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Unread 10-11-2017   #1
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Jimmy's Bastards Issue #4

"Jimmy's Bastards" is a comic by Garth Ennis. It tells the story of Jimmy Regent, a British secret agent who foils plots by evil megalomaniacs all over the world and has sex with beautiful women afterwards. Unfortunately all that unprotected sex has resulted in Jimmy fathering a large number of children, all of whom now want revenge.

In issue #4, Jimmy's angry offspring use a Gender Fluid to switch the genders of much of Englands population. Much MTF and FTM features in this issue. A word of warning however, The Gender Fluid does nothing to change peoples faces, so for the most part it looks like the men have grown tits and little else.

The comic can be read here:
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Case Scenario
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Re: Jimmy's Bastards Issue #4

Interesting find. Pretty disturbing, but interesting.
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