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Unread 10-23-2016   #1
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CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Get your own feminization gif!

See this lovely lady here? She seems like she'd be an excellent candidate for the kind of feminization transformation gifs I do at, but I haven't found a good "before" picture of a guy in a similar pose. Well, here's your chance to see yourself get feminized, for free!

If you want to be the subject of this feminization gif, all you have to do is send me a pic of yourself replicating this girl's pose as closely as possible, ideally against a similar plain background. (It doesn't have to be plain white, but it sure wouldn't hurt.) I'd prefer a pic where your face is showing and you're mimicking her expression, but if you'd prefer to remain anonymous you can cover your face and I'll put some other dude's face on your body. The lighting makes a big difference in how good a match-up looks, so something with a flash and/or lit from the same side would be helpful. You can wear whatever you want, but no nudes please! You can do whatever you want with your hands to replicate her pose; fumble with your belt, reach for something in your pocket, etc.

Whoever sends me the first/best pic wins. I plan to post this publicly, but if you don't want to use your name or you'd prefer to use some fake name that's fine. Let me know if you want a link to your website.

The contest is open until Halloween night but I'll close it early if I get the winning picture. I have no idea if I'll get dozens of entries or just one or two, but if you want to see yourself transform into a sexy blonde babe in an itsy-bitsy bikini I advise you to send your pic pronto!

Entries should be sent to, or you can send me your pic via DeviantArt notes.


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Re: CONTEST: Get your own feminization gif!

Announcing the winning entry for the TG transformation gif contest! The winner chose to preserve his anonymity (I gave him a new face in Photoshop) but he did such a good job replicating the model's pose and lighting that he earned this chance to see himself transform into a lovely blonde in a bikini.

Thanks to everybody who submitted their pics! There were some very good submissions and it wasn't an easy decision. Having a "before" image that matched the "after" so well was a real treat, and opened up all sorts of possibilities. Maybe I'll do another contest like this sometime!

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