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I Am Jake's Mom: Total Possession (Detailed, Hot Gender Transformation)

Quick note: I mistakenly posted this to Transformation as I usually only post TF work to this site. Much thanks to tghawk555 for pointing out my mistake!

"She settled her shoulders into the back of the tub and lifted her hips high, watching her pussy appear out of the water like a shadowy figure rising from the deep. Her clitoral hood surfaced first, flushed pink in arousal. Water cascaded down her tummy and through the canals where her thighs met her pelvis. Her large breasts shifted to the sides of her chest. Her labia flowered gingerly from her sex.

When she looked at Mrs. Moore's pussy, she wanted the best things for it. Arousal. Touch. Penetration. To watch it be spread wide by an invading cock.

She cradled her bountiful tits in her arms and imagined what it must have been like to watch breasts bud and grow into melons like these. She could imagine Mrs. Moore watching them expand over the years — her breasts — growing heavier, areolas getting wider, wondering when they would stop, when would be enough. An hour in this body was enough to make her jealous of all the years Mrs. Moore had possessed it. She gazed at her nipples, wishing Mike could take them between his lips again and flick his tongue.

She felt Brandon bristle within her.

She knew she shouldn't dwell on such thoughts. She knew she should listen to herself — to the faint voice of Brandon pleading inside of her. He was only trying to help. But it was proving hard to pay attention to him, and the fact she had failed to heed his warnings again and again made it easier to ignore him."

From I Am Jake's Mom: Total Possession
Out now on Amazon!


I'm pleased to announce the new book in the I Am Jake's Mom saga is out on Amazon.

Many of you have been asking about this one and I appreciate your patience. Luckily this may be the hottest book I've ever written as I've taken great care into building the psychology, story, and erotic tension into an enjoyable, fiery read.

There multiple swaps, detailed transformation, and plenty of psychological suspense. I rewrote the book over three times (27,000 words).

Many erotica authors are churning out 1-4 books a month but often the quality of the writing and ideas suffer. Erotica doesn't have to be throw away. I am thoroughly convinced that erotica can be just as smart and literary as any other fiction and as a result: sexier. Yet, so much of transformation erotica is "BOOM, the character got breasts, then immediately had sex." Boring. They say the brain is the most powerful sex organ - why not use it?

I'm happy to share this book with you. Thank you again for all your support.

I Am Jake's Mom: Total Possession
by B.L. Quick (BQNK)

Once a path is chosen, can you ever go back?

Mike, Chad, and Brandon have desired their friend's mom for as long as they could remember -- but when a mysterious black stone is found, Brandon's desire takes on a whole new dimension. Now he's just had the best sex of his life. The only problem is, he was in Mrs. Moore's body when he had it. A hungry new logic has awakened within his new form — a feminine desire he is finding hard to fight. Should he use the mysterious black stone that got him into this mess and change back? Yes, he should. But, then again. . . what's the rush? Surely a few more hours spent in this beautiful, curvy body couldn't hurt.

Or could it?

♀ A black stone that opens doors to other realms of pleasure and threatens to change not only Brandon, but his friends as well.
♀ Detailed erotic gender transformation, swaps, and psychological suspense.
♀ Magic and unchained desire.

The second book in the I Am Jake's Mom series, Total Possession weaves a tale of erotic suspense your mind and your body won't soon forget.


"This book really makes you feel like you're a stranger in a different body!" ★★★★★


"Delicious, original. The writing was strong and with a distinct voice, and the characters well represented."

"I'm typically not a big body swap fan but from my experience reading BL Quick I knew this would be very enjoyable and after I was finished that was confirmed. I 've always loved this author's takes on different genres of transformations. I typical enjoy the physical transformation the most in BL's stories but I quickly found the mental progression to be enthralling and just as captivating. The protagonists change from naive kid into a craving cougar was very hot and steamy. I very much look forward to the future for this author as it's always a day 1 purchase!

I Am Jake's Mom: Total Possession
by B.L. Quick
The story has 27,100 words and 24 Chapters.
Subjects: Gender Swap. Gender Transformation. Detailed Transformation. Detailed Psychology. Expansion. Dominance. Suspense. Premium Erotic Fiction. Male to Female Transformation.

BL Quick's desire is to make readable, exciting stories of sex and transformation--stories with a plot, interesting characters, and riviting psychological twists. It's a challenge to balance story and sexiness, but it's a challenge Quick loves to take on, and she sacrifices neither in spinning a good tale. In addition to writing her extensive transformation work (from art to stories) has appeared on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

EXCERPT (One of many swaps and changes)

Long hair — strands of coordinating shades of auburn, blonde, and brown — glimmered in the evening light of the pool. He looked at his reflection in the glass door — and she looked back.

Her skin, tanned from the day by the pool, had faded into a pale, milky softness. A small dusting of freckles appeared over her shoulders. Her hair draped over her shoulders, reaching her stomach; her soft pink nipples poked through. A shock of auburn had grown on her mound above her new pussy.

You are flat.

She looked at the girl breathing in the reflection. Her cute nose and pink lips. Her pale skin. Freckles dotting her nose. She was beautiful. Her eyes returned to her chest.

"I am."

How big do you want them?

She whimpered. Oh god. "Want what?"

Your breasts.

She bit her lip, looking at the nipples poking from her auburn tresses. Your breasts? All she could understand was the stranger in the mirror, growing more beautiful by the minute.

She gritted her teeth. "A little bigger?" And watched.

And check out the book that started the series!

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Re: I Am Jake's Mom: Total Possession (Detailed, Hot Gender Transformation)

I think this should be posted in the Transgender section.
A bimbo, like, isn't a bimbo unless they, like, talk in pink font! *giggle*

Teehee! Like what you see, boys?

There need to be more werewoman TG sequences!!

A TG sequence is not a TG sequence without process and a clothes change!

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Re: I Am Jake's Mom: Total Possession (Detailed, Hot Gender Transformation)

bought it. not the best story I read. but its a really good effort. and effort should be surported.
Deleted all my art accounts. only doing art for me and my small group of friends now. sorry.
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