exhausted from it.

Time passed and Chen silently slid from her desk to bring her test forward. She lay it on Steven's desk and then paused as if expecting a word of praise. Instead, Steven motioned to her desk as a random boy snickered behind her. He rubbed at his short beard and then his eyes while the girl went back to her desk.

Just before the bell rang, a flood of students rushed to the front with their papers. Alexandria was at the front. They slammed their tests on the desk and then ran back to their seats, vibrating with their need to talk amongst themselves. The bell rang and the students immediately gathered their books and began talking. Steven ignored them as he gathered the tests and paged through them to ensure they were all signed.

"Thank you for the test, sir," Chen said.

"You don't have to-" Steven sighed, shoving his hand through his short brown hair. "You're welcome."

"You're such a teacher's pet," a girl said from the middle of the class.

"I'm not!" Chen said, spinning to see who had spoken.

Ellie stepped forward and Steven averted her gaze away from the girl. She'd developed quite a bit compared to her female classmates but, despite being of age, she was still a student. The girl was a mystery. She was always alone and constantly writing in her journal while ignoring everyone else. And when she was watching everyone around her, it was with an intent, calculating gaze.

"You are," the girl said. "You bring him food. You stay after class to help set things up and you're always here first. Get over yourself."

"That's enough," Steven said in an effort to defuse the situation. The last thing Chen needed was to be ostracized from the class any further than she was. He would have to speak to her. "She's just being helpful and polite, nothing more. Now go along, I'm sure you need to get to your next class."

The class filed out and he shook his head as he grabbed the folder for the next period.


Chen frowned at her desk. She scratched her side and wriggled in her seat before bending down to mark at her test. Steven glanced up at her and then continued grading papers. The girl had been restless since she'd arrived in class and unusually quiet. He'd put it down to her being called out the day before and was grateful for the lack of attention.

A noise made him look up. It was soft and nearly lost in the turning of pages but it'd sounded like a high pitched whine.

Chen was scratching at her jaw with her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face.

The girl wore her long, silky black hair back with a simple ebony bow that drooped down. Steven cocked his head as he stared at her. Something was different but he couldn't quite-

The girl's hair parted on either side of her head as she reached up with her free hand to scratch the other side of her face. Soft, pale skin showed through her hair. His brow knit as he stared at the folded edges of her ears and then his eyes bulged when the edges of her ears began to lengthen and pull down. Tiny black hairs emerged from the backs of her ears and she reached up to rub them.

He looked down to see her staring at him, her lips parted and her tongue against her bottom teeth. Her gaze was almost rapturous as she rubbed her floppy ear between her fingers.

From where he sat, he could see hair lining her jaw, as black as the ones on her scalp. Staring at her jaw, he noticed as the middle of her upper lip pulled higher. Tiny holes opened around it and she reached down to claw at them, rubbing her mouth as her lip continued to draw upward.

Dark spots dotted the girl's nose. Her short, pink tongue circled her lips as she thrust her chest forward and her ass backward. She hung her head and then shook it, blinking at her desk. Her ears flopped on the side of her head. He could still see skin around the short hairs covering them but it was slowly vanishing as more grew forth. Finally, she grabbed her pen, wiggled her hips and continued her test.

Steven stared at her in shock.

What the hell did I just see? he asked himself.

None of the students next to her seemed bothered by what happened. He rubbed his eyes and looked again but Chen sat there with her tongue hanging below her chin, wider and longer and tipped with a single drop of drool. Her nose was entirely black now and her slightly split upper lip seemed to hang loosely over her teeth.

As minutes passed, she reached up to scratch her neck. Her nails came off, dropping to her desk with quiet little 'tick' sounds. She swiped the nails from her desk and bit at her other hand. Opening her mouth he spied longer canines. Her upper lip was looser and when she bit at her nails and spat them to the ground, he could see whiskers along her mouth.

Chen growled quietly as she nibbled at her fingers. Her sharp teeth cracked against dense black claws that curved away from her fingertips.

When she pulled her hand from her mouth, he caught sight of hairs pushing through the delicate skin of her throat. She scratched at them again and her dull claws left red marks that were easily visible.

The bell sounded and his students groaned, grabbing their papers and marching to the front to turn them in. Chen worked at hers and then whined, putting her pen down and following the rest of the class. He watched her, sure the changes were some trick that would vanish as she approached or when the light fell on her in a different way but they stayed.

Worse, she placed her test on his desk and her claws scored the soft, old wood briefly. She stood before him, alone and staring down at him with her brown eyes. The girl reached up to run her fingers through her hair. Black fur covered her ears completely now and as she dragged her claws around them, he could see they were lengthening once more.

"I couldn't finish," the girl whined. She grabbed at her stomach and then reached beneath her blazer to scratch herself. Her frown turned to a smile and her tongue stretched out to lay against her bottom lip as she worked her fingers.

The girl raised her arm and her shirt pulled up to reveal tight, bare skin. Her hand pushed down on her skirt as her fingers dug into her belly.

Thick black fur spread out from her skirt. She pushed harder and he could see the defined lines of her thighs. Just as he looked away, he was sure he saw the hood of her clit.

"Thank you, Chen!" Steven said quickly, staring down at his desk as his head pounded.

"Oh," the girl said, coming back to herself. She stumbled away, grabbing her backpack at the last moment.

Steven watched her go and then grabbed his desk phone.

"Yeah, I hate to do this," he said after dialing a number. "I'm not feeling well at all suddenly. I'm going to go home and need someone to cover my classes."


He was sure a full day of rest would solve whatever the problem was but Chen sat before him once more with her floppy ears and strange mouth. The hair from her jaw had grown up to her cheeks now and she seemed even more wiggly than before, scratching at her stomach and sides and legs.

Short black hair pierced the white bands on her stockings. She whined, pulling at her skirt and raising it to show simple white panties.

Steven immediately looked away. He could feel his hot cheeks as his heart pounded in his chest. Licking his lips, he looked up again to see her leaning back in her seat. Her right hand clenched the armrest on her desk while her left tore holes in her stockings to reveal bare skin and patches of black hair.

The bottom of the girl's panties were darker and he could clearly see the outline of her labia. The wet patch lay between them and it seemed to be spreading as she panted in her seat. She reached up with her right hand to pull the bottom of her shirt and it revealed fur covering her lower stomach. It was thick and creeping over to her sides while spreading in a thin line up the middle of her chest, vanishing beneath her blazer.

Chen growled as drool dripped from her tongue. She opened and closed her legs while rocking her ass back and forth.

Suddenly, the girl jerked and kicked at the back of her shoe with her other foot until her flats were off. Her toes pressed into the pink band at the end of her stockings. Black claws cut through the fabric as she rubbed her feet on the ground.

She reached down to grab and claw at the stockings until her feet were bare. Her big toes were shrinking, shriveling as bone melted away. They slid along the inside of her feet as the claws tipping them curled slightly.

"Ch- Chen," Steven said, clearing his throat.

The girl glanced up, her tongue and ears flopping as she smiled.

"Stop outside for a moment, please," he said, swallowing as he stood. "I need to speak to you privately."

Oh god, he groaned, biting his lips. His dick was hard. He prayed it wasn't visible.

He walked out of the classroom without waiting for her but she followed closely as a student tittered behind her. Steven glanced to see Ellie lowering her head with a sly smile.

Once he was in the deserted hallway, he turned. She pressed herself into him immediately, legs spread and over his thigh. He could feel her warmth and her wetness. She panted and whined as she humped his leg.

"Chen!" he gasped, pushing her and glancing around. "For god's sake, you can't- you can't just-"

"I'm- Oh, I'm-" she said, shaking her head. "I'm sorry. I'm just so- I can't- Hard to think right now."

She hung her head and shuffled her bare feet. Her claws clicked against the tile. Standing with her in front of him and still dangerously close, he could see the back of her skirt moving as something twisted beneath it.

Worse than that, he could smell her wet pussy.

"Is anything-" he paused, trying to find the right words. It was absurd. The whole thing was absurd but he couldn't think of anything to say or do to make it better. "How do you feel?"

"Hot," she moaned, stepping towards him once more. "Empty and hot. And I'm wet down there, sir. I think I had an accident."

Steven closed his eyes but then opened them as she grabbed him. Her claws dug into his clothes and she held him as she spread her legs over his thigh once more. She whined as her hips rocked and she pressed hard against his body.

"You can't-!" he tried to say.

The girl licked his face with a rough tongue and then went to the balls of her feet to slip her tongue into his mouth.

Steven shoved her away and she whimpered. He wiped his mouth while staring at her.

"Grab your backpack," he told her hoarsely. "Go home. I'll make a note. You can retake the test."

"But," Chen whined, clawing her side as her hand crept to her breast. "I'm- I'm so-"

"Now," he told her.

Her ears folded back and she hung her head as she went back into the classroom. He waited as she took her things and slunk away.

Jesus Christ, he told himself, watching as she walked through the hallway. She held her shoes in one hand and walked on the balls of her feet. The bump at the back of her skirt was subdued now and she glanced back once with sad eyes before continuing.


Chen sat in her seat, the same as the day before. She'd brought no backpack this time and barely looked at her test. She was barefoot and still wore her torn stockings. The other students glanced at her curiously but left her alone and he was dumbfounded at their reactions.

She turned to the opening at the side of her desk and lifted her foot. The skin over the ball of her foot and beneath her toes was darker than the pale white along her arch and heel. She whined and pulled her foot up to lick the fur along the top. Her claws dug into the sole of her foot and she massaged the flesh as it bubbled outward. Steven watched in amazement as she licked the bottom of her foot, lashing the leathery padding again and again.

The way she sat forced her shirt upward to reveal a stomach covered in black fur. The girl dropped her foot and whined again, arching her back while digging her fingers into the silky hairs. They parted to reveal a tiny pink bump that she toyed with, caressing it as it widened and lengthened under her gentle ministrations. Her other hand parted the fur on the other side of her belly, higher up and he spied another tiny bump forming. She whined a third time as she rocked her ass in her seat, squeezing and pulling at her teats.

Oh fucking Christ, he thought.

She wore no panties and her fur was coated from her swollen pussy. Her thighs spread while she growled and he could see her pink labia and the soft lips within. They parted but he forced his eyes away.

"Wow, no shame, huh?" a boy laughed.

Oh shit! Oh shit! Steven gasped to himself.

Chen leaned forward with her hips out as her long tongue lapped loudly at her pussy. Between each stroke of her tongue he could see her pussy lips changing. They swelled and pressed together while she licked herself, the edges of her tongue folding against her legs. The girl shuddered, slipping a hand beneath her blazer to pinch her nipple.

"It's just a dumb dog," another student said. "Doesn't know any better."

Steven frowned at the class as they shook their heads and returned to their work. Chen leaned back, legs wide to show her pussy. The lips pushed away from her body now. They pressed firmly together in the middle and he could see more skin gathering at the top where her clit was.

She stared at him as she raised her shirt, biting the bottom with sharp teeth to hold it in place.

Her breasts were bare with a line of black fur between them. Her nipples were hardened and larger than he'd expected, sitting atop strange black areola. Now that he watched, he could see the pink from her nipples fading as they darkened to match the bumpy skin surrounding them. Fur emerged beneath her small breasts.

A loud thumping sound filled the classroom but then stopped as she whined and grabbed her face. She licked her lips over and over as her jaw pushed forward and her floppy ears dragged through her long, silky hair.

The bell rang and Steven's heart tried to leap through his chest. Students laughed at Chen as they passed, scratching her head. She clawed through her shirt to leave it in tatters around her and then raised her short muzzle as the thumping sounded once more. Alexandria scratched the bottom of Chen's jaw and then placed her test down on Steven's desk.

"So cute," the girl said. "What's her name?"

"Her-?" Steven asked.

"Alex, hurry up!" Susanah said from the door.

The students filed out but Steven ignored them as he stared at Chen. She twisted in her seat, grabbing at her breasts as her fur began to cover them. Ellie was last and she patted Chen's back once before sweeping through the closing door.

Oh shit, Steven thought as the door opened again and the principal stepped inside. Oh shit, oh shit.

"Steven, hello," the older gentlemen said with a smile towards Chen. "Listen, I just wanted a quick chat."

"Sir, I have no idea-" Steven started to say.

"No, it's fine," the man told him. He reached out and Steven blinked at the leash in his hand. "I love dogs and it's fine that you brought yours to school. I just think you shouldn't leave her unleashed. I have a spare from my old boy. He passed away but I kept it because I'm a sentimental fool. You can borrow it for the day. She seems friendly but I'd like you to keep her close so she's not a distraction for the students."

"My. Dog," Steven said with uncertainty. He pointed at Chen. "My dog over there?"

"Yes, hello sweetheart," the old man said with a little wave. Chen stood and walked to him, leaning against the principal's side. Her breasts moved beneath her fur, bulging outward as they pressed together. He laughed and scratched her head. "Sweet girl. Okay, I have to run. Just whenever you leave for the day, can you return the leash?"

"Y- yes?" Steven said.

Chen knelt beside Steven to nose at his crotch. His eyes shot up to the door as it closed and he pushed her head away but she shoved it back, licking his hard dick through his slacks.

"You smell good," she told him, grabbing at his pants and pulling.

"You can talk!" he blurted.

Her fingers pulled at his zipper but he shoved her away and she whined, rolling to her back and thrusting her chest forward. Her tits quivered as she spread her legs and lifted her ass with her heels to the ground. Her thick, black tail curled to touch her swollen pussy.

"So hot," she whined, rolling back and forth. "So hot, sir. I need- need something."

"Aww," Carlos said as he walked into the room. "I didn't know you had a dog."

"Y- yeah, haha," Steven laughed. He knelt and scratched at Chen's belly, just beneath her breasts until Carlos turned his back. Chen grabbed his hand and pushed it down, brushing a teat as she shoved him toward her pussy.

"Come here," he whispered fiercely, pulling her beneath the desk. "Stay. Stay there."

"Okay," Chen smiled, kneeling with her knees apart. Her tail brushed back and forth against the floor as he greeted his students.

"Just took a t-t- test," he gasped, stuttering on the last word.

Chen had somehow pulled his zipper down. She'd wasted no time in licking his cock when it flopped out. He pushed at her but she moved her head to the side and continued, folding her warm tongue against his manhood. His hand closed on her hair as she leaned forward to take him completely into her mouth. The teacher jumped as the overly sensitive head of his cock bumped against the ridges on the roof of her mouth but soon her tongue enveloped him and she moved, bobbing up and down inexpertly. He winced as her teeth rubbed against his cock.

He grabbed at her hair and ears, pushing her away as carefully as he could without looking obvious but she held on, digging her claws into his thigh while grabbing him carefully around the base of his dick.

A knock startled Chen and she pulled off with a yip.

"Scared me," she whispered.

"Excuse me, Mr. Hathers?" Janice - one of the secretaries, said. She peeked around the edge of the desk. "Did you have Chen Huang yesterday? Her parents said she didn't come home last night and nobody has seen her today."

"That's my name!" Chen said proudly.

Janice tilted her head as Chen came out from behind the desk.

"Aww, what a little cutie?" the secretary cooed. "Black lab?"

"Uhh-" Steven tried to say. He froze in place to keep his cock hidden. "Uhh. No. I haven't seen her?"

"Okay, I'll keep asking around, thank you," Janice said, closing the door behind her.

What the hell? He wondered, staring down at Chen as she crawled back beneath the desk on all fours. Her tail was tall and proud but she still seemed humanoid. Decidedly not a labrador retriever. How does everyone else see her like that?

He moved forward as Chen crawled around to find a comfortable position. He puzzled over what had happened and then nearly cried out as Chen's pussy ground against his cock. He started to pull away but then stopped when he remembered his dick was out in the open. Chen reached beneath her to grab his dick and point it down.

Steven looked under his desk and saw her with her ass up as she guided the tip of his cock towards her pussy.

"Will it hurt?" she asked breathlessly as she rubbed the head against her lips. She was panting and her hips moved in small motions. "A lot? Will it hurt a lot? Need it. I need it so bad."

Some of the kids glanced up but then went back to their tests. He grabbed her hand but her claw touched his cock.

"C- can't wait," she gasped, pushing back as she held him in place. "C- can't wait any more."

The girl groaned long and loud as she lowered herself onto his cock. He watched her tight little distended pussy open over the head of his dick and she rocked her hips as she forced herself down.

"Gooooood," she moaned, her tongue lapping her nose as her tail began to wag. "Feels sooooo gooood."

She stopped half-way with a whine and then pulled back before pushing down. He grabbed her ass to stop her from slamming down against him and his fingers dug into her soft fur. Her pussy gripped him and it was driving him mad as she started moving faster. He squeezed her as his breathing quickened and she began whining faster and faster. Her tail thumped the top of the desk and he spared a glance down to see her biting her own arm to keep from talking.

Oh god, god, god dammit, he groaned, ducking his head over papers on his desk.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, accidentally pushing up into her as he lost himself. His cock swelled and he breathed through his nose as sweat poured down his brow. Chen's ass jerked and then slammed down hard but his fingers softened the blow as she shook against him, whimpering and moaning from her own orgasm.

Steven pushed her off as gently as he could and reached for a tissue, wondering how he would hide what he was about to do. Chen solved the problem by grabbing his cock and licking the cum from his dick. She moaned, slipping a hand between her thighs as she knelt and cleaned him, sucking the extra bit of cum from the head of his cock when she squeezed him too vigorously.

The girl kicked out and clawed at his thigh as a smaller orgasm tore through her but then she licked his thigh and bent in half to clean herself, her tongue once more loudly licking against her pussy. She growled happily as his cum leaked from her pussy. She smiled up at him with strands of it on her muzzle but her tongue lashed out to wipe it all away.

Content and exhausted from the sex, she lay at his feet and slept, barely cracking an eye open when the students filed out after the end of class.

"Chen!" Steven whispered loudly.

The girl yawned and stretched and he looked away from her breasts as the motion pulled them up.

"We have to go," he told her. "Come on."

"Okay," she said sleepily, smiling up at him. She brushed her nose against his crotch and then crawled out before standing next to his desk. "Oh."

"What's wrong?" he asked as her ears lay back.

"I'm- It's-" she gasped and then began to pant. "Still feel you inside and I'm getting hot again."

"Oh god," Steven groaned. "I can't- we can't- Come on."

He grabbed the leash and then her hand before freezing. Her tail wagged happily when he looked back at her and he closed his eyes.

Would it look wrong? He wondered. Can't take the chance.

"Chen," he told her. "I need you to walk on your hands and feet, okay?"

"It feels weird," she told him.

"I know but just for now, okay?" he pleaded.

"Okay," she smiled again, going to her knees and then all fours. She shivered, raised her ass and butted against him.

"No, no, no," he said, stepping away from her. "Come on."

He walked to the door and held it open as she walked through.

"Awww, what a well trained little puppy!" a student he didn't know said. "Can I pet her?"

"Yes?" he said.

"Yes!" Chen barked.

The student scratched Chen's head and the girl leaned against the standing girl's legs.

"Feels good," Chen said. "But not as good as-"

"Okay, we have to go," Steven said, patting Chen's neck. She strutted awkwardly beside him as he walked through the hallway, wagging her tail with each random petting and scratching she received.

Once in the parking lot, he led her to his car and she climbed into the passenger seat, leaning forward with her hand between her thighs.

"You can't do that," he hissed.

"Okay," she whimpered, hanging her head again. The girl perked up and leaned over, grabbing and squeezing his cock with her padded paws as she tried to unzip his pants. Her tail thumped against the door next to her.

"Not that, either!" he said, pushing her away. "No- come on! Don't-!"

Pushing her back up, he reached over to buckle her and she pressed her breasts against his arm before licking his face. When he clicked her belt, her hand slowly slid down her body and she spread her knees with a high pitched whine.

I just have to get her home, he told himself as he backed out. And then- and then- shit. And then what?
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

New Views
A streamer allows her viewers to choose each of her changes
Despite being incredibly open minded, confident in my body and outgoing, I'm still nervous before every session. However, once I've been going for a few minutes, I lose myself in it and enjoy it. But, until then, I'm a little cute wreck.

I sit on the edge of my bed after making sure my guest room - not my real room despite what I tell my viewers, is clean and ready. My real room is a disaster. Horrible, really. Clothes on the floor, makeup everywhere and I'm pretty sure the scrunchies are slowly taking over my carpet. My old teddy bear sits on my lap. I wrap my arms around him while staring at the monitor on the desk in front of me. The camera sits just to the left with no blinking light.

Sir Thomas Wellington, III (my teddy bear) is non-judgemental and only wants what's best for me. Which is money.

Today is red underwear day. My thong is freshly washed and I'm not wearing a bra beneath my slightly darker spaghetti strap top. Legs, freshly shaved, crossed beneath me and my blonde hair held back with a scrunchie that's dying to join its brethren in my bedroom. Hot pink scrunchie just because.


Here we go.

The chat on my session is already live and I see a few names I recognize. High rollers. At least in my case. I'm just trying to start out. I take a moment to say hello to them personally so they feel special and then I click the camera and smile. Sir Wellington III waves at everyone with special help from my fingers before I push him down between my thighs. Nearly every other name is new and there's at least one hundred more subscribers. And climbing. Two hundred when the camera starts.

'Hello everyone,' I type, winking at the camera. 'As promised last week, I have a special treat for everyone! My friend Jenny is also just starting out and she showed me this special add-on that does funny filters. I thought I'd give a little show before the main event. Something silly to get people started.'

I'd met Jenny through an online forum when I was browsing my competition. She's very pretty and laughs a lot. Shorter than me but wider hips and bigger tits. Such a sweet girl and local! We met offline, chatted a bit and she mentioned the add-on. I thought it sounded like a fun treat.

Wow. Three hundred new people. Cha-ching! Word must be getting out! I'll have to thank Jenny because she said she was going to spread the news a bit.

'This is a poll with five rounds,' I continue on the keyboard. 'If you're pledging $50 or more, you'll get a vote so if you're not at that level, raise your pledge! But that's enough typing.'

It takes a second to pull up the new add-on but it links quickly to my account. Animals are listed in order from aardvark (cute!!) to zebra (white chocolate horse!!). It's a silly little piece of software but if there's one thing I've learned since starting my show, it's that people have really weird fetishes.

Standing back from the desk, I twist, bend and wiggle my ass before turning to smile at the camera with my tongue between my lips. Sir Thomas commandeers my chair as I slink over to my bed, purposefully raising my hips left and right and left again. My ass cheeks quake and I reach back to give myself a little smack before flopping in bed.

Everything should be automated at this point, if the simple directions Jenny gave me are right. If not, no harm, I'll just skip and show my titties and go from there.

I rock back and forth with my legs folded, toying with my top, tugging it down a little, slipping the strap down "accidentally" before giving an overly innocent 'oh gosh' look and fixing it. Typical little stuff as the voting goes on.

Animals move up and down in the list. I'm praying for a cat or red panda but frog is steadily moving upward. Frog. What am I supposed to do with that? Ah no, it's in first place.

Dropping to second. Yes! Now back to first. No!

Holding. Holding. Dammit.

But the whole time I'm giving my cute, wide-cheeked smile to hide how gross I find frogs.

An overlay appears on screen over my face. It's pixelated at first but begins to sharpen. I smile and the face on the screen, an odd mix of human and frog smiles with me. A fake tongue rolls out to snag a virtual fly and I giggle at it.

But now I give them a little show. I wiggle my hips slowly and pull down on my top while looking coy. When my hands are completely in view, frog-like forearms and fingers appear overtop on the video. I'm not quite sure what kind of frog is black with weird yellow stripes but I didn't make the program. It seems pretty limited-

Oh, with my top down the video shows my body in the same color and pattern with puffy black nipples. I'm surprised it knows how to change something like that. I mean, my nipples-

Staring down, my eyes go wide. A band of gray skin covers my left breast. I watch pink fade as it spreads, flowing in curving lines as it reaches over to my right tit, "cutting" it in half. The bottom of my nipple fades to dull ash.

And then the gray darkens. More patches of skin grow dark in sections along my body but, in between them my skin is turning a sickly flaxen coloring. But then, unlike the gray, it brightens into a virulent yellow.

I touch myself carefully. The camera is long forgotten as I explore my body. My finger presses against my skin and then slides as a soft film exudes from my pores. My top is immediately stained with it, the red darkening to ruby. But now I'm distracted even more because the tips of my fingers are flattening and widening against my slick chest.

Drool pools in my mouth and my tongue writhes, twisting and slipping within my mouth. It fills me and then pushes back towards my throat since there's nowhere else for it to go. I gag and my throat bulges.

"Fuck!" I shout, grabbing at my throat as tears fill my eyes and I cough.

My tongue, narrow and slick, lances out, stretching as the tip expands into a shiny mass. It hits something in the air at the edge of my bed and ricochets towards the ceiling.

"Noooo-ibbit," I croak.

Something is happening in my stomach. My guts are twisting and pinching. It aches and I feel bloated. My hand presses against my stomach and then slides against the strange film as my arms lengthen. Bones lose mass, shifting to the ends to stretch muscle and ligaments and give me a lean, limber look.

"Iiii-bit," I groan, pressing my hands against my stomach.

Fire burns through my face. Cartilage crunches, collapsing my nose and the room shifts around me. The left side of the room stays in place but the right side jumps down as my eyes begin to travel along my skull. My long, flattened fingers smack against my face. It feels flattened slightly but it's hard to tell exactly as my fingers have lost some sensitivity. Still, I feel like my entire head has compressed.

My eye sockets screech as they open further and my eyes bulge outward.

"Frog!" I yell, turning toward the computer. The animal is locked in first place as voting has ended.

My legs slide beneath me as I unfurl. Like my arms, my bones are stretching. I jump and then cry out in pain as I slam into something blocking the edge of the bed. The force pushes me back and I roll until I'm on my stomach and facing the pillow.

More pores open along my gangly bare thighs as my legs take on a glistening black hue. Yellow edges the black once more, breaking it up into a living Rorschach test all along my body. A freakish froggy inkblot test.

"Dammi-bit," I croak, groaning as I try to push myself up.

Something else twists in my guts and my long tongue reaches up to lick my eyes as I moan. My ass shakes. Bones crack in my hips, opening me for the unfertilized eggs forming within. I dig my toes into the bed and my foot drags back as they stay in place, stretching like my fingers. Muscle grows dense in my feet and then upward, surrounding my long, thin legs like armor.

As my waist widens, my ass fills out and my thong pulls tight, slipping between my pussy lips. My asshole is shifting, moving downward as shifting bones push my pussy up to meet it.

"Oh! Oh! Eh-bit! Rrrr-ii-!" I moan, my voice rising higher and higher as an egg slips down and crowns from my pussy when it meets my asshole, both merging into a cloaca as my egg slips free. I look back with heavily lidded eyes to see it, soft and transparent and coated in goo. I shudder, licking my thin, nearly nonexistent lips and my eyes.

My ass raises as another egg flows down and bulges away from my pussy. More. I'm panting, caught on the edge of an orgasm that doesn't want to fully happen and it's driving me mad. I slip my long arm down my body but my clit has flattened into a strange little nub of skin. Just a little further and my flat finger slips into my cloaca. I feel it open and I touch an egg, fingers sliding over it. I pull it free and then slip my fingers inside. All but my thumb goes in. And then my hand. I fist-fuck myself, thumping my wide ass against the bed until-

"Eh-bit! Ribit!" I croak, shaking from a hard orgasm. My muscles clench against an egg and it's almost like a cock is filling me up. I shiver as I pulse my cloaca to push it free.

My hand rests before my face as I shiver from the aftershocks. I see my pointer and middle fingers merging together while my ring and pinky fingers join.

The film covering my body is drying up. I watch it happen. Skin gathers on my fingers in ropy, ashen bumps. At some point, I'd lost my fingernails but now I see new nails growing. Darker than the skin around them. They curve away from my three thick fingers.

And then my pores open once more. No, my follicles.

"Oooooiii-bit," I groan, gumming at the bed with my wide, thin lips.

A prickling rush scours my body when clear shafts push through my forearms. They appear in a wave, spiraling around my arms as they race to my shoulders. Small shafts surround longer ones.

"What the faaawwwk!" I squawk, pushing myself up as I stare at my hand. The barbs from the growing feathers are wet but drying quickly in the air conditioned room.

My face feels squished. I reach up to touch myself as carefully as I can to keep the strange nails away from my face and my claws click against hardened skin. My mouth is bulging outward, dragging the slits of my nose as a beak forms. The thin skin over the beak pumps out keratin in a mad rush to keep up with my changes.

Air whistles through my nose. It hurts more than I'd like to admit. The top of my beak curves far in front of my eyes and over my shorter bottom beak. The flight shafts are still growing out from my arms, leeching the spongy bone and marrow from around my body until my bones are nearly weightless.

"Awwwwk fawwwk," I say, pressing the rough palm of my hand against my face, rubbing as tiny shafts emerge from my cheeks, white as snow.

I kneel, panting, my beak clicking with each breath.

My eggs lay in a slimy pile before me and I groan, covering them with a blanket and pushing them against the invisible barrier at the edge of my bed.

When I stand, I feel incredibly light. Bones groan in my back as a weight presses against my ass. My thong dangles beneath me, snapped at some point so I toss it aside.

As more feathers sprout down my neck and over my chest, I shiver. My shirt is heavy and wet and cold, soaked from the- the frog's grossness. I tug it off and throw it, gagging as it splats against the barrier.

The short feathers covering my neck are a soft black but when they reach my collarbone, gold appears and then spreads. Millions of tiny feathers emerge from gaping follicles and I cry out, falling to my back. They feel like a trillion fingers tugging against my body. Like they're scratching my soul.

Clear liquid leaks from my cloaca and I raise it high, heels to the ground. Only then do I realize what I'm doing. What I'm showing. And to whom. I roll to my side, bend, go to my knees and then stand. Like my fingers, the skin over my toes grows rough, black bumps forming over gray skin. My big toe and pinky toe are pulled forward by my elongating feet while sliding around, pulling the bed sheet with them and I wobble on suddenly unstable feet.

Something slaps my ass and I squawk again as my short tail spreads new, wet feathers to stabilize me. I moan, clacking my beak as my tail feathers slide against the downy feathers on my ass. The feel of it, of drying feathers caressing my soft skin and the fluffy tiny feathers around them drives me to my knees.

I lean forward with my claws on the bed and my still lengthening tail behind me. Muscles tug my spine and I spread them, flapping my tail gently. The motion spreads the scent of my arousal in the small room and I gasp at it. Looking down, I can see my hardened nipples floating over fluffy golden feathers. Every movement makes the feathers brush my nipple and I want to touch myself so bad right now. It's an indescribable feeling.

Emerald blue feathers line my arms. I press them together to shield my body.

Sure enough, 'macaw' won the second poll result. I turn my head to focus my wide-set black eyes on the screen and the chat. Most of my original subscribers are gone and I'm up over a thousand new ones. They're all raving about the changes and more are joining every second. I'm in the tens of thousands of dollars for this session alone.

Tens. Of. Thousands.

Maybe. Maybe this isn't so bad.

I open my wings and kneel, slipping a freakishly long finger between my thighs.

"Do you like thaaawk?" I ask, looking at the screen.

My feathered ass rocks back and forth as the rough, bumpy finger spreads my cloaca open. I crow quietly while leaning back to show them what I'm doing but I feel something moving on my body.

Looking down, I see a line of skin pinch the top of my cloaca. The smaller patch wrinkles into a new asshole and then moves. The soft feathers surrounding my cloaca are pulling back now. Wrinkles rise along the edges while skin swells beside them.

I have a pussy again!

My ropy black fingers glisten with my cum as I open myself. But the labia resists, pressing together as it pushes outward. The little nub where my clit was is growing larger and pushing down to the labia. The soft, pink skin darkens to black as my tri-fold pussy rubs against the feathers on the inside of my thighs.

Behind me, my tail brushes against the bedsheets. The five feet long feathers are wagging as I touch myself.

Keratin recedes in my beak, pulling the huge top part straight while pushing the bottom part forward. Bone begins to replace the hard surface and the thin skin swells. When I swallow, the dried stump of my black tongue clicks the roof of my mouth. I taste something and feel spit and then sneeze when my nose slits bulge up into an actual nose.

Teeth push through the gums forming along my muzzle. They curve, sharp rather than the flattened molars and incisors I, well, that I grew up with over the past twenty years.

I can't stop playing with my pussy. My wide fingers separate with a sharp twinge of pain and now I have five fingers again. The index finger is far too long but it's shrinking nicely. Strangely enough, the claws stay in place. Even more strange, as my hand takes shape once more, the skin along my palm is still rough and dark. It softens slightly and then separates.

Into a paw print.

My tail pushes against my ass as the tail feathers draw back. The broad lump of flesh grows narrow and thumps against the bed slowly. Drool drips from the corner of my mouth. I rub it with my forearm and my feathers brush hairs on my cheeks.

Looking at the screen, I see a dog's face staring back at me. My hardened tongue is stretching outward as it rehydrates, black fading to gray and then to pink while it widens. I pant before licking my lips.

Flesh gathers over the empty holes on the side of my head, pushing at my blonde hair as my ears take shape once more. Blonde fur grows from the edges as they lengthen, sliding through hair before flopping over.

And then it hits me. The heat. It doesn't come slowly but rather all at once and I shiver, shaking fur and retreating feathers as I whine, clawing at the bed and shoving my swollen pussy against the rough blanket. I mark the bed, grinding harder and harder before I remember my audience.

"I'm- I'm-" I think hard and fast, pushing through the haze in my brain as my breasts shake. Fur grows around feather shafts, replacing them as they vanish beneath my skin. I feel slow and dumb and so fucking hot. So hot. "Good girl. I'm a good girl."

I stare at my face and wish it was a male looking back at me. Coming to me. I turn to the viewers and raise my ass. My tail curls and the few remaining feathers wave in the air as I drip cum to the bed. I reach beneath my body and then cry out as I brush sensitive spots along my belly.

Turning, I lay my head against the bed and whimper.

"Need it," I tell them, not even lying. "One of you to mount me. Want bitch. Want to be your bitch. I live at- at-"

I whine again, trying to remember my address so I can tell them. If I'm lucky, one of them lives nearby and can break down my door and mount me. Spread my ass and impale me with his cock. Or more than one. All of them. Cover my fur in their cum and tell me to lick it up like the bestest girl I am. Because I am. I am the bestest girl.

I roll to my back with my tail wagging fiercely beneath me. My ears flop to the bed as curly blonde hair grows to cover my belly. Sharp pinches of pain explode beneath my teats and two of them express drops of new milk. I whine, imagining sharp puppy teeth latching on. My tongue hangs from my muzzle while I pull my knees up.

My toes are sliding back around. Once more my feet mirror my hands, rough, ropy black skin turning to padding that lines my toes and the balls of my feet. The claws retreat as my big toes pull back into dew claws.

I don't care. Just want to be mounted. Want to be someone's bitch. I want to roll in their cum until I'm too sore to move. My finger slips into my pussy and I whine as I claw my tit.

"I need moooo-re," I groan.

My top two teats unravel, pulling back to soft skin as the four below them writhe in the thick tangle of fur low on my belly. The skin around them grows hard and I reach up to squeeze and pull the teats as they lengthen. They grow thick in my paw and then move as my belly grows out. I grab myself, claws gentle against the swell. Fur pulls free to show pink skin underneath. I push and scratch myself while milk dribbles from all four of my teats.

The udder weighs heavily against me and I turn to rest it on the bed. Blonde fur retreats as my tail thumps slowly against the bed. Like the rest of my body, it becomes hairless except for the very tip where I'm left with a wild tangle of sand-colored fur.

I groan, arching my back as my ass fills out. Fat gathers beneath the skin and it bulges before spreading down to my thighs to thicken them. I shiver and shout as they squeeze my distended pussy but the lips are pulling back. And elongating. As my ass grows, so do my hips and my pussy stretches to match.

A tiny black spot appears on my ass as it continues to swell and then the spot spreads. My ears slide down my soft cheeks and it makes me giggle but then I moan as my breasts start to fill with milk. Stretch marks appear on the curves of my breasts as they strain from the new fatty tissue and ducts growing beneath the skin. They push my arm away as they grow out, hard and hot. I massage them to ease the pain and my nipples quiver while milk dribbles from the tips. They bounce and then distend, doubling in length as I squeeze my new, massive tits.

Tiny traces of blood race down my forehead as sharp, bony points pierce my brow.

I moan and it comes out as a loud 'mooooo!' while my tongue grows thick in my mouth. I smack my lips and touch my tongue to my teeth, feeling how flat they've become since I've started changing again.

It takes a little effort because of the weight of my tits and udder but I push myself up and stare at my reflection. My ears flick and I reach up to touch the horns growing from my skull. I giggle again and heft my left tit, pulling it upward to lick and then suck the long nipple into my mouth.

"Mmmmoooo," I moan, pulling at the wet nipple. "I taste soooo goooood."

I spread my thighs and then giggle again. I can't see my pussy because of my udder. I reach beneath it with soft, delicate hands and lift while leaning back. The position is awkward so I bunch all the pillows up and then lean against them, holding my udder up while fingering myself.

My fingers pull and squeeze the teats until I learn the proper rhythm and express a thin spray of milk. I cry out and my fingers rub faster, grinding against my clit as it swells and bulges. It slips out of the small hood and I squeeze it. And orgasm immediately, spraying milk and squirting at the same time.

Pain digs into my soles and I rub my feet on the bed, back and forth. The curved claws of my shrunken big toes retreat as they twist around to the rear of my foot.

Blonde fur pulls back from the tops of my feet to leave bare skin behind and I stare at it while still fingering myself. My remaining four toes are merging into two lumps while the padding covering my feet deflates. The bones fuse together beneath my skin and then push my toes further away from my ankle. My nails grow thick and gray, consuming the claws and the tips of my toes. I feel myself losing sensation in my feet as my split hooves grow into place.

I sit up and grab my pillows, pulling them down so they lay between my breasts and udders. I lay against them on my belly and my tail raises and flicks above me. My elongated, gaping pussy drools as short black and white fur spreads from my swollen labia.

Looking back, I smile at the camera. I feel the tips of my ears slipping through my hair as they grow firm and fold.

"Like this?" I ask, wagging my ass back and forth. "On my hands and knees? Four of you beneath me, sucking my teats while two drink milk from my nipples? A cock in my long mouth, a dick in my ass and more in this pussy?"

I laugh and snort. The weight of my udder seems to be shifting. I can feel my teats dragging against the pillows and I pout as I try to focus on the poll. But it's too many words and too far away and I'm so horny and hungry that it doesn't matter.

Fat develops at my waist and a tiny fat roll forms. My tail is shrinking, bones and muscle dissolving as it twists and coils. The edges of my narrow ears expand outward, twitching as they brush against my blonde hair.

I lean back against my hooves and grab my udder as it continues to shrink. The black spots on my body are also fading away, replaced by short wiry white hairs.

My nipples are compressing. I give them a last, sorrowful squeeze as my belly gurgles. I cover my mouth with a giggle and then snort. My fingers feel bones shifting beneath my long face. My nostrils push forward and the skin surrounding them flares outward, dark pink skin replacing the pebbled black as my nostrils widen.

Pleasure ripples through my torso and I gasp, spreading my thighs and bouncing my jiggling ass against the bed. Beneath the short, wiry fur, dark nipples are pushing out over growing milk ducts. I snort and rub them, from the bottom ones just above my pussy and higher. Three more rows of teats grow into place and I can't stop rubbing my hands against them.

With a squeal, my ass shudders and I coat my bed in cum as I crash forward. My legs twitch and my curly pink tail wiggles above my wide hips.

The tips of my receding horns tear a hole in the memory foam mattress beneath me when I rub my head against the bed, nibbling at the blankets.

"Or like this?" I ask my viewers, rising on all fours with my twelve nipples dangling beneath me. "Eating from a trough of food while you each take turns on me? An endless gang bang as I gorge on whatever you put in front of my greedy, fat face?"

My cheeks bulge as I snort and root at the bed. My hand slips beneath me and I spread my pink pussy open for them. I squeal as I push a finger inside and then collapse to my side with my thighs holding my hand in place.

Sweating, grunting as I finger fuck myself while imagining cock after cock after cock pounding into me. My body quivering with each thrust. Distracting me from eating. My tongue cleaning the food from my face as I cry out with the unending orgasms.

I kick as I roll to my back and my hooves knock together. They break apart and I flex them briefly as the hooves flake away to show shortened toes.

The fat beneath my belly melts away and I snort, grabbing for my teats and pulling them to try to keep them in place but they slip from my fingers to leave smooth, taut skin behind.

I taste blood when my canines pierce my gums and push against the nearby teeth. My snout is shrinking, pulling back into a cute little button nose. I shiver, gasping and trying to talk as the short fur retreats as well. I make fists while pressing my toes against the bed and raising my ass.

And then finally, I lay on the bed, panting and shaking. And human again.

After an eternity, I sit up and laugh weakly.

My breasts are far larger than they should be and my ass feels heavy. I look down to see curves I never had before.

Slowly, I crawl to the edge of the bed and then reach a hand out, smiling when I feel no barrier holding me in place. I sit at the edge of the bed with my left leg folded beneath me and brush messy blonde hair away from my face.

The poll results flash on screen and I shiver once more.

A single golden hair around my belly button. I scratch at it and the ones that grow around it before massaging the four sensitive spots above my pussy and the hardened skin beginning to bulge beneath them.

That heat is back. Stronger now. My hips work on their own and I run my hands through my hair, thin, leathery padding on my palm brushing against two short bony horns. I snarl as my face pushes forward and my nose widens into a pink snout on top of a long muzzle.

Translucent shafts pierce my back around my spine and soft blue barbs lay wetly against my back. A soft, curly tail wiggles low on my back when my legs begin to stretch, muscle building as black and yellow flesh exudes a clear film. My toes splay against the ground as I stand on them.

I don't bother sitting. The air stirs as I reach forward with my wings, typing carefully with black claws on padded paws. Sir Thomas watches without judgment. As he does.

'I'll give my address to anyone pledging $10,000 or more,' I type, shivering with my eyes fluttering in my head as the heat pulses. I whine and lick my soft pink snout and the golden fur around it. 'Hurry.'

I go back to the bed and spread my slick legs as I wait, slipping a paw between my thighs and against my thick, black pussy. My slick black and yellow ass rocks in the air and my curly tail wiggles happily.

I want more. So much more.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

great stuff as always.
been working in more writing myself.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Awesome story!
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Thank you, both of you! Y'all know I always love hearing from people And, good luck, Jimbo. I hope it's a fun story
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Haunted House Party: Seven Minutes In Heaven
A pair of women struggle with corruption during a light hearted game of seven minutes in heaven

Darkness surrounded the old-growth forest and an unnatural chill emanated from the sides of the old van, beating back the attempts from the struggling heater. The warm air from the front vents twisted with the cold, swirling and mixing before being forced down to the floorboards.

Leah sat in the back, watching the others from the third row of seats. The grotesque shapes of bent trees with reaching arms passed as dim shadows in the darkness beyond her window. She shivered, rubbing her upper arms while leaning away from the windows.

"Can you turn up the heater?" the girl asked loudly.

"It's up all the way," their driver, Troy, answered. Still, he reached out to turn the knob just in case. The silver glitter on the sleeve of his costume reflected the light of cellphones from inside the car before he put his hand back on the wheel and slowed.

"Doesn't bother me," Tanya purred from the passenger seat. She raised her arms and her bosom swelled. Leah rolled her eyes when the girl's left nipple peeked out from the thin lapis bra. Her Princess Jasmine costume was see-through and the girl flaunted it. A leather collar encircled her neck to complete it. She touched it when she brought her arms down. "And you're even wearing clothes. Why couldn't you bring a costume like Soon Bok?"

"That's not my name," came a muffled voice from the second row of seating. The tiny girl with silky black hair had her shirt up over her head, fighting to get it off without bumping anyone. Red peeked through in flashes as she struggled. "Nobody look! Nobody- okay, I've got it."

She tugged at the costume she wore beneath her long sweater and then shivered. Glossy red strips of fabric covered her meager breasts. They ran down to a bikini bottom and up to a ring below her neck, where they were tied together. Long white collars, also attached to the ring, lay against her shoulders to complete the outfit.

Her nipples were hard in the cold air and they pressed against the red outfit.

"Tonight, I am no longer Soon Bok," the girl said with an air of haughtiness that was betrayed by the fierce blush on her cheeks and the trembling smile she held. Her hand started to reach for the red straps but she held them back. "I am... Sin."

"Oh lord," Leah sighed.

"You should've been Vampirella, Jennifer," Tanya said, looking over her shoulder at the other girl sitting in the second row. "Or some other vampire."

"Because why?" Jennifer asked, her thin eyebrow arched in curiosity. She wore a tight black latex costume with a yellow iconic bat symbol across her slim chest. A loose yellow belt and black boots completed the look.

"You're- You-" the girl fumbled.

"Batman," Jennifer said bluntly. "I'm Batman."

"Batgirl, you mean," John said from the back. He nodded his head lightly while his thumb and index pointer tapped out a silent rhythm on his Spiderman costume.

"No, I said what I meant," the girl retorted. Her voice took on a gravelly undertone. "I'm Batman."

"Should've been a vampire," Tanya said again. "You like to wear black. And- umm- you're-"

"What?" Jennifer asked again. "I'm what?"

"Nothing, never mind," Tanya said quietly.

"So why aren't you wearing a costume, Leah?" Jennifer asked, turning to look at the other girl. Her eyes dipped down to the small silver cross the girl wore at her neck. "Too religious?"

"No," Leah said, looking once more through the windows. She touched the cross briefly and it seemed to shine despite the lack of light. "It's just all 'slutty slave princess' and 'slutty cleaning maid' and I'm tired of it."

She fidgeted for a moment, on the cusp of speaking again before closing her mouth. But her expression firmed and she decided to continue after all.

"I know you think it's stupid and don't believe-"

"Hey, whoa," Jennifer said, palms up and flat. "Yeah, no, I don't but that's your business. Don't go preaching to me and I won't tear down your flimsy beliefs. We're cool."

"Why'd you come?" John asked. Both of his hands tapped against his thigh, moving higher and lower. The drummer never seemed to relax and it was worse when he had a pen or pencil in his hand.

"I like parties," Leah shrugged. "I thought it'd be fun."

"It will be," Troy said from the front. He slowed and turned to go around an obstacle in the path before straightening the wheel once more. "Jake is running it and I've been to his parties before. They can get a little crazy but I'll try to keep an eye on things."

Their driver adjusted himself as subtly as he could while glancing at Tanya. The girl in the passenger seat pretended not to notice but a sly smirk crossed her lips.

Lights bloomed in the car as they returned to their phones. Troy hummed softly with both hands on the wheel. The drive was surprisingly treacherous with rocks jutting from the dirt road. And it was so dark. He kept thinking he saw things moving on the side of the road and he would tense, ready to slam on the brakes but it would pass and he'd see nothing more than a rotting branch stretching out as if to touch him.

The tip of the crescent moon appeared, painfully bright. It seemed to burn through reality itself against the void of the night sky. No stars twinkled above and no clouds could be seen but Troy knew they must be there as more of the moon started to show. Once fully visible, he found it hard to focus on. And disconcerting. As if it were an open wound on a screaming victim. He shook his head at the thought, wondering why it came to him and tried to focus on the road instead.

The house appeared suddenly. Sullen and dark. Imposing in the eerie silence with the cars parked around it as if they were supplicants, kneeling in adoration. Or terror.

"I don't see any lights," Tanya said as she leaned forward. Her voice was hushed and she hugged her arms while licking her lips. "Shouldn't there be lights?"

"There's cars," Troy told her as he pulled into an empty spot next to a sleek BMW. "Probably just curtains or something. My granddad lived in an old house and I swear the curtains each weighed a ton. You couldn't even hear anything once you were inside. Blocked out everything."

Leah's breath formed a ghostly ring on the window next to her when she bent to look at the house. She gasped as a deep chill settled beneath her breastbone and her hand instinctively went to the cross she wore. It burned her hand but she held it tight and the pain ebbed.

Soon Bok tugged at the handle of the sliding door next to her. It groaned on old wheels but finally slid open.

"Fuck!" the girl gasped as a rush of cold air invaded the van. "Wr-wr-wrong costume i-idea today. I'm going in!"

The driver and passenger doors opened as everyone filled out behind Soon Bok. She squealed and dashed through the grassy parking lot until she reached the entrance.

"Somebody heeeeelp," the girl whined piteously when she struggled with the massive double doors.

Troy walked faster and they both strained to open the doors.

Jake stood rooted within the foyer, open mouthed and vacant-eyed. Troy blinked and Jake bowed with a wide smile.

"You're the last of us," Jake said. His voice boomed but sounded strained, as if the very air was being forced through his lips while his tongue and mouth worked to form words. The sentence started strong but slowed to a wheezing hiss.

"Hey Jake," Troy said. There was a smell that he couldn't place as he stood close to his classmate. His mind worked at it over and over but the only thing he could think of was something like pond scum. Rancid pond scum. "Where is everyone?"

"With us," Jake replied. His pupils consumed his eyes, black colorless holes floating on a sea of white sclera tainted by a rash of broken blood vessels. "Here."

"Uh, okay," Jennifer said, glancing around. The tips of her black hair bounced against her pale neck. "Dude, it's not my place to say anything but maybe lay off whatever you're on."

"I'm full to the brim with it," Jake groaned. "It consumes me."

"Yeaaaah," Jennifer said while looking back at her classmates. Soon Bok hid behind Jennifer, barely concealed by the other girl's slightly larger body. Her fingers clamped against Jennifer's arm painfully tight. "We can tell. So, uhh, where's the 'no drugs' part of the party?"

"Behind me," the boy hissed, twisting his arm backwards until it bent to an impossible degree. "Nearest the source yet further than I was. More will join soon."

"You're laying it on thick," John grumbled. His right hand tapped his hip while he looked around Jake to see the door.

Beneath the wide stairs lay a door steeped in oily shadows.

"You go first," Soon Bok said, gently shoving Jennifer.

"Troy drove us here," Jennifer told her, leaning back. "He can lead."

"Oh, fine," Tanya sighed while rolling her eyes. "I'll go."

The girl adjusted her transparent, cerulean outfit before stalking past Jake. The baggy leggings billowed around her. The matching top she wore was separate, barely covering her chest and leaving her midriff exposed. Her lean, tanned back flexed as she mixed her steps up and purposefully began to sway her hips. She paused with a dramatic twirl, her hands clasped above her as she shook and the thin metallic rings clinked against her wide waist. Her shoulder-length curly hair bounced against her back and shoulders.

Facing forward once more, she hummed one of the songs from the Aladdin movie until she reached the designated door. Tanya turned, twisted the handle and bumped it with her hip before spinning into the room.

"She never turns it off," Leah sighed.

"No she does not," Jennifer agreed. She walked and Soon Bok followed, her hand still clutching the other girl's arm.

John glanced around the interior while tapping against a faint beat bumping from the headphones resting around his neck. Just ahead of him, Troy watched Tanya steadily until she was out of sight. He sped ahead and the rest of the group to catch up to her.

"Come on, Sin," Jennifer laughed, taking Soon Bok's hand away from her arm. She held the girl's hand to bring her into the room.

The opulence within made the group stop and stare. A huge fireplace roared from the far end of the room, blasting waves of heat strong enough to force the group to step back. Black leather couches and chairs dotted the room with tables laid out in between. Ice buckets were set atop each table, perfectly centered with a constellation of wine glasses surrounding them. Three bottles of wine rested within each bucket, their dark green glass dull in the shifting flames.

"How is that ice not melting?" Jennifer asked as she plucked at the top of her costume to air herself off.

"I don't care. Chilled alcohol sounds amazing right now," Tanya said. She went to the nearest table to grab a bottle. The cork stopper, already halfway out of the bottle, popped off easily and she poured herself a glass. The currant colored liquid seeped out of the glass.

Troy sat next to the table in a black loveseat as the others arranged themselves nearby. Tanya sipped at her wine cautiously and then nodded as she took a deep pull.

"There's room here if you want," Troy told the girl, tapping the space next to him. She pretended not to hear as she walked around their furniture.

The heated air from the fireplace swarmed over them, tugging at their clothes and hair as if they were a million greedy hands begging for their attention.

"Leah?" Jennifer asked, a second bottle in hand. It was angled over a glass next to hers as she looked up at the uncomfortable girl opposite her.

"No, thank you," Leah said, shaking her head. She fanned herself while licking her glossy pink lips but then spoke up again. "Well, maybe a little."

"Cool," Jennifer said. "Nothing for our designated- what are you doing?"

"What?" Soon Bok asked. Her finger was frozen on her face. Wine darkened the skin surrounding her mouth and she smiled mischievously.

"What do you mean, 'what'? What are you doing with the wine?"

"I'm a vampire," Soon Bok sniffed while tapping her lips and cheeks a few more times. "Look. It's blood."

"I think you've already had enough," Jennifer laughed.

"Nooooo," the other girl cried as she shoved the glass against her lips. She tilted her head back and her throat worked as she swallowed. "Gah. It burns."

"So, what are we supposed to do?" Tanya asked after completing her mini tour.

"Coke-head Jake said others will be here soon," Jennifer said. She frowned at the memory of it, biting her lip briefly before taking another swallow of her wine. "I think. I think that's what he meant. This is good stuff."

"I'm already bored," Tanya groused while refilling her glass. She sat on the arm of an empty chair. Even slumped, her stomach was flat and hard after years of gymnastics.

"Well, everyone's drinking," Leah said while reaching for the third bottle. "We could find some paper and do a tipsy pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game."

"No, thank you," Tanya said, raising her leg to rest against the other knee. She bounced it slowly while looking around.

The heat was oppressive but it had faded the more she drank. Yet it was still present. Surrounding her. Caressing her. Slipping beneath the tiniest of gaps in her clothing. Forcing itself past her lips whenever she opened her mouth. Slipping down her throat to warm her chest and fill her head with a warm buzzing sensation exacerbated by the wine she was drinking.

Soon Bok giggled as she accidentally knocked her glass against an empty bottle. It thumped against the table and spun to point at the fireplace.

"I've got it," Tanya said with a wide smile.

They turned to her and then followed her eyes to the bottle.

"No," Jennifer said.

"Yes," Tanya replied.

"What are we talking about?" Leah asked before slowly sipping her wine. Her eyes were wider than before and the cross lay against skin reddened by the fire and the alcohol.

"She's talking about playing seven minutes in heaven," Jennifer told her with a shake of her head. Once more, the sharp ends of her hair brushed against her neck and ears. This time, she found herself breathing out as the sensation sent a tingle down her spine.

"Isn't that the-"

"Kissing game? Yes," Tanya affirmed, licking the bottom of her teeth before biting her tongue gently.

The fire crackled in the silence that followed and even John's restless fingers grew still. The heat had battered their wills before the wine broke them down, leaving them open to the suggestion that began to infect them.

"Sin doesn't kiss," Soon Bok said, touching her wine-stained lips. "She bites necks and drinks blood. So, if I can do that, I'll play."

"Not me, thanks," Leah told them. Her eyes were locked on the bottle and the single drop of wine hanging from the neck. The words seemed to come from a thousand miles away and she felt like she was both present in her body and projected backward, staring at the entire room. She shook her head and the room spun briefly before righting itself. Her ears burned as pinpricks tickled the back of her head.

Jennifer looked up around the room. Four doors, smaller than the one that lead to the room but equally as dark, sat at the four corners. They were lacquered with an elaborate gold trim along the edges.

"We even have our closets," Tanya said.

"Why are there four?" Jennifer asked, shaking her head slowly. "Who the fuck needs four closets in a single room?"

"We- we don't have to do this," Troy spoke up. His Adam's apple bobbed while he snuck glances at Tanya.

"-do it," Leah said quietly. They all looked at her and she pulled into herself, digging her elbows into her stomach as she hunched over. "I'll do it."

"You?" Tanya asked, honestly surprised.

"I'm not a prude!" Leah lied. Her lips moved as if she couldn't control them but she wanted to do it. She hated the idea that her classmates judged her based on her faith. She believed, strongly, but she wasn't her parents. She wouldn't let it shackle her and drive every single decision she made.

Tanya laughed, hand against the wide leather collar at her neck.

"Go on, then," she said. "Do it."

"I will," Leah said, staring at the fallen bottle as if it were a viper.

Thus, she was surprised to see her hand reach out. She touched the green, label-less bottle and stared at her distorted face in the curves. The flames from the fireplace reflected strangely and seemed to appear behind her head. Despite being recently chilled by the ice cubes, the bottle was warm to the touch.

They all watched her, spellbound by her decision as she twisted the bottle and then spun it gently. It wobbled while it rotated, the neck dipping and raising in a sinuous wave. Their pupils widened as they watched it, mesmerized by the light racing along the bottle in a hypnotizing pattern, shrinking and growing as it faced towards and then away from the fireplace.

It slowed, dipping once more to deposit the last drop of wine on the table before stopping.

"Huh," Jennifer said as she stared into the open mouth of the bottle. It took a conscious effort to claw back from the daze forced upon her.

"Well," Leah said, swallowing hard as she followed the line of the bottle to the girl sitting off to her left.

"I mean-"

"You don't have to-"

The two girls spoke at the same time and then stopped.

What did I do? Leah asked herself. She remembered volunteering. She remembered wanting to do it. But now, faced with the result, she hesitated.

"Look, really-" Jennifer started to say.

"P- pick a closet," Leah told her, looking away to stare at the bottle once more. She breathed deeply and her lungs burned from the heated air. The movement pushed her breasts forward and her shirt brushed against her body. She breathed out suddenly as all the little nerves along her sides and belly begged for attention. Just beneath the center of her bra, two little bumps formed on her shirt as her nipples twisted, the skin gathering and pushing outward as they hardened.

I'll do it, she told herself. I'm not my parents. I'll do this. I want to do this.

"Fuck it," Jennifer said quietly. She stood and walked past Leah's chair, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. The other girl meekly followed as the rest of the group watched in astonishment.

The closet door opened to darkness. For a moment, Jennifer was taken aback but she stepped inside and Leah closed the door behind her. She was sure she could hear her own fluttering heart beat in the imposing silence. The room felt impossibly vast until Leah's hand brushed against her, reminding her of her presence.

Jennifer opened her mouth to say something. To tell the other girl that this was stupid. To tell her that she would lie for her and say they'd done it. To-

Hands held hers. Trembling but warm and smooth. She felt Leah come closer and now she was uncertain.

Warmth, close to her face. The sweet smell of honeysuckle. The thick, heady scent of wine filling her nose. As near as she was, the darkness was complete.

Lips on hers, dry but soft. A quick peck.


Jennifer leaned in, letting Leah's hands go to hold her properly. Finding her lips again she kissed, hard this time, and the other girl sighed as she opened her mouth. The sigh stretched into a moan as their tongues touched.

Deep within her brain, the pounding, throbbing, buzzing noise cracked and frayed. She could almost pick out notes from an impossibly beautiful symphony playing at the edges of her mind.

The closet was a formless void and darkness covered the two girls as they groped each other and a wave of heat swept over their bodies.

Jennifer could hear the music now and tears streamed from her eyes as it filled her. It poured into her, flowing down her body until she thought she'd burst from the-

"Light!" Jennifer gasped, raising her head skyward as the chorus roared within her body.

And there was light.

It blossomed within her heart, brighter and brighter with each beat. Leah hissed, shading her eyes with her hand as she backed up from the painful glow emanating from her classmate. It forced needles into her brain, stabbing over and over until she thought she'd go mad from it. Her lips curled and the dried cracks widened as they began to swell.

"GAH!" Leah cried out, grabbing for the cross she wore. It was agony, the worst thing she'd felt in her entire life. Her hand closed on nothing and she looked down, still screaming, to see it melt into her chest, forming a cross-like silver mark that ended at her cleavage and stretched out to her collarbones. She panted as the pain began to recede.

The skin between the cracks of her pink lipstick grew dark. She hissed again and groaned and her tongue slipped out. Further. And further, growing thin as it lengthened and wavered before her face. Tasting the air as she gagged from the pure scent filling the room.

Twin bulges formed at the front of her tongue, fleshy nodules that stretched to the side until a split formed in the tip of her tongue. It widened and her forked tongue wavered once more before pulling back. Leah snarled in pain as inky coloring filled her swollen, pouting lips. Her gums ached and she tasted blood when her canines cracked. Dentin formed at the base of them, crowding her mouth as enamel flowed outward into deadly points.

So... fucking... bright, she thought to herself, squinting and blinking to try and rid herself of the purple afterimages of her classmate. Her pupils were shrunken, quivering as they narrowed. Tiny edges formed at the tops and bottoms, slicing into her irises as her round pupils turned to vertical slits. Red cracks formed around the new slit before spreading outward to consume the soft brown of her eyes.

Relief filled her when her eyes began to glow with their own light, a dark crimson. Although Jennifer still glowed with shifting pearlescent light, she seemed able to tolerate it now.

A multitude of voices poured from Jennifer's open mouth. Her eyes were open wide, staring above her as tears fell to course down her cheeks. She lowered herself slowly to her knees, hands to the neck of her black costume. The light shined through the fabric but holes began to appear, tiny shafts of light that burned away the cheap polyester to reveal unmarked skin beneath.

Leah groaned, pulling at her blouse when she spied a perfect, pink nipple in the holes of the other girl's costume. She could still taste the girl on her lips and her fangs grinded together as she tore at her shirt, gasping and moaning at the thought of wrapping her tongue around the soft pink nipple to feel it grow erect.

Holes appeared in her own shirt. Her plastic press-on nails cracked and fell away to reveal uneven fingernails beneath that bulged away from the tips of red claws pushing from the tips of her fingers.

The fire burned within her, thick and black. Sweat poured from her body, soaking into the back and front of her shirt while the rest evaporated from her forehead, steaming from the heat boiling her alive.

She ripped her shirt, drawing blood from her skin as she tried to cool herself from the infernal fire. With a loud groan, she tugged at the straps of her bra and then hissed in satisfaction when her breasts tasted the cool air.

The skin around the silver cross mark on her chest, already a delicate rose pink due to the wine and the shame of her kiss, now turned scarlet. The miniscule hairs that lined her body burned off, tiny flares that puffed into nothingness as her white skin turned pink. Smoke billowed from her open mouth and she raised her hands to her face, pulling and clawing at her cheeks before running her fingers through her curly brown hair.

Leah's palms brushed twin lumps at the sides of her forehead. She moaned and tore at the flesh surrounding them, writhing her hips as the nerves at the base of her nubile horns began to thrum. She felt herself grow wet and she widened her knees, shoving her ass down against the floor.

Her screech filled the room when the horns burst through the thin, red skin of her brow. Cum sizzled from her pussy and her lips pulled back into a frenzied snarl when the little orgasm washed over her.

"Has- has to- stop-" Leah groaned, pulling at the small horns. She looked up at her friend and her slitted eyes narrowed once more. The girl reached out, sensing salvation.

Demonic blood coursed through her. She clutched at her sides and bent, laying her forehead to the ground as she tried to remember her prayers. Her spine bulged against her back, the rounded curves flowing into short points. Muscles formed and then multiplied beneath her shoulder blades and the flesh above trembled and tightened to show hard lines.

Leah screamed, throwing her head back as sharp bones pierced the new muscles and skin until the tips of her twin talons lay exposed beneath her shoulders. She could feel something moving in her back around them, twisting and pulling as if it were alive.

"P- please, Jennifer," Leah groaned, reaching out once more. She was terrified. Of her changes. Of the images filling her mind. Of the pain. And how she was becoming aroused by it. By the sweet taste of it. She grinded her teeth at the feel of it, pain and pleasure mixing together until she thought she'd lose herself from the addiction of it. Teeth scraping and scratching and grinding as they all grew to needle-like points.

Her friend was entirely nude now and her skin was the perfect shade of marble, smooth and white and unmarred by freckles or scars. As if a master sculptor had just finished his masterpiece.

"I can hear Him," Jennifer said. Her eyes were a glacier blue now and larger than they should be. "Why did I ever doubt it?"

The girl prostrated herself, unconcerned by her nudity. Leah stared at her, envious. Covetous. Hungry for her touch. Wanting to defile her perfect body until she begged for-

"Noooo," Leah moaned, bowing her own head. Her bangs parted to show the lengthening horns as they curved outward.

Skin opened on Jennifer's back and thin bones slipped through the bloodless holes. Leah panted as she watched and then worked her shoulders as her own wings forced themselves out in fits and starts, the heavy black leather skin slapping wetly against the reddened skin. In contrast, Jennifer's porcelain bones slid free easily while translucent quills sprouted. Snow white vanes grew from the shafts and her feathers stirred the air.

"Why you?" Leah growled. She beat the ground and then clawed at it, tearing chunks from the carpet with her dense claws. Her wings shared her anger, spreading as they emerged. Red ichor dripped from them while they dried. "Why you?!"

Something stirred between her thighs and her slit eyes grew wide. She groaned, clawing at her neck as raw nerves slid between her smooth legs.

A bulge appeared in her pants and she pushed at it with the butt of her hand, groaning when it rubbed her skin and the floor beneath.

"Leah," came a mellifluous voice.

Jennifer stood before her, her wings folded against her back. Leah stared at her hairless mound and the gap between the girl's thighs. Voices screamed in her head, gibbering about wanting to taste her sweet cum. She moaned and squeezed the fleshy lump in her hand.

"N-n- no, stay away," Leah groaned, pushing herself up and back until she pressed against the wall. Her heavy wings bent against her and the talons cradled her ass by reflex.

Now standing, her calves flexed and bulged, straining her pants. The seams tore to reveal hardened muscle beneath and she stared down at herself in wonder. Thick veins stood out against the glossy red skin on her legs.

A single brown hair slid through the gap in her pant legs. She pulled it free, cutting her leg with a red claw in her haste. The base of her claws were mottled with black but she ignored them and then whined as more hairs replaced the first. They grew swiftly to cover her calf before spreading down, racing over her shins until-

Intense, sharp pain burst in her feet and she moaned in pleasure, squeezing the throbbing lump of flesh that dangled between her thighs.

The tops of her feet pressed against the laces of her shoes and she could feel her toes bunching together as the bones shortened. Her balance shifted when her heel suddenly dissolved and she raised herself up to the balls of her feet to compensate.

Jennifer knelt before her. The roots of the girl's hair were blonde and spreading, eating away at the black until none was left.

"Oh Lord," Jennifer prayed.

Leah hissed, pressing palms against her ears. She could feel the flesh moving there, the thin skin growing thick as the tips folded together and slid outward into rounded points. She stared down at her friend as the soles from her shoes burst apart to reveal the stumps of her toes. She could see her toenails - black now and merging together into two lumps on both feet.

The pain of it was exquisite and she hissed while pulling at herself. Unable to hold back, she hooked claws into the holes low on her pants and dragged her nails up, easily slicing through the material until she could pull the pants off and fling them aside.

She stamped on her cloven hooves and the shaggy fur covering her lower legs waved in response.

Red veins stood out on the black skin of her cock. It stood at attention, throbbing before her as it continued to lengthen.

Jennifer looked up at her friend, still praying, and the cock pressed against her smooth, white cheek.

"The- the- L- Lord," Jennifer said, pulling back, quick as a snake while revulsion filled her face. She closed her eyes to continue her prayer but her brow wrinkled as she tried to remember where she'd left off.

Leah squeezed her cock and raised her head. She ran her thumb against its length, moaning as the tip of her claw marked it. Pre-cum welled from the slit at the center of the wide head.

Jennifer opened her eyes. Her mouth was parted and she stared at the cock before closing her eyes again.

"Whose grace f- finds us in- in-" Jennifer stuttered. She cocked her head with her eyes squeezed shut. "There's- what's that noise? It's wrong. It's discordant."

"Sorry," Leah moaned as she stepped forward to place the head of her cock against Jennifer's forehead, marking her with the pre-cum. Baptizing her with lust. It dribbled down her skin as Leah took another half-step on her hooves. The cock slid up into Jennifer's short blonde hair and the wet slit below the base of it brushed Jennifer's nose.

The other girl breathed in sharply but her eyes were still closed. She concentrated inward, ignoring what was happening outside the conflict in her mind.

"N- no, it's spreading," Jennifer groaned. "It's warring with the other sounds. Disrupting them. F- fucking with them!"

Red appeared at the base of her blonde hair and smoke wafted away as the color burned its way up.

A single feather fell from the girl's wings.

"I can't hear Him," Jennifer said, her voice shaky. "I-"

Her eyes opened and she jerked her head away again, wiping at her face and staring at Leah's pussy. And then up to the massive black cock that dripped cum.

"I- I-" Jennifer said, swallowing as she brought her hand up to her lips. Her eyes were wide as she stared at Leah, transfixed by the sight of her tugging at the skin of her cock. The other girl made small thrusting motions with her hips with each jerk.

Leah's scarlet breasts quaked while she stroked herself. Black specks appeared in the pink of her nipples and areola. Her forked tongue flicked out to tap her nipple and she moaned as she lowered her other hand to her pussy, slipping clawed fingers into her slit. As with her nipples, streaks of obsidian coloring appeared on her pussy lips.

"Feels so fucking good, Jennifer," Leah moaned. She touched the tip of her cock, wiping the cum away before bringing it up to her black lips. Her tongue reached out to taste it and she twisted and grabbed herself again.

Broken blood vessels filled Jennifer's perfect blue eyes. She mirrored Leah's motion, bringing her hand to her mouth and licking it, tasting where she'd wiped the other girl's pussy juice from her face. Black marks appeared on her lips where the cum touched. It spread like a disease, eating the soft pink of her lips and the alabaster of her skin.

"Can't hear Him," Jennifer whispered, staring at the thick cock. She licked her lips. And again, rubbing it against her teeth. Bumping over lengthening canines.

A second feather fell.

"Sorry," Leah moaned. She touched Jennifer's cheek and then slipped her fingers through the girl's short, blood-red hair, tightening her fingers while pulling her head forward. Jennifer allowed herself to move but then stopped and Leah released her. "Feels good. Feel so fucking good, Jen. You'll see. You'll see. I want-"

The sopping sounds of Leah's fingering her pussy filled the closet. Jennifer licked her lips and groaned. Blood rushed to her cheeks and they burned as she imagined the cock in her mouth. Drool slipped from her black lips to course over her perfect, white skin. It traced a line down her body and the skin grew dark in its path, white fading to gray and then black.

Three more feathers fell. Black skin hung in the gap they left behind.

Leah slammed her ass back as bones cracked within. Something new writhed beneath her skin, eager to be freed. She felt herself stretching inside and her waist grew wide when the bones pushed against her body. All five of her fingers slipped into her pussy and she squeezed them tightly with the slick muscles within.

"Fuck! Fuck yes!" Leah moaned, pushing her hips forward as she quaked from another orgasm. The spade tip of her short tail slapped against the wall behind her.

"All gone," Jennifer whispered. Blood welled beneath her hairline as sharp points pierced her flesh. She licked her lips when the blood reached them and her tongue split as it wiped at the gray skin over her cheeks. "Just voices now. Beautiful voices. Singing of pain. Telling me-"

She gasped when Leah bent to kiss her and their long tongues wrapped around each other.

"N-no! You can't-!" Jennifer said, pulling back to wipe her face. Her gray hand was a light contrast against her blackened face. Her changing skin appeared to draw in the light and destroy it, leaving something far darker behind. The scarlet tips of her short hair brushed her black skin as the tips of her ears began to lengthen. They flicked as her horns grew outward. Unlike Leah, her horns held three points each as they grew from the thick, ringed burrs set against her skull.

Despite her words, she couldn't stop staring at Leah's cock. It was massive now. Almost wrist-thick with a blunted, flattened tip and color nearly as dark as her own body. She pressed her hands against the ground and raised her ass slightly, lips parted. Her tongue forked out to scent the cum still dribbling from the cock and it drove her wild.

A mound of feathers covered the floor behind her and they smoldered in the sulfuric air filling the room.

"Show me," Leah panted, eyes glazed from the stimulation of stroking herself. "Show me your pussy. Show me."

Jennifer whined and turned, lowering her chest while raising her ass even further. Clear liquid, tinted with black, dripped from her pussy as it spread open. Her hips jerked upward when her ass cheeks pulled apart and her slightly boyish figure filled out.

A wide swathe of black skin ran from the nape of her neck to the bulge over her ass. The skin surrounding it was dead white but shifting to gray as she raised herself higher. Her wings spread above her, nearly featherless now with gray, batlike skin hanging from the black bones.

"Pleeaasssssse," Jennifer hissed, reaching beneath her to flick her clit. Sharp red points slid from her nails as she spread herself open.

Leah knelt behind Jennifer and her heavy cock slapped against the other girl's ass. She grabbed her dick with both hands and pressed it against Jennifer's pussy, snarling and moaning in turns as she felt the girl open to her. Her own masturbation felt dull in comparison to the other girl's tight, wet pussy gripping her. Pulling her in.

Jennifer pushed back with a scream that rattled the walls. The six points of her horns trembled as spittle flew from the fangs filling her mouth.

Leah reached forward to tear the remaining feathers from Jennifer's wings and the other girl bucked from the pain while crying for more. Leah forced her cock forward, leaning into it and then grunting when she reached the other girl's cervix. Inches more stood free. Snarling, she pushed on, digging her claws into Jennifer's ass. It opened to her. While Jennifer's pussy pulsed greedily, it spread open to allow her entire length, adjusting and adapting until she was full from it.

Jennifer's wings folded above her, caressing Leah as she bent over the girl and began to pound. At the same time, Jennifer's own tail lengthened, sliding up Leah's body before circling a breast and squeezing. The sharp, barbed tip flicked a nipple and then loosened, curling down once more to slip between the girl's thighs.

"Fuck! FUCK!" Leah screeched as Jennifer's tail plunged into her pussy, fucking her as she slammed her cock into the other girl. She lost herself to it, slamming into the girl over and over until Jennifer dropped to the ground, spasming and jerking from the orgasm tearing through her body. Her tail whipped around inside of Leah and the girl slammed her hooves into the ground.

Leah's release was lost in the chaos of her twin orgasms. Her cock bulged, slipping out slightly as her jet black cum filled the girl's pussy and her own cunt squeezed the tip of Jennifer's tail, quivering around it when it sent her over the edge. Her breasts shook and she reached up to squeeze them while screaming her pleasure to the voices filling her head.


"Are we supposed to time them?" Troy asked after a few minutes passed from when the door closed behind Jennifer and Leah. He pushed his palm against his cock, ignoring how hard he felt as he stared at Tanya's breasts. She was getting harder to ignore and he wished he'd been able to drink some wine with the rest of them. For courage.

"They'll come out when they're ready," Tanya said. She played with the fake slave collar she wore, pushing a finger beneath to scratch herself. "Leah's probably crying by now."

Soon Bok watched them both. She tipped her wine glass back but it was empty. The girl licked her lips and swallowed. She felt so thirsty and her lips were parched and dry.

"Is there any more wine?" Soon Bok asked, glancing around their little table.

"The bottles are empty," John said with a shrug. Like Troy, he'd skipped the wine and, instead, had lost himself in the music blaring in his ears.

"There's more on the other tables," Soon Bok pointed out.

"Yeah," the boy agreed.

She stared at him. Did he expect her to get up and get more? She touched her stomach and then her chest before clawing down her belly once more, dragging her nails purposefully until she felt the bump of her clit beneath the red bottom of her outfit. She felt parched and sober again, the tipsiness having worn off at some point. She wanted more wine. Or more water. Or, or, or-

She shook her head with a frown and grabbed her side. Something dark twisted between her muscles, coiling against them to give her preternatural strength and her grip left a pale indention on her flesh.

"Get one for me," she told him.

"What? What am I, your-" he stopped as he stared into her eyes.

They were dark black to match her hair but there was an added depth to them now. They fell away into nothingness, a void that dragged John's soul screaming from his body. He fell slack.

"Yes," he told her, standing in an efficient, mechanical way to walk to another table. He grabbed a bottle and returned, kneeling beside her to pop the cork and pour wine into her glass. She stared at him while he did so.

"What is that?" she asked herself quietly while listening intently.

It was powerful. A drum beating an irresistible rhythm. It tugged at the nerves inside her body, lighting them on fire and making her gasp. The beat played down her spine from her sore gums to the throbbing ache between her thighs.

She focused on him and saw it. His heart. Branching out into lines that touched every part of his body.

And now she could smell it. Sweeter than the wine she'd finished. A deep, ancient scent aged over a millennia of human evolution.

Her red lips bulged, filling and pushing outward while her teeth elongated. She licked her lips and ran her tongue over her teeth while breathing in the aroma of the blood coursing through John's body. She hungered for it like nothing before.

"Never mind," she told him, standing. He stood with her, stepping back to stay at her left.

Soon Bok walked away without another word. Troy and Tanya turned to see her, staring at her back and then cocking their heads when John followed.

"Wow," Troy said. He squeezed his cock and then pulled it, moving it away from the cramped position it was in. "I had no idea they were- whatever."

"Right?" Tanya said, scratching at her neck.

Hairs lined the edge of the costume's collar, bent by the pressure of it. She reached up to play with the cheap plastic chain that dangled from it before pushing the collar up slightly to scratch the thick ring of red fur beneath it.

"Get a few drinks in them and I guess they just do whatever," Tanya said, unfolding her legs to straddle the arm of the chair. A dark spot appeared in the crotch of her loose trousers as she began to rub her ass back and forth, whimpering slightly with each movement.

"I want a drink, too," Troy sighed.

"Have one," Tanya told him. She clutched the chair's arm hard enough that her knuckles turned white. Her nails dented the leather but, as she gripped more tightly, they bent to show the wrinkled white flesh beneath.

A single glossy black tip pushed through the top of her finger, sliding out to pierce the chair. More followed, curving out from her fingertips until she anchored herself. Sweat formed at her neck to slide down her back while more slid down her chest. The droplets raced between her breasts and around her belly button before tangling with the thick red hairs growing among the well-trimmed brown hairs covering her mound.

"You should," she told him, eyeing him. Staring at his bulging crotch. She growled quietly and her hips jerked. "Have whatever you want."

Me, the thought said, echoing in her mind. More hairs crept out from beneath the collar, growing in lazy, scattered lines down her neck. The hairs were red and long and thin and they tickled her overly sensitive skin when they emerged. Own me. Have me. TAKE me.

Drool pooled in her mouth as she watched his hand stroke his cock. She moaned and ran her fingers through her hair, squeezing her ears before scratching the mane of fur beginning to grow from her nape. Tanya licked her lips and her tongue reached up to her nose before resting against her bottom lip. Slobber dripped from the tip before she pulled it into her mouth and swallowed.

She stood, unable to hold back any longer. Her claws tore at her flimsy costume and she stepped out of it, kicking off her slippers to walk barefoot to him.

"Wha- wha- what are you-" Troy tried to ask but he stopped when she clawed at her thighs, running her curved, deadly nails along her skin. They cut easily through the band of her panties and they fell away to reveal the wild, wet tangle of red fur covering her crotch. It ran up to her belly button in a peak that spread slowly outward and upward.

Two black spots lay nestled deep in the fur, just above her mound. The fur was missing an inch above them in two more spots and the skin in that area was irritated. Bulges formed and dark cracks appeared in the flesh as more tiny teats grew.

Bending, she kissed him, filling his mouth with her tongue. She huffed and moaned and held his head tight with one clawed hand while the other tore at his pants to reveal his cock. The girl pulled back and Troy wiped his mouth while staring at her.

She straddled him, pressing her breasts against his face with a low growl as she lowered herself, sliding her slick pussy against her hard cock. Her tongue bumped over sharp teeth. For a brief second, she felt pain in her nose that made her eyes water but bones screeched in her jaw and it pushed forward into the hint of a snout. Tiny stretch marks appeared on her nose when it widened and they fractured into a cracked texture that slowly darkened.

Troy's hands fumbled with her top. The costume was cheap and tore easily but he struggled with her bra. She pushed faster against his cock, whining with quivering ears as the head of his dick rubbed her clit over and over. Her claws tore through the back of the couch.

"Fucking- fucking thing, can't- there!" he cried out, pulling the strap apart finally. She leaned back to free her arms and then forward once more, whining when his mouth and teeth found her nipple.

Troy's arms hugged her tightly as his fingers groped her back and down to her flexing ass and hips.

She growled when he almost entered her but kept moving, shoving back and forward. Teasing herself.

Testing him.

The thick mane of fur at her nape now covered her upper back. He gripped her there, tugging at her fur with one hand while squeezing her ass with the other.

Tiny flames erupted from the ends of the fur on her back. They popped in sequence, merging into a larger flame when they connected. The air wavered over them and the heat burned his hand, turning pink flesh to charred black. His other hand reached up to caress her, burning in the same way up to his wrists until both were changed. Red lines traced up from the burns to his elbows and he roared, grabbing her hair and pulling, forcing her head back to kiss and bite her neck below the collar.

The flame centered over her back burned through the collar in an instant when it spread up to her hair. It fell between them and then to the side as she continued grinding against him.

"Yes! Fuck yes!" Tanya growled, encouraging him. She needed him to take her. The urge was building within her, overcoming the hidden fetish and consuming it before turning it into something more. A stronger desire that destroyed everything else.

Thick hairs covered her pussy and inner thighs and they were soaked from her pussy. She snarled and growled and leaned down to kiss him once more but he gripped her throat tightly and, instead, she shuddered, overwhelmed with arousal at the show of dominance.

"Mine," he gasped, steam escaping his lips. His eyes were coal black to match his hands and he forced her head back to stare at her face.

Something wiggled in her coccyx, thrashing in her hips as she grew excited at the command and confidence growing within him. She desperately wanted to force herself on him but he needed to be the one to do it. He-

Troy reached down to grab his cock while gripping the fur covering her back. A huge flame hovered over the pelt but he seemed unaffected by it. He reached his hand up to her neck, the burnt skin working as perfectly as if it weren't damaged. He squeezed and held her in place with his nails digging into her flesh. Skin bubbled out over the tip of her tail and it curled in anticipation.

She raised herself and he rubbed the head of his cock against her, over and over. Red fur emerged from her chin, spreading to her cheeks as her face pushed forward again. Her ears lengthened, twisting forward and then back as she panted with need.

Beneath her, her dangling feet stretched, the arches vanishing as bones pushed the forefoot wide. Her big toes trembled and shriveled while pulling back. Loose skin gathered beneath the balls of her feet and her toes, swelling outward into rough padding.

Tanya licked Troy's face as the tip of her growing tail brushed the fur on her back. Two bumps appeared on her brow, just beneath skin unmarked by fur. Sharp black points pierced the skin to show glossy black horns ringed with ashen gray coloring.

Clear, steaming liquid dripped from her pussy and her ass trembled in anticipation. His fingers tightened in her fur and he pulled, forcing her down. Her muzzle opened with a loud, piercing whine when his cock entered her. He reached down to caress her hairless thighs, rubbing the stubble there as more red fur began to appear.

She would do the work. He was her Master now and she would take care of His every need. She rocked down and back, whimpering and groaning as she slapped her furred ass against His thighs, feeling Him hit painfully deep inside as He grew larger inside of her.

"Mine," he told her with a rough voice, as if his throat were burned.

"Yes," she growled, showing her teeth with her ears flexed at an angle. Spikes pierced her back in two rows beside her spine, straightening as they grew past her fur. He reached for her back and she lay the spines flat to protect Him as He stroked her and suckled at her nipple, drinking from the burning milk she provided.

Held in place, she worked her hips alone, slamming herself down harder and harder and harder until-

Tanya howled, her jaw stretching as her face continued forward into a full muzzle. But He hadn't cum yet and, despite her sensitivity, she continued to fuck Him, leaning back to lick His face and neck as smaller orgasms exploded deep in her belly.

The couch groaned beneath them as the wood and leather smoldered from their heat. She would ride His cock until she was sore from it, whatever it took to make Him cum.

He hissed steam and clenched His hands against her and she froze, squeezing His cock over and over until His seed burst within her. The world exploded around her as He pulsed within her. She'd thought the first orgasm was powerful enough but it compared nothing to having her Master fill her pussy with His blessed cum.

Tanya sat against him, panting and weakly licking his face. Her thin horns curled in a spiral before her long ears and she nuzzled Him, grateful for His touch.

"More?" she asked.

"No," he grumbled, pulling her off. She shook, falling to her side as the very act of Him pulling out drove her over the edge once more. Her clawed hands dove between her thighs, rubbing His sacred seed into her fur and body. She felt it soak into the thick padding along her palms before she brought it up to her teats, teasing them with the milky liquid.

Troy stood. Steam rose from his nostrils as he stared at his charred hands. Tanya slid from the couch to kneel respectfully beside him, head bowed. He'd lusted after her his entire, short life. She was beautiful now, breasts hidden beneath thick red fur. He knelt beside her and she went to all fours while once more pulling the spikes flat on her back. The boy ran his hands through her fur, staring at the flames that licked painlessly at his hands.

He needed more. More hounds for his pack. Something told him this. He needed to find something. To hunt for something. And he'd need his hounds for this.

He'd make more of them.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed since he'd entered the room but he couldn't feel the others. Some new sense within him reached out but Soon Bok, John, Jennifer and Leah were gone. Elsewhere. They were different now, too. He could feel the touch they'd left behind on the world. Despite his new powers, he couldn't tell where they were but knew they were unbound. They'd be searching for their place in this world now, just as he would.

"Tanya, come," he growled, turning without worrying whether she would follow. She bowed deeper from her kneeling position and then followed from a respectful distance, scenting the air and listening to the wind for any potential threats. Or for new prey.

Her Master opened the door and she followed Him into an abandoned warehouse. Her flame gave light but she knew His eyes wouldn't need it. She turned to look over her shoulder but knew what she would find: nothing.

There was no door back. They were somewhere else now. She lifted her muzzle to smell and then smiled to show deadly fangs.

Surrounded by prey. Sinners like she'd been. Her Master would find the worst of them and chase them to the ends of their lives. It was their duty now and she'd follow Him wherever he led.

Even to the depths of Hell itself.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Thicker Skin
A young, unpopular girl finds a peculiar book that sets her on the path to royalty... of a kind.
The shelves of the library acted as acoustic baffles, swallowing the sound of rambunctious high school students yelling and laughing and roughhousing in the hallways outside. A few female students entered, allowing the sound to follow before closing the door behind them.

Erin glanced up at them with a worried frown while pushing her glasses up with a bent knuckle. The intruders giggled with a quick glance towards the librarian before slipping between the aisles. They whispered loudly but their words were indistinct. Erin watched students through the frosted glass, jumping and tangling with each other as they passed by.

The girl's right hand made a tight fist against the pages of the book she was reading.

Passing me by, she thought to herself, chewing on her lip as she watched the procession outside the huge room.

Not for the first time, she felt a wave of sadness wash over her. She'd drifted away from her classmates over the years but it grew worse when they entered high school. She'd seemed to miss some memo or meeting where everyone changed. They'd filtered into cliques and grew more daring while she continued as before. No, worsened; withdrawing more fully into herself and the books she loved. Living other lives more interesting and full than her own.

College was around the corner. She'd celebrated her 18th birthday months ago and yet she felt life passing her by. Racing past. Ender's Game lay open on her lap but she ignored it, staring a thousand miles away.

It was the dumbest thing but what she regretted mostly was that she hadn't even had a first kiss. She'd watched with envy as couples formed, broke apart, re-formed and often splintered angrily in drama-filled rants that dragged other students in its wake, in person and in chat groups and she still missed it. Wanted to be wanted.

"Douglas," she whispered, hanging her head before brushing blonde hairs aside. He was handsome and popular with an amazing smile and often visited her daydreams when she lay in bed. Already she could feel the slow tingling forming and flowing as her body woke to the thought of him, readying itself for what usually came next. She pressed her thighs together and swallowed, ignoring the oncoming wetness and the urge to touch herself.

She wasn't stupid, she knew he'd never date her. He probably didn't even know she existed, despite being in a few classes together.

It was childish and fantastical but she just wanted a kiss. In her daydreams, nearly always preludes to masturbation, she approached him, confessed her attraction to him and asked if he'd kiss her, knowing she was going off to college on the other side of the country and they'd never see each other again. He'd laugh, she would grow embarrassed and start to leave but he'd grab her and hold her tight while kissing her deeply.

Silly, yes, but the daydream kept returning over the past year until it took root and became something more than fantasy.

The tingling worsened and she looked down her small chest while hooking her ankles together. Her top teeth dug into her bottom lip while she breathed heavily through her nose. It was bad enough now that she could smell herself as, in her mind, Douglas was nibbling at her neck while slipping a hand beneath her shirt to play with her breast.

"Ohhh," Erin moaned, shoving her ass back in her chair. She pushed the book, closed now, between her thighs until the binding rubbed her clit. Spots of red appeared in her pale cheeks and her thin lips parted. She licked them quickly and groaned, nudging the book back and forth.

I'll ask him, she told herself as she pulled the book away. She checked the binding to ensure she hadn't marked it and then spread her legs to make sure she hadn't marked herself, either. I'll do it. I'll ask him. Tomorrow.

The girl opened the book on her lap and flipped pages until she found her place. She read and reread and reread the same paragraph while her heart raced. Shifting in place, her shirt dragged against her braless nipples. She squirmed, drawing in a sharp breath before biting her lip again. Her nipples stirred but refused to harden as the nerves within sent sharp, pleasurable jolts down her body.


"Tomorrow," she told herself, staring at her reflection in her bathroom mirror. She had her thick hair held back with a scrunchy and water dripped from her sharp chin. Her eyes always seemed larger than they should be but the pale gray was unique and the only thing people commented on before forgetting about her and moving on.

She had fifth period with Douglas and he was always one of the last ones to leave. Talking with his friends before getting his books together. She'd loiter and follow him until the hallways were empty.

"And then I'll ask," she said, leaning in to touch her chin.

She hated how her lips looked when compared to the girls around her. Thin and colorless where others had an incredible array of colors they used on mouths that actually looked kissable. Erin pushed her lips out and sighed. Her parents wouldn't let her use makeup and she often wondered if that was part of what started the alienation she felt from her classmates.

"I need to use the bathroom!" came a young voice.

"Just a minute!" Erin yelled back at her younger brother.

She looked down at her frost blue pajama top with happy little red hearts. Her breasts were small bumps tipped by nipples hidden behind the folds of the shirt hanging loosely against her body. She stood up straight and the shirt flattened against her. She frowned at herself and then lifted her shirt to look at her dark nipples.

Bee-stung, she thought, echoing the words she'd read in a few online stories, hidden away beneath her blankets and out of sight and hearing of her parents.

Erin's soft fingers circled a nipple as she avoided looking at herself in the mirror. She sighed while she played with herself gently, feeling the happy little spikes as her index finger rubbed the dark skin. Her thumb joined to pinch and she tightened her grip on the edge of the sink. She pulled, watching her small breast bulge outward before pushing it back to pinch harder. Her breathing was faster now as she massaged herself with the palm of her hand and her nipple hardened in her fingers.

Imagining Douglas behind her, his hands instead of hers. His crotch against her ass as-

"I'm gonna tell dad!" her brother yelled. "I have to pee!"

Dammit! Erin cursed mentally. She pulled her shirt down and stormed out with an exasperated grunt, crossing her arms over her slim chest to hide the way her nipples pressed against her pajamas.

The girl slammed her door and threw herself into bed in a huff while wrapping her comforter around her body.

"Tomorrow," she said out loud, as if vocalizing the word would harden her resolve.


Oh god, Erin thought, staring at her open binder on her desk. The class was restless around her as it neared the end of the period. She looked toward the front at Douglas but then lowered her head. Blackness filled the edges of her vision as her heart thudded painfully in her chest. Maybe I shouldn't. I don't have to do it. I can wait another day.

She knew herself, however. Another day would continue as she pushed the goal posts until they graduated and she lost herself in a new life in college.

A chime sounded and books closed without waiting for the teacher to dismiss them. Her hands jumped to stow her things but she slowed herself purposefully, waiting until the others filed out of the room. Finally, she grabbed her bag and stood, walking quickly to shadow Douglas when he left.

The hallway was already mostly vacant with a few straggling students but both Erin and Douglas' next class were across the hallway.

He wore relaxed bluejeans with black Nike shoes, a t-shirt with the logo for a band she didn't know and a red hoodie. He exuded calm self confidence and it thrilled her. His strong jaw and curly blond hair only made her ache more.

Now or never, she told herself, psyching herself up for what was coming. Oh, god, he probably doesn't even know who I am.

"H- hey, Douglas?" she said. Already she regretted speaking out loud.

"Oh, hey. Later Justin!" he called out, turning from her for a moment to wave at a friend further down the hall before turning back to her. "What's up? Erin, right?"

He knows me! she yelled internally, biting her lip to keep a smile from surfacing.

"Y-yeah," she told him, fidgeting before him. She grabbed the straps of her backpack and stood up straighter, both hoping he'd notice she wasn't wearing a bra and feeling horrified at the idea of her breasts showing publicly. "I- I was wondering-"

He tilted his head slightly when she didn't continue immediately and a single eyebrow raised. A muffled chime gave warning that the next period would begin shortly, drawing his attention to the large clock set high on the wall behind Erin.

"W-w-would you like t- to maybe- are- are you dating-" she stuttered, blushing to the tips of her ears as she stared at his chest, unable to meet his eyes.

"Oh, hey," he said, his voice soft. He shuffled from one foot to the other. "No, I'm not but, look, you're-"

"It- it doesn't have to- we don't have to date!" she said, too loudly. She looked up to his face and then down to his shoes. "I'm- I'm moving away to college when we graduate and I haven't- I haven't done anything. Not even- not even a kiss and I thought-"

His hand touched her shoulder gently.

"I can't be that guy," he told her. "I get what you're asking but that's not how it works for me."

Tears welled in her eyes and she bit her trembling lip while her hands tightened on her backpack straps. Unable to hold back, she sniffed as a tear raced down her cheek and she wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

"I'm sorry," Douglas said again. "There'll be other guys out there that are into you. Just, maybe in the meantime you'll need some thicker skin. It sucks now but you'll find him."

Erin nodded as her eyes watered. She waited for Douglas to go into the class and then she turned away, breathing out with a quiet, swallowed sob. She brushed her eyes harshly with her sleeves and fast-walked towards the library until the thick door hissed shut behind her. The librarian was in the corner, typing on her computer and another student sat at a table with a pile of books but she ignored them both and slipped into the aisle between shelves.

She sniffled as quietly as she could while slowly walking down the aisle. Her brain unhelpfully replayed the interaction endlessly, alternating expressions on Douglas' face ranging from pity to disgust in its effort to bring her down. She shrank into herself in return, desperately pushing away the memory while it relentlessly ignored her.

The light seemed dim in the back of the library and she was surprised to find she hadn't reached the end yet. She turned to look back and her stomach lurched from a sudden, intense bout of vertigo. The pathway twisted in a disconcerting way that forced her to lean against the shelf next to her. Squeezing her eyes shut, she breathed shallowly until the feeling passed.

Her eyes opened to spy the aged, ragged spine of a large book on the shelf before her.

Reconstructing the Id

Its ribbed binding spoke to her as her eyes glazed over at the title. She found herself reaching for it and then using her other hand when the weight pulled against her arms. With both hands against the bottom, crossed below her chest, she held the book tight against her body. As she was about to walk back to the front of the library with her prize, she noticed a red leather chair just beyond the sudden end of the shelf.

Warmth radiated from the book, flowing into her. She felt her body stir against it and her nipples tightened, making her gasp as she scurried toward the chair. Beneath the larger title on the front of the book was the subtitle Eros and Thanatos with lusty currant coloring on the former word and glossy sable on the latter. Eros glowed faintly, radiating a golden haze until she sat back in the chair.

Erin flipped the book open, cracking it to show the middle where a silk bookmark lay between pages. As the pages settled, one turned as if pushed by the flow of air and she stared at the title of a new chapter and the text below.

As discussed before, the Id is never changing. It is the seed which lies at the heart of the Ego and Superego. It is the most basic, primal part of us that exists, a holdover of evolution that remains despite our best efforts to tame it. To make ourselves more genteel while ignoring the base desires and instincts that drove our ancestors. Gratification should be delayed or ignored in the pursuit of more nobler purposes in order to redefine the human race into something much more.

It would be a disaster to let the Id wither at the expense of the Super-Ego's moralistic control. We've shown how a chaste society would operate in just such a world and the disasters that would follow.

The Id is not something to cage or restrain while ignoring the demands it makes. We mustn't let our Ego be the subconscious mediator. This is the path towards disillusionment and indecision. If we allow reality to define who we are as a person, we'll quickly find ourselves trampled beneath the hysteric mob called Mediocrity. The guilt caused by the majority of society will flow through the Superego to cripple our Id until we are made small.

Give in. Strip away the Ego in its entirety and learn to listen to your Id and the passions within. Reshape reality around you rather than allowing reality to shackle you to your monotonous place in society.

From the diminutive ant to regal lion, our animal brethren live in the moment. When they are hungry, they feast. When they are tired, they sleep. When they are aroused, they mate. Differences are settled quickly and violently, without the need for spineless politicians and their endless red tape.

The words bore into her brain as she worked to grasp the underlying meaning of the new concepts it presented. It felt powerful and inspiring to her in a way she couldn't grasp but she continued to read, turning pages as a soft glow surrounded her.

Periodically, Erin would reach up to scratch beneath her breasts. Her nipples moved as the skin surrounding them stretched. Glandular tissue and fatty tissue formed around the lobes and ducts within and the bottom of her plain shirt slid up her belly as the shirt molded itself to her growing bosom. White stretch marks appeared on the inside and outside curves of her breasts and she scratched the new skin before leaning back to allow her to read more comfortably.

A flickering flame finally caught the girl's attention. She gasped when she saw the dark sky through the windows beyond the bookshelves. Her large breasts shook when she slammed the book shut and she jumped up, swaying for a moment when she bent to grab her backpack. The shelves twisted around her when she power walked towards the front of the library and the hallway beyond, ducking her head to try to hide from the cameras with their blinking red lights.

My parents will kill me, she moaned to herself as her heavy breasts swayed before her. They bounced with each step and she found herself growing painfully sensitive as her braless nipples continuously rubbed against the inside of her shirt. I should just take it off. Fuck it. Don't care if anyone sees me topless and, if I do, it'd just attract-

She stopped, grabbing her backpack tight against herself while examining her thought process. The idea of being topless in public was making her excited and she couldn't understand why. It was a thrilling fantasy that grew to include onlookers calling for her to strip completely and her smiling lewdly in return before stepping out of her pants, displaying herself for all to see. Giving into the lustful urges pulsing within while eyeing the men around her as they took their cocks out.

"What the hell, Erin?" she gasped, grabbing at her throat as her cheeks burned.

And yet, it didn't feel entirely wrong. She straightened herself and her shirt lifted to show her belly button as she confidently squared her shoulders and sped up to make it home before it grew too dark.

Muscles formed in her calves with each step. The gentle curves stretched the skin of her legs when they hardened beneath her flesh, bulging outward and pulling her pant legs tight. As with her breasts, thin white stretch marks appeared and then streaked upwards as the changes continued to her thighs.

Her fingers worked shamelessly at the button of her pants and then the zipper to provide relief when she felt her jeans bite into her legs. She massaged her ass and hips quickly while walking and then slipped a hand into her pants to press a thumb into her thighs, ignoring the shocked look of a man standing at a bus stop.

Erin's home stood three blocks away. She broke into a run, her bare breasts slapping painfully against her chest. Her calf muscles strained against her jeans and she found herself propelled forward faster than she'd ever run before. Wind whipped her hair and she laughed as she gave into the pleasure of exerting her changing body far beyond the limits she'd grown up with.

Stitches burst in the seams at the sides of her jeans when she stopped herself by grabbing the railing leading up to her house. She leapt up the stairs, clearing three at a time with unnatural ease before opening the front door and walking inside.

Her mother came quickly, storming in from the kitchen.

"Where have you been?! We've been worried!" her mother fussed. Red dripped from the spatula at her side and Erin's stomach rumbled when she smelled the meat sauce simmering in the room beyond.

"I'm hungry," Erin blurted out. She dropped her backpack and then frowned at her bluntness. It came before thinking, forced out when she realized she was hungry. She tried to say she was sorry but realized she really wasn't. The lie came easily to her instead. "I was studying late for a test tomorrow. Is food almost done?"

Her mother stared at her in mild shock but Erin found she couldn't care very much. She felt empowered by what she'd read and the words dug deeper into her brain, encouraged by her acceptance.

"Y- yes, almost," her mother said, lost for words.

"Okay, I'm going to change out of my clothes and be back to eat," the girl said, walking away and into her room.

Once inside her room, she turned, hand against the closed door for balance and her eyes widened when she took in her body.

Her nipples pressed hard against her shirt but it was her breasts that made her gasp. Her shirt strained against her chest now and her breasts pressed together to show impressive cleavage. Seeing them, she could suddenly feel their weight. And their softness. Full and firm before her.

She lifted her shirt, struggling to get them over her breasts before flinging it aside to ogle herself. Light blue veins stood out against the pale skin but her fingers traced the scars of the stretch marks, gasping when she realized how sensitive she was when her fingernails scratched her skin.

Erin placed a hand beneath both breasts and lifted.

"Holy crap," she whispered, staring at herself. Her stomach was lined with muscle and she only just realized her pants were unzipped and open wide enough to show her white panties. Skin bubbled up over the sides of her pants and, when she tugged at the jeans, she realized they were stuck. "I look- I look beautiful."

She couldn't stop staring at her huge, perfect breasts and the thick nipples atop both of them. Aching for her touch. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned as the thought made her instantly excited.

Rather than push away the arousal, she grappled with it, holding it close as she caressed herself, running her hands down her flat stomach and further against the perfectly smooth mound below. She moaned again, eyes closed as she immediately gave into the urge boiling up from her core and her finger came back wet from her jeans.

"Gotta get out of this," she panted, pushing aside books and papers on her desk until she found a pair of scissors.

The girl carefully slipped the scissors into the front of her jeans, cutting away her panties in one snap and then continuing further, slowly snipping at her jeans to expose marbled skin pulled tight over muscles beneath. Stretch marks exploded outward from her knees, up to her thighs and down to her shins like lightning. She ignored that and continued to cut until she stood naked save for her socks.

Her wet pussy glistened in the lights and she smiled at herself, walking backwards while admiring her body in the mirror. She sat on the floor with her legs spread, staring at herself while slipping fingers between her thighs and the folds of her pussy.

"God, yes," she moaned, leaning her head back.

Her glasses slipped up and she flung them away with her free hand to stare at herself once more. She spread her pink pussy lips and imagined a fat cock slipping inside. Her hips writhed at the image and her hot breath puffed out as she squeezed a massive breast with one hand, bringing it up to suck at the nipple. She lifted her ass and it bulged out behind her, stretching as her waist began to match her breasts and thighs. Her ass jiggled when she slammed back down with a sharp moan.

Her pupils dilated and then opened further, consuming her gray irises until no color was left.other than the white of her sclera.

It wasn't enough. Her body demanded more and she gladly gave into it.

Looking around her room while her fingers slid in and out of her aching, dripping pussy, she spied what she needed and smiled. Standing, she shoved her fingers in her mouth to clean the clear, sweet cum from her fingers before climbing into bed. She turned, spreading her thick thighs and wide ass with both hands planted on the bed before her.

Gray streaks appeared in the stretch marks surrounding her breasts, clouding the white before growing darker. Needle thin fibers pushed out from the marks and then began to harden into thin, glossy black strips.

Erin rubbed her ass back against the post at the corner of her bed, moaning when the bulbous wood grinded against her clit. She lifted her ass and then leaned back further, impaling herself on it. She'd only ever used her fingers and the girth of the post was astonishing. With a whimper, she lowered herself as far as she could go and then pulled back before shoving down again. Her breasts bounced before her and her forearm muscles bulged as she held herself in place with one hand while the other explored her body.

"Dinner's ready!" her brother yelled from outside her door.

Tell him to go away! her inner voice yelled as she groaned loudly while rocking her ass back and forth against the post.

"Fuck off!" she yelled back.

That's not- no, her voice said. It was quieter now and she ignored it as it complained at her harshness.

She had no time for niceties. No time to find the socially correct way to answer her brother when he squealed that he'd tell on her. Her lust consumed her and she completely gave herself to the base need, rocking harder and harder as her pussy stretched over the rounded post.

It was coming. She could feel it. Growing. Stronger and stronger. She pictured Douglas before her, grabbing her tits, sucking on them as she rode him harder and harder-

"God!" she screamed, shuddering and collapsing on the bed. She kicked her leg and then curled up as she spasmed from the intense orgasm.

More gray streaked the stretch marks around her knees and legs. She smiled and then jerked as she forced her hands between her thighs while strips of hardened exoskeleton formed around her kneecaps.

Erin's whimpered happily, muscles still twitching as she rubbed herself and rolled to her stomach to stare at the post.

It was covered in her cum and her mouth watered.

You can't, the stern voice told her.

"Fuck you," she laughed, going to all fours. She crawled to the post and stuck her tongue out while raising her ass, grasping the base of the wood to suck it like a cock. Her other hand slipped beneath her to rub her clit as she moaned and cleaned the wood.

It was an entirely new thing for her. She'd always dreamed of having a dildo but knew she never would until she was on her own. Once, a month ago, she'd playfully and shyly sucked on a pen but, briefly. Now, she worshiped the post and bent over it, opening her mouth before shoving her head down, licking and sucking while rubbing her clit until she could feel the orgasm building once more.

Erin popped off the post with a wordless shout as she squirted a thin stream of clear liquid from her pussy. Muscles flared in her forearm and the post splintered before breaking off in her powerful grip. She covered her swollen sex and gasped with a shuddering breath but her finger continued swirling. Her body demanded more orgasms and she complied with enthusiasm.

When her stomach rumbled again, she pulled her hand free and licked herself off, going to the door until the voice within screamed at her. She sighed, rolling her eyes and turned to look for her pajamas.

Microscopic chitinous fibers pierced the skin high on her forehead. It consumed the flesh and hair surrounding it as it solidified into two lumps hidden behind her bangs.

Finally, she found her pajamas and pulled them on. They slipped easily over long strips of black exoskeleton on her shins and thighs but grew tight closer to her hips, forcing her to wriggle her ass until they slipped up and over her curved waist. They crotch dug into her soaked pussy and a large wet spot formed as she searched for the matching top.


Forks clinked quietly against plates as Erin's mother stole glances at her daughter. Erin ignored her and focused on her food, shoving wads of spaghetti into her mouth over and over in between sips of water. Her brother yelled loudly from his room, lost in an online game with his friend.

She scratched at her side, just beneath her breasts and her nails bumped over ridges of hardened skin.

"What-" her mother started to say before stopping herself.

The stubby tips of Erin's antenna twisted beneath her hair as they pointed towards her mother, pulling her attention in that direction. The woman smelled heavily of old wine and sweat and spices from the kitchen.

"What what?" Erin asked while twirling her fork around more pasta.

Rather than answer, her mother shook her head and continued to steal glances at her daughter's chest with an odd frown.

Dense muscle formed in the girl's back, pushing against her skin until a thin line appeared in the middle, centered on her spine. She grunted and twisted as her body anchored the powerful muscles of her legs and arms to her core. More stretch marks appeared beneath her armpits, running in alternating patterns down to her waist.

As her hunger became sated, she could feel herself grow tired while her changing body consumed the fuel it needed. Beyond that she could still feel the pulsing hunger of her arousal. She eyed her plate and then slid her hand into her pajamas while spreading her thighs. Erin's index finger rubbed her clit beneath her dinner table as she forced herself to finish her food.

She felt drained but horny as new glands grew beneath her skin. Her orgasm was annoyingly close but not close enough to cum as her body diverted resources and attention elsewhere. She sighed, pulled her hand free and licked her fingers clean.

"Did you-" her mother said before her pupils widened and her mouth fell slack.

Erin's pheromones wafted away from the glands still forming within her body. Although weak, they filled the small area quickly.

"I'm done," the girl said, pushing back from the table. Her breasts shook as she stood and then lifted when she raised her arms into a stretch.

Bands of glossy black chitin surrounded her side, matching the stretch marks that had formed earlier on her back. She reached up to scratch beneath her sides and then down her side.

"I'm going to bed, maybe to masturbate," she said bluntly before walking away with a yawn, already dreaming of her pussy being filled by a mass of faceless men. "Don't bother me while I'm in my room."

Her knees creaked slightly as the kneecaps hardened and segments appeared. Chitin spread outward, beneath her knees and down when she threw back her bedsheets and stripped out of her clothes, standing naked in her bedroom with the door wide open. She lay in bed with the covers back and her legs spread, slowly masturbating as sleep consumed her.


"What the hell," Erin whispered as she sat on the edge of her bed. "What the hell is this?"

She'd pulled her shirt off and was staring at her side. A dense black shell cradled her breasts and continued down, stopping just above her hips while growing into the middle of her stomach in blunt, segmented points. She rapped on the side of the black material and felt it push against the surrounding skin as it absorbed the impact. Her knuckles throbbed and she rubbed them.

Standing, she stared and cursed when she saw the chitin covering her entire back. It flexed to show thousands of thin segments when she moved her arms and upper body but turned into a solid black mass when she stood at rest. It ended in smooth curves just above her ass but continued high on her thighs as if she wore organic stockings.

Her knees were entirely changed, flat rather than bulging outward and surrounded in elegant lines that turned strangely when she flexed her knee. The chitin spread down to her shins and, when she squatted, she could see gray lines circling her ankles.

"What the hell," she repeated. Her antennae brushed her hair aside as the shortened tips bent backwards.

It was wrong. She knew that. She tried her best to try to conjure disgust or horror at her body, imagining what others would think of her when they saw her but she felt no shame in how she looked. Rather, as she stared at her breasts and turned in a slow circle to see her wide, curvy hips and ass, she found herself getting turned on. The black exoskeleton was sleek, the contrast only serving to highlight her changes. She looked almost robotic, in a futuristic sense.

Her mind shielded her and the words from the book burrowed deeper. All she saw was a body made for pleasure.

Made for birthing a colony.

The rest was nonsensical noise that didn't matter. Worrying about others, worrying about what was happening to her - it was nothing. She was her own universe and only her needs and urges mattered.

She turned and bent over, spreading her legs with hands on the bed while she imagined a cock in both holes, one in each hand and another in her mouth. She'd never had a gangbang fetish before but the small fantasy she'd had last night was growing now as the urge to mate became overpowering. And, more so, to have scores of males constantly keeping her pregnant and pleasuring her to wear away at the never ending ache between her thighs.

Erin went to the bed without hesitation when she acknowledged how completely horny she was. The dark plates in her back made quiet scratching noises as she arched her spine and then bent outward while fucking the unbroken bedpost at the other side of her bed. She sat back on her shins with both hands squeezing her breasts. She pressed them together and then raised them, taking turns to bite and suck at both nipples until her first orgasm left her breathless.

Falling forward, she twisted to lay on her back with a groan before reaching for her foot. Her pink toes were a light gray color and she could feel them being pulled apart beneath the flesh. Fibrous strands of chitin emerged from the skin as the joints separated and extended, forcing her toes further from her foot. She touched her toes carefully but the chitin was already hardening into an armored exoskeleton. Wiggling her toes made them click together metallically.

The fibers spread like growing hairs, sprouting in a wave that consumed her flesh. A burning sensation in her toes caused her to watch them once more. Her toenails disappeared beneath the slick black strands drying in the warm air of her bedroom but they pulled at her toes, widening them before flowing outward and down. She stared at her feet, wiggling them slowly as the giant claws tipping each of them tore at the bed beneath her.

Short, bristly hairs slipped through the seams in the growing armor on the sides of her legs. She brushed them and then shivered as nerves rewired along her body. Tiny hooks arrayed along the hairs latched onto her fingers, straining to hold her in place before she pulled free. More of the hairs appeared while she watched, spreading along her leg and thigh.

An intense thrill washed over her body, beginning in her hands, rushing through her arms and down her core. She pressed her thighs together and found herself rubbing her legs in a sawing motion that produced a faint rasping sound. Her antennae swiveled toward the sound but she ignored it, leaning back as she clawed at her arms. The same thick hairs grew beneath her fingers, racing around and up to her shoulders until she was gasping and moaning from the new sensations erupting along her body.

Chitin continued to spread over her feet like stitches being woven into her skin over and over before merging into a single plate. And then higher to her ankles. She worked her toes and ankle, listening to the muted clicks and shivering as the chitin formed higher, crawling over her flesh in a tantalizing, torturous touch.

Erin lay back, raising her ass while shoving both hands between her thighs. Gravity pulled her heavy breasts down to nestle against her face as she tried once more to quench the raging fire of her lust.


"You're late," Ms. Teak said with a frown when Erin pushed the door open to her fifth period.

"I know," Erin told her as she walked into the room.

The girl wore no backpack. Her old sweatpants hugged her body tight enough to show every new curve. Her toes click-clacked loudly against the linoleum. Each step left behind five miniature fractures in the old, scuffed linoleum flooring. She held her hands in the old, gray hoodie she'd stolen from her father.

At first, walking on her feet had presented problems for her. The exoskeleton was extremely slick and she'd slipped several times before realizing she needed to walk on the balls of her feet with her center of gravity forward while using her toe claws to anchor herself.

Heads turned to follow her but she ignored them, instead looking over at Douglas to ensure he was watching her. She brushed her hair back, gently pulling her long antennae back with them while working a new muscle to hold them in place. They didn't always listen to her but she found her command over them growing quickly.

Pheromones followed in her wake, dispersing widely to announce to potential suitors that she was ready to mate. Always ready, now. A few of the boys in her senior class adjusted themselves, twisting their suddenly hard cocks to the side in order to sit more comfortably. She smiled indulgently at a few before taking her seat. The entire class of 18 year olds, already full of hormonal drives, found themselves pushed further.

A few eyes took in her bare feet. Eyebrows rose in confusion but they quickly found themselves oddly unconcerned, instead returning Erin's smile with lazy indifference.

Ms. Teak sat at her desk. She stared at the stack of papers and open books, opening her mouth and then closing it again before shaking her head. Grabbing a pen, she pushed at a paperclip on her desk.

"I have to go," she whispered to herself, sparing a last glance at Erin before standing and striding through the classroom door.

Erin leaned back in her desk, rubbing her body against the hard plastic of her chair. Two nodules stood out against the hardened exoskeleton, just beneath her shoulder blades. They felt incredibly itchy but she couldn't scratch through the armor plating to make the feeling go away.

"I like your hair today, Erin," Josephine said. The girl stood fidgeting nearby, pulling at her shirt while shooting shy smiles at the seated girl.

"And your hoodie," Tessa said. She beamed when Erin looked her way.

Josephine reached out to stroke Erin's hair but took her hand back when Erin shied away from her.

"D-do you need anything?" Josephine asked.

"I have my lunch," Trevor said in front of her. He dug through his backpack to retrieve a paper bag. "It's a ham sandwich and some fruit. My mom made it."

"I have leftover pizza!" Ryan said behind her.

Erin's antenna lifted, ignoring her attempts to lay them flat. They tilted and rotated, scenting her classmates while the few bare hairs along her arms vibrated from the sounds they made. She hated how the hairs felt behind clothes. Every time she moved, they brushed against her shirt and jeans and she felt like people were touching her. Or standing against her. Looming over her.

Her fingernail tapped impatiently on her desk as others chimed in to offer her food. Her hand spasmed, forcing her to hiss while making a fist. Donovan, a smaller senior that sat two rows back, knelt quietly beside her to gently take her hand. He massaged it wordlessly as Josephine went behind her.

"M-m-may I massage your neck?" the girl asked hopefully, reaching out but holding herself back when she remembered the earlier rebuffing.

Rough chitin threads spread out from Erin's nail beds as Donovan pressed his thumbs against her palm and joints. Her skin began to resist his attempts as more chitin formed. She felt the exoskeleton spreading again and her pheromones leaked her displeasure at the irritation it presented. Josephine squeaked and pressed her warm hands against Erin's shoulders, quickly digging fingers in while pinching with her palm.

"That's good," Erin murmured, closing her eyes. Someone else took her other hand, a girl if the soft skin and sweet scent of her perfume were any indication. Erin's antenna trembled while they focused on the newcomer before continuing their restless scanning.

"I'm so glad," Josephine said quietly. She was close and her hot breath warmed Erin's neck. The girl was a year older than the rest, already 19 years old due to an illness when she was younger that made her miss a grade. Her lips brushed the hard, black exoskeleton plate that formed just beneath Erin's nape. And then higher to the side of her neck. Higher still and her teeth nibbled at Erin's earlobe.

"I have strawberries," Trevor said anxiously. Erin opened her eyes to see him holding a plastic baggie full of fruit in one hand and a single strawberry in the other. At her nod, he brought it to her mouth and she bit it from the stem. The boy sighed happily, dropped the stem and grabbed another strawberry to feed her.

"Douglas," Erin said while looking in his direction.

"Y-yes?" he asked, standing quickly.

"My clothes are bothering me," she told him.

After multiple orgasms earlier in the morning, she had debated going to school at all. It no longer seemed important. There was an entire world of experiences waiting for her. Sitting in a classroom to have useless knowledge drilled into her by rote felt pointless.

What made her change her mind wasn't one of the base desires driving her forward but something else entirely. A need to build and a place to begin.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," Douglas said when he stood before her, his eyes downcast.

"Why?" she asked him, honestly curious. He'd said what he'd meant at the time and she couldn't fault him for it. Better that than wrapping a dismissal up in social niceties to save her feelings.

"I just-" he struggled to remember why he'd turned her down. She was gorgeous. Not just her full figure and well endowed chest but she exuded command and charisma far beyond any girl he'd ever dated. Or any celebrity he'd lusted after previously. Those were childish desires. He knew that now as he stared at her.

"She told you to take her clothes off, asshole," Ryan hissed at him enviously. "Don't make her ask you again, you lucky, lazy motherfucker."

"Sorry!" Douglas yelped. He reached out quickly but then slowed as he took the sleeves of her hoodie, sliding it off her upraised arm. The other arm followed quickly and he groaned as he stared at her cleavage. He squeezed his cock and then reached around her, temporarily pushing Josephine aside as he raised Erin's shirt, pushing his hands against her huge breasts when he reached her chest. Erin moaned in appreciation and, emboldened by it, he reached around to squeeze her breast, hefting it in his hand. He almost fondled her nipple until he remembered her earlier command.

He went around the desk and Josephine quickly took her place once more, pushing Tyra aside when the other girl tried to take over. Tyra instead massaged Erin's upper arm while glaring at Josephine.

Douglas knelt before Erin, licking his lips as he tugged at her tight sweatpants. His mouth opened and he swayed forward, nearly planting his face between her thighs before catching himself to slide the pants down her body. They resisted at her waist but then slid against the completely smooth exoskeleton covering her thighs.

The dense claws now tipping Erin's fingers scored the desk when her sweatpants rubbed against the coarse hairs lining her legs. She rocked her chest and both Tyra and Josephine reacted in kind, bending to kiss her bare skin while grabbing Erin's breasts. Their kisses left a trail along her body until she felt their lips surround her nipples. She cradled their heads with her arms, holding them close as she writhed at her desk.

Douglas needed no further direction. She sat before him, nude and beautiful.

His queen.

His hands rested gently against her thighs and he tugged her carefully. She slid at his urging while spreading her knees. His warmth spread throughout the shell covering her legs and her antennae quivered in anticipation as the administrations of the two young women suckling at her breast made her pussy grow damp. He kissed along the hardened exoskeleton covering her inner thighs, higher and higher while increasing her anticipation.

His tongue startled her and she clenched the two girls in return. They moaned and kneaded at her breast while nibbling and licking her nipples but Erin focused on Douglas. It was the first time she'd been licked. The first time someone else had done anything with her pussy. His tongue flicked against her clit before diving into her folds. She gasped, nearly clawing the two girls before slamming her fist against the desk nearby, easily snapping it from the stem holding it in place. She saw hands pick up the broken desk to move it away from her.

Someone kissed her neck as another kissed her back. She ignored them while staring at Douglas, panting when his tongue flexed inside of her. The orgasm building within was far different than the ones she'd given herself.

"Fuck me," she gasped, pulling the girls away from her body. They reached for her, caressing her arms and back as Donovan stood.

The boy unzipped his pants before letting them drop. Veins stood out on his bulging, reddened cock and pre-cum dripped freely. Her pheromones acted upon them all, loosening their libido while pushing their physical bodies past their limits.

When he kissed her, she could taste her own cum and she twisted her tongue against his, clawing at his back while pulling him towards her. He reached down, pushing his cock between her thighs and she screamed when his throbbing, angry cock split her apart.

Another mouth, a boy, she thought distractedly, kissed her as Douglas braced himself on her chair. Tyra bent down to her breast, pulling it towards her to kiss and then suck at the swollen, wet nipple while yet another girl played with her other breast.

"God! God yes!" Erin shouted. Her calves rubbed together and the room filled with the rasping sound. It drove Douglas forward and he grunted, suddenly slamming into her.

"Fuck!" the boy yelled. She could feel him cum inside of her already, his hot seed filling her pussy. He swelled deep within, thick and hard but kept moving as veins stood out on his temples and sweat filled his brow. "Can't- can't stop. Still hard. Still- fuck! Still hard!"

She lost herself in the gasping, thrusting, moaning pleasure that filled her head and her loins. Because of this, Erin barely registered the muscles twitching in her back. She crossed her legs around Douglas, holding him tight while gripping the chair as the buzzing continued. It vibrated her skull as she cried out from her second orgasm. Lips kissed her open mouth and her body while hands caressed her skin and exoskeleton.

The lumps on her back separated from the heavy plating of her armor, swelling outward to expel a thick, white ropy mass. Again, the muscles vibrated and the still-wet wings slapped her back. Hands tugged gently at the wings to unroll them until they were flat and they buzzed again, almost lifting her from her seat.

Douglas exploded inside of her and it pushed her over the edge a third time. She grabbed his neck, pulling him close while clenching her thighs and rubbing her shins together, making the grating, rasping sound that caused her nearby classmates to cry out rapturously. They began to shed their own clothing as their inhibitions lowered further.

Erin kissed Douglas' forehead before unwrapping her legs. Despite cumming twice in short order, his cock still throbbed. His cheeks and chest were red but she touched his face and he immediately relaxed, going to his knees and then his back. Bella, a girl from the loud, rebellious punk clique, helped him down but then grabbed his cock, sucking and licking him clean in order to get a taste of Erin's juices.

Cocks bobbed all around Erin, ready for her to choose. She flicked her wings and touched herself, feeling Douglas' slick cum against her swollen pussy. It covered the black exoskeleton on her inner thighs until she gestured at Jennifer, who knelt beside her, clinging to her leg. The girl eyed the cum hungrily and leapt at the chance to service Erin. As she worked, she slid a hand along Erin's thigh, watching her expression carefully to ensure she wasn't displeasing her.

Jennifer sighed, eyelids fluttering when her fingers slid into Erin's soaked pussy.

"Close the curtain on the door and lock it," she told the classroom, not caring who followed the command. She caressed Jennifer's hair while rocking her hips in small motions and her wings fluttered gently behind her. A warning scent mixed in with the pheromones, built to drive away curious outsiders as they passed the classroom.

She grabbed a nearby cock to kiss it and the young man gave his thanks to her when she opened her mouth around it. He would be next, in a few minutes-

"Ah!" Erin gasped, grabbing Jennifer's hair when the other girl licked between her thighs.

Maybe more than a few minutes. He would have his turn.

When the next period bell rang, they would wait until the school emptied in order to build a base of operations.

A colony with which she could start her kingdom.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

More great stuff as always. You should put some of this on kindle.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
More great stuff as always. You should put some of this on kindle.
Too much work for not really any money but thank you, as always
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