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Incredible Shrinking Woman Needs a Remake

Thanks to Tiedefender for the idea to start a thread on this separate from the Downsized thread.

With the lack of original ideas in Hollywood, I'd like to see a remake of The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

What actresses would you like to see as the titular character? Changes to the original story? Etc.

I'd look to cast Jenna Fischer, Emma Stone, Anna Faris, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, or Kate Beckinsale as Pat Kramer.

I'd change up the story where the first two acts have Pat slowly shrinking. Instead of a corporation lead by John Glover, Id have a female antagonist, played by Morena Baccarin.

Pat escapes the clutches of Baccarins character, and like in the original, seemingly shrinks away to nothing before falling into a chemical that restores her size.

Once Baccarin's character finds out Kramer didnt shrink into oblivion, she uses a more potent shrink chemical. This causes Pat to shrink out of her clothes in a matter of minutes to six inches tall. She crawls out of her clothes, covering herself with her panties only to be snatched by Baccarin.

Somehow, the tiny again Pat gives Baccarin the slip, grabs a giant syringe with shrinking solution, and jabs it into Baccarin's leg. Baccarin lets out an epic "Noooo!!!" as she shrinks into her clothes.

At this point, Im not sure if Id have Baccarin shrink to nothing, be stuck at six inches tall, or wind up smaller than Pat. Either way, with her out of the way, Pat finds the antidote, takes it, and bursts put of the makeshift togo she was wearing.
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