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Re: [Paid] Zoe Brown's 'Werewoman Adventures' Stories on Amazon

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!
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(Note: This Story was Commissioned)

The Hottest New Island Party Hotspot.
The Secret Shrine of an Ancient Goddess.
Two Unemployed Post-Grads Looking to Party.
A Few Unexpected Gender Transformations, some Feminization, and a whole lot of hot, steamy, Mediterranean Resort Hook-up Fun!

Three thousand five hundred years ago, a man begged a god for a favor. More specifically, he begged a goddess. He begged a goddess to make him a woman. When she did not hear his pleas, he offered her great treasures. When she continued to ignore him, he offered her more and more expansive pledges of reverence, fidelity, and eternal servitude. Finally, after all his supplications, the goddess chose to grant the man--the new woman--his/her request. But not without exacting a cost...

Now, three thousand five hundred years LATER, the Pleasure Island Hotel and Resort company operates the hottest new party hotspot in the Mediterranean Sea, in new West Paphos, on the coast of Cyprus, with the most luxuriant resort accommodations, the most hoppin'-est parties, the kickin'-est clubs, and the hottest women you can find on a beach anywhere in the world. When Gavin and Collin, two young journalism post-graduates, unemployed and looking to party as they wander their way across the Mediterranean looking for stories to tell of their wild and crazy adventures, learn about this mecca of sensual pleasure and indolent luxury, they know they have to visit.

But how to afford the stay? After eight months of non-stop free-wheeling adventure and world-travelling, the guys' funds are all but depleted. When the reservations representative of the most sumptuous, extravagant resort accommodation on the island offers to let the young men stay in exchange for some vaguely-defined 'Hospitality and Promotions' work on behalf of the resort, Gavin and Collin feel certain there must be more to this exchange that they aren't being told about, just yet, but although their suspicions seem justified, they can learn no more without making the trip and booking their stay at Pleasure Island Hotel and Resorts Company, where they will come to learn the secret watchwords:

'Come for the Beaches... Stay for the Boys.'

At roughly 33,500 words, Pleasure Island (Part One) is the beginning of a new, on-going serial story from Zoe Brown involving unexpected gender transformations, feminizations, and steamy, beach party resort hook-up fun!
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