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Unread 09-11-2019   #1
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Spirou & Fantasio: A Beautiful Monster

This video comes from the French animated series "Spirou & Fantasio" based on the comic of the same name.
The plot seems to involve an evil, rich woman/model who plans on using a chemical to turn other women purple and obese. This way, she will get all the attention. One of Spirou and Fantasio's female friends gets expanded this way over the course of the episode. There is a montage of the villain's plan at 16:25 in the video, where a couple more women are expanded.

Perhaps I should have put this in the Weight Gain thread, but the fact that the women turn purple, reminds me of Blueberry Expansion. If anyone here can understand French, then I would love to know what the actual plot is.
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Re: Spirou & Fantasio: A Beautiful Monster

that is the plot of the episode
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