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Long Lost Story

So, I wrote another BE story right after "Playing With a Full Deck." Got all the way to the editing stage and one day... it was gone. Don't know what happened, but it was gone forever. A while later I began to rewrite it, but between being busy, and some other stories coming out that had similar settings I let it lay.
I had honestly forgotten all about it until today when I accidentally clicked on the file. There was a lot more done than I remembered, and frankly, I like it. While the basic concept isn't original, it goes places that I think are unique and has some really interesting character dynamics.
As I've been doing with my ongoing story "Take It All In," I'd like to parse it out instead of plopping down the complete piece. I realize this is probably frustrating as a reader, but I do think this will eventually motivate me to finish (with a final polished version edited afterward.) I can't say anything for how often it will appear, but feel free to prod me on it.
Anyway, here's a quick taste:


“Aggie and Olivia’s, this is Aggie speaking.”

"Hello Agatha."


"This is your mother."

"Yes Mother, of course- I recognize the sound of your voice- long though it's been since I've heard it."

"Well, don't let's get snippy. It's only been a few months."

"A semester."

"Yes, and I just wanted to see how you were faring at my old Alma Mater.”

“Faring? I am certainly paying my fare. I can’t believe you forced me to come here.”

“This was the deal. We let you go to Yale…"

“It was Harvard."

"And that M.I… A?"

"T! Mom, it was MIT.”

“Yes, yes… we let you do your nerdy thing, but those schools didn’t give you what you really need.”

“Mom, this place is… weird. Everyone here treats me like a kid. Worse of all, here, I kinda feel like one.”

"Well you've always been on the small side honey. But you're getting good grades I'm sure."

"Oh, these classes are a joke.”

"Well, we can expect big things from you then."

"Um, sure, whatever. Okay, well I guess I'll be seeing you at Christmas then."

"Oh, didn't we tell you. We're going back to Courchevel with the Howells."

"But I hate skiing."

“And that's why we didn't buy you a ticket. Are you sure we didn't discuss it? Anyway, I don't think we want to cram so many into their little cabin. I went to school with Mrs. Howell, you know. And I shouldn't have to tell you that we alumni enjoy our space."

"I'm pretty sure that "cabin" you’re speaking of is the finest most spacious chalet in all the country, but fine. I'll stick around the dorm I guess."

"I'm sure it will be a blast, hanging around with the other girls."

"Yeah... sure. Have fun. Love you.”

“And you.”

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Re: Long Lost Story

Oh SNAP! You know I'm one of your biggest fans. I can't wait to read this story!
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Re: Long Lost Story

Also, I know I promised you something as well. Someday I hope to get to it. I also have some comic scripts that need finishing (the formatting now required for the BEStoryClub seems a nuisance, but I have two sequels figured out.)
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Re: Long Lost Story

Man, you don't owe me anything! I'm just excited at any sort of new content you produce.
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