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Lycandope Story Thread

I figured I'd make a thread in order to keep all stories in one place rather than making a clutter in the forum.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Sucking Them Dry: Story/Mosquito Girl


The older BMW jerked to the sound of gears grinding when Beverly mistimed the coordination between her left foot on the clutch and her right hand on the shifter. The hint of a frown crossed her face before transitioning to determination as she pulled onto the off ramp. A quick glance behind her showed an angry driver flashing their headlights at her sudden turn but the temporary paper license plate taped to the back window blocked most of it. She rolled her eyes as she took the turn too fast and her tires thudded over the small bumps on the inside lane.

Interstate traffic gave way to lonely buildings in the industrial district. Steam and smoke and other chemicals billowed out of stacks arrayed around the area. She half-listened to the mapping program on her phone as it gave out quiet, calm directions to her workplace. After a little over two weeks, she still didn't have the route memorized.

Another shift as her foot pivoted on the stiletto heel. Her gray skirt whispered on the cool leather of her seat while she turned left, passing a dog boarding facility and a heavy equipment rental center after that.

Three blocks later, she caught sight of her workplace. The tiny, well-worn building housed Harris, Clark, Williams & Peters P.S. - none of which were her name.

"I'll just have to change that," she told herself as she turned, once more too sharp, into the parking lot. She smirked at the car parked away from the building while easing into the spot recently reserved for her in the shadow of the tiny structure.

It was her first day back since the decision in the Price v. Rex Construction and she was still riding high from her first big win. While small compared to what the rest of the office was used to dealing with, it was major for her and sure to be her first step on the stairs up. She'd just have to push a few old white men aside, first.

Stepping out to the ticking of her cooling engine, she breathed shallowly with the back of her hand near her nose. The area wasn't chosen for its charming location - something else she told herself she'd change once she moved up. It couldn't be too much more to lease a building downtown and surely the clients they would attract in the new location would offset the increase.

"Good morning, Ms. Tills," the receptionist said robotically, barely looking up from her computer to give the greeting. The girl, Charlie as she liked to be called, had dropped all pretenses of cordiality shortly after Beverly started working with her.

"Any meetings today?" Beverly asked. She knew she didn't have any but she wanted to exert a little dominance over the woman for her impertinence. Most of her day would consist of filling out her heavily padded billed time for Rex Construction and reviewing notes for her next case on the docket for Wednesday morning.

"No," Charlie said, finally looking up. The curly ends of her short, platinum blonde hair bounced against her slim cheeks when she turned to the edge of the counter before her. "You did receive a letter this morning, however."

"Thank you," Beverly said with a smile that she fixed in place as she grabbed the plain envelope from the sectioned tray.

Robotic as ever, bitch, Beverly thought, her smile widening to show teeth.

She walked through the short hallway, surrounded by the silence of early morning. As usual, Mr. Peters' light was on. He was the only partner in the office this early and she assumed he'd still be working through the apocalypse and complaining about the noise of people dying and bombs going off.

Her own office was small with a wrap around desk and slim monitor. Filing cabinets lined the wall behind her but she ignored them as always, setting her heavy backpack down against the side of her desk before sitting in her hand-me-down rolling chair.

Beverly surveyed her desk, sighing at the mess she'd left for herself. She bumped her mouse and her monitor woke, the reflective black surface giving way to pale blue light that shined on the black keyboard before it.

The letter had no return address and was hand lettered to her attention at her work address. Her eyes passed over the uncanceled stamp in the top right as she turned it over. Nothing was written on the back and it was self-sealed.

She tapped the letter on her keyboard while staring through the drawn shades. Finally, she slipped a long fingernail under the flap and opened it to reveal a plain, folded piece of computer paper.

Two sentences were written in simple block lettering that matched the writing on the envelope: You lied and cheated your way through court and now my dead son will never rest. You're nothing but a parasite feeding on those less fortunate.

Unseen to her, a faint white glow emanated from the page she held in her hands. She shook her head at the letter and then crumbled it up before tossing it into the blue recycle bin next to the trashcan beneath her desk.

There was no signature on the letter but she knew immediately who it was - the father of the Price boy who was killed onsite while working for Rex Construction.

Fast movement at the very corner of her eye made her jerk her head sharply. An incredibly thin line appeared in her iris. It grew, slicing down through the dark brown before connecting to the end that had spread into her white sclera. It formed a thin, oval secondary lense that gave a skewed view of the floor beneath her. A similar line appeared in her other eye and the two shapes slowly pushed outward into miniscule mud-brown circles. She rubbed at her temple as a few more lines appeared and the bone of her eye sockets pushed against her brow. Her eyelids bulged to contain her now-swollen eyes.

The firm was sure she'd lose so they didn't mind giving her the case. Skimming through the material she had, she realized they were correct. So, she'd invited opposing counsel to discuss the case. She'd pretended to be surprised to learn he'd graduated from the same college she'd gone to, despite having done as much research on him as possible. He knew his basics but the Pierce family was not wealthy and their lawyer's ability reflected that.

She flirted with him subtly but he was resistant. Instead, she found a reason to keep him talking and offered to have food delivered. Just by "chance", she had a bottle of wine in her office. And then another when they finished that one. And a third.

He'd fucked her on her desk, late in the evening. Drunk and post-coital, she'd encouraged him to muse about the case and he'd gladly obliged, mentioning a significant medicated condition the deceased had. She'd used that and a few other things he'd mentioned to cast just enough doubt for the jury. He knew what he'd done and he'd stood silently, avoiding her sideways glance as the judge read the verdict.

The man was a shitty lawyer but, despite fumbling around and being unattractive, he was moderately skilled at sex. And she'd enjoyed the thrill of the taboo. And he had felt really good inside of her.

Beverly squirmed in her chair, suddenly aroused at the memory of it. She'd swept papers away while he'd tugged at her pencil skirt, kneeling behind her to lick her pussy.

The ommatidia that formed in her bulging eyes watched the door and the window at the same time. More lenses formed and her eyes continued to push away in their widening sockets.

In her memory, he was behind her, licking and sucking at her pussy with his thumbs spreading her open. At her desk now, she rocked her ass in her chair and slipped a hand beneath her suit jacket, clawing at a throbbing point just below her ribcage. It was warm and pleasant to touch but she pulled her hand away, seconds before the flesh moved.

The thought of him behind her made her writhe. The feel of it. Sucking. And sucking. She touched her lips, licking them and picturing her suddenly kneeling before him - something that didn't happen. In this daydream, she eagerly took his cock out to blow him.

"Fuuuuuck," Beverly groaned, sticking her finger in her mouth. Enamel melted away from her teeth and they waved, semi-rigid as she pulled and pushed her finger, wrapping her tongue around it while imagining it was the man's dick.

Her cheeks deflated as she sucked as hard as she could, moaning at the fearsome need to have a cock in her mouth. To suck on it until it exploded, filling her throat with warm cum.

When Beverly pulled at her finger, her lips and teeth slanted outward with it until her finger came free with a loud, wet 'pop!'. She immediately replaced it, driven by an incredibly powerful primal urge that began to take her over. Her tongue swirled around two fingers now but it began to harden and grow uncomfortably thick in her mouth.

As Beverly leaned back in her chair with a few of her ommatidia watching the door, she slipped her free hand beneath her skirt, groaning at how wet she was. Three fingers immediately and easily entered into her soaking wet pussy and she undulated in her chair as she crooked them to rub just inside her sex with her palm against her clit.

"Yesssshhh," the woman moaned as drool slid down her cheeks. The syllables mangled in her mouth as her jaw began to slowly rotate. At the same time, chitin formed and flowed outward from her jaw, replacing her gums as they turned and then consuming her teeth.

At a ninety degree angle, her teeth began to protrude from her mouth, forced outward by the explosive growth of chitin and her elongating tongue. Her face stretched forward as her tongue grew firm and dry to form her new labium sheath. The very tip split gently into her labella as a hole appeared directly in the center..

Two questing appendages, just beneath her ribcage on the sides of her slim body, pushed against her tucked-in shirt as they emerged. The skin around them hardened and the two-pronged tips scratched at the cotton fabric. The loose buttons of her suit jacket pulled free but segments appeared in the growing limbs and they folded, constrained by her tight shirt. The slick chitin clawed her body and she gripped the arms of her chair.

Sucking, she thought, brow knit as her multi-faceted eyes took in the entire room. She was finding it hard to concentrate over the enormous amount of stimulation provided while, at the same time, folds in her brain slowly grew smooth and her mind simplified. Sucking him off. Filling me. Filling me up. Sucking. Sucking.

An intoxicating scent teased her and she swallowed a sudden mouthful of drool as she tried to place it. She breathed deeply but the smell didn't intensify, causing her a small amount of confusion. The chitin growing from her new jaws crept upward, pulling at the edge of her narrow nose as the skin beneath expanded outward. Her nostrils, flattened now against her face, widened as the questing tips of her antennae emerged from the open holes.

The delicious aroma she'd caught the hint of earlier blossomed within her and she gasped, running fingers down her body.The legs growing at the sides of her body surrounded her, sliding behind the shirt to caress her back before pulling the shirt free from her skirt. The strange new legs emerged into the open air beneath her shirt and strange muscles flexed beneath her ribcage. She felt their movement and her button-down shirt ripped open. Buttons pinged against her desk and monitor. Her eyes tracked their paths as the new legs clawed up her body to caress her breasts, pulling the cups of her bra down when they slipped beneath the band. A sharp pull with the forming muscles on her side ripped the bra free and her breasts quivered before her.

A single button clicked against the monitor and she directed her brain to focus her compound eyes on it. For a reason she could no longer puzzle out, the movement interested her greatly.

Her contorted visage stared back at her and even her diminished intelligence recoiled from it. Beverly's short, segmented antenna rotated before the domed shape of her eyes, hundreds of ommatidia lenses separated by hair-thin black lines. Her horizontal mandibles opened and then clacked sharply as she tried to scream and only now did she catch sight of the proboscis projecting from the front of her face.

She kicked back from her desk to stand and the legs at the side of her angled down, ready to catch her if she fell.

Something vibrated with bone-rattling intensity behind her. She reached back to touch beneath her shoulder blade but jerked her hand away quickly when she felt a smooth, hardened lump. It beat furiously against her back. Pain radiated outward from the throbbing muscles as they grew sore but chemicals flooded her body, easing the pain while the density of the muscles themselves doubled and then tripled.

In a panic, she reached for her purse to grab the small mirror she kept for adjusting her makeup. The tip of her finger stretched beyond the skin surrounding it. She froze, heart pounding as she brought her hand up to her eyes, turning her head to focus on her fingers. The skin surrounding the first two joints of her fingers hung loose and dead and fish white in color. Her fingertips glistened in the light, slick and shiny. Tapping the tips together produced a muffled clacking noise and she realized her sense of touch was greatly diminished.

No, no, no! she thought to herself, pulling and tugging at the loose skin. It peeled away painlessly to reveal the still-drying chitin beneath, sleek and smooth. She continued to pull and the skin sloughed away from her forearm. Just beneath her elbow the skin separated and fell to the ground.

The muscles along her back vibrated again and her wings unrolled, pulling against her shoulders as they flapped wetly. Her domed eyes caught sight of them to her sides. They appeared milky white with solid vein-like structures. Dried flakes fell away as they worked behind her autonomously.

Spasms wracked her feet and she fell to her ass. Her wings angled upward as her mid-legs caught her fall, bending on their joints. The strange legs were easily as thick as her forearms now. She felt their connection to her body against her sides but a new wave of agony distracted her and forced her to concentrate on her lower body.

Old habits forced her to look down and her elongated proboscis nestled heavily between her breasts. She reached for her right foot, grabbing and throwing her shoe to the side.

Claws pierced the fragile fabric of her stockings. Like her fingers, the tips of her first four toes were a sand-colored shell-like material now tipped with sharp points. She bent into herself, hugging her body while trying to look away but her eyes wouldn't let her. Her new toes stretched her stockings until thin white runs appeared. Her left foot pushed the other shoe free as it too began to grow.

Stop! Stop! she cried out in her mind as she grabbed at the material with her hands and mid-legs, tearing them free to expose her elongated legs. Her feeble, shrunken pinky toes pressed against her feet before being absorbed. She tried to groan but her mandibles rasped together instead as her heel cracked and vanished.

Flesh fell away to reveal the drying chitin covering her new legs and feet. The exoskeleton reached up to her knee before merging with flesh that continued up her bare thigh just beneath her skirt.

In another view, on someone else and without context, she would've admired the legs. They were seamless and smooth in a futuristic, artistic way which gave the hint of curvy, engineered eroticism. Instead, she-

Her antennae, longer now with tiny hairs sprouting from each segment, waved before her. They bent as they turned, ruffling her hair before flexing towards the door next to her.

The scent was strong now and a pattern began to form in her mind as her brain and senses were overtaken and merged with the insect consuming her. Two large shapes, one to her left and one far to her right. Warm and soft and full of life.

An extremely thin needle-like fascicle emerged from the hole at the tip of her proboscis. Saliva dripped from the tiny opening as she turned her head towards the nearest of the shapes.

Charlie, she knew, somehow.

Beverly groaned, pressing her fingers against her skirt. She bent them and the elegant, curved claws sliced through the fabric as if it were paper. Her mandibles clattered when her claws accidentally sliced the skin beneath but she pulled back before causing damage. Her mid-legs pushed at her skirt while she shredded it. They pulled and scraped and pushed, clawing at skirt and panties until she was freed.

Her wings beat the air behind her, slowly, steadily, translucent now that they'd dried. She touched herself finally, raising her head with her mandibles wide and her proboscis quivering. The girl's antennae stood on end, swaying towards the receptionist as she rubbed her wet pussy with the strange fingers. They glided smoothly between her engorged lips as if she were teasing herself with a new metal vibrator.

A loud 'clack' sounded as her jaws closed and her mandibles grated together. She squeezed her breast with her free hand while her mid-legs encircled the other one, the split claw of the left leg flicking her nipple. Her wings beat faster and faster as she carefully slipped the dense, rigid tip of her finger into her aching pussy. She pushed down to keep the claw away as she fucked herself, 'breathing' in of the carbon dioxide Charlie gave off.

The rasping sound of her toes scraping against the short pile carpet and concrete beneath mixed with the rumbling, grinding noise of her mandibles when she finally came.

And it wasn't enough. She hungered in a complex way, aching deep within her guts as a new thirst consumed her.

An ear piercing whine filled the air as her wings vibrated in a blur, lifting her effortlessly from the ground to stand on eight armored toes. Her antennae brushed the ceiling so she lowered herself on her slim, gazelle-like legs while turning to the front office. She stepped to the door, her claws clicking as she operated the handle and folded her wings close to her body. They caressed her bare back when she ducked and entered the hallway.

Beverly's antennae raised, scenting the air but she could still only taste the two in her office.

And so many more beyond.

But, first, the girl.

She vaguely remembered disliking Charlie but it no longer mattered. Saliva dripped freely from her proboscis and her mid-legs roamed her body, pushing and squeezing at her skin. The right mid-leg slipped between her leg and she missed a step as it slid easily between her thighs, sawing back and forth against her soaked pussy lips.

Charlie sat before her, engrossed in typing on her phone. The girl sensed Beverly's looming presence and turned but, too late as Beverly's claws gripped her head and back, pushing her hard against her desk.

Before the receptionist could cry out, Beverly lowered herself. The labium sheath on her proboscis pulled back to reveal the sharp fascicle needle that plunged into Charlie's back through the sweater she wore. Saliva slid down to coat the wound as she feasted on the girl.

Finally sated, Beverly pulled back. Charlie gripped her desk as her eyes fluttered to show white. She moaned, reaching back to feel the injection site as her other hand shoved between her thighs. Her breathing came quickly and she slid from her chair to kneel before Beverly.

"God, I can't-" the girl moaned, grabbing her sides and pulling at her sweater. She pulled it over her head and flung it aside to reveal flawless, pale skin with dark lines highlighting the veins that led away from where Beverly had pierced her skin. "You smell like- like- oohhh goooood."

She crawled to Beverly on her knees until she reached forward to grab the woman's legs. Sweat beaded on her body as she looked up into Beverly's eyes. Her mouth bulged open to show a thick tongue slowly lengthening from between her lips. She leaned forward, pushing her elongating proboscis into Beverly's pussy as the skin split at the tips of her fingers.

Two bulges appeared beneath Charlie's shoulder blades. Developing muscles pushed at her skin as her wings began to form.

Beverly leaned back, gripping the edge of the wall behind her. The plaster cracked as she hooked a leg over the other woman's shoulder and her clawed, hardened fingers broke through the wall.

She would need to feed again and imagined the feast she would make of the male behind her. Her antennae hooked backward to scent him before leaning forward and she focused on the pleasure coming from between her thighs.

Her hips bucked and her mandibles rasped when she came and her mid-legs grasped the side of Charlie's face, caressing her gently as the girl's eyes began to bulge from her face.

Beverly groaned as her keen senses began to pick up the faint, arousing smell beyond the small beyond.

There were just so many more to drink from and her thirst seemed never ending.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

As part of my Patreon, I sloooowly work on something called a "Pick Your Path" (basically choose your own adventure) story where you can guide the story a little bit.

The first one (a werewolf, naturally) is complete and a very short demo is available here:

As it states in the demo, the complete thing is available on my Patreon here:

This has a bit of foot play, a bit of anal and a lot of male and female werewolf goodness
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

At The Stake [story / dragon /kobold]
Villagers burn the wrong woman at the stake and she takes revenge
"They've come for you!" Cidrin yelled as he crashed through the small store. He stumbled and fell and a shelf of glass shattered next to him. "You have to run! They're coming for you!"

The small child still wore the cast she'd made for him and the herbs stuffed within mixed with the oils and tinctures from the broken vials surrounding him. Midia glanced up sharply at his entry and immediately moved to help him back up. She fussed at his arm but he pulled away as he caught his breath.

"No," he told her, standing and pushing with his good arm. "Don't worry about me, please! Just grab what you need and run! I know a way out. Please. They're right behind me."

"Be calm, child," she told him. She stepped behind the small counter of her store to grab her careworn leather sack. She filled it with books and flasks and came back to him. "Lead on but, please, take care."

The young boy bolted and she followed on long, lean legs. Her white hair streamed behind her but her unwrinkled, smooth young face showed not a single concern. She held faith in her goddess and-

Turning a corner, the young boy screamed as he was met with a huge crowd of people. They held lamps and homemade clubs and pitchforks and a few old swords passed down by their ancestors.

"No!" Cidrin shouted. He turned to go back the way they'd come but another crowd filtered through the alleyway behind them. "Don't-"

A stone whistled through the air, striking the child on the forehead. Midia cried out and caught him as he fell but blood leaked from the child's ears and nose and his eyes were unseeing and bloodshot.

"Gods damn you!" she shouted as she lay the child down. "Gods damn you-"

The crowd swarmed her as she raised her arms to cast a spell of retribution. They began to kick and punch her, drowning out her cries until a well-placed strike brought darkness.


She awoke to muffled, sussuring conversations and the loud cry of an angry man.

"- did find," the angry man proclaimed. "That her husband developed sores around his manhood. Upon examination, her husband swore they manifested after the witch stared at him cross-wise while passing in the street."

She tried to reply but her jaw ached and her head spun.

"Two days ago!" the man continued. "Mother Els found her child blue and unbreathing in its crib after her cock crowed twice in the middle of the night. A passing guard swore he saw the witch skulking through the alleys at the same time."

Likely the same guard what asked me to murder his wife so he could marry his lover, Midia mused darkly. She spat but it dribbled weakly down her bloody, swollen lips and chin.

"But last night, dear citizens," the man said. "Our beloved queen, may she rest forever at Tylla's breast, fell ill and died. She was in good health but the guard remembered a day earlier that the witch was most vocal when arguing against her majesty closing the orphanage."

Oh, yes, Midia smiled. She coughed and laughed and blood bubbled from her open lips. Oh yes, that one was sweet.

"See for yourselves!" the man screamed, pointing at her. "She is without remorse! She is found guilty in the eyes of the law and sentenced to burning at the stake! So that our kingdom might be cleansed of her filth!"

Only now did she notice the guards holding the torches to her side. She winced at the pain in her mouth and throat and wondered, briefly, if she could swallow her own tongue before the fire bit at her heels.

The guards touched their torches to the kindling surrounding her and then stepped away to join the warden.

She felt the air dance around her, hot and teasing the pain that would follow. It lifted her hair on superheated currents and several people gasped at the simple illusion.

Kesma, hear me, she whispered with a whistling voice through broken teeth and swollen lips. Spare me not for I've done wrong by them. Not all they've accused of me but enough. I've worked magic both dark and light, as is your purview, and worshipped you in all your facets. I ask not a boon for me but for Cidrin.

She screamed and nearly choked as the fire licked and charred the skin of her legs. Sweat rolled down her brow, only to evaporate in the raging fire.

The boy! she tried to yell through the pain. He was innocent and tried to protect me, knowing they would harm him! Please! He tried to help a daughter of yours and was killed for it! Please! Gods! Kesma! I accept this pain in payment!

A torrent of flame surrounded her, sucking the faint screaming from her voice. Her skin bubbled and popped and sloughed away.

And beneath the skin lay shimmering white scale.

She felt it eating away at her and the pain was more than she could bear. Still, she survived through it despite her prayers turning to curses. In her agony, she begged to be killed before she was completely burned away.

The post holding her cracked and splintered and she fell forward, sure that she would be crushed under the weight of it. It struck her and she roared at the pain of it.

A gout of pure blue and white flame shot out, incinerating a nearby group of people. She looked down and blinked and a second set of eyelids slid down to cover her eyes. Her eyes grew yellow behind the translucent film and her irises compressed into a vertical slit.

"Wot's happenin' in there?!" some voice called out from the crowd.

Midia looked down at her knuckles through the flame. Her fingernails bulged as her hands spasmed. Her nails folded into sharp claws and then pushed forth, sliding from the tips of her lengthening, swelling fingers. She rocked back, flexing her spine up and down. The still-soft scales flexed and parted as wet bone emerged from her shoulder blades. The bone cracked and split, unfolding into separate parts to show pink muscle and white tendons attaching the bones to her back.

The witch screamed. Her throat burned as flame shot into the sky and her teeth melted away to leave bare gums behind. She hung her head, panting as hot blood fell from her mouth to sizzle and mar the ground beneath her.

Pressure bloomed within her chest and she groaned. Her voice sounded monstrous. Booming. Hollow. She felt as if her heart would burst from it but the scales, hardening now, moved as her body expanded. Her spine broke, split and lengthened and she anchored herself with her ivory claws.

"Something's happening!" a woman screamed. "She's- something's not right! I can't see-"

Midia flapped her bony, bloody wings as they continued to spread and develop. She slammed her hands beneath her and the ground shook from the impact. The fire had spread inside of her body - inside of her bones. It coursed through her, burning and singeing every fiber of her being.

With a hiss, her tongue slipped out and forked, the skin cleaving in twain as it flickered in the air. Tasting their fear and uncertainty. When her tongue pulled back, it slid over the tips of her fangs emerging from her widening jaw.

As her body expanded, her breasts stretched flat. Fat melted away as the skin withdrew and scales flowed to cover her nipples.

The raging fire could no longer contain her bulk and the crowd screamed and panicked at the sight of her.

"Don't!" The warden screamed. "Don't panic! It's a trick of the- It's-"

Old, deep magic came to her with Kesma's blessing. Her scaly nostrils huffed steam as her skull expanded and filled with the gifted lore.

Thin skin emerged from the tips of her wings. It raced in a line down to her shoulders and she flexed, blowing out the fire with one powerful gust of air. She rose briefly into the air and her white scales shimmered like a prism struck by the sun.

She sang and the very air vibrated and trembled with the spell she wove.

The warden stumbled and gripped his head with a yell. He shook and cursed and pushed the nearby guard away when he reached to help. The guard came for him again and then stepped back as the warden's ears elongated into thin points.

"Help me!" the warden screeched as his skin began to take on a green tint. He shrunk into himself as his jaw widened and grew deep. He spat teeth in the face of the guard and then grabbed the other man, shoving him to his knees. "I can't- Stop!"

The warden stepped out of his oversized clothes and the crowd gasped. The white of his eyes became bloodshot and then completely red. His words faded to high pitched screeching as he grabbed his misshapen, mushroom-headed cock. He forced it between the guard's lips and began pumping while his white, pasty body turned a sickly emerald shade. The man's pot belly slammed against the guard's chin and his feet swelled as his toenails cracked and split and expanded.

With a high-pitched scream, the warden exploded in the guard's mouth and the other man's eyes widened as the creature's spunk filled him. He gagged and finally found the strength to pull away.

Sharp fangs filled the guard's mouth. His nose bulged and turned hooked and long as the round edges of his ears grew to long points.

Screeches erupted in the crowd as Midia continued to grow. Her tail, already longer than her human body, swished behind her, crashing through the wooden platform which had contained her. It shattered into splinters and thick chunks of wood that then imbedded into nearby buildings. She raised her wings to dry in the overhead sun and the thin skin turned blacked as she flicked ichor off of them.

She eyed the changing humans around her, laughing as they assaulted each other and spread the transformations. Her voice rumbled the buildings surrounding her and windows cracked.

A young woman tore her dress from her body to expose green, shrunken breasts with black nipples. She threw herself on a nearby man, pulling and shredding at his clothes while crying and apologizing until she was spreading her tiny, blackened pussy lips around his cock. He shoved at her but she bit at his fingers, chewing one entirely off at the joint. The man's scream turned to a shrill hiss as his lips split and widened to show an unnatural maw. The panic in his eyes faded to a manic lust. Soon after, his cock shrunk and he pulled one of the woman's long nipples into his mouth to suckle from her.

A passing duchess backed her way against her carriage as her guards changed. One of them, already small and green and lost to human speech, tore her dress while the other struggled with his changes. The smaller one wasted no time in shoving his odd cock between the lady's pink legs.

"Don't do this," the woman cried as the creature pumped against her. "Please. Remember. Remember who you are-"

"Do you even know my naaaaame," the still-human man hissed. His eyes were reddened and he gripped his cock. "Bitch? Do you even know who I am? Ten years! Ten years and now you'll choke on my fat cock you-"

The man's voice turned high-pitched as his tongue lashed out, long and thin to wrap around her throat. He pushed her down and straddled her face but she was already shrinking and welcoming his attentions. Warts emerged from her face as her rounded nose pressed out to bump against the man's cock.

"Fuck me!" she screeched as her eyes turned red. She flipped over, slapped her ass and spread her cheeks to show her black asshole. "Fuck my dirty ass! Use meeeee!"

The changes continued in a wave around the dragon. They took each other without a care for what hole they abused.

Midia watched with interest as a young virginal maid pulled and yanked and screamed at the green tail growing from her white, pale ass. She screamed louder as a man forced himself on her and they changed together until the man broke away to take another man's virgin asshole. The girl lashed her tail around another woman's throat, holding her in place as she forced her pussy down on the other woman. Beneath her, the woman's face cracked and widened and her drumming hands slowed until they gripped the woman's ass and tail.

"Oh gods, oh gods, make it stop," a woman begged. She crawled toward Midia with her clothes in ruins. A tiny green tail wriggled above her wide hips and her pussy lips, slick with the excitement she was denying herself, were turning a deep shade of black. As she shrunk, her lips swelled and expanded and her scent caught a nearby changing male. His hook nose took in her smell and he drooled. She stared up at the approaching man with horror. Slowly, bit-by-bit, the horror turned to sneering excitement and she offered herself to him, spreading her thick green thighs while her scaly tail arched up to touch her neck.

Midia roared and her subjects paused in their orgy. Fights broke out from unsatisfied lovers but were quickly quelled as they turned their attention to their mistress.

The dragon took flight with a quick prayer to her goddess. She would circle the city and ensure none escaped alive.

As one, with her unspoken direction, the goblins fanned out with plans no more solid than one word: chaos.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Control [story / werewolf]
A werewolf temporarily loses his control in front of unsuspecting guests
It's getting dark. Nearly time but I try to let it last as long as possible before I hide myself away. With my mom gone, I have the whole house to myself. And the, what'd the guy say that sold it? The partially finished basement down below where I plan to hide myself away.

It's enough. I'm slowly learning to hold myself back. To not destroy everything around me. To not lose myself to it. So a simple basement is enough. It will be. I have this under control now.

Music helps so I lay here in my old bed with my college books on the floor around me and my phone feeding music to my headphones to try and calm me. But I'm uncomfortable. My bones ache and my jaw is sore. I find myself grinding my teeth back and forth while laying against my pillows. Back and forth. Back and forth to try to ease the dull pain within. I pull my lower jaw back and my canines stick against my upper teeth.

Longer now.

Sweating as my canines lengthen and crowd my other teeth, grinding together in a really fucking unpleasant way. I breathe deeply through my nose. Matching the beat of the music.

I expect my claws next but a pinch of pain in my cock tells me it's different this time. Despite being alone, I look around and unzip myself to see my hardened dick. Once freed, it springs forth and my moan is deep. Vibrating in my throat in the start of a growl.

God. I hate to admit it but this part feels so good. I stroke myself, holding my skin tight while pulling up and down. I'm just average. Maybe below. But not for long. Veins bulge against my grip and my long tongue lashes out as my jaw cracks to make room for new fangs.

I should be going downstairs but I want to savor this part.

The smooth skin of my cock thickens and I feel the prickly hairs beginning to cover it. I hold it against my stomach and the head slides up my belly as blood rushes down and I change. Bigger. Longer. I squeeze the base when it hardens against my hand. I can feel the tiny bumps within as they develop. My knot. [strong][em]My[/em][/strong] knot growing within [strong][em]my[/em][/strong] sheath.

The pink skin darkens. Pins and needles stab into the head of my dick and it twists and pulls into a pointed tip. My new sheath is already thick with fur and spreading to cover my balls.

It's time. I zip myself up awkwardly, leave my phone and head downstairs while my ears buzz. As my head, jaw and face change, my ears come next until my hearing is as sharp as my teeth.

A quick look in the mirror shows I look mostly normal. For now. But someone looking close would tell that my beard doesn't look right. Not the same growth pattern or the same-

"Who the fuck are you?" I ask loudly.

A young girl, slim and blonde stares up at me in surprise. She's dressed in conservative slacks with a white button-down shirt beneath a brown sweater. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and her makeup is either subtle or missing.

How did I miss her? I growl and shake my head and my hearing clears. Oh. Oh, shit. There's a second girl outside. Humming. I can smell them both.

"We're- we're from the local church," she tells me. She looks scared but stands firm. "We always come by on Friday evenings to help around the house. For Ms. Stanley?"

"That's my mother," I tell her, turning my face away. "You have to leave. Now."

"N- no," she says. "We'll be done in a few minutes. We promised to help and it's important for us."

No, goddammit, think! I turn away but, Jesus Christ, her [strong][em]smell[/em][/strong]. I had it under control. I was finally getting it under control!

"Please," I whisper hoarsely, gripping my hand against my arm. I can feel the muscles shifting within against my rough palms. The skin along my hands is already growing into a thick callus and I dig my nails into my arm to feel sharp points against my skin. Brown hair emerges to slide against my fingers. "Please, you have to go."

I'm sweating. And breathing in deeply. Pain in the base of my back and I know my tail is starting to come in. Blood vessels and nerves and muscles and bones forming and connecting deep within. I've got this. I've- she- the smell-

My cock is throbbing against my skin, hot and hard beneath my shirt. I can't. I can't do this. It's. Not. Need. I-

My mouth is open. Panting. Tongue hanging loose. I claw at my shirt, ripping it off and turn to her. Thick hair covers my chest and my jaw is distended and full of fangs. She starts to scream but I grab her with a snarl and shove her head down against the couch.

"Should. Left," I growl in her ear, licking the soft, pick edges while grinding against her. She shudders and tries to say something but her voice is muffled. "Can't. Help. It."

I grab the top of her shirt and pull and she bucks against me, raising her head to scream before I shove her down again. Her neck is reddened and thick with veins as she strains and the smell of blood makes drool form in my mouth. Blood from the claw marks in her back as I slice her clothes away from her.

My heavy paw grips her hair to hold her down and I clean her, growling with each stroke of my tongue until I'm near her ass. I bend her on the couch, forcing her knees up against her chest. She's crying but all I know is the scent of her and I press my muzzle between her sweet thighs to smell her pussy.

With one hand holding her down, the other tears small holes in the tight fabric over her ass. I don't want to damage her sex. I need it. I [strong][em]need[/em][/strong] it. I pull down as gently as my bulging muscles allow and my thick, curved claws leave red lines on her pale flesh. I bend my thick paws in the tear I've made and pull to expose her simple, white panties.

[strong][em]God[/em][/strong], I can't help it. I lick her, tasting the sweet and salty mixture between her lips. She's an innie and has unkempt pubic hair that fans out in a thick tangle. Her leg trembles and lashes out so I snarl and press down harder and shove my furred face between her thighs to lap at her. My free hand spreads her ass open and she shudders against me.

I smell her grow wet before I taste the clear liquid that begins to seep through her lips. My rough tongue lashes against the small, sharp hairs beginning to grow around her swollen sex.

And now I can smell the wolf taking hold of her.

She whimpers above me and I relax my grip.

"P- p- please," she whispers. "D- d- don't. J- just let me g- g- go, please!"

I stand and see a small glimmer of hope that quickly dies when I tear my already ripped pants away from my body. Thick, shaggy fur lines my torso but does little to hide my huge cock.

Her back is lined with healing scars that are edged with blonde hairs.

"No! Don-" she screams and then huffs as I shove myself down on top of her. I can feel the heat from her pussy when I grind against her, cheek-to-muzzle. I reach a hand down to cup her meager breast and she gasps as the head of my cock slides between her lips. The very tip dips inside her wetness but I push back up with a growling chuckle. "Please. P- please don't."

Her fingers grasp the couch and the knuckles are white. Small blonde hairs emerge from the backs of her fingers. Her nipple is hard in my leathery pad and her hips jerk against me, dropping slightly to encourage me to enter her.

"Don't do this," she says but her voice is low and deeper and her breast fills my hand now. Feathery hairs brush against my fingers as I massage her tit and I run my claws through it gently, following the thick trail of fur down to her slick mound.

"Nooo," she moans. But she turns and licks my muzzle and her tongue drags against my fur.

I feel her spine pop against me and she gasps, raising her back and then pressing down again. I know muscle is building and expanding within her body and her tail will be coming soon.

"I'm," she whispers, licking her blackened lips. Golden flecks swim in her irises and her forearms bulge as she pushes herself back against me. Our tongues brush together as she turns her head to lick me again. "I'm. I. Hot. God. God so hot."

I move down and she raises up to meet me and the sharp scent of her blood fills the air when I pierce her virgin sex. She growls and pushes herself up to hold the top of the couch. It creaks under her new strength and her heavy breasts dangle beneath a thick coat of fur.

Leaning back, I grip her hips, feeling them break and shift and widen. Making room for her tail and the size of a proper lover. Of a proper mate. She looks back at me with a pointed face half-full of fur and her eyes are heavy with lust. Panting. Drooling. Long tongue hanging between sharp teeth.

I stand, holding her and pound into her. Her widened hips pull at her pussy, opening them to show her inner labia. They bulge around my knot and the puffy outer lips swell further and then shift, pressing together in the center.

The sight of her changing sex drives me wild. I've never seen it. Never knew what to expect in a she-wolf but the wolf does and I snarl and growl and snap and [strong][em]slam[/em][/strong] into her as the skin grows down from her mound, pulling her clit down to complete the folded lips of her bitch's pussy.

Her pants strain against her body and then tear at the seam to expose hardened muscle and tufts of fur. Words are lost to both of us as we rut but she twists and pushes me and goes to the floor. I stare down at her as she lowers her broad, furred chest to the ground while raising her full hips. The naked tip of her short tail swishes back and forth while it lengthens in jerky movements.

She's naked but for a pair of black sneakers. Their color almost hides the claws piercing the front of them. The same claws that dig into the rug and hardwood floor. My sensitive ears twitch at the sound of straining plastic and rubber and fabric and her shoes expand. Fur is marching down her marbled, hardened calves just as her shoes explode from the pressure of her changing feet.

Tendons stand out on long feet and her pinky toe is slowly moving. Pulling back as bones scrape within - pushed by muscle and flesh expanding her dainty little feet into paws. The balls of her feet, a delicate pink, darken to red and further to gray as the flesh swells into the start of her pads.

The girl barks and claws at the floor while waving her ass at me and I waste no time in falling to my hands and feet above her. I guide myself into her wet, aching sex and she raises her golden muzzle with her eyes closed in pure bliss.

And then we freeze at footsteps at the door. She looks up at me and I pull back, standing when the door opens and a tall girl with large glasses steps inside. The other girl barely has time to take in the scene before I'm on her, turning her to press her against the wall with my teeth in her shoulder.

My hands explore her body, clawing at her chest and between her legs as she screams.

The blonde she-wolf is beside me and her claws dig into her friend's shirt. She pulls as I pull to expose her friend's large breasts beneath a tan bra. My mate licks my lips with and I kiss her back as the other girl struggles against me.

The eight bite marks in the girl's shoulders begin to close as strands of brown hairs emerge from the tanned skin around them.

I had it. I had it under control. And I worry. I worry that I'm still in control as I force the new girl on the ground. As I force myself on her and watch her begin to change.

And I worry because I'm fucking loving it.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Disobedient [story / cow girl]
A quick and dirty little snippet of a girl with a magic nose ring
I stand there and take it. God. My step-dad is such a fucking asshole.

"What the hell were you thinking?" he asks. His face is red and he's got this big v-shaped vein popping out on his forehead. "Just because your mom is gone for the week, you think you can get away with this?"

This is a nose ring I just got done. I have a cute little silver plated septum nose ring and it hurts. But it's cute and I've wanted one and god, I'm tired of my mom always controlling my life, you know?

So I stand there in my Chucks and faded black Tool shirt and torn blue jeans and stare at him while he yells. He's alright most times but mom has him wound up and he knows she'll be pissed and take it out on him.

"Just- just, fuck, just go up to your room," he says with a sigh and a hand over his face.

So I nod quietly and go up.

I'm eighteen and leaving to college in a few months. I could've waited. It was kind of a dick move to do it right now but I was tired of waiting and being a good little girl.

So I close myself in my room, grab my mirror and sit on my bed to look at it. The area around the piercing is a little red and-

Wait. What the hell?

I touch my nose, running a finger along the small, rounded tip of it. There are little black spots and the more I look at it- No way. The skin of my nose is turning pink. Not Flesh Crayola pink but actual pink. The skin moves as I touch it and it feels soft and weird.

And kinda nice.

I can see my eyes widened in the mirror as I watch a single white hair push through a microscopic black hole in the bridge of my nose.

"What the fuck?" I whisper. I pull at it and it pulls my skin with it. It stings! A second hair, as white as the first, sprouts further up my nose. And a third. And a fourth. I drop the mirror just as a black hair emerges from my cheekbone.

My stomach twists into knots and I start to stand but my chest itches and I sit back. And look down. And watch as my shirt slowly, ever so slowly, pushes away from my body. I pull it off and the white undershirt that goes with it just as my bra digs painfully into my back and sides.

I have my shirt off in time to watch my tits swell over my bra. I gasp and grab the sheets as my nipples flick against the edge of the bra and my tits slip free. Vivid blue veins stand out on the pure white skin of my growing boobs. My dark areola are changing color - lightening as my painfully erect nipples elongate. Black flecks appear on the throbbing nipples and then they droop down under their own weight.

And still my breasts grow. I grip them and squeeze them, trying to satiate the itch deep within. I lean my head back and my eyes cross for a moment. I can see thick fur covering my nose but I blink and the image vanishes.

I can't hold my own breasts anymore. They overwhelm my hands as translucent liquid seeps from the ends of my nipples.

I moan, long and low and it feels good. Natural. But my breasts are hot and hard so I squeeze them from the base to the nipples and then up the nipples. The weight of my expanding breasts forces me to hunch forward but I keep squeezing.

Milking myself. Thin streams of milk squirt from my tits and I spasm.

"Oh gooooood!" I moan. I'm already wet and squirming from it. I reach down to touch myself and my fingers brush smooth skin and silky fur. Looking down, I see four little spots of skin twist on my body. The skin beneath them is turning white. I lean back to take the weight of my breasts off my back but I have to turn my hips because something against my ass hurts.

And then it moves. I lean to my side and my huge breasts flatten together. The back of my pants are straining against something. Oh god. Oh god, it moved! I felt it! It slips free and flicks painfully against my bare back and I finally see it - my tail! Oh Jesus!

But then I gasp and shudder and moan as ducts form beneath my belly. It feels weird. I feel full. And sensitive. I reach a hand down to the four nipples, tangling them in my fingers.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Sensitive! I'm sensitive!

My jaw cracks as it widens and my ears flick. I feel an urge within my chest. I try to hold it back but I can't. I open my jaw and moo loudly as I squeeze and express milk from my aching teats. It's harder think. Getting hard. Think. Pressure in head. I shake my head. Try to think. My breasts are so sore and I can't reach my pussy. Sore pussy. Needs it. Everything needs touched. I have to focus to stay alert. To think and remember.

"Jane?" my step-dad's voice calls out.

I stand and wobble on bare feet. Looking down, I see my toes sticking together and my toenails are long and hard and black.

The door opens and I fall against him, soaking his chest from the long nipples on my tits. My fingers work at his pants and I'm kneeling by the time he can say anything.

"What the- fuck!" he yells as my long tongue wraps around his flaccid cock. It begins to harden and he grabs me, trying to push me away but I have my arms around his legs and he falls.

I straddle him, walking on my knees as my hooves click-clock on the floor. He's scared and looking up at me but I feel his hard cock against my soft, furry ass. My tail flicks happily as I lean over to put a teat in his mouth.

He resists at first but I see the fight fade and I moo quietly as he sucks at me. Brown hairs sprout from his face. Better yet, I feel his cock sliding against my back. Slickened with his pre-cum, it glides and grows long and longer until it reaches my shoulder blades.

I cum when he pulls and sucks at my teats. He gasps and breaks free, smacking his lips while rubbing his face and shaking his head.

"I- what-" he says.

I stand and I can already tell I have better balance on my hooves. Gathering as much sexiness as I can, I lean against my computer desk to spread my thick, white and black-furred thighs.

It hurts when my pussy changes. I feel bones scrape and my labia strain as it stretches and pulls and something pushes against my guts. My uterus. Bigger. For him. For babies. The long black lips of my pussy drip with my excitement. I look back at him and he huffs. His wide noses flares and he stands.

Jesus. His dick is gigantic but I barely have time to think about it before one of his hands grips my tail and the other digs into the fur on my waist and he presses his dick against me. As tight as I am and as huge as he is, my body responds and opens to him.

He stamps a foot that cracks against the ground, chipping at the floor with hardened nails that will soon be hooves.

And I wonder as he fucks the last thought out of me: what will our babies look like?
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Feline Therapy Ch. 01 [story / cheetah]
A geneticist experiments on herself in order to restore her glory days as a gymnast
A faulty street light pinged in the darkness above as Ariel pounded down the wide sidewalk. The array of lights lining the nearly empty street cast an angry orange glow in the faint tendrils of smoke from a distant wildfire. She slowed, huffing loudly with her hands at her slim hips. Her fingers massaged her aching side while she slowed her pace.

"Morning," a young man said as he passed her effortlessly on the left in the gloomy haze. She nodded at the man, too out-of-breath to reply and then sighed while leaning her upper body back.

Sweat lined the woman's body. She brushed a few strands of long, black hair away from her eyes and kept walking forward. The silent radiance of the raging fire seemed to consume the darkness surrounding it. She eyed it and knew she'd have to start using the treadmills again. At least until it was put out and the smoke had cleared.

Another pair of joggers, a man and woman that appeared to be near her age, passed her. They chatted occasionally and she frowned at their backs. Her 30th birthday approached and she felt like she was in good shape - perhaps not as good as her college years - but she was finding it harder and harder to keep the pace she'd grown used to over the years.

Ariel tsked as a muscle twinged in her lower back. She reached behind to massage the already-fading pain as early morning commuters zipped past in expensive convertibles. Blue light glowed from her wrist when she checked her fitness tracker. It was an expensive model but she wasn't wearing the separate specialized heart rate monitor. Despite that, she could feel her heart pounding and didn't doubt the depressingly high figure that blinked at her.

With another sigh, she turned around and began jogging back to her house. Her ears buzzed, her side ached and she could feel the arch of her feet beginning to throb but she pushed through it with a mental note to order a new pair of shoes. She forced a smile at every passing jogger that quickly turned to a determined grimace when they passed.

The first angry welts of sunlight appeared on the horizon behind her as she began a series of mental encouragements.

Almost done, she thought to herself while focusing on the uneven sidewalk before her. Just need to get home and I can shower. Nice, short little shower to save water like a good community member. Grab some coffee, relax for a second and then get to work. But first, shower. Glorious, glorious shower. I am not going to have a heart attack and die on the sidewalk. That is absolutely not how I go out. Just two more miles. That's nothing. I've got this.

Sweat dripped from the tip of her nose. She flicked it away and repeated her mantra as the sun rose behind her.


Ariel's black BMW pulled smoothly into her reserved parking lot. Sparse clouds filled the gray sky and she glanced up at them as she stepped out of her car. She inhaled and then gagged slightly while wrinkling her nose against the acrid scent hanging in the air. Her reserved spot was close to the entrance of her work so she held her breath as she made her way to the front of the building. As she opened the door to step into the lobby, a gentle voice rang out from the overhead speakers.

"Welcome to FutureGen," the cultured female voice announced. "The future begins here, today."

The young woman rolled her eyes as she did nearly every time she came to work. A web of cameras watched the entrance to the building and she knew they were running facial recognition in order to catalogue visitors and potentially flag any unwanted guests. She had begged and pleaded with network security to turn the announcement off when an employee entered the building but they swore it was nearly impossible to configure.

"Good morning, Dr. Hollister," the receptionist chirped. The young girl was, as always, impeccably dressed and well put-together. Ariel smiled while giving her an appreciative glance. She'd had a slight crush on the girl since she'd started working at the company but she never let it get beyond the occasional private fantasy. Caitlin would tease her mercilessly if she knew about it.

"Good morning," Ariel replied as she walked past. Thinking of Caitlin brought a shy smile to her face as she made her way through the maze of offices.

Her girlfriend had come home while she was out jogging and they'd been able to spend time together this morning before Caitlin had gone to sleep. Ariel had sat on the floor between the other woman's legs and they'd talked about life and work while her girlfriend braided her hair in a tight french braid. For a brief, happy moment, the stress of her adulthood had melted away and she'd relaxed with her eyes closed while pretending she was at a sleepover. It was an indulgence she didn't often allow herself but it helped to center her when life weighed heavily upon her.

Various early morning workers nodded at her with a respectful "Doctor" as they went about their tasks. Although she didn't know all of them, she acknowledged each of them just the same. At twenty-nine years old, she was the youngest director in the company's history and everyone knew who she was. FutureGen had fought six other corporations in contract negotiations before she'd even finished her first phD six years ago.

Cubicle walls vanished behind her when she approached a single white door. She pulled her lanyard to tap it against the grey block beside the door and it pinged as her access was granted. Pulling the heavy door open, she stepped into her lab.

Although the office and foyer occupied the front of the building, her laboratory consumed nearly seventy percent of the first floor. She walked swiftly through the brightly lit hallway, pausing at intervals to pull clipboards from their hooks. Certain experiments were at a critical stage and, despite the incredibly expensive computer network and top-of-the-line tablets, her researchers jotted down quick notes on paper for their teams. She scribbled notes and answers on a few of the clipboards before making her way to her office.

At times, her ludicrously large office made her feel embarrassed. But now, as she slowly eased her sore body into her office chair, she appreciated it greatly. A single button press caused the glass walls to darken as her overhead lights brightened to compensate. She kicked her heels off and spun in her chair while her feet decompressed. Various awards lined her office, mixed in with framed photos of celebrities and Nobel Laureates.

The pain from her jog frustrated her more now than it had this morning. It gnawed at her and made her wonder if it was time to visit her physician.

I'm too young for this, aren't I? She asked herself.

Both of her parents were alive and healthy. In fact, they were both hiking in Japan at this very moment.

It's funny, she thought. Surrounded by all of this technology, all of this research into eradicating disease and I'm sitting here with sore feet.

She laughed out loud, bitterly, as she remembered Tom's side project. She was experimenting with a version of Google's "20% time" and allowed her employees free time - ten percent of their day - to chase down personal projects as long as it fit snugly within the goals of FutureGen. His side project was in hair regrowth and he was currently investigating a lead or two using gorillas. She wasn't certain what he was planning since side projects had nearly zero oversight but maybe she could convince him to look into something for her feet.

Hooves don't get sore, do they? she mused. Maybe he could slap some horse DNA into-

Frowning, Dr. Hollister tapped at the arms of her chair while staring into the distance.

Could I-? She wondered. The young woman turned to her computer, logged in and pulled up an Internet browser. Not a horse, though, no. But, what?

Lights flickered on in the lab outside her office but she barely noticed the faint movement beyond her dark, frosted windows. Her staff knew better than to bother her when the glass wasn't clear.

An hour later, Ariel stared at the website for St. Petersburg State University's Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics. She glanced at the clock on her desk, did a quick mental arithmetic check and then picked up her phone. The line chirped after she dialed the long series of numbers to reach the university. Just as she was about to hang up, a rough voice answered.

"Здравствуйте, чем я могу помочь?" the man said.

"Вы говорите по-английски?" Ariel asked in halting, accent-less Russian. There was a long pause on the static-filled line but she could hear the other man breathing.

"Yes," the man finally answered. "Who is this, please?"

"This is Dr. Ariel Hollister from FutureGen," she answered. "In Los Angeles, California. I'm sorry for calling so late but I've been doing some research and I was wondering if you had a moment or two, Doctor-?"

"Doctor Brukhin," the man answered. His voice changed subtly. Even over the bad connection, she could hear a warmth. "We've met before, Dr. Hollister. Five years ago at the conference in Nürnberg. You gave a very informative lecture on molecular genetic analysis in diseases. I congratulated you afterwards. A group of us had drinks together but I don't remember much of that evening, I'm afraid."

"Well," Ariel said, blushing slightly. Now that he'd mentioned it, she vaguely remembered a night of drinking. She'd left before it became too chaotic but she was amazed at how rowdy the various scientists had been. She'd been somewhat sheltered at that point in her life. "I'm honored that you'd remember me, sir."

"And?" he asked. "What can I do for the famous Dr. Hollister?"

"It's the sequencing on Chewbaaka, sir," she told him. "The cheetah?"

"Of course I know," he chastised her gently. "I wasn't involved but it was a big accomplishment for us and our friends in China. But what could FutureGen possibly want with the data?"

"It's for a personal project," she told him. "I'm not even certain it will yield anything useful but I have an idea or two I'd like to test. I was hoping I could get access to the completed sequence. I could have someone bring the appropriate amount of drives or I could set up a repository for remote transfer?"

"And could we not have you personally visit?" the man asked hopefully. "It would be quite the coup to have someone as distinguished as yourself tour our facility. And I would promise not so much drinking."

"That sounds lovely but I'm afraid not," Ariel chuckled. "I have a few too many projects I'm overseeing and I can't step away for any length of time."

"Ah, such is life," Dr. Brukhin agreed with her. "But, please, send me the information to a secured repository and I'll have my technicians transfer the data. Only, one request?"

"Of course," she answered.

"Share with us if the information is useful," he told her. "I would be saddened to learn of a FutureGen breakthrough based upon our works without proper attribution."

"You have my word, doctor," she replied. "But, really, I think I'm chasing a pipe dream here. And, thank you."

"It's been a pleasure," Dr. Brukhin said.

Ariel lay the handset down on her phone's base station and leaned back in her chair. She could feel the idea she'd formed earlier begin to take hold. There were several live projects her team were working on that could potentially form the basis of what she was planning. She oversaw all of them and was directly involved in two of the projects in question. With the data and notes on Chewbaaka as well as her own research and the work of her team, she saw the end result moving from hypothetical to viable.

As the hushed murmurs of her employees filled the offices beyond her door, Ariel went to the side of her room where she kept a few pieces of equipment. She drew a vial of her own blood with a wince and then paused, staring at the door to the lab.

It was a long shot but she'd lived her life with one simple rule: always push forward. If the science didn't exist, she'd invent it.


Four small vials sat before Dr. Hollister on a table in her darkened lab.

She stared at them - at the results of eight months of driven research and development. Long nights punctuated by apologetic texts and phone calls to her girlfriend for not coming home yet again. She told Caitlin it was important to her but not why. It was impossible to explain. At least not until she could verify the results. There'd been a few heated moments over those months but Caitlin was ultimately understanding.

And now she was done.

Machinery hummed around her, accompanied by the stuttered clicking of mechanical equipment. Her face was aglow with their various lights - red and green and yellow, flashing or solid to signify different statuses.

She stared at the vials with her hands folded in her lap but her thoughts were a mile away. Every time her brain tried to focus, she felt the thought melt away into nothingness and the void within calmed her.

Seconds turned to minutes, interrupted only but the occasional blinking of her eyes.

Death was an option. She was fairly certain of her work but so much of gene editing was still a mystery, even to FutureGen. It took years to test what impact each small change had on a larger scale and sometimes the errors cascaded to a horrifying degree after being seemingly stable for a period of time.

Her knuckles turned white as her fingers clenched against each other and her heartbeat sounded unnaturally loud in her ears. It was late Friday night, an evening she specifically picked due to the weekend and her schedule being relatively light. She'd have the weekend to deal with the effects and could take extra time if needed.

Three of the vials were her own work while the fourth was built heavily on existing research. The fourth one was to stabilize the changes the other three should enact while repairing damaged cells. She was sure of her research. Certain of it. She'd poured countless hours into the areas she was targeting. It should work.

She reached for the first vial. Her fingers brushed the clear glass before she made a fist. The liquid inside was as clear as the glass was viscous with thick, white streaks. She touched the glass, nearly stroking it before making her final decision. Once settled, she gripped the small tube, uncorked it and downed the contents in an unthinking rush.

It's like they always say, she thought, grimacing at the bitter taste of the mixture suspending the heavily modified bacteria. Can't make an omelet without breaking a few strands of DNA.

The second vial followed the first and then the third. Ariel gagged and stomped her feet with her head bowed. Sweat beaded on her temples but she took the fourth glass tube and swallowed before she changed her mind. She lay her head down on the table and ran through a series of calculations to distract herself from the tumultuous, angry grumbling within her stomach.

When she was sure she wouldn't vomit, she stood to collect the vials as carefully as possible. The young scientist picked up her laptop and bag along with the vials. With a final glance around the room, she walked to the nearest autoclave, inserted the vials and started the machine. It beeped as she turned around to leave.

The building was eerily silent but Dr. Hollister gave a miniature salute to the security cameras while winding through the maze of cubicles. The same cameras identified her as she left the building and the large security doors slid open as she neared them.

Ariel exhaled in the warm evening air. She hadn't realized she'd been holding her breath and she felt the tension leave as she breathed out. And then she laughed. She blushed as she realized how extraordinarily strange she must have looked but she couldn't hold back. Collapsing against the side of the building, she laughed until she felt hot tears stream down her cheeks.

So many things could go wrong but she'd done it and she felt drunk off the thrill of it. Her stomach muscles burned as she devolved into chuckles while clutching her bag against her chest. She wiped tears away while leaning her head back against the brushed aluminum that covered the building.

Her step was spry as she made her way to her lonely car. It's cabin light glowed when she neared and it unlocked as her hand brushed the door handle. She tossed her bag into the passenger seat and started her car before buckling in. It rumbled to life and she shifted, backing out of the parking lot.

She felt wired, as if every nerve was humming within her body. Her car surged forward when she stomped the gas pedal and she bit back a loud 'woop' as it turned sharply and grabbed the road like a animal chasing prey. Her eyes widened with unnatural focus as she sped. A car appeared and she gave the slightest touch to her wheel, passing it at the last moment with the least amount of space possible. It honked at her but it was already far behind her when she glanced at it in her rearview mirror.

As she drove, she day-dreamed of the potential changes she had in store for herself. She'd researched quite a few creatures before settling on the cheetah. Its flexibility intrigued her, as did its enlarged heart and lungs and arteries. But, more importantly, they were genetically monotonous and that was critical for ensuring she had the proper markers for the changes she wanted.

The city opened up to her as she prowled the streets without a care for the marked speed limits.

Flexibility. Her girlfriend was the gymnast and would benefit the most from the potential flexibility the changes could offer but it was the entire package that enticed her. Increased speed, heightened cardiovascular endurance as well as an encouragement to growth of her fast-twitch muscles for explosive speed. However, she'd also added a few of FutureGen's tweaks for cell and gene repair and those were even more exciting to her. With her own additions, they should help her body stay younger longer while keeping her body in peak condition.

As she approached the suburbs where her house was tucked quietly away against acres of trees, she slowed. Caitlin was at work and the house was dark. Ariel parked in front of the garage and a cold bead of sweat rolled down her back as her high wore off. She grabbed her bag, left her car and unlocked her front door while the reality of the situation began to settle over her shoulders.

Once inside, she dropped her things, kicked off her shoes and grabbed a bottle from the wine rack in her kitchen. Unsettling thoughts kept trying to pierce the veil of fear beginning to surround her. She swatted them away as she found a glass for the wine.

Dark red liquid sloshed around the glass and then over the edge to spatter the counter as she carelessly filled it with trembling fingers. Dr. Hollister downed the entire glass, thankful for something to wash away the disgusting taste that still coated her throat. She filled the glass again and immediately drained it and her shaking hands finally calmed while a warmth filled her body.

With a shrug nobody else was around to see, she abandoned the glass to drink straight from the bottle.

A second bottle joined the first and she began to contemplate writing a note to Caitlin just in case everything went wrong. Ariel cried when she finished the bottle as, in her mind, she saw her girlfriend coming home from work to see her corpse lying cold on the kitchen floor.

The third bottle eased her melancholy thoughts and, in fact, she thought of nothing else when she lay her head down to rest for just a moment.


Dr. Hollister woke to pain and nausea and a cold puddle of drool against her cheek. She moved slightly, raising her head while wiping her cheek and wincing at the lancing pain in her head. Every joint and muscle throbbed and she found herself taking short breaths against a numbing pressure in her chest. Worse, the tips of her toes and fingers felt cold and they tingled when she touched them.

She turned and stumbled and then fell to her knees to vomit on the floor. She heaved but, miraculously, nothing came out and she was left feeling even worse. Instead, she sat back and gasped, trying to catch her breath. Black sparks exploded in her vision and she felt like someone was squeezing her temples in a vise.

It took an incredible amount of effort to pull herself into a standing position but she pushed until she was leaning against the counter. She fell forward but caught herself and, in this manner, slowly made her way to her bedroom until she could crawl under the covers. Shivering, she pulled the sweat soaked blanket tight against her body. Her eyes flicked open every time she came close to falling asleep.

"-you hear me"" Caitlin asked. "How many bottles- oh. Oh, babe."

Ariel turned to see her girlfriend leaning down over her with a worried frown.

"H- how l- l- long," Ariel wheezed, her teeth chattering. She writhed beneath as the blankets to try and put out the fire burning deep within her bones. "Been home?"

"I've been talking to you for the last few minutes, babe," Caitlin said. "Oh gosh, you're burning up. Wait here, I'll get a wet cloth."

"I'm f- f- f-" Ariel tried to say before a spasm tore the word away from her.

Caitlin returned and lay a cold, wet hand towel against Ariel's forehead. She gasped and her vocal chords separated and vibrated into a rasping, halting purr.

"Let me get you undressed," Caitlin said, pulling back the blanket. "Ugh, and I'll get a new blanket. Hold still."

"Noooo," Ariel said quietly. She pushed weakly at her girlfriend's hand but found herself easily rebuffed. She tossed and turned her head while trying to swallow past the lump at the back of her throat. Her girlfriend's hands were cool against her hot skin as the girl carefully undid buttons and pulled on clothes.

"There, you're-"

Ariel screamed. The nerves in her lower back exploded and her muscles contracted, pulling her immediately into a sitting position. With a loud 'pop', she lost sensation in her entire lower body. The room spun and Caitlin's voice echoed down a darkening tunnel as the young scientist passed out.


"- temperature's just over one hundred," Caitlin said. She toyed anxiously with curls of her thick, red hair. "No, nothing else. No vomit. I don't know how to check that, no. Well, she was screaming earlier. It freaked me out. Just sat up, screamed and fainted. Okay, but-"

"No," Ariel whispered, slowly reaching a hand out to touch her girlfriend's arm.

A single bar of light peeked from the edge of the bedroom's curtain. It lay against her face and she blinked as she turned to face her lover. Her mouth hung open while she hyperventilated. It felt like hands were pushing and squeezing the inside of her chest but her panting seemed to help against the fever and the pressure.

Black flecks appeared beneath the skin around her eyes.

"T- trust- trust me," Ariel begged, grabbing Caitlin's arm in a trembling grip. "N-n- no h- hospital. Trust. Trust me. Please."

More coal-like specks appeared in the sweat-slick skin surrounding her eyes. They multiplied until her eyes were ringed by black. A faint line appeared along her cheeks from the corner of her eyes, nearly invisible in the darkened room. The line grew down her face like an old scar until it reached the edges of her lips.

"Trust," Ariel said as the room began to darken once again. She opened her mouth and hissed quietly through the pain wracking her body. As her fingers dug into the bed sheets, the flesh beneath her fingernails bulged. Her nails bent at the center and tented as a fine slit appeared at the tips of her fingers.

"Trust. Me. Truuuussss-" she groaned. The young woman flexed her hands as her girlfriend fixed the towel on her forehead. Eight clear claws pushed through the clefts in her fingertips to tear ragged little holes in the sheet while she dragged her hands along the bed.

Ariel twisted once and sighed when sleep finally took her. As her body relaxed, her claws pulled back into her fingertips.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Feline Therapy Ch. 02 [story / cheetah]
Ariel finds her changes come with more than enhanced athleticism
Dr. Hollister woke to the weight of her girlfriend's arm against her stomach and a gentle quiet that was interrupted by Caitlin's soft snores. She lay still for a few minutes while trying to remember everything that happened the night before but it was all a jumbled mess in her mind.

There was pain, yes, she remembered that. And the concern in her lover's eyes. But not much beyond that.

Slowly, and as carefully as possible, Ariel wiggled sideways out of bed while holding Caitlin's arm above her. She stood and stretched, purring lightly for a brief moment as she raised her arms as high as they could go while on her tiptoes. Joints popped along her back and shoulders and she smiled in pleasurable satisfaction from the release.

Whether it was imagined or not, she felt light on her feet and full of energy. And incredibly hungry. With a backward glance at her exhausted partner, Ariel made her way to the kitchen. She smacked her lips and yawned wide. Her jaw cracked and the faint lines connecting her lips to her eyes spread over her cheeks.

Obsidian filled the tiny cracks in her pale pink lips. She brought the back of her hand up to her mouth to hide a second, even wider yawn. Her lungs expanded to their new capacity with her first full breath and she danced with a swirling two-step at the sudden urge to move. Her deep chest swelled, forcing the sides of her breasts through the arms of the plain white tank top she was wearing.

As she passed into the hallway, the young scientist hummed a happy tune. Her fingernails tapped the top of the cotton shorts Caitlin had wrestled onto her while she'd slept. The concave white nails brushed faint black hairs that began to emerge in a scattered line from her sparse pubic hair to her belly button. Interspersed within the black hairs were groups of light orange hairs. They caressed her fingers as they lengthened and she pulled at them and teased them while her black-ringed eyes scanned the kitchen for food left out.

Her eyes flicked past the smart screen on the fridge door and then snapped back.

Two-! Two days?! she thought to herself incredulously. She'd lay down Friday night but the clock showed just after 1 pm on Sunday. That's- but. Jesus. Jesus Christ. No wonder I'm starving.

A bunch of bananas sat upon a stand and she snagged one, peeling it as she opened the fridge. Her eyes darted between shelves while her stomach rumbled and her fingers slipped beneath the band of her shorts to follow the trail of fur down her lean stomach.

Ariel tossed the banana peel into the open trash can and then reached in with long, limber arms to grab bread, low calorie mayonnaise, vegetables and deli sliced turkey. She hummed and tapped her feet and stepped side-to-side while making her sandwich with fast, efficient movements. The top slice of bread was barely slapped on over a generous helping of lettuce before she brought it to her mouth. Her hand flexed, triggering new muscles that pushed the tips of her claws into the soft bread.

Unable to keep herself still, Dr. Hollister paced around the kitchen as she ate. She felt heat wash over her from her scalp to her toes and she shivered from it. Her body struggled with the changes being forced upon it and another wave of heat brought a cold sweat with it.

A single black hair emerged from the marble skin of her back. It pushed forth to disturb a drop of sweat that fell to trace an erratic path down her spine. More coal-colored hairs followed with a mixture of orange as her body grew an adolescent hybrid version of a mane. The hairs were wispy and short and tapered off as soon as they reached the bulge of skin at the base of her spine. She reached around to scratch the smooth lump and the loose bones within shifted at her touch.

As soon as the first sandwich was gone, she made a second sandwich and chased it down with two large glasses of water. Finished eating, she dumped her plate into the dishwasher and dashed down the hallway to the bedroom. She paused at the doorway to stare at Caitlin. Her brown eyes grew unfocused as the wave of heat pulsed through her again. This time, she felt it as if it were a deft hand strumming the nerves along her body and she stretched and chirped quietly at her mate. Her throat jumped and her mouth opened as another chirp escaped her lips.

The dark lines on her lips branched out and the coloring spread as if draining the pink surrounding them. At the same time, her dark brown eyes lightened to mahogany and she blinked rapidly to clear the fog from her head.

She crept into the room on the balls of her feet while her ears twitched to catch her lover's steady breathing. Caitlin snorted and Ariel froze before stepping over to the dresser. She lifted the drawer to retrieve her gym clothes as her girlfriend turned and began snoring again.

On silent, raised feet, she fled the room with a quick backward glance.


Birds sang to each other, drawing Ariel's attention. She glanced sharply towards the trees and then continued to her car. Her yoga pants stretched tighter than usual against her body and her muscles flexed beneath the black material as it cradled every inch of her. The banded cuff of the pants sat below her calf on legs lengthened by the changes over the past two days.

The soft leather seats in her car molded themselves to her as she pressed herself back into them before closing the door. She slung her bag into the passenger seat before starting her car. Her boundless, scattered energy seemed focused now that she had a goal in mind. She glanced at the side mirrors, the rearview and then over her shoulder as she reversed and then shifted into drive fluidly.

Other cars annoyed her as they followed the speed limit. She mapped them, tracked their speed mentally and gunned it, growling quietly as she slipped from her lane to the incoming lane and back, skipping past cars in an adrenaline-fueled push to get the the gym as quickly as possible.

It was only when her burnished eyes caught flashing lights far in front of her that she realized she was heavily speeding. She checked herself, looking down at her speedometer with some surprise while slowing down to what felt like a crawl. It was in her nature to drive conservatively yet even while forcing herself to follow the speed limit, she caught herself glancing around and plotting the path she'd need to force her way through the other cars.

Pent up energy from being stuck in bed? she mused as her foot pressed the gas once she passed police officer parked on the side of the road. She focused briefly on the woman the officer had pulled over and then accelerated while overtaking a van driving just over the speed limit. Just need to be more conscious of what I'm doing and tone it down a bit.


Scattered pairs and individuals made their way towards the gym's entrance and Ariel followed. She quickly found herself impatiently stepping around and between the meandering people until the automatic doors hissed open for her. The young receptionist greeted her with a wide smile.

"Good afternoon, Dr. Hollister!" the girl beamed. She was always polite and cheerful and seemed to know all the patrons. Ariel had been pleasantly surprised, and slightly ashamed, to find her initial knee-jerk reaction to disliking the attractive young girl was wrong. And another in a long line of reminders to try and stop judging people by their appearances. "Wow! You're looking amazing today. Have you been using a new scrub? And your eye shadow is on point. It really brings out your eyes!"

"Oh," the young scientist said, blushing fiercely. She touched her cheek and smiled back before swiping her gym card. "It must just be the lighting messing with you. I haven't done anything. I was actually sick in bed the past two days. Maybe I finally caught up on sleep?"

"Well, you're looking fantastic," the girl told her. "Have a good workout and I hope you're feeling better! It's a pretty light crowd today."

"Thanks," Ariel said, holding her bag tight against her shoulder. She stepped aside to let the other patrons check in and made her way through the back.

Televisions blared the news from various networks in a ring around the gigantic cardio room. She glanced at a few and sighed while passing ellipticals and treadmills and other highly specialized pieces of exercise machinery. The machines had a few runners and she stopped to consider joining them, itching to give her body a test drive to see if she felt different. But, the more she looked at the machines, the less interested she became. The idea of being constrained on a short path didn't feel right to her

Further she walked past mirrored walls that led to the free weights and strength training machines. As she walked, the gasping, huffing and grunting faded until she pushed the bar on the double doors.

The often unused gymnastics area lay open before her. Unlike the rest of the gym, it was colder and darker with a faint smell of mold. Monthly classes were always offered and then nearly always cancelled due to lack of participation but she eyed the oval track running the perimeter of the room. The need to move filled her and she bounced from one foot to the other before stepping into the room.

Foam blocks of various shapes and sizes littered the huge area alongside gymnastic bars and rings suspended from the ceiling. As she walked across the floor towards the small set of lockers, the arches of her feet began to ache. She stamped her feet lightly and then stopped to untie her shoes. Aside from the track, the floor was covered with foam padding and she realized she wouldn't need her shoes anyway.

The relief from freeing her feet was immediate and she felt a sudden burst of vigor that made her laugh and spin as she held her shoes by their laces. She wanted to run and jump and swing and run but first, she lay her gear on the benches beside the lock and settled on the mats.

Ariel held her breath and then exhaled leaning forward with her hands straight and her legs spread to the sides. Her fingers reached her toes and she readied herself for the little twinge she'd always felt in her back but it never came. She continued to reach and her changed body flexed freely. Her palms touched the mat and she slid forward, waiting every second for an ache or a pain or something yet her hands slid forward and her sacrum opened.

"Holy shit," Ariel whispered as her chest and nose touched the mat. She lay, completely bent with her upper body flat against the ground and not a single joint or muscle complained. "Holy shit!"

The young scientist pushed her body forward while closing her legs until she lay in a straight line. She anchored her body and pressed up to raise her chest. Bones popped in her spine as she flexed and the skin above her ass bulged. Muscles and nerves began to form beneath the bump. Cartilage developed beneath the new muscle and calcium joined to form her first caudal vertebrae.

Black and orange hairs emerged from the shifting lump of skin. They spread down beneath her pants and around her labia before mixing in with her pubic hairs and up slightly in a fanned peak over her mound. She shivered as the hairs caressed her pussy lips and they grew thick and wild between her thighs.

Down, her chest went as she raised her hips to the air. She growled quietly and her vocal chords vibrated into a rumbling purr as she raised her chest just above the matt while pushing herself up by her toes.

More dark hairs emerged along her nape to join the ones already dotting her skin. Her miniature version of a cheetah's mane crept down to the middle of her back.

Unused muscles lengthened as she continued her stretching. Sparked by the activity, her body began to change further. The yellow ligaments within regenerated as cartilage and membranes regrew over her joints.

With a gasping, breathless laugh, Ariel planted her hands and raised her legs slowly. Nerves and muscles connected her coccyx to the vertebrae in her tail and the single, hidden bone flexed, desperately trying to maintain her balance as she brought herself to a handstand.

Strong muscles, built while the gene editing altered her body, stood out along her forearms and biceps and back. She swayed and then steadied herself until she was a perfect line from her hands to her extended toes. A drop of sweat formed above her vestigial tail and rolled down until her mane trapped it.

She leaned forward, dropping her feet and then raising herself into a standing position. Her larger heart pounded, pumping her blood to every part of her body and her powerful lungs drew in deep breaths as more sweat gathered at her brow.

"Hah!" she laughed, raising her arms. "Haha! I did it! I fucking did it!"

Not a single muscle ached within her body. Rather, she felt even more hyper. Her mouth lay open as she began to pant to aide her sweating body in cooling her down. The subtle lines from her eyes to her mouth stood out on her flushed cheeks. She pulled her tank top off and tossed it to the bench, leaving her clothed in a sports bra and yoga pants.

Her bright eyes traced the track and she chirped as she walked to the edge of the room on the balls of her feet. Her shoes forgotten, she reached back to scratch the itchy tail and then bounced on her toes.

"Okay," she told herself. "Okay. Let's see how it goes."

She jogged, keeping her pace short as she built a baseline. However, an annoyed growl escaped her lips and she stretched her legs. The woman's already tight yoga pants pulled close to her body, outlining every inch of the muscle developing beneath her smooth, hardened flesh.

Despite her growing speed, her steps were light and she barely felt the challenge of it. She pushed herself further and the mound of her tail extended into a small stubby, hairless tail that curled up just over the band of her pants. Black hairs dotted the surface of it and it shifted slightly as she rounded a corner.

The scientist's calf muscles and thighs strained against her pants and it clung to her, outlining her mound and sex until it clearly showed her moistened lips.

And still she ran faster. She could feel the air moving against her now and her eyes darted along the track. She felt anxious. Constrained. Eager to move and angry that the track was so short.

Her toenails bent as she practically leapt with every kick of her foot. The joints and bones thickened as her toes swelled and new claws developed within. The jabbing pain of their development was lost to her as she pushed harder.

Ariel's long, powerful strides ate up the track while her heart kept a steady rhythm. Coal-dark hairs slid forth from her shoulders, swaying in the air with her speed as they grew up the swell of her neck to join her mane.

The room spun past in an almost dizzying sight but her eyes kept focus until she began to take a turn. Her tiny tail jerked to counter-balance her sudden change in direction as her claws ripped through the tips of her toes to dig into flooring beneath her.

Unable to turn in time, she slammed against her wall but her enhanced reflexes caught her and she pushed away to drop into a rolling tumble, aimed toward the center of the room.

She leapt and her tail arched and twitched side-to-side until she leaned on all fours beside a huge foam block.

Despite her speed and the sweat lining her hardened body, her breathing was as steady as her heartbeat. Alone in the room, she knelt and raised her hands silently in triumph. She smiled so hard she thought her face would burst from it. And, finally, she lowered her arms and licked the palms of her hands before running her fingers through her sweaty hair.

Her smile faltered when she felt the thick mane of hair at the back of her neck. Frowning now, she explored, flexing her arms down while tugging at the hair.

Ariel hissed when she flexed her hand and her claws slid forth to scratch her back. She snatched her hands away to look at them and her eyes widened at the sight of four claws tipping each finger. She screamed and then covered her mouth while falling on her ass.

The young woman's eyes locked onto her feet. She could see her dented nails and the thick, bent claws lining all ten of her toes.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" she stuttered. More fur, as black as the hairs lining her back and shoulders, emerged from the back of her feet. She watched, horrified, as it marched up to disappear within the straining band of her pants. Intermixed with the black were groups of dark orange hairs.

Spots, she realized. Like a cheetah.

She focused and her rational mind took over as she began to hyperventilate.

Okay, she thought, licking her blackened lips. The faint lines on her cheeks darkened until they nearly matched the onyx surrounding her eyes. Okay. Fuck! Okay. It's the gene editing. Clearly. I can- Shit, no, I'm going to have to take another blood sample and see what's gone wrong. To see if there's any way I can halt the damage I've done. First, I have get out of here. Oh god, what will I tell Caitlin?

Feeling herself calming slightly, she pushed herself effortlessly into a standing position. She glanced at the door and made her way to the bench where she grabbed her shirt and pulled it on. The fabric brushed against her fur and she shivered at its touch.

How bad is it? she wondered, looking around the large room for any mirror. Finding none, she bit her lip and then cursed as she felt the pointed tips of her canines dig into her skin.

Ariel searched through her bag to find her phone. The single blinking message notification light seemed ominous under the current circumstances. She woke it and hissed as a claw slipped from her thumb to scratch the display. Taking her hand away, she stared at it in concentration, flexing and unflexing it.

There was something new there. Some new muscle that she'd felt briefly. She twisted and turned her hand while making a fist until she felt it. The more she moved her hand, the more she could feel it within until, suddenly, something clicked in her brain and the tendon flexed. She smiled briefly before growling at the realization that she was happy over a freakish mutation. Still, she couldn't help but play with the new ability to retract the claws of her hands back into her fingertips. And then out. And back in again, painlessly.

The sound of voices made her look up from her experimentation and her ears spasmed against her head. A loud hiss blotted out all other sounds and she slammed her palms against the sharp stab of pain deep within her ears. But, as quickly as it appeared, the pain and the static vanished and she pulled her hands away.

"... see... looked.... him?" the faraway voice asked. Her ears swiveled as the voice moved and she felt stray hairs shift against them.

"Ooooh hell," she whispered. The changes were still happening. Faster now, it seemed.

Pulling her claws back, she woke her phone and scanned the message with a sigh of relief. Caitlin was awake and out shopping before her shift at the bar.

Did you need anything, love? the text asked.

Replying, in between accidentally unleashing her claws several times, that she was good and she loved her, Ariel put away her phone and breathed deeply.

There was no continuous pain and the changes seemed localized. Her mind raced to worry whether there'd be a cascade of genetic errors but she knew she'd have no time to deal with them if there were. Until then, she felt amazing and cognizant of her surroundings and situation.

She still wanted to run. In fact, she yearned for it. To let loose in an open field and feel the wind against her fur while-

Ariel shook her head and mane in angry annoyance. She shoved her toes into her shoes and her forefeet strained against the opening in her shoes and refused to move. She bit her lip with her little fangs and shoved, her quiet growling growing into an inhuman yowl as she bent down, released her claws to tear into the laces and tongue of her shoes.

The fur along her shoulders and back stood at end while her eyes narrowed and she panted in frustration. Her hands relaxed and her claws pulled back, allowing her to grab her shoes and stalk to the nearest trash can.

Her calves flared as she found herself raising instinctively onto the balls of her feet. At the same time, her claws dug into the mat with each step and the tip of her tail lashed ineffectively behind her. The young woman dumped her ruined shoes into the trash and then paused as her ears flexed back and forth. She could hear the indistinctive yet loud hum and chatter of people at the front of the building and outside in the parking lot from where she stood. Yet nobody was nearby so she held her bag tight against the fur still showing over her shirt and then slipped out into the hallway.

As she crept along the hallway, her sensitive ears kept her alert. She couldn't hear the showers running or anyone in the locker room so curiosity won out and she pushed the door open to step inside.

With a glance at the door behind her, she licked her lips and her tongue dragged against her soft skin. She ignored it and stepped over to the mirrors.

The difference was immediately visible to her.

Her eyes were no longer mud brown but the color of burnt sand. Dark mirrored lines ran from the her eyes to her lips in the distinctive pattern of a cheetah's marking. She stepped in close and realized what the receptionist had seen: the skin around her eyes was obsidian - a natural anti-glare coating. She pulled her eyelid down and her fingers brushed black peach fuzz hairs surrounding her eyes.

Still watching closely, she ran her fingers along the bridge of her nose. Her nostrils were more gray than the surrounding skin and her top lip curved up slightly in the center. Unlike her nose, her lips were almost as dark as her eyes.

She glanced up at movement in time to see hairs sprouting from the backs of her ears. She brushed her hair back and flexed her ears to watch the hairs cover the skin and then continue to grow down until it merged with her mane.

"Fuck," she whispered as she finally caught a look at the thick ruff of fur on her nape. It was dark as a raven's feathers but seemed to absorb the light rather than reflect it. Orange spots littered the thick fur and she pushed the back of her shirt down to see how far it grew.

A scream nearly escaped her lips as she bit down hard enough to drop blood. Her tail curled out of the back of her shirt and she felt it brush the rough hem of the tank top.

Her head snapped up to the door as she heard voices coming down the hall. As quickly as she could, she grabbed her bag and left the bathroom. She left through the back entrance and darted in between cars while eyeing people as they entered the building. As she had while driving, she found herself naturally plotting a path through the vehicles in order to provide cover for herself until she jumped into her own car.

Once inside, buckled and hidden, she took a deep, shuddering breath.

"One step at a time," she told herself as she started her car and pulled out of the parking lot.


Ariel stopped in at her home to steal a pair of Caitlin's shoes as well as a full shirt and hoodie to hide her changes. She left before her girlfriend could come home and raced to her work to find the parking lot completely empty. A few people worked on Saturday but she'd forbade her employees from working Sunday in order to force them to take a break. And now, on a Sunday afternoon, she was grateful for that.

Despite her girlfriend's larger feet, the stolen shoes felt cramped and wrong and she kept raising up to walk on her toes.

The security team had finally overhauled their system recently and the doors opened as she approached. Even better, they'd fixed the announcement system and it no longer gave the company's tagline when she walked into the foyer.

As she walked through the cubicles, she could feel her tail struggling against the copious amounts of surgical tape she'd used to hold it down. Yet she also wished she hadn't as it had grown down to brush against her labia. She refused to admit that the sensation of it grinding against her ass and pussy was turning her on and distracting her. Still, it was hard to ignore the slowly building ache within her guts.

Being surrounded by the familiar equipment in the laboratory granted her a fraction of calm. With quick, concise movements, she drew her blood and inserted the tray into a nearby, unused machine.

And then she waited.

The machine clicked and hummed and she stared at it intently, flexing and unflexing her hands. She found the movement of her claws soothing in a strange way. The smooth, dense keratin moving against the little sheaths while pressing against the opening in her skin was unnatural yet calming. The tendon within her hand relaxed and she touched the tip of her fingers, unable to feel the slit. Her fingers would then roam over her bent fingernails. They were no long rounded but rather dented to allow room for the claws. And then she returned to flexing and exercising the tendon. All in a looping pattern as she eyed the machine.

The buzz of her phone startled her and she hissed while feeling the hairs raise on the nape of her neck. She grabbed it, automatically releasing her claws so they hooked to the edge of her phone case. As she swiped to answer the call, she felt the smooth screen against what felt like wrinkly skin.

"Hey babe," she said into the phone while staring at her hand. The bottoms of her fingers looked like she'd spent hours in the bathtub. She kicked her feet and the rolling chair she sat in glided across the floor until she stopped at one of the desks. "Are you already at work?"

She felt goosebumps rise on her arm as she watched the skin on her palm begin to protrude. At the base of her thumb and along her palm beneath her fingers, the skin pushed away from her hand while turning gray.

"I'm- I'm sorry, what?" Ariel asked as she stared at her developing paw pads. She swallowed and licked her lips, wincing as her tongue rasped against her skin. "No, I can't. I'm at work. Yeah. Running a test. I thought, uhh, since I wasn't feeling well recently I could use that to check a new test we're developing."

The young scientist flexed her hand and then closed it into a loose fist. The pads pushed together, preventing her from completely closing her hand yet forming a tight grip where the pads touched. She traced a fingernail along the skin and opened her mouth in a silent gasp at how sensitive it felt. The sensation traced a lazy line along her arm down to her thighs where she twisted her legs together.

"I'm sorry, babe," she said. She felt the phone begin to slip from her hand until she gripped it tighter with her claws. It moved against her as the pads on her right palm developed. "Can I drop by your work in a couple hours? I shouldn't be long."

A bead of sweat slid down to the tip of her nose - not entirely from the warmth of the hoodie she wore. She felt empty deep within and entirely too sensitive. Her heartbeat was an exquisite throbbing ache that reminded her of how turned on she was with every beat. As she realized the issue, she felt her ass cheeks being pushed aside. Ariel gripped the table and grinded her teeth as her tail grew thick. It lengthened and the head slipped between her pussy lips

"Yes!" she gasped into the phone. "Yes, I mean! I'll- I'll, uhhh, I'll be there tonight. Love you!"

The tips of her claws clacked against the phone as she ended the call. Reaching back, she kept her claws extended and sliced through the tape holding her tail in place. She groaned as it slipped free to press against her jeans. The soaked tip filled her little area with the scent of her arousal.

Looking back, she could see how thick it was and she felt strange looking at it. With a timid, gentle movement, she gripped it within her paw. WIspy black and orange fur covered it in patches but it was mostly skin. It felt warm and firm in her hand and it flexed back and forth as if it had its own mind. She pulled it free from her pants and sighed at the release. Her happiness caused the tip to lash around, tugging at her lower back.

The machine chimed and she released her tail. It drooped below her but she could still feel its weight and its presence.

"Alright," she told the room. Her left hand dipped down to drag through the light patch of fur on her belly. She scratched herself lightly without paying attention and began to prepare the next test. "One down."
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Very nice! I like how the story's progressing!
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Originally Posted by Amahain View Post
Very nice! I like how the story's progressing!
Ahhh! A comment! I was starting to think I was writing into the void or that all of it sucked and people were just politely ignoring all of it. Or that I wasn't inviting comments based on the way I was posting things.

Thank you for taking the time to read and to leave a comment! I really appreciate it.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Some fantastic writing! Thank you for sharing. I’m especially enjoying the cheetah stories.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Aww, thank you so much! I appreciate that! The third and final chapter will be released publicly from my Patreon at the beginning of the next month.
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