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Unread 05-11-2015   #1
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Toren [AP] [Game(PC,PS4)]

Toren is gonna be released tomorrow and is an indie action adventure where you play as the Moonchild, climbing the titular tower.
The interesting part is: you start of as an infant and grow older the higher you climb, ending up as a young adult.

You can watch the trailer here. They show of various age states, but not how she grows up. My guess is there will be no real process between the age states but there will be a few of them to compensate.
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Re: Toren [AP] [Game(PC,PS4)]

Sounds like an interesting game idea. I hope it works out.
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Re: Toren [AP] [Game(PC,PS4)]

Looks like a 3D version of the game "Child of Light".
I really hope the game has at least one or two cutscenes of the character aging
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Re: Toren [AP] [Game(PC,PS4)]

Hem.... Just crawling out of my lurking to point you all that there is already numurous walkthrough of this game on Youtube. So you can all check it by yourself.

Ex: (part 1)

Anyway, from what i saw. The character seem to shift from 4 ages state back and forth through all the game. Unfortunatly, all of them are done off screen. (Except maybe 1 time at the end where it done on screen but in a blinding flash)
So yeaaaahhh, no process at all to be seen here. Bit disapointing.
Beside, the character's shape and curve doesn't change and aren't shown that much either. And with cloth that also change every stage, it's really hard to assimilate that to an "age progressing". More like "Here you go, play a different character!"
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