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Post From Marcy to Mob Wife (WG/AP ebook)

From Marcy to Mob Wife: The Ring of Change Saga (Weight Gain, Age Progression, Culture Change)

Big Tony, leader of the Deluca Mafia crime family, gives the magical Ring of Change to an undercover cop trying to bring him down, wishing she was instead a woman after his own heart.

Marcy goes from a young, valiant police officer to a member of the mob, and then eventually, Big Tony's wife. The story contains weight gain, age progression, and cultural changes as Marcy becomes a stereotypical Italian mob wife.

Marcy gave him a knowing grin - she knew she’d succeeded. She made herself a version of his snack, but on hers she gave herself a far more generous slice of cheese. So much for her diet, he thought.

Seeing her stuff the oily, stinky, messy calorie bomb into her luscious, plump lips was even more delicious than tasting the food himself. She licked her lips after she stuffed the whole thing into her mouth at once, causing her cheeks to bulge even further than their already-rounded state.

Then, Marcy lifted the dipping bowl to her lips, eager to lap up the rest of the slurry of oil, vinegar, and herbs. When she pulled it away, her nose, lips and cheeks bore a shiny glint.

Tony couldn’t resist coming closer to her and giving her kisses all over her face, licking up the oil and then planting his mouth over her freshly lubricated lips. The kiss was warm, wet, slippery, and passionate. When Tony noticed a little drop of oil had fallen down her neck and onto her breasts, he reached his fingers down her shirt and squeezed her tits, kneading them as he rubbed the oil into her skin.
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