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Unread 05-31-2015   #1
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Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

Saw this in the Breast Expansion sub-group and thought I'd ask if anyone invested in it yet. Love to hear what you think, for those of you that have.
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Re: Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

Well, I have some thoughts to share about it, but notice that they fall in "personal preferences":
-They put much effort on their clips, and they have managed to reach a good level on certain FX (especially in inflation they have mastered it).
-Some of the models are not just appealing, but also deploy some acting skills (my favourite is Holly Webster, btw).
-They listen to their fanbase in their forum.
-There is very little nudity on their videos. A pair of breast (or more xD) is not enough for me, even though in some videos we can get some nice extras (like bare feet). The day they created FX that could be used in naked performers, they will gain for sure a new customer .
-They mix different fetishes. When you mix two different fetishes, the result is not the double of buyers, but the opposite. E.g., many people will never buy a futa video, or don't give a shit for inflation.
-The prices are not yet well adjusted. This is a mistake done in most video producers, I don't know if that is based on clips4sale rates, but some short videos done with lots of means deserve to be sold at higher prices, and the opposite for certain long ones. Well, it's their business, but my opinion is that their prices are more or less 5/8$ higher than they should... and I don't consider the "vidown" discount.
-And finally, some years ago they promised to make a werewolf clip that never was done. Yes, they were working on it, but I suspect that they cannot fit their FX resources into a viable werewolf TF.

To resume, they have the experience, but they still have some potential unexplored... meanwhile we will be waiting and see, although they have recently created some interesting pieces (the latest donkey TF and the ape TF, even considering that I really don't like futa).

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Unread 06-01-2015   #3
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Re: Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

I was happy with the donkey clip, excluding a few things that don't fit my personal tastes, but I think there is enough all around quality in that vid to suggest buying it.
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Unread 06-04-2015   #4
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Re: Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

It is alright. Nothing near as good as the recent donkey TF (or their first donkey TF for that matter) but they did a nice job on the multibreast and boob expansion with believable props, even if there is simply no actual boob to be seen in the movie. Near the end you get a short pussy shot (in the futa version at least) but that is very limited.
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Unread 06-07-2015   #5
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Re: Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

So I finally had a chance to check out the new cat clip with Caroline and the poodle clip with Talulah and wanted to post my thoughts on the two for those of you who haven't seen them yet.

Caroline Cat TF:

As usual, Caroline did a fantastic job with this clip and really indulged in vamping it up with the cat persona! She is always consistently good and this clip is no different. This is a long tf clip and the pacing is generally really good even though it's a little slow in the middle, but I don't find that to be a detractor as it focuses on her growing each pair of breasts for a total of 3 pairs. The multi-breast prop looked great, imo, and the way each pair inflated worked really well. It was great to see this prop in an animal tf clip and I think it'll be a great addition to future clips, especially a pig tf clip. The other changes throughout the clip include catlike contacts, ears, a tail, fur around the wrists and a muzzle, all of which looked great as a set. I believe the tail and ears were brand new and they were some of my favorite aspects of this. The new ears looked especially good. Overall, I think this is quite a strong clip and one I would recommend, especially if you're a cat tf fan.

Talulah Poodle TF:

This was more of a cute/fun tf clip as opposed to the typical buildup of other tf clips and I liken it to the reindeer tf clip that Kym did. I thought Talulah was the perfect actress to pull this one off though and for her first animal tf clip she did great! I could see her being successful in more tf clips. The makeup and effects looked good and the type of fur that Taylor chose fit the poodle look very well. If I had to mention on nitpick, it would only be that the wig looked quite huge, but with Talulah's more animated/excited acting, it fits the feel of the clip well. Although this one doesn't fall into the category of the Caroline/Cat or Kym/Donkey clips, it's still a worthy effort and it's great to see Taylor experimenting with different types of animal tfs!
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Unread 06-08-2015   #6
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Re: Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

What did you think of the mouse clip?
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Re: Thoughts on TaylorMadeClips new TF clip?

It's a pretty quick and simple clip overall. The acting is good, but there is a lot more time spent on the set up rather than the tf itself. I sort of look at it as a test clip of sorts.

If you're looking for a good mouse clip, check out the one with Holly Webster on the TMC site. That one turned out very well and the acting is awesome! It's called "Say Cheese"
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