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Unread 05-21-2020   #1
Shrinking Giantess
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One Way Trip- A Hungry Giantess

I hope this finds you happy and healthy will all this quarantine business still going on.
I filmed an awesome Giantess video today and I really hope you'll enjoy it.

Here's the storyline:
You'd better run, I am awful hungry! Your giantess has woke up in quite a fowl mood today and YOU are reaping the harsh repercussions of her mood. She stand SO tall and huge. You are well aware of the fact that she could end you with one stomp or one swallow.

She lays the law down to you today and begins by showing you in detail how she could make you meet your demise. Will it be but one single drop of her drool? Will she pop you into her huge mouth? Will she sit and torment you with her huge amazon ass? Maybe she will put you in her massive cleavage or stick you in the crack of her deep, dark bush. She talks in detail how you may have to use your last bit of strength to push back the mountain of flesh just to catch your breath.

Here is the link if you'd lie to check it out: ... 176e56a2cc .(If you use that link in a non-hidden browser, C4S will actually give me 100% commission until May 30th instead of the usual 60% that they give, which definitely helps with new productions! Thank you so much everyone who has purchased it already! You rock!)
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