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Stories:Women Larger Bigger Better (WG,BE,GTS,Slow Growth)

I have been a long time lurker. Last week I was inspired to add a chapter to a story on and I was bit by the writing bug. Because someone hijacked/griefed the story I was working on, I decided to create my own account and port over what I wrote and start up a couple other story lines.

I have never really written anything before and my grammar is not the best so if you find any typos or things that are not clear please let me know and I will try to clean them up.

Also if you are interested to create your own character that you wish to add to, send me a message with a description I will add it. (I have a lot of slots hidden)

So far there has been a good amount of weight gain but the giantess growth has only been a couple of inches but it will get there slowly….

The two I have been working on so far are both growth by eating

Modern Age>Patricia
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