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A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Hey ya'll! This is my first Shrunken Women story, and to be honest I'm a little nervous posting, but here goes nothing!

It's based off Shakespeare's timeless play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I use the same characters that are found in Shakespeare's play. I even use much of the play's plot. Essentially, this story is erotic Shakespeare fanfiction, lol. For anyone who might be offended that I'm misusing Shakespeare in this story, I can only say that I think that Shakespeare himself would be amused to learn that his play had inspired such an offshoot.

It starts off a little slow as I establish the setting, but anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Far away, over snowy peaks and fertile dales, through harsh deserts of stinging sand, past the brilliant flowers of the meadowlands, and hundreds of leagues across the silver sea, lies the enchanted Forest of Ardor. The people who live and farm the outskirts of this forest have known the truth for generations, as long as people have been there: Ardor is the seat of a mysterious and powerful fairy kingdom, one whose dealings are inexorably tied to the natural world. In the Forest of Ardor, and in the surrounding farmlands, good weather depends upon the good relations between Oberon, the fairy king, and Titania, the fairy queen. No human has ever laid eyes on this fairy royalty, and very few even claim to have seen an actual fairy, but the farmers have learned, from hundreds of years of experiences both good and bad, that they must respect the fairies and pay homage to them, or else risk angering them.

The fairies of Ardor can be hard to predict, and the farmers have learned that their wrath is something to fear. If angered, the fairies might knock over a jug of cream or cause mold to grow quickly across cheese; they might cause nightmares in children; they might cause haystacks to burst into flame; they might make livestock infertile, or even cause them to die. Years back, one young man had the foolish audacity to thumb his nose at the forest, claiming that all this talk of fairies was “old wives’ tales.” Two days later, his pregnant heifer gave birth to a stillborn calf. The man had learned his lesson. And so, like the rest of the farmers, he started to do things that the fairies like: he put out bowls of fresh milk for them at night, sometimes even plopping in a fat red strawberry; he made sure to leave a portion of his harvest on their doorsteps as an offering; he refrained from burning sage in his house; and he even made sure to keep his hearth swept each night. The next spring, the same heifer bore him a healthy, vigorous young calf. The fairies always notice.

Many nights these farmers have heard the distant piping of fairy music deep within the forest, and some swear that they have actually seen, with their own eyes, fairies dancing in step in magical rings on the outskirts of Ardor. When asked to describe what the fairies looked like, these people have a difficult time. Some say that the fairies are the size of normal humans, and some say they are even bigger. Still others claim that these fairies dancing about in rings could not have been more than a few feet tall, or smaller. Confusion reigns among the people who claim to have seen the fairies, and often, they try and revisit the spots where they saw them, hoping to catch another glimpse. Almost invariably, they never see them again.

A few times, however, people have been enchanted by the sight of these fairies and have actually ventured into the forest in pursuit — none of these people have ever returned, and the farmers fear the worst. They feel that Ardor is an enchanted place, and not a proper place for humans. They feel, perhaps correctly, that Ardor is dangerous, and because of this widespread belief, people dare not venture in, for fear of offending the fairies with their trespass. It is enough for these people to live on the outskirts of this strange forest, where odd, bizarre, and extraordinary things often happen without explanation. In addition to the occasional distant and otherworldly meander of a fairy flute or harp deep within the forest, the farmers hear unexplained screams or groans that sometimes seem to come from within the forest itself, and sometimes seem to come up from the very bowels of the earth. The farmers have reported mysterious lights that flash at midnight between the darkened tree trunks, and one has even claimed to have seen the towering head of a giant fairy scaling the treetops. Another old woman tells the story of a day when she was watering a daffodil by her window, and a tiny fairy that had been sleeping in the flower woke up coughing and spitting when she watered the plant. There are hundreds of stories just like these, all unique, and all strange. No one really knows what happens in the Forest of Ardor, but everyone can agree that in this enchanted realm, the fairies hold sway.

Chapter One: Puck's Gift

Nature is in a crisis: Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the Fairy Realm of Ardor, are in a fight. Titania had befriended one of her human worshippers from the Orient, and had spent long nights in India together watching merchant ships sail for their distant destinations. Titania’s human friend and worshipper had been pregnant at the time, and the two had delighted in watching the winds make the sails “pregnant,” billowing hugely into the warm night. But her human friend had died in childbirth, and Titania vowed to take the human child and raise him as her own changeling in Ardor. As soon as he saw the human boy, however, Oberon wanted the changeling for his own, and demanded that Titania hand him over. She firmly and proudly refused, and the two have been quarreling ever since.

Their fight has upset the natural order of Ardor. Oberon has been fuming over Titania’s perceived slight, and his jealous acrimony has prevented Titania and her fairy train from performing their nightly dances. Without the fairy dances to placate it and assuage its natural violence, nature has been thrown into upheaval. Strange and noxious fogs rise up out of the silver sea and cover the land, so that rivers overflow. The green corn rots in its husks before it even becomes ripe. The farmers’ sheep are afflicted with mysterious diseases that cause them to shed their coats, and eventually die; crows grow fat eating the dead bodies of these diseased sheep that lie in the fallow fields, fields once green that are now filled with mud. The cold and haggard moon, desiring the fairy dance and song, receives nothing, and so angrily in retaliation fills the air with pestilence. The normal cadence of the seasons is completely thrown off — Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are all mixing together in a weird and unnatural consolidation. It is a bad time for the humans who live near Ardor.

Deep within the forest, however, is another story. The fairies themselves are not nearly as affected as humans by the odd changes in the seasons and weather. They see the fight between their king and queen as something normal and tiresome — Oberon and Titania love each other, yes, but their fights are always so public and dramatic. Still, though, the fairies wondered what they could expect from two rulers so intense and regal. So it was times like these when they would sit back and find ways to amuse themselves while they waited for the argument to blow over.

On this particular night, Titania’s fairy train had been dealing with something quite extraordinary indeed. Their mistress had apparently fallen in love with a donkey-headed human who had stumbled into her forest lair while she was sleeping. As soon as she awoke, Titania had instantly fallen in love with this odd mixture of human and donkey, and had commanded her fairies to scratch its ears, get it food, sing to it, and on and on and on. They had done so — they had fed it apricots, dewberries, purple grapes, green figs, and mulberries. They had fetched it stacks of dripping honeycomb from the unwary bees, and softly plucked the wings from willing butterflies to fan the moonbeams from its sleeping eyes…in other words, they had kept this human-creature awake so that their mistress could fawn over it. Eventually, though, it had insisted on going to sleep, and Titania sent her fairies away so that she could snuggle up with her ass-headed love in private. And so her fairy train, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed, all left their queen to sleep with the creature of her infatuation, and as soon as they got out of earshot, they started to gossip.

“Wooowwwww…” was all Peaseblossom could utter as she stared wide-eyed at her compatriots.

“Yyyeeeaaahhhhhh…” enjoined Cobweb awkwardly, her eyes dancing with humor.

“Mmhmmmmm…” added Moth, shaking her head and arching her lovely eyebrows.

“Humph!” said Mustaardseed in mock annoyance, plopping her butt down on a particularly large toadstool. “Now what?” They had reached a tiny and secret clearing deep in a forest glade, where a nearly silent spring bubbled up from an ancient stone fountain.

“Well,” said Peaseblossom as she leaned her smooth lithe body against the fountain and pointed back at the dense thickets where their mistress slept, “all I know is that we shouldn’t go back there for a while.”

“You can say that again,” laughed Cobweb as she messed with the silvery filaments of her abounding hair. “I’ll try just about anything with those farm animals, but when they get spliced onto humans…well,” and here she winked at the others, “maybe it’s just a little too much for me.”

“Oh please, Cobweb!” retorted Peaseblossom, running her dainty hands over the cold smoothness of the fountain, “too much for you? Come on, after the things I’ve seen you do…?”

Cobweb blushed a bit as she shrugged her shoulder, bowing her head to hide her mischievous laugh.

“Yeah, I have to say,” said Moth, picking tiny bluebells from the earth as she watched her friends giggling, “I think it’s pretty hot.”

Mustardseed snorted from her toadstool: “Of course you do, Moth!” She looked at her other two friends, appealing to them in mockery for help. “Are either of you surprised that she’s into this?”

“A bumbling human man with the head of a donkey being treated like the king of the fairies himself by our mistress?” asked Peaseblossom wryly, sticking her hand in the fountain and twirling it around in the cold water, “All wrapped up in her embrace right now…all warm and cozy with her in her flowery bower….” Peaseblossom continued as she stared dreamily into the forest, “She’s probably making it lick her heavenly cunt right now as we speak.”

“Ooooo,” intoned Cobweb, sidling up to Peaseblossom at the fountain and sticking her fingers into her friend’s sides, “It sounds like someone’s a little jealous.”

“Am not!” shot back Peaseblossom quickly and she tried to get away from Cobweb’s tickling fingers. When that failed, she started splashing water from the fountain in her face, causing to laugh and spit in response.

“Well I sure am,” said Moth, who had crushed the bluebells in her hands while Peaseblossom was speaking — her dainty fairy hands were now stained a dark blue from the flowers’ juices, and she dropped their dehydrated petals onto the forest floor as she stared off indistinctly in the direction of Titania’s bower. “Just thinking about our queen’s snatch makes my mouth water.” And Moth’s mouth was literally watering — she had to smack her lips and recollect herself after a fat, clear, and sweet-smelling gob of saliva dropped from her mouth with an audible thud to the forest floor.

Mustardseed’s mouth was watering too. “Can you imagine,” she said from her toadstool, her eyes glassing over, “that thing eating Titania out? Those massive horse lips? And that long, huge, rough horse tongue?? All the way up inside her…?” The four fairies were silent for a moment, imagining what Mustardseed was describing, and they were all filled with intense lust and longing.

“Of all the fairies in Ardor,” came a new and playful voice, making them all look round, “you four take the cake.” They all looked in different directions for several moments, until Peaseblossom uttered a salutary greeting — she had seen where the voice had come from. It was Puck, one of Oberon’s favorite fairy henchmen. He had been hiding in the fountain, and had emerged when Peaseblossom stuck her hand in.

“Puck!” exclaimed Peaseblossom happily, “Lovely to see you! Why don’t you come a bit closer — I have such a story to tell you.” She made to move closer to the other fairy, causing him to jump out of the fountain and backtrack. He had enough experience with these four to now to keep his distance. The last time one of them caught up to him, they hadn’t released him for two days straight. He glanced down at his exposed penis (all fairies are naked) as he remembered what it had looked like after those two days…bruised and discolored beyond recognition. He hadn’t been the same for weeks after. And as he looked at the hungry expression on Peaseblossom’s face, and on the faces of the others as they watched him, he couldn’t help but marvel at the four’s collective appetite. Did anything satisfy them anymore? He’d find out soon enough — he had a present for them that he thought they’d enjoy.

“No,” Puck said to Peaseblossom, continuing to back away, “I know better than to let you get close.” She pouted her lips in mock disappointment as she produced a finger in front of her face and inserted it slowly into her mouth, drawing it in and out, in and out, as she looked with deep eyes at Puck. He felt his dick harden at her advances, and it didn’t help that Mustardseed had hopped off her toadstool and was also advancing on him, extending her long tongue at him beginning to flick it back and forth with inhuman speed. The fairy felt his breathing grow shallow. Had he made a mistake? Would he be able to withstand them? Now Cobweb and Moth had joined the group, and they all surrounded him, with his back to the fountain. A cold lust burned in their eyes. Puck could tell they were growing hungry from the lack of their mistress, and while he could not hope to satisfy them in any way approaching what she could do, he knew that they saw him as a temporary substitute. Peaseblossom started to wrap her hands around his waist.

“W-wait!” he cried desperately, his cock almost at full mast by now.

“W-what?” said Peaseblossom mockingly, “what is it Puck? Speak quickly, before it’s too late.” Cobweb had started running her fingers through his hair and Moth had knelt down and was starting to lick his toes. Mustardseed was on her knees, as if in contemplation, silently regarding his cock.

“I-I have a gift for you four!” Puck managed to blurt out.

“Ooooo!” squealed Peaseblossom, pinching his sides. “A gift! You hear that, girls? Puck comes bearing gifts!”

“I know he does,” murmured Moth from below, her deft tongue sliding cleverly in between his toes. “Twelve, to be exact!” She extended her tongue even further and used it to count. “One two three four five six on this foot, and seven eight nine ten eleven twelve on this foot!” She growled in pleasure and laughed as she lustily stuffed half of his entire foot into her mouth.

“Oh I know he comes bearing gifts,” added Mustardseed dreamily, leaning in to wet the purple head of his cock with her talented tongue. “This right here is gift enough for me.” She swirled her tongue about the head, round and round, and then breathed in heavily before taking his entire engorged length into her mouth. Puck was well-hung, even for a fairy, but not many lengths, save that of Oberon (which, it was fabled, could only be completely throated by Titania herself) were too big for Mustardseed. She hummed deeply against Puck’s cock as she swallowed it to its hilt.

“Ahhh, I—I—uh….uh…” stammered the fairy, unable to form his words correctly. He knew that he was taken, and that it was too late to resist. His eyes rolled back as the four fairies caressed him and mouthed him and lipped him and sucked him until he came and came in their mouths, across their faces, in their eyes and ears, and in their hair. They refused to stop until they had covered themselves in his cum.

Hours later, Puck lay flat on his back next to the fountain, totally drained of his energy, as the four fairies laughed and frolicked near him in the glade, all of them sticky with his cum. They were playing games with it, scooping it off their skin and swirling it around and mixing it with their spit and throwing it and spitting it at each other. After a while, Peaseblossom called out to Puck, who had managed to prop his head up on the fountain to watch the fairies at their play.

“So Puck…you were saying?”

Puck stared dumbfounded for a moment. What had he been saying?

“About the gift that you brought us?” Cobweb reminded him, looking at him upside down from her play.

“Oh! Yes, yes the gift,” said Puck, recovering a bit and managing to sit up fully against the fountain. “Well, just to start, this was all my master’s doing and I had nothing to do with it.”

“Oh!” said Peaseblossom as she crawled on all fours over closer to Puck, “this is an intriguing start!” The other fairies followed her, until they were all kneeling or sitting in a semicircle around Puck. He knew they would have another go at him if he didn’t keep talking, and so he did.

“Well, you know that Oberon is pissed at Titania right now…”

“And totally unfairly too,” said Peaseblossom spiritedly.

“Yep!” agreed Cobweb, nodding her head vigorously.

“It’s not even a question, really,” said Moth softly, but with conviction.

“He’s totally out of order,” enjoined Mustardseed.

“No argument there, none at all,” said Puck quickly, holding up his hands. “But be that as it may, he’s still pretty mad, and so, ummm…” and here Puck paused, not sure how to proceed without angering the four.

“Well?” inquired Peaseblossom. “Don’t stop now. What did Oberon do?”

“He, uh…well, he…”

“Or more specifically,” cut in Mustardseed, “what did he have you do?”

If the four hadn’t just sucked Puck dry five times over, he might have been sweating by this point. “Well…ok fine I’ll just tell it to you all straight.”

“We’d like that,” said Moth quietly, a soft smile gracing her face.

Puck took a deep breath and then just let it all out. “So….Oberon told me about this time he saw Cupid shoot one of his love arrows at a beautiful young virgin who was sitting on a throne in the West, but the moonbeams got in the way and made the arrows miss, and instead of hitting the virgin they went wide and one of them hit this gorgeous white flower, turning its purple with love’s wound.”

“Yes?” said Peaseblossom inquiringly. “Go on…”

“I like the way he tells a story,” said Cobweb cheerfully, her hands in her chin.

“Shhhhh,” said Mustardseed, causing Cobweb stuck her tongue out at her.

“So,” continued Puck, encouraged that the four seemed interested, “Oberon told me to go find this purple flower and bring it, uh…back to him. I flew halfway around the world in a snap…you four know how fast I am….”

“Oh we know,” said Peaseblossom, winking at the others, “you’re definitely…quicker than most.” The other three giggled.

“Anyway,” said Puck, a bit annoyed, “I brought him back the flower and he squeezed its juices on Titania’s eyes while she was asleep.”

“What??” shouted Peaseblossom, standing up suddenly.

“On her eyes??” yelled Mustardseed, also standing up.

“While she was asleep?” added Moth, who remained sitting but who was nonetheless incensed.

“Yes, yes, all of that,” said Puck, speaking even quicker and holding his hands up in earnest. He wandered briefly why he had gotten himself into all this mess until he remembered the gift he carried. They would like it — he knew they would. And it would distract them enough to let him roam the forest glades for a while in peace. “And the flower’s juice makes the user fall madly in love with the first creature that he or she sees.”

“Wow,” said Peaseblossom. She seemed to have calmed down.

“I didn’t know there was such a thing,” said Cobweb curiously, stroking her chin.

“Is there more?” asked Moth hopefully.

“No,” said Puck, newly encouraged by their interest. “No, but…there’s more to the story. I’ll get to that in a second. I just want you to understand that the flower’s juice is not permanent. The spell can be undone, just by squeezing it onto the eyes again.”

“Cute,” said Peaseblossom, sticking a finger behind her ear and collecting a fingerfull of leftover cum that she quickly plopped in her mouth. “So…you don’t have any for us. And…Oberon fucked over Titania and now she’s in love with that…that thing.”

“Which, by the way,” asked Mustardseed, “what is that thing? Is it a human? A donkey? A mixture? What the hell?”

“Look at his face,” said Moth, pointing to Puck’s mouth, which was beginning to curl into a bit of a smile, “he totally has something to do with it.”

“Well, how about it Puck?” asked Peaseblossom, now thoroughly interested and trying to hide her own mirth. “What did you do this time?”

Puck glanced around mischievously for a moment, enjoying the four’s attention (they were, after all, the most beautiful in Ardor, save for Titania herself), before saying, “Well, it’s a human and its name is….get this: Bottom.”

“Bottom??” laughed Peaseblossom. “What the fuck?” The other fairies joined in laughter.

“Yeah,” Puck continued, “and, well, he and his friends were rehearsing some kind of play in the forest —”

“In the forest?” interrupted Mustardseed. “They must not be from around here.”

“They’re some kind of traveling troup,” said Puck. “Anyway, you’ve never seen such bumbling, foolish creatures as in this group. And Bottom was the most bungling, and the most preposterous, so naturally he was their leader.”

“As it happens, apparently,” said Cobweb, looking in the direction of Peaseblossom, who threw a clod of dirt back in her direction, which Cobweb dodged.

“Anyway,” said Puck, sensing that his time was dwindling, “I thought: why not spice all this up a bit? And since his name was “Bottom” I thought, why not change Bottom’s head into the head of a donkey, an animal that the humans also call an “ass.” You get it? Like, the human name for a “butt” is “bottom,” but they also call a butt an “ass,” and since I turned his head into a donkey’s head, he —”

“We get it,” said Cobweb, mildly amused.

“You have a funny way about you, Puck,” said Mustardseed, smiling slightly.

“A bit quirky, a bit off kilter, but still funny,” agreed Moth, nodding her head up and down.

“And so…Titania saw this Bottom, complete with ass’s head, when she woke up?” asked Peaseblossom.

“Yes,” said Puck, hoping sincerely that they would remain in their cheery mood.

“And Titania fell in love with him?”


Peaseblossom was silent for a few moments, as if trying to decide how she felt about it all. A low rumble started from somewhere, and Puck realized that Moth had started to shake with quiet laughter. She glanced up at Mustardseed, her eyes dancing, and Mustardseed was not able to hold her own laughter in any longer. It spread from fairy to fairy, until all four of them were doubled over in silvery, high-pitched laughter. Even Puck could not contain himself and joined in. After all, it was a pretty ridiculous scenario.

After a few minutes quieted down. “The gift,” said Peaseblossom suddenly. “What did you bring us, Puck?”

“Oh, right!” he said. He knew they would enjoy this part. “Well,” he said slowly, with purpose, “you know those arrows cupid shot?”

“Yes…” Peaseblossom said. The four fairies grew especially attentive.

“Well, one of them hit that white flower, and turned it purple, and infused it with wild and uncontrollable lust.”

“Keep going…” said Peaseblossom.

“Well,” said Puck, enjoying their intrigue, “that wasn’t the only errant arrow that hit something. Another one of Cupid’s arrows missed the virgin and hit another flower. A violet.”

Moth gave a sharp intake of breath as the other fairies sat listening breathless, not daring to believe what they were hearing just yet.

“And,” said Puck, “while I was on this errand for Oberon, I saw this violet that had been wounded by the arrow.”

“Yes?” Peaseblossom managed breathlessly.

“It had turned a jet black,” said Puck, “and I couldn’t help myself. I bent down to test the flower’s juices on my finger….and, well, it worked. I undid the spell, and then carefully crushed the flower’s juices into this vial here.” Puck produced a glass vial from behind his hair, and inside its stoppered container, the four fairies could see the viscous, sparkly liquid, black as night, slowly swirling. The four fairies were mesmerized.

“I knew that you four would like it,” said Puck, “so I collected it for you.” He reached out the vial to Peaseblossom, who would have grasped it if he hadn’t pulled it back. “But before I give it to you,” he said, “do you four promise to leave me alone for a bit so I can just go about my business? I…uh, kind of fucked some things up with Oberon and I need to fix them and I can’t have you four running rampant and holding me hostage.”

“We promise,” the four of them said in unison. They wanted to start playing with the potion that Puck held, for the four of them could tell by its sight and by its sweet smell what it was.

“Ok, it’s a deal,” said Puck, handing Peaseblossom the vial. She took it from him, and the other three eagerly crowded around her. Puck got up on unsteady feet and made to leave. Peaseblossom looked up after him. “Thank you Puck,” she said sincerely.

He waved his hand nonchalantly. “Don’t mention it.” He made to limp away, calling after them as he left, “Enjoy the shrink potion!”
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Captain Ash
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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)


for your first shrunken women story, it was great.
And if Disney's Gorgoyles could play with Shakespears works, then so can you.

The beginning was a bit hard to read because it is too descriptive.
Later when the fairies were alone with Puck and had their conversation with him, it became interesting and fun to read.
I wonder what the fairies are going to do with this potion?

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Captain Ash
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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Originally Posted by Captain Ash View Post

for your first shrunken women story, it was great.
And if Disney's Gorgoyles could play with Shakespears works, then so can you.

The beginning was a bit hard to read because it is too descriptive.
Later when the fairies were alone with Puck and had their conversation with him, it became interesting and fun to read.
I wonder what the fairies are going to do with this potion?

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Captain Ash
Thanks for the comment, Captain Ash! Lol, yeah, I think I got a bit carried away with the "world building" there at the beginning, but now that we're into the story I'm not gonna be tempted too much in that direction anymore <3

I hope you enjoy this next part! <3 <3

Chapter Two: The Shrink Potion

The four fairies stood silent for a moment, all eagerly crowded around the glass vial that Peaseblossom held carefully in her hands. The jet-black contents sparkled mysteriously as the potion swirled lazily around in its container. The four watched it moving, mesmerized.

“So,” said Peaseblossom carefully after a few moments, her body quivering with excitement, “who gets to try it first?” They all looked around at each other, exchanging impish glances and wide eyes. But pretty soon, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, and Mustardseed were all looking at Moth, who immediately began blushing a deep and adorable shade of red.

“W-what…m-meee?” she asked her compatriots, barely able to contain her excitement. “No, no, come on, you guys, at least let one of you go before me —” But she was cut off by her friends. Cobweb had lovingly put her soft and dainty fairy hand over Moth’s mouth.

“Shhhhh,” she cooed into Moth’s ear, as Mustardseed swept in behind her and secured both of her arms in a gentle but vice-like grip. Mustardseed tugging Moth backwards, so that she tottered on her feet a moment before falling; Mustardseed caught her as she fell and wrapped an arm around her ample fairy chest, securing her from behind in a half-standing, half-falling position.

“Oh nnoooo!” squealed Moth in jest through Cobweb’s hand, playfully attempting to squirm free of Mustardseed’s grip. “No! Not me! Don’t shrink me! Don’t shrink me pleaasseeee!!”

“Oh we’re gonna shrink you, all right,” said Cobweb lustily, “we’re gonna shrink you down so small that you won’t be able to understand what we say to you anymore.” She aggressively took two of her long fingers and shoved them into Moth’s snatch, which was already dripping visibly in anticipation. “Our words will sound like thunder to you.”

“Nnooo!!” cried Moth, unable to disguise her glee and her arousal, playacting terror as Peaseblossom advanced on her with the potion, shaking the vial back and forth flirtatiously in her face.

“Oh yes,” breathed Peaseblossom vigorously as she stared intensely into Moth’s eyes, “You’re gonna get tiny, Moth…teeny teeny tiny…so tiny that when we drop you into this stone fountain here,” — and she indicted to the fountain Puck had emerged from hours before — “you won’t be able to see from end to end. It’ll be like an ocean to you.”

“Oh please, oh please no! No, I don’t want to be that tiny! I don’t want to, I don’t want to!!”

“Too bad,” said Peaseblossom, uncorking the vial. She wafted the vapors toward her nose with an exquisite hand, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she shivered in pleasure. “It smells like dewberries,” she told the others, holding it up to each of their noses to sniff. She turned once more to her captive friend. “It’s happening Moth,” she said. “Cobweb, if you would be so kind?”

Cobweb gripped Moth’s mouth firmly, forcing it open. Moth tried to struggle and spit and close her mouth, but Cobweb and Mustardseed both held her firmly, mocking her halfhearted attempts to escape.

“Bottom’s up!” said Peaseblossom with a wink, and swiftly poured a swig of the black viscous potion into Moth’s mouth.

“Woah, woah! Enough there!” said Mustardseed immediately, seeing how much Peaseblossom had poured in. “That’s too much!” Her voice carried no hint of jest — she was actually concerned.

“Close her mouth, close her mouth” ordered Peaseblossom to Cobweb, ignoring Mustardseed’s concern. Cobweb did as she was told, forcing Moth’s mouth shut. Peaseblossom re-corked the vial and quickly pinched Moth’s nose shut, forcing her to swallow the entire contents of the potion.

“There we go, there we go…get it all down,” said Peaseblossom. Moth was twisting left and right, fighting with more energy and spirit than she had before…it appeared like she was fighting for real now. Her eyes screwed up in her head and rolled back left and right as her body thrashed back and forth violently.

“Ok, ok!” shouted Mustardseed, “She’s swallowed it all — she got it all! Let her go — let her go!” And all at once the three released her. She spun out of their grasp on uneven feet and stumbled around for a few steps before she regained her footing, gasping for breath the whole time as if she had just come up from deep underwater. She turned to look at Peaseblossom, utterly outraged. All sense of play had vaporized.

“What did you do??” she cried at Peaseblossom, panicking. “That was way too much!”

“Yeah, Pease,” said Mustardseed cautiously, looking at Moth with real concern in her voice, “I think that was way too much.” Cobweb stood silently, waiting to see what would happen.

“W-what are you talking about?” asked Peaseblossom uneasily, shrugging her shoulders, “what I gave her was fine!”

“Fine?!” yelled Moth indignantly, stamping her foot on the forest floor, “Fine??” You made me drink like 5 swigs of that stuff!! It’s gonna make me way toooooooooo……” — but her words were suddenly coming out in a much higher pitch, and her eyes flashed around in a panic. She only had time to give her three friends a look of horror before she suddenly and quickly began to shrink. She yelled out in a high-pitched scream, attempting to run towards her friends, but as she shrunk she tripped over her own feet and fell right beside the toadstool Mustardseed had been sitting on earlier. Her prostrate form shrank rapidly and incredibly before their eyes; in a matter of seconds she shrank to the size of a child, and then a cat, and a pinecone, and a raspberry, and more and more until they couldn’t see her anymore.

The fairies rushed over to their friend, all of them concerned, but Peaseblossom especially so. She was wringing her hands and muttering, “Oh no! Oh no! I fucked up — oh gods above, what have I done??”

They reached the spot where they had seen Moth seemingly shrink down into nothing, and they all stopped a safe few feet away, making sure that they didn’t crush their unseen friend. The three fairies stood there silently for a few moments, staring hard at the spot where Moth was a few seconds before. From their perspective, it looked like she had disappeared entirely.

“Well,” said Cobweb slowly after a minute or so, “does anyone see her?”

“No,” said Mustardseed, looking hard. Peaseblossom had stopped looking and was pacing back and forth, her hands twisting around each other in anxiety. “Would you knock it off?” said Mustardseed to her after a few moments, irritated. “It’s not like you killed her or anything.”

“N-no,” said Peaseblossom, sounding like she was about to cry, “b-but what if w-we lost her and she gets eaten by…by some insect or s-something?”

“That won’t happen,” said Mustardseed firmly, gripping her friend and giving her a shake. She pointed next to the toadstool. “We know she’s right there. Right. There. We just need to find her.”

Cobweb was bending down carefully over the spot Moth was last seen, and she ever so slowly arched her graceful neck and bent her ear down to the ground.

“W-what are you —” said Peaseblossom, still a blundering mess, but Cobweb cut her off.

“Shhh,” she said. “I’m listening.” They were all silent for a few seconds, then a minute, as Cobweb kept her ear to the ground, slowly scanning this way and that. Mustardseed was still holding Peaseblossom, who had buried her face in her friend’s shoulder.

“There,” said Cobweb suddenly, pointing with her finger. “She’s right there.” The other two fairies rushed over to the spot and looked at where she was pointing.

“W-where?” said Peaseblossom after a few moments. “I can’t see her.”

“Neither can I, you twit,” said Cobweb. “But she’s there. I can hear her.” The other two bent down carefully where Cobweb had been, and lowered their ears to the ground. At first they heard nothing but the ordinary sounds of the forest, but then, as their ears grew more trained, they realized that there was something else…the tiniest hint of another sound…the merest inkling of a high-pitched cry. If they hadn’t been listening hard for any clue of Moth’s whereabouts, they wouldn’t have heard her, even if their ears were as close to her as they were.

“Here, give me that,” said Cobweb to Peaseblossom, gesturing for the vial. Peaseblossom hesitated a moment.

“Come on!” said Cobweb forcefully, “apparently you can’t be trusted with that!” Peaseblossom had to admit she was right, and reluctantly handed over the vial.

“Just…please reverse it slowly,” she said nervously. “I don’t want her growing back to her full size until she forgives me.”

“Or bigger…” put in Mustardseed.

“What?” said Peaseblossom in alarm.

“I mean,” said Mustardseed, arching her eyebrow, “what if it works that way? What if you can reverse the shrinking and grow bigger than you were before?”

“Can it do that?” asked Peaseblossom, worried. “Is that how it works? Oh, please Cobweb, do it slowly, won’t you? I don’t want her to grow too big — she’ll kill me!”

“No she won’t,” said Cobweb, carefully preparing the vial, “but I wouldn’t blame her if she’s pissed.” She leaned over the spot where Moth was and whispered, slowly and quietly:

“Hold your breath, Moth! This’ll only take a second!”

“There’s no way she can understand you at that size,” said Mustardseed.

Cobweb shrugged. “Doesn’t hurt to try.” Then she bent to her work, the other two watching her intently. Ever so gently, she brought the vial close to Moth’s spot on the ground and tipped it with the slightest touch, depositing a single drop onto the ground. It made impact and slowly sank into earth, leaving a tiny dark stain. The three crouched close and waited. After about half a minute there was no change. Peaseblossom was trying to steady her breathing as she stared with increasing anxiety at the stain on the ground.
“Give her another drop,” said Mustardseed, and Cobweb did. A minute passed, with still no apparent change. Cobweb was growing anxious herself, and poured another drop. A few seconds later…

“Aha!” said Cobweb, her mouth spreading into a grin, “I see her!”

“Where?” asked Peaseblossom and Mustardseed in unison, and their eyes followed to where Cobweb was pointing. And there she was…unmistakable against the backdrop of dirt, grass, and little flowers, they all saw Moth, who at this point couldn’t have been taller than a few millimeters. They all peered at her closely, overcome with joy (especially Peaseblossom). They could hear her little screams, and as their eyes got more trained to her size they could see that she was stamping her feet.

“A little more, I think,” said Cobweb, and she tilted the vial. But from her excitement at having seen Moth, she misjudged her momentum, and ended up dumping a healthy splash of the potion over Moth.

“Cobweb!” chided Mustardseed, “Come on now!”

“Whoops!” cried Cobweb, “too much there!” They all kept looking at Moth, who had been knocked to the ground by the force of the potion splashing over her. A few seconds later she was growing right before their eyes. She grew to the size of a thimble, a walnut, and a turnip, finally stopping when she was the size of a husk of corn.

“There we go!” said Cobweb, “See, that was actually the perfect amount!” They all three breathed a collective sigh of relief. Peaseblossom was overcome with emotion and started crying from relieved happiness.

“Oh Moth!” she sobbed, “I’m so sorry!! You’re ok now — you’re safe!”

Unswayed by Peaseblossom’s show of contrition, Moth had made a direct beeline for Peaseblossom with her little feet, and once she reached her comparatively giant friend, she had starting kicking her in the shin and peppering her shapely calf muscle with her tiny fists.

“You. Fucking. Idiot!!” she yelled in a slightly more high-pitched voice, laying into Peaseblossom for all she was worth. Peaseblossom laughed through her tears and looked down at Moth’s assault, smiling at how cute she looked when she was that angry and that tiny.

“I’m so sorry,” repeated Peaseblossom, laughing as she wiped her eyes and snorted away the snot of her anxiety. She reached down and picked up Moth in one hand, her fingers easily going all the way around her friend’s body. Peaseblossom brought Moth up to her face and smiled at her lovingly, her eyes still sparkling with tears.

“I got carried away,” she continued, holding Moth a few feet from her face to avoid her fists and feet, since Moth kept punching and kicking out at her. “I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Oh sure you will,” snapped Moth sarcastically in midair, giving up on her assault. “Now grow me back all the way. I’ve had enough of being small for one day.”

Peaseblossom looked at Moth with love in her eyes, and then turned to Cobweb and Mustardseed, her eyes becoming mischievous. They returned her look in kind.

“Ohhhhh no,” said Moth emphatically. “Oh no. No you don’t. Don’t you three even dare.”

“What’s the matter, Moth?” asked Cobweb, her voice like syrup, “Don’t you like yourself at this size?” She took her finger and started rubbing the tip of it gently over Moth’s exposed breasts.

“Stop it,” said Moth, starting to breathe hard. “Stop it, Cobweb, you fucking bitch!” Her nipples had already responded immediately to Cobweb’s teasing touch, and in a few moments were quite obviously rock hard.

“Look at her little nips!” cried Mustardseed delightedly, rounding on Moth and touching her breasts with her own finger. “They’re as hard as those little buds of Indian Corn we pick in Autumn!”

“Fuck you all!” squealed Moth, her body gyrating involuntarily in pleasure. “Fuck you all to the moon and back — make me bigger!”

“But we like you at this size,” said Peaseblossom, who had fully recovered her emotions. She felt Moth’s hands and feet with her fingers, squeezing on them gently, testing them for size. “Look at this!” she continued, “Look at your little hands! And your precious little feet!” Moth tried to pull her hands and kick her feet away, but she was too small. Her three friends easily combined to overpower her. And she couldn’t hide her own arousal anymore…not only were her nipples sticking out in plain view, but her pussy had also begun to ooze down her leg.

“Oooo look at that,” said Peaseblossom, and licked her tongue all the way down Moth’s leg, easily lapping up her gooey pre-cum.

Moth gasped in pleasure, throwing her tiny head back as she surrendered herself to her determined friends.

“Pry her legs open, Peaseblossom,” said Mustardseed, licking her lips and extending out her tongue as Cobweb “ooo’d” and “aaah’d” in anticipation. “I wanna really taste what’s inside her.”

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:


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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

I'm glad they were able to find her! Very cute ending.

Needs some editing, but I like it.
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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

There's a lot more to come

Just curious - do you mean "editing" like stylistically, or grammatically? I found one typo after I read your comment, but aside from that the grammar seems fine.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Originally Posted by joyce View Post
There's a lot more to come

Just curious - do you mean "editing" like stylistically, or grammatically? I found one typo after I read your comment, but aside from that the grammar seems fine.
Stylistically. Some word choices and sentences here or there. But I'm can be a real Lit. snob, so please don't take my comment as criticism. The whole thing is still easy to read and fun.
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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)


Thanks for the comments, and thanks for reading! I'm glad you're enjoying it <3 I'll be posting more soon!

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Could've done with some out of clothes shrinking, but besides that it was solid enough
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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Originally Posted by Anotherfetishguy View Post
Could've done with some out of clothes shrinking, but besides that it was solid enough
Glad you like it, Anotherfetishguy Thing is, though, these fairies aren't wearing any clothes Oh well....

Here's the next part! Hope ya'll enjoy it <3

Chapter Three: Cobweb Goes Caving


Moth came like a fountain all over Mustardseed’s face. It hadn’t taken more than a few seconds of Mustardseed’s intense tongue stimulation for Moth to burst into an orgasm. Of course, she really didn’t have much of a choice — she was the size of a husk of corn, and Mustardseed’s long and talented tongue was almost half as long as she was. She had wriggled it into the tiny opening of Moth’s vagina, and she only had to push and prod a little bit before she hit the fairy’s g-spot. Moth had uttered a cry and threw her head back in ecstasy as she came intensely, with Peaseblossom and Cobweb holding her legs apart.

She gushed a huge amount of fluid from her tiny body, but being as small as she was, it was more like she was splashing Mustardseed in the face with a glass of water. Moth continued to cry out over and over in orgasm as Mustardseed shook her head back and forth, hungrily lapping up her friend’s cum.

“Mrrrrraahh!” growled Mustardseed, savoring the taste of Moth’s syrupy ejaculate.

“Ooooh look at that!” said Cobweb, wide-eyed and impressed at Moth’s orgasmic output.

“She’s gorgeous!” groaned Peaseblossom, staring lustily and with glassy eyes into the tiny face of her climaxing friend. “Oh Mustardseed, I want to taste her — let me taste her!” She pushed the other fairy aside and wasted no time in catching the rest of Moth’s cum in her mouth. Moth’s body was arched in an upside down V, racked from the intense pleasure of the stimulation she was continuously receiving. Her pussy was coming in softer spurts now, like the last remnants of water from a garden hose that has just been turned off. Peaseblossom moaned in gratification as she tasted Moth’s sweet cum, encouraging her friend to give her every last drop that she had.

Mustardseed had fallen to the ground after Peaseblossom had shoved her aside and was rolling slowly around on the forest floor, reaching down to touch herself as she savored the feeling and taste of Moth’s orgasm all over her face. Cobweb had taken over both of Moth’s legs now, and she held them open patiently with her hands, cradling the little fairy’s head in her breasts as Peaseblossom continued to feast on the shrunken fairy’s pussy.

Eventually, after a few more minutes of mutual moaning, munching, licking, slurping, and squelching, Moth had absolutely cum her heart out and had nothing more to give. With a final heaving moan of supreme exhaustion and contentment, she collapsed completely, falling backward into Cobweb’s bosom and going entirely limp, cross-eyed from weariness and bliss. Peaseblossom fell back onto the forest floor, joining Mustardseed in the post-orgasmic euphoria, both of their faces shining with Moth’s juices. Cobweb placed Moth’s limp body carefully next to the stone fountain, taking care to arrange her little limbs out neatly. Moth was in a state of semi-consciousness, her eyes still crossed up, murmuring to herself in gibberish.

Cobweb bent down and gave her a loving kiss, her lips easily encompassing the entirety of the little fairy’s forehead. Then she sat down on the stone edge of the ancient fountain, allowing Moth the time and space to recover. She looked over at her other two friends who were still rolling languidly about on the forest floor, touching themselves as they sucked and smacked their lips, moaning softly to themselves as they relished the flavor of Moth’s cum.

Cobweb smiled to herself — those two needed some time too. That was completely ok with her; she could wait. She was easily the most patient and measured of the four fairies, and with something special like this shrink potion in play, she could easily handle a pause in the fun. It would only serve to build the anticipation, and she knew it was her turn next. She reached over and picked the potion up from where she had set it down previously, holding the glass bottle up to her face as she studied its contents closely. The jet black liquid sparkled mysteriously within the bottle, and moved around in slow languishing swirls, like smoke curling forth in the air from a candle.

After a few more minutes of patient waiting and studying the potion, Cobweb grew more and more eager to try it herself. She glanced down at Moth, whose little chest was rising and falling in deep slow intervals, indicating that she had fallen asleep. She looked over at Peaseblossom and Mustardseed, who were still lying on the ground in a semi-trance, their eyes closed as they continued to relish the taste of Moth’s juices. Cobweb held the potion up to her face; its black contents sparkled back at her, almost seeming to give her an encouraging wink.

“Oh fuck it,” she said quietly, her heart beating in excitement, “I’m not waiting for them any longer.” She carefully unstoppered the bottle and held it up to her lips. “They can just wake up to a nice little surprise.” Ever so carefully, making sure not to give herself too much, she tipped the bottle up and drank a small sip of the potion. The thick liquid fizzed slightly as it came into contact with her mouth, and Cobweb immediately tasted a deep earthy tartness that was almost a contradiction in taste: it tasted heavy and rich, and yet the overall effect was not heavy because of the delightfully tart tingle that infused her tastebuds with a light and jaunty jolt.

“Almost like raspberries,” she murmured to herself as she swallowed, “but with that dewberry, blackberry-like grit of the earth.” She sat back and sighed, feeling the tingle of the potion begin to go through her entire body as it went down her throat. It was the perfect taste, the perfect combination of the sky and earth, utterly fitting for a shrinking potion.

“And who knows,” Cobweb said to herself, “maybe it even works as a growing potion too — ohhh here it comes!” It had started to work. Slowly but undoubtedly, she was shrinking. She felt the captivating pangs all across her skin and throughout her muscles, bones, and tendons. It felt as if her entire body, both inside and outside, had been submerged in one of those fabled bubbly springs, where the water continuously burbled forth in carbonated bubbles from hidden chambers deep within the earth.

The stone basin of the fountain seemed to grow higher and higher before her eyes, until she was only just barely able to look over it into the water…and even then she needed to get on her tiptoes. Her breathing was coming in shallow gasps as her heart thumped away excitedly in her chest — it was working! And even then, just a few seconds after it began, the shrinking seemed to stop. She had shrunk down, from her original five-and-a-half feet to about three feet, just a bit taller than the stone basin of the fountain.

Breathless and flushed from the shrinking, Cobweb looked over at Moth, who was still asleep. The once-tiny fairy now looked noticeably bigger to the shrunken Cobweb. Leaving the potion bottle by the fountain, she waltzed over to her sleeping friend to compare her body to hers. She was thrilled to discover that she was only about three times Moth’s size now. Laying down next to her, with their heads even, Moth’s feet spanned down to just below her breasts, about to the middle of her stomach.

Cobweb was breathing hard now as she felt the warning waves of stirrings deep within her pussy, and she and took a few moments to take up the sleeping Moth’s hands and feet and compare them with her own — Moth’s hands were still tiny; Cobweb’s palm was still bigger than Moth’s entire hand, fingers and all, and it would have taken at least three of Moth’s little feet to equal one of Cobweb’s. For a moment, Cobweb nearly lost her head. She was so transported by lust for Moth’s tiny sleeping body that she almost thrust a few fingers into her unconscious friend’s snatch, which was still oozing some post-orgasmic fluid onto the forest floor.

But Cobweb was able to stop herself — Moth needed to rest. And besides, as delicious as Moth looked slumbering on the forest floor, it was the other two, the big ones, who Cobweb was really after. She looked over at Peaseblossom and Mustardseed, who had stopped rolling around and who also appeared to be asleep.

“Hmmm,” she said to herself out loud, giving them a long look and then sizing them up in her head as she turned away and back to the potion bottle, “Which one do I choooosse? Which…one?” The bottle was much larger now — its top now stood just under her knees. Cobweb scoured the forest floor, looking for the perfect vessel, until she found it — an acorn that still had its woody cap. Cobweb reached down and grabbed the cap with both of her hands and put a foot on the acorn and pulled with all her might. After a few seconds of effort, the cap came off with a pop, and Cobweb flew backward from her momentum, landing on her back. Satisfied, she stood up, dusted herself off, and examined the acorn cap. She marveled at its size. Being three feet tall now, the cap was the size of a small bowl in her hands, perfect for what she needed it for.

She hopped happily back to the potion bottle and knelt down next to it. Carefully, she tipped its opening into her makeshift bowl, until the acorn cap was about half filled with the black potion. “That’s probably enough,” she said to herself, and resisting any temptation to pour herself more, she put the stopper back in the bottle.

A few moments later she was standing in front of the slumbering Peaseblossom and Mustardseed, trying to decide who to ambush. As she deliberated between the two, she took tiny little sips from her acorn bowl, enjoying the little micro-shrinks that resulted almost immediately afterward.

After another few minutes, Cobweb was down to six inches tall, and she had to put the acorn cap down on the ground — it had become far too heavy. She was proud of herself, though…she had estimated the potion amount almost perfectly. There were just a few more small sips left, and she didn’t need any more than that. Not for what she was going to do.

She braced her small hands on the edge of the bowl and stuck her head deep down to its bottom, reaching to sip down the last remains of the potion. She came up from her drink, wiping and smacking her lips to make sure she got all of it, and waited. Her two sleeping friends seemed to grow even more before her eyes; they were already huge to her, but after a few moments their bodies rose in front of her like hills.

“Perrrffectttt,” purred Cobweb mischievously, licking her lips hungrily as she looked at the titanic bodies of the two fairies. She couldn’t have been more than a couple inches tall by now. All that remained was to decide who…who would it be?

“I’m not gonna waste any more time deciding,” said Cobweb out loud. “Bushy, cushy, pushy, tushy,” she chanted, pointing back and forth between Peaseblossom and Mustardseed with each word, “If I choose you I jump your…PUSSY.” She stopped her chant. Her finger was pointing to Peaseblossom.

Cobweb smirked to herself as she sauntered over to Peaseblossom, and in between her outspread legs. She was lying on her back, and Cobweb’s walk in between her legs felt like she was walking through a shallow canyon. After a minute or so she stood in front of her friend’s pussy, which rose up before her like the entrance to a cave. Soft tendrils of elegantly curved pubic hair lined the entrance, and as Peaseblossom slept, her pussy seemed to exhale itself with each breath. Cobweb felt her hair ruffle slightly in the breeze of her friend’s snatch, and she closed her eyes as she smelled the familiar aroma of sweet and robust spice. Her mouth started to water as she approached the entrance, trembling with lascivious expectation.

Cobweb reached out and grabbed a healthy handful of Peaseblossom’s pubic hair, winding it around and around her hand to make sure that she had a firm enough grip. Then she reached out her tiny foot and stepped onto the front of her friend’s pussy lips. Her foot immediately sunk down a good ways, all the way to her ankle. She giggled excitedly as she steadied herself, using her other hand to grab onto another clump of Peaseblossom’s soft pubic hair.

She took another step and her other foot sank in the same way — she was now ankle-deep in Peaseblossom’s pussy lips. The smooth pink flesh almost seemed to suck her feet in, and each subsequent step into her vagina was accompanied by a soft squelching noise.

“I mean, I knew her pussy was soft,” said Cobweb to herself as she grabbed onto more pubic hair to keep herself from falling, “but damn…Pease’s pussy is softer than silk…softer than our mistress’s bed, softer than the ripe pears in the Garden of the Hesperides in the Far West…” She trailed off, getting distracted by her own thoughts. She was remembering that huge ancient garden Titania had taken them to years back, and the giant, mesmerizing, amazonian Hesperides who guarded it and tended to it. Cobweb and the others had longed to go back ever since —

Cobweb was suddenly shaken from her thoughts — Peaseblossom had moved slightly in her sleep, which to Cobweb seemed like a small earthquake. She lost her grip and her footing and fell down flat on her back. It felt like she had fallen down into a quagmire, except instead of brown, decaying matter, this one was made up of sweet-smelling pink flesh that was very much alive, moving and quivering slightly.

Cobweb lay still for a moment, appreciating how her body was slowly sinking into Peaseblossom’s soft pussy flesh. Her own miniature pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the moment as she imagined being swallowed up completely in her friend’s vagina, who was completely unaware as she slept. Cobweb suddenly had a moment of panic when she realized that she was sinking faster than she initially realized. She reached out desperately with two hands and grabbed onto handfuls of smooth flesh. Her hands were so small that they could actually use these handfuls of flesh as climbing posts.

Little by little, the miniature fairy pulled herself back onto her feet. She sighed in relief as she leaned against Peaseblossom’s vestibule, making sure she had a firm hold of her friend’s flesh. For added stability, Cobweb dug her feet in and grabbed onto Peaseblossom’s flesh with her toes. After she had caught her breath, shaking her head and smiling to herself at her own shenanigans, Cobweb looked slowly up at her prize. Hanging above her head in the roof of the vaginal opening, the equivalent of fifteen feet above her, and the equivalent size of a large punching bag, was Peaseblossom’s clit.

From her position underneath, Cobweb could see it clearly. It was a brighter pink than the surrounding flesh it was still slowly dripping fat gobs of fluid from Peaseblossom’s recent orgasms.
“Mmmmm, there it is,” said Cobweb hungrily, licking her lips, “there’s what I’m going for.” And go for it she did. Wasting no more time, and making sure she had a good grip on the smooth walls of the vaginal vestibule, she began to slowly climb. It was tough work — she had to make sure that at any given time, she had one hand and one foot that were firmly gripping the pink vaginal flesh. But Cobweb was patient, and she kept her eyes determinedly fixed on Peaseblossom’s clit, as a reminder of her reward if she climbed slowly and purposefully.

After about five minutes, she was nearly there. For the last minute or so of climbing, Cobweb had to climb not up, but rather across her friend’s vaginal opening. This was especially tricky work, since Cobweb knew that if she fell, she wouldn’t be able to slide down the smooth vestibule walls. Instead, she would land directly back into Peaseblossom’s pussy flesh and probably sink down a good ways before she would have a chance to grab onto anything. She might actually be swallowed alive.

This hint of danger didn’t scare Cobweb, though — instead it made her even more excited, more focused, and more determined to reach her goal. And finally, there it was in front of her; she had reached it. Cobweb had been scaling the last section of Peaseblossom’s pussy upside down, almost like a sloth, so she was looking at Peaseblossom’s clit from an upside down position. Up close, it was bigger than half of her body, and seemed to inhale and exhale along with the rest of Peaseblossom’s body. It was glistening with syrupy fluid.

From her upside-down position, Cobweb looked at it, mesmerized, more determined than ever to touch it, to taste it, and to stimulate it. But how was she going to reach it? It seemed so close, yet so far.

“Am I gonna go for it?” she said to herself. She pondered a moment, and just like that, her private debate was over. “Oh yeah,” she said, positioning herself for the jump, “I’m going for it.”

Suddenly she jumped, springing out of her upside-down crouch like an ambush predator. She caught herself onto the clit in midair, wrapping both of her little arms around it, and clinging to it for dear life. Once her arms had steadied her momentum, she wrapped both her legs around it as well, and dug her fingers and toes into the clit flesh, which was smoother, denser, and pinker than anything surrounding it.

“Aha! Gotcha!” cried Cobweb in triumph as she gave the clit a full-body embrace. She nuzzled her face into it, tasting its sweet-spicy flavor, unlike anything else she had ever tasted. She had tasted Peaseblossom’s clit many times before, but never at this size….at this size it was even sweeter, even spicier, even more delectable.

“Get ready for it, Pease,” Cobweb called passionately in her little voice, “I’m comin’ for you!” And with an ardent snarl, as she sensually spooned the clit with her entire body, she bit down into the dense pink flesh.


A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Oh, this is so cute. And it's getting better as it goes. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Hope you enjoy this next part <3 <3

“Yyyyeeeee!!” Peaseblossom let out a surprised yelp as she woke up suddenly to the sharp stimulation in her clit. She rolled over quickly and jumped to her feet. Cobweb had prepared for this reaction, and was clinging like a koala bear, as tightly as she could, to her friend’s clit. She had just bitten into the smooth, tight, pink flesh, and as Peaseblossom struggled to her feet in confusion, Cobweb made an effort to keep her tiny little teeth locked into her bite.

Peaseblossom instinctively brought her hand down to her vagina to feel around for what was causing such intense stimulation. Cobweb had prepared for that too — she had shimmied her way up the clit so that now, as she clung to it, she was hidden under Peaseblossom’s clitoral hood. As Peaseblossom felt around her snatch for the cause of the acute waves of stimuli, she glanced quickly around the forest. Mustardseed was still fast asleep on the ground next to her, and she could see Moth’s shrunken foot-long body laid out neatly next to the stone fountain — she also looked to be asleep. But where was Cobweb?

Peaseblossom took in the whole scene within a few seconds. She saw the glass bottle of the shrinking potion, stoppered, next to the fountain, which was not where she had left it before…a sudden sparkle below caught her eye and she looked down at her feet and saw the discarded acorn cap, from which a couple tiny of drops of black liquid glinted back at her. Then she knew.

“C-cobwebbbb!” she cried into the air as her back arched involuntarily from another intense wave of stimulation.

“Whaaaa?!?!” answered back Cobweb, as loudly as she could, through a mouthful of her friend’s clit flesh.

“Y-you little, y-you…little…” said Peaseblossom with difficulty, swaying on her feet and clutching at her pussy, trying in vain to locate Cobweb so she could grab her.

“Whaa, Peasth…whaaa!?!” called Cobweb again merrily, her mouth full. She reared back quickly and bit down again, harder this time.

“Ohhhhh!!” yelled Peaseblossom, her thighs coming together as she shivered in spontaneous, uncontrollable pleasure. “C-cobwebbb!! S-s-stop, s-stopppp!!”

“Sthop??” came Cobweb’s tiny clit-muffled voice, which carried surprisingly well in the air. “No way!!” She tightened her bear-hug on the clit and began delivering a series of short quick bites. “Rrrrrah!” she snarled passionately as she bit down over and over. Peaseblossom heard Cobweb’s little voice from her vagina snarling with each bite. “Rrrrrah! Rrrrrahhh! Rrrrrrahhhhh!”

It was all too much for the fairy to handle, and after stumbling along a few paces on trembling legs, she collapsed once again to the forest floor, her entire body wracked by pleasure.

“Mmmmm yeah, that’s right!” growled Cobweb lustily as she held onto the clit, nuzzling it aggressively with her face. “The tiny brings down the giant! Rrrrahhhh!” And she kept on biting.

Peaseblossom’s body was shaking in continuous orgasm. Her eyes had been staring up at the bright woody green of the forest canopy, but now they rolled back into her head as she came, gushing out of her pussy. Cobweb had to hang on even tighter, since Peaseblossom’s clit was getting more and more slippery with her thick and syrupy ejaculate.

“Ooooo baby!!” she called out to Peaseblossom, as she used all four limbs to climb farther up her friend’s clit to get a better grip. “You’re getting slippery in here, Pease!”

“S-st-stoppp…c-can’t…can’t t-take it…anymore…” panted Peaseblossom, her eyes shut tightly as she tried again to reach for her pussy.

“Not so fast, little missy!” called out Cobweb exuberantly, and she bit down into the top of Peaseblossom’s clit, harder than ever.

“Aaaaaauuuuggghhh!!!” Peaseblossom wailed out in abandoned release, unable to hold herself back from the titanic orgasm that crashed through her body like an ocean wave. Her limbs tensed up completely, and all she could do was lie there on the forest floor, her arms and legs shaking, her flesh quivering, her skin sweating, as she came over and over again.

“Wha—whassup? Wha-what’s going on?” asked Mustardseed suddenly. Peaseblossom’s loud orgasmic wails had woken her up, and she crawled over to her friend to see what was the matter.

“I-it’s…it’s…C-c-cobwebbbb,” moaned Peaseblossom through her ecstasy. She had forced her eyes open, turned her head, and was now staring pleadingly up at Mustardseed, begging her to help. “Sh-sh-she…sh-sh-shrunkkkk….h-herselfff…hah! oh goddddd…..oh goddddd….a-and…and n-nowww, sh-she’s in my…in my….”

“I know where she is,” cut in Mustardseed, understanding the situation perfectly. “Spread your legs, Pease — I’m gonna get her out.” Peaseblossom did as she was told and Mustardseed bent down to examine her friend’s snatch. As she looked closely, she spotted a tiny foot protruding from Peaseblossom’s clitoral hood. Mustardseed smiled mischievously. “Then we can punish her together.”

“Nooooo!!” squealed Cobweb, who was hearing this whole exchange. “You’ll never catch me, Mustard!! You’ll never get meeee!!” And with that, she started swinging back and forth on Peaseblossom’s clit, gaining momentum. As Mustardseed reached her hand down to snatch her, Cobweb suddenly let go, propelling herself forward straight into the deeper recesses of Peaseblossom’s vagina.

“Arg, there she goes! She’s getting away!” cried Mustardseed, and without hesitation she thrust her entire hand into Peaseblossom’s depths. She had seen Cobweb’s tiny feet vanish in between the slippery pink folds, and knew she didn’t have much time before the tiny fairy would burrow out of reach.

“Ooh!! Ooohhh, Mustardseeeeedddd,” moaned Peaseblossom, feeling the sudden effect of her friend’s forceful fist, and she arched her back again in agonized pleasure, hoping through the searing haze of her renewed orgasms that Cobweb wouldn’t escape deeper inside her.

But Cobweb knew what she was doing. As soon as she had launched herself from Peaseblossom’s clit, she was already making the swimming motions mid-air that would allow her to speedily delve into the moist steaming flesh.


The wet juicy flesh of Peaseblossom’s cunt roared in Cobweb’s ears as she speared herself directly into it. Her flying momentum through the air was suddenly halted as Peaseblossom’s vaginal walls closed in on all sides of her tiny body, squeezing her tightly in a full-body embrace.

“Go, go, go!!!” Cobweb panted to herself, and she immediately began swimming through the dense pink folds of flesh, first going left, then right, but all the while keeping up a feverish pace to keep out of distance of Mustardseed’s approaching hand. She grabbed and yanked with her tiny hands, using any leverage she could muster in a handfull of flesh to propel her deeper; her little arms swam furiously in freestyle motion, each desperate thrust taking her farther into Peaseblossom’s body; her legs frog-kicked behind her with each motion of her arms — they were really doing most of the work, because despite her shrunken size, Cobweb’s hips and legs lived up to their lusciously muscular curvature and thrust her powerfully out of Mustardseed’s reach.

“Damn it!” cursed Mustardseed, her hand still buried in Peaseblossom’s pussy. She repositioned herself as she cocked her head and stared up at the green forest canopy, squinting her eyes in concentration as her fingers felt around inside for any sign of Cobweb’s fugitive body. After a few moments of feeling around and getting nothing, she lowered her head and made eye contact with Peaseblossom…or, at least as much as that was possible now. Peaseblossom’s eyes were starting to cross from the dual overstimulation of Cobweb’s adventure and Mustardseed’s hand…she lay there panting, and tried in vain to return Mustardseed’s look before her eyes rolled back together, then back into her head, then forward, then one eye right, then another eye left.

“I’m sorry Pease,” said Mustardseed, her voice edged in determination, but I’m gonna have to go even deeper to get her.”

“N-no!!” cried Peaseblossom as she threw her head back in anguish. “I c-can’t t-take anymore! I c-can’t!! I can’ttttt!!!” She began to weep as she lay there prone on her back, unable to handle any more sensation without completely breaking down.

“You have to,” said Mustardseed, unswayed. “You have to take it. Do you know what she’s going to do to you when she gets to your cervix??” And without any further delay she reared back and thrust her hand in deeper, going in all the way past her wrist and up to the lower part of her forearm.

Peaseblossom screamed as her body arched once more in a shattering orgasm, and after a few seconds of total tension in every muscle in her body, she collapsed back down on the forest floor and immediately went into a series of incoherent babblings as her figure shook and quivered— only the whites of her eyes were visible; she had utterly given into the demonic possession of the fairies’ stimulation.

Mustardseed felt her friend’s snatch boil over…to her it almost felt like she had stuck her hand into a cauldron of boiling water. She could feel the flesh rippling and contracting, flexing and squelching, and she could feel the pressure building up behind her buried hand.


Peaseblossom’s ejaculate made hissing sounds as it fought to escape, and Mustardseed was surprised to see it start to froth and bubble forth around her lower forearm, shooting out in little geysers this way, and dripping out hurriedly on the ground that way in fat globs.

Suddenly, an idea came to her head that was too simple and perfect to ignore. In one sudden stroke, she withdrew her upper arm and entire hand from Peaseblossom’s pussy. All the pressure that had been building up was swiftly released, and Peaseblossom gushed forth in wave after powerful wave of ejaculation. Mustardseed sat back and watched the tidal wave of cum with a hawk eye.

*Ssssssssssthhh!!! Ssssssssth! Ssssssssssssssssstttthhhhhhhhhh!!!”

The third wave was the most powerful, and as Peaseblossom twisted and writhed incoherently, Mustardseed uttered an excited cry as she saw Cobweb’s tiny figure come tumbling out of the vagina. She hit the ground with a splash, and she would have gotten up quicker if she had not been momentarily stunned by the impact, and weighed down by the thick cum that covered her entire body. As it was, she recovered relatively quickly and managed to push herself up onto her feet, stumbling about as she spat and sputtered in the open air.

Mustardseed deftly bent down and snatched her little body up with her fingers. Cobweb was just over an inch tall. Mustardseed smiled widely as she saw Cobweb struggle as hard as she could in her grip. She reached out a finger that was over twice the little fairy’s length and very carefully pet her tiny cheek with her finger pad. She brought her hand up to her face, so that Cobweb could see her own reflection in Mustardseed’s huge wide eyes. Cobweb knew the game was up, and she flinched at the enormous movement above of Mustardseed’s eyebrows as they beat up and down and sent ripples through the air. Something seemed to expand up underneath her, and Cobweb knew that Mustardseed had cracked her mouth open in a smile.

“Gotcha!” she whispered to the little fairy, who felt like she was being spoken to by a waterfall. However, despite the overwhelming difference in size, Cobweb wasn’t in any mood to apologize. Still hanging from Mustardseed’s fingertip hold, she crossed her arms as she spat some of Peaseblossom’s cum out of her mouth, pouting.

“Naughty girl,” said Mustardseed as she shook her head back and forth at her tiny captive. “Shrunk yourself down while everyone was asleep and snuck into Peaseblossom’s vagina, huh? Without even asking?”

*Cough* *Cough* “Oh riiiightt,” said Cobweb sarcastically as she spat more cum out of her mouth, coughing a few times. “I violated poor, innocent Peaseblossom.”

“Oh, I would never say that — ” Mustardseed began, smiling at the miniature fairy.

“—And!” continued Cobweb, “And I made her cum harder than I’ve seen her cum since…uh…since…”

“Since Titania stuck her tongue into her last month?” suggested Mustardseed, arching her eyebrow.

“…yeah,” said Cobweb after a few moments’ thought. The two were briefly captivated by the memory of witnessing that event and fell silent. Titania was the queen of the forest — there was no questioning that. And when their mistress decided to use her tongue to get what she wanted, well….

“Anyway,” said Cobweb eventually, sticking her little chin up at Mustardseed with her arms still folded, “aren’t you gonna punish me?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” chuckled Mustardseed as she sat down with her back to the stone fountain, with her feet flat on the ground and her knees up in the air. She brought her hand down and deposited the inch-high Cobweb on her knee. The tiny fairy slid down her friend’s hand and alighted on her knee standing up. She shook her whole body like a wet dog, causing hundreds of droplets of Peaseblossom’s cum to fly everywhere. Mustardseed felt some of the droplets wet her finger and she brought it up to her mouth and tasted.

“Mmmm! Has Pease been eating more daffodil nectar recently?” she asked. “Her cum tastes fresher and less musky than last time.”

Cobweb shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe,” she said indifferently. Having shaken herself dry, she put her hands on her hips. Clearly she had ideas.

“Look,” she said authoritatively to Mustardseed, “now’s our chance!”

“Our chance to do what?” asked Mustardseed, who was looking at Cobweb’s tiny body with gentle fascination.

“Oh come on, don’t be dense,” said Cobweb impatiently, rolling her eyes. “Look at her!” She gestured over her to Moth’s footlong body, still fast asleep beside the stone fountain. “And look at her!” She made another gesture behind her to the normal-sized Peaseblossom, who by the looks of it had also fallen asleep.

Mustardseed looked at Cobweb’s little body. God she looked so delicious. “And?” she said, content to sit there and watch Cobweb pout and sigh and scheme on her knee.

“Are you serious?” asked Cobweb, getting more and more frustrated. “There’s plenty of potion left! We can wake Moth up… you can both shrink yourselves down to my size…and then we can all sneak back inside Peaseblossom and go straight for her cervix! She’ll have no way of stopping us!”

“Hmmm,” said Mustardseed, stroking her chin with a long, pointed fingernail, “But I kinda like being this size, especially…you know…with you here, all tiny and yummy-looking.” She had started to lick her lips with her big tongue.

“Oh come on, Mustard,” complained Cobweb, stomping her foot down on Mustardseed’s knee in frustration. “Just think of what we could do to her once we got in there— we could be in there for days before Titania got us out. And Peaseblossom…oh god, just imagine how crazy we could make her!”

“Yyyeeaahh,” said Mustardseed, “that does sound like fun…but you know what sounds like more fun?” She leaned in closer to Cobweb, so that all the little fairy could see was her huge face. “Making a little meal out of you.”

Cobweb rolled her eyes again. “Oh knock it off, will you, Mustard?” she said irritatedly, cocking her hip. Mustardseed paid her no heed and slowly extended her huge tongue out to the little fairy’s face. Cobweb tried to ignore her as she began exploring with her tongue, which tasted her face, her neck, and then poked its way up into her armpits.

“What I’m…what I’m saying…” said Cobweb with difficulty as she tried unsuccessfully to ignore the gigantic tongue exploring her body. “Is that…she’s…she’s gonna be…be awake soon…and then…ah! Hey, that tickles! Stop! And then…stop!…and then, when she’s awake…she’s gonna…she’s gonna…”

“Punish you?” said Mustardseed smiling widely as she suddenly withdrew her tongue back into her mouth.

“Yeah she’s gonna punish me!” said Cobweb indignantly, regaining her composure after Mustardseed withdrew her tongue.

“Well, she’s not gonna punish you if you’re safe in my stomach,” giggled Mustardseed, and she yawned open her mouth and leaned her head forward once more, threatening to completely engulf the shrunken fairy.

“Stop being stupid!” demanded Cobweb, collapsing into a cross-legged sitting position on Mustardseed’s knee as she folded her little arms again in exasperation. “Do you wanna have some fun with this potion or not?”

“Oh I wanna have some fun with it alright, breathed Mustardseed, her mouth now directly over Cobweb’s body, “but just not the kind of fun that you — ”

“Who are you talking to?” A sudden small voice came up from Mustardseed’s left. Without wasting any time, she bent down and slurped Cobweb up into her mouth.

“Hey!” called Cobweb as her giant friend gobbled her up, “Hey! Stop! Are you actually…oh my god, you bitch!” The sound of her little voice was sealed up completely as Mustardseed closed her mouth. “Is she fucking serious?!” fretted Cobweb after she was completely sealed in. The sound of her own voice seemed rich and dense inside Mustardseed’s closed mouth. “What does she think she’s doing?” She sighed in irritation and walked over to a huge fleshy wall and began hammering on it with her fists. “Let me out! We’re wasting our chance! Let me out, you bitch!”

Mustardseed could feel the tickling sensations of Cobweb’s little fists beating on the inside of her cheeks. She couldn’t help but smile as she turned toward the source of the voice. It was Moth — she had woken up and was rubbing her eyes blearily as she yawned her little mouth.

“Hmmm?” asked Mustardseed, trying to look innocent as she kept her mouth closed.

“You heard me,” said Moth, giving another yawn as she smacked her lips again. “Who are you talking to?”

“MmmMmm?” said Mustardseed in response, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, as if to say, “No one.” Moth wasn’t buying it, though.

“Come on, spit it out, Mustard. I know you’re up to something,” said Moth, who was now standing next to one of Mustardseed’s legs, coming up to her shin. Mustardseed started shaking with laughter, appreciating the irony of Moth’s words.

“Oooof!” said Cobweb from inside her mouth, who had slipped and fallen down when Mustardseed started laughing. The inch-high fairy started sliding down Mustardseed’s tongue, but she used her large taste buds as handholds and footholds to keep from sliding down too far. “Oh my god, what a fucking bitch,” she said to herself in frustration. “She’s gonna pay for this.”

Moth looked over at Peaseblossom’s body lying supine on the forest floor. Large dark spots of her ejaculate stained the ground all around her.

“What happened to her?” asked Moth, pointing with a tiny finger. Mustardseed once again shrugged her shoulders and made her eyebrows go up.

“MmmmMmmm?” she responded innocently, as if to say, “I have no idea.”

Moth shook her head. “Yeah right…you expect me to believe that?” She looked back over at Peaseblossom. “Oh well,” she said nastily, turning back to Mustardseed, “she deserved it. Shrinking me down that far.”

“MmmHmmm!” agreed Mustardseed, nodding her head vigorously.

“God damn it!” yelled Cobweb from inside her mouth, getting thrown off her feet again by Mustardseed’s movements and having to grab onto one of her back molars to keep from sliding down her throat.

“So…” said Moth, taking a long look at the bottle of shrinking potion, and then around at the forest, “where’s Cobweb?”

“Cbbbbwbbb?” asked Mustardseed.

“Yeah,” said Moth, completing her panorama scan of the forest, then looking again at the potion bottle, and then returning her gaze to Mustardseed. “I don’t see her anywhere.”

Mustardseed pretended to scrutinize the forest around them, scanning left and right as she furrowed her brow in concentration. After a few moments she looked back down at Moth, who was standing there with her hands on her hips, her head cocked to the side, clearly not impressed by her attempts to pretend.

“MmmMmmm?” said Mustardseed unconvincingly, shrugging her shoulders.

“That’s goatshit,” said Moth. “She’s in your mouth!”

Mustardseed sighed and rolled her eyes as she reluctantly opened up, revealing Cobweb, who was busy trying to climb across her teeth to get to the front of her mouth.

“Called it,” said Moth smiling.

“Not like it was that hard to figure out,” said Cobweb irritatedly, who was using Mustardseed’s bottom front teeth to pull herself to her feet. “Lower me down, bitch!” she called up to her captor, and Mustardseed rolled her eyes again as she brought her open mouth down to her raised knee again, depositing her gently down.

Thank you,” said Cobweb curtly, and once again she shook herself like a wet dog, this time sending droplets of Mustardseed’s saliva every which way.

“Watch it!” said Moth, who was sprayed a little by Cobweb’s shaking-off.

“Blame her!” snapped Cobweb as she continued dry herself off. “She’s the one who decided to eat me!”

“But can you really blame me, Cobweb?” asked Mustardseed dreamily, looking at her little body misty-eyed.

“You are pretty cute at that size,” agreed Moth, who had climbed up Mustardseed’s hips and was now leaning her back against her thigh.

“Whatever,” said Cobweb. She took a quick looked over at Peaseblossom, who still seemed to be as fast asleep as ever. She turned to Mustardseed.

“Well?” she asked inquiringly, “what do you think?”

“Think? About what?” asked Moth. “What are you two cooking up?”

Mustardseed inhaled through her nose slowly and exhaled, up over Cobweb so as not to blow her over. “Cobweb wants us to shrink down as small as she is and go for Peaseblossom’s cervix.”

“Oooooo, let’s do it!” said Moth, clapping her hands. “That’ll get her back for shrinking me so small.”

“Still though…I don’t know,” said Mustardseed cautiously. “What if she wakes up before we can get inside her?”

“Oh please Mustard, where’s your spirit of adventure?” chided Cobweb. “If she catches us, she catches us. But just imagine…imagine what we could get up to…in there.”

Mustardseed thought for a few moments as the foot-high Moth and the inch-high Cobweb watched and waited. At their sizes, it really was up to her. After bit she sighed. “You two are gonna be the end of me, you know that right?”

A smile spread across Cobweb’s little face. “Oh riiigght, we’re the ones who’re corrupting you.”

Moth smiled likewise. “Yeah, don’t pretend we’re forcing you, Mustardseed. You wanna do this just as much as we do.”

Mustardseed grinned as she reached out two hands and took the two fairies and put them both on the ground. “Bitches.” They all turned to face the shrink potion, which seemed to grin back at them as it swirled slowly around, a sparkling mysterious black in the bottle.

A few minutes later, all three of them were an inch high, standing in between Peaseblossom’s cavernous legs, the massive form of her vagina rising above them like a forbidden cave. She was still snoozing soundly, and with each long exhale, her pussy seemed to breathe out as well, ruffling the hair of the three shrunken fairies with a sweet, musky, moist scent. Her huge body suddenly stirred a bit as the fairies approached, causing them to draw back a bit in trepidation.

“Maybe she’s waking up,” said Mustardseed nervously.

“Oh shit,” said Moth.

“C’mon, it’s now or never,” said Cobweb. “We just need to get a running start.”


A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:


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