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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)

For anyone interested, I've just posted a new chapter of this story on my Patreon:

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A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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Re: A Midsummer Night's Dream (SW, fairies, shrink potion)


The three fairies hopped up and down, gathering themselves up for the big jump. Suddenly Peaseblossom stirred again. Her legs twitched, and at one inch tall, it seemed to the fairies like an earthquake. Their hair blew back in the gush of wind from Peaseblossom’s pussy as it squelched and exhaled.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!!” cried Mustardseed in excited panic. “She’s waking up!!”

“Ok! One two three GO!!” called Cobweb, and the three fairies broke into an all-out sprint for the yawning opening of Peaseblossom’s pussy.

“Whhaaa?” came Peaseblossom’s sleepy and confused voice from somewhere beyond them. “Where is everyone?”

“Inside youuuuu!!” hollered Mustardseed as the three of them dove headfirst into her snatch.

“Aaaauughh!” cried Peaseblossom, rolling over on her stomach in alarm. “Wh-whaaa? S-stoppp it!!”

But the fairies had only gotten started. Their running start had served them well, because even as Peaseblossom reached into her pussy to try and fish them out with her fingers, they had already propelled themselves way out of their reach. And they didn’t stop there — as soon as their forward progress was halted by the hot moist flesh of Peaseblossom’s cunt, they started to swim through her.

“Come on, come on!” called Cobweb through the thick undulations of Peaseblossom’s slick pussy flesh. “Keep going, come on — let’s go, let’s go!!” Moth and Mustardseed could barely hear their friend’s voice, such was the closed and claustrophobic inside Peaseblossom’s vaginal canal, but it nonetheless spurred them to swim even harder. They were on a mission, headed straight for Peaseblossom’s cervix.

But the comparatively giant fairy wasn’t going to make it easy for them. She was rolling her body around on the forest floor, her hand deep inside herself, trying desperately to extract her mischievous friends. All of the stimulation from the shrunken fairies’ tiny limbs, combined with the added provocation from her own desperate fingers, was making Peaseblossom’s vagina more and more lubricated.

“Careful!” yelled out Cobweb. “She’s lubing herself up! She’s gonna make herself cum to try and flush us out! Come on, keep going, keep going! We’re almost there!”

But almost as soon as she spoke, a great rush of noise assaulted their tiny ears, and what seemed like a tidal wave of fresh cum seemingly appeared out of nowhere, headed straight for the three fairies. They yelled and scampered to the sides of Peaseblossom’s vaginal walls, trying their best to hold on tightly to the living ripples of dark pink flesh. Mustardseed and Cobweb were lucky, and the tidal wave of cum missed them by inches. But it hit Moth straight in her torso, right before she was able to get a good hold on some of Peaseblossom’s flesh, and with a scream she was swept away.

“Moth!!! Noooo!!!” called out Mustardseed, holding out a futile hand at her friend as she was swiftly carried away by the wave of cum. But there was no saving her, and a moment later it was just Mustardseed and Cobweb who remained.

“Oh goat balls!” Cobweb cursed, punching the vaginal walls in frustration. “It was gonna be so epic, the three of us in there!”

“Yeah,” said Mustardseed with regret in her voice. A few seconds of silence passed between the two fairies; they were obviously upset that this golden opportunity had passed them all by.

“Still though,” said Mustardseed suddenly, breaking the silence, “that’s not to say that we can’t have ourselves one hell of a twosome party in there, right?”

Cobweb’s beautiful face broke into an impish grin, and even though it was quite dark inside Peaseblossom’s vagina, Mustardseed had enough light to see that the fairy was still excited by the prospect.

“I like your attitude Mustard,” she said devilishly. She turned and looked down the vaginal canal — something dark was visible up ahead, something that was indistinct, and yet still looked like a mouth. The two fairies turned to look at each other; they knew it was the entrance to Peaseblossom’s cervix. Exchanging naughty smiles, they let go of the vaginal walls, steadied themselves on their feet, and ran for it.

Elsewhere, Moth’s mouth was full of Peaseblossom’s cum as she found herself unwillingly caught up in the tidal wave of her comparatively-giant friend’s ejaculate.

“Auugggghhhcccklllcklkclckk!” she choked as she desperately swallowed down gulp after gulp of Peaseblossom’s cum in an attempt to clear her mouth so that she could breathe. But more cum kept filling up her mouth, such was the swirling violence of the current, and Moth was not entirely free of it until she came shooting out of Peaseblossom’s pussy as the giant fairy came violently in a shooting stream of gooey fluid. Moth tumbled out of her friend’s pussy straight onto the forest floor, where she quickly got on all fours and scampered free of the rest of the ejaculate deluge. Still only an inch tall, she stood up and shook herself free of Peaseblossom’s juices, cursing herself for failing in her mission.

“Fuck!” she yelled out loud, angry with herself for not having been quick enough. But she had to snap out of her self abuse when she saw that Peaseblossom’s giant form was headed straight for her. She scurried towards the fountain, avoiding Peaseblossom’s giant stumping limbs. Moth looked up at her huge form in wonder. To her, Peaseblossom looked well over a hundred feet tall, and it was clear to Moth that she was in distress. She was stomping aimlessly around the forest, without any care for where she was going, her hand deep in her snatch, and her face screwed up in wordless agony.

‘Fine then,’ thought Moth, feeling turned on by the sight of a giant Peaseblossom in helplessly aroused distress, ‘If I can’t enjoy it from the inside, I’m sure as Scholomance gonna enjoy it from the outside.’ She straightened herself up and walked over to Peaseblossom, who now was bending over the stone basin of the fountain, panting and dripping fat drops of perspiration into the placid waters.

“Hey!! Pease!! Hey!!!” called up Moth as loudly as she could.

“Whaaa? What?” asked Peaseblossom, looking up through the intense pleasure of her stimulation. She looked around the forest, her eyes going in different directions as she searched in vain for the source of the voice.

“Hey!! I’m down here, you big bitch!!” yelled Moth, cupping her tiny hands to her mouth in order to project her miniature voice. Peaseblossom turned unsteadily, putting her back to the fountain, as she looked down to where Moth was standing.

“Yeah! I’m here! You see me?” called Moth, waving her tiny hands in the air.

“I—I see you, y-yes!” said Peaseblossom through her heavy breathing. She crouched down again, seized with a spasm of pleasure, and she put her hands on her knees.

“Mo-mo-moth!!” she panted, “y-you…you have to make them stop!”

“No can do, girlfriend,” said Moth casually, pretending to file her nails. “They’re already so deep up in you that I’m surprised they’re not at your cervix yet.”

“N-no!” cried Peaseblossom, her cheeks growing even redder as she heard of the fairies’ wicked plan, “n-not my c-cervix! You…you know what happens when…when stuff gets up in there!!”

“Oh I know, Pease,” said Moth calmly, pretending to be bored as she kept filing her nails with an imaginary filer. “Trust me, we all know. I’m just the unlucky one who got taken out by your fucking avalanche of cum.” Peaseblossom didn’t respond — she was panting harder now.

“Was that your idea all along?” persisted Moth, “to flush us all out by making yourself cum? I have to say, Pease, that was pretty resourceful of you.”

“W-w-was M-mustardseed’s idea,” managed Peaseblossom, gritting her teeth. “Y-y-ou were p-p-passed out before…d-d-didn’t see…”

“Oh was I?” asked Moth mildly, putting a finger to her chin as she furrowed her brow in mock concentration. She blinked and her eyes got wide as she pretended to remember. “Oh yeah! That’s right — I forgot! You forced so much of the shrink potion down my throat that I shrank smaller than a fairyfly.”

“I…I ap-apologized t-to you already…f-for…for that,” gasped Peaseblossom.

“Whatever, you big bitch” said Moth, looking at her nails. She plopped down cross-legged on the forest floor. “I’m just waiting for the fireworks to start.”

“F-f-fireworks!?” wheezed Peaseblossom through her arousal. Her face was bright red now, and clearly straining for every shred of rationality she could cling to. But Moth could see she was fighting a losing battle.

“That’s right,” she said, grinning. “Fireworks.”

Deep in Peaseblossom’s vagina, Cobweb and Mustardseed had reached her cervix. It loomed up before them in the darkness — it looked like an alien ribbed mouth, almost a pinkish-white, glistening in the dim light.

“The door to heaven itself,” breathed Cobweb in wonder, entranced by Peaseblossom’s cervix mouth as it gently sucked in and out, in and out, like the mouth of some huge sleeping creature.

“Blasphemy!” chided Mustardseed, turning and smacking Cobweb on her butt. “As glorious as Peaseblossom is, you know no one…not even her…can approach the majesty of our mistress.”

“Ohhh, yes, yes of courssseee,” nodded Cobweb in simulated contrition. “How could I be so profane?”

“Oh, you wanna see profane?” asked Mustardseed, and without wasting any more time she dove straight in between the lips of Peaseblossom’s cervix. Cobweb immediately felt the effect of Mustardseed’s actions, as the very floor and walls were moving violently up and down, and from side to side. Evidently, Peaseblossom was having the expected reaction to a tiny fairy diving headfirst into her cervix. Cobweb watched as Mustardseed wriggled her little body through the tight cervix lips — her legs were frog kicking out in the air…then it was just her feet…and then just the tiny nubs of her toes, and then she was gone completely.

“Well,” said Cobweb out loud, contemplating the ribbed lips alone now, “that was quick.”

“Come on, bitch!” called Mustardseed from inside Peaseblossom’s cervix, on the other side of the living wall. “Get your ass in here so we can get nasty!”

Cobweb chuckled. “You don’t have to ask me twice — well, here goes nothing!” And she dove into the rolling waves of flesh.

Out in the forest, by the fountain, Peaseblossom doubled over and fell to her knees. She was completely overwhelmed with arousal by this point.

“Yeah?” asked Moth expectantly from her cross-legged position on the ground. “They in there yet? Did they get in?” Peaseblossom couldn’t answer…her face had gone an even deeper shade of red, and her whole body began shuddering uncontrollably, spasming randomly right and left, up and down. She collapsed from her kneeling position into a fully supine pose on the forest floor.

“Hmmmm….yyyeeaahhhh,” mused Moth, “I’ll take that as a yes.” She jumped up and bounded over to Peaseblossom’s giant form, making straight for her head. She reached it within a minute and walked right up to one of Peaseblossom’s ears, which was four or five times larger than she was.

“So?” she called loudly, directly into her shaking friend’s ear, “So? How’s it feel, Pease?”

Peaseblossom was in no state to reply — her entire body continued to shake as she moaned and groaned in excruciating titillation. Moth kept at her.

“No answer?” she mocked into her friend’s ear. “Come on, Pease — nothing?! It’s not every day that you get to describe what’s it’s like to have two whole fairies in your cervix, you know.”

“Ooooohhhhhh!!” cried Peaseblossom as the beaded sweat on her brow started running down her face. Up as close as she was, Moth could see that there were even little dots of perspiration developing on the sensitive little hairs on her earlobe. She smiled as she bent down, licking a dot off and swallowing it down — she was so small that even this minuscule little dot of sweat was a full-mouth’s gulp for her.

“Mmmmm, yessss Pease,” she moaned into her ear, “I can taste your fear. I can taste it…you know it’s about to happen — you know it is! Get ready!!”

“Nnnooooo!” moaned Peaseblossom. But that was all she could do now.

Deep inside her cervix, Cobweb and Mustardseed were making out. They rubbed their naked fairy bodies against each other as they passionately grabbed the other’s head, locking mouths deeply as their tongues explored each other’s throats. Their lewd display inside their friend’s cervix was turning them both on beyond belief, and clear ejaculate was running down their legs from their own tiny pussies. After a few minutes Mustardseed pushed Cobweb away.

“Ok! Ok!!” she panted, “enough already! I could do that with you forever, but we gotta…we gotta — ”

“See to the task at hand,” panted Cobweb, “I know, I know.” The two fairies looked around where they were. They were actually in Peaseblossom’s uterus…they had pushed their way so far up her cervix that they had popped out into what to them was a much larger room — whereas the cervix seemed like an almost impossibly narrow hallway of living flesh, the uterus actually seemed like a spacious room…with living, breathing walls that rippled and moved. To the two fairies, it was like they were standing inside a medium-sized bedroom. They looked at each other — their eyebrows went up, and they cackled gleefully as they went at it. They ran straight at Peaseblossom’s uterine walls, colliding with them violently. They bounced off, each going in different directions, and they let out shrieks of laughter as they each bounded into a different wall, bounced off them again, and kept at it. They were both like little pinballs in the uterus, running and bouncing off the walls with reckless abandon. And the more they ran, and the more they bounced, the faster their rhythm became, and the harder they both howled in laughter.

“GGGGLLLLLLLLAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!” bellowed Peaseblossom. Moth actually had to start back a little. She had never heard such an animalistic wail in all her life. She watched in awe as Peaseblossom’s huge body seized up in a giant upside-down-U and shot a straight and powerful stream of cum directly up and out of her vagina. It was so powerful that it sprayed the tree branches overhanging the fountain. From Moth’s perspective, it was as if a massive geyser had just gone off, shooting a stream of ejaculate hundreds of feet into the air. She found the whole scene beyond arousing, and she started to drool and finger herself.

“Yeah, Pease?” she said into her ear, fingering herself violently. “How’s that, huh? How does it feel to have two shrunken fairies up to no good in your uterus, huh? I bet it’s…it’s quite s-something…Ohhhhhhhh!!” Moth had just made herself cum, squirting straight into Peaseblossom’s ear. Being as big as she was, and as distracted as she was by the overwhelming stimulation in her uterus, Peaseblossom didn’t even notice her friend cumming in her ear. This whole scene lasted for longer than any of them knew…they were all transported in their own ways. Cobweb and Mustardseed bounded around faster and faster within Peaseblossom’s uterus, spraying cum of their own the faster they went. Peaseblossom shot geyser upon geyser of cum from her tortured snatch, until the trees above were positively dripping with her juices, as if there had just been a heavy rain. Not to be left out, Moth had succeeded in cumming five more times into her friend’s ear. They lost track of time.

“What’s all this, may I ask?” boomed a new and authoritative voice. Peaseblossom was beyond sane at this point. Mustardseed and Cobweb heard the voice, even though they were inside Peaseblossom, and they stopped bouncing around immediately. Moth jumped into Peaseblossom’s ear to hide. For the fairies who could hear her, Titania’s voice was unmistakable.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Training of Jeff Stintum:

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