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Alchemical Night
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Lightbulb Spring of the Drowned...?

Hello there,

It's been a while since I have posted in this forum, and if you'll forgive the somewhat enigmatic title, a thought blossomed recently that I mused the forum may find amusing and even interesting - admittedly a little whimsical, though the inspiration may speak for itself to those in the know... .

In the anime franchise Ranma 1/2, the protagonist's curse of water stimulated transformation in his "cursed" form of the petite, red headed girl is not wholly unique, though the method of transformation is shared by many well known, and more obscure characters, in the series - as was the nature of their original cursing, after a deep dunking in one of many cursed springs. Indeed, the victim cursed thereafter to take the form bestowed upon them by the water, until dowsed with hot water to restore their original appearance and nature, but only until another exposure to cold water.

Of note, some of the most particular cursed springs and their resultant forms can be found in the red headed girl, man, saber tooth tiger, cat and duck, along with more eclectic sorts like a warrior demon, Buddhist monk and even Akane Tendo herself (Ranma's deutertagonist) from the franchise.

Now... thinking more broadly, considering how remarkably diverse such curses may be, I started to muse on a few of my own - and indeed, the topic, as fecund as it is, is certainly open for the community to dunk their ideas in, if interested .

Still... my own flutter of ideas would be as follows.

Spring of the Iron Sighted Maid

The cursed transform into the form and nature of a once maid, who - though underestimated - was secretly formidable and entertained quite a penchant for firearms, and the will to use them.

Spring of the Unflinching Master

The cursed form and nature is that of a phlegmatic and unfaltering strict Dojo master; big, broad and severe in his middle age with a stickler's eye for indecorous behavior.

Spring of the Card Shark

The cursed form bestows not only masculinity, but the sensibility, appetite and daring of a once famed card shark and their love of chance, with high stakes.

Spring of the Femme Fatale

Once dunked, the cursed takes the beautiful and elegant form of a woman who was once quite the noir era femme fatale - indeed, charming, manipulative and alluring, if sometimes flustered.

Spring of the Lightning Flash Genius

Emerging from the pool, those who have fallen in will adopt the form and occasional sensibility of an eccentric, melodramatic female genius, with occasioned flights of maniacal brilliance and invention, even if their fuller scheme has more cracks than they may recognize.

A few here may note my inspiration from further media, though I would be intrigued and do indeed welcome others to proffer their own particular vision of the Jusenkyo cursed springs, and what other shapes and forms could such waters yet bestow .


Alchemical Night.
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