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Stephanie Concept Art (Possible New OC) GTS/SW/FMG

Hi everyone

As I mentioned before today I reached one thousand watchers on Deviantart. Thanks again for everyone who made this milestone reachable. To celebrate this I'm releasing some concept art on a character named Stephanie who hopefully should be getting her own series in the near future.

Still coming up with some of the details of the story but at the centre of it is a woman protecting a hero and her abnormality is that she's constantly growing and shrinking throughout the day. At her smallest she is 1 1/8 inches tall and every hour she doubles in height. At her maximum size she is 384 feet tall and her entire growth takes place over the course of twelve hours. She stays at her peak for a very, very short amount of time (like around two minutes) before her body begins to shrink again. In another twelve hours she's back down to her smallest height so that the process can repeat itself day after day after day. Her name is Stephanie and she is based on a character in a one shot story I wrote a few months back.

This art piece is done by the talented Ben Boston who thought of the concept of Stephanie's body becoming stronger and bulkier as she grows. So when she's her smallest she looks very vulnerable but at her largest she looks powerful enough to move a mountain. For her clothing well as you can see she looks to be mainly wearing armour although at her giant size the rocks are attached to her body like clothes rather than being fused to her. One thing that's important is that no matter how big she is Stephanie remains the same in her mind. She's always calm and collective and would prefer to use words to settle a dispute rather than violence. Her smallest size occurs at 3am and her largest is 3pm. At 9am and pm she is her mid size which is 6ft. She mainly does most of her travelling at her larger sizes and most eats and rests at her smallest.

Her size goes like this
3 am 1 1/8 inches

4 am 2 1/4 inches

5 am 4 1/2 inches

6 am 9 inches

7 am 1 1/2 feet

8 am 3 feet

9 am 6 feet

10 am 12 feet

11 am 24 feet

12 pm 48 feet

1 pm 96 feet

2 pm 192 feet

3 pm 384 feet

4 pm 192 feet

5 pm 96 feet

6 pm 48 feet

7 pm 24 feet

8 pm 12 feet

9 pm 6 feet

10 pm 3 feet

11 pm 1 1/2 feet

12 am 9 inches

1 am 4 1/2 inches

2 am 2 1/4 inches

3 am 1 1/8 inches

I want to get your opinions on her design. Do you like the way that Stephanie looks or do you think that it needs to change? Leave a comment and we'll get the ball rolling. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Check out the artist's work here
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Re: Stephanie Concept Art (Possible New OC) GTS/SW/FMG

From the feedback that was received from the first one I and the artist Ben Boston decided to do a little bit of re-designing. Well he did most of the designing and I put my views in where needed. Here's a rough run-down on what you're seeing here. One big difference is that the armour that she wears is the same throughout but shifts and adjusts as she changes size.

The first picture depicts Stephanie at her smallest size of 1 1/8 inches tall. In her smallest form she is much faster than a normal person in proportion. She is much more stealthier and it does help that it is at night when she is like this. Her armour is mainly made up of chain mail and is much easier for her to move around in. Her hood makes it easier to hide her head and at her size she is commonly mistaken for an insect than a person. Although this form is stealthy and quick it is also when she is at her weakest and most vulnerable. Her body is much smaller in proportion and looks quite weak, her head is a little bigger than what is common for her body size. It doesn't seem to be remarkable and this helps her in many ways. Ben Boston decided to go for a round theme with this and it definitely worked out well (like with the face) and that round second on her chest. That isn't her bare breasts but instead the chest piece of armour. The cloak that she is wearing is even a part of her armour and slowly disappears as she grows larger.

The second picture depicts Stephanie at her relatively normal height of 6 foot. Her body is at what is considered to be her most physically attractive as it is like that of a glamour model. Men struggle to resist her looks and charm as she is not only tall but very confident. This is also the form that allows her to move around in public more like a normal person rather than someone who is either lost in a world of giants or a towering figure to behold. Her armour has evolved from chain mail to scale armour which fits her more developed body better. Her appearance comes like this twice a day (at 9 am and 9 pm) but this is the form that she enjoys the most and is closest to what she would be without her constant changing in size. Her hair has become longer and her face isn't as round as it was when she was tiny. Also as she grows from tiny to normal her body builds up to this and her armour slowly changes along with it. Her physical abilities are pretty average but it is also what she considers her most useful form. Ben Boston gave her a more rectangular look with this one to show her being tall and relatively slim.

The Third picture depicts Stephanie at her largest size of 384 feet. As you can see her body has changed dramatically as she has bulked up considerably. The small and meekness of her smallest form along with the elegance of her regular form have completely disappeared. Now she is much bulkier and pound for pound stronger than ever. From the moment she grew passed her normal form her body has been building itself up to this. Her armour has transitioned to plate armour and makes her practically like a walking tank with almost no weak spots. However as she has become incredibly strong she sacrificed her speed as although her strides are much longer than before they are also slower as well. This size is achieved at 3 pm and for a couple of minutes she is literally unstoppable, however just a mere minute after that time her body begins to weaken as the shrinking process begins. Her hair is much longer and fuller, it also becomes like she is wearing a cape as it is almost impossible to see her back. Her amour has also crept up her head and developed into a helmet for additional protection. Her head and face has also changed as there is practically no roundness to it. Ben Boston based this design on squares and also his own personal love for giant mechas which Stephanie kind of is when she's like this.

For a few additional notes a few things have been decided. To start with her armour still changes, even when she isn't wearing it. This means that if she needs to take it off for any reason she doesn't need to wait until she is the right size in order to put it back on. They are linked through magic and when it comes to a weapon, we're still deciding on whether she has one. If she did it would be something that changed along with her, so for example... a dagger when she's tiny, a sword when she's normal and a warhammer when she's huge. Another fact is that her mind remains the same throughout, so she isn't more timid at smaller sizes and more brutish when she's big. Instead she remains calm and collective at practically all times as there is little that truly shocks her. She will assess a situation before acting and will try and not start an unnecessary conflict. If she can she will always try and defuse a situation with words but is willing to fight if she needs to, of course if she is too small and weak to fight then she will make a hasty retreat.

One final thing is that since Ben Boston has helped so much with this and put in a lot of his own ideas I can't call Stephanie completely my own character. That's why from now on I'm going to be crediting him as co-creator because he has put just as much into her as I have. So please give feedback on this piece and what you've read. Hopefully this will help bring things forward.
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