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Funky-Spice PC Game going BETA soon!

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while since I updated you on the game development front.
  • Funky spice is a PC Game built for Windows 8, 10.
  • The main focus is Slow transformation (takes about a week of in-game time to grow an inch.)
  • all characters except the main character can grow and shrink between 5' to 8' of height.
  • 13,000+ Character sprites allowing for a "crazy number" of acurate perspective scene representations in regards of character sizes.
  • 100+ Cut-scenes slides, that will play whenever appropriate.
  • 250+ Bloopers Studios Slides of Stories available at the in-game theater.
  • 120+ Vintage slides of Stories contributed by Legendary artist DragoonGTS available at the in-game theater.
  • Most of the story content is still being created.

Check it out on my Patreon
or visit my companion site

I don't make a lot of posts to promote the project outside of the Patreon page so if I got you curious, make sure you follow my page!

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