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Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

A young woman becomes the target of a strange curse.
A light flurry of snow chased the three young women as they walked along the sidewalk, the surface gleaming wet from melted snow. Laughter and conversation followed them with people calling out cheerfully and drunkenly. Store fronts were well lit and busy, even this late at night and a Salvation Army volunteer called out for donations on seemingly every other street.

Trish hugged her body close, shivering for a moment as the wind sliced through her scarf, burning her ears. Her small, sharp nose barely showed above the scarf. She tried to burrow her face lower into the scarf but, instead, pulled her knit cap further down.

I need a bear, she thought. A big warm bear to cuddle with at night. She blushed, her face barely turning more crimson as she remembered her date two days ago. Her date wasn't a bear but he was taller than her and she saw chest hair peeking through his black polo shirt. She smiled beneath her scarf and felt her body flush at the thought of him spooning her in bed. She liked to take things slowly but, right now, she'd jump at the chance to steal his body heat.

"Trish, were you listening?" Kelly asked. Trish blinked quickly, wiping her thoughts away.

"I'm sorry," Trish replied. "What are we talking about?"

"You're going to get him a gift right? Benjamin?" Kelly prodded.

"We only just had the one date!" Trish said. The young woman shoved her small hands under her armpits. "And it was only drinks."

"It's almost Christmas, Trish," Tina said, playfully bumping her hip against her friend. "Just get him something small. You liked him, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, but," Trish said hesitantly. She blushed again. He'd had a nice beard, too. Short but thick. And those little crinkles in the corners of his eyes.

"But nothing," Kelly told her. "Come on, we'll find him something. He'll probably get you something, too. Worst case, you show up with a gift and he's got nothing. Just play it off. And it'll be small. Cute. And then you kiss under a mistletoe. Wait. Do people still do that? Do people even put up mistletoe anymore? What do we put up for drunken, disappointing sex? Because with the way my life is going, that's what I need."

"Fine!" Trish squeaked. Despite the cold and numbness, she could feel her ears burning. She wasn't a prude but, despite knowing her friends for years, she wasn't nearly as comfortable talking about sex as they were.

A glass door opened in front of the trio, a small bell tingling sharply in the crisp air. Trish glanced in the storefront to see a small antique shop. Fake snow frosted the corner of the large windows but she could see a store packed with old Radio Flyer wagons, wooden toys and glass cases full of small trinkets. Her eyes caught on a row of pocket watches and she immediately pictured Benjamin smiling wide while pulling an old watch from a gift box.

"Here," she told her friends. "Let's look in here." The other two women glanced in the store and then followed Trish when she walked inside.

Trish stopped inside the store, wiping her small feet on the mat just inside. She pulled her wool gloves off, stuffing them inside her large coat pockets. Her knit cap followed and she ran her fingers through her short, black hair to fix the stray strands. The three friends broke off, wandering the store separately, calling out to each other when one of them found an especially interesting thing to look at. Trish walked straight to the display case holding the pocket watches. She pictured Benjamin with each of them in turn until she settled on a small, brass watch that she thought would look nice. It was cheap and worn but had a certain charm to it.

"Excuse me, miss!" Trish called out. The salesperson, an older woman who looked worn out from all the shoppers, smiled at her and came over. "I'd like the pocketwatch here, second from the right, please."

"Of course, let me just unlock the case. Would you like to look at it first?" The woman took a ring of keys from her pocket.

"Oh, no, I want it. Does... is there any history behind it?"

The woman smiled widely at Trish. "No, I'm afraid not. They're just old trinkets I've collected over the years. People bring me things, sometimes. Estate sale items that aren't sold or just old things collecting dust in the attic. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you where I got this one."

"Oh," Trish frowned. She felt silly for being disappointed but a small part of her wanted there to be a cute story of a serviceman returning from the War, bringing the watch home to a waiting wife. Still, she supposed it's better that she didn't know the story for it. The thought of a grandchild selling a grandparent's old things made her sad.

"Is it a gift for someone? Shall I wrap it for you?"

"It is," Trish hesitated. She was absolutely horrible at wrapping gifts. Most of them ended up being more tape than wrapping paper. She heard her friends giggling over something in the corner and talking with hushed voices. Trish blew warm air into her cold hands and then decided it was the thought that counted. "No, no thank you. I'll wrap it myself."

Kelly and Tina met Trish at the register. Tina held a wooden box. "I found a box of old photos. After this, let's go to the Stag, drink a ton of wine and go through them. There's a million of them in there."

"Deal," Trish said. "As long as it's warm."

Glancing to the side, Trish noticed a calendar sitting on a small plastic stand. Her heart melted at the picture of a small terrier wearing a vest and tiny hat. She picked it up while the salesperson rang up Tina's purchase. Every month had a different animal dressed up in adorable clothing. She flipped through the months, happy to see that it wasn't completely marked up; only a day or two a month had any writing on them.

"I'd like this, too, please," Trish said, putting the calendar down next to the pocketwatch. As she did, her finger slid along the edge of it and she hissed at the sharp pain in her finger. She pulled her hand back to see a drop of blood welling on the tip of her finger. She stuck her finger in her mouth, sucking at the blood.

"Oh dear," the woman said, her eyes full of concern. "Paper cut? Oh dear. I think I have some bandaids in the back."

"No, no," Trish said, embarrassed by the attention. "I'm fine. It's fine. It'll go away. It barely hurts."

"All right," the woman replied. "Nasty things, those. Put some iodine on it when you're home and bandage it up. That'll be $46.81, dear."

Trish pulled twenties from her purse. Her finger throbbed but the bleeding had stopped.

"We said a small gift, Trish," Kelly told her. "That's not exactly cheap, you know."

"I know," Trish answered, accepting her change and the bag holding the two items. "But I like it and I think he'll like it. And, it's Christmas. Now, let's go get those drinks."


"And then, and then," Tina said, her face flush and a wide smile showing her perfect white teeth. "I said. Tony. We can't get married. Ever. Not ever. 'Tony' and 'Tina'? It doesn't work. You'll have to change your name if you ever propose. Bob. Or... or... Eduardo."

"Eduardo? Eduardo? Really?" Kelly laughed.

"I. Have a thing. I like the name." Tina answered, looking down. Her face burned even brighter.

"Tina, no. Oh my god, no," Kelly said, staring at her friend. "That... high school. That exchange student. Wasn't his name-"

Trish laughed along with her friends. The room spun lightly around her whenever she moved her head and she felt a slight pounding behind her temples. She was warm and had already taken off her coat earlier. Her single glass of wine was nearly empty and she reached for it to drain the last bit. Although warm, she shivered as goosebumps ran along her arms.

"More, Trish?" Kelly asked, too loudly. The other two were already working on their third glass.

"No," Kelly said, swinging her head slowly. "I'm feeling kind of out of it, Kel."

"You okay?" Tina asked, staring at her friend with eyes too wide. "You're looking a little pale. Maybe we should get you home. It's late and god knows I don't need more wine."

"Yeah," Trish said. "Sorry. Yeah, I think that'd be good. I'll call up the Uber."

Fumbling with her phone, the young woman pulled up the Uber app to feed it their address. Her friends flagged down their waitress and fought over who'd pay the bill. Trish put her phone away, rubbing at her temples to massage the dull ache. Both hands on her head, she rubbed and pressed her fingers higher against her forehead. Her fingertips scratched at her hairline and she sighed, shivering at the feeling. The young woman dug her fingernails in, scratching hard above her forehead. She felt the scratching deep in her bones and along her spine. It was nearly pleasurable. She shifted in her seat, rocking her hips back and forth until she noticed her friends standing.

Blinking, Trish stood, quickly grabbing her jacket to hide her sudden embarrassment. She followed her friends outside as she wrapped herself in her layers, pulling her scarf up to hide her face. Her left ear twitched and she scratched at it quickly.

A plain black car rolled up to the curb, crunching through the snow. Kelly bent over, looking the driver up and down before giving her approval. She took the front seat while Trish and Tina slipped into the back.

Trish sat in the leather seat and buckled herself. Her ears buzzed lightly and the street lights seemed too bright for her as the car pulled away into the street. She closed her eyes and leaned back, folding her arms in her lap. Her ears flicked at the background sounds while she breathed deeply, nostrils flaring to take in scents. She rubbed at her thigh and then scratched slowly.

The young woman spread her legs, opening them until they nearly touched Tina's knees. A very faint scent wafted up to her and she breathed deeply, feeling something new trigger deep inside of her. Her fingers traced along her inner thighs and she clawed slowly at them. Fine brown hairs slowly grew from along her thighs. Slowly, from her knees to her hips the tiny hairs sprouted. Trish clawed at her legs and breathed deeply, heart racing as the alluring scent seemed to slowly fill the car. She moaned, low, rolling her head. Sweat beaded along her shoulders and forehead.

Brakes squealed in the air as the car pulled to a stop. Trish opened her eyes, blinking in confusion. Her pupils dilated and then grew slowly, edging out the whites of her eyes.

"Oh," Trish said simply. She shook her head, scratching quickly at her forehead before unbuckling herself.

"Hey," Tina said. "You sure you're okay? Do you want me to stay over?"

"No," Trish told her. More strongly, she continued. "No. I'll be fine. Just going to rest. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"[br /]
[br /]

"Yeah, okay," Tina answered doubtfully.

"Bye, Kel. Tina. Love you both," Trish said as she stepped out of the car. She wavered for a moment but then stood. More sweat formed between her small breasts, sliding slowly down her stomach. She shivered from the feeling of it. White hairs lazily raised along her lower belly. Slowly, the hairs lifted, mixing in with her trimmed black pubic hairs until she was left with a white and silver line of fur leading to her belly button. She stumbled for a moment, pressing her hand against the car as her pants dug into her hips. Muscle and fat grew in her ass, pulling her slacks tight as it expanded, straining the fabric of her pants. She pushed herself away from the car and waved at her friends.

Trish's breath puffed into the cold night air. The young woman licked at her dry lips. Again she licked and her tongue reached further, thickening and lengthening until, with a third lick, the tip of her tongue reached her nose. The smell from inside the car seemed to have followed her and she grunted, breathing deeply. Her nose flared and she stomped her foot, pawing at the ground with her boot. She felt warm and relaxed and turned on but couldn't say why.

Glancing up, thick white clouds pulled apart to reveal a fat, silver moon high in the sky. Trish stomped the ground again, glanced around and then turned. Her thighs rubbed together in her too-tight slacks. A muscle low in her back twitched.

Inside her small house, Trish quickly unwrapped herself. Her ears seemed to be burning, not from the cold but from the warmth she was feeling. A single brown hair sprouted from the tip of her left ear. Silky and thin, the hair grew and a second joined it. Her ear flicked briefly as a third hair pushed through. More hairs followed until the tips of both ears were covered in short, fine hairs.

Fatigue washed over the small, young woman. Her entire body ached at the joints and she worried briefly whether she was coming down with the flu. Stripped down to her slacks and top but still too warm, she pulled her shirt over her head, scratching briefly at the line of fur along her lower belly. The sudden, cool air made her shiver and she nearly gasped from the feeling of it along her body.

Two small bumps formed on either side of her forehead. She rubbed and scratched at her head and then unzipped her pants, digging fingernails into the sides. She struggled to push the tight slacks down over her now-large ass. The fabric slid over her skin and she shifted her legs, pulling them off.

Trish stood in her bra and panties, one hand scratching the inside of her thighs while the other rubbed against her lower stomach. Brown and black hairs sprouted from her lower back and the skin twitched as a new muscle formed, pulling at the bones in her hips. Her panties were dug into her larger hips and ass, pulling them tight. Her engorged lips nearly swallowed the thin material. Coarse hairs grew from her outer lips and the lips themselves swelled as the hairs lengthened.

The young woman's thighs whisked together as she walked to the bathroom. She stared at her toothbrush for a moment but the urge to sleep was overpowering and she continued on to her small bedroom. The scent, musk really, trailed behind her, growing stronger as her lips swelled to accommodate her changing body. She pawed at the ground again, stomping and scenting the air while her lightly furred ears flicked.

Pulling back her covers, Trish climbed into bed. She covered herself , pulling the blankets up to her chin. Yawning wide enough for her jaw to crack, she closed her mouth and ground her teeth. They ached deep in her jaw but the grinding motion helped. Silver light seeped through her window blinds and Trish tossed and turned in her bed, uncomfortable with her own body heat.

Finally, the young woman kicked the blankets down. She was fairly panting from the heat suffusing her body. Her panties strained as her ass continued to swell. She moaned, her voice deeper than it should be, as the fabric slid between her lightly furred wetness. Yawning again, the young woman rolled to her stomach. She rocked her ass slowly, back and forth, up and down. Her thighs slowly grew to match her ass, skin straining to show veins bulging. The young woman spread her legs and rocked, pressing her mound against the bed. Unsatisfied, she pulled the blankets under her until she she lowered herself onto them. She groaned, rocking her hips as her mind became clouded.

Heat coursed through Trish's body. Fur sprouted between her small breasts, forming a small tuft that brushed against the sheets. She lowered her chest to raise her hips and then rocked forward. Her ears buzzed and her musk distracted her to no end. She tried to picture someone, anyone behind her. On top of her. Taking her. But, her thoughts were jumbled and she simply rutted, rocking her hips and swollen ass as her orgasm built.

Trish's panties snapped against the strain as she slammed her hips down hard, pushing back over and over. Her small bed creaked beneath her and she called out, growing more wild as she rubbed her scent over her territory. Her pubic hair thickened, silver and white hairs overcoming the natural black until her sex was nearly completely covered. The fur trapped her scent causing her to grow even more crazed.

When the orgasm crashed through her body, Trish gripped the sheets. She raised her head, mouth open with her thick tongue lolling between blackening lips. She moaned, loud and deep, calling out with her need as her sex soaked the bed.

The young woman collapsed, panting as the whites nearly disappeared completely from her eyes. Blood trailed down her forward, coursing along her nose as the two bumps broke through her skin, exposing glistening white bone. She blinked slowly and then closed her eyes as sleep took her.


Trish woke to the sound of her phone ringing from the hallway. She groaned, blinking her eyes. Her mouth tasted like sour wine and her head ached. The phone rang out once more and was silent. Rolling over, she saw pale light coming through her blinds. The air was stale and sharp, filled with something that made her wrinkle her small nose. Despite the nearly acrid scent, something stirred within her core and she frowned at the feeling.

Slowly, the young woman pushed herself up onto her elbows and sat up. She looked down in surprise to see she was completely nude. Her bra was on the other side of the bed and her thick red blankets were bundled around the foot of the bed. Little brown, black and white hairs seemed to cover her body and she frowned at them. The bed seemed to be lined with the same hairs. She brushed at the ones on her body and they fell away.

Despite the chill morning air, she felt pleasantly warm and relaxed. Trish grabbed her bra and then hunted for her panties. Pulling the blanket back onto the bed, she paused, frowning again at a large white spot near the corner of the blanket. The scent from earlier hit her hard and she pinched her nose. The scent was cloying, nearly overpowering and not exactly pleasant but... she found herself breathing deeply of it.

Trish ran a finger along her vagina, bringing her fingers up to inspect them. The bit of liquid was clear and smelled very, very faintly like the spot on the blanket. She frowned and made a mental note to make an appointment with her OB/GYN. She scratched at the smooth skin of her lower belly and then, with an 'ah-hah!' pulled her panties from under the blankets.

"What the hell," she whispered, turning the panties over in her hands. They were torn, snapped at the crotch and smelled just as pungent as the blanket. Trish sat at the edge of her bed, frowning. Scratching lightly at her legs, she thought back to the night before. She clearly remembered the bar. She'd felt out of it but she'd never left her seat and they'd poured the wine straight from the unopened bottle. She remembered coming home alone but from there, her memories became vague. She could picture herself in bed. And alone. So, what in the world happened?

Standing, the young woman padded over to the entryway. She tossed her ruined panties into the trash. Her bra she placed in the clothes hamper, unaware of the twisted, broken clasps that would no longer hold the bra in place. Her door was locked and her keys were on the floor near her shoes. A sudden memory of her dropping her keys when she came inside flashed through her mind. She relaxed a little as she realized she'd had to be alone. Had been alone. Digging in jacket, she found her cellphone. She had three missed calls from Tina.

"Worried about me, huh?" She said quietly. Trish dialed her friend back and then spoke when she answered. "Yeah, hi, sorry I didn't answer. I guess I was pretty out of it. No, yeah, I'm fine. Just feeling a bit hung over. How about you two? Are you... okay? Yeah? No, no reason. Just asking. Yeah. Yeah, I'll come over later tonight. Yup, see you then!"

Trish put her phone and keys on the stand by the front door. Crossing her arms against her warm, bare chest, she thought for a moment. They all drank from the same bottle, she told herself. They're all fine. Maybe I'm just coming down with something.

As the young woman bent down to move her boots, her hips clicked painfully. She hissed through her teeth and stood immediately, pressing against her lower back. Something moved in her back, a bone or something else and the feeling of it sent an uncomfortable shiver up her spine. She pressed it a bit more and then twisted in a circle. The bones clicked but less painfully and she reached down to touch her toes, her small breasts pressing against her smooth, thin thighs. She stood and felt another small click but it was painless this time.

Scratching lightly around her stomach and belly button, Trish chewed her bottom lip. Finally she shrugged and made another mental appointment for a chiropractor visit. Nobody would be open until after the holidays but she didn't feel bad or sick. When she peed, she felt no burning and the smell from the bedroom was nearly gone.

Putting aside the worries, she started a warm shower and stepped in, washing off the few remaining hairs as she made her plans for the day.


By 6 PM, Trish was beginning to feel anxious. She couldn't put her finger on why but she felt impatient and full of strange energy. Worse, she found herself becoming aroused as the day progressed. She noticed it starting a little past noon. It was easy to ignore but as the time wore on, it grew worse. She was still able to ignore it but she felt it as a heat low in her stomach and a dull, somehow pleasurable ache in her gums. Several times throughout the day she caught herself grinding her teeth.

Scratching at her forehead, she dialed Tina's cell.

"Hey," Trish said, scratching the other side of her head. "Yeah. Hey. What are we doing tonight again? Well, hey, what if we went out instead? I think I need to get out and do something. I can't seem to sit still. No, yeah, I'm fine. It's weird, you know?"

Trish rolled her shoulders while she spoke. She stood, stomping at the ground for a moment before pacing her living room. Her fingers found their way to her belly and she rubbed at it.

"Are you sure?" Trish asked. "You don't mind? I could go out myself but I'd feel bad since we were all going to hang out. No. No, he won't be there. I'm going to see him again after the holidays. Probably next weekend."

Her fingers pressed down into her pants to play with the short black hair there. Slowly, she reached up, shivering at her own touch as her fingers clawed against her skin. A single white hair sprouted among the black above her pussy.

"Great! Thanks! In about thirty minutes? I'll get a car there since I might have a bit to drink. No. Yes. Yes, I'll be good. Well, no, I mean, we've only met once and we're not exclusive at all."

Two more white hairs joined the first. The skin below her hairline dented out almost imperceptibly in two spots. Trish tossed her head back with a quick snort.

"If anyone is the hussy, it's you, Tina. I'm going to grab a few things and then head out. See you soon! Love you!"

The young woman rubbed at the sore spot in her lower back. It was warm to the touch and seemed swollen but it felt so good to touch it. Her fingers pressed at it and the little bump moved beneath her fingers. The skin felt almost silky there, covered beneath tiny brown and white hairs. She pressed at the spot with the heel of her hand and then shivered.

"Time to get ready, you," she told herself. She'd spent the day inside, naked, with the heater off. She'd briefly considered getting dressed but had just felt warm and comfortable without clothes. Trish had even turned off the heater completely when she found herself sweating because of it.

Taking her time, she padded around the bare wooden floors to find her clothes. She picked a pair of silky black panties that elicited a quiet, happy little moan as they slid along her sensitive bare legs. The matching bra was on the floor of the closet and she fumbled behind herself to put it on. Standing in front of the closet mirror, she placed a hand on her bare, flat belly and turned back and forth to admire how she looked. Petite, lithe and sexy.

She turned to find a dress as a few white hairs sprouted beneath her belly button.

Trish found her red dress on the back of her recliner. She grabbed it and stepped into it, zipping up the side. The next ten minutes she spent in front of the mirror, touching up her hair. She frowned at the bumps on her forward. Pressing on them, she felt how solid they were. Ultimately, she decided they'd be impossible to see, especially in a dark club. However, she made sure to clean her face especially well and wipe a second time with the makeup remover. A bit of eyeliner and red lipstick completed her look.

On the way out, she settled for her black heels. She stepped into them and turned to look at how her calves stood out. A slow, sinful smile crossed her lips and she closed her eyes, breathing deeply. The scent was back and stronger. How'd she ever think it smelled bad? Her body reacted to it and she felt her insides loosen as she grew wet.

Maybe someone will get lucky tonight, she thought, still smiling. It was completely unlike her but she couldn't help feeding off of the energy coursing through her. She wanted to move and dance and... the thought trailed off with a shiver that raised hairs along her arms and the back of her neck. An empty ache had begun to form between her legs.


The car met her outside and she settled into it, making small talk with the driver. Small brown hairs sprouted lazily down the longer black hairs at the nape of her neck. They grew past the black hair to disappear below her dress. Trish's ears flicked at the noise around her, distracting her.

Soon, the car arrived at the club and the young woman stepped out of the car, thanking the driver. She stomped both feet, frowning at the ache she felt in her toes. She hadn't brought extra shoes so she decided to just ignore it. Trish fairly stalked towards the club. Skin pushed out above her ass. The small, lightly furred bulge of her new tail tried to flick beneath the tight dress.

High in the sky, the full moon hung bright and alone. Trish glanced up at it and shivered as electricity raced down her spine.

Trish eyed the bouncer as she went inside. He was large but fat and, to her, quite ugly. She glanced at his legs and chest and then continued on, dismissing him. Instead, she looked around for her friends. Her ears flicked at the noise, the DJ shouting over the speakers, bass thumping the entire building and people cheering. Her nose flared to take in their scents but hers overpowered all of them. A small part of her was disappointed; she found herself searching for a certain smell but unaware of what it was. She just knew that something was missing.

The young woman stomped and shook her head as she looked around. Not seeing her friends, she made her way to the bar. Brown fur, mixed with white sprouted along her spine, cross-crossing each other until they reached the small of her back. Trish looked the bartender up and down but immediately dismissed him as too small.

"I'd like two shots of Fireball, please!" she yelled at him. The man nodded silently and left to grab her drinks. Trish turned to look around the room. She glanced for her friends but found herself looking at every male in the club instead. Her ears flicked and burned as she looked at an occasional crotch, wondering what it was hiding. She turned when she heard her drinks set down and immediately slammed one of them. It burned going down and she gasped. Licking her lips with a tongue thicker than normal, she turned around, idly rubbing her back against the edge of the bar. So many males,she thought happily. So many-

Trish sat on one of the stools at the bar with a gasp. Her right leg had seized up and knotted painfully. She massaged the calf muscle and it twitched beneath her fingers. She could feel the skin, oddly smooth and marbled. The muscle was skin was taut over hard muscle. Her left leg spasmed and she massaged it in turn, feeling the muscles harden and expand under her fingers without understanding what was happening beyond thinking she had a charley horse.

And, then, she saw him. He was tall, easily over six feet. Bald but muscular with a deep chest and thick legs. He seemed to be dancing between women with no solid partner. She scented the air, tasting for him but found nothing. Still, she grew wet looking at him. Virile. Powerful. A new, irresistible instinct pushed her forward. She turned, choked down the second shot and then stumbled forward. Her big toes and the two toes nearby had fused into a single mass on each foot.

Straightening, she continued forward. Sweat coursed down her body. Light fur grew between her breasts in a sparse line. Her small tail flicked beneath her dress and she walked with her legs wide to spread her scent.

Trish stopped and shook her head.

"What... what am I doing?" She looked around the room, consumed by the noise and flickering lights. Her heart raced. Rational thoughts fought with new, basic urges. She ached deep within. The young woman shivered and then stomped her foot, shaking her head to clear it. Fur grew along the edge of her ears and they flicked, trying to track all the sounds around her. Her breasts were sore beneath her bra and she felt it tighten painfully into her chest. Her breasts began to swell slowly, overflowing from the small bra and her dress bulged slightly to contain them.

"I... I shouldn't..." Shaking her head again, she huffed into the humid air. She remembered Benjamin. And her friends. She was supposed to wait for them and have a night of dancing. She was... Trish looked again at the male dancing near the corner. She moaned and her hips dipped. She could feel her wetness between her thighs. The mere sight of him and how strong he was drove her mad. She could almost feel his large, strong hands on her.

"No," Trish struggled, shaking her head again. Her toes continued to press together in her shoes until all five on both of her feet were connected. The young woman stomped a foot and pawed, breathing heavily. Her wide tail pushed out a little more, curving down over her the bulge of her ass. Her ears burned, pounding with her need. She licked her lips, eyes wide and nearly completely black. Her thick tongue lapped up at her nose. Black lines appeared beneath the red of her lips, darkening the color.

Moaning, Trish pressed a hand against her stomach and then down, as if her touch could feed the ache within her.

She needed to rut. Everyone around her became shapeless forms moving to the beat. She moved, making her way to the male. A wicked smile crossed her lips when he noticed her.

He is mine, she thought. Mine.

Trish turned, pressing her ass against the male. She rubbed her scent on him, rocking her hips while looking back at him. He grinned at her and grabbed her hips. Trish bucked at his touch, moaning low. He danced while she found every opportunity to rub against him. To mark him. Sound and sights blended together until all she knew was his touch and the smell of him.

Mid-dance, Trish fell against the male when muscles in her thighs began to expand. She lost her balance and he held her tight, his hands exploring her body. Sweating and in pain from her legs reshaping, Trish panted in his arms.

I'm... where... club? Where... where Tina? I... oh god... I... need. Need. Trish's legs expanded beneath her dress, muscles bulging against skin pulled tight. Rock hard muscle formed above her large calves. Fine white and brown fur began to sprout along the top of the thighs, racing up to her hips. Her dress strained, swelling as her ass began to expand. Thick with muscle beneath a layer of fat, her hips and ass pushed against the dress until it threatened to split. Trish pawed triumphantly against the ground, strong muscles causing her feet to crack loudly against the bare floor. Energy coursed through her. She felt like she could dance all night. Run all night.

Fuck all night.

Reaching behind her, Trish grabbed the male's hand, guiding it to her crotch and breasts encouragingly. He leaned forward eagerly, nipping at her ears. She rubbed hard against his erection, no longer dancing.

"Hey," the man said, voice rough with his excitement. "You want to get out of her and go back to my place?"

Trish could barely understand his words but his intentions were clear. She nodded and followed when he took her hand, guiding her through the club. Her ears lengthened, thickening with rough skin while light, silky fur continued to cover them. The fur between her breasts grew down to her stomach, already slick with the sweat covering her body.

Beneath her shoes, her toenails expanded, pushing back at the skin of her toes as they grew out. One of the straps holding her feet snapped and she stumbled, kicking away the shoe. The other shoe broke and she kicked it away, too. The young woman limped on awkward feet, thick toenails occasionally clicking on the ground.

Cool night air slammed into Trish when they stepped outside. And, yet, she still felt like she was burning up. With little human thought left, she tugged at her dress.

"Whoa, hey," the man said, glancing around. "Eager, huh? Well... huh. I guess... You sure? You're okay, right? I'm not gonna get fucked up over this, am I?" When Trish continued to struggle out of her dress, the man glanced around again and pulled her down the street and into a side alley.

Trish became frustrated with her dress. She couldn't comprehend it any more. She needed it off of her. She need the male. She needed. Failing with the dress, she turned, pressing her hands against the wall to shove her ass towards him. It was his job to take her. To figure this out. Fur sprouted along her forearms, growing in slow waves up to her biceps.

The man tugged at the bottom of Trish's dress. He grunted and pulled and the already straining dress tore down the bottom, exposing her large ass and thick thighs. Her spine cracked quietly, pushing her forward. She grew taller to match her new frame, muscle and bone and nerves forming in her back. Her bra slid down her growing breasts, unable to contain them any longer. The front of her dress bulged further, barely holding her large, heavy breasts. White fur crept up from her belly and along her sides. The man grabbed her breasts roughly through her dress and she bleated in encouragement, her nose growing wider as her jaw cracked.

Her dress hid her tail as it tried to move. The man reached up and ripped her panties free with a quiet, rough 'sorry'. Her scent flooded the air and the man coughed, shaking his head. He blinked rapidly but his eyes became glazed, as if he was staring a thousand miles away. He became more rough with her, her musk driving him forward. He no longer spoke but, instead, grunted. His hands slid around her hips and her fur grew up between his fingers. Her dress ripped further, freeing her tail and it flicked up to expose her now furred ass.

Grunting and growling, the man pressed against her, breathing ever more deeply of the smell that was driving him mad. Trish pounded her head against the wall, scraping her forhead over and over on the rough bricks. Blood traced down her face but she kept rubbing and scraping. The man ripped the rest of the dress and it fell to the ground beneath her.

The two small nubs on her forehead began to grow into small antlers. Velvet fuzz covered the base of them and slowly grew up as her antlers branched out.

Trish's hips cracked and only the man's hands kept her standing. Her hips widened further and her mound pushed out, pulling her pussy with it. Her small, compact pussy lengthened, the new long lips winking in her excitement. The man's large cock rubbed against her pussy and she bleated for him.

The man guided himself into her and she called out loudly and then coughed, spitting blood as her jaw cracked, pushing her muzzle forward. Her long, thick tongue lapped at her now wide, flat nose as it blackened, shining wetly in the nearby streetlight.

The young woman's antlers clacked loudly against the wall when the man shoved roughly into her. Trish stomped and her hooves cracked against the ground. She pressed herself back with her furred hands and arms. He wasn't enough. She would've been in pain if he'd fucked her before her change but, now, she needed more. But, he was all she had and it felt amazing.

Leaning forward, the man wrapped his arms around Trish's heavily furred body. His hands explored her body, squeezing her heavy, full breasts and twisting her nipples. Clear liquid dripped from Trish's nipples as new milk ducts. He no longer had the presence of mind to question why she wasn't human. All he knew was he had to have her. To fuck her.

Lightning arched in her body. Trish tossed her head, cracking her antlers against the wall and nearly hitting the man behind her. She pawed at the ground on heavy hooves as she slammed her large, full ass back against the man, bleating and moaning as his strange, human cock filled her. The man growled, lost in a daze from her musk. He bit at her long, furred ears and clawed down her stomach. Trish bucked, feeling her orgasm growing. Her ears flicked as heat bloomed up her chest, along her cheeks and up to her ears.

As the man's cock slammed into her over and over, her huge, furred breasts flopped beneath her. Trish's wide, short tail shook from the pleasure and excitement she felt from her mate rutting with her. She lost herself in it. In the pleasure of it. Dreaming of thick, bulbous red cocks filling her completely. Of fucking in the woods. Being on all fours while a powerful male stood above her. The man's hands gripped her powerful, large hips, digging into the thick muscles along her stomach. Her large, dark nipples rubbed against the wall with every pounding, sending shocks down to her engorged, sopping wet furred pussy. It was almost painful but the pleasure of it far outweighed the pain.

The man gripped her tight. Painfully. He groaned, teeth biting into the thick fur along her shoulders. She felt him expand deep within her. Filling her. His cock surging over and over again. She slammed back and rocked her hips, angling until...

Trish bellowed loudly into the night. Thick white cum dribbled between her long, black pussy lips, mingling with the fur around her crotch. The man tried to pump into her again and she encouraged him, bowing down and raising her hips.

"Hey!" A voice cried out from the alley. "What the fuck is this?!"

Body slick with sweat and cum, head swimming with thoughts of rutting and other animalistic urges, Trish bleated out in panic at the voice and sudden appearance of the other man. She bolted, bucking and jumping, hooves cracking and sliding awkwardly along the ground as she ran. She pushed past the other man, shoving with her antlers. Her mate, still wild from her musk, roared and charged at the challenger, punching him over and over. A crowd gathered around the two men, pulling them apart as Trish vanished into the night.


Trish groaned, shifting as her eyes fluttered. She blinked and then closed her eyes. Sounds slowly came to her. Chirping birds. Branches cracking.

With a gasp, the young woman sat up, adrenaline pounding through her body. She was nude and covered in dirt and twigs and leaves. Her entire body ached and she had numerous bruises and scratches. Beneath all of it was the scent of her own musk and the smell of sex. Her small, pert breasts ached and her nipples were sore.

Flashes of the night before came to her then. What had happened. What she'd done. All too real to be a dream, even without her finding herself nude in the middle of the forest. She stared at her hand and then looked herself over. Small loose brown and white hairs still covered her body. She reached up to touch her forehead but only found smooth, unbroken skin. Trish curled up, holding her knees to her chest, too shocked to cry.

After some time, the young woman forced herself to stand. She should've been freezing but she still felt warm. Gritting her teeth, she at least counted that as a blessing. Slowly, tentatively, she made her way out of the forest. She had an idea of where she was and it was confirmed when she saw the little sign for the local park. Ten blocks away from her house. Two miles away from the club.

Had anyone seen her? Had she somehow known where to go last night? Even as she was? Tears and more threatened to come but she forced herself forward. Slowly. Thankful that it was the morning after Christmas, the young woman made her away to her home. Moving from house to house, watching for cars and open windows, she was surprised at how easy it was to avoid people.

Only when she reached her house did she realize she didn't have her keys. Or her cellphone. Or her purse. The panic was quickly settled when she remembered that she'd hidden a key the last time she'd gotten trashed with her friends. At their Halloween party, she'd forgotten everything at her friend's house and had to wait outside until Kelly realized she'd left her things.

Trish found the small rock in the back yard, lifted it and took the key from underneath. She wasted no time getting inside.

The young woman sobbed in the shower until the water ran cold. And, even then, cried harder when she realized she could barely feel how cold it was. How changed she was now. She roused herself when someone knocked on her door. Sniffling, she got out and wrapped herself in a towel. The face at the door was vaguely recognizable. She opened the door as far as the security chain would allow.

"Miss, I'm sorry," the man told her. He was young and clean shaven and earnest. "You forgot your cellphone in my car last night. I'm so sorry to have bothered you."

The man pushed the cellphone through the opening and turned to leave.

"Oh my god, thank you!" Trish yelled. "I'm... I'm sorry, I'm only wearing a towel or I'd open the door. I... should... oh, I'm really really sorry, I know how it sounds but I don't have my wallet. I can't pay you for this."

"Oh, no," the man said, waving his hands. "You don't need to pay me. I just hope you're okay. If you want, you could just leave a good review when you have a moment? With the driving service?"

"Absolutely! Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy I am." Tears rolled down the young woman's cheeks. She closed the door and collapsed, hugging her phone to her chest.

After a moment, she looked over to see she'd kicked her shopping bag from the other night. The calendar had fallen out and lay open on December, 2015. A large reindeer wearing a bright red and green Christmas sweater was the image above the month. Trish stared at it, slowly blinking her eyes. December 25th was outlined in a shaky, red circle. The young woman glanced at the date and then back up at the reindeer. She reached forward, pulling the calendar into her lap.

In the corner of the square for December 25th was a black circle. Below the square was a computer printed note: "Full Moon".

It all clicked for her. It felt ridiculous but, staring at the photo and the circled date with the note compared to what she could remember, nothing else made sense. It was impossible but she couldn't deny what had happened.

With a shaky hand, she turned the page to see a fluffy sheep wearing a funny hat above the calendar for January. January 24th was circled this time. A little description was printed in the bottom of the image: "January marks the end of the year of the Wooden Sheep!"

Trish's eyes slid off of the page and she stared into the distance, thinking of nothing. She knew she'd have to figure everything out soon but, for now, she just sat. And stared. Her hand idly rubbed her lower stomach, thumb playing over a single, white hair below her belly button.
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Re: Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

That was pretty awesome.
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Re: Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

Thank you! First time trying a reindeer... or deer for that matter. And one of the few hooved ones I've done. Trying something different. I meant to see about writing this back in December but, well... eh.

Hoped it worked well for people that liked hooved critters!
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Re: Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

You are really good at tf stories like all the stories I've read of yours are very descriptive and thought out stories any plans for a sequel for this one?
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Re: Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

Aww, thanks, I appreciate that. And, yes, there will be a sequel to this one down the road. Not immediately but I set it up specifically for there to be an occasional extra chapter or two here and there

It doesn't come across as rusty or awkward? I've been having a writer's block dry spell for a bit.
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Re: Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

Dear Lycandope,

You're a national treasure, buddy. Never change.


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Re: Calendar Girl [Story, M/F, Reindeer]

Awwww, dang Thank you. Way too much praise but I really appreciate it!
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